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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 10/2/01

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Jake: Well, you should have come by sooner because Dad's wondering where you've been.

Tad: I told you I didn't want to upset him.

Jake: Come on, Tad, he doesn't blame you.

Tad: Oh, yeah, right, I just gave him a heart attack.

Jake: Wasn't a heart attack.

Tad: I know, I know. An arrhythmia. Whatever.

Jake: That's right, and he's fine now -- as long as you stay out of his face. You like it black, right? I mean, can you manage that?

Tad: I assume you mean don't mention Hayward.

Jake: Well, not if you're going to be foaming at the mouth.

Tad: Fine. I won't mention the son of a bitch.

Jake: Tad, Tad, Tad.

Tad: Kidding.

Jake: I hope so. Because you know that I did take the job that he's offered me.

Tad: Yeah, I heard.

Jake: And I know you don't approve, but I can handle the guy.

Tad: We're not talking about Hayward, so let's just drop it, okay? I just want to see how Dad is, that's all. [Pager beeps]

Jake: All right, all right. Well, actually, just ask for yourself. Here he is.

Tad: Pop.

Jake: Hey.

Joe: Hey, Son.

Tad: How's it going?

Jake: Got to run.

Joe: Well, I've had better days.

Tad: Wait a minute, you okay? What is it, your heart?

Joe: No, no, no. I also lost a patient today.

David: That's right, Joe. And I have to report it.

Greenlee: Hi. I'm here to see Dr. Jake Martin.

Doctor: He was called in on an emergency.

Greenlee: Okay, just tell me where.

Doctor: Medical personnel only. I'm sorry.

Leo: Laura, I still think that the wedding we had right here at the hospital was just fine.

Laura: It was beautiful. I've never been so happy in my life.

Leo: But you want a do-over?

Laura: So I can share the magic I felt with everyone. And I think the Valley Inn will be perfect. We'll have room enough to fit all of our friends and family.

Leo: I just think that maybe we should have talked about this a little more before you went and booked the place, that's all.

Laura: Why? I thought we decided last night --

Leo: No, you decided, Laura. It's not like I said, "Hell, why not, just call the caterers."

Laura: So what does that mean? You don't want to have a wedding now?

Erica: Did you hear me? What are you doing in my daughter's bedroom?

Frankie: What do you think?

Erica: Oh, that's it.

Frankie: Get your hands off me! I'm not dressed!

Erica: I don't care! I want you out of my house!

Bianca: Mom, Mom! Let her go.

Ryan: What are you doing, man?

Chris: Look, I can explain it.

Ryan: You broke into my room?

Chris: No, no, I -- brought this back.

Ryan: Great. Why'd you steal it in the first place? And why have you been hanging around? What do you want from me?

Gillian: I thought I was meant to bring Chris and Ryan together, but it's not working.

Jesse: Whoa, whoa, settle down there, little princess. You're tweaking. Just let it all play out.

Chris: Just take it easy, man. Take it easy. I didn't break into your room.

Ryan: Like hell you didn't.

Chris: Okay, you just give me a second and I'll explain. I'll clear all of this up.

Chris: The last time that I was in this room, you had just gotten the bad news about your mom.

Ryan: So?

Chris: So you had that old photo of your mom and your dad.

Ryan: So?

Chris: Well, I didn't want you to throw it away and then regret it later on.

Ryan: So you decided to pick it up out of the trash?

Chris: Yeah, well, I figured no time would be a good time to bring it back.

Ryan: Well, you could have slipped it under the door.

Chris: Well, there was a maid willing to let me in.

Ryan: I'm not buying this.

Chris: Why not? 

Ryan: Because you don't know me. And what I do is none of your business, so if I want to trash my past, those are my good old days, not yours.

Chris: But I know why you want to trash them.

Ryan: I doubt it.

Chris: When I lost somebody I loved, I was just like you. I was angry as hell. And I did a lot of stupid things -- things I later regretted.

Ryan: Well, you were probably in shock because it was sudden. Well, it wasn't like that with my mother. She was sick.

Chris: For a long time?

Ryan: Yeah. Too sick for me to take care of her.

Chris: Where did she live? Ryan: She was in a hospice in Florida. I thought she'd like it down there.

Chris: Did she?

Ryan: She was too out of it most of the time to know the difference.

Gillian: He never told me he was taking care of his mother.

Chris: I'm really sorry about your mom.

