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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 10/16/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Frankie: Your mother is never going to like me. She thinks I'm trouble. She's right.

Mateo: I love you and the baby more than anything on earth. You know that, right?

Hayley: Mateo --

Mateo: And I'd lose it. I'd lose it if something happened to you.

Leslie: Guess who.

Tad: Excuse me?

Leslie: It's Leslie.

David: You sure about this?

Anna: What?

David: Well, I just think we should enter into this with our eyes open.

Anna: I prefer it with my eyes open.

Hayley: Isabella? I'm back. I hope the baby was a good boy.

Mateo: They're not here.

Hayley: Mateo?

Mateo: Why don't you come in here?

Hayley: Where's your mom and the baby?

Mateo: Just come on in. I'll explain everything.

Hayley: Mateo, what is going on? I told your mother I'd be right back. What's the occasion?

Mateo: I just wanted to remind you how much I love you.

Opal: I didn't feel right, you know, going through her stuff.

Bianca: There's not much stuff to go through here, Opal. When's the last time you saw her?

Opal: Well, last night. You remember, at S.O.S. she said she wanted to walk, but then I guess she never came back. I just hope nothing terrible happened.

Bianca: I wouldn't worry. She likes sleeping in hotel lobbies and park benches.

Opal: Well, I know she says that, but now she's got a place to stay. I mean, why would --

Bianca: Mom was pretty harsh on her last night, and I mean -- I think she just took off. I couldn't catch up with her.

Opal: You mean you think she left for good without taking her clothes or anything?

Bianca: Well, I lent her these clothes. She doesn't have any reason to come back. I mean, there's really no reason for her to stick around here.

Frankie: Hey. Don't give up on me yet. What? You think I'd let your mom scare me off?

Tad: Uh -- yeah, yeah. Hi. Uh -- well, listen, you know, I'm -- I'm pretty busy right now. Why don't you give me a few minutes and I'll call you back, I promise.

Leslie: Oh, Tad, we've been through this. You know you can't put me off with vague promises.

Tad: I'm not. Just give a few minutes and I'll explain everything.

Dixie: Tad, who are you talking to?

Tad: Oh, it's just a -- a business call. I'll get rid of them, right.

Leslie: Where are you, Tad?

Tad: Uh -- I'm at home, which is, you know, why it's not really --

Leslie: And Dixie's there? Wasn't that Dixie's voice? Are you and Dixie back together?

Tad: I am not going to get into this right now. If you'll give me a few minutes, I'll explain everything.

Jesse: Oh, I bet you will.

Tad: You hush up.

Jesse: You hush up.

Leslie: No, I will not hush. Answer my question -- are you and Dixie back together?

Tad: Yes.

Leslie: So you lied to me, just like before? You asked me to trust you, and I did. Well, you should know by now that if you can't be honest with me, all bets are off.

Tad: I understand your concerns, and I will address them one by one, but I'm afraid I'm just going to have to call you back. See? That's -- that's my problem right there.

Jesse: Oh, you ain't never lying, T-bone.

Tad: I just have to quit bringing my homework with me. Look, Dixie, I promise you, all I need is a little bit of R&R, and I'm just -- I'm going to be fine.

Dixie: I have seen you overworked before. I have never seen you like this.

Tad: Well, the brain doctor has taken a look at me, and Dad's taken a look at me, and I'm -- I'm fine. Right, Pop?

Joe: I don't know yet, but I've done everything I can here. I'd like you to promise me you'd come by the hospital later on today. I mean, tomorrow, latest.

Tad: Okay, I promise.

Dixie: I'll make sure he does.

Joe: Okay. In the meanwhile, try and get some rest, please.

Tad: I will, I will, okay? Listen, Dixie, why don't you, you know, why don't you walk dad downstairs and I'll finish my -- my phone call and then I'll jump right into bed, okay?

Dixie: All right, all right. You got three minutes and then I'm taking that phone away from you.

Tad: All right.

Joe: Better see you later on.

Tad: You will.

Jesse: Ooh, boy. Bad move.

Tad: Pop off.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Leslie?

