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By Suzanne

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Tad: What happened with Hayward?

Jesse: Dude got a phone call, man. Something about some shipment going down.

Jake: You sit down and shut up, or I'm going to tell Leo about the games you've been playing with your meds.

Chris: You cannot go snooping around for Ryan's father.

Anna: What's stopping me?

Dixie: Ryan's going to be able to count backwards nine months. If you really want this story to fly, you're going to have to get him out of town.

Greenlee: Daddy.

Roger: I checked with Erica's secretary, and she's nowhere near the building. Don't worry.

Greenlee: I wasn't. Not today.

Roger: Do I detect a glow, and, if so, is there a particular reason for that?

Greenlee: I have discovered the secret to being happy.

Roger: Really? And would that secret be named Leo or Jake?

[At the Pine Valley Inn dining room]

Vanessa: Now, Leo --

Leo: Mother, whatever it is, the answer's no.

Vanessa: Darling, don't be angry with me because of some trashy relative neither one of us knows and I did not bring here.

Leo: Relax, ok? I talked to Bianca, and she told me that Frankie has no ill intentions. She's not here to try to con her.

Vanessa: Good. Then you have no reason to be upset with me.

Leo: Actually, I have a list of reasons -- with subdirectories.

Vanessa: Fine. Then maybe it's a perfect time for me to make it up to you, darling, now that you're going to have to go through this wedding rerun.

Leo: I'm looking forward to the wedding.

Vanessa: Really?

Leo: Yeah.

Vanessa: Don't tell me this was your idea. It has Laura written all over it.

Leo: I'm telling you, I'm looking forward to it. And -- oh, and I decided to make the rehearsal party's a costume party.

Vanessa: Ooh! Ooh, we all get to wear masks. Oh, fun. Like everybody in this town doesn't already wear them anyway. How apropos.

Leo: Ok, we're stopping this right now. Could I get another vodka? Thank you.

Vanessa: Look, Darling, you can put on that phony smile and try to convince yourself that you're thrilled about this whole thing, but, believe me, the morning after the party, you're still going to find yourself waltzing down the aisle with the same --

Leo: Don't say it. Don't say it.

Vanessa: Ok. But the only thing that's going to put a smile back into your step is if Greenlee pops out of the cake at your party.

[At SOS]

Anna: You killed Ryan's father?

Chris: I was on a case, and he was involved. That's it.

Anna: You have to tell Ryan.

Chris: No, I can't. I've got an ongoing investigation. It's --

Erica: Anna. Chris, I need you.

Chris: Just a sec.

Erica: I'm sure that Anna will excuse you.

Chris: I just need to finish up here.

Erica: Chris, I need you right now.

Chris: Fine. Park your high horse over there and wait.

[At Chandler mansion]

Ryan: I want to find my old man, so I'm leaving Pine Valley. And I know you don't think I should --

Liza: Yes, I do.

Ryan: The last time I told you I was splitting, you tried to talk me out of it.

Liza: Well, this is different. You want to make peace with your childhood. I think you should do it. Besides, you're in a different place now than you were back then.

Ryan: Thanks to you.

Liza: No, no, please. No credit or blame.

Ryan: You're making the playground happen, and you're making me stick around to see it through. It's helped me say good-bye to Gillian, and I needed to do that. I didn't want to admit it, but I guess I -- I guess I did. Liza: So, this is good-bye?

Ryan: You've been a really good friend, Liza. Don't -- don't -- don't start crying, ok? I'm not leaving yet. I'm going to be around for the dedication, ok?

Liza: I wish you the best. You deserve it.

Ryan: I'll see you.

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: So long, Adam. This is your lucky day, man.

Adam: What was that about?

Liza: Ryan's leaving town. It's for the best. It really is.

Adam: Yes, well, you won't get a fight out of me on that one. But why are you crying about it?

[At David's office]

Laura: Oh, hi.

David: Laura.

Laura: Yeah, I -- I called. Remember?

David: Oh, that's right. I'm sorry. I've been so swamped. It kind of slipped my mind. You wanted to tell me something about Jake?

