AMC Transcript Friday 10/5/01


All My Children Transcript Friday 10/5/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy


Leoís voice: "Dear Laura, I hate to have to hurt you like this, but by the time you read this, I'll be gone."

Gillian: This has got to be connected to Ryan's parents. He saved that picture for Ryan, but it meant something to him.

Edmund: You think you can say no to Proteus?

Mateo: Well, what am I supposed to do, cave?

Liza: I don't want our marriage to be over. I want to be in my husband's bed.


[Door opens]

Hayley: Hey.

Mateo: Hey.

Hayley: Caught you.

Mateo: What?

Hayley: Caught you goofing off. You're supposed to be doing the books. Suppose you're going to leave that for me to do?

Mateo: Yeah. I am. Because you do it so much better.

Hayley: Well, this much is true. All right, let's see what you got. Where's your receipts for the week? Mateo? Your receipts for the week, honey.

Mateo: What?

Hayley: Earth to Mateo. Your receipts for the week.

Mateo: Oh. Sorry.

[Phone rings]

Mateo: I got it. I got it. Hello.

Man: [Distorted voice] Mr. Santos, time to get down to business.

Ryan: Bartender -- double scotch on the rocks. You would not believe the day I had.

Chris: Maybe I would. Try me.

Adam: Here -- here, let me help you.

Adam: is that everything?

Liza: I think so.

Adam: Good. I've waited so long for this moment, just to hold you in my arms again. Well, you ready? Liza? Everything is going to be all right.

Liza: Is it?

Adam: Yes. Let me show you.

Liza: Adam, I canít.

Greenlee: Jake? Do you have a minute?

Jake: No. What are you doing here?

Greenlee: Checking up on you, to see if you took my advice about David.

Jake: Well, Hayward is not even on my list today, Greenlee. I got real problems.

Greenlee: Like what?

Jake: Like Laura's back in the hospital.

Greenlee: I'm sorry. Is it her heart?

Jake: Yeah.

Greenlee: Well, maybe that's why she sounded so bad when I talked to her today.

Jake: Oh, you mean when you tried to convince her that Leo was there in the office with you?

Greenlee: I was kidding.

Jake: Funny joke. Leoís disappeared.

Greenlee: He's what?

Jake: Nobody knows where he is, and Laura's in bad shape and she needs him. I must be out of my mind even thinking about asking you this, but I'm running out of ideas.

Greenlee: Ask me what?

Jake: Will you help me find Leo?

Laura: Mom, what do you mean, Leo isn't coming?

Brooke: Laura, I don't want to upset you again. I don't know how to say this.

Laura: What? Mom, what is it?

Brooke: Maybe it would be better if Leo explained it in his own words.

Leo: Sounds like a plan to me.

Laura: Leo. Where were you?

Leo: Out to lunch. I mean, really out to lunch.

Laura: Mom was worried something might have happened.

Leo: Yeah, well, I apologize. I'm a space cadet. I was at the library doing some fact-finding form article, and I looked down at my watch, and I was like, "Uh-oh, I'm in big trouble." So -- it'll never happen again, I promise.

Laura: Well, you're here now, so I guess that's what matters.

Leo: Yeah.

Edmund: Leo, I'm glad to see you.

Leo: Hey, man, how you doing?

Edmund: You feeling better, Blondie?

Laura: Yeah. Thanks.

Edmund: Glad to hear it. Check back later, okay?

Brooke: Yeah, thanks, Edmund.

Leo: So, what happened? I mean, you look fine. What -- what did the doctor say?

Laura: My heart rate went down, and they don't know why. But I'm back to normal now.

Leo: Okay, but you're going to be all right?

Laura: Yeah. I just want to go home and curl up on the sofa.

Leo: Pop some popcorn, watch some TV.

Laura: Oh, no!

Leo: What?

Brooke: Laura?

Laura: Leo, where's your wedding ring? Itís gone.

Greenlee: You know, Jake, I'd help you out if I could.

Jake: Why do I find that hard to believe?

Greenlee: Well, I'm not a big fan of Laura's, but you seem really worried about her. You've been calling Leo, right?

