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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 10/24/01

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Adam: The baby is mine.

Ryan: What are you talking about? It's my baby.

Liza: Ryan?

Leo: Greenlee's out of our lives. I'm going to make sure of it. Even if I have to take legal action.

Mateo: Hey, what can I get you?

Frankie: Herb. Weed. You going to hook me up or what?

Mateo: What did you ask me?

Frankie: Hey, I got money.

Mateo: No, no, no, no. Who sent you?

Frankie: Sent?

Mateo: Yeah.

Frankie: Well, listen, I'm new around town. I was just told this place scores some good stuff.

Mateo: You think I'm stupid? Hmm? You think I'm stupid? You really think I believe you came here on your own?

Frankie: Okay. Look, this is obviously a really bad idea. I'm out --

Mateo: Where are you going? Where are you going?

Frankie: Take your hands off me!

Mateo: Stay right here.

Frankie: Get off!

Simone: Hey, hey, hey! Chill out. Chill out.

Mateo: Shut your mouth.

Simone: Mateo.

Adam: What did your man find out, Barry?

Barry: Not much, Adam.

Adam: Do you have any idea how much I detest that answer?

Barry: Well, the PI I hired came up empty on Ryan Lavery's birth certificate.

Adam: Well, he's an idiot, then. Fire him. Hire somebody who knows what the hell he's doing.

Barry: Now, listen to me, Adam. This guy does know what he's doing. Lavery's birth records are missing. Honestly.

Adam: What could that mean?

Barry: Well, we'll keep digging until we find out. Oh, the lovely Mia -- has she been able to come up with anything?

Adam: My first mistake -- putting a beautiful woman within 500 yards of Ryan Lavery to get dirt on him.

Barry: Is she holding out on you?

Adam: I don't know.

Barry: She hasn't fallen for him, has she?

Adam: She's doing something for him.

Barry: I see.

Adam: Can you please explain to me the appeal of a man who is unraveling while in mourning for his wife? Can you explain that?

Barry: Well, maybe it's a rescue project. I mean, isn't that part of what's going on between Ryan and Liza? She's helping him plan this memorial playground thing for his dead wife. You can't be happy about that, right? Oh, no, Adam. You mean, you didn't know about this?

Adam: How did you?

Barry: Well, Liza's assistant called me and asked me for some legal advice on grants and such. Adam, I had no idea that --

Adam: Liza's working with Ryan Lavery behind my back.  Damn it to hell! What is happening to Liza? 

Mia: Well, you said we had time before the takeout got here.

Ryan: And you didn't believe me.

Mia: Well, I believe you now, Ryan. Where's this stuff coming from, anyway, Canton?

Ryan: They're slow, but they're very good, okay? There's even enough time to take a shower. There's cash around here someplace in case they come while I'm gone. Hey.

Mia: Okay.

[Door closes]

[Shower runs]

[Knock on door]

Mia: Oh. Well, I guess they've seen worse. 

Brooke: Oh, jeez. I'm sorry. Um -- aren't I the impulsive one today?

Edmund: Yeah, a little out of character.

Brooke: Not very.

Edmund: Uh -- very.

Brooke: Well, what I mean is I -- no -- you know, I didn't plan to do that --

Edmund: Oh, look, what I meant was -- I don't know what I meant.

Brooke: Well, you know, it's something that we used to do.

Edmund: Yeah, all the time. I thought I lost my touch, though, you know?

Brooke: Yes. Well -- you know, it's just been a long time since -- oh, this is very awkward.

Edmund: Yeah, it is.

Brooke: It is?

Edmund: Yeah. You feel embarrassed. You know, like you've stepped over a line.

Brooke: Oh, I see. You know how I feel? Is that it?

Edmund: I remember how you feel. 

Leo: What are you doing?

Laura: The guest list for the wedding.

Leo: Oh, yeah? You need any help with the envelopes or anything?

Laura: No. Thanks.

Leo: Are you sure? My handwriting is not that bad.

Laura: Oh, yeah, it's -- it's that bad.

Leo: Is this for me?

Laura: Yeah. That guy called earlier. He said he was returning your message. Who is he?

Leo: It's a private security company.

Laura: What?

Leo: Yeah, I hired him to work the wedding.

Laura: A private security guard?

