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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 10/30/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Bianca: I'll sleep here until I'm old enough to move out, but I'm going to spend all my time with Frankie, and you cannot stop me.

Liza: Ryan has moved on.

Adam: You cry out his name in your sleep. Why are you still thinking about him if it's over?

Chris: Who are they?

Ryan: My mom and dad.

Man: Hey, can I get your order?

Bianca: Can I just wait a little while longer? Somebody's supposed to meet me.

Man: No problem. Just give me a shout when you're ready.

Bianca: Okay, thanks.

[Phone rings]

Bianca: Oh. Frankie?

Frankie: How'd you guess?

Bianca: How'd I guess? You were supposed to call me an hour ago.

Frankie: I'm really sorry. I kind of overslept.

Bianca: Where did you sleep?

Frankie: Oh, Opal took pity on me. I'm still at her place. But, you know, I really got to get out of here before she thinks I'm taking advantage.

Bianca: Okay, well, come to SOS and meet me. We'll figure something out.

Frankie: SOS? I don't think so.

Bianca: What's wrong with SOS?

Frankie: Not important. Long story.

Bianca: Okay, well -- I don't know what to tell you. Come meet me at the courthouse, then.

Frankie: The courthouse? What? Come on. Suing me over breakfast?

Bianca: Frankie, look, we're running late, and I can see you and the lawyer I'm supposed to talk to as well.

Frankie: The lawyer? About what?

Bianca: Do you really care?

Frankie: Yeah, I do really care.

Bianca: Well, let's just say my mom only thinks she's won.

Man: Are you joining your daughter, Ms. Kane?

Adam: What am I doing here, Barry? I have important things to do.

Barry: What's wrong with here?

Adam: Because Kaye Campobello's office is right down that hall, and I need a run-in with her like I need a migraine.

Barry: Well, I'm between hearings, but I thought you'd want to know what I've got.

Adam: You got something on Ryan Lavery? Why didn't you tell me?

Barry: Well, actually, I have nothing on Ryan Lavery.

Adam: Barry, have you been put on this earth solely to torment me?

Barry: But I do have something on John Ryan Curry.

Adam: Who the hell is that?

Barry: A.K.A. Ryan Lavery.

Adam: That's why there's no birth certificate. He changed his name.

Barry: Well, someone did. Lavery is his mother's maiden name.

Adam: Why the change, then?

Barry: Well, the father?

Adam: Yes.

Barry: Was a drug dealer.

Adam: Oh, Barry. More. Come on, give me some more.

Mia: Oh, yeah. God, I love this. Don't you just love this?

Ryan: Love it. Absolutely love it.

Mia: Hmm. You sound convincing. I just love the beach off-season. It's just, first of all, no one's here. And second of all, no one's here.

Ryan: Winter's coming. You can tell.

Mia: By the smell?

Ryan: Yes, very scientific approach. Don't scoff.

Mia: I used to come to the beach every single day and just sit and look out and think about just getting on a ship and just going.

Ryan: I still think about that. What'd you bring to eat, anyway?

Mia: Hot coffee.

Ryan: Necessity.

Mia: Sticky buns.

Ryan: You did not.

Mia: Yeah. Why, are they your favorite?

Ryan: Sticky buns? Yeah, they're great. Great.

Mia: Are you making fun of me or my sticky buns?

Ryan: You or your sticky buns? Both, actually. No, I'm teasing. Neither. It's just that you're kind of -- I don't know -- surprising me, I guess.

Mia: Why?

Ryan: Well, you're not normally like this.

Mia: Like what?

Ryan: Well, Mia, I mean, you're kind of a dark soul most of the time, you know. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's a bad thing. I mean, believe me, I can relate to it.

Mia: So, how am I now?

Ryan: Well, now, just kind of lighthearted, I guess.

Mia: Well, I guess that's what happens when you're in love.

Dixie: Oh! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you all right?

Liza: Dixie, take me to the hospital. Now.

Bianca: I'll catch up with you later. How long were you standing there?

Erica: I just got here. I saw you sitting alone here at the table, and so I just thought I'd come over.

Bianca: Why?

Erica: Why? Because I'm your mother.

Bianca: Why are you here?

Erica: I'm here to meet Chris for breakfast.