Leslie: Tad, I'm glad that you called back. I'm sorry about just now. I -- I fell into old patterns, and I apologize. It just -- hearing Dixie's voice just took me by surprise, that's all. But I'm fine with it, really. You know, I know that our relationship is about something much better now.

Tad: Well, I hope so. Is your sister there?

Leslie: Yeah. She's in the kitchen. Pam's never very far now.

Tad: Good.

Leslie: Yeah, she makes sure that I take my meds, which is wonderful. I love being sane again.

Tad: Sanity's good. You try to hang on to it.

Jesse: Oh, yeah. She's a regular poster child for sanity.

Tad: Will you, please? Remember to take your medications?

Tad: No, you just hang tight, and I'll call you when I need you.

Leslie: I'll hang tight.

Tad: Yeah, but you don't call here, okay, because you know who can answer the phone.

Leslie: You mean Dixie

Tad: Leslie, I'm serious. You don't want anybody else to locate you, do you?

Leslie: No, you're absolutely right.

Tad: I'll be in touch.

Leslie: Thank you for letting me in on this. I think that getting even with David Hayward will do wonders for my mental health.

Tad: There. You see? Leslie's back in line.

Jesse: And you are a fool.

Tad: Whether you like it or not, she is now part of the plan. I know she's a little bit of a nut, but I can handle her.

Jesse: Are you out of your mind? That is a Mount Vesuvius full of crazy, and she's about to go.

Hayley: You know, I know you don't want to worry me because of the baby and everything, but you don't have to keep things from me.

Mateo: I know. But you're dealing with so much, and it's -- it's tough being a mom. But you're doing a great job.

Hayley: You really think so?

Mateo: Yeah. Just take a look at our son.

Hayley: He's so beautiful and happy and healthy. We're so lucky, you know, Mateo?

Mateo: Yeah. And that's not going to change. So, am I forgiven?

Hayley: Only if you promise me one thing.

Mateo: What's that?

Hayley: That you'll keep rubbing my back.

Mateo: Like this?

Hayley: Mm-hmm.

Mateo: Yeah?

Hayley: Just like that.

Opal: Are you all right, Frankie?

Frankie: Yeah. Why?

Opal: Well, naturally, when you didn't come back last night, I --

Frankie: I didn't realize there was a bed check.

Opal: Well, no, there is no bed check, but a phone call would have been appreciated.

Frankie: Right. A phone call. I should have called. I've got, like, no manners at all. Thing is I went running last night, and, well, when it was time to come home, it was just too late, so I figured I'd just crash on a park bench.

Opal: Well, whatever. Main thing is that you're okay. You had Bianca pretty worried there.

Frankie: Yeah. I'm really sorry, Opal. I appreciate you putting me up like this, really.

Opal: Well, let's -- let's forget it.

Bianca: Do you mean any of that? Do you even care about Opal?

Frankie: I care about you. You were worried about me?

Bianca: I wasn't, actually. I just -- I just figured you'd moved on.

Frankie: Well, I didn't. I like it here, in spite of the deadly rays your mom was giving me last night.

Bianca: Yeah, my mom called you a con artist and a liar last night, and you told me that she was right.

Frankie: I was mad last night.

Bianca: But is it the truth? Are you trying to con us?

Frankie: Bianca, everyone's part con.

Bianca: Not everyone.

Frankie: Well, I've had to put on acts to stay alive my whole life. And, you know, if I hadn't, I mean, people would have stomped all over me by now. You can't expect everyone to be like you.

Bianca: Like me how?

Frankie: You're one of the few people who are real in this world.

Bianca: I don't know about that.

Frankie: You've always been upfront with me.

Bianca: Except about one thing.

Frankie: Yeah? What?

Bianca: Well, I mean, I would have told you, but I didn't know whether you were going or staying or whatever, so why bother, right?

Frankie: I'm staying. So tell me.

Bianca: I hope you don't have a problem with this. I'm gay.

Frankie: I don't have a problem with that. Actually, it even makes me like you more.  Come on, Bianca. I knew you were gay. It's not like you weren't on every tabloid cover for a month.

Bianca: Why didn't you say something?