Leo: Yeah. I went to a wedding in -- yeah, I'll hold. Okay. I went to a wedding in nice once where the bride was still being harassed by her ex-boyfriend, so they checked I.D. at the door just to make sure he didn't crash the wedding.

Laura: So you think that Greenlee might crash our wedding?

Leo: Well, I think she'll try. Look, don't worry, Laura. I'm going to stop her, okay? It's going to be okay. I'm going to handle Greenlee. All right?

Laura's voice: No, I will. You'll see. 

Laura: So you're -- you're really going to get a restraining order against Greenlee?

Leo: Yeah. I don't think I have a choice.

Laura: Is it that complicated?

Leo: Well, yeah, it's complicated. I got to get a lawyer; I got to file harassment charges with the police.

Laura: What if the cops don't believe you?

Leo: Laura, Greenlee broke into our house.

Laura: Well, what if they say we're crazy?

Leo: Laura, look, I'll handle Greenlee, okay? All I want you to worry about is the wedding and making sure it's great. All right?

Laura: All right. You just -- you got me thinking. I mean, what if -- what if Greenlee ruins everything?

Leo: She's not going to do anything, okay? I'm on it. I'm not going to let her do anything, not anymore. So, what -- I thought that you had a fitting today.

Laura: Yeah, I do. So you have to leave. I'm not inviting any bad luck in here by letting you see me in the dress before the wedding. Now, aren't you going to the office?

Leo: Yeah. Why?

Laura: My latest column. No peeking.

Leo: Really? I can't even look?

Laura: No, you really can't. It needs editing first. And I'm not so vain I think it's perfect yet.

Leo: Okay. Well, I promise I won't look. I got to go.

Laura: Hey, Leo?

Leo: Yeah.

Laura: Love you.

Leo: Love you. 

Brooke: Well -- where did that come from?

Edmund: You started it.

Brooke: Edmund --

Edmund: I'm just trying to keep it in perspective.

Brooke: I'm just a little confused.

Edmund: I think you need a little confusion, Brooke.

Brooke: And what does that mean? Are you making fun of me?

Edmund: Kind of. Brooke, what are you afraid of?

Brooke: I'm afraid this was a mistake. 

Liza: Is this a part of your grand plan?

Mia: I don't -- I don't have a grand plan.

Liza: To steal my life? First Ryan and then, what, Adam? Or have you already gotten to him?

Mia: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Liza: You come to this town --

Ryan: Liza.

Liza: With this story about being my sister.

Mia: I am your sister.

Liza: And then I reject you. And what do you? You go after the men in my life. What, to sabotage who I am, my character?

Mia: Whoa. What is Ryan to you, anyway? What --

Ryan: Mia -- Mia, just --

Mia: Your boyfriend? Your lover? Your piece on the side? What?

Ryan: Look, look, look -- you two are upset, okay? Please. Liza, come in. Come in. Come in. I -- I should have told you. All right? I --

Mia: Why? It's none of her business.

Liza: Do you know how pathetic this makes you look?

Mia: What?

Ryan: Take it easy. Take it easy.

Liza: Don't tell me you're going to try and defend her to me?

Ryan: No, no. Liza, I know this is awkward --

Liza: Awkward? This is sick.

Ryan: Listen, you come to the place where I live. I can't help what you find here. Liza, Mia is -- my guest.

Liza: Oh, I can think of a much more interesting word than that for what Mia is to you.

Ryan: That's out of line, Liza.

Liza: Don't you see what she's doing?

Ryan: I see that you're overreacting about this.

Liza: No, it's obvious that she was the one who was here the other day. I mean, for crying out loud, she's sleeping with you to get to me.

Mia: Oh. You think I'm pathetic? What, do you think the world revolves around you? And another thing -- I knew Ryan weeks before you two had your little date with destiny on the roadside. I mean, what -- you truly think that I'm here just to get to you? I think you've been shacking up with Daddy Warbucks way too long.

Ryan: Everybody, please, just stop for a second.

Liza: You know that I was intimate with him, and you went after him anyway?

Mia: You had comfort sex a grand total of twice.

Ryan: Hey. Hey.

Mia: Well, he felt sorry for you.

Ryan: Hey!

Mia: Well, who wouldn't in your state, anyway?

Liza: You little --

Ryan: Please.

