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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 10/31/01

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Ryan: Stay out of my life.

Chris: A little late for that, pal.

Liza: This is my baby. Even if Adam is the father, it doesn't mean that he has ownership.

Erica: Could it be any clearer? Frankie is trying to get to you and your trust fund.

Tad: How am I going to nail David?

Jesse: If we can prove at he's a drug dealer, you won't need to use Leslie.

Erica: You cause my daughter one moment's grief, and I swear, I will bury you.

Bianca: Uncle Jack, do you see what I'm dealing with here? She has completely gone out of control.

Erica: I have? Me? Have you told your Uncle Jack why you're here? Jack -- Bianca, that was a lawyer. She wants to be legally emancipated from me, her own mother. And she wants to raid her trust fund to support that parasite. Jack, do you fully grasp what I'm saying to you? Bianca wants to legally leave me.

Jack: And may I tell you something? After what I've just witnessed, I think maybe she'd be a fool not to.

Jesse: Took you long enough to get here.

Tad: Yeah, well, forgive me, the door got in the way. You know, some of us don't exactly have the benefit of your black magic.

Jesse: Oh, hey, look, don't dis the gift. You know, that old black magic going to help you prove that Dr. David is doubling as a drug lord.

Tad: That remains to be seen. Why don't you actually lend a hand and take a look around, all right? I haven't forgotten our deal. I actually ditched Leslie Coulson so I could partner up with you.

Jesse: What do you expect to find, a kilo with the man's picture on it?

Tad: No. It's not as ridiculous as you might think. David's so arrogant he actually thinks he can't get caught.

Jesse: So what exactly are you looking for?

Tad: I don't know, but I'll know it when I see it -- anything I can use as evidence, anything I can use that'll help me put a noose around his neck.

Jesse: This is a waste of time, dude.

Tad: Do you actually have a better idea?

Jesse: Actually, yeah. Why don't you chum it up with that FBI dude -- Agent Stomp.

Tad: Stamp?

Jesse: Whatever.

Tad: Can't do it.

Jesse: Why not?

Tad: Because I've got a secret weapon I can't exactly share with the federal government.

Jesse: What?

Tad: You. Jesse, the friendly ghost.

Jesse: You know, I always forget that you always was corny, weren't you?

David: What the hell are you doing in my office?

Leslie: Pam, are you sure that Tad hasn't phoned?

Pam: Not since he put the plans on hold.

Leslie: I don't get it. I mean, he was so hyped about going after David. I just --

Pam: Leslie, look at me. You're not getting any ideas, are you?

Leslie: Of course not. I mean, this is Tad's show. I just want to make sure that David gets what he deserves.

Pam: Hey, it's time for your meds.

Leslie: One tiny pill to chase away all those blue meanies. I am better. Don't you think?

Pam: Yeah, I really do.

Leslie: Good. So, what can we do to get into trouble?

Mia: Ryan, your dad skipped out on your whole family. I mean, why this sudden urge to track him down?

Ryan: The same reason you had to hook up with Liza.

Mia: Yeah, but Liza was a stranger to me. I mean, you know who your dad is.

Ryan: Yeah, he's a complete waste of skin, but I have unfinished business with the man.

Chris: That's too bad you're never going to finish it.

Adam: Liza, are you all right?

Liza: What are you doing here?

Adam: I got a call from a reporter. Never mind. What happened? Did you have an accident? What are you doing here?

Liza: No, just -- just calm down, and I'll tell you.

Adam: Just tell me you're all right.

Liza: Um -- I'm all right. I was stupid, I was walking, I wasn't thinking, and I barreled into Dixie's car door.

Adam: How could you be so careless?

Liza: No, no, it wasn't her fault.

Dixie: The car was parked --

Doctor: I'm back. Has your OB been by yet?

Adam: OB? What does my wife need with an obstetrician?

Adam: Liza, is this what I've been praying for? Are you going to have a baby?

Dixie: You know, before you start handing out cigars, the obstetrician is for me.

Adam: You're pregnant?

Dixie: Well, I don't know. I'm not sure. There's a very, very, very, very slight chance that I might be, so I thought I would come here and get checked out.