Bianca: Couldn't you've just grabbed something at the house before you left this morning?

Erica: I don't like what you're implying, Bianca.

Bianca: Was there an implication in that statement?

Erica: Don't talk to me like that. I'm meeting Chris here for breakfast, but I don't have A.P. American History like you do.

Bianca: Well, if you ever listened to anything I really said, you would know that I have my independent study and my teachers know exactly where I am.

Erica: Really? They know you're in a nightclub?

Bianca: A nightclub that serves breakfast, like what you're about to have with your boyfriend?

Erica: Okay, you know, enough of this. I am having breakfast with Chris. But tell me something -- when you do independent study, isn't that generally done in the library or in front of a computer?

Bianca: Well, I have to eat, don't I?

Erica: Yeah, you do. So let's eat together.

Bianca: I can't.

Erica: You just said you have to eat.

Bianca: Well, I just saw the time. I'm very sorry.

Erica: Where are you going?

Bianca: To school, okay?

Erica: Yeah, if you say so.

Chris: Trouble?

Erica: Oh, Chris. She just lied to me. She lied to me right in my face.

Chris: Okay, okay. Why don't you slow down and tell me what happened.

Erica: I came in here. I saw her sitting alone here at the table. I was upset to see her. I mean, she's supposed to be in school -- no matter what she tells me about independent study.

Chris: So, she's cutting classes?

Erica: Yes. She's making some rendezvous with that Frankie. I heard her.

Chris: Are you sure that's where she's going?

Erica: Oh, yes. But you know what? She's not going alone.

Chris: Erica -- you know, I was thinking that it would be fun if you and I grabbed a couple of cups of coffee, went down to the lake. I mean, you know, the leaves are almost at peak. It'd be really beautiful down there.

Erica: Chris, please don't do this. Please don't keep asking me to go away. I -- I can't. I just -- I can't run off right now. Not now. I'm sorry.

Adam: And that's all you have?

Barry: Well, I thought that was pretty good, Adam.

Adam: All right, all right. What about this absentee father, the drug dealer? What happened to him?

Barry: Well, fell off the face of the earth, apparently, which isn't surprising, considering what he did for a living.

Adam: Did Ryan change his name himself when he was an adult, or did his mother do it for him when he was still a minor?

Barry: Don't know. And his mother just died a month or so ago, so we can't ask her.

Adam: Thank you for that added bit of insight, Barry. There's something else here. I just have to find out what it is.

Barry: You mean something to get rid of him?

Adam: Yes. And I'm going to find it.

Mia: Oh, my -- I can't believe I just said that to you.

Ryan: Hey, Mia, don't worry about this.

Mia: Oh, God.

Ryan: It's --

Mia: Please, don't say it's nothing. I'm begging you, don't say that.

Ryan: Okay. It's not nothing. It's -- it's --

Mia: I've completely freaked you out.

Ryan: You haven't freaked me out. You haven't. You, on the other hand --

Mia: No, you didn't even see this coming.

Ryan: No, I didn't see this coming, and neither did you, apparently.

Mia: I just don't want to -- I don't want to mess this up by getting serious, okay?

Ryan: Okay.

Mia: Okay. But I am serious. I'm a serious person. I just -- like you said, in general, I'm serious, but I --

Ryan: Okay, okay, okay, Mia -- if you don't calm down, you're going to pass out, all right? Come here. Sit down.

Mia: No, no, this is me. This is who I am. I'm happy, and I'm spontaneous. I'm happy and spontaneous. La, la, la, la, la I just -- I should have phrased it differently.

Ryan: "I love you" doesn't really lend itself to being phrased differently.

Mia: I know. Look, I know, I know, I know. Those words are like a cue. It's like you say it and I say it. Or if I say it and you don't say it ---

Ryan: I wasn't -- I mean, I wasn't thinking of it as a cue, if that makes it any different, if it helps at all. And I wasn't.

Mia: Okay.

Ryan: Okay.

Mia: So, what are you thinking?

Ryan: Well, I think that it's pretty amazing that an incredible woman like you would even give me a second thought.

Mia: Okay, done. No.

Ryan: What? Done?

Mia: No, really, you don't have to go on.

Ryan: I know I don't, but if I want to, I will.