Laura: Yes. I know that you think he's a good doctor and that you trust him, but, David, when Jake does my checkups --

David: All right, Jake is no longer on your case, ok, because Leo told me you had a problem with him. So he's not treating you anymore, all right?

Laura: I really appreciate that. But I thought I should say something anyway, just in case he's like this with other patients.

David: Like what?

Laura: Cold. Saying that I'm sick in my own head. And I think he's told private things about me to Greenlee, and he shouldn't do that.

David: No. No, he shouldn't do that. That would be a breach of doctor-patient confidentiality. Now, that's a serious charge, Laura. And if I were to bring that up on Jake, he could lose his privileges here at the hospital.

Laura: Really? Well, if you think it's the right thing for you to do --

David: Nice try, Honey. But I see right through you.

David: Don't try to play a player, Laura. I'm not buying what you're selling. No, I understand. I am a firm believer in getting revenge. But just don't use me to try and get it.

Laura: My marriage is being ruined.

David: Hmm. And you think you're going to fix it by sandbagging Jake. If you want to make your marriage work -- and I can't even believe I'm giving you this advice -- but why don't you focus on your husband, making him happy?

Laura: We'd be happy if Jake and Greenlee disappeared.

David: You have a hard time listening, don't you? Look. I took Jake off of your case, but that's as far as I'm going to go, all right? So, I'm sorry. I have an appointment.

Laura: Ok. Well, if you won't help me, is there someone else I can report this to?

David: I'm not going to assist you in entering a bogus charge with the administration of this hospital. If you have a problem with Jake, then you have to take it up with him.

[Jake walks into David's office]

Laura: Oh.

Jake: "Oh." You just went too damn far, Laura.

Greenlee: My happiness so does not depend on a man. But Jake is definitely in the mix. Ok, he is the mix.

Roger: Jake?

Greenlee: Leo and I are history. How dumb is it to keep on spending my life fighting for a man who -- who wants to spend his life holding on to a woman who -- you know, the point is we're over.

Roger: Jake convince you of that?

Greenlee: Let's just say he finally got through to me in many ways. So I just stopped fighting, and voila -- happiness. What?

Roger: I love you, Greenlee. Be sure you know what you want. Don't try to talk yourself into anything. Don't --

[Roger gets dizzy]

Greenlee: Daddy -- Daddy, what's wrong? Daddy?

Liza: It's not Ryan. Good-byes always do this to me.

Adam: Oh. I hadn't noticed.

Liza: Listen -- you know, it's been a long time since I've worked on something that was worthwhile. Ryan thanked me for my work with the memorial, and -- and that -- I'm -- I'm fine with this, Adam, really.

Adam: Good.

Liza: You know, because after he's gone, I think that we can get back to who we need to be. And I want that. I -- I want it. I really do.

Adam: Yeah. Me, too. Me, too.

Liza: And I'm so proud of you.

Adam: Why? What did I do?

Liza: Nothing. And that's what's so amazing. You -- you -- you weren't controlling. You weren't trying to plot anything. You just sat back and -- and we have a happy ending.

Adam: Well, it -- it takes a while, but I can learn. As long as I have you helping me.

Liza: You have me, always. Oh, I have to check on Colby. I'll be right back.

Adam: All right.

Adam: Oh, yes. Yes.

Erica: I don't believe this.

Chris: Don't move. Erica -- please, listen to me. I'm in the middle of something that's very important. Just give me a couple of minutes, please.

Erica: Chris, I have just come from a horrible experience with Bianca. She is trying to legally emancipate herself from me.

Chris: I'm sorry.

Erica: And somehow this -- this Frankie, this parasite, has convinced Bianca to raid her trust fund. And I've been warning Bianca about this all along. You know this. But Bianca, of course, won't listen to me.

Chris: Look, Erica, I want to help you. Just, please, let me finish up over there. Then I'll take you to wherever you want to go and we'll work this out together -- just you and I, ok?

Erica: I just came from the worst day of my life, and you're asking me to wait? No, I'm sorry. You know what? I -- I don't wait for any man, and I certainly don't wait behind Anna Devane.

