AMC Transcript Thursday 10/18/01


All My Children Transcript Thursday 10/18/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" -- 

Erica: Take a look at it. 

Palmer: What's this all about? 

Erica: The young woman in the picture happens to be Vanessa's niece. 

Frankie: You're a total jerk. Sorry, but I don't hang out with jerks. 

David: How does it feel to make love to the enemy? 

Anna: Are you the enemy? 

Ezekiel: Good evening, Mrs. Du Pres. 

Leo: Mrs. Du Pres? 

Anna: Oh, I can't believe we're back. You know, that was great. I liked that mountain retreat. Hmm, thank you. 

David: Stay with me. 

Anna: You really want the lady that planted a tracking device on you? 

David: I sleep with one eye open. 

Anna: So do I. 

David: You're kidding. 

Anna: Yeah. Which side of the bed do you prefer? 

David: Whichever side you're on. 

Anna: Oh. 

David: Wait a minute. 

Anna: What? 

David: I think I left my keys in the car. 

Anna: Well, I guess you had your mind on other things. 

David: Yeah, no kidding. I'll be right back.

Chris: Hello, Devane. I know what you're up to. Good time to back off.

(Missing a part here)

Frankie: …to have another war with your mother again.

Bianca: Well, I told you I waited until she left, okay? And school's over. I'm on my own time. If she comes back, I will handle her. 

Frankie: It's not worth the hassle, Bianca. 

Bianca: I think it is. 

Frankie: Why? What are you getting from this, anyway? 

Bianca: Time. With you.

Erica: Just admit it, Vanessa. This Frankie person -- this Mary Frances Stone is your niece. 

Opal: Well, slap me naked and call me Wanda. 

Palmer: Vanessa, is that true? Is that street rat related to you? 

Erica: Don't try and lie your way out of this, Vanessa. I have proof. 

Vanessa: Very well, yes. If this is Mary Frances Stone, she's my niece, but -- well, what more do you want from me? 

Erica: What do you want from my daughter?

Leo: Greenlee, wait. 

Greenlee: I don't have time for you, Leo. 

Leo: Make time. That shrink -- Dr. McMillan just called you Mrs. Du Pres. 

Greenlee: Did he? 

Leo: Uh -- yeah. 

Greenlee: Oh. It must have been a case of mistaken identity? 

Leo: Really? That's weird because you guys had this weird eye contact thing going like you knew him. How? I mean, what -- was he your shrink, too? 

Greenlee: Just drop it, Leo. Okay? I don't want to talk about it. 

Leo: Greenlee, whatever went down with that shrink, you can tell me. You don't have to be embarrassed, not with me. I'll understand, I swear.

Ezekiel's voice: These are your problems, Laura? 

Greenlee's voice: Don't they sound like my problems? 

Ezekiel's voice: No, they don't. So why don't you tell me why you're really here? 

Laura: That's right, Greenlee. Tell the good doctor why you want to crawl inside my head. 

Greenlee's voice: The truth is I'm a writer and I've been telling you about a character I've created. She's Laura and she's ruining this man's life. 

Laura: Oh. Nice. 

Greenlee's voice: Let's just say if I knew what made Laura tick -- 

Laura: You have no idea what makes me tick, Greenlee. But you'll find out. Soon. 

Ezekiel: Who are you and what are you doing in my office?

Palmer: Vanessa, you never mentioned a niece. 

Vanessa: Well, look, it's really very, very simple. 

Erica: Yes, it's very, very simple. It's history repeating itself. You sicced your niece on my daughter just the way you sicced Leo on all those other wealthy young women and just the way you pushed yourself into my life when you first hit town. 

Vanessa: These accusations are -- are outlandish. I mean -- besides that, you're making a scene. 

Erica: Oh, you want a scene? I promise you a beauty. You are trying to destroy my daughter, and I will not allow it! Do you understand me? 

Vanessa: Palmer? 

Opal: Yeah, the whole place understands you, honey. Why don't you just knock it down a notch?

Erica: I don't care who hears me! You have crossed the line! And, so help me God, you will not hurt my daughter. Nobody -- nobody goes after my daughter without dealing with me. 