Mia: You don't, so just --

Ryan: Well, maybe if you'd just let me get a word in edgewise, I could explain --

Mia: You don't feel the same way about me as I feel about you.

Ryan: But I don't know what I feel.

Mia: I know. I mean, how could you? The love of your life just died last summer. And you don't know how you feel about anything. It's amazing that you're doing as well as you are with all this.

Ryan: I'll tell you one thing, though. I never really thought that I would feel anything ever again. And I guess -- I guess I am feeling things.

Mia: Good. I mean, those are good things that you're feeling.

Ryan: Well, they're not really good things or bad things. They're just kind of things. And I'm not trying to minimize what's happening between us, and by no means did I mean to mislead you or -- I don't know -- hurt you or whatever, you know --

Mia: Ryan -- I knew what I was getting myself into, okay? I didn't have any expectations, and I still don't. So why don't we just eat our sticky buns and drink our coffee and talk about the undertow or something.

Ryan: Okay.

[Phone rings]

Mia: I'm sorry. I should have turned that off.

Ryan: No, don't worry about it. Get it. Ahem.

Mia: Hello.

Adam: I have an update.

Mia: You can give it to me later.

Adam: No, now, Mia. I need to see you.

Mia: You know, your timing is really lousy.

Adam: I have new information on Ryan.

Mia: Well, can it wait?

Adam: He's not who he says he is.

Mia: Meaning?

Adam: Meet me at SOS. I'll tell you how I'm going to use what I just found out to unseat your new boyfriend.

Mia: "Unseat"? What does that mean?

[Adam hangs up phone]

Mia: God -- you know, that was work, and this trainer didn't show up, so they changed the schedule, and --

Ryan: No problem. Ahem.

Mia: It's a great escape hatch, huh?

Ryan: Well, you can't lose your job, right? And I'm not really going anywhere.

Mia: Okay.

Ryan: Listen, we'll talk more about this later. And I have a very good idea for those sticky buns.

Mia: Yeah, well, don't get too creative.

Ryan: Don't worry. I won't. Good luck at work.

Mia: Thanks.

Ryan: Call me when you come up for air or whatever.

Mia: I will.

Ryan: Okay.

Mia: Bye.

Dixie: Are you sure you need to go to the E.R.?

Liza: Please, just -- just help me.

Dixie: Oh. You don't have a scratch on you or anything.

Liza: Look -- you know what? Just help me walk to my car, and I'll drive myself.

Dixie: I didn't know you were such a wilting flower. I mean, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry I hit you in the stomach with my car door, but don't you think maybe you're overreacting just a little bit? You want me to get your camera crew? We could get it down here and put you on the 6:00 news.

Liza: You know what, Dixie? I'm pregnant. And I just thought that I felt something, and I should go and get it checked out.

Dixie: No, no, I'm going to call Dr. Clater --

Liza: No, don't call Dr. Clater! I want to go to Seaview to Dr. Larraby. Please.

Dixie: Pine Valley Hospital's right around the corner. Why would you want to drive all the way out to Seaview?

Liza: Adam doesn't know that I'm pregnant.

Dixie: Get in. Come on.

Bianca: Ms. Rader?

Ms. Rader: Ms. Montgomery?

Bianca: Hi. Thank you so much for seeing me so soon.

Ms. Rader: Like I told you on the phone, I have to plead a case in about 15 minutes, but let's go over what you need.

Bianca: Okay, well, I guess I won't tell you the long version of the story, but what I want is to legally establish my independence.

Ms. Rader: How old are you now?

Bianca: I'm 17. And I know it can be done because I looked it up on the Internet. What I want is a legal declaration as an emancipated minor.

Ms. Rader: My first question is, why? You'll be 18 in a few months.

Bianca: Well, I'm ready to make my own life decisions now.

Ms. Rader: Your mother is Erica Kane. And you two have had some sort of falling-out.

Bianca: It's been building.

Ms. Rader: I know your background, Bianca. I mean, you're the daughter of a very wealthy and famous woman, and I've read about you.

Bianca: You mean you've heard I'm gay.

Ms. Rader: Yes.

Bianca: My mother doesn't want me to be, but she doesn't understand that I can't really control that. So, you see, we actually have a pretty big problem here. She's trying to control my life.

