AMC Transcript Tuesday 10/9/01


All My Children Transcript Tuesday 10/9/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

David: I've had a lousy day, so I want you to open this door right now before I come --

Anna: What's up, Doc?

Greenlee: That girl needs a second honeymoon in a padded cell with a shrink.

Jake: I think you're the one who could use a shrink.

Greenlee: Laura's the one who needs her head examined.

Brooke: Leo, you ran out on your wife and you left a letter!

Leo: The letter doesn't matter now as long as she never reads it.


Anna: Is there any particular reason why you wanted to tear down my door, Dr. Hayward?

David: Call it unfinished business.

Anna: Concerning what, exactly?

David: I'll get to that after you invite me in. By the way, Anna, nice towel.

Dixie: You sick, vindictive bastard! Don't you ever stop?

Doctor: Now that I have some of your background, can you tell me why you're here? You say that you've been acting irrationally, constantly worrying that your husband is in love with another woman. Is that why you came to see me, Mrs. Du Pres?

Greenlee: I -- I think this will go better if you call me Laura.

Edmund: Brooke, you want to take it down a notch? You heard Laura's doctor. She's probably well enough to go home today.

Brooke: Yeah, and what is she going to go home to? That's what I want to know.

Edmund: Oh, okay, so this mood is about Leo?

Brooke: With good reason, don't you think?

Edmund: Look, I know he took off yesterday.

Brooke: I'm not overreacting, Edmund. Leo was leaving Laura.

Edmund: How do you know that for sure?

Brooke: Because when you called the condo and you told me that Laura was in the hospital, I found a good-bye letter from him to her, along with his wedding ring.

Edmund: Really?

Brooke: Yes.

Edmund: You didn't read a note addressed to Laura, did you?

Brooke: Don't judge me about that, all right? You saw the state that she was in.

Edmund: Does Laura know about this?

Brooke: No, because Leo came back before I had to say something to her.

Edmund: You're on shaky ground here. You know that?

Brooke: I think we're all on shaky ground because Leo has shown that he cannot be trusted.

Edmund: Okay, whoa, whoa. Don't put it all on Leo, all right? Especially the way that Laura's been carrying on.

Brooke: What?

Edmund: Well, I mean, he can't breathe, either. No wonder he decided to bolt.

Brooke: I can't believe what you're saying. You're blaming Laura?

Laura: Where is it?

Leo: Laura, what are you looking for?

Laura: Oh --

Leo: What is it? What's wrong?

Laura: Leo, I -- I'm in the hospital?

Leo: Don't you remember? You were admitted last night so the doctors could do some tests.

Laura: Oh -- right.

Leo: They brought you up here on a gurney just a few hours ago.

Laura: Have I been asleep for long?

Leo: Yeah. You've been out for a while. They sedated you. So how you feeling?

Laura: Uh -- better, I guess.

Leo: That's good. Come here. We're going to keep it that way, all right? I had a chance to do some heavy thinking about us.

Laura: Oh, no.

Leo: Laura, what's wrong? What is it?

Dixie: I mean, what is wrong with you? And now you're trying to discredit Joe Martin? You can't break up Tad and me, so you just decide to go after Joe?

David: All right, why don't you try to calm down?

Dixie: Listen, I know that any complaint that you have against Joe Martin cannot be real because, unlike you, he takes responsibility for his actions.

David: Well, obviously, you don't know what you're talking about, Dixie. The man jeopardized a patient's life today. Now, I'm sure it was an honest mistake, but, yes, it did happen.

Dixie: No, the only mistake here is you. Joe is the most competent, dedicated doctor at that hospital, unlike yourself, who happens to be self-serving and malicious!

David: Save your breath, okay? Jake already listed my faults.

Dixie: And you're just going to lean back and live up to them, aren't you?

David: Can we talk about this someplace else, please?

Dixie: Are you serious?

David: What, you came here to have this out with me, right? Can we at least discuss it in my room?

Dixie: I don't think I will be going in your room ever again in my entire life!

Anna: Do you want to continue it in here?

David: Anna, look, this really isn't your concern, okay, so --

Anna: Maybe not, but I'm getting a bigger picture of you, so --

David: Look, this isn't the appropriate time for --

Anna: Just please carry on. Don't mind me.

