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All My Children Transcript Monday 10/22/01

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Mateo: What do you think you're doing bringing that package over here? 3BD450CE.JPG

Simone: It did occur to me that Proteus might have sent this.

Leo: Greenlee is out of control. She has to be stopped. 

Greenlee: Are you saying that you believe me?

Erica: Please don't start.

Bianca: When is it going to be ok for me to have a girlfriend?

Erica: I really think that we should talk about this some other time.

Bianca: I cannot believe this. You're telling me when it's right and wrong to have sex and you've just been to bed with him?

Erica: Bianca, be quiet, please.

Bianca: You're a hypocrite.

Erica: What?

Bianca: It's wrong for me to even consider being with Frankie, but you can just hop into bed with your chauffeur? Why is that? -- Because Frankie is a girl, and he's a man.

[Lorenzo cries]

Arlene: He's crying again. What a pain.

Hayley: He's hungry.

Arlene: Yeah, well, it's always something. How about you give him a little mother's milk? It's what I gave you. Hmm?

Hayley: You keep that away from him.

Arlene: Oh, come on. It shut you up. Here you go, baby. Bottoms up. But leave some for Mama.

Hayley: Mateo? Mateo!

Laura: Leo? 3BD45178.JPG

Laura: He's gone. How could --

[Doorbell rings] 

Vanessa: Where's my son? Leo? Leo, I need you now!

Greenlee: Say it again, Jake.

Jake: All right, Greenlee. What do you want me to say?

Greenlee: Oh, you know. What you just told me -- the three most wonderful words in the English language.

Jake: I believe you.

Greenlee: You believe me. You know I'm right. Laura is the one who's crazy, isn't she, Jake?

[Pounding on door]

Leo: Greenlee! 3BD4525F.JPG


Leo: Greenlee!

Jake: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Not now, Leo. Hey --

Leo: Yes, now. I just talked to the DA. I told him I want you arrested.

Leo: I know what you did, Greenlee, and you are not going to hurt her.  You're not going to hurt her.

Jake: Who do you think you are, barging into my home making threats?

Leo: Oh, you know why I'm here, Jake. Greenlee was there. She was there and I saw you with her.

Jake: What the hell are you talking about, Leo?

Leo: Outside our condo! I saw the two of you. You know, right after your little song and dance about how you found Laura's keys in the door and you told me Greenlee was back at the loft? Well, Greenlee wasn't back at the loft. She was in our condo, and she stole Laura's keys.

Greenlee: No, I was set up. Laura left her keys for me to find. Tell him, Jake. 3BD45279.JPG

Leo: What were you planning, Greenlee? What horrible thing would you have done to Laura if we hadn't shown up?

Greenlee: I don't know what you're talking about.

Leo: No, don't play dumb with me, please. I know you might think it's fun thinking of ways to torture Laura, but it's -- it's not normal. It's twisted. And -- and it's against the law.

Greenlee: What?

Leo: Yes. You're frightening her.

Jake: All right, what is this about Greenlee being arrested? What is this all about?

Leo: Well, Jackson Montgomery said that an arrest probably wouldn't hold up, but it was a first step in getting a restraining order against her. 3BD4529A.JPG

Leo: Yes.

Jake: On what grounds, Leo?

Leo: Well, on the grounds that she broke into our house, Jake. And you know she did.

Jake: No, I don't.

Leo: Oh -- are you kidding? I saw you there.

Jake: No, what you saw was Greenlee and I standing outside the condo. Greenlee never went inside the condo.

Leo: Ah. And you would swear to that in court.

Jake: Yes, I would because it's the truth.

Leo: So now she's got you lying for her? Or maybe she's got you so that you don't know when she's telling the truth or when she's lying. It's ok, man. I was there just before you. It's over, Greenlee.

Jake: Leo?

Leo: It's over. Just -- I see you for what you are. And Jake was probably right when he said I still had feelings for you, but not anymore. After what you pulled tonight, all those feelings are dead.

