AMC Transcript Monday 10/8/01


All My Children Transcript Monday 10/8/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy


Hayley: Mateo changed the combination. I wonder why.

Erica: I want you out of my house!

Bianca: Mom, Mom! Let her go!

Greenlee: If you want to win, you have to beat David at his own game.

Jake: So you're saying think less like a Martin and more like a Hayward.

David: Looking for excitement, danger? How about something forbidden?


[Mac groans]

Anna: What the hell are you doing in my house?

Anna: Mac.

Jake: Here you are, David. This ought to make your day.

David: And what's that? Your resignation from the research project. And what brought this on?

Jake: You. You set me up.

David: And how do you figure that, Jake?

Jake: Because you offered me a job you knew I could never turn down. And then you immediately set out to destroy my fatherís reputation, knowing full well that I could never stomach working for you after that.

David: Well, you know, it never looks good when somebody doesn't follow through on a commitment. But I guess you know all about that, huh, Jake? I mean, after all, you did drop out of med school your first go-around. Seems to be an ongoing pattern with you. Wait a minute. You forgot to sign it.

Jake: You transparent jackass. I was right.

David: About what?

Jake: This, David. This is what you were gunning for all along.

Jack: So I got a message that you wanted to see me.

Erica: Jackson, tell me everything that you found out about this horrid little Frankie person.

Jack: My God, you really do live in your own little world, don't you?

Erica: Jackson, please, sit down.

Jack: I don't work for you anymore, Erica, remember? We've been over this.

Erica: Jack, I don't care where you earn your living. We -- we have a long-standing relationship.

Jack: Oh, I don't know. I seem to recall being knocked down a few times.

Erica: Jack, please. Just -- just sit. Please, Jack.

Erica: Now, tell me, what did you find out about this girl who's trying to graft me?

Jack: Look, I'm going to say this one more time, Erica -- I do not work for you any longer.

Erica: Jack.

Jack: I work for the people now, okay?

Erica: Well, I'm people.

Jack: No, honey, you are not people. You never have been and never will be, okay?

Erica: Okay, Jack, I know that you like to tease me, but I also know that I can come to you for things like that. My goodness -- I mean, we're family.

Jack: In the most dysfunctional meaning of the word.

Erica: Jack, please don't do this. Please don't be cross. Jack, there is really something about this girl that we cannot trust.

Jack: We? We?

Erica: Yes.

Jack: Have you been hearing a word I've been saying since you brought me here?

Erica: Yes. Yes, yes, yes, Jack. Look, this girl is after my daughter, Jack. We have got to stop her.

Frankie: Can I get one of those coffees? I am so not awake yet.

Bianca: This is you not awake?

Frankie: I'm trying to ditch that guy who was following us.

Bianca: Somebody was following us?

Frankie: Looked a hell of a lot like a truant officer to me.

Bianca: Is he gone?

Frankie: You are so hysterical.

Bianca: I am?

Frankie: And gullible.

Frankie: Okay, okay! You can hold your own. I get it.

Bianca: Oh, well, thank you, all-mighty free spirit.

Frankie: Yeah, I am and it suits me.

Bianca: Does lying?

Frankie: I don't lie.

Bianca: Oh, really?

Frankie: Yeah, really. What are you getting at, Bianca?

Bianca: Oh, I don't know. Just yesterday, you told me that you were here in town to register for classes at Pine Valley University and get a job. Are you planning on doing any of that today or do you expect me to pay your way from now until the end of time?

Anna: I could've handled that better. I'm sorry. I should have.

Mac: Then why didn't you?

Anna: I don't know, Mac. Maybe it was all just too much to process quickly. After I remembered what had actually happened to -- well, I wanted to go see Robin and tell her in person about her father. And I should've extended the same courtesy to you, but I didn't. I'm sorry.

Mac: Why have you held me off?

Anna: No, it's not you. It's everyone. I've been through hell and back. I mean, I know that's happened before, but I think what's different now is that I realize I -- I only have enough courage left for me. I'm being honest. And I figured that if anybody could understand that or forgive me, it would be you.

Mac: I could call you a lot of things right now. But coward would never be one of them. Look, if you promise not to get me in a headlock, can we hug each other maybe?

Anna: Oh, it's so good to see you. Hmm! God, it's good to see you. You look great. You don't look a day older.

Mac: Well, you're blind, but I'll take that.

Anna: God, how is everyone? You know, Felicia and Bobbie? How's Bobbie?

Mac: Wait a minute. We're not going to do that here.