Dixie: Great. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Listen, I just want to know one thing, and that is why you're doing this. Is it ambition again? I mean, is it because you just hate the Martins so much?

David: Could you please just try to keep this calm, please?

Dixie: No, I am not going to be calm until you agree to drop this complaint against Joe.

David: It's over, Dixie. Joe's job is secure, all right? For now.

Dixie: You better not be lying to me again.

David: I am not lying to you. I'm surprised the Martin network didn't fill you in.

Dixie: Well, why don't you just tell me what happened.

David: Jake momentarily outmaneuvered me.

Dixie: And? That's all you're going to tell me?

David: What else do you want to hear? I mean, the Martins' world is rock solid again, all right? You should be happy.

Dixie: What, you think that just erases everything that you did?

David: I only did what I felt my conscience told me to do.

Dixie: Well, that would be a first for you, wouldn't it?

David: I had Joe's interests and the interests of the hospital's in mind. That's it.

Dixie: Why don't I believe you?

David: Well, you know something? As a matter of fact, you're right. There was another reason.

Dixie: Here we go. There always is with you.

David: And this time it was you, Dixie.

Joe: Oh, hi, son.

Jake: Hi. Are those Laura's test results?

Joe: Yes, yes. The test didn't pick up anything unusual.

Jake: And she's not symptomatic.

Joe: No, no, she's not, so we really have no good reason to keep her on here. I do want to review those numbers in detail before I let her go home, though.

Jake: Well, you're the boss. Anything else?

Joe: Actually, there is. A most unusual thing. Phoebe Wallingford has just promised the hospital a huge endowment.

Jake: Really?

Joe: Really.

Jake: Wow, that's great.

Joe: Yeah, millions, millions. There is a condition.

Jake: What's that?

Joe: That I stay on as chief of staff. Otherwise, the money goes someplace else.

Jake: Well, she knows how valuable you are.

Joe: Is that the reason?

Jake: What else? What else? Congratulations. You are the most competent man for the job, and no one deserves it more.

Joe: Mm-hmm. You knew about this, didn't you?

Jake: Me?

Joe: You, you. You went to Phoebe.

Jake: Why would you think that?

Joe: Jake --

Jake: I may have mentioned that there was a little power struggle going on.

Joe: Well, you engineered the whole thing.

Jake: No, I didn't. It wasn't like that. It wasn't like that.

Joe: Oh, well. Whatever you did, it was brilliant. Thank you.

Jake: Trust me, trust me, I really enjoyed seeing the look on Hayward's face when he realized he'd been trumped.

Joe: Yeah, I'll bet. Wish I could have seen it. I don't imagine he's going to let it go, though.

Jake: He doesn't have any choice.

Joe: Well -- well, I'm sure he'll be watching everything I do.

Jake: Well, let him, Dad. Maybe he'll learn something.

Joe: Hmm. You realize, don't you, that I would stop practicing today if I thought that I was endangering a patient.

Jake: I know.

Joe: Yeah. And you would tell me, wouldn't you, if you thought there was a grain of truth in what he said.

Jake: And there isn't. Don't even go there. Well, I don't -- do not doubt yourself, Dad. This is ridiculous, okay? There's nothing wrong with you. If you do, Hayward wins.

Joe: Okay. Promise me one thing.

Jake: You will know when that time will come, okay? No one will need to tell you.

Joe: It's not about me. It's about you.

Jake: Okay, what?

Joe: Don't turn your back on Hayward.

Jake: I won't. Don't worry.

Joe: Don't let anything get by you, no matter how small it may seem at the time.

Jake: Standard treatment, isn't it? Isn't that what you taught me about treating patients?

Joe: Well, you know, there's something here. There has to be. All the tests show that Laura's heart is functioning normally. So why does she keep on having these setbacks?

Edmund: Look, Brooke, I'm not blaming anyone, okay? It's just -- Leo and Laura, they kind of got married under trying circumstances.

Brooke: Yes.

Edmund: Yeah?

Brooke: And Leo is supposed to be sensitive to that.

Edmund: He is.

Brooke: He is.

Edmund: Yes.

Brooke: And is this how he shows it?

Edmund: Even happy couples, couples who've been together for years, they go a little crazy when one of them's hospitalized, near death. He's trying to work it out.