Frankie: Well, why didn't you?

Bianca: I don't -- I don't know. It can get weird. I -- it changes things sometimes.

Frankie: How?

Bianca: Ahem. I don't know. People -- people sometimes don't handle it well. They disappear. It happens.

Frankie: Well, I'm not going anywhere.

Bianca: Good. 

Frankie:  Does it make things easier telling people you're gay?

Bianca: It's a hard question. I don't know. Yeah, for me, it did, I think.

Frankie: Did you think I would have a problem with it or something?

Bianca: No. I thought you would be cool with it. I -- it's just more stuff to deal with, you know?

Frankie: Yeah.

Bianca: I mean, I'm already hassled enough dealing with my mom dealing with it.

Frankie: Oh, yeah. It must freak her out.

Bianca: I mean, that's the other reason that I wanted to tell you so you don't take anything that she says personally. She would have problems with any girl that I was friends with.

Frankie: Wait. You mean she thinks you and me are --

Bianca: No. My mom -- her head is always going to go there. So, now you know.

Frankie: Man, I give you credit, girl. You coming out like that and owning it? I could never.

Bianca: Well, you don't have to, right?

Frankie: Hey, I have to ask you a huge favor, okay, and it's going to take a whole lot more than coming out to the world.

Hayley: Thank you for saying I'm a good mother.

Mateo: I meant it. I mean, you've -- I mean, you picked it up so quickly, you know?

Hayley: I know, but, you know, I never really feel like I know what I'm doing. I wish there was a rulebook I could follow. I'd follow it to the letter.

Mateo: You don't need a book. Come here.

Hayley: Hmm. Do you remember what you said the other day -- you were afraid of making one mistake that would ruin our child's life forever? I feel that way every day all the time.

Mateo: Yeah. That kid's our life, you know? We're going to do right by him.

Hayley: I'm glad you feel that way, too, because I don't know what I would do if I was on my own and I didn't have you.

[Motorcycle approaches]

Mateo: Stay right here.

[Motorcycle engine stops]

Mateo: Go back inside. Go back inside.

Hayley: Why?

Simone: Oh, sorry. Get you out of bed?

Tad: Would you give it a rest? Leslie Coulson is the least of my problems right now.

Jesse: Oh, really? So how long you think it's going to be before she comes after Dixie again? Yeah, I know everything remember? She came after Dixie, after J.R., She gassed the entire E.R., including Dr. Joe, just to keep from being sent to the nut house.

Tad: She's a different person. She's on medication.

Jesse: Oh, well, glory be. Tad, let me tell you something -- and I'm not giving up any forbidden secrets when I tell you this -- that skeezer is as insane as she ever was.

Tad: No, she's not. And even if she was, it wouldn't matter because I only need her long-distance. She's in California hiding from the law, and she's going to stay there.

Jesse: That woman is going to --

Tad: What? What were you going to say?

Jesse: I can't tell you anything you don't already know, all right? You're bringing danger to the people you love, Tad, and for what?

Tad: David Hayward is a bigger threat to the people I love than anything or anybody else. He's still after my family, so anything I have to do is --


Tad: Uh -- oh.

Dixie: Sorry.

Tad: No, no, it's -- that -- that should be everything, right? Okay. Good. Terrific. Um -- so, a deal's a deal. No more calls, right? Okay. Ciao.

Dixie: Thank you. Who were you talking to?

Tad: Well, you know. You know, just office business stuff.

Dixie: Then why do you keep talking about David Hayward?

Anna: Sir Galahad.

David: What is that supposed to --

Anna: Your chivalrous concern just before -- it was very charming.

David: Yeah, that's me, Mr. Charming. But my concern was genuine. You've been dealing with a lot of things, Anna, not the least of it being painful memories.

Anna: Hmm. What have you been dealing with?

David: You mean you don't know? Haven't you been tracking me?

Anna: I've discovered that you have a weakness. Most criminals do. Yours is being a gentleman in spite of yourself. I noticed it that day, you know, when Dixie and you were arguing in my room.

David: Oh, yeah. What can I do to shut you up? Maybe a nice glass of really good champagne, huh?