Anna: Why not?

Mac: Because you're coming back with me.

Anna: Oh, sure, yeah. Eventually I will, for a visit.

Mac: A visit?

Anna: Mm-hmm.

Mac: A visit? Anna, that's your home. That's Robin's home. My home. Robert's, too. Look, maybe isn't it time that you put all this negative stuff that you've had to cope with behind you and just come home?

Anna: No, I can't go back with you.

Mac: What?

Anna: Really. Not now, not ever.

Anna: I guess everybody thinks I should be going back to Port Charles. I just can't. I canít. I -- I have to stay here for now. Maybe it's because this is where I found who I am again, that this is where I should be.

Mac: Can -- can I ask you a nosy family question?

Anna: What?

Mac: Are you staying in Pine Valley because you met someone?

Anna: A man?

Mac: Unless there's something else you want to tell me.

Anna: No. I haven't met anyone. Uh -- Edmund Gray -- he's Dimitri's brother. I mean, for a while there it felt maybe -- but it didn't work out.

Mac: Bull.

Anna: I'm sorry?

Mac: Come on, Anna. What are you doing here?

Jake: Well, let me spell it out for you, David. Because not only am I not resigning, but my research is going to take off with such a huge success that my entire life is going to change because of it. And my career's going to take off like a booster rocket.

David: Yeah, well, you got the whole thing worked out, huh, Jake?

Jake: Yeah, you bet I do.

David: Yeah, right. Well, let me tell you something. Out here in the real world --

Jake: Yeah.

David: Where real people live and function, Jake, it's good to have street smarts. Now, either you have them or you don't. Now, I hate to inform you of this, my old ex-buddy, but you don't have them. Now, that's not something that you learn at your age, old boy.

Jake: We'll see about that.

David: Yeah, we will. Because you see, Jake, I'm going to have your father's job. And when I'm chief of staff and your daddy isn't, guess who's going to be calling all the shots about everything around here.

Jake: You know, David, as I understand it, that ultimately the hospital board calls all of the shots -- I mean, at the end of the day. Wouldn't you agree?

David: Yeah, sure, sure, but that's the same hospital board that voted to reinstate me when your daddy tried to oust me. And that's the same board that's going to give me his job when he steps down.

Jake: Oh, so you think money talks, right?

David: Um, yeah, I would say it does.

Jake: That's why you threw around that $30 million lawsuit at the hospital board meeting a couple of weeks ago. Yeah. Huh. You got to penetrate them in the pockets to make them listen to you, right?

David: Hey, you see, now, it worked there, didn't it?

Jake: It sure did. Oh, man. And you know what? I've really copied you on this one because just like a little kid in third grade who doesn't have the answer to a math test and he takes a little peek over at his buddy to get an answer -- that's what I'm doing with you, David.

David: What are you babbling about, Jake?

Jake: Babbling about the terminator.

David: The what?

Jake: Say hello to Arnold.

Erica: I have access to every major newspaper in this country, Mr. Stamp. I am very well known, and I am very much desired by all of them. So if you won't help me, I swear I --

Chris: This is my last and final warning. You keep your mouth shut about my operation. Do you understand me?

Erica: I will if you help me.

Chris: Ms. Kane, don't you dare go there.

Erica: I need to know what this Frankie person is after.

Chris: Has she filed any charges against you for this accident?

Erica: Not yet.

Chris: Then let it go.

Erica: Look, you don't understand. She knows she can't win against me. So she's gone against -- she's gone after someone who's so much more susceptible.

Chris: Bianca?

Erica: Yes. And I have to protect my child at all costs, Mr. Stamp.

Bianca: Are you really in town to go to college?

Frankie: Yes.

Bianca: And get a job?

Frankie: Yes!

Bianca: And?

Frankie: Donít. it's not that easy, okay?

Bianca: Where did you stay last night?

Frankie: Why?

Bianca: I just want to know.

Frankie: Okay. I stayed in a -- all right, look. I know how to do this thing where if you go to a hotel and you go to the lobby and if you play it right, well, then you can catch some shuteye without anyone seeing you or tossing you out.

Bianca: You slept in the lobby of a hotel last night?

Frankie: And got a hot shower in someone's room while they went to the gym.

Bianca: Jeez.

Frankie: Well, I don't have a lot of money, and school and housing -- well, that costs a lot of money, Bianca.

Bianca: Well, are you planning on getting work?

Frankie: You don't even now how many places I went to yesterday to try.

Bianca: No luck?