Mia: Ryan, don't. Just let her go. 

Mateo: Get out!

Simone: Mateo, don't do anything stupid.

Frankie: Get off me!

Mateo: Listen to me. You send a message back to the people who sent you. You stay away from my house.

Frankie: Your house? I do not know who you are.

Mateo: You were at my house last night, and you left that package by my door.

Frankie: I have no idea what you're talking about. Oh, do not come near me because I will --

Simone: You know what? Just quit while you're ahead, kid, okay?

Frankie: Don't tell me what to do. And I'm not a kid, all right?

Simone: Get out of here. Are you out of your mind?

Mateo: What are you talking about? They sent her. They sent her to rattle me. Lean over the bar, asking if she could score some weed. Who the hell does that anymore?

Simone: A stupid kid who wants to get high.

Mateo: No, she's with them.

Simone: That's all she was.

Mateo: She's with them.

Simone: No, I really don't think she is, Mateo. I told you, I know Proteus, I know the fronts he uses, okay? He doesn't use some young girl like that. It's not his style. All right? It's too volatile, too risky.

Mateo: Well, then he's putting the word on the street my club is this place to score drugs. That's really good, huh?

Simone: You need to calm down.

Mateo: Calm down?

Simone: Yes.

Mateo: I'm doing everything they want me to do, and still he's trying to torture me. He's baiting me with people that come in here -- you know what? He's trying to push me over the edge.

Simone: That's the point. All right?

Mateo: Well, you know what? They're not calling the shots anymore.

Sine: Whoa, whoa. What are you going to do?

Mateo: I'm going to go call the cops.

Simone: No, no.

Mateo: I should have gone from the first time. Day one I should have gone to the cops.

Simone: I can't let you do that.

Mateo: Oh, yeah? Who the hell are you?

Simone: You know who I am.

Mateo: Do I?

Simone: Of course you know who I am. I'm your brother-in-law's handpicked go-between.

Mateo: That's what you keep on saying, right?

Simone: And now you doubt it?

Mateo: You're a reporter who has expertise in drug trafficking stories.

Simone: You know, you're paranoid. Uh-huh. I suppose I would be, too, if I were you.

Mateo: They're threatening my family.

Simone: I know. I know the pressure that you're under.

Mateo: I mean, if it was just me or my business or my reputation, I could handle it, but they're coming to my house. They're coming to my house! They're dropping off packages addressed to my son, my newborn son.

Simone: I know, Mateo --

Mateo: And they don't just want me to run the drugs anymore. They want me to launder their money, their blood money. And you know what's next? I got to sell drugs to kids.

Simone: You know, it's never going to get that far.

Mateo: Yeah, but I'm going to do it because they're threatening my family. I got to do it! You know what would happen to me if I got caught?

Simone: It's not going to happen. You are under an investigation, Mateo. I am documenting absolutely everything. You are so covered.

Mateo: Covered? Covered? You think the feds and the cops are going to care about some news story? I'll go to jail for life, and you know it.

Simone: If you involve the local police now, Mateo, this thing is going to implode all over you. Proteus has people watching you every minute. He's probably watching us right now. So let's go back inside, all right? Try to do a little damage control with the staff. I don't think too many people saw you grab that girl by the wrist. Let's make sure of it. 

Mia: Well, Liza's never going to want to deal with me after that lousy incident.

Ryan: Why did you answer the door?

Mia: We were waiting for Chinese food, Ryan. Remember? I didn't know my sister was going to bring it.

Ryan: Well, you knew that Liza had been here before unexpected. I just figured you'd -- I don't know -- be more careful or something after --

Mia: After hiding under the bed to keep her from knowing that we had sex the last time?

Ryan: You didn't hide under the bed.

Mia: I don't do this, Ryan.

Ryan: Neither do I.

Mia: Well, don't look now, but we both just did.

Ryan: Yeah, I just wish I had answered the door.

Mia: Are you blaming me?

Ryan: No, I'm not blaming anybody.

Mia: You're still wrapped up in the middle of this, aren't you?

Ryan: Mia, there is no middle of this. Liza is married.

Mia: Well, then why does she keep coming over here expecting you to be waiting for her?

Ryan: Because we're friends.

Mia: Oh, yeah. With benefits.

