AMC Transcript Thursday 10/11/01


All My Children Transcript Thursday 10/11/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy


Marian: Adam is your husband and the father of your child.

Liza: Ryan could be, too.

Greenlee: You are on the fast track to squirrelly-ville. In fact, you've already lost control.

Mateo: We're not hiring.

Woman: Maybe you should check out my references.


Mateo: Who do you work for?

Woman: Whoa, you better calm down --

Mateo: Who -- who do you work for?

Woman: Look, all right?  

Liza: Do I look like I have all day? What do you want to say already?

Mia: OK. I知 sorry.

Liza: What?

Mia: I知 sorry for trying to get something, anything out of you.

Liza: What is going on?

Mia: Don't ask him. Ask me.

Liza: I thought that was what I was doing.

Mia: Look, this is it. I was wrong in coming here and I知 not going to bother you again, ever.

Liza: Mia, wait. You're not going anywhere.  

Brooke: Laura? Honey. What happened?

Laura: I don't know. I -- I came in the room, and I found the clock like this.

Brooke: What in the world happened to it?

Laura: I think somebody must've smashed it, Mom. Do you know -- was Greenlee in here alone?

Leo: What the hell are you talking about, my wife tried to kill you?

Greenlee: Your wife tried to strangle me.

Leo: Oh, come on.

Greenlee: Leo, Laura put her hands on my neck, and she started to squeeze. Has that ever happened to you? It's totally surreal. You can稚 get any air in your lungs and the only air you can feel is your executioner's breath on your neck.

Leo: You've really lost it, haven't you?

Greenlee: Would I make something like that up?

Leo: Uh -- in a heartbeat.

Greenlee: It still hurts. I can feel it right here.

Leo: And here we are, conveniently in a hospital. Why aren't you getting help?

Greenlee: I didn't need help. I told you I got away in time. And I am telling you the truth. Laura wanted me dead, and she was getting me there.

Leo: Show me your neck.

Greenlee: What?

Leo: Show me your neck and let me see how badly bruised you are.

Greenlee: I知 not bruised. I told you I got away in time.

Leo: Yeah. There it is.

Greenlee: What? What, you see it?

Leo: Yeah, I see you, Greenlee. You're a liar.

Greenlee: I知 not lying to you. I don't have any bruises on my neck because I'm wearing a turtleneck. 

Leo: Oh, this is good.

Greenlee: It probably saved my life.

Leo: Saved by a turtleneck. Whoever would've thought?

Greenlee: Your wife, she tried to kill me with her bare hands.

Leo: My head is going to explode. I swear I知 going to self-destruct right here, Greenlee. You don't have any marks on your neck. How can you possibly expect me to believe that?

Greenlee: Look, I know she seems physically weak.

Leo: "Seems"? "Seems." Let me ask you a question, Greenlee -- if Laura put you in so much danger, why didn't you scream for help?

Brooke: Honey, you think Greenlee came in here and smashed this clock?

Laura: Mom, I don't know anybody else who hates me that much. I do know. I mean, I hope it's not true.  It's just -- she scares so much, and this is so sad.

Brooke: Well, it could致e been a nurse or a maintenance worker who came in and broke it accidentally and -- just, they were afraid to report it.

Laura: Yeah. You're probably right. I don't know why I just said that about Greenlee.

Brooke: I think you're just a little emotional, and it's -- it's not a big deal.

Laura: Yeah. Maybe I should see that shrink after all. 

Brooke: I think it would be really good for you. I do, Honey, to talk to somebody. You know, you've been through a lot.

Laura: I -- I just want to go home.

Brooke: Well, great. I've got the car outside, so let's go.

Laura: But let me just try it one more time to set up an appointment with the psychiatrist.

Brooke: I知 so proud of you, Laura. I really am.

Laura: Thank you. I知 just trying hard to do the right thing. I'll meet you back here?

Brooke: You got it. Okay.

[Clock cuckoos]  

Mia: What? Why do you want me to stay?

Liza: I want the truth.

Mia: I told you the truth. You don't believe me, Liza.