Anna: Do you have any strawberries?

David: Well, it's worth taking a look.  Hurt your hand, huh?  So now you know my secret. How does it feel to make love to the enemy? 

Anna: Are you the enemy?

David: Why else would I have all this equipment unless I was up to something not quite legal?

Anna: Are you?

David: You're the secret agent.

David: Ah.

Anna: Okay. Well, this all looks to be fairly new. One hears a lot about human cloning these days. Maybe it's a cure for male-pattern baldness.

David: Oh, then I really will be rolling in the money.

Anna: True. Oh.  Where did you get this?

David: Look, you can put it down there. There are no drugs or stolen rubies inside that thing.

Anna: Oh, I know this piece. This is one of the Chen Jade Three.

David: Well, not quite. It's -- it's a copy.

Anna: Oh, yes, of course. Yeah. How could it be real? The three of them are in museums around the world. It's very good imitation.

David: Yeah, yeah, it is.  Whoa!

Anna: Oh! It's the real thing. I know because I stole it.

Tad: You thought I was talking about David Hayward?

Dixie: Did I hear wrong?

Jesse: Come clean, Tad.

Tad: Oh! No, no, I -- no, I was -- I was dictating an e-mail to a guy named David in Hamburg. Look, I -- I don't want you to worry, okay? I put David Hayward right out of my head.

Dixie: I just don't want what's going on with you to have anything to do with David or your hatred for him.

Jesse: See, she's no dummy, Taddio!

Tad: My problem is I'm overworked, you know, just like I told Dad. Now, I'm going to get some rest and I'm going to be fine.

Dixie: Okay. If you say so.

Jesse: Shame on you.

Tad: I -- Honey, you know -- you have to know that I would never do anything, anything to put you at risk.

Dixie: It's okay, I know.

Tad: No, I'm serious, okay? I mean what I say. I -- what we have together is so important, and we almost lost it. And you got to know that, you know, anything I do from here on out, no matter how crazy it might seem, it's just because I'm trying desperately to hang on to it.

Dixie: That's the point, though -- you don't need to hang on to it. We have everything that we want. All we have to do now is just love each other.

Tad: Yeah, well, that's the easy part.

Dixie: Baby, are you sure there's nothing wrong? I mean, if there is something wrong, you can tell me, whatever it is.

Tad: Come on. As long as we have each other, what could possibly be wrong?

Bianca: Ow! Ow! Frankie!

Frankie: You didn't need that cuticle.

Bianca: So I'm guessing that you lied to Opal when you said that you could do this. Ow! Jeez. Hey.

Frankie: Okay, okay.

Bianca: Okay, dumb question.

Frankie: That part's over. Now the artistic part. Hmm. Passion Scarlet. Throbbing Inferno.

Bianca: I will take Peach-o-Rama.

Frankie: Wimp-o-Rama. How am I doing?

Bianca: Awesome.

Frankie: Because, you know, when I'm doing this, I'm supposed to be making small talk, so--

Bianca: So go for it.

Frankie: All right. So, what is it like living with a drop-dead gorgeous supermom?

Bianca: Yikes. Can we talk about something else?

Frankie: Come on, I have to, I don't know, learn how to draw the customer out, right?

Bianca: Well, not this customer. Besides, you know enough about me. Why don't you tell me something about you?

Frankie: Me? Who am I?

Bianca: Well, that's what I'd like to know. 

Simone: I really am sorry to bother you. But I didn't -- I didn't think this could wait. A messenger dropped this off and said you needed to have it immediately.

Hayley: Oh, it's for me. What is it? Mateo?

Mateo: Uh --

Hayley: Let's find out.

Mateo: I -- I have no idea what --

Hayley: "Good things from now on. Love, Mateo."

Simone: Aw.

Hayley: Let's see. I hope you didn't go overboard, you know.  Oh, my God.

Dixie: Tad? Honey?

Jesse: You had the perfect opportunity to tell her the truth.

Tad: What truth? I'm being haunted by the ghost of a dead cop in a second-rate thrift store bowling shirt?