Ryan: Look, just stop this. Okay? Please?

Mia: I have a question for you, and I'd like an answer. I don't really care what it is.

Ryan: Fine. What? What?

Mia: Are you sleeping with both of us? 

Adam: A playground?

Barry: Right.

Adam: A playground, Barry.

Barry: Yeah, a memorial playground to honor Lavery's deceased wife.

Adam: Of all the ridiculous excuses to stay in contact with him, my wife has to come up with this one. A playground?

Barry: Well, I saw the initial drawings, you know. It's going to be state of the art. I mean, extensive gardens --

Adam: Do you want me to kill you, Barry?

Barry: Adam, all I'm trying to do is tell you about the --

Adam: You're telling me about a shrine that my wife is building to honor her affair with Ryan Lavery. Well, I'll tell you something. If she thinks that I am going to just stand by while she makes a fool out of me --

[Door closes]

Liza: Something happened. What's going on? 

Edmund: So now you think it was a mistake to kiss me?

Brooke: Look, I don't mean to be a yo-yo.

Edmund: You are.

Brooke: What I mean is I don't spend time pining after you.

Edmund: Oh, damn.

Brooke: What I mean is, Edmund, you know, I've thought about what we've had in the past. I think about it. I -- what? You don't?

Edmund: You're just adorable when you try to justify your indecisiveness.

Brooke: Well, now I remember.

Edmund: What?

Brooke: Why we broke up. Because you're such a royal pain in the --

Edmund: Oh, come on, come on. You love it, Brooke. Brooke, are you afraid of going backwards?

Brooke: Well, aren't you? I mean, you know -- I mean, when we got together way back when, we both were afraid of a lot.

Edmund: Yeah, I know. But I never regretted my time with you. Not for a second.

Brooke: Even when I chose Tad?

Edmund: Yeah, well, okay, fine, for a day or two, I wanted you to disappear. Look, Brooke, I don't want to live in the past, okay? And if this kissing episode means something, I don't want it to mean that we're trying to re-create what we had.

Brooke: You don't?

Edmund: No, I don't. Because what we had ultimately, you know, didn't work. So, you know, what I've been thinking in the last, you know, 10 minutes with my scattered thoughts in my brain is that if we were going to try, you know, anything, we should just clean-slate it. What do you think?

Brooke: I'm thinking.

Edmund: Let me know when you're done. How long did you want to do that?

Brooke: What? Oh, kiss you?

Edmund: Yeah. You know, like, in the last couple years?

Brooke: Oh, well, you know, Edmund, it's the only thing I thought of the entire time you were dating the Devane family. What kind of question is that?

Edmund: Come on, Brooke, just tell me.

Brooke: Okay. I have never stopped wanting to kiss you. And you know it.

Edmund: Really?

Brooke: Really.

Edmund: Lucky me. 

Woman: That is a lovely choice. It looks beautiful on you, Mrs. Du Pres.

Laura: Do you think?

Woman: Oh, your fiancÚ is going to love it. Pardon me -- your husband.

Laura: Leo was just heartsick that he couldn't give the wedding of my dreams when I was in the hospital. But now --

Woman: Oh, it's the most romantic story I've ever heard. A fairy tale.

Laura: Oh, it really is. Leo insisted on giving me a big wedding now that I'm well. He is just the perfect man. And I am the luckiest girl in the whole -- 

Simone: Remind me never to get on your bad side, dude. That kid is still shaking.

Mateo: Listen, I'm not getting shut down because so kid wants to smoke a joint in my parking lot. This is a clean club, and it's staying that way.

Simone: You play tough, but you're just a pushover.

Mateo: Don't say that. Don't ever say that.

Simone: Okay. Then you're the best boss a girl could have. And I mean that.

Hayley: He a pretty good husband, too. What did I miss? 

Brooke: Okay. All kidding aside.

Edmund: Okay.

Brooke: Where do we go from here?

Edmund: You said, "All kidding aside," right?

Brooke: Edmund, I -- I just want you to know I don't expect anything from you because of -- because of what happened here today.

Edmund: What about fun?

Brooke: What about it?

Edmund: You remember what fun is like?

Brooke: It's been a while.

Edmund: For me, too. I'm wanting me some.

Brooke: Okay.

Edmund: Okay. So expect that, if nothing else.