Adam: Why didn't you take one of those home pregnancy tests?

Liza: You know, Adam, that's none of your business.

Adam: She's my son's mother.

Dixie: It's all right. It's okay. I -- I didn't. I decided not to.

Adam: Why not?

Dixie: Because they don't always work and because I felt like I just didn't want people at home to know, so I came here, and don't you go blabbing it to anyone.

Adam: Who would I tell?

Liza: Okay, now that you know that I'm all right, can you leave?

Adam: No, nonsense. I'm going to wait and take you home.

Liza: Dixie can take me.

Adam: When did you two get to be such good friends? And why did you come all the way over here instead of going to Pine Valley Hospital?

Dixie: Well, the doctors here are quite --

Adam: Oh, I get it, I get it. Insurance.

Dixie: Insurance.

Adam: Yeah. Against Tad breaking your neck because it's not his child. It's Dr. Hayward's, isn't it?

David: Tell me why I shouldn't call security.

Tad: Relax, okay? Just take it easy. What are you going to do, you're going to call downstairs and report me for felonious waiting? The door was open.

David: That door was locked. 

Tad: Wasn't today.

David: What are you doing here, Martin?

Tad: I came to make a peace offering.

David: Yeah, right.

Tad: No, I'm on the level. I want to offer you a truce.

David: You hate my guts. Why this sudden about-face?

Tad: My family. To be specific, my father and my brother. I want you off their backs for good. I heard you just knocked Jake off Laura's case.

David: Yeah, I did. And it was my call to make.

Tad: Absolutely. But if you're riding Jake to get back at me, you're wasting your time because as far as I'm concerned, you and I are quits. I am moving on with my life. So what do you say we just bury the hatchet?

Jesse: Yeah, like right in his back?

[Jesse chuckles]

David: You would have made a good snake oil salesman. But I'm not buying.

Tad: I'm completely sincere.

David: Of course you are. Now get the hell out of my office and take your bogus offer with you before I do call security.

Tad: So much for giving peace a chance.

Jesse: Whoo. All right, Dr. David, let's -- let's see how you live when nobody is watching.

Erica: Jack, what is wrong with my trying to save my daughter?

Bianca: You can't save me from myself, Mother.

Erica: No, but I can save you from who she is. Jack, you control Bianca's trust fund. That money is for her future.

Bianca: My future is starting right now. And you know what? This is not about Frankie.

Erica: Bianca, your father did not leave you a small fortune so you could just squander it on this con artist. Jack, promise me that you will not allow Bianca to touch a penny of her inheritance. Please, Jack.

Bianca: Frankie's my friend, Mother. She doesn't give a damn about my money.

Erica: Oh, Bianca, when are you going to just open your eyes?  Please see her for what she really is. Please do it soon, please, before she breaks your heart and your bank account.

Jack: Nobody is going to be cleaning out Bianca's bank account, including Bianca. Now, will you sit down here, please? Now, you know that your father put me in charge of your trust fund. You want to know what the reason was? So I could protect your interests.

Erica: Oh, Bianca, I hope that you will listen to your Uncle Jack since you won't allow me to protect you.

Bianca: Mom, I don't want or need your kind of protection. I just want you out of my life.

Erica: Bianca, if your grandmother was here right now --

Bianca: If Grandma were here listening to you right now, she would be sick.

Mia: Well, finding Liza was pretty easy. I mean, I had her name and I knew where she lived.

Ryan: Yeah, well, you know, I obviously got my dad's name.

Mia: Yeah, but you don't have a clue where to start looking.

Ryan: No. No, I don't. I guess he could be anywhere.

Mia: Ryan, I think I can help you. You should close your door on the past and just not look back.

Anna: Hi. Remember me?

Roger: A face like yours is pretty hard to forget.

Anna: Oh, that's very nice. You were a wee bit inebriated last night.

Roger: Look, Anna, if I made a pass or got out of line or some--

Anna: No, no, no, you were a perfect gentleman.

Roger: Oh, well, my life is a bit complicated at the moment.

Anna: I like it complicated. It's a challenge. Want to tell me what's the worst thing you've ever done, Roger?