Vanessa: Palmer, she's threatening me. 

Palmer: And so shall I, unless you explain this whole situation to my satisfaction. 

Vanessa: Well, all right. That's -- that's it. You know something? I'm not going to stay here and be treated like a common criminal! 

Palmer: Where the blazes are you going? 

Vanessa: To the powder room! 

Opal: Yeah, powder your nose with blasting powder, I hope. 

Palmer: I'll go after her. 

Erica: No, no, you stay here. You let me handle Vanessa. 

Opal: What do you know about all this, you old coot? 

Palmer: Erica, I swear I had no information about this whatsoever. 

Erica: Oh, of course not, Palmer. You relax. There's no way that I blame you. 

Opal: Yeah? Well, you ought to know better. 

Erica: Well, she underestimated the power of a mother's love. 

Opal: And that's because she eats her young. 

Erica: Well, there is no way that my daughter is going to be hurt by that witch and her niece. I'm going to see to that. 

Opal: Erica, listen, you got to believe me. I did not know that Frankie even knew Vanessa. 

Erica: Well, now that you do know, Opal, I certainly hope you're going to kick that trash to the curb. 

Palmer: What are you staring at, you old bat? 

Opal: I'm staring at you, you old crusty barnacle. Yeah, well, if this doesn't open your eyes to that she-dog, I know you are beyond salvation. 

Leo: Greenlee, talk to me. What happened with Dr. McMillan? You did see him, right? 

Greenlee: Why do you care? 

Leo: Because I do. Did you see a psychiatrist? 

Greenlee: Yeah. But only once. 

Leo: And why did you use my name? 

Greenlee: Because -- when I had the session we were engaged, and so I used what I thought would be my married name. 

Leo: Even though we weren't married? 

Greenlee: Kind of out there, huh? 

Leo: Greenlee, I had no idea. 

Greenlee: Well, how could you? Therapy's confidential. 

Leo: I owe you, like, a major apology. 

Greenlee: What for? 

Leo: Because I came down so hard on you. 

Greenlee: Leo, what are you trying to say? 

Leo: I didn't mean to be so cruel. I called you crazy right to your face. 

Greenlee: And now you know that I'm not crazy? 

Leo: No. Now, I know what you believe deep down. 

Greenlee: Which is what? 

Leo: That you really are my wife. 

Greenlee: What? 

Leo: You went to see the shrink. You let him see inside your head. You told him that you were Mrs. Du Pres because in your mind that's who are. And it's all my fault. 

Greenlee: Your fault? 

Leo: Your -- this -- this fantasy that you've created, Greenlee, I drove you to it and I am so sorry. 

Greenlee: This is un-frickin'-believable. You're apologizing for calling me crazy because you really believe I am crazy? 

Leo: It all makes so much more sense now. Hey, but at least you're getting help. And that's the first step. 

Greenlee: Ah! How many times do I have to repeat this? I am not crazy!

Laura: Dr. McMillan? Oh, thank God you're here. 

Ezekiel: Answer me, Miss. What are you doing in my office? 

Laura: I came to see you, and you'd gone for the day. And, uh, I just didn't want to go home, and your door was wide open. 

Ezekiel: My receptionist usually locks up before she goes. 

Laura: Well, I didn't break in, if that's what you're suggesting. I mean, I need help, but I'm not a criminal. 

Ezekiel: You're here seeking treatment? 

Laura: Yes. Dr. Joe says you're the best. But I should go. I've really made you angry. 

Ezekiel: Just a second. 

Laura: No, you know, just forget it. I shouldn't be in your private office. 

Ezekiel: Well, now that you're here, why don't we just -- just talk for a few minutes? 

Laura: Well, I'm sure you have other plans that are far more important. 

Ezekiel: Well, I had an appointment, but I was stood up. So if you like -- 

Laura: Thank you. Thanks so much. I -- I have this situation that's really freaky. 

Ezekiel: Have a seat Ms. -- 

Laura: Du Pres, Laura. Why? Do you know the name? 

Ezekiel: Um -- should I? 

Laura: Yes. There's a girl running around saying she's me. 