Jake: I've been calling him, leaving messages. Evidently, he must have left the house without his phone.

Greenlee: Or he turned it off. He does that.

Jake: Yeah, like when?

Greenlee: When he likes the quiet, places like the beach.

Jake: All right. Well, we can start there. You going to help me find him or what?

Edmund: Hey, Jake.

Jake: Hey. Hey, hey. Any news on Laura?

Edmund: Yeah, we had a miracle cure.

Jake: Meaning?

Edmund: Leo just walked in.

Jake: Good, good, okay.

Edmund: So things are looking up.

Greenlee: That's wonderful. I'm glad.

Edmund: Listen, I'm sorry that I barked at you when I called your office looking for Leo.

Greenlee: Not a big deal.

Jake: Well, Edmund, thank you. Thank you for the update. That's good news.

Edmund: Not a problem. Catch you later.

Greenlee: Well, that's a load off your shoulders, right?

Jake: You lied to me. Again.

Greenlee: What?

Jake: You knew Laura was in the hospital, and you pretend you didnít know.

Greenlee: I didnít say that.

Jake: Just drop it, okay? You came here for one reason. That's to get in Laura's face.

Adam: Liza, I don't understand.

Liza: I'm sorry.

Adam: Well, a minute ago you said you wanted to spend the night with me after way too many nights apart, and now you've changed your mind?

Liza: I'm just afraid we're going too fast.

Adam: How could it be fast when we've waited so long? Liza, you're my wife. I need you.

Liza: in your bed.

Adam: Absolutely. And in my life. The way we were. Tell me I'm wrong to want that.

Liza: I don't know. I think I'm confused, I'm tired, and I have some jet lag.

Adam: Somethingís holding you back. I'd like to know what it is.

Liza: Me, too. Can't you be patient a little longer?

Adam: Do I have any choice?

Liza: I do love you.

Adam: I love you, too.

Adam: Come on, come on, and come on. Yeah, it's Adam. Get over here. I don't care what time it is. Over here -- now!

Mateo: Okay, I'm back.

Man: [Distorted voice] Mr. Santos, don't keep us waiting. Are you ready?

Mateo: Well, you know, the thing is the problem with the shipment that you guys dropped off, I asked -- the tequila was supposed to be two cases gold, two cases silver, and I got all gold. And the thing is that you billed you me for it, and I --

[Man hangs up]

Mateo: Yeah. No, that would be great. That would be wonderful. Yeah, uh-huh. Sure, sure. The sooner, the better. Yeah. Thanks.

Hayley: Oh, good. Everything all taken care of now?

Mateo: Yeah, I wish. He's going to -- he's going to call back.

Hayley: Oh, well, so then it's not a crisis, then.

Mateo: No, it is because, you know, it's -- it's been like this all day, you know? Blah, blah, blah. Things aren't going right. I've got an idea. Why don't --

Hayley: What?

Mateo: Why don't you take the paperwork home, you know, so you can get some -- do it in peace, and plus, you know, you can be with our son.

Hayley: This is supposed to be my night out. Why? What's the matter? What's the problem?

Mateo: Nothing.

Hayley: Don't give me that. You're all jumpy.

Mateo: I'm not jumpy.

Hayley: You're all jumpy. You're all jumpy and panicky. Every time the phone rings, you act like a deer in the headlights.

Mateo: That's not true.

Hayley: is there something wrong with the club?

Mateo: No. SOS is fine.

Hayley: Well, then what's the matter?

Mateo: I don't know. I'm -- I'm stressed out, you know, about being a dad. I don't --

Hayley: Stop it. You are a wonderful father.

Mateo: Yeah, when I'm home, which is hardly ever.

Hayley: Well, you have a business to run.

Mateo: And I'm always here. I'm always here, you know. And now that I got you here, you're working and no one's home with him, and it's just -- it's --

Hayley: I thought it was okay with you for one night.

Mateo: So did I.

Hayley: Fine. Would it make you feel better if I went home?

Mateo: Yeah. That -- that would be great.

Hayley: Fine. I'll go home. You sure there's not something else bothering you?

Mateo: I'm positive.

Hayley: Fine. Do you have a kiss good-bye for the baby, at least?