Chris: Excuse me. Could I have a word in private with you, please? Excuse us.

Anna: He wants me to be his date at the bartenders' ball. I'll break it to him easy. What?

Chris: What the Hell are you doing here?

Anna: You wouldn't give a rat if I wasn't getting closer to Proteus.

Chris: Why don't you can the cocktail chatter, okay, and check out before you blow my investigation.

Anna: Chris, the more steamed you get, the warmer I know I am.

Chris: Look, Anna, I don't need you to mess this up for me, okay?

Anna: I'm not going to do that. But obviously, SOS is your control central, which means that the target must be operating nearby, maybe from that very table.

Chris: I thought Hayward -- I thought you tagged him as your main suspect.

Anna: He's one of them.

Chris: One of them? Well, what do you plan on doing, sleeping with the whole house until you catch Proteus with his pants down?  Look, Devane, if you're too sensitive, maybe you should let the big boys handle him, huh?

Anna: I don't notice the big boys getting any results.

Chris: Look, you pushed yourself into the middle of something you know nothing about. You have no idea who the players are. Just listen to me. You could blow years of investigation sky high.

Anna: What am I going to do, put a blotch on your resume? Or is this all personal?

Chris: Very simple, Devane. Unlike you, I want to retire with a full pension. Believe me, I earned it.

Anna: So if you bring Proteus down, you're going to get full honors. Is that what you're saying? And by the way, how long has Ryan Lavery been under surveillance?

Chris: Say what?

Anna: Well, you keep watching him. Is he a suspect?

Chris: No way.

Anna: A straight answer. I must be on to something. What exactly is Ryan to you?

Mia: This whole idea about finding your dad -- maybe you should just, you know, just forget about it.

Ryan: Why? You didn't. I mean, you tracked down Liza.

Mia: Yeah, and look at what a warm and fuzzy experience that turned out to be. Sometimes you just -- you shouldn't go down some roads.

Ryan: Come on, you connecting with Liza doesn't have to be a complete waste of time. You can still -- I don't know -- hit it off as sisters or whatever. I'm not trying to get in the way of that.

Mia: Well, if she's jealous, that's her problem.

Ryan: Yeah, well, you work it out however you got to work it out. I know what I have to do, all right?

Mia: I'm just afraid that you're getting your hopes up too high.

Ryan: Oh, no. No, I did that only once -- with Gillian.

Mia: I'll shut up.

Ryan: Look, I understand this isn't going to be some bear-hug father-son reunion. I know that. But I -- I don't know, Braden, my brother, is gone, my mom is dead, and I didn't get a chance to say good-bye to them, and that means something to me.

Mia: And your dad?

Ryan: He's a mean son of a bitch. And if I ever did get to see him, I can finally say good-bye and I can tell him go to hell. I mean, I've been waiting for this for a very long time, this face-to-face, and now I'm ready.

Liza: You apologize to her.

Adam: Why? She's the one that's carrying David Hayward's love child.

Dixie: "Love child"? Wait a minute here. Now, I have not been with David Hayward in quite some time.

Liza: Dixie, you don't owe him any explanations.

Dixie: No, no, no. I think it's pretty important that I set the record straight so I don't read about it in "The Exposer," since some of us have a big mouth. I did not -- I am not carrying David's baby, okay?

Adam: Okay, okay. Well, we'll see you when you give birth to a child with a "666" tattooed on his forehead.

Dixie: Oh, stuff it, would you? Please, put a sock in it.

Adam: Gladly. Yes. Well, are you cleared to leave yet?

Liza: Yes, I am. Will you wait outside while I change?

Adam: Yeah. Dixie.

Liza: Dixie can stay.

Adam: Oh.

Liza: Thank you for covering for me.

Dixie: You owe me, lady.

Liza: Yes, I do. And I'm sorry. You of all people coming to my rescue.

Dixie: Well, you can pay me back quick by telling Adam that you're the one that's pregnant and I am not carrying David's love child.

Liza: You really got me off the hook.

Dixie: Yeah, for now. But you're not going to be able to keep this a secret much longer.

Liza: This -- this false alarm really has gotten me thinking how much this baby really means to me, and I know what I have to do.