Ezekiel: Why would she do that? 

Laura: Because she's jealous. She wants my husband; she wants my life. 

Ezekiel: So how do you know this young woman is impersonating you? 

Laura: Because I've been here before to set up an appointment. Your receptionist told me you already have a patient who's using my name, and since I'm sure there are no clones running around -- 

Ezekiel: Would you mind if I asked to see some identification? 

Laura: Sure. No, of course. Here. 

Ezekiel: Do you know this young woman who is claiming to be you? 

Laura: Yes. She was engaged to my husband. He dumped her, and she never got over it, so she's doing everything she can to break us up. 

Ezekiel: And what is she doing? How is she doing it? 

Laura: Well, she shows up at my house in the middle of the night, she stalks both me and my husband, she's phoning nonstop, and every time we turn around, she's in our faces. 

Ezekiel: I can see how that would be unsettling. 

Laura: Well, it isn't just that. I'm recovering from heart transplant surgery, and I'm really wiped out from my meds. And thanks to this woman, my husband and I have no privacy at all. I'm totally stressed out. I'm -- I'm beyond the breaking point and -- thank you. So, you think there's anything you can do for me, Doctor? 

Ezekiel: Well, I'm not really sure that it's you that needs the help, Laura. But why don't we schedule another session and we'll take it from there? 

Laura: That would be great. 

Ezekiel: Excuse me while I get my appointment book. 

Ezekiel: Okay, let's see. How does tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 work for you? 

Laura: Perfectly. Thank you. I feel so much better already. I just don't want to do anything to set her off, you know? 

Ezekiel: Before you go, Laura, tell me this. Do you feel that this young woman is a threat to your personal safety? 

Laura: No. No, I don't think she's that whacked. 

Ezekiel: Because if you do feel threatened, there are steps that we can take to protect you. 

Laura: That's good to know. 

Ezekiel: This is my card with all my numbers on it. Now, my service can always get in contact with me. You promise me that you will contact me if you feel that you're in danger. 

Laura: I promise. I'll see you tomorrow. Greenlee Smythe, you have met your match.

Anna: Why should I back off? You fancy David for yourself, do you? 

Chris: Well, I know you're shacking up with Hayward and you're tracking his movements. 

Anna: Oh, that is so rude. You've been bugging my bugs? 

Chris: I warned you to steer clear of my operation, didn't I? 

Anna: Is David under suspicion? 

Chris: Like I'd give that up. 

Anna: You just let me know if I'm getting warm. 

Chris: I'm just telling you -- a good time to get rid of your boyfriend. 

Anna: I can't do that. 

Chris: Why not? 

Anna: Because I'm falling in love. 

Chris: Love? You're just pumping the guy for info. 

Anna: David doesn't go in for pillow talk. 

Chris: Well, then why don't you be a good little girl and pack up your peignoir and just walk away? 

Anna: So you can nab Proteus for yourself? Yeah. David is a suspect, huh? 

Chris: Is he? 

Anna: Oh, come on, Stamp. I know you're after Proteus. You could bring him down. You'd be a big hero. But so far, he's outmaneuvered you at every turn. 

Chris: Yeah, along with everyone else. But he's going to trip himself up sooner or later, and when he does -- 

Anna: Oh, well, I don't know that he's going to fall in your lap. Mine's much more inviting. 

Chris: Hmm. 

Anna: So you tell me. Why do you think that a big drug lord like Proteus is going to turn Pine Valley into his base of operations? 

Chris: Oh, you're so clever, Devane. Why don't you tell me? 

Anna: It's Notown, USA. 

Chris: Mm-hmm. 

Anna: And David Hayward lives here. He fits the profile exactly. He's very cunning, he's calculating, he's got his medical background -- 

Chris: Where are you two coming from? 

Anna: You should know. You tapped into our tracking device. 

Chris: So, why don't you give up what you've got on him? Come on. 

Anna: I don't feel like sharing. But I'll tell you what. You should back off or else I'm going to blow your cover and tell David that you're interested in him. Hmm? 

Chris: You tell him -- 

David: What's going on? 