Chris: Erica --

[Erica leaves SOS in a huff]

Anna: Whew. You've got your hands full with that one.

Chris: I got it covered.

Anna: If you say so.

Chris: Anna, telling Lavery about his father is not an option, ok?

Anna: My daughter went through hell not knowing whether her parents were alive or dead. I can't let you do that to him.

Chris: Yeah, well, that's all real warm and fuzzy, but I'm not going to compromise my operation. You understand me?

Anna: It doesn't have to be like that. You break it to him gently about his father. Then you tell him about the operation and what's at stake. He's not stupid. You can trust him.

Chris: Oh, sure. Unless he decides, "Well, that's the SOB who killed my father. I'm going to bring him down." Then I'm going to find myself explaining to a superior how I blew years of investigation on an "Oprah" moment. I will not risk this case. That final.

Anna: Let me put it to you this way. You tell Lavery what he has every right to know, or I will.

Jake: Now, what you're trying to do is to get back at me because I know that you put your pills in Greenlee's purse.

Laura: I did not.

Jake: Laura, I saw you. You wanted to make it look like Greenlee stole them, like she was trying to make you have a relapse.

Laura: No. You're making a mistake, Jake. And now it's your word against mine.

Jake: And that wasn't the first time that you played around with your meds, was it?

Laura: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jake: Your Aunt Phoebe came to see me. She told me how you two like to take your pills together.

Laura: So? What, now my Aunt Phoebe stole my medication?

Jake: No, no, I'm afraid not. She's the one who's missing the pills. The ones she takes to lower her heartbeat -- they seem to have disappeared out the same time that you had this mysterious episode where your heartbeat lowered. And we all couldn't figure out what it was. But it sure did make Leo come running, didn't it?

Laura: Jake, you've been hanging out with Greenlee too long. That is the most twisted thing I've ever heard.

Jake: I'm thinking it's more like sad and desperate. But twisted works.

Laura: So, what, you think I -- I took these meds to slow my heart? You think I'd actually do that? Jake: You know what, Laura? I didn't think you were capable of a lot of things that you've been doing. But you need to understand -- this is your life. This is your Aunt Phoebe's life. She needs those meds. And you need help.

Laura: Jake, you're wrong about all of this, and no one will believe you.

Jake: Oh, yeah? Don't be so sure. Leo's already suspicious about the way you've been acting. It's not going to take much for me to drop a hint to him.

Laura: Ok. Ok. Let's say you do make Leo believe this. But you haven't said anything to him yet, have you?

Jake: Not yet.

Laura: Yeah? And I know why. You don't want Leo to have any doubts about me and this marriage. You're having enough problems with Greenlee as it is. The last thing you want is for Leo to be single again.

Jake: That is a very disturbing comment.

Laura: No, just practical. The way I see it, we're on the same side. We should be working together. So, why is it we're fighting?

Leo: If you thought that I was angry before, go ahead and throw Greenlee in my face --

Vanessa: Darling, sit -- sit -- sit down.

Leo: Ok, ok.

Vanessa: Leo --

Leo: Relax.

Vanessa: Look, Darling. It's just that I happen to know you wanted so much more. And, Leo, you're settling.

Leo: You don't know anything about me. Not anymore you don't.

Vanessa: Darling, I know that you were in love with your life when you were about to marry -- when things were different, all right? Sorry, but I just don't see that in you now, Dear.

Leo: I'm happy.

Vanessa: Hmm? Really?

Leo: Really.

Vanessa: Hmm. Ok. If you are so determined to go through this thing again, go ahead. But, for heaven's sakes, at least do it right.

Leo: Yeah, and I suppose you're going to tell me what that is, right?

Vanessa: Yes, well -- you're right to keep you-know-who out of the way, of course. And, for heaven's sakes, give Laura the blinking wedding. I mean, she deserves it -- if for no other reason than just staying alive.

Leo: All right. This is stopping.

Vanessa: No. Come on. You know -- be the model husband. That is fine. If things go south in a couple of months, well, you can always go to Brooke for a generous settlement.

Leo: Nice. You're never going to change, are you?

Anna: What's it going to be? Either you tell Ryan that you killed his father, or I will.