Mateo: Yeah. I'll be home for the midnight feeding, okay?

Hayley: Yeah, right.

[Phone rings]

Mateo: Hello.

Man: [Distorted voice] Don't try that again, Mr. Santos.

Mateo: I wasn't alone.

Man: You knew we were calling. Be more careful.

Mateo: All right, I will.

Man: We have faith in you, Mr. Santos. That is why you will get your first shipment tonight.

Mateo: Yeah, about the shipment -- shouldn't I know what I'm getting? I mean --

Man: [Distorted voice] If you did know, Mr. Santos, what would that make you?

Mateo: What?

Man: A loose end. Which none of us need.

Mateo: Got it.

Man: in 20 minutes, we want you to go outside to the alley behind your club. Take what is delivered and put it in your safe.

Mateo: What if somebody's out there?

Man: Just do what you're told.

Mateo: I will.

Man: And don't call the police or contact anyone else. is that clear? You already know we can get to your family anytime we want to. Did Rosa like the gift we left in her purse?

Mateo: Listen; I'll do what you want, all right? But you stay away from my sister.

[Man hangs up]

Mateo: Pick up, pick up, and pick up. Come on. Hey. Itís me. Yeah, it's going down tonight.

Ryan: I ordered a scotch.

Chris: I know. That's my creation. Itís a good sipping drink.

Ryan: Great. Great, except I really wanted something I could knock back.

Chris: How come?

Ryan: Because I want a buzz. That's why.

Chris: Want to talk about it?

Ryan: With you?

Chris: Yeah, I'm free. Look, my experience tells me that a guy comes to a bar for a reason -- other than women.

Ryan: To drink.

Chris: No, they can do that at home. They usually want somebody to listen to them.

Ryan: Not me. in fact, I came here to see a friend. There she is. Hey.

Hayley: Hey, stranger. How you doing?

Ryan: Well --

Hayley: What's going on?

Ryan: Just one of those days.

Hayley: Bad?

Ryan: Just strange. Strange. You got a sec? You want to sit down?

Hayley: I can do that.

Ryan: All right. I had a -- I had a dream about Gillian and she was saying good-bye.

Hayley: Oh. Oh, no. I'm sorry. I know you never got a chance to do that.

Ryan: It sounds tough, but really it was -- it wasnít. It was --

Hayley: A good thing?

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, like she was telling me to forget the past and to -- to look forward.

Hayley: Well, that sounds like -- sounds like good advice.

Ryan: Hmm.

Hayley: Plus, you know, you're not going to be apart forever.

Ryan: I keep trying to believe that. Anyway, how are you? How's being a parent?

Hayley: Oh, are you kidding? Itís great.

Ryan: How's the baby?

Hayley: Oh, he's wonderful. He's really great. Great.

Ryan: Well, then what's wrong?

Hayley: Oh. Well -- I keep thinking about something you said to me on the day of the Christening.

Ryan: What did I say?

Hayley: You remember what you said about your mother? I guess it really got to me.

Leo: That's weird, I -- I was in the shower this morning, and I got a little soap underneath it. So I took it off.

Laura: So, did you leave it by the sink?

Leo: No, I took it off, and then I put it back on. All right, a mint.

Laura: Then where is it?

Leo: it's probably home. I was -- I put it back on. I guess I didnít. I don't know. Do you mind if I go home and check? Would that be okay?

Laura: Sure.

Leo: Okay.

Brooke: Don't worry, honey. I'm sure Leo will find it. I'll be right back.

Leo: That's weird about the ring.

Brooke: Yeah, it is.

Leo: Well, at least Laura is okay.

Brooke: Stop pretending like you care.

Leo: Excuse me?

Brooke: Where the hell have you been?

Leo: I told you, I was at the library doing some research --

Brooke: You lied -- to me and to Laura. I know because I found the letter that you wrote and the ring that you lost.

Leo: You -- you opened that?

Brooke: Yeah. And thank God I did. Can you imagine if I'd just handed it to her? Do you know how that would have made her feel, Leo? She loves you. How can you just play with her like this?

Leo: I wasn't playing, Brooke. I took the trouble to write the letter, and I left. And I wasn't coming back. But I came back. You should be damn grateful that I did.