Jesse: No -- that you were not out of town on some business trip, that you were looking for this lady named Leslie and you found her, and that you're planning this retarded scheme to get back at the devil doctor.

Tad: I can't tell Dixie any of that right now, but trust me, when David gets what's coming to him, nobody is going to be any happier about it than Dixie.

Tad: Away away away down south in Dix-- well, those things. You know, I'm stupid, right? Okay. You get those old songs in your head and you just can't get them out.

Maid: Oh, I know. Same with me.

Tad: Uh -- well --

Maid: Do you need anything? Towels? Little bars of soap?

Tad: No. Thanks, but, no, I'm fine, really.

Maid: Okay, then.

Tad: Okay.

[Maid hums]

Tad: Yeah, that's right. I still got it.

Jesse: Yeah, well, she squirted eye juice all over you, but you know what? The Tad Martin I used to know would have swooped down on it with a quickness.

Tad: Yeah, well, isn't there a place for adulterers where you come from?

Jesse: Yeah, Tad, there is, but you know what? There are so many worse levels in that little place you call Hell.

Tad: Why don't you do me a favor and tell me if anybody's coming?

Jesse: Can't do that. I can only tell you things you already know.

Tad: I know. I know. Just don't distract me, okay?

[Tad laughs]

Jesse: Now what?

Tad: Now I am in and out before Dr. Dave even knows I paid him a visit.

Anna: When I was talking about having a weak spot, I was speaking from experience. Mine was jade.

David: So you were a criminal?

Anna: I was a dealer in stolen property in a previous life. However, when the item in question was jade, I took a more personal interest. Oh, my God, it's years since I held this in my hands.

David: So how did you steal it?

Anna: This was part of the personal collection of the emperor of Japan, and I -- I think one of his generals or something stole it at great personal risk from the imperial palace, and he had it for a great number of years until I stole it from him.

David: Hmm. And then?

Anna: And then from me, I think it went to a baron in Argentina. And from him, a medical man in Hawaii. Oh, my God, David, was that you?

David: No. That's the person I acquired it from.

Anna: Just how wealthy are you? The value of this is -- it's immeasurable.

David: Maybe I didn't pay for it in money.

Anna: Oh. I guess I'll never know.

David: Do you expect me to believe that you just stumbled upon that by accident?

Anna: You think I knew you had the statue?

David: Well, it certainly did cross my mind.

Anna: I guess you regret -- you know --

David: No. I'd never regret that.

Anna: Neither would I.

David: But I do know your game now -- you were after me for possession of stolen property.

Hayley: Mateo, is this real?

Simone: Sure must have set you back some, boss. Hmm.

Mateo: I got a real good deal on them. They weren't that expensive at all. I just --

Hayley: Still, it's a bit much, don't you think?

[Phone rings]

Mateo: Uh -- let me get it.

Hayley: I got it. Isabella? Oh. Sorry. What? I'm sorry, Uncle Stuart. I know, I know, I know. I'm sorry, sorry, sorry. The measurements for the baby's mural.

Mateo: Oh. What are you doing? What do you think you're doing bringing that package over here?

Simone: Wow. How was I supposed to know what was in it?

Mateo: You should have called first instead of just showing up.

Simone: Yeah. I'm sorry. It did occur to me that Proteus might have sent this.

Mateo: The -- what?

Simone: "What?" What, I got to look like a real waitress. I can't be asking stupid questions. How suspicious would it be if I ignored the instructions not to deliver something urgent?

Mateo: Yeah, I thought he was going to give me a break, cut me some slack since I -- I've been playing along. Why is he doing this?

Simone: There's a reason why you got this thing.

Mateo: To make it look like I'm suddenly flush with cash?

Simone: Hmm.

Mateo: So I take the fall as the head of this drug organization, hmm?

Simone: What are you going to do?

Mateo: I don't know. I'm getting sucked in deeper and deeper. Look at this. What if Proteus makes his move before I can get out? 

Simone: I don't think this situation's going to last much longer. I think we'll have Proteus in custody. He's not going to be able to do real harm to you or your family.