Greenlee: Get out. Jake?

Leo: I'm getting the restraining order, whatever it takes. And if you think these kind of things don't apply to you, Greenlee, you just watch.

Jake: Leo --

Leo: Try to break it, see what happens.

Jake: You've had your say. Come on.

Mateo: Hey.

Hayley: Where's the baby? 3BD452EF.JPG

Hayley: Where is he?

Mateo: He was fussing a little, but I picked him up and I --

Hayley: He was crying?

Mateo: He's in his porta-crib. He's asleep now. He's --

Hayley: Lorenzo was crying?

Mateo: Uh -- a little bit.

Hayley: What kind of mother doesn't hear her baby cry in the middle of the night?

Mateo: Honey, he barely cried. It's no big deal. No harm done.

Hayley: A mother like Arlene, that's what. Arlene never heard me crying when I was a little baby in the middle of the night. I just can't -- I don't want to be like her. I -- I can't be like Arlene. 

Chris: Whatever right now, I -- 3BD4531B.JPG

Erica: Look, we don't have to explain ourselves.

Chris: No, I think -- I'll be in the kitchen.

Erica: How dare you. How dare you come into this house and hurl accusations, and you know nothing about what you are saying.

Bianca: Don't throw this back at me. I didn't do anything wrong.

Erica: Every day, Bianca. Every day you move further away from the girl you were -- kind and loving and --

Bianca: No, I'm not going to listen to this! I'm not going to listen to this. You know, I have gotten my last lecture from you.

Erica: What is that supposed to mean? 3BD4533D.JPG

Bianca: To be the person that you want me to be -- the little girl that you used to love.

Erica: I did not say that.

Bianca: I can't be that person anymore, ok? You know, nothing happened tonight between me and Frankie, but that doesn't even matter to you because whatever I do will be wrong in your eyes.

Erica: Not at all, and it doesn't have to be this way.

Bianca: It's true, Mom. No matter what you say, it's always there -- that look in your eyes, judging me. I can't take it. I don't want to live here anymore.

Vanessa: Do you know where he is?

Laura: No, I don't know.

Vanessa: What do you mean you don't know where he is? What kind of a wife are you? I mean, really, you're newlyweds. I mean, what kind of a marriage is this? You don't know where your husband is right in the middle of the night? Honestly, I -- 3BD45362.JPG

Leo: Mother, mind your manners.

Vanessa: Oh --

Leo: You should know better than to talk to my wife like that.

Vanessa: Oh, thank God. Thank God you're here, darling. Oh, Laura, I -- darling, forgive me. I'm so sorry. I -- I'm not myself.

Laura: Hmm.

Leo: Mother, it's been a long day. I'm tired, so whatever this crisis is can wait till tomorrow. 

Vanessa: Of course. You have no idea how cruel he's being to me. 3BD4544D.JPG

Leo: Ok, well, what is it?

Vanessa: Well, I mean, it's -- it's the silent treatment, those long, accusatory looks. I mean, you know how that can absolutely undo me, darling.

Leo: Oh, for God's sakes, Mother. You came charging over here because you got in a fight with Palmer? What the hell is taking you so long? He should be putty in your hands by now.

Vanessa: Oh, fine, but not this time, darling. No, no, no. Normally, I can, you know, make him forget all of our differences, but not when it comes to Erica Kane. I mean, you know his unbelievable loyalty to her. He always takes her side against me. Always, always. 

Leo: Vanessa: Oh Leo: So why is he doing it this time? 3BD45477.JPG

Vanessa: Because Erica has leveled some vile, completely baseless accusations at me, and the whole thing came right out of the blue.

Leo: So, how vile and baseless are they exactly?

Vanessa: Well, you remember your cousin Mary Frances? Frankie? Oh, come on -- your Aunt Gwyneth's child. Please.

Leo: Oh. I guess. Well, she's got to be -- how old is she exactly?