Dixie: You have to tell Adam that you're pregnant.

Liza: I have to play this by my husband's rules. I have to play this very carefully. I'm going to have to pull an Adam.

Jesse: Oh, this is thrilling. It's like watching mud. Come on, punk. Do something incriminating! Ay. I guess it's up to me to stir things up a little in here, huh? All right. Whoo! Whoo!

David: That's bizarre. Where'd that breeze come from?

Jesse: Yeah, I got your breeze. We need to see a little more Proteus, a little less paperwork. All right?

[Phone rings]

David: Yeah, this is Hayward. Damn it. I can't get away right now, but that shipment is crucial. No. No. You just sit on it until I contact you. And I don't need to remind you to be discreet.

Jesse: Now, that's what I'm talking about. Yeah. Looks like we got a break in the case. Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Pam: This is what you meant by getting into trouble, baking cookies?

Leslie: Well, come on, these are total diet busters.

Pam: Mmm. Aren't you going to have any?

Leslie: No, you know what? It's my meds. They really kill my appetite. Hey, do you remember that summer that Mom and Dad rented that cabin up at Willow Lake?

Pam: The summer we fought nonstop?

Leslie: Well, you took my bike -- you know, my hot pink bike with the handlebar streamers and the glitter banana seat -- and you wrecked it into a tree.

Pam: It was an accident.

Leslie: I baked you a batch of cookies then. Remember the secret ingredient?

Pam: Worms. Leslie, tell me you didn't --

Leslie: Oh, I didn't use worms this time. I added something with a little -- a little more kick.

Pam: Oh, my God, Leslie, what have you done?

Leslie: You should have learned your lesson after you wrecked my bicycle.

Dixie: I don't know, Liza. Playing anything Adam's way scares me.

Liza: Well, me, too, but I have to do what I can to keep this baby safe.

Dixie: But pulling an Adam -- not that I don't think that you're up to the part, certainly.

Liza: Well, thank you, I think.

Dixie: But it could backfire.

Liza: How? I tell Adam I'm pregnant, he assumes the baby is his.

Dixie: He knows that you slept with Ryan.

Liza: I'll tell him I used protection.

Dixie: That's a lie.

Liza: It's a half a lie. The baby could be Adam's, the baby could be Ryan's.

Dixie: And you still don't think Ryan has a right to know?

Liza: I just don't want to saddle him with a child. It wouldn't be fair.

Dixie: You know, Colby was born from a lie, and look how how many people were hurt by that.

Liza: But it all worked out in the end.

Dixie: With a very heavy price tag.

Liza: Okay, okay, you want to play devil's advocate? Think about this -- let's -- let's say that Adam even suspects that the baby isn't his. He's going to make Ryan's life a living hell. He's going to do everything he can to ruin him. And Colby and I -- our life will be like a raging sea, not to mention this new child. I'm just trying to buy myself some time. Please, just -- don't say anything to anyone.

Dixie: Okay. I won't. But before I seal my lips permanently, I think I have to point out that there's a glitch in this master plan of yours.

Liza: What?

Dixie: Well, after the baby's born, Ryan's going to be able to count backwards nine months and figure out when it was conceived. If you really want this story to fly, you're going to have to get him out of town.

Liza: Well, I'm going to have to cross that bridge after the baby's born. In the meantime, I'll just have to out-Adam Adam.

Chris: Listen to me. You leave the Lavery kid out of this. You hear me?

Anna: I don't take orders from you or anyone else. I'm a free agent, independently owned and operated.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but you want back into the WSB, don't you, and interfering with an investigation is not your way to prove yourself.

Anna: The way I see it is I have everything to gain, nothing to lose.

Chris: How is that?

Anna: If I succeed where you fail and I bring Proteus down single-handedly, the WSB will take me back.

Chris: Just like that?

Anna: Yeah. Just like that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go talk to my friend Ryan. Roger, I'm going to take a rain check for this drink, okay?

Roger: Not a problem.

Anna: Thanks.

Chris: Anna?

Anna: That can wait.

Mia: Maybe you'll reconsider.

Anna: Hey, Ryan.

Ryan: Hey.