Brooke: Well, what are you saying by that, that Laura isn't?

Edmund: No -- Brooke, Laura is able to think about herself. Leo isn't. Give the guy a break.

Brooke: I have been trying to do that.

Edmund: Okay, well, keep it up. You're doing a great job, really. Who else is he going to turn to, his mother? He's got a new job, a fragile new wife. This is all new to him.

Brooke: He chose it.

Edmund: Yes, he did, he chose it. He chose it, and he does not get any credit for this. I think he's doing the best he can.

Brooke: Is he?

Edmund: I think so.

Brooke: What if he runs away again and he doesn't come back?

Edmund: I don't think he will, okay -- if you give him some space to breathe, okay? Just -- don't make him feel trapped.

Brooke: Well, Edmund, which is it? You know, I'm supposed to hold his hand or I should give him some space?

Edmund: You're smarter than that. You got to give him both. He needs it, just like everybody else.

Brooke: I just don't want Laura's heart broken.

Edmund: Don't you think you have made that perfectly clear to Leo? It's their marriage, Brooke. They'll come to you if they need help, okay?

Brooke: I just -- I so hate it when you're right.

Edmund: You should be used to that.

Brooke: Just shut up. So will you tell -- you tell me something? Did you ever feel trapped? I mean, trapped like Leo?

Edmund: I'll tell you this -- you never made me feel trapped. Not once.

Brooke: Well, I'm glad. You know what? I left -- I left a gift in the car for them. I brought it back from Switzerland. You want to go to the car and get it and I'll give it hem?

Edmund: Sure.

Brooke: I mean, that's supportive, right?

Edmund: What?

Brooke: You know, a gift -- what? What? -- souvenirs, a housewarming gift -- that's --

Edmund: As long as it's not hideous.

Leo: Laura, are you sure you're all right? You seem a little out there.

Laura: It must be the medication.

Leo: Hey, I'm right here.

Laura: Sorry.

Leo: No, you don't have to say "sorry." I just want to tell you why you couldn't find me yesterday. Like I said, I was doing some heavy thinking.

Laura: Yeah, you said that.

Leo: About us and our marriage and our vows.

Laura: Leo, you're not thinking of canceling our --

Leo: Just let me finish, okay? We promised to love each other and to be faithful, but there's one thing that we left out that's just as important.

Laura: We did?

Leo: Yeah. We're supposed to have fun.

Laura: And you're not?

Leo: Are you? Can you remember the last time we laughed together? Man, I feel like I'm 50-something rather than 20-something.

Laura: Well, we've had a lot to deal with.

Leo: That's true, that's true, but we can't base our lives on our problems. It's -- it's not healthy. And you shouldn't be stressed out all the time.

Laura: I know. I've been a drag.

Leo: No, I'm not blaming you. I'm not blaming you at all. I just -- we just have to fix this.

Laura: How?

Leo: Well -- for starters, you can't watch me and second-guess me every single minute of the day.

Laura: Do I do that?

Leo: Yeah, you do.

Laura: So I'm making you nuts?

Leo: Laura, I'm making you nuts. I'm not blaming anybody. I mean, it's my fault just as much as it is yours, but we have to try to make this marriage better. Okay? And the thing is I have to be able to cut loose and be myself while we're doing it, and I think that you should do the same. I miss the old Laura. Huh? Remember her?

Laura: I remember she didn't know much.

Leo: Well, she knew what was important, and she loved being alive and she saw the best in me, which is pretty amazing. She saw the best in everyone else.

Laura: She did?

Leo: Yeah. And she never doubted that, I don't know, things were going to work out the way they're supposed to.

Laura: It's hard to keep believing that.

Leo: We have to try. Okay, we've lost something, Laura, and we have to try to get it back.

Laura: No!

Dixie: You're trying to get Joe fired because of me. That's kind of a stretch, isn't it?

David: Look, I know how much you admire Joe, Dixie, and I know how devastating it would be for you to see his career end up in multiple malpractice suits.

Dixie: You know what? Forget it. Just don't even -- just you should just stop this because there's no way that I'm going to believe that Joe is incompetent.

David: I'm not saying that he's incompetent. It's my belief that his age and his health are contributing factors to his poor judgments. You weren't there in the ER with him, Dixie. I was. The man made a judgment call that nearly cost a patient his life, and the hospital millions of dollars, I might add.