Mateo: How do you know? What are you, a cop? Where'd you get this information? From Edmund? Is this is a little pep talk you're supposed to give me when I'm feeling down?

Simone: No, Mateo.

Mateo: You know, Simone, it's not your family that's being threatened, all right? What do you have to lose? This is career stuff for you, a little byline in some magazine. You have nothing to lose.

[Hayley laughs]

Hayley: Uncle Stuart is much happier.

Mateo: Yeah.

Hayley: Hmm.

Mateo: Thank you so much for dropping this off.

Simone: Oh, you're welcome.

Mateo: Yeah. Go back to work. I'll see you later, okay?

Simone: Nice seeing you again, Hayley.

Hayley: Do me a favor -- can you walk your bike out to the street? You're breaking, like, a thousand condo rules.

Simone: Of course. I'm sorry.

Hayley: Now, about this rock collection --

Mateo: Yeah.

Hayley: I think I understand what this is about.

Mateo: You do?

Hayley: Yeah, I do. I know that you've been feeling guilty about the way you've been treating me lately, and -- so some guy comes into the store and offers you a deal you can't refuse.

Mateo: You got me.

Hayley: Do me a favor -- take them back. Put the money back into S.O.S. where it belongs, please.

Mateo: Do you know how much I love you?

Hayley: I think I have a pretty good idea.

Mateo: I'm sorry we were interrupted. I wish we could just turn back the clock.

Hayley: Hmm. I don't. You know why?

Mateo: Why?

Hayley: Because our boy will be home soon, and he's the best present you've ever given me.

Jesse: So how do you know Hayward's not going to walk in here any second?

Tad: Is he?

Jesse: Can't tell you.

Tad: Well, for one thing, he's usually at work this time of day. And you know something? You could make this go a hell of a lot quicker if you'd just tell me to find what I want.

Jesse: What, like a checkbook or something with his signature on it?

Tad: Yeah, that's right.

Jesse: Can't tell you that, either. But I can tell you about this very interesting dimension where thieves and forgerers go and spend a whole lot of time.

Tad: Is it any more painful than listening to you peck me to death here on earth?

Jesse: Yep.

Tad: Aha! Yes, baby. Oh, that's right. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. See? Huh? This should do nicely. Very, very nicely. Yeah.  All right. That's it. We're done. Come on, get off your ethereal can. Let's go.

Jesse: Tad, there's still time to stop this.

Tad: No. I'm not going to stop anything. I meant what I said. Hayward's going down. If I have my way, he's not going to know what hit him.

David: So now that you've cracked your case, you going to turn me in?

Anna: The brain is a tricky thing. You know, I can remember things from my distant past and from my recent past, but the chronology is all off.

David: What are you getting at?

Anna: I don't remember exactly when or how I became one of the good guys, and holding this -- this beautiful thing in my hands, I feel the way I did years ago that this shouldn't be in a museum. It needs to be held and appreciated and owned.

David: So you're going to let me keep it?

Anna: As long as I can see it from time to time.

David: That's all?

Anna: This cost you, David, somehow, and I'm impressed.

David: Why am I having a difficult time believing that?

Anna: Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's because you feel you've met your match.

David: Well, if so, there's a lot more going on behind those eyes than you claim.

Anna: And would that be so bad?

David: You know, a lot of people have tried to bring me down, but it's never been quite so enjoyable.

Anna: Well, just go with it, then.

Bianca: So your parents have no idea where you are?

Frankie: I sure as hell haven't told them.

Bianca: Don't you think they're worried?

Frankie: Well, they're not busting their humps to find me, are they?

Bianca: Maybe they are.

Frankie: Bianca, I have as much use for my parents as they have for me. Maybe they're right. They're ignorant losers and I'm their kid, so --

Bianca: You're not an ignorant loser. You know that, right?

Frankie: Bianca, I mean, how do you even know if what I just told you is true?

Bianca: Doesn't matter. You'll tell me the truth when you're ready, I know. You're not going anywhere, right?

Frankie: Right.

Bianca: Well, will you promise you're not going to run anymore?

Frankie: I promise. Besides, I think this is the place for me.

Bianca: I think that sounds like a plan -- have a good time.

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