Ryan: Well, I don't need your pity. I don't need anything from you. So next time I put something in the trash, why don't you just leave it there, okay?

Chris: Got it.

Gillian: Chris has got to be connected to Ryan's parents.

Jesse: Hmm. How so?

Gillian: Well, he said he saved that picture for Ryan, but I could tell it meant something to him.

Jesse: So they're connected.

Gillian: But how? And why doesn't he just tell Ryan?

Jesse: Well, that ain't your business. You're just going to have to let them work the rest of it out on their own.

Gillian: What if they can't?

Jesse: They can. You have done everything you possibly can.

Gillian: No, but I'm not finished, Jesse.

Jesse: Please, nobody ever finishes -- not on this side, anyway.

Gillian: What -- what is that supposed to mean? What happens now?

Jesse: You tell me.

Gillian: Can't.

Jesse: Yeah, you can. And you have to accept whatever comes next, for your own sake and for his.

Laura: Leo, if you're having second thoughts about this, we don't have to --

Leo: Are you kidding me? Laura, it's just the kind of big wedding that you're talking about takes a lot of work and I don't want you getting all exhausted, not now.

Laura: I won't. I'll pace myself. I'm getting stronger every day.

Leo: Well, I believe that, but I just talked to David. He doesn't --

Laura: Oh, I'll handle David.

Leo: Yeah, good luck.

Laura: I can do it. I'll tell him it's good therapy for me. He'll give me the go-ahead. Besides, it'll be so good for us. Please?

Leo: So when did you book the Valley Inn?

Laura: I'm not giving out that date.

Leo: Laura, I'm the groom. You don't think that I should -- unless you don't want me to show up.

Laura: If I tell you the date before it's confirmed, I might jinx it.

Leo: Are you kidding me?

Laura: No. I'll wait for the confirmation in the mail. Unless you have a problem with this.

Leo: Well, yeah, I guess I think that we should still wait.

Laura: You want me to call the Valley Inn and cancel it.

Leo: No, I just think that maybe we should wait a little bit, you know, think it over, put it on hold for a while, that's all.

Laura: Why? Leo, it'll be wonderful.

Leo: I got to -- I got to run.

Laura: Why?

Leo: I told David that I would fill out some insurance forms, stuff like that.

Laura: Okay. I'll wait for you here?

Erica: Bianca, what is she doing here?

Bianca: Mom, don't --

Erica: And why didn't you call the police when she showed up?

Bianca: She didn't show up.

Erica: What do you mean? Where are you from? Where did you come from?

Bianca: I went looking for her.

Erica: What are you say-- you went looking for her? Are you telling me that you invited her into our home?

Frankie: Like I'd come here on my own.

Erica: I thought we agreed, Bianca, no more strays.

Frankie: Hey! I had all my shots. And see? Even took a flea bath.

Bianca: Frankie, why don't you go get dressed?

Frankie: In what?

Bianca: I left clean clothes for you in the bathroom.

Frankie: Okay. But I only wear designer stuff, so there'd better be labels.

Bianca: Mom, she's had it really rough.

Erica: Oh, that's what they all say.

Bianca: Mom --

Erica: She's a grifter and she wants our money, and she will do anything she can to get it. She has already gone and sold a pack of lies to Donald Steele!

Bianca: I know. I read the story.

Erica: It is not a story, it is a slander! That's what it is. I can't believe the nerve of that girl!

Bianca: Honestly, if I were her, I would have done the same thing.

Joe: Hold it. You have to report me? What's the reason?

David: A patient almost died today, Joe, because of your poor judgment.

Tad: Poor judgment? Why don't you just --

Joe: Tad, Tad. You have no right in the world to make an accusation like that.

David: The patient went into cardiac arrest, which never should have happened.

Joe: You weren't even in that room till almost the end.

David: Doesn't matter. There's a record. Take a look at the patient's T-waves on the EKG.

Joe: I saw them.

David: Did you give him calcium, Joe?

Joe: Not until a clearer pattern emerged.

David: In other words, you hesitated and the patient went into full arrest.

Tad: I'm sure my father knew exactly what he was --

David: Are you a doctor now, Tad?

Joe: Tad, Tad, leave it. This is between Hayward and me.

David: And the board of review.

Joe: The board of review? You really think that's necessary?

David: Oh, I think it's crucial.

Joe: Why?

David: Because, unfortunately, your medical problems almost cost the patient his life.

Joe: What?

David: I'm sorry, Joe, but I believe this needs to be addressed with a formal review.