Liza: That you're my sister, that my father had an affair with your mother for years and then abandoned you, leaving you with nothing. You know, if I wasn't made of money, would you have cared enough to come looking for me?

Mia:  OK, I guess I deserve that. It's not true, but I deserved it.

Liza: You know this mea culpa thing doesn't work well on you, kid.

Mia: I知 not a kid, okay?

Adam: Mia, maybe --

Mia: Maybe I just handled this the wrong way, Liza. I never knew our--I never knew my father. My mother died when I was still pretty young, and my uncle wasn't exactly fit as a perfect guardian, so I wanted a family and I thought I might find one here. But I went about the whole thing like a big jerk. Sorry. If you ever want to talk about us -- if you want proof, I値l still take that blood test. Goodbye.

Liza: How much did you pay her?

Adam: What?

Liza: How much did you pay her to leave?

Adam: I didn't pay her. I know you question everything I do these days, Liza, but I didn't pay Mia to do anything.

Liza: Well then what's up with her?

Adam: I don't know. Seems to me, she needed to get a little more reasonable, and I -- looks like she's done that.

Liza: On your suggestion?

Adam: Well, I did suggest that it might be profitable for her to back off a little.

Liza: You did?

Adam: Mm-hmm. She doesn't respond to bribes or threats. I tried both, but I told her that she -- she should just let it be, just let it lie for a while. Maybe someday you'd be willing to -- to see her again.

Liza: Maybe not.

Adam: Maybe not. Absolutely. I told her that was a definite possibility.  Seems she heard me.

Liza: Thank you. Thank you, Adam.  

Mateo: I知 supposed to just accept this as fact?

Simone: Edmund Grey is your brother-in-law, right? That's his handwriting, and you know it. All right, I know the whole deal. Edmund gave me everything. Now, you can either push me off or you can let us both help you. What do you think is the smarter idea? Hmm?

Mateo: Okay, you're hired.

Simone: Good!

Mateo: When can you start?

Simone: How does now grab ya?

Mateo: Great. Here's an apron. You know, I've been looking for someone with your kind of experience for a long time.  

Hayley: Ryan, are you corrupting my sister-in-law?

Ryan: With soda, yes.

Hayley: I thought you were supposed to work tonight.

Ryan: Hayley --

Rosa: Oh, I was, up until your husband had another idea.

Hayley: What are you talking about?

Rosa: Yeah, he decided that I wasn't good enough to work with him anymore.

Hayley: Oh, since when?

Rosa: Since tonight. He -- I -- he forced me to quit before I smacked him.

Hayley: What? Rosa, what are you talking about?

Rosa: He made me quit, and then he hired her.

Hayley: Who?

Rosa: Penelope Cruz over there.  

Hayley: You guys wait here. Let me handle this.

Hayley: Hi.

Simone: Hi.

Hayley: Hi.

Simone: Oh, the bartender just went on break, but I can wing it. What can I get you?

Hayley: Some answers.

Simone: Excuse me?

Hayley: Like, who are you?

Simone: I知 Simone. And uh, you are?

Hayley: Hayley.

Mateo: Santos.

Hayley: Hayley.

Mateo: My wife.

Simone: Oh. Oh, you're the boss' wife.

Mateo: Yeah. This is our new bartender --

Simone: Hi.

Mateo: Sometimes waitress.

Hayley: Oh.

Simone: It's my pleasure.

Hayley: Oh. Can I talk to you?

Mateo: About what?

Hayley: Over here? Right now? Come on over. See, your sister Rosa over there is in tears. In tears.

Mateo: Yeah?

Hayley: She says you fired her. Or -- no, no, no -- you made her quit.

Mateo: I didn't make her do anything.

Hayley: She says you made her quit and you hired that little hothouse tomato over there to take her place.

Mateo: Listen, listen --

Hayley: Hmm?

Mateo: Rosa is underage, she can稚 serve booze, and everybody comes here to drink, so what am I --

Hayley: You are a liar.

Mateo: What?

Hayley: A liar. You're a liar.

Mateo: I知 not lying.

Hayley: Something's been going on with you for weeks, and you're going to tell me what it is.  