Anna: No, don't get up, please. Hi.

Ryan: Oh. Anna: Can I join you for a minute?

Ryan: Absolutely. You two know each other? Mia, Anna --

Anna: No. We haven't met.

Mia: Hi.

Anna: Anna.

Mia: Mia.

Ryan: Yeah.

Anna: How's everything going with Gillian's memorial?

Ryan: Good, I guess. I mean, we're going to do the dedication as soon as next week, I understand. I want you to be there.

Anna: Sure. I'll be there, of course.

Ryan: Anna, I just thought of something, something you could help me out with, maybe.

Anna: Oh, yeah. What?

Ryan: Well, I mean, with your background and everything, you know how to track people down, right? You know how to find people?

Anna: I do, absolutely. Yeah. Who are you looking for?

Ryan: My dad.

Anna: Okay. So tell me everything you know about your father.

Erica: How did Bianca ever get so out of control?

Jack: Well, maybe she comes by it naturally, Erica. You were not exactly the epitome of cool, threatening the life of a minor in a court of law.

Erica: Look, if you could see this from my side --

Jack: I see it the way it really is. And whether you want to believe it or not, this Frankie Stone has done nothing wrong.

Erica: How can you say that?

Jack: Because I have faced the facts. The fact is --

Erica: Oh!

Jack: She has no rap sheet, she has not filed a lawsuit against you regarding the car, she has not asked you for one thin dime, Erica. In fact, the only crime that she is guilty of is befriending your daughter.

Erica: You listen to me. I know a con when I see one. And for some reason, nobody believes that she deliberately threw herself in front of my car. But she did, Jack. I was there. I saw it. I was an eyewitness to that scam that she is trying to pull. I saw it, Jack. She is dangerous. And I want this -- this Mary Frances Frankie Stone to know that I am dangerous, too.

Jack: Well, mission accomplished. I think you made that very clear when you threatened to kill her. Erica, I'm the D.A. I can't have you waltzing around here threatening people's lives.

Erica: Oh, I see. Mr. District attorney, putting his job ahead of his family. Oh, that's nice. That's very nice.

[Jack sighs]

Erica: Why is this, Jack? Because I rejected you?

Jack: Because you rejected me? What, are you kidding me? You know, if my memory serves -- and I believe it serves me very well -- you -- I'm not going to do this. I'm not going to let you draw me into this. And you want to know why?

Erica: Because you're a coward.

Jack: Because I love you and I love Bianca and I don't want to see the two of you doing things to each other that you will regret for the rest of your lives. Now, before we say things that we can't take back, I'm going to go try to find my niece and see if I can settle this without any more of this family's blood being shed.

Bianca: I don't care what my mother says. I'm -- that's it. I'm not giving up. She's so out of my life.

Frankie: So this is all because of me --

Bianca: No, it's not --

Frankie: I've messed up everything.

Bianca: It's not because of you, Frankie.

Frankie: Yes, your life was perfect before I crashed into the right person --

Bianca: No.

Frankie: And you're giving up all that matters.

Bianca: Like what?

Frankie: Like your mom. Listen, I know she's a royal pain, but she would walk over broken glass for you. And your Uncle Jack and Opal -- it's all the same with them, too. You know, you had it all before I showed up.

Bianca: That's not true.

Frankie: It's like -- it's like it's me or them, and you picked me. I don't even get it. What do you see in me?

Bianca: I see courage, the strength that it took to strike out on your own and not care what other people thought of you.

Frankie: I don't care for me. But I do care, you know, for you.

Bianca: You don't have to worry about me, Frankie. I mean, you've shown me how brave I can be. That's how you make me feel when I'm with you -- like I can do anything. And I like that feeling. I really like you.

Bianca: If you're here to negotiate or something, you can just forget about it. I'm not giving in. And if she wants a fight, I'll give her one.

Jack: You can fight this fight if you want, but I'm going to tell you straight, sweetheart, you're not going to win.

Ryan: Well, my given name's Curry -- John Ryan Curry. Lavery's just my mother's maiden name.

Anna: Why did you change your name?

Ryan: I guess I just didn't really want any of my father sticking with me.