Ms. Rader: I understand this is difficult for you, Bianca. But I have to tell you; mothers have been trying to control their daughters' lives since the beginning of time. That doesn't mean you get to divorce them just because -- can we help you?

Bianca: Frankie.

Frankie: Bianca, what are you doing?

Bianca: The only thing I can do to be myself.

Ms. Rader: Is this your girlfriend?

Bianca: Does that matter?

Frankie: You're suing your mother because she hates me?

Bianca: No, Frankie, this doesn't have anything to do with you. This has been going on in my life since last year.

Frankie: Bianca, don't you get it? You're only going to make things so much worse.

Bianca: No, it's okay.

Frankie: No, it's not okay, Bianca, because your mother is going to have me thrown into jail. She's going to have me arrested.

Ms. Rader: What?

Bianca: No, no, that's not going to happen. Frankie, you didn't do anything wrong. And you're not going to talk me out of this, okay? My mother cannot take over my life and tell me what to feel and who to feel it for.

Frankie: I'm not worth it.

Bianca: Yes, you are.

Mia: How smart is this, meeting in a public place? On top of being incredibly annoying. What do you want from me?

Adam: I told you I have new information on Ryan.

Mia: Right. He's not who he says he is. He's Ryan Philippe? Nolan Ryan? Who is he?

Adam: John Ryan Curry. He took his mother's maiden name, which was Lavery.

Mia: Whoop.

Adam: You should have figured that out for yourself, you know. Hmm? I wanted you to get close to him to get information, not just to get him into bed.

Mia: Anything else?

Adam: Yeah, Liza thinks you're trying to steal her life.

Mia: Oh, she told you that?

Adam: I don't mind that you're sleeping with the man I hired you to investigate, but it was supposed to be a means to an end.

Mia: I'm not working for you anymore, Adam.

Adam: Oh, splendid. Are you in love with him? Is that it?

Mia: What if I am?

Adam: Then you're a fool of the highest order.

Ryan: Oh! Touchdown!

Leo: No, no, no, no, no -- out of bounds. You can't catch the ball out of bounds --

[Kids yell]

Ryan: What? What are you talking about? You're changing the rules! He's a cheater!

Leo: Tackle him, tackle him.

Ryan: Tackle me? Wait, wait -- oh. Hey, come on, team, help me out here.

Leo: That's all I'm asking.

Ryan: He's the cheater. I play by the rules.

Woman: Let's go, let's go! I got to get the baby to daycare.

Ryan: Hold on a second! Take some of the sticky buns or --

Leo: You cheat.

Ryan: Not, no.

Leo: Yes, you did.

Ryan: No. Maybe. What are you doing here in the middle of the day, anyway?

Leo: Well, I was on the way to the tailor to pick up my tux. But I guess I got sidetracked. What's your excuse?

Ryan: Don't have one. Ever wish you were a kid again?

Leo: All the time.

Liza: I called Dr. Larraby from the car. She said she'd meet me here.

Doctor: Dr. Larraby's on her way, Mrs. Chandler, but I really don't think you have a thing to worry about.

Liza: But I felt something, like a twinge.

Doctor: I know. But that baby is protected inside you. You fared worse than he or she did.

Liza: Well, I just want to make sure.

Doctor: Agreed. But I'm confident that you're fine and so is your baby.

Liza: Well, Dr. Larraby might want to do a test or something.

Doctor: At this stage, there's nothing more we can do besides an ultrasound.

Liza: Well, then, I want that.

Doctor: I'll tell Dr. Larraby as soon as she gets here, all right? Please don't worry.

Dixie: I am so sorry.

Liza: No, no, don't. Don't be. I was a million miles away, I wasn't paying attention, and -- and then I overreacted. I mean, I kind of just panicked.

Dixie: So, you're not that far along, obviously. How long have you known?

Liza: Not long. I've just been kind of in a daze, really, about what to do.

Dixie: I totally understand.

Liza: But, you know, in that split second when I thought something was wrong, I think my mind kind of got made up for me. You know, it doesn't even really matter who --

Dixie: Liza, listen, I know you and I know Adam. Is there some reason why you're not telling your husband that you're pregnant?

Ms. Rader: So, having the court to declare the emancipation of a minor is no easy task.