Mia: Ryan, hi. Sorry I知 late.

Ryan: Hey.

Mia: Hi, I知 Mia.

Rosa: Rosa. Hi. I used to work here.

Ryan: Rosa, where -- uh --

Mia: Don't even tell me that you double-booked me with someone who's hardly old enough to drive.

Ryan: That's Mateo's sister, and I was keeping her company because, like you said, you were late. Have a seat. So, what's up? You look wiped.

Mia: Yeah, I suppose I am.

Ryan: What happened?

Mia: It's no big deal. Let's talk about your problems. I知 sure they're much more interesting than mine.

Simone: Can I get you something?

Mia: Scotch.

Simone: Okay. A refill?

Ryan: Yeah, please. You just started, huh?

Simone: What, are you a regular?

Ryan: Depends what "regular" means in your world. Another would be great. Thank you.

Simone: You're welcome.

Ryan: What?

Mia: So, do you do that with every single woman on the planet?

Ryan: Mia, you are obviously in a foul mood, which means really only one thing.

Mia: Really? What?

Ryan: That you just saw Liza. Am I right?

Mia: Yes.

Ryan: And?

Mia: And I promised to back off and, you know, stop pushing her about us being sisters.

Ryan: Really?

Mia: Really.

Ryan: That's huge for you.

Mia: Thanks -- I think.

Ryan: No, really. I mean, that's great.

Mia: Really? Then how come I feel so miserable?  

Greenlee: Are you listening to anything I知 saying, Leo? I couldn't scream for help because Laura had her hands around my throat.

Leo: In her room?

Greenlee: No, actually, in the hallway. I was walking down the corridor, and I saw her with her head buried in the trash. When I asked her what she was doing, she flipped out and started choking me.

Leo: Enough already, Greenlee. Now you're going a little bit too far, okay?

Greenlee: What? How can you be with someone who is so far gone?

Leo: Oh, okay, now I get it.

Greenlee: Oh, please. Get what?

Leo: You're still in this thing about trying to make me see how crazy Laura is. You're trying to save me.

Greenlee: She is crazy. She is certifiable, A-1 crazy, crazy!

Leo: Greenlee, I appreciate that you're trying to help me, all right, but I知 a big boy. Please just let me figure this out on my own.

Greenlee: Leo --

Leo: No, no, listen to me. Understand my situation, please, and just accept it.  

Woman: Hi.

Laura: Hi. Are you --

Woman: Dr. McMillan's secretary. Can I help you?

Laura: Oh, yes. I wanted to speak with Dr. McMillan.

Woman: An appointment?

Laura: Well, actually, I wanted to just speak with him first.

Woman: Well, he's at a conference, but I can schedule an appointment if you'd like to do that.

Laura: Okay. I should just do that.

Woman: All right. And your name, please?

Laura: Laura Du Pres. What?

Woman: No, not again. Look, I got into a lot of trouble with the boss for scheduling a fake appointment.

Laura: I知 sorry, but what does that have to do with me?

Woman: Look, I don't know what you and your rich friends do for fun when you're not mocking people like me --

Laura: What?

Woman: But if you and the other Laura Du Pres --

Laura: Wait, wait, and wait. What other Laura Du Pres?

Woman: Look, you're not -- you're no better at this than she was.

Laura: Who?

Woman: I can稚 believe that I didn't know this was a scam the minute I heard that phony name.

Laura: Are you saying that somebody came here and used my name and scheduled an appointment with Dr. McMillan? You have to tell me. I have to know. Look, I am the real Laura Du Pres.

Woman: And I知 Daphne Du Maurier.

Laura: Okay, Daphne, can you at least just tell me what she looked like? Is -- long, straight hair? Brown eyes? She's short?

Woman: Look, I know the two of you are in on this together, okay, for some sick reason. Just because you can describe her to a T doesn't mean anything.

Laura: Oh, my God. Greenlee.

Woman: Look, I don't know what you and your little friend are trying to pull here, but this is serious business. People come here with real problems for help, and for you rich girls to be making sport of their pain --

Laura: Look, look -- see this? I am the real Laura Du Pres.