Adam: What took you so long?

Barry: Adam, it's late. I was already in bed.

Adam: You're my lawyer. I don't pay you to sleep.

Barry: And I'm here, right? All right, what was it that was so urgent?

Adam: Ryan Lavery. I need damage control.

Barry: Because he dropped the ball on

Adam: No, no, no. This isn't business; this is personal. I want him gone.

Barry: Okay, but -- let's keep it simple. Offer him a generous bribe.

Adam: No, money won't do it.

Barry: What about a job someplace scenic, like Mongolia?

Adam: That's assuming Lavery could hold down a job. He's mourning his wife, endlessly.

Barry: Oh, Adam, wait a minute. Let's be fair. That was tough.

Adam: Life goes on. Lavery doesn't. He's wallowing in his grief -- something my wife finds oddly appealing.

Barry: I see. Well, when all else fails, what about threats?

Adam: No, no, no. He would just shrug them off. He's heartbroken but smug. He had the nerve to offer me marital advice.

Barry: Okay, you vetoed all my ideas. What do you want me to do?

Adam: I want you to dig up every piece of dirt you can find on Ryan Lavery. I'm not talking about scratching the surface; I'm talking about major excavation.

Barry: If he stole a crayon when he was in kindergarten --

Adam: Yes, I want to know what color it was. I want all of it, from the day that loser was born.

Hayley: I keep hearing those words you said about how a bad mother will haunt you until the day you die.

Ryan: Hayley, I meant that your son will never have to deal with that.

Hayley: The jury's still out on that one.

Ryan: What are you talking about? You're going to be an incredible mom. I mean, you've already started.

Hayley: I didnít exactly have a great role model in Arlene, and she still haunts me.

Ryan: Well, don't let it. You're never going to be like that.

Hayley: You mean, I'm never going to be like the type of mother who would leave her baby at home so she can go out for the night and have a good time? Like I'm doing?

Ryan: What are you doing right now other than catching up with an old friend? Come on. Even the mother of the year needs a break now and then.

Hayley: Yeah, well, that's what Mateo said. But then it's like he started having second thoughts and so did I, and I -- I just feel guilty, you know? I feel like, what if he wakes up and he needs me and I'm not there for him?

Ryan: Well, he'll miss you. And then you'll come home, and then you'll see his face light up and his arms reach out for you.

Hayley: Thank you for reminding me. What's the matter?

Ryan: What's the deal with that guy?

Hayley: Who? Who, Chris? I don't know. The customers seem to like him. That's all I know.

Ryan: Well, he's kind of freaking me out. I mean, he always just sort of shows up. He wants to be my new best friend, and I really don't want one.

Hayley: Oh, well, don't worry about Chris. I think -- you know, I think if things work out, Erica Kane will be occupying his time.

Ryan: Oh, they're hooking up?

Hayley: Well, I don't know. Let's just say that sparks have been flying.

Ryan: Good. Then she can listen to his words of wisdom.

Mateo: Hey.

Edmund: Hey.

Mateo: Did Stamp see you come in?

Edmund: You still wondering whose side he's on?

Mateo: I don't know. Itís a coincidence. Itís all going down tonight. He's working tonight.

Edmund: Okay, okay, Mateo, what do they want you to do?

Mateo: I got to be out in the alley. They're going make the drop. I get the stuff, I put it in the safe, I lock it, and I wait for instructions.

Edmund: Okay, okay, okay. When you go outside, do you want some backup?

Mateo: No, no, no. They can't see you. I've got to be alone when they make the drop.

Edmund: All right. Is it time?

Mateo: Let's do it.

Mateo: Smashed the lighting. All right. Just wait out in the alley. Just wait, wait, wait.


Mateo: Hey. Who's there?

Greenlee: Now, I know you love to think the very worst of me.

Jake: No, that is not true. But you're completely out of control.

Greenlee: Me? What about psycho Laura? Remember Ericaís ad campaign with the giant poster of me?

Jake: Yeah, Ms. Greenlee "I can get my man back" Smythe. I'll never forget it.