Chris: Dr. Hayward. 

David: That's right. You know me? 

Chris: Are you kidding? You're a local hero. You're the lifesaver who gave that girl a new heart. 

David: And you are? 

Chris: Chris Stamp. You don't remember me. 

David: No. Should I? 

Chris: Guess not. I just tend bar over at SOS. 

David: Oh, that's right. Now, that doesn't explain what you're doing outside my room with Ms. Devane. 

Chris: Well, uh -- I'll come clean. I've seen Ms. Devane over at the club a number of times, and I never could get up the nerve to ask her out, so I found out where she lives and I was just going to leave my card and my phone number just in case she was -- wasn't seeing anyone. That's all. 

Anna: As it happens, I am. 

Chris: Well, that doesn't surprise me -- a beautiful woman like you being taken. Just my luck and no harm in a guy trying, right? See you around. 

David: Hmm. 

Anna: So be nice to me. I've got your replacement waiting in the wings. 

David: I'll keep that in mind. 

Anna: Hmm. 

David: So what was really going on out there with you and Rocky? 

Anna: Oh, he was flirting. 

David: I saw the two of you together at the club. 

Anna: Yeah, yeah, he was chatting me up. It's nothing. It's perfectly harmless. 

David: Lady, there's nothing about you that's harmless. There's more to this story than you're telling me. 

Anna: You think so? 

David: I know so. 

Anna: My lips are sealed. 

David: Then allow me to unseal them.

Bianca: Frankie, what is with you? 

Frankie: Nothing. 

Bianca: Nothing. Right. 

Frankie: All right, listen. This scene is just way too intense for me, okay? 

Bianca: You mean, you and me? 

Frankie: No, I mean, you, me, and your mom. This whole family feud thing -- it's getting so old, Bianca. 

Bianca: My mom isn't the one making you crazy. It's me. You're upset because I came back. You're upset because I keep coming back. Clearly, it's because I care about you. 

Frankie: Don't do this, Bianca. 

Bianca: Why not? Why shouldn't I care about you?

Erica: All right. All right, Vanessa, we're going to have this out right here and right now. 

Vanessa: Oh, Erica, as always, over the top. 

Erica: I demand an explanation. 

Vanessa: You demand? 

Erica: I demand. 

Vanessa: All right, your highness. I did not sic my niece on your daughter. Until tonight, I had no idea she was even in Pine Valley. 

Erica: You're lying. 

Vanessa: No, I'm not. That's the truth. And I hadn't seen that picture in "The Exposer." It is not my typical bedside reading. 

Erica: Not your bedside reading? No, I bet it's your bible. You orchestrated this entire scheme. You probably even brokered the deal between your niece Frankie and all the tabloids. 

Vanessa: I did no such thing, Erica! I haven't seen or spoken to Mary Frances since she was in diapers. 

Erica: She just happened to land in Pine Valley? 

Vanessa: Well, I -- my sister might have told her I live here. I don't -- but that's odd because those two haven't even spoken in years. You see, Mary Frances ran away from home when she was 15 years old. 

Erica: You know, I really don't care how that -- that brat -- scheming, conniving brat landed in Pine Valley, but it is no coincidence. She has targeted my daughter for some sort of a scam, and I hold you responsible. 

Vanessa: Oh, look, Erica, I do assure you -- I assure you, honestly -- that aside from just being related, there is no connection between Mary Frances and myself. 

Erica: Oh, yes, there's a connection. You are just alike. You are both manipulative, you're both conniving vampires. But I am warning you -- I will not allow your niece Frankie to victimize my daughter, Bianca. She has been through way too much. I will not allow your niece Frankie to destroy my daughter's innocence and her faith in people and break her heart again. 

Vanessa: Oh. Oh, well, that's what's got you in such an uproar. I understand. I mean, you are afraid that Bianca's falling in love with my niece.

Greenlee: What are you doing here, Jake? 

Jake: Damage control. Am I too late? 

Greenlee: Oh, no, no. Tonight's just another cherry on the sundae of my life. 

Jake: So, what happened to Roger? 

Greenlee: Daddy stood me up. 