Joe: And I don't suppose there's anything at all that could stop you, is there?

David: No, I'm sorry, nothing.

Tad: Dad?

Joe: I need some time alone.

Tad: You know something? Up till now, you've gotten away with every crime imaginable.

David: You flatter me.

Tad: But not this. This is where I draw the line. You go after my father, it's because of revenge, pure and simple, and you know it.

David: I know what I'm doing is right, not only for your father but for his patients, as well.

Tad: Like you give a damn about them. No, David, this is about you.

David: Really? And how is that?

Tad: Well, if by chance my father should have to retire as chief of staff, then somebody would replace him. That's where you come in, isn't it? It wasn't enough you humiliated him in front of the board of directors. You're after his job.

David: You know, Tad, I didn't make your father old. Maybe it's time for him to step down. [Pager beeps]

David: And when he does, well, I guess I'm the only one that's really qualified to take his job.

Erica: Have you lost your mind? You're defending that con artist even after she went to Donald Steele?

Bianca: Okay, okay, she shouldn't have gone public, but I know why she did it.

Erica: Why?

Bianca: Mom, think about the way you treated her after the accident.

Erica: Excuse me; first of all, there was no accident! She threw herself in front of my car!

Bianca: Do you know that for sure?

Erica: Yes!

Bianca: Wasn't everything happening too fast?

Erica: No!

Bianca: Mom, she could have been really hurt. But you didn't even think about that. You didn't try to help her. You freaked. You went into attack mode. Frankie was defending herself, that's all.

Erica: I don't believe this. Now you think you're going to make amends by giving her free run of my home?

Bianca: I didn't say she could stay here. I said that she could come here and get cleaned up and have something to eat. That is all. It's called damage control.

Erica: Excuse me, we didn't do any damage!

Bianca: Mom, would you just trust me on this one?

Erica: No, you listen to me, you have a big heart and you have a kind heart, and that user wants to take advantage of you, and she doesn't care how. I don't want to leave you alone with her!

Bianca: Because she'll rip me off or because you think she might try to kiss me?

Laura: Hi. Is this the Valley Inn? Hi. Could I speak to somebody about booking the dining room for a wedding? Great. Thank you. Hi, this is Laura Du Pres. My husband, Leo, and I are going to renew our vows and we want the first wedding -- the second wedding to be much bigger than the first. We think the Valley Inn would be perfect. Yes, can you tell me the earliest date possible that you could accommodate us?

Jesse: Tell me what you see.

Gillian: My husband.

Jesse: What else?

Gillian: He's alone.

Jesse: That's right.

Gillian: You know, he used to -- he used to curl around me and hold me all night long.

Jesse: Will that ever happen again? Gillian, will that ever happen again?

Gillian: No. I'm gone.

Jesse: Tell him what to do. Do you want him to wait for you?

Gillian: No, he can't.

Jesse: Why not?

Gillian: Because he'll never be happy if he does. I'm not coming back.

Jesse: And how do you know he's not happy?

Gillian: Because look at his face. His beautiful face.

Jesse: He doesn't want to live without you.

Gillian: I know. But he has to.

Jesse: Why?

Gillian: Because there are people here who need him. And he had dreams, and some of them can come true.

Jesse: Without you?

Gillian: Yes.

Jesse: Doesn't mean that it'll ever be easy for him.

Gillian: I know.

Jesse: You know he'll never stop missing you.

Gillian: Yeah. But when I'm around, he can feel me, and that just makes it harder for him.

Jesse: Oh. Yeah. Tell me about it.

Gillian: Jesse?

Jesse: No words. I feel you. I, uh -- I want to check out a few of my old stomping grounds, anyway, all right, so you just take your time, all the time you need, and I'll be back.

Gillian: Ryan? It's time. I have to say good-bye.

Bianca: You saw the kiss at the hospital?

Erica: Yes. That was pretty hard to miss. And for your information, I don't want her to rip you off or kiss you.

Bianca: Okay. You know, Mom, you think that I'm so totally desperate that I can't resist anyone, not even your accident victim.

Erica: If I say this enough times, will you believe me? There was no accident and the only victim here is me -- and you if that con artist gets her way.

Bianca: Mom, just relax. I can handle her.

Erica: Bianca --

Frankie: So, what'd I miss? Oh, a mother-daughter moment or a cat fight?

Erica: I want her out of here. I'm calling the police.