Dixie: How come you're the only one that's saying this?

David: Well, excuse me! It is my area of expertise!

Dixie: Which is also your opinion!

David: No, it is not my opinion!

Dixie: You want people to start questioning Joe's ability to run the hospital.

David: No, I want Joe to wake up, okay? I mean, the man has a lot of pride and a great career behind him, but he is an accident about to happen.

Dixie: I don't buy it.

David: Well, that doesn't surprise me. Jake couldn't see it, either. Like you, he's too close.

Dixie: You know, you're so full of it. This has nothing to do with saving Joe and everything to do with promoting yourself.

David: That is not true, but I'm sure it's a hell of a lot easier for you to think the worst of me than to think that Joe is possibly failing.

Dixie: No, you're the one that's the failure here because every time you try to be a decent human being, you fail. Excuse me.

David: I'm sorry you had to hear all that.

Anna: Oh, it was fascinating.

David: What?

Anna: You're still in love with her, aren't you?

Leo: No? Do you want to keep going on like this? You don't think that it matters if we spend the rest of our lives just going through the motions? You got to be kidding me.

Laura: I didn't mean that. I meant no, like it's unfair you feel this way. You feel you don't have any freedom.

Leo: How do you feel?

Laura: Really hot and thirsty. It's making it really hard to concentrate. Do you think you could ask a nurse for a pitcher of ice chips? 

Leo: Sure. You want anything else?

Laura: No, just the ice chips.

Leo: Okay. I'll be right back.

Greenlee: And I do this thing where I compare myself every which way to my husband's old girlfriend. She has this fabulous sense of style, completely couture, you know? And I'm fashion challenged. Trust me, Dr. McMillan, by nature, I'm sort of grungy.

Dr. McMillan: So you try to dress up like another woman to please your husband.

Greenlee: Duh! No. I can't compete with her on that level.

Dr. McMillan: But you do try to compete.

Greenlee: Yes. But it's a losing battle.

Dr. McMillan: Why is that, Laura?

Greenlee: They're both so sophisticated. I mean, they know about art and wine and food and -- and, well, sex. They had incredible sex, and ours is just -- routine.

Dr. McMillan: Your husband told you this?

Greenlee: He didn't have to. I can tell I disappoint him. I mean, he says he loves how innocent I am and all, but --

Dr. McMillan: He thinks that you're innocent.

Greenlee: That's what he says.

Dr. McMillan: Go on.

Greenlee: Oh. I could go on for days. The main thing is I have this destructive streak. You know, I just can't take my fingers off a sore. I mean, if you could just tell me what my diagnosis is, if you could tell me exactly what's wrong with me, then I'll know how I can get help.

Dr. McMillan: You seem to already know what's wrong.

Greenlee: I do? I thought I was really confused.

Dr. McMillan: You're acting confused.

Greenlee: There's a difference?

Dr. McMillan: Definitely.

Greenlee: Oh.

Dr. McMillan: Young lady, I can't help you unless you're willing to tell me the truth, and I haven't heard a word of that since you started talking.

Greenlee: You want the truth?

Dr. McMillan: Please. Who is your referring physician, Laura?

Greenlee: My what?

Dr. McMillan: Who sent you to me? I want to ask your doctor some questions about you -- your transplant, your state of mind --

Greenlee: Is that really necessary?

Dr. McMillan: It is if we're going to continue.

Greenlee: Yeah, but that's not fair. I mean, anyone can make an appointment, right? You listen to other people's problems. Why not mine?

Dr. McMillan: Are these your problems, Laura?

Greenlee: Don't they sound like my problems?

Dr. McMillan: No, they do not! Now, do you mind telling me why you're here?

Greenlee: Okay. Fine. I'll tell you the truth. Gosh, you're a lot smarter than I thought you'd be.

Dr. McMillan: Our time's running out.

Greenlee: The truth is I'm a writer and I've been working on this character. Her name is Laura and she's ruining this man's life.

Dr. McMillan: Is he a character, too?

Greenlee: Well, he's based on someone real.

Dr. McMillan: That's it. I'm ending this session.