Jake: Best thing that could have happened -- because I don't trust that guy. 

Greenlee: You blew off a date with Pat Drawbridge to protect me? 

Jake: Her name is Trowbridge, and yes, I did because any woman who could sit around all day in her grungy T-shirt eating chips needs protection. 

Greenlee: I should have stayed in bed. 

Jake: So what was going down with Leo when I just came in? 

Greenlee: Leo thinks I've lost it because I told that shrink I was Mrs. Du Pres. He thinks I've lost touch with reality and that I believe I am his wife. Jake, you know I was pretending to be Laura to figure out why she's acting so whacked. 

Leo: What? You pretended to be Laura to prove she's crazy? 

Greenlee: I wanted to get some insight. 

Leo: And you knew about this? And you rode along with it? 

Jake: Now, hold on, Leo. I didn't ride along with anything. 

Leo: You're a doctor. Breach of ethics. You didn't report it. You didn't even try to stop her. 

Jake: You know what? You don't want to get into this here, Leo. 

Leo: This nut job has been terrorizing my wife. You're one of her doctors. You know how fragile she is. Yet you go on encouraging her? You kidding me? 

Jake: No, no. Wrong, Leo. The only guy who's encouraging Greenlee here is you. 

Leo: Here we go again. Another lecture from Jake.

Vanessa: Ooh, dear. I've hit a target, but not quite the bull's-eye, huh? You are not merely afraid that Bianca will fall in love with Mary Frances. You are absolutely terrified that Bianca will fall in love with any female. Oh -- Erica, don't look now, dear, but your -- your bigotry is really showing. 

Erica: No, I am not a bigot. And I am not afraid of Bianca falling in love. But I will not stand by and allow you and your con artist niece to set my daughter up as some sort of a victim for your next scam. No, that will not happen. I will not allow it. 

Vanessa: Well, it's hard to stop nature once it's taken its course, isn't it? 

Erica: Your niece's only interest in my daughter is her money. So you stand warned. I will do anything, anything to keep my daughter from harm, and that is not an empty threat. You either call your con artist niece off or you pay the consequences.

Opal: I hope Erica's got 'Nessie in a choke hold. I mean, wouldn't that just be a hoot, your wife found strangled with the pop beads she wears to hide her old turkey flap? 

Palmer: Ah, give it a rest, Opal. 

Opal: What's the matter? Don't you like me riffing on Vanessa? I mean, heck, she provides me enough material to do standup for the comedy channel. 

Palmer: Your jealousy's showing. 

Opal: Oh, please! I am not carrying a torch for you, Mister. But what fries me is the way you let Vanessa make a monkey out of you. 

Palmer: Ahem. 

Opal: It's undignified. 

Palmer: Well, that is rich! You, the queen of bad taste, lecturing me on dignity. 

Opal: Palmer, don't you even care how you look to Petey? 

Palmer: You see, my son loves me. 

Opal: Well, he may love you, but he won't respect you, not so long as you're married to that witch on wheels. I mean, how could he possibly look up to a man who lets that harpy lead him around by the nose? 

Palmer: My marriage is none of your business. 

Opal: We share a child. That makes it my business, yes. You know, the sorry fact is that you didn't know how good you had it when you were married to me. I loved you head and shoulders above Vanessa. How you could go from me to that heartless, fortune-hunting shrew is a question I will take to my grave. 

Vanessa: Oh. Well, Opal, dear, would you please, and preferably tonight? 

Opal: Anybody ever tell you that it's rude to eavesdrop? 

Vanessa: Well, not as rude as going after my husband every time my back is turned. Sorry to keep you waiting, darling. 

Palmer: Well, I'm still waiting for an explanation about this niece business. 

Vanessa: Fine, fine. I will explain everything upstairs in the privacy of our bedroom. Sweet dreams, Opal. 

Opal: In a hen's heinie. I will get that woman out of Palmer and Petey's life if it's the last thing I do.

Jake: You know, I've been watching you with Greenlee for months. You keep telling her that it's over. But that's not the real message, is it, Leo? You play with her, you tease her, you keep her hanging on. 