Bianca: Well, tell me what I need to do on my end.

Frankie: Bianca, are you sure?

Bianca: Yeah. Please.

Ms. Rader: First, you'd have to prove that you can support yourself.

Bianca: Well, I can. I told you that my father died last year. He left me a lot of money.

Ms. Rader: I'm assuming he left this money in trust for you.

Bianca: Yes. My uncle, his brother, looks after it for me.

Ms. Rader: And he'd give you access to that money?

Bianca: I can ask him.

Ms. Rader: Bianca, without his consent --

Bianca: Okay, well, if he doesn't give his consent, then I will get a job or something.

Frankie: Wait. I don't get this. If he left the money for her because he wanted her to have it, I mean, why can't she just have it?

Erica: That's right. That's exactly right, Frankie. Bianca's father left that money to her, not to you.  

Ms. Rader: I'm due in court. Bianca, if you still want my help, call me.

Erica: Oh, she won't be needing your help. Thank you.

Erica: Well, I clearly underestimated the severity of this problem. Frankie, how very predictable of you to try to get Bianca to access her trust fund.

Bianca: Frankie had nothing to do with it, and it is not about money.

Erica: Oh, really? What is it about, Bianca?

Bianca: Getting away from you. You treat me like a child.

Erica: You are my child!

Bianca: I don't belong to you.

Erica: Who do you belong to? Her? My God, Bianca, you're a very intelligent girl! Open your eyes!

Bianca: Open my eyes to what? Your paranoia? Your homophobia?

Erica: No, to what is clear! Could it be any clearer that Frankie is trying to get to you and your trust fund? I have been telling you this from day one -- she's after you and your money!

Bianca: Are you happy being alone, Mother?

Erica: Oh, don't you dare, Bianca.

Bianca: Do you ever think that maybe you are so wrapped up in your own cynicism that nobody wants to be near you?

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. Just hold on a second.

Erica: You know what, Jack?

Jack: Please?

Erica: No, no. Please, let her finish.

Bianca: I trust Frankie with my life.

Erica: But you can't trust me?

Bianca: It didn't have to be a choice. You're the one who made it a choice, and I don't choose you. And you know what? You don't really want me anyway.

Erica: What are you talking about? How could you say that?

Bianca: You don't want me as I am -- independent and grown up and gay.

Jack: All right. Can I please talk --

Erica: You have no idea how fierce my love for you is.

Bianca: It's not something that I want or need anymore, Mother.

Jack: Let's go.

Frankie: I'll be fine. Go.

Erica: Well, I have to say something to you. You're good. Hmm. You're very good. But I promise you one thing -- I'm much better.

Dixie: I am so sorry. That was so stupid of me to ask, really.

Liza: No, no, it's okay.

Dixie: It's none of my business why you don't want Adam to know that you're pregnant.

Liza: You know, it is your business because you and I -- we both know who he is.

Dixie: Still, I had no right to ask.

Liza: No, you had a right, especially after the sanctimonious, judgmental way that I spoke to you about marital fidelity and trust.

Dixie: Oh, come on, I -- I didn't like that very much at the time, but you had a right to say what you did. I mean, you're Tad's best friend. You were right. You could see what my affair was doing to Tad and the price I was going to have to pay with my family. And why are we talking about this now?

Liza: Tad loves you very much.

Dixie: Adam loves you, too. What did he do?

Liza: Look, I can't blame Adam for the choices I've made and what I've done, how angry I got. I mean, I did this.

Dixie: What, got pregnant by yourself? Oh, my -- you're not not telling Adam about this baby because you don't want to have another one of his children. This child isn't Adam's, is it?

Liza: I actually don't know if it is or not.

Dixie: Is it Tad's?

Leo: The thing is I wouldn't want to be the kid I was again, you know? I'd want to be the kid who gets to swim all summer and run around barefoot, catching frogs and turtles, chasing the little next-door neighbor girl, let her -- till she lets me kiss her on the lips.

Ryan: So, you want to be the kid in the movies.

Leo: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Yeah, well, you're all grown up now.

Leo: Yep, on my way to get my tux for my wedding. My real wedding.

Ryan: You know, the last time I saw you, you were pretty hammered.