Woman: What the heck is going on?

Laura: That's what I知 trying to figure out. Look, if you could just show me the file --

Woman: The what?

Laura: The file. Dr. McMillan must've started a file on a pretend patient.

Woman: Are you out of your mind?

Laura: No, I am not.

Woman: I can稚 show you another patient's file.

Laura: The other patient is impersonating me. Don't you think I have a right to see it?

Woman: No.

Laura: You have to let me see that file!

Woman: I sure as hell do not. Look, I'll talk to Dr. McMillan about this, okay?  But that's the best I can do. I知 sorry that somebody is messing with your head, but I really can稚 get in the middle of it, all right?

Laura: Is it in there?

Woman: Look, you have to go. I said I would talk to Dr. McMillan about this.

Laura: Look, I have a right to see that file.

Woman: It's not up to me to decide. It's up to Dr. McMillan. You can call tomorrow, okay? I mean it, young lady.  

Greenlee: Leo, I know you, and you are staying with Laura out of nothing other than some warped sense of obligation.

Leo: Okay, Greenlee, you are really starting to sound desperate.

Greenlee: But you know this is true. Why won't you face it?

Leo: Why would I stay with anybody out of obligation? This is me we're talking about, Greenlee. You think that I would be married and stay married if I didn't want to be married? Just deal with it already. I知 where I should be.

Greenlee: I don't buy that for a nanosecond.

Leo: Yeah, well, that's not my problem.

Brooke: So, what did he say?

Laura: Mom, I will tell you in a second.

Brooke: Okay.

Leo: Hey.

Laura: Hey.

Leo: How'd everything go?

Laura: Better than usual.

Greenlee: I知 out of here.

Brooke: That's probably a good call.

Laura: So, how'd it go with Greenlee?

Leo: The same. She doesn't listen. So, where have you been?

Laura: I did what I said I would do. I went and talked to the psychiatrist.

Leo: You already saw him?

Laura: Well, I just had an introduction and -- yeah, I just told him some of the things I知 thinking about.

Leo: What'd he say?

Laura: You're not going to believe this. He agrees with Greenlee.

Brooke: What?

Laura: Yeah, he says I知 acting crazy but it's because of my meds.

Brooke: He said this after just the first consultation with you?

Laura: Mom, I ran him down the list of my whole drug protocol. I told him about my bad experiences on ecstasy back when I was a loser, and he says that it's very possible that that's contributing to me feeling weird and acting nuts. I don't know about you guys, but I was relieved.

Leo: So he's going to consult with David, have him change your dosages and stuff?

Laura: Sure. Yeah, he said he was going to get right on that.

Leo: Baby, that's great. Really.

Greenlee: Excuse me. Excuse me a minute. Can I talk to you?  

Adam: Liza, what is it? Are you all right?

Liza: Yeah, you just -- you just did this simple thing for me, and -- and I just felt a little -- I've just been so overwhelmed. I mean, all this stuff between Mia, and then the two of us being separated and what led to that, and I -- I don't know. You -- you did this -- this simple thing for me, and -- and it moved me.

Adam: I hate seeing you cry.

Liza: No. It's not -- it's not bad. They're not bad tears.

Adam: If they're yours, they are. Liza, I知 sorry I hurt you so badly. I -- and I hate myself for it. I hate what I've done to you, and I wish I could -- if I could undo it, I would, believe me, but I can稚. All I can do is swear to you that I will never hurt you again.

Liza: I love you very much.

Adam: Don't -- don't pull away.

Liza: I知 not. Make love to me.  

Mia: I know it's a good thing -- me backing off Liza. I mean, you can稚 force someone to -- to want you around, even if you really are family. Just feels -- I don't know -- scratchy.

Ryan: "Scratchy"? How?

Mia: Well, I came to this town hating Liza, just wanting to make her pay for having everything in life that I never had. And now -- I don't know. I don't know.

Ryan: Revenge doesn't pay. People think it does, but it doesn稚.

Mia: Liza's been awful to me, Ryan, and -- I don't know. How can I get mad at her?

Ryan: Mia, you're mad at her every time you're near her.