Vanessa: I don't know -- 18, 19. I mean, it -- about the same age as -- look, who cares? Who cares? The point is she is right here in Pine Valley living at, of all places, Opal's. I mean, why does everything happen to me? 

Leo: But you said Frankie?

Vanessa: She's a delinquent, darling. She's a runaway. 3BD454AA.JPG

Leo: And what is Erica accusing you of exactly?

Vanessa: Well, she -- she thinks that -- she's accused me of some ludicrous, you know, scheme, some conspiracy that I've worked up to bring Frankie here to cause trouble, stir up something. I --

Leo: And you didn't?

Vanessa: Well, of course not.

Leo: Of course not. Well, I know that you hate Aunt Gwennie, and she hates you. 3BD454E1.JPG

Vanessa: Yes, yes, yes. Yes. Yes, darling, that's it. That's what you have to tell Palmer. Now, do me a favor. Come to breakfast with us tomorrow. Will you, darling? And act like we didn't have this talk at all. Just remind and tell Palmer that we hate Aunt Gwyneth's, her -- her whole family. We've had nothing -- there's absolutely no connection to us. We're complete strangers. Please?  Yes, darling. Now, come on. I know I can always count on you, really. For once we'll make Palmer believe us instead of Erica.

Leo: Yeah. What I don't get is, why would Erica care whether or not your runaway niece was in town?

Vanessa: Oh, please, darling. Come on, you know Erica hates me. She resents me. She's -- I don't know -- what, envious? Well.

Leo: Are you sure there's not more to this story, Mother? 3BD45504.JPG

Vanessa: No. More?

Leo: No, I think there is.

Vanessa: All right, darling --

Leo: Come on. You don't want Palmer to spring it on me, do you? 

Vanessa: Fine. the fact that she -- your cousin Frankie -- seems to have taken up with Bianca. Yeah.

Leo: How?

Vanessa: Well, they've become fast friends, don't you know?

Leo: No, I'm not sure I do.

Vanessa: Well, Erica has it in her mind that there's -- there's some ludicrous scheme going on, that I'm, you know, concocting some conspiracy using my niece as a seductress against --

Leo: What?

Vanessa: Well --

Leo: You got to be kidding me!

Vanessa: Well, Erica needs a scapegoat, of course, and I'm it. Now do you see?

Leo: Yeah. I see. And, Mother, if Erica doesn't kill you, I will. 

Bianca: It's not a threat. It's -- it's the way things are. I know who you are and I know what you think, and I don't expect you to change. And I'm not going to change, either. I'm not. But whenever I'm with you, you make me feel like there's something wrong with me, and there's nothing wrong with me. 3BD4552E.JPG

Erica: Bianca, I never said there was anything wrong with you.

Bianca: Yes, yes, you have, Mom. It's in, like, everything you say.

Erica: That's because that is in your head. That's because you think that every disagreement we have is about your sexual orientation, and it isn't.  Bianca, gay or straight, you're my child. And it's my responsibility to tell you when I think you're making a mistake.

Bianca: Not anymore. I'm relieving you of your responsibility. 3BD45554.JPG

Erica: Well, that's not up to you. I'm your mother. Of course, I have responsibility for you, and I want that responsibility for you and I'm not going to fall for this subtle kind of blackmail you're trying to pull. I'm not going to allow you to hold that over my head.

Bianca: I have already told you I don't want anything from you. I don't expect you to change. And I am almost 18.

Erica: Which means that you are still 17, and you are not ready to go out there in the world. Look at you. You're proving it right now. You don't know people out there. You don't know what they're like. You don't know the kind of people out there who will take advantage of you, Bianca, if you let them into your life. 3BD45584.JPG

Bianca: About now.

Erica: Of course I'm talking about Frankie.

Bianca: And you still claim that this has nothing to do with being straight or gay?

Erica: Bianca, why do you trust that girl? You tell me -- what do you know about her?