Chris: Why don't you just let it go?

Anna: It's not something I do very easily.

Chris: Anna, you know the bureau. I can't tell him -- Anna: This is more than the usual bureaucratic garbage. This is personal to you.

Chris: No, no, no, no. You're the one who's making it personal. You're the one with all the hearts and flowers about Lavery. I'm sorry. I got to go by the book.

Anna: I always hated the book. I'm telling him.

Chris: Damn it. All right. I'll make a deal with you. You keep your mouth shut about Lavery's father, I'll cut you in on my investigation.

Mia: So, have you thought of some ways to start looking for your father?

Ryan: Sort of. Sort of. I figure my best bet is to hit the road myself. Got some names of some friends of my folks. I don't know. I figure I'll get more from them face to face.

Mia: Yeah. That sounds like a plan. You know, I was thinking that I could probably get some time off work.

Ryan: Mia, you know this isn't going to be like a weekend trip, right?

Mia: Well, how long is it going to take?

Ryan: Well, the way I'm seeing it now -- I mean, I'm going for good. And I'm going alone.

Mia: I can't believe this.

Ryan: Well, you know this has nothing to do with you, right?

Mia: Oh, yeah. I say "I love you," and you say "I'm out of here." That has to do with me. You can't just dump me.

Barry: I've got the copies of Ryan Lavery's school records and some con job he pulled when he landed here.

[Barry hands Adam some files]

Adam: Oh. We won't be needing any of it. Lavery's leaving town.

Barry: What? What did you do to him?

Adam: No, no, he's doing it on his own. He'll be out of sight, out of Liza's mind. I'll see to that. She'll forget he ever existed.

Barry: What should I do with these, trash them?

Adam: No, I think I'll shred them, along with the rest of his dossier.

Adam: No, no, no. Maybe -- maybe I'll hold on to this until I see the taillights of Lavery's motorcycle heading out of town.

Mia: I know I said that I wouldn't pressure you or anything like that, but -- I don't know. I just thought that I could change you.

Ryan: It's just -- it's just way too soon.

Mia: Yeah, I know. That's why having more time would have been a good thing.

Ryan: Look, I don't know. Maybe -- maybe I'm using this as an excuse to get away from here, but it really doesn't feel like it, Mia. You know, I have to deal with all these things that have been hanging around since I was a kid, and I have to tell my dad that my mom died.

Mia: So you just feel like you have to do this alone.

Ryan: Well, it's my baggage -- or whatever the hell you want to call it -- so I got to deal with it, yeah.

Mia: You're just going to run off around the country, and you think that you're going to find your father that way?

Ryan: That's all I got. I mean, I can't afford to hire private investigators to do it for me.

Mia: Wait. You don't have to go anywhere. Someone's already hired a PI to look into your family, and you could probably find out anything you wanted to know from them.

Ryan: What? What are you talking about? Someone's been spying on me? Who?

Mia: Adam.

Ryan: Are you serious? Adam has been investigating me?

[Ryan starts to leaves SOS]

Mia: Ryan? Ryan! He told me he dug up a lot on you. He's got a whole folder on your family. Ryan!

Ryan: Come on.

Mia: Where?

Ryan: You and me are going to have a talk with Chandler.

Anna: So --

Chris: I'll cut you in on the Proteus case, give you credit if we bring him in. And I'll even put in a good -- good word with the WSB. What? Oh, come on. I'm bending the rules into pretzels over here. Now, you got a deal on the table. Do you want it or not?

Anna: Do you hear what I'm saying? Can you hear me? What are you going to do about Ryan?

Chris: I'll tell him everything as soon as the case is over. Take it or leave it.

Anna: I'm going to hate myself in the morning. Deal. Ok. I have some things to take care of myself.

Chris: Hayward?

Anna: Yeah. I have some things planned.

Chris: What?

Anna: I'll let you know if it works. All right if I borrow this?

[Anna takes a bottle of champagne from the bar]

Anna: I'll see you at the party.

Leo: All right.

Vanessa: You invited Anna Devane to your rehearsal dinner?