[Knock on door]

Brooke: Yes? Come in. Oh, Leo, hi.

Leo: Hey, Edmund.

Edmund: Hi.

Brooke: Yes?

Leo: Uh --

Edmund: Well, listen, I'll give you guys some privacy, okay? Excuse me.

Brooke: Oh, all right.

Leo: No, no, no, no. Actually, could you stay here for a minute?

Edmund: Sure.

Leo: Uh -- I don't know how else to say this, so I just will. Greenlee stole Laura's house keys and broke into our condo.

Brooke: What?

Leo: Yeah. She's fine, nothing happened. But in a way, I'm kind of glad it happened.

Edmund: Why?

Leo: Because Greenlee just gave me the rope to hang herself with. 

Laura: So I can keep the veils until I decide

Woman: Of course. I'll be in touch.

Laura: Okay.

Woman: Thank you.

Laura: Thank you. Too bad you weren't here earlier. I had my gown on. You could have seen me in my dress.

Bianca: I got your message, Laura.

Laura: Yeah, thanks for coming.

Bianca: Laura, you don't have to talk to me like some kind of suburban housewife. I mean, just because you're married and I'm still in high school doesn't mean you get to act like a pod person around me. What is it?

Laura: You saw what it is. I'm marrying Leo again. The first time, I was so sick, I could hardly keep my eyes open. It was like I wasn't even there. So Leo says we should fix that, do it right.

Bianca: We thought you were dying.

Laura: How do you like this veil?

Bianca: Seems fine. I guess I don't really have a wide reference for veils, Laura.

Laura: Is it too traditional?

Bianca: Laura, what do you want, really?

Laura: I want you to stop being so mad at me and do me a favor.

Bianca: What kind of favor?

Laura: Will you be my maid of honor? 

Ryan: Look, Mia, I haven't exactly been myself lately. And I know you don't know what I was like before you got here, but I don't make a habit of playing one woman off the other. So, no, after we got together, I was not involved with Liza.

Mia: But you got off on it. Admit it. Go ahead.

Ryan: Are you trying to pick a fight with me?

Mia: No. No. I'm just trying to understand what your deal is.

Ryan: I don't have a deal. Okay? And, yeah, I had a thing with Liza. Maybe it was an ill-advised thing, but it was a thing nonetheless. And now I'm --

Mia: Having a thing with her sister.

Ryan: You know what? I didn't even think about the fact that you two were sisters when we first got -- I didn't even think about it.

Mia: I think about it all the time, by the way.

Ryan: Yeah, I get that. Look, just give her some time, all right? And I'm sure this is going to be a big blow to her and -- but she'll --

Mia: Come around? No, I don't think so. Liza doesn't want a sister because it messes with her idea of where she falls on her father's priority list. And she doesn't want a rival because she doesn't like to think about you with anyone else, least of all me.

Ryan: What are you getting at?

Mia: Liza is a jealous mess, Ryan -- of me and of you. 

Barry: Adam, I -- I'll be in touch. Liza, always a pleasure.

Liza: Are we now breaking the crystal?

Adam: Bad business deal.

Liza: Really? Okay, fine. Where's Colby?

Adam: Out in the orchard with Winifred. I thought you had a meeting.

Liza: Oh, it got called off. I think I'll join them in the orchard.

Adam: Liza, I've been thinking. Why don't we build a playground? For Colby and for Hayley's child, eventually. What do you think?

Liza: Is there something that you'd like to tell me?

Adam: I've tried to be honest and open. Obviously, you're not willing to do the same.

Liza: It's a playground, Adam. It's a memorial to Gillian.

Adam: You barely knew Gillian.

Liza: I'm not going to do this.

Adam: No, you're damn well going to explain it to me.

Liza: Ryan has moved on, Adam. He's moved on. You don't need to obsess about me and Ryan. You can obsess about something else this week.

Adam: What do you mean, Ryan has moved on? You mean, away from you?

Liza: Ryan is -- he's sleeping with Mia, all right?

Adam: Really? Well, then that is what you wanted, isn't it?

Liza: What I wanted?

Adam: You wanted him to -- to embrace life again. Mia is a beautiful young woman. Maybe she can help him forget, to let go.

Liza: You know damn well what she's doing. She's trying to steal my life.