Bianca: I know that she doesn't make me feel sad. Ok? She doesn't make me feel like I'm missing something. She doesn't make me feel like I'm just perfect except for this one little thing that I lack, which is how I feel in this house, ok?

Erica: Well, that girl is trouble. I will tell you that right now -- that girl is trouble. That girl will use your feelings against you, Bianca. She is out to hurt you. 3BD455A9.JPG

Bianca: What? For me to come crawling back here with my heart broken and tell you that you were right all along.

Erica: How could you say that? How could you possibly say that? I'm the one who never wants you to be hurt. I ache for you when you are hurt.

Bianca: Yeah? What if I were with Laura right now? If she hadn't shot me down, if we were a couple? Would you be happy for me then? No, no. We would be having the same conversation about her.

Erica: No, we would not. That's not true.

Bianca: Yes, and you would be doing everything in your power to break us up -- just like you did with Sarah, just like you did with rain. But, Mom, you tried it with them. It didn't work. I'm still gay. 

Eric I mean, that is not what the problem is here. The problem is --

Bianca: The problem is you! That's right, I'm sick of it. I'm through. I am going to do what is right for me no matter what it takes.

[Phone rings] 3BD455CE.JPG

Erica: Oh. Who could be calling at this --


Erica: Yes?

Frankie: It's me, Ms. Kane. Frankie. Can I speak to Bianca, please?

Mateo: Is he ok?

Hayley: You were right -- out like a light.

Mateo: Should we bring him back in?

Hayley: No, I don't want to move him. I'll go sit out there with him and -- 3BD455F8.JPG

Mateo: Hayley: I don't want to close my eyes.

Mateo: So you had a bad dream?

Hayley: Oh.

Mateo: Yeah? Listen, I -- I can't even begin to understand what you're going through because I -- I had great parents. You know, my dad was a little rough, but I always knew that he loved me.

Hayley: Yeah, well, you know what it takes to be a good father.

Mateo: And even though I -- I don't know exactly what you're going through, I know one thing for sure. You're not Arlene.

Hayley: I didn't think I am, I don't think I am, and then I close my eyes at night, and she comes to me. You know, and I see what a horrible mother she was. You know, I just relive it all and not because she was evil, not because she hated me. Just because she was lazy, slovenly, and weak. 3BD45638.JPG

Mateo: those

Hayley: No.

Mateo: I know you're not. I mean, I'll vouch for you. Do you know how lucky our son is to have you for a mom?

Hayley: He needs more than just a mom. He needs the perfect mom.

Mateo: You are. You're so -- have you looked at his face? He's smiling all the time. He's a happy child.

Hayley: I just --

Mateo: Enjoy yourself. You're supposed to enjoy this time, you know?

Hayley: I wish I could. I wish I could enjoy this time. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Mateo: You're tired.

Hayley: I am tired. I don't mind the missed sleep. I really don't. I enjoy spending time with him. 3BD45666.JPG

Mateo: Make some time for yourself, ok? You can lean on my mom and Rosa. They -- the more involved they are, the more they enjoy it. You know that, right?

Hayley: I realize that, and I want Lorenzo to be loved by lots of people.

Mateo: All right, all right, all right. Can I -- can I convince you to go to sleep now? Please?

Hayley: Ooh. What about you? I mean --

Mateo: No, I'm up. I'm just going to stay up with the baby.

Hayley: Why?

Mateo: Well, because I like to. I -- I don't get to see him that much, you know that? I enjoy watching him sleep. 3BD45687.JPG

Hayley: Let's just say it's -- it's my turn. We're a team, right? We're in this together, right?

Hayley: Well, let's just say that we're a team when it suits you.

Mateo: What's that supposed to mean?

Hayley: I don't know. It just means what it means. You know, you were awake when the baby was crying. You were awake for some reason. What was on your mind?