Greenlee: No, please, please, please, not yet. I am so close to figuring Laura out. You've got to help me. A life depends on it.

Laura: Oh, no, no. No, don't do that. Oh, wait, that's mine! Excuse me? Hello!

Brooke: That's so true.

Leo: Laura? What are you doing?

Brooke: Honey, what are you doing? Why are you going through the trash? What are you looking for?

Brooke: Honey.

Laura: It's nothing. I -- um -- I saw something.

Leo: Whatever it is we'll help you find it, Laura.

Laura: No, it's nothing. I saw someone threw one of my magazines away and I hadn't finished looking through it.

Brooke: Magazine? Honey, I can get you more magazines. You don't have to go through the trash.

Laura: Oh, it's -- no rush.

Leo: I've got your -- your ice for you.

Brooke: Yeah.

Laura: Thanks. Good. I'm dry.

Leo: Let's go back to the room.

Brooke: Yeah, come on. Probably Dr. Martin should be back with your test results, right?

Laura: What's with the package?

Brooke: Uh-oh. I'm going to show it to you when you get settled. Just hop in bed there.

Leo: On the rocks?

Laura: Perfect. So I guess we'll just wait for the lab.

Brooke: So everything okay with you guys?

Leo: Yeah. We -- we talked about marriage.

Brooke: Oh?

Leo: Yeah. We decided to make some changes. We're going to give each other more space, let each other be free to be ourselves. Isn't that right?

Leo: Don't bother reading it. I'll tell you what it says.

Greenlee: We'll both tell you. You first.

Leo: Okay. Let's see. Oh, "Dear Laura. You are so pathetic and needy."

Greenlee: Like the Bermuda Triangle of need.

Leo: Too true. Too true. "I feel sorry for you, but I'd rather be at work than listen to you whine, especially now that I'm working with Greenlee."

Greenlee: If you could call it work.

Laura: So what's this, Leo? Are you leaving me?

Leo: No. Are you -- if I did that, I'd lose my job at "Tempo."

Greenlee: We can't have that.

Leo: No!

[Leo laughs]

Leo: This is the perfect setup -- you and me and a little nookie at the office.

Greenlee: While your boring, little wife sits at home and sulks. Works for me.

Leo: Me, too. What about you?

Leo: Laura?

Laura: What?

Leo: Hey. Do you want to open the present or should I?

Laura: Oh, I'll do it. Mom, what's this for?

Brooke: Guilt.

Laura: What?

Edmund: Yeah, she couldn't go to Switzerland and leave without getting you something.

Brooke: I took a chance. I'm warning you.

Leo: What is it?

Laura: It's a clock.

Brooke: I couldn't resist. I hope it doesn't drive you crazy.

[Clock cuckoos]

Dr. McMillan: Someone's life depends on a fictional character.

Greenlee:  Because of what Laura might do. See, I've written myself into a corner, Doctor. With this guy.

Dr. McMillan: The real man or the one in your story? I imagine that they're the same guy, right?

Greenlee:  Let's just say, that if I knew what makes Laura tick, I can plan his next move.

Dr. McMillan: You plan his moves?

Greenlee:  In the book.  Do you have a diagnosis?

Dr. McMillan: Strangely enough, I do. Laura is a narcissist. In certain situations, they seem to lose a sense of reality. They act out; they lie. They abuse others selfishly. Now, does any of this sound familiar to you, Laura?

Greenlee: Absolutely.

Dr. McMillan: You're dealing with someone who has no conscience.

Greenlee: You nailed it! A narcissist. I knew this would work. Ah! Thanks, oodles. I'll send you a check, you genius.

Jake: Greenlee.

Greenlee: Jake.

Jake: What are you doing on the psych floor?

Greenlee: I took your advice. I decided to get a professional opinion about what's been bothering me.

Jake: So you decided to get therapy. That's great, I'm impressed.

Greenlee: Yeah, well -- hi, again.

Dr. McMillan: Good luck on your novel, Mrs. Du Pres.

Jake: "Mrs. Du --" you pretended to be Laura?

Anna: I'm not asking for any details of you and Dixie. It was just an observation. I couldn't help but notice all that passion.

David: So you're not going to grill me for attacking the town's resident saint?

Anna: Nah.

David: Your sister is very fond of Joe Martin.