Mia: I know that, but I don't get anywhere. I mean, I知 acting like some kid stamping her feet for attention and not getting any. And now I feel worse than I did when I -- Before I found her. I don't know.

Ryan: You feel alone?

Mia: Yes.

Ryan: Yeah, but now it's worse because you have a sister who wants nothing to do with you. Your parents are dead. You feel orphaned.

Mia: Thanks for the pep talk.

Ryan: No, no, no. I知 saying that I get it. I知 saying I have the same stuff, only I really don't have any family now that my mother's dead.

Mia: I thought you had a brother.

Ryan: Yeah, well, I'd be lucky if our paths never crossed again.

Mia: God, Ryan, and I知-- I知 sorry. I知 just getting really depressed here.

Ryan: Have a drink. It'll make it worse.

Mia: No, I don't want that. I don't want anything. I知-- look, I probably should've just stood you up tonight. I知 nobody痴 idea of a good time.

Ryan: Where are you going?

Mia: I don't know. Just anywhere but here.  

Hayley: You know that I am not the jealous type.

Mateo: Then what is it?

Hayley: What -- I understand that pretty is a factor here. You need a pretty waitress. It's good for business. I am fine with that. Why let go of your sister to hire this new girl if pretty is a factor? Hello? Rosa -- pretty.

Mateo: I told you, she's too young to serve booze, okay, and I need more help --

Hayley: I want the truth, Mateo.

Mateo: You're overreacting. I知 telling you.

Hayley: Am I?

Mateo: Yes.

Hayley: Am I overreacting? Is that why you're being so hostile?

Mateo: I知 not being hostile.

Hayley: You are being hostile. The hell you're not, Mateo. You chew my head off because I tried to open the safe, and you tell me it's because you don't trust Chris. Chris still works here. Chris still works here. Rosa doesn't work here. Have you seen your sister's face tonight? She is devastated. Devastated.

Mateo: I don't -- I don't know. I just -- I知 sleep-deprived or something. I don't -- look, I知-- I知 just freaking out, you know, I guess, about being a dad and everything. It's just, I知 stressed out.

Hayley: What?

Mateo: You know, I知 barely an influence on Max. You know, I don't -- and with this new baby, I want to be -- you know, I知 trying to overcompensate, I guess, you know, and I知 just trying to do everything right.

Hayley: You're a great dad. You're a great dad and a wonderful husband, a great provider.

Mateo: You don't have to say that.

Hayley: I知 not saying it. It's true.

Mateo: I'd never want to hurt you guys. I -- I love you and the baby more than anything on earth. You know that, right?

Hayley: Mateo --

Mateo: And I'd lose it -- I壇 lose it if something happened to you.

Hayley: Honey, nothing is going to happen to us. Nothing, I promise. Why are you being like this?

Mateo: I don't know.

[Phone rings]

Mateo: SOS.

Man: [Distorted voice] Did you get those beach pictures I sent you? 

Mateo: Look, I told you to lay off me. All right? Why are you following me?

Man: [Distorted voice] You are a very excitable guy, Mateo.

Mateo: Look, look, I知 not --

Hayley: Mateo?

Man: Ah, the lovely Hayley.

Mateo: Hey, can you give me a sec? Just a sec.

Man: You handled your first assignment so well. I have another.

Mateo: What?

Man: Take the stash you're holding for me out of your safe, bring it to the park down the street from your club. You know the one, Mateo -- where all the children play.

Mateo: Look --

Man: There's a bench on the way in to your right. Leave the package there and someone will be along for it. Okay?

Mateo: No, no. I知 not making some drop for you.

Man: Mateo, business is slow at the club tonight. Do it.

Mateo: Hi. Guess what.

Hayley: What?

Mateo: I -- I have to go talk to that meat distributor.

Hayley: Now?

Mateo: Now. He's -- I got to go. He's --

Hayley: Mateo, I was hoping you would come home with me and take a night feeding.

Mateo: Man, I want to. I really do. I知 sorry. All right, here. And this is for the boy. I got to go. I got to go. I'll be home, okay?

Hayley: You going out the back?