Anna: Oh. Did it make a difference?

Ryan: No. Not really.

Anna: And if we locate your father, what exactly do you want to happen?

Ryan: Well, actually, I haven't really thought that far in advance, but I know he left a stain on my life and I just want to rub it out.

Anna: I understand, but that could be painful as well as liberating.

Ryan: So will you take the job?

Anna: Sure.

Ryan: I just want you to do some groundwork, like a telephone number, address --

Anna: You don't want me to contact him?

Ryan: No. No. That's between me and him, nobody else.

Anna: I understand.

Ryan: Okay. Good. I got to run.

Mia: Do you mind if I tag along? 

Ryan: I'll catch up with you later at the Pine Cone, okay? Thanks.

Anna: Yeah. I'll be in touch.

Ryan: Great.

Anna: It was nice meeting you, Mia.

Mia: Yeah, same here.

Anna: All right. This should cover Roger's tab and a tip for you. 

Chris: What are you up to, Anna?

Anna: I got a new assignment. Some people do have faith in my detective work.

Chris: Look, you cannot -- you cannot go snooping around for Ryan's father.

Anna: What's stopping me?

Tad: Do you have to do that?

Jesse: What are you talking about, Withers? This is mad fun. It's one of the perks, you know.

Tad: Lucky me. What happened with Hayward?

Jesse: Dude got a phone call, man. Something about some shipment going down.

Tad: Yes! -- Yes. It's exactly the kind of thing I've been waiting for.

Jesse: So we can scratch plan B, right?

Tad: What plan B?

Jesse: Little Miss Nut Job thing?

Tad: Oh, Leslie.

Jesse: Yeah.

Tad: Yes, I completely forgot about her.

Jesse: Yeah, boy. Let's keep it that way, all right?

Tad: Yeah, okay, fine. A deal's a deal. I understand. So what do we do next?

Dixie: Hi!

Tad: Dixie.

[Dixie chuckles]

Tad: Hey.

Dixie: How are you?

Tad: Hey, Sweetheart.

Dixie: You look surprised to see me.

Tad: Yeah.

Dixie: We had a lunch date, remember?

Tad: Yeah -- oh, yeah. Sure -- no I didn't forget. So, how has your day been?

Dixie: Crazy.

Tad: Yeah?

Dixie: Yeah.

Tad: Mine, too.

Jesse: Hey, I'm out. Got to get back to check on Dr. Do-wrong, all right?

Dixie: Speaking of crazy, have you heard from that PI you hired?

Tad: Not today. Why?

Dixie: It's just this feeling. I keep wondering if they've found Leslie Coulson anywhere.

Adam: This is rich. Tad Martin, once again the victim of a cheating spouse.

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: Oh, and to think Dixie's carrying David Hayward's child.

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: It's just too delicious.

Liza: You know, honestly, Adam, you get such ghoulish delight out of other's people's miseries.

Adam: Oscar Wilde was right. "It's not enough that I succeed. My friends must fail."

Liza: You know, you don't have friends. You have enemies and ex-wives, which -- I don't know -- is redundant. Anyway, David and Dixie -- their affair is ancient history.

Adam: Yeah, it was a good thing. Hayward's not fit to father a stoat, let alone a child.

Liza: Okay, well, let's just say for the sake of argument that Dixie is pregnant with another man's child. Yes, at first Tad would be upset.

Adam: Upset? If he were half a man, he'd blow Hayward's brains out.

Liza: Okay, let's forget the worst-case scenario. But let's say Dixie stayed and had the child. Don't you think in time that Tad would love that child as if it were his very own?

Adam: A constant reminder of his wife's infidelity? No. No man, no marriage could survive that.

[Doorbell rings]

Adam: Lavery, what the hell are you doing here?

Ryan: I need to speak with Liza -- alone.

Jack: Bianca, the simple fact is you don't have grounds to be emancipated from your mother.

Bianca: Well, there has to be a way.

Jack: Afraid not.

Bianca: Well, then I'm taking her to court.

Jack: You really want to do that? You want to sit up there on the witness stand and blast a woman who loves you more than life itself? Are you really, really prepared to do that, honey?