Greenlee: Jake, don't do this right now, please. 

Jake: No, I'm going to settle the score with Leo whether you like it or not. 

Greenlee: Fine. Be a caveman. Just leave me out of it. 

Leo: I have nothing to say to you, Jake, other than your girlfriend needs help. Get her back to the shrink fast. She's unraveling. 

Jake: You see, there you go again, Leo, always trying to turn it back on Greenlee. Like what she's doing disgusts you. As a matter of fact, you love having Greenlee hanging on. And you love playing both sides -- the super husband with Laura, and then having Greenlee waiting for you on the side. It's all about ego with you. 

Leo: Take her, Jake. If you want Greenlee, she's yours. But when you're with her, watch your back because she will take you down any which way she can.

Laura: Hi, Greenlee. Having a bad day? 

Greenlee: Laura. How long have you been here? 

Laura: Long enough to know that you've got Jake on your side. Huh -- like that'll last. Right now, Jake's brains are in his pants. But sooner or later, he'll figure out what a wench you are. 

Greenlee: You're the true head case, Laura. I'm going to prove it, and you won't be able to blame your meds. 

Laura: Oh. No. You're the one who's messed up. But you're so obsessed with me, you can't even see it. 

Greenlee: I am so not afraid of you. 

Laura: Oh, you should be afraid of me. But you'll dig your own grave, Greenlee, with a little help from me. I've been planning it out in my journal, step by step by step. I do it while Leo's sleeping. 

Greenlee: You're crazier than I thought. 

Laura: No. That's not what Dr. McMillan says. Huh. You know, it is too bad that Gillian had to die so I could live. Maybe it should've been you. Maybe it will be. Ciao. 

Greenlee: Laura's house keys. How convenient.

David: Satisfied? 

Anna: Mm-hmm. 

David: Well, I'm not. 

Anna: Oh. Was it something I did? 

David: I want you to tell me the truth about you and Stamp. 

Anna: Well, he was coming on to me. Is that so hard to believe? 

David: No, not at all. But there is more to this story. 

Anna: You always going to be this suspicious of me? 

David: Why don't you ask the woman who planted a tracking device in my bag? 

Anna: Hmm. Fair point. All right. I'll tell you something -- something that you should know about Chris Stamp. 

David: Oh, really? And what's that? He's too tall, too dark? Too many muscles on his forehead for you? 

Anna: You can't trust him.

Frankie: And, well, I ended up here. So that's my whole "poor me" story. Still awake? 

Bianca: Yes. Well, by the way, nothing you said scared me off or convinced me not to care about you. 

Frankie: You owe me 10 bucks. 

Bianca: Mom, before you have a fit, I'm not ditching school. 

Erica: No. Bianca, I'm glad you're here. I have some information about your new friend, Frankie. 

Bianca: Mom, please. 

Erica: Information that she's been withholding. Information that proves you cannot trust her. 

Bianca: Mom, just listen to me. 

Erica: Bianca, Frankie is not alone in this world. As a matter of fact, she's related to someone right here in Pine Valley. 

Bianca: I know. Yeah. Frankie did the big reveal. She's Vanessa Cortlandt's niece. 

Erica: She told you? 

Bianca: Yeah, but Frankie doesn't even really remember Vanessa. Vanessa doesn't mix with that side of the family. 

Frankie: Yeah, we were, like, white trash or something. 

Erica: Oh, you're just like your aunt, aren't you? Always one step ahead of trouble. 

Bianca: Mom, it's okay. Please. 

Erica: It is not okay. Don't you see what she's done? Frankie knew very well that I was going to make this Vanessa connection and she beat me to the punch. 

Bianca: Okay, you know, you're going to believe whatever you want to believe. That's fine. I'm not going to argue. But could you just go? 

Erica: I want you to come with me. 

Bianca: Well, I'm not ready to leave. 

Erica: Well, what time will you be home? 

Bianca: I don't know -- when I get there. 

Erica: Well, don't be too late because I'll be waiting for you. 

Frankie: You know, you can't keep chasing her away. 

Bianca: I wish I didn't have to. The two of us make a pretty good team, huh? 