Mateo: Just stuff, you know? Things I have to do tomorrow. It's --

Hayley: Right, like, so as I was saying, we're a team when it suits you because there's been stuff on your mind for weeks now, and I just can't figure out why you won't tell me what it is. 

Jake: You haven't moved since Leo left. Not worried about that restraining order, are you?

Greenlee: The -- no, no. Although I'm sure I'm the first Smythe or Greenlee with a restraining order.

Jake: He'll never get it.

Greenlee: I don't care, Jake. I wasn't thinking about the restraining order. Something else happened here tonight.

Jake: What? 3BD456CF.JPG

Greenlee: What you did.

Jake: What did I do?

Greenlee: You -- Jake, you lied for me.

Jake: So?

Greenlee: "So"? You're Dr. Jake martin. You're honest and true, yet you lied for my sake.

Jake: There's all kinds of lies. You were right. Laura tried to set you up to take those keys, and she wanted you to break into that condo. So all in all, I think if you consider it rationally, you were the truthful -- or the more truthful -- one of the two. So I covered for you. 3BD4571B.JPG

Greenlee: You lied and you know why. You did it because you love me. Admit it. You went against your code of honor, and you lied because you're in love with me.

Jake: You are so smart.

Greenlee: Then you're admitting it? Oh, Jake. You do love me. I feel it. I warned you, didn't I?

Jake: You warned me about what?

Greenlee: I told you that falling in love with me would be the worst possible thing, and since that day I've been proven right. I've been nothing but bad news for you.

Jake: You are right about that. You're right. 3BD4584C.JPG

Greenlee: For every bad thing I've ever done. It makes me so happy.

Jake: You are happy? No way. Greenlee is happy? Hmm. Does that mean that you love me?

Leo: So you had no idea that cousin Frankie had come to town?

Vanessa: No! I haven't seen the child since she was 2 years old!

Leo: I don't believe you.

Vanessa: I --

Leo: Erica's right, Mother. You brought this -- your own niece to town to, what, hook up with Bianca.

Vanessa: Oh, I swear --

Leo: Unbelievable.

Vanessa: I did not, I didn't. Besides, if I were going to plot against Erica, I certainly wouldn't use my sister's child. 3BD45875.JPG

Leo: No? You never brought me to Pine Valley to seduce and marry Greenlee Smythe for her millions? What, is that a vile and baseless accusation, too?

Vanessa: Oh, God. That was different, now, darling. You -- you and I planned that together.

Leo: No, you planned that by yourself. I just did it to make you happy just like I've always done all my life.

Vanessa: No.

Leo: Yes.

Vanessa: Leo, Leo, that's really unfair.

Leo: No, you know, I can only imagine Frankie's story -- how you might have manipulated her into this little scheme just like you always did to me.

Vanessa: No, no, Leo. Look, I did not, I swear to you. Now, I need you on my side now. 3BD45897.JPG

Leo: Forget it. I can't afford to.

Vanessa: What?

Leo: I mean, especially if there's a chance that this might hurt Bianca. She's my friend.

Vanessa: Bianca --

Leo: And she's just a kid, Mother.

Vanessa: Who cares about Bianca?

Leo: I do! God -- God. I care about Bianca. I am not going to hurt her the way that I hurt Greenlee.

Vanessa: Oh, really? Come on, please. She's bounced right back.

Leo: I tore that girl's heart out. She's changed forever because of that, and so am I. I'm never going to get over that. So if you are behind this, I'm going to make damn sure that you don't get away with it. Get out of here. Go to Palmer. 3BD458BE.JPG

Vanessa: All right, darling, we'll -- we'll talk tomorrow.

Leo: Oy-oy-oy, that woman, I swear. Look, I'm sorry I said those things about Greenlee.

Laura: No, I'm really glad you did. Seeing you with your mother right now, I feel like I understand you so much better. And I have been so wrong about you.

Frankie: Please don't hang up. I -- I know it's late, Ms. Kane, but if Blanca's there, could I please speak to her?

Erica: It's for you.

Bianca: Hello?