Anna: My sister's more sentimental than me, but then you already know that or else you wouldn't be here.

David: I'm learning more about you every day, Anna.

Anna: So, Joe's been in power a long time.

David: Too long.

Anna: And you want to replace him.

David: So what about my tactics?

Anna: Brutal but effective.

David: You're not offended?

Anna: Survival of the fittest, isn't it?

David: It's the way of the world.

Anna: Yeah. And why are you so cowed by Dixie?

David: I'm not.

Anna: That's not what I saw. She shook her finger and her blond locks at you, and you couldn't explain yourself fast enough. Now, that's quick work for a little housewife.

David: That's enough.

Anna: What?

David: Don't you dare condescend to Dixie. You hear me?

Brooke: Hmm. Well, I think the cuckoo clock was a bust.

Edmund: Laura's got a lot of things on her mind.

Brooke: You know, I just wish she would open up to me.

Edmund: Hey, didn't we talk about you stepping back?

Brooke: I'm trying.

Edmund: Okay, let me help you. Tell me about Interpol. What did you learn in Switzerland?

Brooke: Well, they have put together a profile on Proteus.

Edmund: And?

Brooke: And it's obvious that he is manufacturing some of the drugs himself. He has clinical and scientific expertise, and he has a working knowledge of the law.

Edmund: Hmm. Any reason why he chose pine valley as a distribution center?

Brooke: Connections.

Edmund: So he was working close to home. Anything else?

Brooke: Yeah. They said that we should look for somebody in the medical profession as a possible cover.

Edmund: So we're looking for a doctor with a lot of money and no scruples. You know anybody that fits the description?

Anna: Well, that was unexpected -- your devotion to Dixie. I think it's charming.

David: Anna, just let it go.

Anna: Oh, I plan to. But what about you? Maybe it's not under your control.

David: Can we please just change the subject?

Anna: Aw. There's more to you than you let on.

David: Is this the spy in you talking?

Anna: If you like.

David: Oh, that's right, I forgot. You're drawn to puzzles, right?

Anna: Well, that depends.

David: Well, I'm sorry, but I'm going to probably disappoint you. I'm not a man with hidden depths.

[Anna laughs]

David: I mean, pretty much everything is right there on the surface -- ambition, pride.

Anna: Dedication?

David: Yeah, you can certainly add that.

Anna: Is that why you carry that bag everywhere?

David: What does that have to do with anything?

Anna: Well, you're hardly the kindly country doc, are you?

David: Well, better to be prepared for whatever comes my way, right?

Anna: Yeah. Don't like to feel helpless, huh? God, I bet you're a bad loser.

David: Never happens.

Anna: And when it does, there's -- there's always sex, isn't there?

David: Please don't tell me that you are offended that I nearly knocked down your door.

Anna: No. I like it.

Joe: And the latest tests indicate your heart rate's stable. All your vitals are good.

Leo: So can you tell us anything else about why her heart might've dropped in the first place?

Laura: Leo, don't ask a million questions. I feel great and Dr. Joe has a lot of patients.

Leo: It was just one question.

Joe: I know, I know, and it's a good question, too. I only wish I could answer it. The drop was very sudden, and we still don't know what provoked it, in spite of all the lab work we've done. However, we'll stay on it.

Leo: I appreciate that.

Joe: Hmm. Now, where -- where did that come from?

Leo: Switzerland.

Laura: My mom.

Joe: Hmm. I haven't seen a cuckoo clock in a long time. I guess we've all gone digital.

Leo: Yeah. I guess we're going to have to be into folk art now, huh? I'm going to set this baby right on the mantel and let that birdie sing.

[Clock cuckoos]

Jake: Why don't you just give it up, Greenlee?

Greenlee: Oh, Jake, you caught me. I was pretending to be Laura, but I have a really good reason.

Jake: Well, I can't even imagine what that would be.

Greenlee: Listen to me. Laura has got this split personality thing going on. She's sweet with Leo and then she's filing her teeth when she's around me. I had to figure out what had her wires crossed.

Jake: So you pulled this kind of stunt? It's just -- it's --

Greenlee: It's what?

Jake: It's you.

Greenlee: Yeah. So?

Jake: So -- so, you know -- you know what? I'm just -- I'm -- I'm not doing this anymore.