Adam: Well, isn't that fascinating? You see, I was obviously mistakenly under the impression that I was your life, Liza. 

Mateo: Hi. I thought you were at the park with the baby.

Hayley: He's with your mom.

Mateo: Oh, great.

Hayley: So, I'm here. To do the books. Like I told you this morning. But you weren't listening to me, were you?

Mateo: Yeah, I forgot.

Hayley: I figured I'd do the books because I know how much you hate to take them to the accountant and they really -- I slacked off when I was on maternity leave, so I thought I'd update them.

Mateo: Listen, I think that I should do the books.

Hayley: What?

Mateo: You know, my -- Enzo is spending that much time with my mom. She's a control freak.

Hayley: What?

Mateo: She'll just take over. And you said you were freaking about being a mom. I mean --

Hayley: Where the hell is this coming from?

Mateo: You said you wanted to spend more time with our son. And if you have to come here and do the books, then it's not --

Simone: Mateo.

Hayley: What?

Simone: I totally fixed this third quarter accounting deficit. Someone made a total bonehead addition mistake, that's all. Look -- it's all better. I think someone deserves a raise, don't you?

Mateo: Thanks. You can take that to the back room for me. Now. Ahem. I know what you're thinking.

Hayley: When were you going to tell me about your new system?

Mateo: I forgot. It slipped my mind.

Hayley: You don't let anybody near those books, Mateo. Anybody. What do you know about this girl?

Mateo: She's the bartender, but she's good at the books. I -- there's nothing going on.

Hayley: I didn't say there was something --

Mateo: Well, you're acting like there is something going on.

Hayley: Oh, really? How am I acting, Mateo?

Mateo: Weird.

Hayley: What?

Mateo: I don't know. You're acting all insecure. I -- you know, maybe it's -- maybe it's the postpartum thing.

Hayley: What?

Mateo: I -- nothing.

Hayley: What? What, Mateo? I'm not the one standing here acting like two different people. I'm not the one who is at home talking about, "Oh, let's get back to the people we used to be," and then I come in here and you treat me like some -- some jerk that just rolled in.

Mateo: Then stay home. 

Leo: Look, I hope that it doesn't come to this. Okay? But I'm going to do whatever I can to keep Greenlee away from Laura, especially at the wedding.

Edmund: That's a pretty big step, actually getting a restraining order against someone.

Leo: I have to protect my wife, Edmund.

Brooke: Was Laura having a fitting today?

Leo: Yeah. She is back at the house.

Brooke: Okay. I'm going to go see her and just make sure she's okay with all this.

Leo: Okay, yeah. She'd like that.

Brooke: Okay. Edmund?

Edmund: We'll talk later.

Brooke: Thank you for taking such good care of Laura.

Leo: No, that's okay. I may need a salary advance, though, to pay for the lawyer.

Brooke: It's all right, Leo. Don't worry about it. I'll help.

Leo: Okay.

Brooke: Okay. All right, I'll see you later.

Leo: You don't like her, do you?  

Edmund: Who?

Leo:  Laura.

Edmund: How can you say that?

Leo: Well, when I -- when I mentioned the restraining order, I could tell that you thought it was a little bit over the top, it was unnecessary, like maybe Laura didn't deserve that kind of protection.

Edmund: No, Leo, that's not what I was thinking. I was just surprised that you think Greenlee is so dangerous. 

Leo: Why are you defending Greenlee to me, Edmund?

Edmund: Well, here's a better question -- why are you attacking her? 

Bianca: First you say that we can't be friends anymore, and now you want me to be your maid of honor? Laura, what is with that?

Laura: No, you ended the friendship, I didn't.

Bianca: Oh, right, right. You gave me a choice -- either tell you what you wanted to hear or go. I don't lie, Laura, not anymore. I can't.

Laura: Look, I don't want to fight with you.

Bianca: Well, I haven't changed the way I feel.

Laura: About me?

Bianca: I'm sorry?

Laura: Are you still in love with me?

Bianca: Oh, please. I am not in love with you, Laura.

Laura: What, you're not gay anymore?

Bianca: Excuse me. I am gay, but that doesn't mean that I want you. For heaven's sake.

Laura: Well, you told me you had feelings for me.

Bianca: I did. Now I don't.