Frankie: Wow. I'm impressed.

Bianca: Yeah? How so?

Frankie: You got rid of Mommie Dearest before she got rid of me.

Bianca: She's overreacting. She's not really like this.

Frankie: Well, let's eat fast because I am starving.

Bianca: Okay, the food's in the kitchen. Everything is ready.

Frankie: Great, let's go.

Bianca: Wait, hang on. Before you go, we need to talk.

Frankie: About what?

Bianca: About you.

Frankie: Why?

Bianca: I don't know. It's weird sharing a meal with a total stranger. So why don't you tell me something about yourself. Where you're from, what your family is like.

Frankie: No way. I don't talk about stuff like that, all right? And if that bugs you, I can leave.

Laura: Ooh. Nothing sooner than that? Are you sure?

Jake: What's up?

Greenlee: Jake. I was waiting for you.

Jake: Waiting area's over there.

Greenlee: That's where I started. And then there were all these people coughing and, you know, like, bleeding from weird places, so I was hanging out by the door. That way I wouldn't miss you.

Jake: Plus, you could eavesdrop on Laura.

Greenlee: Huh? I didn't even know she was out there.

Jake: Greenlee, come on, you're following her, and we both know it.

Greenlee: I am not. She's there, I'm here.

Jake: No, no, no, you were just out of sight. You were stalking her.

Greenlee: That's crazy!

Jake: It's also illegal. Guard? Would you escort Ms. Smythe out of the building?

Guard: Ahem. Ma'am?

Greenlee: You wouldn't dare.

Jake: Please.

Greenlee: Let go of me, you thug. Jake, I swear I'll get you back for this! Let go of me! Let go of me!

Ryan: Princess. We're finally together.

Gillian: Yes. Every moment I had with you were a gift. I want you to know that, Ryan. I wanted to stay longer, but I couldn't. I had to go. And now you're alone and you're hurt. But hold on to the love and the memories we shared. You can hold on to this moment.

Singer: I don't know where to find you I don't know how to reach you I hear your voice in the wind I feel you under my skin within my heart and my soul I wait for you adagio if you know where to find me if you know how to reach me be the only man to say that you'll hear my heart that you'll give your life forever you'll stay

Frankie: You know all that stuff that you were talking to me about -- what my family's like, where I'm from -- the deal is it doesn't matter.

Bianca: Isn't it a part of who you are?

Frankie: No. Because you know why -- I am starting my life all over again.

Bianca: Reinventing yourself?

Frankie: Yeah. Hit the reset button. Why not?

Bianca: Suppose it doesn't work out.

Frankie: Well, then I'm out of here. No problem. But, I don't know, for some reason, I'm -- I'm just getting a really strong feeling that this is the place for me.

Bianca: Okay. So you're in Pine Valley. Now what?

Frankie: Well, I'm enrolled in PVU.

Bianca: You're kidding.

Frankie: Yeah, I can read. But I really got to get my own place. I don't want to live in a dorm.

Bianca: It's expensive.

Frankie: Yeah, tell me about it. So I got to get a job. What, does that surprise you?

Bianca: No.

Frankie: Yes, it does. You know, God, you're just like your mother. Yeah, you think I'm some professional leech.

Bianca: If that's what you want to believe, fine. If you want to know what I really tank, ask me. I'll tell you.

Frankie: Ooh, a hard shell, huh?

Bianca: You or me?

Frankie: Well, I guess I'll see you around.

Bianca: Okay. Oh, and you're welcome for the food.

Frankie: Well, your mom called it -- I'm a stray and we got no manners at all.

Greenlee: Okay, first of all, can I say I'm a total idiot?

Erica: Yes, I'd like that.

Greenlee: When you unveiled the new ad campaign, I freaked.

Erica: Yeah, and that was very odd since it was your idea.

Greenlee: Except I didn't know you were using me as the poster girl.

Erica: But the picture of you is stunning and it's exactly what I want to convey -- "I'll get him back, no one can stop me from enchanting him."

Greenlee: I guess I was having a rare attack of modesty. But I think you're right. The ad campaign could totally take off.

Erica: Meaning your back on board?

Greenlee: Yes, and I want to kick it into high gear.

Erica: Well, even better.

Greenlee: But I can't do it alone. I need creative support, someone who can think outside the box.

Erica: Any thoughts as to who that might be?

Greenlee: Leo. I want to work with him and you have to find a way to make that work.

Jake: Hey, hey, got your page. What's going on?