Frankie: Hi, Bianca. Oh, thank God I got in touch with you. I -- I'm so, so sorry. You know? You know what I'm saying? 

Bianca: Frankie, why are you -- well, what's the matter?

Frankie: The stuff I said to you -- I didn't mean it. I -- I swear I just didn't mean it. I didn't want to chase you away. You know, for the first time in my life, I can honestly say I'm scared. And, well, I'm all alone and -- and it's all my fault.

Bianca: I'll be right there, ok? 3BD45907.JPG

Erica: Bianca, you're not leaving this house.

Bianca: You can't stop me.

Erica: Bianca, I forbid you.

Bianca: You know, I don't care. Ok?

Mateo: I don't know. I guess I'm just like you, you know? I -- I'm acting like my dad. He was always worried that we were going to end up in the poorhouse. 

Hayley: What?

Mateo: It's the same old stuff, you know? The distributors -- they think I'm made out of money. It's --

Hayley: Yeah, but that's not new. Why do you let it bother you now?

Mateo: I know, it's dumb. I'm sorry. It's --

Hayley: Is it the baby?

Mateo: I just want -- I want to make sure my kid, that he -- that he's always proud of his old man, you know? It's --

Hayley: Mateo, how can he be anything but proud of his old man? Hmm?

Mateo: Can I -- I guess we'll just -- I'll stay here with you. All right?

Hayley: I think we'll feel better if we could feel each other close by. 3BD45970.JPG

Mateo: No, no, stay.

Hayley: I'll go get the baby.

Mateo: No, no, no, let me -- let me go get the baby. Ok? And listen -- I don't want you to worry about anything. Ok? Nothing bad's going to happen. I'll make sure of that. Ok?

Chris: Erica? Erica?

Erica: Oh. I'm all right. I just -- Bianca ran out of the house, and -- and I guess I just forgot to breathe or something.

Chris: Did you explain to her that you and I didn't --

Erica: Bianca ran out of the house.

Chris: So you didn't get a chance to explain to her that, in spite of appearances, you and I didn't make love?

Chris: Sit right here.

Erica: You were wonderful tonight.

Chris: Yeah, well, you -- you needed somebody to listen to you, not make love to you.

Erica: Thank you.

Chris: You're welcome.

Erica: Thank you for knowing that.

Chris: You're welcome, but I don't think I was much help. It looks like I made things worse.

Erica: No, no. No, believe me. Bianca just was using that as an excuse. She just -- she was looking for a fight. And when that girl called, I couldn't stop Bianca from leaving the house and going to her. 3BD45AC2.JPG

Chris I don't think over yet. But why don't we go inside the kitchen, and I'll cook us something?

Erica: You feel like cooking?

Chris: Well, I always feel like cooking, except you don't have anything in that refrigerator except a piece of apple pie and a slab of cheddar cheese.

Erica: Oh, sorry.

Chris: Now, I could nuke that cheese and throw it on top of the apple pie and we'll be in business.

Erica: That's really sweet. I'm sorry, I just -- I couldn't possibly. I -- I mean, my daughter just ran out of the house and I know that she's gone to be with somebody who is going to hurt her. 3BD45AE2.JPG

Chris: Erica, listen to me. Maybe Bianca knows what she's doing.

Erica: Well, I guess when I was 17 I always thought I knew what I was doing. I thought I knew everything, and I made some mistakes. Of course, the last person I would ever listen to was my mother.

Chris: Well, maybe the time is right. Time for Bianca to learn to make her own mistakes.

Erica: Chris, I just want to protect her. I just want to keep her from being hurt, and it was so much easier when she was a little girl. Now I just -- I don't know how.

Chris: You think you've failed your daughter?

Erica: Haven't I? And -- and what if she's right and I'm wrong?

Jake: It's not all right. I think I know what your answer is. 3BD45B1A.JPG

Greenlee: No, you don't.