Mateo: Yeah, it's quicker.

Hayley: Ahem. Well, I don't know about you, but I知 in the mood for ice cream. What do you think?

Rosa: Yeah.

Hayley: My drug of choice. Come on, my treat. We can trash your brother the whole time we're there.

Rosa: Good deal.

Simone: Quitting time? Tony --

Tony: You're leaving, too?

Simone: Uh -- I won't be long.  

Laura: Well, I know I知 glad things are settled. I can稚 imagine how glad you are.

Leo: I just want you to feel good, Laura, that's all.

Laura: This always feels good.

Leo: Listen -- I want to ask you kind of an out-there question --

Laura: Sure.

Leo: About Greenlee.

Laura: What about her?

Leo: Did you see her before, alone?

Laura: Yeah. It was the usual love fest. Why?

Leo: Did anything happen?

Laura: Happen how?

Leo: Did you two go at it physically in any way?

Laura: No way. I can稚 believe you'd ask me that. Why? Did Greenlee tell you we, like, fought?

Leo: Yeah, she did. But she's nuts and I told her so. So -- you didn't, right?

Laura: Of course not. Leo, I知 not up for a few rounds with Greenlee.

Leo: Yeah, that's what I told her. Anyway, let's just -- let's just drop it.

Laura: Leo, if Greenlee's going around telling people I知 attacking her physically, don't you think that's something I should deal with?

Leo: Nah, who'd believe her? Let's go.  

Greenlee: Can I ask you a nutty question?

Man: I guess.

Greenlee: Have you gotten all the trash from this floor?

Man: Yeah.

Greenlee: I need to go through it.

Man: You need to go through the trash?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. That okay by you?

Man: No. Not at all. I got a job to do and a schedule to keep, so --

Greenlee: I can make it worth your while. Cash, bucko.

Man: Well, for what, exactly? I don't have any syringes or anything like that.

Greenlee: Please, please. I知 looking for some papers that I misplaced. Will this do?

Man: If you take all this down to the incinerator when you're done.

Greenlee: I can do that. Thanks, Errol.

Errol: Okay.

Greenlee: Okay. Bye now. The price you pay for love. Ugh. Oh. Jackpot. "Dear Laura, I hate to have to hurt you like this --" oh, my God.  

Ryan: I知 sorry. Wasn't expecting company. Ahem.

Mia: Yeah, your secret's out.

Ryan: What secret?

Mia: You're pretty much a slob.

Ryan: Yeah, I guess I am. I mean, Gillian always used to kind of -- well --

Mia: You know, I never loved anyone the way that you loved your wife, so I知 not going to insult you by saying "I know how hard it is" because I don't. You're basically a good guy. You just had some bad luck.

Ryan: Thanks, Mia.

Mia: You know you didn't have too me after me.

Ryan: I know that.

Mia: You didn't have to invite me back here, either.

Ryan: I know that, too.

Mia: So, why did you?

Ryan: Just wanted to make sure you were okay.

Mia: I am. Sort of.

Ryan: I am, too. Sort of.

Mia: Is this okay?

Ryan: Yeah. Is this?

Mia: Yeah.

Ryan: Mia -- I just --

Mia: Don't say anything, okay?

Ryan: Okay.  

Ryan: Liza -- a baby. Let me see.

Adam: Whose is it?

Liza: I don't know. I really don't know.

Adam: I do know. The baby's mine.

Ryan: What are you talking about? It's my baby.

Adam: No --

Liza: No.

Adam: It's my baby, not yours.

Ryan: What are you saying?

Liza: Ryan -- no --

Ryan: No.

Adam: It's not. You stay away from her.

Liza: Ryan.  

Leo: I know I had it on me when I was here last time.

Laura: Maybe Greenlee palmed it.

Leo: My wallet?

Laura: What wouldn't she do? Oh, look. Here it is. Right?

Greenlee: Oh, kiddies -- look what I found.  


Frankie: We going to kiss and make up or what?

Simone: You might want to clean up. You're bleeding money.

Greenlee: Should I read it to the class, or do you want to?

David: I知 hoping to get you into bed before dessert, Devane.