Leo: Yeah, I got hammered because you gave me the alcohol, you idiot.

Ryan: Right, well -- anyway, the point is you weren't all that sure whether you wanted to marry Laura.

Leo: Yeah, and now I'm marrying her again. She really loves me, man.

Ryan: I know.

Leo: You know, I never lived in one place longer than six months when I was a kid. And it's not like we just moved. We moved countries. Every time we did, I had to make new friends. I had to learn a new language -- badly -- like twice a year. And it wasn't like my mother was making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside about it, either, you know?

Ryan: What about -- what about your old man?

Leo: He had a family. I was the dirty little secret. You know, I wonder -- I wonder if it'd been different, you know?

Ryan: You know what I wonder sometimes?

Leo: What?

Ryan: I wonder what I would say to my dad if I saw him just, you know, walking down the street, if I walked right by him or something, you know?

Leo: What do you think you'd say?

Ryan: I'd probably just duck into a doorway or something. I don't know. What about you? What would you say if you saw your dad now?

Leo: Hi, Dad. I missed you.

Mia: Oh, I'm a fool. Your wife is in love with someone else, and I'm a fool.

Adam: My wife is not in love with your boyfriend.

Mia: Twice -- twice she's been by while I've been with him.

Adam: Yeah, working on a playground together in his wife's honor.

Mia: Oh, really? That's funny because I've never seen her drop by with any blueprints. In fact, the only thing I remember seeing is the look on her face when I opened the door in a sheet. She didn't look very happy.

Adam: That was about you, not him.

Mia: No, it was about me with him. Don't kid yourself. But this Liza thing as my sister is backfiring anyway, so, really, there's nothing you can do for me. Just think of it as your life being much simpler.

Adam: Don't do anything to get in my way, Mia.

Mia: Get in your way of what, making Ryan look bad? He would just swat you off of his shoulder like a fly if you get any closer.

Adam: I'll expose you.

Mia: You will expose me? You'll expose what, that I really am Liza's sister? You know, it's so funny because it's no wonder she's knocking on his door like a little lost puppy. Living with you must be a royal pain in the --

Adam: You're not afraid of me, are you?

Mia: No, I'm not.

Adam: That's your first mistake. And it'll cost you.

Leo: Come on. What do you think you'd say to your dad if you really saw him? I mean, really.

Ryan: I guess I would -- I'd ask him what was going on when Braden and I were little and he was so incredibly angry and he drank so much and he made my mom feel so scared to be around him.

Leo: You really think he could tell you?

Ryan: I don't know. I don't know. I used to do this one thing for him all the time. I would -- I would shine his shoes every day he came home -- ahem -- at least you know, when he was around or whatever. But I would -- I'd do them, like, perfectly. I would make them shiny and black. I'd make them perfect, and he never once said "thank you" or "good job." He'd just, you know, put them on and he'd leave again. If I live a hundred years, I will never know what I did to make that man hate me so much.

Leo: I don't think you did anything to make him hate you. You were just born, you know?

Ryan: But did you see the way -- did you see the way that Mateo looked at his son at his christening?

Leo: Yeah.

Ryan: Do you remember that? He looked at him with all -- I don't know -- all this love and protection and pride -- everything he had inside of him.

Leo: Lucky kid.

Ryan: Yeah, he's a really lucky kid. Yeah.

Leo: Well, I'd better go pick up my tux, or I'm going to get married in my birthday suit.

Ryan: Yeah, don't do that. Don't do that.

Leo: You're coming, right?

Ryan: Yeah, absolutely, man. Wouldn't miss it.

Leo: All right. Thank you for the sticky bun.

Ryan: Yeah.

Leo: Where did you get those? You steal them from the little kids?

Ryan: Nice. No, I didn't. A -- a nice girl gave them to me.

Leo: Yeah?

Ryan: Yeah.

Leo: So you're doing all right?

Ryan: Yeah.

Leo: All right, buddy.

Liza: No. No, it's not Tad's. If it's not Adam's, it's -- it's Ryan's.

Dixie: Ryan's? I'm sorry about that Tad thing. I don't know where that came from.

Liza: No, it's okay. I did tell you that there would be a part of me that would always love Tad.

Dixie: Yeah, you never said which part.

Liza: You know, I would never do that with Tad. I hope you know that.