Greenlee: Yeah. Well, here's the part that you donít know. Laura stole the poster, and she went berserk. She snuck off to the john and ripped me into teeny, tiny pieces. She even tried to flush me down.

Jake: Okay, so your point is?

Greenlee: Jake.

Jake: Greenlee. That ad campaign was a slap in Laura's face. Even you got to know that. So under the circumstances, ripping and flushing seem appropriate.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, I'm not the only one she's after. She's doing numbers on Leo, too.

Jake: Like what?

Greenlee: She told him she booked a space for their lame rerun of a wedding.

Jake: So?

Greenlee: She was lying so he'd go along with the plan. That girl needs a second honeymoon in a padded cell with a shrink.

Jake: That girl almost died. Have you forgotten that? That doesn't make her crazy, Greenlee. She's undergone a tremendous amount of stress, let alone she's taking pretty heavy doses of medication.

Greenlee: Or not taking them so she has a little spell that always brings Leo running.

Jake: Why don't you just give it up? You know what, Greenlee? You know how paranoid you sound? I think you're the one who could use a shrink.

Greenlee: You know what, Jake? I think you may be right.

Brooke: Leo, you ran out on your wife and you left a note, and you think I should thank you because you had just enough shame to come back?

Leo: You don't even know where I was. But trust me, it was a lot more fun than this.

Brooke: Oh, good. So what made you slink back here?

Leo: Well, maybe the fact that I had 15 messages waiting for me. That's how I knew that something was wrong. So when I found out that Laura was here, I -- I came back as fast as I could. Look, she doesn't even know that I was gone, all right? She doesn't have to know.

Brooke: Yeah.

Leo: Unless you tell her.

Brooke: And what am I supposed to do? Just cover for you until you decide to abandon her again?

Leo: Well, I don't know, Brooke. Maybe nothing. You know, maybe you should just leave us alone.

Brooke: Yeah, maybe you should act your age.

Leo: Yeah, and be somebody else? No. I'm tired of doing that.

Brooke: Okay. Can I just ask you that you take Laura's feelings into consideration before you make another major change in your life?

Leo: Yeah, I guess I could do that. Can I have the ring back, please?

Leo: And the letter. Please?

Brooke: This is what a coward does.

Leo: Look. The letter doesn't matter now, okay, as long as she never reads it.

Brooke: Are you going to stay?

Leo: Absolutely. I mean, I've got the ring, right?

Brooke: Will you tell my daughter I'm going home and I'll be back?

Leo: I'll tell her.

Leo: Laura?

Laura: Hey.

Leo: Hey. I just wanted you to know that I'm here. All right?

Laura: Thank you.

Leo: I'm going to get some water for these guys so that they don't -- whoa.

Laura: What?

Leo: Hey. What happened to your I.V.?

Mateo: All right, buddy, get moving. Come on. Go ahead. You're not supposed to -- hey! Get the -- get the hell off me! Wacko.

[Knock on door]

Edmund: Mateo?

Mateo: Yeah.

Edmund: You okay?

Mateo: Yeah.

Edmund: What happened? Okay, what do we have here? Couple hundred Ecstasy?

Mateo: Yeah. Now all I have to do is hide it in my safe.

Edmund: I know you don't want to do that. You don't have a choice, okay? You cooperate with Proteus, maybe he'll let down his guard.

Mateo: if I cooperate, I'm going to get busted by the cops.

Edmund: it won't happen. It won't happen, okay? Listen to me. He doesn't want that to happen, okay? So you're safe.

Mateo: Yeah, I'm safe. I'm really safe. I'm hiding drugs in my own safe.

Edmund: All right, alight. Tell me about the deliveryman.

Mateo: He looked like a homeless guy, you know? I thought it was a homeless guy walking by, and he --

Edmund: Mateo, what did he look like?

Mateo: I don't know. it was dark. I thought -- he looked like a homeless guy. The hat pulled down, he had the gloves, you know, with the fingers cut off.

Edmund: Not much to go on.

Mateo: Edmund, I -- the light was smashed out there. I couldn't see anything. It was dark.

Edmund: Okay, okay. All right. They win this round. Here, better put these back in the safe.