Leo: David asked me to. Seems they're dating.

Vanessa: Well, I'm not sure I approve. Oh.

Leo: Mother, you lost approving rights on us long ago.

Vanessa: Oh, come on. Don't be cranky. You're just upset because I -- I mentioned a possible settlement with Brooke.

Leo: You know, I -- I keep hoping that -- that your being married to a billionaire will mellow out this -- this --

Vanessa: Come on, Darling. I can't help it. You know that. I'm always going to be worried about my boys.

[Jesse follows David to his house in the mountains]

Jesse: Ok, so we got a place so far out in the middle of nowhere, you would need dogs to find it. Says "hideout" to me. And, hey, why did you sneak off to that warehouse, pick up that package, huh? What's in the package? Let's see the package, doc. What are you waiting for? Come on -- open it up. Open it up. Open up the package. That a boy. Come on. Open the package. Jake: No, we're not. And after this, I don't think you and I will ever be on the same side. So as far as this sick plan you've got, you can count me out.

Laura: Look, Dr. I-Walk-On-Water, you're no different from me.

Jake: Yes, I am. I don't manipulate people that I say I love.

Laura: No? You're holding on to Greenlee with everything you've got.

Jake: I'm not the one who risked my life to convince my family that I was sick.

Laura: Even if you're positive I did everything you said I did and even if you can prove it, which you can't, why bust me? How does that help you?

Jake: I'm not looking to help me. I'm looking to do what's right. Leo should know for your sake.

Laura: What, so then he can run back to your girlfriend? Look, you and I both know that there is some sick chemistry that sucks my husband back to Greenlee like a bug to a zapper.

Jake: So what? You're doing this all for him?

Laura: Leo will never love Greenlee. I don't know how anyone can. But you're giving it a shot, and I'm behind you all the way.

Jake: Well, that's the last thing that I'm concerned with, Laura.

Laura: Whatever. You have to admit it's easier for you if Leo is safely married.

Jake: Huh. So you got it all figured out, huh?

Laura: All I'm saying is forget about the pills, forget about telling Leo, and just keep Greenlee distracted. You seem to do that pretty well. Jake: You know, I'm curious. What makes you think that I would ever come down to your level?

Laura: News flash, Jake -- you're already there. You may not like to be honest about it, but you're out for yourself just like everyone else.

[Back at Enchantment]

Greenlee: Daddy, are you sure I shouldn't call a doctor?

Roger: Thank you -- oh, no, no, no. That's -- that's fine. I'm -- you're a dear for being concerned.

Greenlee: You just better take care of yourself.

Roger: Hmm. I do. You know that. I want you to take care of yourself, too.

Greenlee: Jake is right for me. It just took me a while to get it, but I am -- slowly.

Roger: "Slowly"? You know, it's been my experience that if sparks don't fly from the git-go, they're just not going to fly at all.

Greenlee: Well, we had a spark inhibitor called Leo. That's why it took so long. But you may have a point about the first-time thing.

Roger: There should be magic, Greenlee.

Greenlee: And I cheated Jake out of that. But I'm going to make it up to him. Thanks, Daddy. Roger: Hey, do you mind if I finish my water and make a phone call?

Greenlee: Sure. Whatever.

[Greenlee leaves and Roger's phone rings]

[Phone rings]

Roger: Yeah.

Chris: It's me. I'm not going to be able to stop Erica from coming to the office.

Roger: What? I'm at Enchantment right now. Damn it, stamp. What do you mean, you don't know where Erica is? Stamp, you were supposed to find out and keep her busy!

[Roger leaves and doesn't see Erica who overheard his conversation with Chris]

Jesse: All right, come on, Doc. Let's get back out here and open the package. It's not like it's going to open itself. There you go. Come on. Just focus, all right?

[Car approaches]

[Knock on door]

Jesse: Now what?

Anna: Hello.

David: Hello.

Jesse: Hmm. So easily distracted. Ok, that's enough.

David: I was wondering when you'd show up here.

Anna: I like spontaneity.

David: Spontaneity is good.