Dixie: Well, I'll tell you one thing I know after the year that we've had, and that's never say never again. So, does Ryan know?

Liza: I thought about it, and then it just didn't seem fair.

Dixie: To Ryan?

Liza: Yeah.

Dixie: I don't understand. I mean, if he -- if he is the potential father of this child, I think he would want to know. Despite what the circumstances might be, he'd want to know.

Liza: No, it was one night, and it wasn't about love or making babies.

Dixie: But you made one.

Liza: It could be Adam's. And Ryan just lost a wife. He has so much going on in his life. To do that to him, to bring this up right now, doesn't seem -- especially if it's not true.

Dixie: Does Adam know about Ryan?

Liza: Yes. When he finds out I'm pregnant, he's going to make my life a living hell.

Dixie: Hasn't he done that already?

Liza: What do you mean?

Dixie: I mean, something tells me that you didn't have an affair with Ryan because things with Adam are going great.

Liza: He slept with Judge Campobello.

Dixie: He what? Is that how he got the charges against David dropped? My God.

[Door opens]

Woman: Liza, had a little problem today?

Liza: Well, I think I'm doing okay, but I'm glad that you're here, Dr. Larraby.

Dr. Larraby: I had an emergency C-section. All's well. I think you are, too, but let's make sure.

Dixie: You know what? I'm going to wait outside. But if you need somebody, I'm going to drive you home, okay?

Liza: Thanks.

Dixie: I'll be here.

Liza: You know, Dixie, I just wanted to thank you. I really needed somebody to talk to about all this besides my mother. Thanks.

Frankie: You are so dead wrong about me.

Erica: You're lying. You've done nothing but lie about everything. Ever since that first night when you deliberately threw yourself in front of my car, you've been after money --

Frankie: Oh, here we go again!

Erica: And somebody taught you very well -- from a very early age, I would suspect. And you did your homework because my daughter's life -- my poor daughter's life has been fodder for the tabloids, and you studied every little detail, and now you are exploiting her with those details.

Frankie: Bianca likes me. I did not make that happen. And she likes me for me.

Erica: Likes you? My daughter could never like you. You're somebody with no soul.

Mia: Hi, hi. You sounded like you needed --

Ryan: Hey, listen. How did you track down Liza and Marian before you got to Pine Valley?

Mia: Whoa. What?

Ryan: No, I just need to know how you did it.

Mia: Why are you asking me?

Ryan: Because I need to know. Was it hard? Was it expensive? Did it take you a long time? What?

Mia: Slow down. What -- what happened?

Ryan: I was -- I was playing football in the park with some kids, and Leo and I got to talking about our childhood, and I -- I don't know. I guess I decided something that I never thought that I would decide.

Mia: Which is?

Ryan: I want to find my father.

Frankie: You don't know anything about me.

Erica: You're right. I don't know anything about who you are and how you got the way you are, and I frankly couldn't care less. But I certainly care about my daughter. I care about my daughter more than you could ever imagine.

Frankie: You know what? You are just wasting your breath.

Erica: I know exactly what has happened. My daughter has opened her heart to you, and you have taken it because that's who you are. You are a taker and you are a user.

Frankie: Has it ever occurred to you that Bianca and I are just friends? You know, we're just real friends?

Erica: Never. Not once. And let me make myself perfectly clear to you. If you do anything -- anything to hurt Bianca, I swear to you on my mother's grave, I will kill you.

Bianca: Oh, my God.

Dixie: You okay?

Liza: They did a sonogram. The baby's fine.

Dixie: Good. I'm so glad. Listen, I was outside thinking, and I know that you didn't ask me for any advice, but since I know Adam pretty well --

Liza: You want me to tell him the truth.

Dixie: Well, I think that you should tell him that at least that you're pregnant. I mean, you know how he is. If he finds out that you're pregnant on his own, he's going to think that you're keeping something from him.

Liza: I was.

Dixie: And rightly so. But you know how he is, and it's going to eat you up inside, and how long are you going to be able to live like that?

Liza: You know, this is my baby.

Dixie: I know.

Liza: Even if Adam is the father, it doesn't mean that he has ownership. I think I have a right to decide what's best for me and for my baby.

Adam: Liza. What happened?

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