Greenlee: Doing what?

Jake: I'm not even going to try to understand this or to justify it.

Greenlee: You're not?

Jake: No, no, no, I'm not because you know what? It's your life, and you would just go knock yourself out and make all the shrinks crazy. I don't care.

Greenlee: You mean you're not mad at me?

Jake: Nope. Nope. In fact, I take it all back. I'm grateful.

Greenlee: For what?

Jake: For you. For you introducing me to this whole new way of thinking!

Greenlee: You mean more like me? That's so cool.

Jake: Yes! Yeah. Well, hey, listen, when you told me -- you know, you gave me the advice about how to handle Hayward? I took it.

Greenlee: Excellent!

Jake: Yep. Yeah.

Greenlee: I hope.

Jake: It was great. It was great. You know how Hayward -- he was posturing himself for this major power play. So instead of, like, facing him down, I asked myself -- I said, "Well, what would Hayward do?" And then I did it.

Greenlee: And?

Jake: It worked. I did an end run around Hayward, and it's all because of you.

[Jake sighs]

Greenlee: Am in a parallel universe or something? First, I tell you I've been scamming a shrink, pretending to be Laura, and you're okay with it? I thought you were, like, this clone of Abe Lincoln.

Jake: Yeah. Me, too.

Greenlee: And now you're thanking me for teaching you how to fight dirty?

Jake: I guess so.

Greenlee: Jake, you're confusing me.

Jake: Oh, Greenlee, that's even better!

Jake: Later.

Brooke: David Hayward is not Proteus.

Edmund: How can you be sure?

Brooke: Oh --

Edmund: Come on, Brooke. You think you know everything there is to know about somebody?

Brooke: No, no, no, no, no, I'm not saying that, but, obviously, you know more than you're telling me.

Edmund: Come on.

Brooke: You do, you do, you do because you seemed to know about Proteus being based here even before I said anything. So do you have somebody undercover? And don't tell me that you're protecting your sources, either, because we're working on this together.

Edmund: Not anymore. This is my story from now on.

Brooke: What?

Edmund: Yeah.

Brooke: What do you mean? Oh, are you cutting me out of this?

Edmund: You can work background; I'll be in the field.

Brooke: But why? Why? Is this too dangerous for a woman?

Edmund: It's too dangerous, period.

Anna: Well.

David: Oh, come on, don't stop.

[Anna laughs]

Anna: I have to.

David: Why?

Anna: Because I have an appointment.

David: Oh, really? Well, skip it.

Anna: I can't.

David: So is this just a preview?

Anna: Oh, no promises, David. Why don't we just keep our options open, hmm?

David: I'm game.

Anna: Yeah. You made that very clear.

David: Hmm. I'll stop by again.

Anna: I'll be expecting you. Bye.

David: Bye.

David: Yeah, she's expecting something, all right. But what?

Anna: All right, David. Let's see where you disappear to.

Brooke: Is Laura ready?

Leo: Uh -- yeah, we're all set.

Brooke: Okay, so I'll bring around the car and we'll meet in front?

Leo: I'll tell her.

Brooke: Okay.

Leo: All right. What the hell are you doing here?

Greenlee: Sorry.

Leo: Greenlee, if you came here to cause trouble, it's too late. She's already been released.

Greenlee: Hey, I have my own reasons for being here.

Leo: Mm-hmm. I'll bet.

Greenlee: You know, the whole world doesn't revolve around you and Laura. Other people have lives, too.

Leo: Mm-hmm. Have you found one yet?

Greenlee: Leo --

Leo: Good-bye, Greenlee.

Laura: Where the hell is it?

Greenlee: Old habits die hard, huh? You miss those days on the street finding treasures in the trash?

Laura: Just go away, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Why? Maybe I can help. What'd you lose, Laura? Charm? Personality? Good looks? Oops. Never had those to begin with.

Laura: Just leave me alone.

Greenlee: Looks like Leo has already done that. I just saw him, by the way.

Laura: Just shut up, Greenlee. Just shut your mouth. This is all your fault!

[Greenlee gasps]

Greenlee: Laura -- Laura --

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Laura: I don't know how I'll ever repay you.

Greenlee: You'll think of something.

Laura: Count on it.

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Liza: I don't know how things got so screwed up.

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