Frankie: Have you read the papers lately? The economy stinks.

Bianca: There has to be something. Maybe you're being too picky.

Frankie: No, I'm not being too picky, okay? Look, I don't have references, okay? And, well, I kind of look like some stowaway. No one wants to take a chance on me, not even as a chambermaid. Really. I was beginning to wonder if your mother, you know, tried to blackball me at every restaurant in town

Bianca: She wouldn't do that. She wouldn't.

Frankie: I don't know. I guess it's my fault.

Bianca: Well, that's all going to change right now. Clean all this stuff up. Don't leave a mess.

Frankie: I wouldn't. Well, where are we going?

Bianca: We're going to get you a job. Run! Run!

Hayley: Can you do me a favor?

Mateo: What?

Hayley: Don't protect me like that anymore. It makes me not trust you, and I don't want to feel that way about you anymore.

Mateo: Come on, come on.

Hayley: We're in this together, okay?

Mateo: Okay.

Hayley: Your mom said she'd watch the baby all morning.

Mateo: She's got a new hobby, huh?

Hayley: Tell me about it. And you're not going to open up here for a while, are you?

Mateo: No. You getting any ideas, young lady?

Hayley: I always have ideas around you.

[Phone rings]

Hayley: I probably just shouldn't have them around a phone.

Mateo: Hey, hold that thought. SOS.

Disguised voice: You carry out orders well. You made the pickup and stored what you were given all according to plan.

Mateo: What can I do for you?

Disguised voice: How polite. Good cover for the wife. Don't let her in on our secret, Mr. Santos. That would be a fatal mistake.

Hayley: Who is that?

Mateo: It's that -- it's that liquor distributor who lives to torment me. Can I -- I just -- I need a few minutes to talk to him and set up -- I'll be back.

Hayley: Fine, I'll go to the little girls' room.

Mateo: All right, all right. I'll be -- Iíll be right here. Now you shut up and you listen to me, all right? Don't you ever bring my wife into this. You understand me? Don't mention her name, don't say anything --

Disguised voice: Mr. Santos, you don't tell us what to do.

Mateo: Look, I don't care if I got your stinking drugs in my safe. I won't put up with this. You understand me? I'll go to the cops. I don't care if I do time. You leave my family out of this! What, are you bugging my -- bugging my restaurant, huh? You got bugs in my office? You know what I'm going to be doing before I even --

Disguised voice: You need to relax.

Mateo: Listen to me. You stay away from my family or I'm going to the cops.

Disguised voice: You sound serious.

Mateo: Dead serious. Dead serious.

Hayley: That is one nasty liquor distributor.

Mateo: Can we get out of here?

Hayley: Yeah, sure. Where do you want to go?

Mateo: Out.

Hayley: Out of the office?

Mateo: Out of the club, okay?

Hayley: Fine, okay. What do you want to do?

Mateo: Uh -- it'll be our surprise, okay? My surprise. Come on.

Phoebe: As you can see, Dr. Hayward, I am prepared to give a very large donation to this hospital. Again.

David: Well, as always, Mrs. Wallingford, your generosity is boundless.

Phoebe: Oh, stuff it. Now, I'm giving the money in the form of a trust which is to be overseen and managed by the only man who's ever been necessary as chief of staff of this hospital -- Dr. Joe Martin. I know you are a brilliant surgeon, but I cannot stand people who threaten other people, try to dislodge them just because they're getting older and maybe a little less spry than you are. Well, that's called ageism, doctor, and I don't like it. In fact, is shameful. It really stinks. Well, now I'm finished here. So, Jake, darling, would you be good enough to do the honors and take me out to the hall where my driver is waiting?

Jake: Absolutely. I got you, Phoebe. Oh, Joanna, could you please --

Jake: How does it feel?

David: You better like being watched like a hawk, Jake, and I don't mean just by me.

Jake: Oh, no, no, that's good, that's great. Actually, I welcome the scrutiny. And I hope you do, too. Get used to it, Hayward. You can't be top dog forever.

Anna: Don't be so suspicious.

Mac: Come on, Anna. I know you. You're on a case, aren't you?

Anna: Even if I were, Mac --

Mac: You wouldn't tell me, would you? Come on. You're not going to give me anything here, are you?

Anna: Would you let me do this at my own pace?

Mac: I don't have a choice, do I? Yes, yes, you know I can.

Anna: It's lovely to see you here.

Mac: But you don't want me popping up unannounced for a while, do you? Will you at least call me once in a while?

Anna: Yeah. No more e-mails, I promise.