Tad: It's Dad. He's in a lot of trouble. Apparently, he was working on a patient today and this guy went into a full arrest.

Jake: Did they get him stabilized?

Tad: Yeah, but not before Hayward came in and started tearing into Dad. He said the guy never should have gone into arrest in the first place, that Dad was responsible, and now he's going to have to face the board of review.

Jake: Wait, David is reporting him?

Tad: I don't know, but he has threatened to, and it's perfectly obvious to me that all he wants to do is elbow Dad out of here so he can run the whole thing.

Jake: No, no, no, no, that's not going to happen, Tad.

Tad: Yeah, no kidding it's not going to happen because you and I, we're going to stop it.

Jake: Okay, all right, listen, I want you to stay put, stay calm until I get back, okay?

Tad: Yeah, fine.

Jake: All right, is right back.

Jesse: Tad the cad. You don't look so good, Tad. What's up with you?

David: You're still here?

Tad: Did you do it? Did you report my father?

David: It was my duty, Tad.

Tad: Like hell. You're not getting away with this. You can humiliate me, but I'm not about to let you ruin my father.

David: All right, look, look, you know something, Tad -- I know you're not going to believe this, but this isn't personal, all right? Your father was a great doctor, but his time is over.

Tad: And yours is about to arrive?

David: No, actually, my time is already here. You're going to have to live with it.

Tad: No, David, I don't think so.

Jesse: Whoa, slow down there, Sparky. What -- you going to crack that man's head open with a hammer, boy? You'd better think about what you're trying to do.

Erica: Excuse me, is there some problem with the acoustics in here? Did I hear you giving me orders? Did you actually say I have to arrange for you to work with Leo?

Greenlee: Erica, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to come on so strong.

Erica: Oh, well, good. Because you work for me, not the other way around.

Greenlee: I know, I know, and I keep learning things from you. In fact, I'd love to show you how I've grown.

Erica: By tackling the new ad campaign?

Greenlee: I could knock your socks off. If you wore socks.

Erica: You're babbling.

Greenlee: Well, that's why I want to work with Leo. He's very good at focusing my energy.

Erica: Oh, is that what they call it?

Greenlee: What I want to do is save the poor the guy from a crazy woman.

Erica: Do you mean his wife?

Greenlee: She's clinging to him like an anaconda.

Erica: Oh, that's not a pretty picture.

Greenlee: No.

Erica: All right. I can make a deal with you. I can certainly arrange for you to work with Leo.

Greenlee: Oh, Erica, thank you. You will not regret this.

Erica: If you get rid of a very troublesome problem.

Greenlee: Just tell me what the problem is.

Laura: Thank you. Hi. It's Laura Du Pres. I'm Dr. Hayward's sister-in-law. Hi. My husband, Leo, said he was stopping by to pick up some papers. Has he been by yet? Oh, he has. Oh. Oh, a message for me. Meet him at the "Tempo" office. Got it. No, thank you. Thank you so much.

Laura's voice: Something's changed. Something, like, set in for you and I feel like you look trapped.

Leo's voice: I just wonder if we should have talked some more before you booked the place.

Laura's voice: Why? I thought we decided last night.

Leo's voice: You brought it up. But I wasn't exactly like, "yeah, call the caterers."

Laura's voice: So what does that mean? You don't want a wedding now? A wedding now, a wedding now --

Leo: Shut up.

Laura's voice: A wedding now, a wedding now --

Leo: Shut up!

Gillian: What I have to do now is the hardest part. I have to leave you behind before I lose my courage forever. I love you, Ryan. I always will.

Ryan: I love you, too, Princess.

Gillian: Good-bye, my love, my heart.

Ryan: Gilly.

Gillian: I thought you'd be out here. You can't leave Ryan, can you? You have to take care of him now. And you will. You'll find a way.

Chris: Dear God, help me. I'm not sorry for what I did. I'm not.

David: All right, what have we got?

Doctor: A gentleman 80 years old, weak, disoriented. The family just brought him in. Pulse is 46. Here are the stats.

David: Okay.

David: This guy's living on borrowed time.

Doctor: I was about to call the chief.

David: What, old Dr. Joe? Why bother?

Doctor: Protocol, given the patient's condition.

David: That's all right, I'll take care of it. Let Dr. Martin has his nap. Which cube?

Doctor: Three.

David: Okay.

Tad: Ow. Oh! Ah! Ow.

Jesse: Boo.