Laura: So why can't you just accept that Leo loves me?

Bianca: Laura, why do you care what I think? It's your life.

Laura: It's just really annoying knowing you're out there doing this to me. It's not fair.

Bianca: Excuse me -- I'm not doing anything to you, Laura. You called me.

Laura: Leo and I are closer than we've ever been, and he's totally over Greenlee. In fact, he's protecting me from her. She broke in here last night, so he's getting a restraining order against her and he's hiring a private security guard. Can't you see how much he loves me?

Bianca: Laura, I -- I totally don't get you. I don't want you to be unhappy.

Laura: So, you still haven't answered my question. Will you stand up for me at my wedding? Please, Bianca? Please? 

Hayley: I don't know what is the matter with you. I don't know what is wrong with you, why you are trying to hurt me this way.

Mateo: Hayley, listen to me. I'm not trying --

Hayley: No, you listen to me. I thought Rosa was overreacting. I didn't think that you could be as cruel as she said you were being, and then I saw with my own two eyes. And now you're treating me this way, and I don't understand why that is. I don't understand why you're being such a horrible person to me. But I do know that you are covering for something, and I also know that if you can't tell me what it is, then maybe we don't belong together. 

Mateo: Wait a minute. Don't --

Hayley: No, Mateo. I'm the mother of your child. I deserve your respect, and I'm not going to stand around and watch you unrav -- unravel because of reasons that I can't possibly understand, or you don't think that I can possibly understand. And I certainly am not going to stand for you sending me home like some little housewife while you stand around here and do whatever it is you think you need to do without my help.

Mateo: You're right.

Hayley: We swore above all else that we would be honest to each other. Above all else.

Mateo: Listen -- I'll tell you everything. But I can't do it here. I'll tell you at home. Just trust me. Please? Trust me. 

Mia: Well, something keeps bringing Liza back to you.

Ryan: I keep telling you that we're just friends. All right? Liza and I are just friends.

Mia: Then what's her problem? Why can't she let go? 

Liza: Adam, you know exactly what Mia is doing.

Adam: Stealing your life.

Liza: She knows too much. She knows what happened between Ryan and me at the -- that night that the turret burned down.

Adam: So does half the town.

Liza: She's trying to get back at me.

Adam: By sleeping with your lover?

Liza: He's not my lover!

Adam: You cry out his name in your sleep, Liza.

Liza: What?

Adam: Yes, you do. Why is he on your mind that way? Why are you still thinking about him if it's over between you two?

Liza: I wish you'd stop doing this, stop pushing this.

Adam: You want me to change my life? How could -- you can't control my feelings. How can you ask me to do that?

Liza: I don't know what to ask anymore. 

Leo: I'm not attacking Greenlee.

Edmund: Oh, come on. A restraining order? That's a little extreme, Leo.

Leo: Edmund, she broke into our house, man. I don't know what else to do at this point.

Edmund: You want to escalate it?

Leo: No, I want to stop it.

Edmund: All right. So you're going to just, like -- you're going to crush her to get back at her. For what, exactly?

Leo: Whose side are you on here?

Edmund: Leo, I got a pretty good instinct about people, and I think Greenlee is -- she's a lot of things, and one of them is persistent. But I don't think she's a threat to Laura's well-being, and to tell you the truth, there have been some things lately that I've seen at the office with Laura that have thrown me.

Leo: Like what?

Edmund: She's a little out of control.

Leo: Her medication's off. It -- you know, she's really vulnerable right now.

Edmund: I don't think that's it.

Leo: Does Brooke know how you feel about her daughter? Hmm? Here's her column. She said it needs editing, although I don't know if you want to do it since you can't stand her.

Edmund: Hey, come on. That's not fair.

Leo: Whatever. Listen, I got to get back to work. But I am going to get the lawyer. Okay? I'm going to give Greenlee a little time to back off, but she needs to know that I'm not messing around. 

Edmund: "When Jealousy Leads to Madness"? What the hell? 

Laura: Bianca, you are such a liar! This has nothing to do with Leo's feelings for me or whether or not he loves me. This only has to do with you and your sick fantasy that you and I --

Brooke: Oh, my God.

Laura: --are going to get married! If you don't want to be my bridesmaid, you can just get the hell out of here, you bitch! 

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