Jake: No, no, it figures, it figures. See, on one hand, you got a guy who screws you over, he lies to you, and he actually ends up marrying someone else. On the other hand, you have a guy who -- well, if I may say, he's the honest and true one. He gives you a place to stay, a shoulder to lean on. And you love who?

Greenlee: I don't know.

Jake: Ok. Well, I think -- if it were me, I think the choice would be pretty clear.

Greenlee: Well, don't you think I know that? But I don't want to lie to you and I can't give you an answer right now. Please don't be hurt. 

Jake: Do you t hurt? I mean, really. Look at me. I mean, I might be a little ticked off or something, but I'm going to deal with it and I want you to take your time. Now, once again, your choices are pain and betrayal and someone who lies to you, or -- or you can take the really, really smart choice. And that's the guy who will stick up for you, and who will go to bat3BD45B48.JPG for you. And a guy who's willing to compromise his integrity and lie for you. And you need to let me know what you decide, ok?

Greenlee: Wait.

Jake: Yes?

Laura: When I saw you with her just now, how selfish and demanding she was, I started thinking that's how I am with you. I mean, I don't even think about what you need. But you're still you. And you're such a loving and caring person. I think that's why you still think about Greenlee. It's like you want to make up for all the ways you've hurt her.

Leo: Listen, you don't have to worry about Greenlee. 3BD45B84.JPG

Laura: I'm not going to anymore. I'm going to put away all those fears -- that jealousy, those doubts caused by Greenlee. At least I'm going to try. I swear.

Leo: Look, Greenlee's out of our lives. I'm going to make sure of it, even if I have to take legal action out against her. It's just you and me now, Laura. Ok? It's just us. 

[Noise] 3BD45BB1.JPG

Mateo: Hey.

Leo: Hey. Mateo, what's going on?

Mateo: Were you just out here?

Leo: Uh, no.

Mateo: No? Hey. How are you? Did you hear anything? Did you hear anything out in the courtyard?

Leo: No. It's been still as a grave.

Mateo: All right. All right, good night.

Leo: Everything ok?

Mateo: Yeah, everything's cool. Good night.

Leo: All right.

Mateo: Sorry.

[Door closes]

Erica: I can't be wrong, not about this. 3BD45CD3.JPG

Chris: 17 and wouldn't listen to your mother, what did she do?

Erica: Oh. She spent a lot of sleepless nights. And she just waited, you know? You just waited for me to come to my senses.

Chris: Well, maybe the time has come for you to develop some patience.

Erica: No. Oh, no. I mean, I am nothing like my mother. I never was. I mean, I loved my mother, but I'm nothing like her. I could never do that, no. But I am me. And I am not going to just wait around for this con artist to hurt my daughter. I can't do that. No. This girl is no good, and she's out to hurt my daughter, and I am going to make Bianca see that. No, that con artist's influence over my daughter ends now. 



Bianca: Oh.

Greenlee: Damn, but you're good. You're not hurt or upset or ticked off. You were just humoring me.

Jake: Are you sure about that? Do not worry about my feelings. Really. I'm fine, and I'm ok. And I'm here for you.

Laura: "Just us," you said. That sounds so wonderful. It's going to happen. Just us -- no one else.

Leo: Come to bed. 3BD45D76.JPG

Greenlee: Help me, please. There's nothing wrong with me. I don't want to go to Oak Haven. I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy! I'm not crazy! I'm not crazy! 

Laura: Maybe not yet, but you will be.

Mateo: Hey.

Hayley: Is something wrong with the baby?

Mateo: No, no, no. Everything's fine. Everything's fine. Everything's fine. Go back to sleep. Everything's fine.

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Simone: It's more instructions, Mateo. It's addressed to you. 3BD45E6C.JPG

Bianca: I have to live my own life. Do I do it alone, or do I do it with you?

Opal: Breakfast with your bodyguard? Isn't that how it started for Patty Hearst? 

Jesse: Though it means breaking a few rules.