Mateo: Do you know how much I hate doing this? You know, and my wife -- I can't tell my wife. She thinks I'm nuts.

Edmund: I know, I know. But I would do the same thing, all right? You can't get Hayley involved.

Mateo: I --

Edmund: There's no use in doing it.

Mateo: I don't know. She's got enough to worry about. Hey.

Hayley: is this a private party, or can anybody crash?

Roger: Vodka. And none of that flavored stuff.

Chris: Man after my own heart.

Roger: Yeah. Keep it.

Chris: Enjoy.

[Phone rings]

Man: [Distorted voice] All done, Mr. Smythe?

Roger: Oh, well, I made the drop, no problem. And now I'm in the bar, as per your instructions.

Man: Any police around?

Roger: No. No, none that can I see.

Man: Good. We'll be in touch.

[Man hangs up]

[Knock on door]

Adam: Liza? Are you okay?

Greenlee: I need someone who can see me objectively, tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Jake: Well, in therapy, you have to figure that out for yourself, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Whatever. Is there a shrink at the hospital that you'd recommend?

Jake: I've heard really good things about Dr. McMillan.

[Pager beeps]

Jake: Yeah, McMillan. Listen. I can't stay and talk. I have to take off.

Greenlee: Don't you think my head will look a lot better once it's shrunk?

Jake: Oh. Definitely. Definitely. Too bad you're not serious.

Greenlee: I'm very serious, Jake. But Laura is the one who needs her head examined. Yes, I'm looking for Dr. McMillan. Oh, yeah, I'll hold.

Leo: Laura, how could you not notice that your I.V. was out?

Laura: You get so you don't notice it.

Leo: Well, I notice.

Laura: Leo, I called a nurse. They're going to bring in a new -- a new line.

Leo: When?

Jake: Higgins. Hear we're having an IV problem.

Leo: Wow, talk about service.

Laura: Oh, listen, I asked the nurse to do it. I thought she could handle it.

Jake: No, no, no. I told her I'd take care of it myself. There it is. Right there. Just a little prick. There you go. Back in place.

Leo: That was quick.

Laura: Thank you.

Jake: All right. Well, listen, Leo, keep an eye on her, will you?

Leo: Will do. Thank you.

Jake: Okay.

Laura: Oh, Leo, it's late. You -- you should go home.

Leo: No, no. I'm going to spend the night with you.

Laura: Oh. You don't have to do hat. That's --

Leo: No, no, no. Itís fine. I don't want you to have any nightmares or anything, so --

Laura: That's really sweet, but --

Leo: No, no, no. Itís okay. Look what I found.

Laura: The ring.

Leo: Yeah. Must have slipped through the lining of my pants or something. Itís weird. Anyway, well, if the ring fits -- and it does -- happy ending!

Laura: Yet!

Mateo: Hi. I -- I thought you were going home. What are you doing?

Hayley: I was going to go home. I got sidetracked.

Mateo: Oh. Well, good. Edmund came by to say hello.

Edmund: Mm-hmm.

Hayley: Yes. Hi, Edmund.

Edmund: Hi.

Hayley: How are you?

Edmund: I'm good, but I want to hear about the baby.

Mateo: Oh, you know, we should go to the bar, and we'll tell you our lives as sleepless, deprived zombies.

Hayley: Well, proud, sleepless, deprived zombies.

Edmund: That sounds good to me.

Hayley: Yeah. Unfortunately, I have to make a phone call. Got to call Rosa and check in on the boy, make sure he's sleeping.

Mateo: Okay.

Hayley: Okay.

Mateo: Don't be long.

Hayley: Oh, I won't be.

Hayley: That's funny. Mateo changed the combination. I wonder why.

Ryan: There you go.

Chris: Thanks. Need change?

Ryan: No.

Chris: Thanks for the tip.

Ryan: Here's another one -- stay out of my life.

Chris: A little late for that, pal.

Liza: I'm okay.

Adam: Are you sure? You've been in there a long time.

Liza: I'm positive. I just need some time to be alone.

Adam: All right. if you need me --

Liza: I know where to find you. Thanks.

Adam: Yeah. Good night.

Liza: Good night.

Liza: What am I going to do?

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