[Anna and David kiss]

Jesse: Stop it. Stop it. Get rid of the girl. Think about the package. The other package. Think about the other package! Yeah, right. That's really going to happen. Out.

[Jesse leaves]

Anna: Take it easy -- oh!

David: Hey, you started it.

Anna: We can slow it down, though, can't we?

David: Yeah, I guess we could.

Anna: My treat.

[Anna hands David the bottle of champagne]

David: Great. Well, if we slow it down, hopefully you have something else special in mind.

Anna: Definitely. Let me pour.

Vanessa: Just how bad is this thing with David and this Anna Devane?

Leo: If I were you, I would avoid calling it "bad" around David. Besides, I don't blame him. She's hot.

Vanessa: Ah! Well, what could he possibly have in common with this emotionally, you know, challenged former spy?

Leo: Just be smart, stay out of it.

Vanessa: Hmm, hmm.

Laura: Vanessa!

Vanessa: Oh, hi, Darling.

Laura: I didn't expect to see you. This is great! Sorry I'm late.

Vanessa: Oh, that's all right, Darling. We've been having an absolutely lovely time.

Laura: So, what were we talking about?

Vanessa: Oh, things, things. Just things. Oh, dear. Ooh, I have to run.

Laura: Oh, Vanessa, I hope we can get lunch together soon.

Vanessa: Oh, yes, yes, but it's so busy right now. I mean, I got hair, I got nails, I mean, the party and -- oh, my. I'll see you all later.

Leo: Sorry about that. You ok?

Laura: Oh, yeah. I'm getting used to your mother.

Leo: No, I meant when you walked in here, you looked like you were a little bit stressed out. What's going on?

Laura: Oh. Well, David will probably tell you part of it, but I went to talk to him because I thought he should hear how unprofessional Jake was. And Jake overheard.

Leo: What'd he do?

Laura: What'd you expect? He was awful. From now on, I think you and I should just stay out of Jake's way. Well, where are you going?

Leo: I'm going to see Jake.

Laura: Leo, no, no, no. I think we should just stay away --

Leo: I don't think so, ok?

Laura: It's not going to help anything.

Leo: It would make me feel real good. All right?

Laura: Leo --

[Leo leaves]

[Greenlee enters Jake's office]

Greenlee: Oh, Jake. This has been a long time coming.

[Erica checks her computer at Enchantment]

Erica: What was that man looking for?

[Knock on door]

Chris: Hi. Val said you were in here. I hope -- I hope, I hope, I hope you're not still mad at me because I didn't jump like a trained poodle back there at SOS. Anna and I are strictly business. There is nothing, nothing for you to get jealous about..

Chris: You're not?

Erica: I don't give a damn about Anna Devane. I found you out.

Chris: I don't --

Erica: I heard Roger Smythe talking to you on the phone.

Chris: Oh, man.

Erica: So while he smuggled drugs through my company, you were assigned to keep me busy.

Chris: But it's not -- it is not what you're thinking.

Erica: You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking you are the drug lord, Mr. Stamp.

Chris: Me?

Erica: And here I thought that we were working together. I thought that we were a team.

Chris: We are a team.

Erica: Oh, don't you try to con me.

Chris: Look, if that's what you really believe, if that's what you really think, then why don't you check me out. Call my agency. Here. You can even call my superior.

Erica: I wouldn't trust you to give me the right names to call or the right number. And I certainly won't believe a word out of your lying mouth from now on, or anybody connected with you. You have been lying to me from day one.

Chris: That wasn't lying.

Erica: Only now you've gone really too far because you've tried to use my love for my daughter --

Chris: No, no, no, no. I would never use Bianca!

Erica: Oh, really? What were you going to try to do? Were you going to try to seduce me? Is that what this trip to the lake was all about, this weekend away with you?

Chris: I'm going to tell you something. You were never planned. My feelings for you broke every rule in the book -- every rule!

Liza: I was so afraid that you just couldn't change.

Adam: But I had a motivation. I couldn't lose you.

Liza: Well, I didn't want you to lose me, Adam.

Adam: You know, I've been thinking about Gillian's playground. I'd like to make a contribution -- anonymously, of course. I wouldn't want to throw my money in Ryan's face.