Bianca: What you're saying is that you're not going to let me go near my trust fund, right?

Jack: Honey, what I'm saying is let's explore some other options first.

Bianca: There are no other options. Frankie's homeless, and she needs a place to stay.

Frankie: Bianca, it's okay.

Bianca: No, it's not okay. I'm not going to let you sleep on the street. It's not safe.

Jack: How about your Aunt Vanessa? Any chance of you staying with her for a while?

Frankie: No, I don't think that's going to happen.

Bianca: We need to find a place that we can stay together.

Frankie: Oh, I so hate doing this to you.

Bianca: You're not doing this to me. It's going to work out, I promise.

Jack: Look, I could float you some cash until you find a place, and get settled in, okay?

Bianca: Uncle Jack, I don't think I want your money.

Jack: Your father put me in charge of your trust fund for a reason, Sweetheart.

Bianca: Yeah. He didn't trust Mom.

Jack: No. No. He knew how much you and your mother mean to one another, and he did not want something so vulgar as money coming between you. Now, I have to honor his wishes. I cannot give you the money from your trust fund, but I can give you that. Look, I know you're mad at Erica, but, Sweetheart, she is doing the best she can. And that's all any parent can do. Honey, we're family. Let's not do this. Let's not do this. Let's forget about this legal nonsense, please, please, at least for now, huh?

Bianca: Okay. Okay.

Jack: Okay. You wonder why I love you so much. You need anything -- I mean anything at all -- you, too, Frankie -- you just let me know, okay? Smart girl.

Frankie: He's nice.

Bianca: Yeah, he's great. You think I did the right thing?

Frankie: Well, you did what you did. I don't know if it's right or not.

Bianca: I guess I should go call off my lawyer. When I get back, we'll figure out what we're going to do next, okay? Wait for me here.

Frankie: I will.

[Phone rings]

Frankie: Yeah? What the hell are you doing? Yeah, she just left. No, don't worry. She doesn't suspect a thing. Okay, calm down, calm down -- everything is going according to plan. Bye.

Dixie: It's my turn. You threatened my son's future to keep yours safe? There's no going back.

David: Obviously, you don't understand.

Dixie: No, you don't understand. You don't understand at all. You used my son.

David: Oh, come on, Dixie. J.R. wasn't exactly innocent.

Dixie: Maybe he wasn't innocent, but at least he isn't like you. At least he isn't evil.

David: You will change your mind about me, Dixie.

Jesse: Hey, there, Doc. What you doing with all that information on Dixie? Huh?

David: Yeah, it's me. The shipment we discussed -- I'll pick it up in an hour. The abandoned warehouse. And make sure it's just you and me.

Jesse: And Jesse makes three.

Tad: Sweetheart, why all of a sudden are you wasting your time thinking about Leslie Coulson?  She's out of our lives for good.

Dixie: Well, I'd really like to believe that.

Tad: Well, you should believe it.

Dixie: It's just that that dream I had -- it was so real. What if it happens?

Tad: It's not. I won't let it, honey. I'm not -- I'm not going to let Leslie Coulson hurt you ever again.

Leslie: Sorry you can't come with me, Pammy. But I've got a date with Tad. Only he doesn't know it -- yet. And neither do you.

Adam: Anything you have to say to Liza you can say to me.

Liza: Just a minute. Can I have just a minute?

Adam: Don't be long.

Liza: Dropping by without calling probably wasn't a good idea.

Ryan: I guess not.

Liza: Is this about Gillian's memorial?

Ryan: No. No. This is about my dad. I want to go and find him.

Liza: If that's what you want. Is there anything I can do to help?

Ryan: No, Liza. You don't understand. After the playground is dedicated, I'm leaving Pine Valley.

Anna: So why can't I do any checking on Ryan's father? Is he part of this investigation?

Chris: There's no connection.

Anna: I don't believe you.

Chris: It's the truth.

Anna: Really?

Chris: You want Proteus? You're heading down the wrong road.

Anna: So set me straight, Chris, or else I'll go find Patrick Curry and ask him.

Chris: Anna, you won't find Ryan's father.

Anna: What's to stop me?

Chris: I killed him.

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