Frankie: Yeah, we just scored a time-out. Bianca, you're going to have to go home sometime. 

Bianca: Yeah, but not right now. In fact, I think I'm going to ask opal if it's okay with her if I sleep over tonight.

Jake: Hey, Laura, Laura? Something wrong? 

Laura: Oh -- oh, Leo. Thank God. 

Leo: Honey, what's wrong? 

Laura: I was just -- I just was in the ladies' room. I had to touch up my makeup, and Greenlee was there. 

Leo: Oh, boy. 

Laura: No, Leo, she's totally crazy. And now she says she wants to prove that I'm, like, this basket case. 

Leo: Okay, just -- just forget about her, all right? I'm not going to let Greenlee pull any more of her stupid little tricks. 

Laura: Why? Well, what -- what'd she do? 

Leo: I'm onto her. All right? So it's over. 

Laura: Leo, you have to tell me. 

Leo: Okay. She went to your shrink and she pretended that she was you. 

Laura: What? 

Leo: Yeah, I know -- to get -- I don't know, to get information to slam you. I don't know. 

Laura: Oh, no. 

Leo: What's wrong? 

Laura: Oh. I'm not -- no, no. I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm not going to let Greenlee get to me, not this time. 

Leo: You're amazing. 

Laura: No, Leo. As long as I have you, I can survive anything. I just feel so sorry for Greenlee.

Jake: Excuse me. 

Waiter: Yeah. 

Jake: Have you seen Greenlee Smythe? She's petite; she has long brown hair, brown eyes. 

Waiter: Yeah, I know Ms. Smythe. She left through the hotel lobby.

Leo: Wipe those away. 

Laura: No, that's okay. I have a tissue in my bag. Oh, Leo. Oh, no.

David: So I shouldn't trust the bartender. And why is that? Does he water his drinks? 

Anna: It's a gut instinct. 

David: Tell me more. 

Anna: I didn't like the way that he snuck up on me outside your door. 

David: Did he ask about me specifically? 

Anna: Yeah, in a roundabout way. 

David: Did you tell him anything? 

Anna: Regarding what? 

David: Our mountain retreat? 

Anna: No, no. I didn't say a word. 

David: Good. See that you don't. 

Anna: I won't. 

David: So this is our first shared secret. 

Anna: Hmm. 

David: Keep it and I may begin to start trusting you. 

Anna: And then what? 

David: I'll tell you more secrets.

Bianca: Yeah, Opal won't have a problem with me staying over. I mean, she's got, like, a zillion guest rooms. Well -- unless you don't want me to stay over. 

Frankie: No. I don't care. 

Bianca: You know, ever since I came out to my mom, she's had a problem with every single female friend that I've had. I mean, nobody is good enough for her precious little girl. But that isn't the real reason why she always has a fit. The real reason is that she thinks that I'm going to fall in love with one of them. Is that what you think?

Erica: Oh. Opal must've gone home. Why isn't anyone ever where I need them to be? 

Chris: What's wrong? 

Erica: Nothing. Everything -- this Vanessa and then her con artist little niece. That's what's -- 

Chris: It's okay, okay, okay. Just take it easy. 

Erica: I can't! 

Chris: All right, then let's -- let's do what we can to make it better, okay? 

Erica: Oh. 

Chris: Look, I've got my car out front. Why don't you just let me take you home? 

Erica: All right, all right. Yes, you can take me home on one condition. 

Chris: You name it. 

Erica: Stay with me.

Leo: Laura, what is it?  What the hell is this? 

Laura: It's from the clock my mom brought us from Switzerland. 

Leo: You said somebody smashed that. 

Laura: They did. So my mom threw it away. So how'd it get in my bag? 

Leo: Well, Greenlee -- Greenlee was rooting through the trash at the hospital. Maybe she slipped this in here just now. 

Laura: Leo, you really think Greenlee's that twisted?

[Greenlee gasps]

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Laura: My house keys are gone. 

Leo: Greenlee. 

Bianca: Why are you freaking out? 

Frankie: I don't really know what to do with all of this. 

Erica: I want you to call me Erica before you kiss me.