Liza: You know, you better stop being so sweet. I'm going to be worried.

Adam: Well, like you said, it's a good -- it's a good cause. I'd like to be part of it.

Liza: That -- that's so kind. I love you.

[Knock on door]

Adam: Oh. Whoever it is, tell them to go away.

Liza: Ryan.

Ryan: Where is it?

Adam: I don't know what you're talking about.

Ryan: You have a file on me, and I want to know where the hell it is.

Adam: That's ridiculous.

Liza: Adam?

Adam: Liza, he doesn't know what he's talking about. I want you to get out of my house.

Ryan: Liza, he's doing it again.

Adam: Get out!

Ryan: Your new man is pulling the same old garbage.

Chris: I couldn't. I couldn't level with you about everything that was going down because I know you. You would not let Roger use the computer.

Erica: Of course I wouldn't.

Chris: But, you see, look -- I had to keep him in the system. He's the only lead I have. Please listen to what I'm saying. The only way that I can get to the top is if Roger Smythe gives me enough rope to hang his boss.

Erica: Why are you bothering to tell me all this?

Chris: Because I want you to know there was a plan. But it had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with what's going on between us -- nothing.

Erica: You expect me to buy that after all the other stories you've told me?

Chris: You know -- you know, in my life -- in my life there's personal and there's professional, and I have to keep them apart. But you -- you're my lady. You're personal all the way.

Erica: You think you can just pretend that you love me and I'm just going to swoon into your arms?

Chris: No. I wish -- I wish it was that easy.

Erica: Look, first you -- you smuggled drugs through my company, and then you lied to me about that. And then you used my love for my daughter to manipulate me.

Chris: The part about Bianca was real and it was true.

Erica: Well, sometimes you're telling the truth and sometimes you're not. And some things are personal and some things are professional. What, do you hand out scorecards so everybody can keep track?

Chris: Erica, just listen --

Erica: No, "Miss Kane" to you. You won't manipulate me anymore. I have serious issues to deal with. I have my daughter's welfare to be concerned with.

Chris: And I told you I wanted to help you with that.

Erica: You want to help me? Ok. You want to help me, you want to prove yourself to me? Then you get that guttersnipe Frankie out of my daughter's life.

Chris: I don't think that's going to solve anything, Erica.

Erica: So you're refusing me? Ok, let me put it to you this way. Either you get that -- that con artist, that creep Frankie out of my child's life, or I go to the press and I splatter everything I know about you and your investigation all over the m. That's your choice, Mr. Stamp.

Anna: Another. Yee-hee! Whoo! To spontaneity.

David: Yeah.

Anna: Drink up. Go on.

[David sighs]

David: Whoa.

Anna: Hey. Something wrong?

David: It's just weird. I just -- I just feel kind of -- kind of dizzy or something.

Anna: You've been working too hard if a couple of glasses of champagne make you feel like that. Come on. Lie down.

David: Wait a minute. I'm not tired. You -- you drugged me!

Adam: Liza, don't listen to him.

Ryan: He hired private investigators to dig up my life --

Adam: He's out of his mind!

Ryan: And he's saving this stuff like some kind of wacko!

Liza: Ryan, how could you possibly know that? Oh, the beacon of honesty?

Adam: Oh, well, this little number wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit her.

Mia: Oh, you're calling me a liar?

Adam: In a word, yes.

Mia: You told me that you have a whole folder on his family in your safe. I bet it's still there.

Liza: Why don't you just open the safe and prove she's lying?

Adam: No, no. I'm not going to dignify these accusations. I refuse -- no.

Liza: What's the combination?

Adam: Liza --

Liza: The combination.

Adam: Your birthday.

[Liza opens the safe and finds Ryan's file]

Adam: Will you let me explain?

Liza: No, don't. Please.

Ryan: I believe those belong to me.

[Leo walks into Jake's office to find Greenlee, naked, on Jake's desk]

Leo: Good God, Greenlee.

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[David groans]

David: No! Don't touch that!

Anna: Sweet dreams, David.

Ryan: You needed a reason to dig this deep. What is it?

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