Mac: It's great having you back.

Anna: Oh. It's good to be back. Listen, thank you for looking after Robin all those years. I never said that.

Mac: I love her. She's a beautiful young woman.

Anna: She's beautiful.

Mac: She is.

Anna: So say hi to everyone.

Mac: Everyone?

Anna: No. Edit for me. You know who I like.

Mac: Good-bye.

Anna: Bye.

Mac: Oh, Anna, you are up to something.

Bianca: Opal, hey.

Opal: Hi, honey. How are you?

Bianca: I'm good. I wanted to introduce you to my friend Mary Frances. This is the woman I was telling you about.

Frankie: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Opal: Well, you told your friend about me.

Bianca: Uh -- look, Opal, let me cut to the chase. I called the Glamorama and they told me that you were here on a business meeting.

Opal: So you tracked me down so I can meet your friend.

Bianca: She needs a job.

Opal: Ah. From me? You know, you look a little familiar. Wait a minute now. Isn't she the girl that --

Bianca: Yes, yes, Mom hit her with her car. And I know what she's probably told you about her, but she's wrong about Frankie.

Opal: Frankie? Well, then what's with the Mary Frances stuff?

Frankie: I don't like the name, either, if that helps.

Opal: Now, what is it that the two of you would like from me?

Bianca: An open mind.

Opal: And?

Bianca: Free room and board for Frankie with you if she works at the Glamorama doing whatever you need her to do. What do you say, Opal?

Erica: I mean, when -- when your child is in danger, Mr. Stamp, you will just do anything. Anything.

Chris: Ms. Kane, I'll see what I can do. What now?

Erica: I'm just depending on you the way I depend on all my friends.

Chris: Do you call all of your friends mister?

Erica: Maybe if you're nice to me, we can --

Chris: Nice? You're incredible.

Erica: Thank you. I still want that girl out of here. I want her gone.

Erica: I do get what I want.

Opal: You know, honey, you never asked me for a thing, but now you're kind of asking me for a whole lot on the spot.

Bianca: I'm vouching for her, Opal, 100%.

Opal: Yeah, I got that, but I'm going to need some references before I could, you know -- oh, Erica.

Erica: What on earth is this?

Bianca: Well, Opal is -- is very generously thinking of offering Frankie a job.

Erica: Opal! You -- stop thinking about that! I insist!

Opal: Says who?

Erica: And you -- you -- just -- I forbid it. You -- you cannot hire her. And you have so much explaining to do.

Opal: You forbid it? Since when?

Bianca: Mom, you don't understand this. Just -- you're not being fair.

Erica: Not being fair? This is a con artist. She wants everything that we have!

Frankie: Will you give it up, please!

Erica: Opal, you saw the tabloids.

Frankie: I did it for the money. Okay? I really needed it.

Erica: Yeah, no kidding. You see?

Frankie: I'm not going to sue you, okay? And I'm not going to go sue anyone else. Your car is fine. I'm fine. I just need a job. End of story.

Erica: It certainly is the end of the story because you are not going to work at the Glamorama.

Opal: Says you? That is my shop, remember, honey? As soon as you can sign off on a W-2, you're on.

Bianca: Opal, you rock!

Frankie: Thank you, ma'am.

Opal: Don't call me ma'am, ever.

Erica: Opal!

Opal: And as for you, missy, you just better put a muzzle on it or you're going to be minus one good friend. I do not tell you how to run Enchantment. You do not tell me how to run the Glam.

Erica: Well, I am going to so enjoy telling you that I told you so when this little thief cleans you out.

Opal: Don't make her right. You hear?

Mateo: I just -- I don't know, I just wanted to spend some time here with you, you know? This is where I -- I stopped wandering when I was lost. And I found you. I found myself.

Hayley: Mateo --

Mateo: I just -- I want to hold on to this place forever, you know. I never want to lose what we started here.

Hayley: Well, we won't. And the baby only makes our bond stronger, don't you think?

Mateo: Yeah. Listen, no matter what I do or how far away I am, I want you to know that I love you with everything I have. You know that, right?

[Camera clicks]

David: All right, Devane, open up! I've had a lousy day, so I want you to open this door right now, before I come --

Anna: What's up, Doc?


David: Please don't tell me that you were offended that I nearly knocked down your door.

Anna: No. I like it.

Leo: Laura, what are you doing?

Brooke: Honey, what are you doing?

Man: You say that you've been acting irrationally. Is that why you came to see me, Mrs. Du Pres?