AMC Transcript Wednesday 9/26/01

All My Children Transcript Wednesday 9/26/01

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Jake: You lost your pills?

Laura: Can you just make me another prescription for the morning?

Jake: All right. Why don't you want me to tell Leo?

Chris: Excuse me, I'd like to report a stolen limo.

Ryan: Hey. I was here first, buddy.

Jesse: What is this, Gillian?

Gillian: My task being completed.

Ryan: I said I was here first, buddy.

Chris: "Buddy"?

Gillian: I did it! I finally got them together!

Jesse: Hey, good for you. Would you mind keeping your bony, little elbow out of my ribs, thank you very much.

Gillian: Ok, I'm sorry. It's just I am so excited!

Jesse: Oh, yeah, bling-bling, we're living large --

Gillian: Shh! I want to hear what's happening now.

Chris: Don't call me "buddy," ok, pal?

Ryan: Ok, pal. But take a number. Like I said, I was here first.

Officer: Your chopper was stolen?

Ryan: Yeah. 1988 Sportster XLX, screaming eagle pipes --

Chris: Black, two-seater?

Ryan: How'd you know that?

Chris: Well, you're in luck. I got it parked out front. My turn.

Ryan: Hey! Hey. You're the bastard who stole my bike.

Brooke: Oh, hi.

Leo: Dinner is served, my lady.

Brooke: Listen, thank you so much, Leo, for meeting me here.

Leo: No problem. I like dining alfresco.

Brooke: Well, I'm sort of eating on the run. I'm actually catching a flight to Geneva, and I wanted to stop on the -- oh -- at the Christening on the way.

Leo: Yes, this is a big day for Hayley and Mateo's kid. Portobello mushroom or chicken salad?

Brooke: Want to split it up?

Leo: Fine.

Brooke: Half and half?

Leo: Yeah.

Brooke: Ok.

Leo: So, why didn't you tell me anything about this at the office?

Brooke: Oh, the trip to Geneva, it just -- it just came up.

Leo: That's an awesome city.

Brooke: Yeah.

Leo: You got to check out this bistro downtown. It's like -- they've got the best antipasto --

Brooke: I don't think I'm going to have time, really. Leo, I really don't want to go. Is Laura going to be ok while I'm gone?

Laura: Jake! Hi!

Jake: Hi. One minute. Thank you, Felicia. So, hi back at you. How're you feeling?

Laura: Great. Oh, thanks for squeezing me in.

Jake: It's no problem. Actually, I'm covering all of Hayward's patients while he's in Europe.

Laura: Oh, well, this should be quick. I just need a refill on the heart meds.

Jake: Great. Cubicle one's open. Laura, I have to give you a quick exam before I can write you a script.

Laura: Oh, well, I'm fine, Jake. I mean, I'm beyond fine. I just need the refill.

Jake: Well, after I check your heart. Come on! Come on. Here, let's go. You look good, by the way.

Laura: Thanks.

Jake: Here we are. Hop up on to the gurney there --

Laura: You know what? Actually, I'm really short on time.

Jake: Well, so am I, so am I. I'm not about to miss the Santos baby's Christening today.

Laura: Great. So you can just write up the meds and we can both get out of here.

Jake: Will you give me a break? Indulge me. I'm a stickler for protocol. Come on.

Jake: Ok. I want you to take a deep breath and hold it.

Hayley: Look at you smiling. Look at you smiling.

Isabella: Did Mateo hear that? Yeah, I guess he did. Oh -- the chapel looks lovely.

Mateo: You're not going to cry, are you, ma?

Isabella: It's an abuela's privilege to cry at her grandson's Christening.

Hayley: Aw, see, now you started her. Now, stop. This is a big day for you. You get a name and everything -- finally. Finally.

Rosa: Mom, is that my Christening blanket?

Isabella: All five of you used it.

Rosa: Aw, sweet.

Mateo: Looked better on me, though, Rosa.

Hayley: Oh, please.

Rosa: It's your color.

Isabella: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Edmund: Evening, all.

Mateo: Hey!

Hayley: Aw, Edmund. Thank you so much for letting us use the chapel.

Edmund: Well, last time I checked, we were family, right?

Mateo: Yeah.

Hayley: Mm-hmm. Well, this branch of the family needs a diaper change, that's for sure.

Isabella: Rosa and I will help.

Max: Me, too. I'm his big brother.

Mateo: That's right.

Hayley: Ok, big brother. Let's go -- that way.

Edmund: This was delivered for you at the house.

Mateo: Oh! For me?

Edmund: Well, more likely the baby. Christening, perhaps?

Mateo: Yeah, right. Overnight?

Edmund: Yeah.

Mateo: Ooh.

Sam: Daddy?

Edmund: Mm-hmm?

Sam: We want to light a candle for mommy. Can we?

Edmund: Sure. Be right back.

Mateo: Ok.

Edmund: Come on. Let's go.

Mateo: "As promised, from your phone friend."

Mateo: "Consider this a down payment on your new son's future. Keep your cell phone turned on for further details."

Hayley: What's that?

Mateo: Nothing.

Hayley: Nothing? Nothing came here?

Mateo: Business.

Hayley: Business.

Mateo: Yeah.

Hayley: Put it away.

Mateo: Ok.

Hayley: It's your son's Christening.

Mateo: All right. Yeah.

Hayley: Hey! Uncle Stewart, Marian, how are you?

Marian: Hi. Hello, darling.

Hayley: Hi, hi, hi.

Marian: How's the baby?

Hayley: Beautiful, delicious. Come take a look.

Marian: Oh, what a delicious child.

Adam: It's a big day for our family, Mateo.

Mateo: When's the last time you had an update on Arlene?

Adam: This morning.

Mateo: Is she still out of the country?

Adam: Yes. Definitely. Why, has something happened?

Mateo: No. I just don't want anything to go wrong tonight, you know? I don't want her to ruin it for Hayley.

Adam: Yeah.

Mateo: Yeah.

Father Tony: Hayley? Mateo? If you're ready, we'll begin the service.

Hayley: Ok. Excuse me. All right?

Edmund: You ready, papa?

Mateo: Yeah. Yeah. Did you see who dropped this off?

Edmund: No. It was left at the guard gate. Problem?

Mateo: No, no. I just wanted to know who -- who sent it.

Edmund: Wasn't there a card?

Mateo: They didn't sign it. They didn't sign it.

Edmund: Really?

Mateo: Yeah.

Edmund: Well, listen. Father Tony's getting anxious. Why don't you just put a trace on the package later?

Mateo: Yeah.

Edmund: Ok?

Mateo: Perfect. Ok.

Brooke: Laura said that your marriage and everything is in great shape right now.

Leo: But you don't believe her.

Brooke: You know, I -- you know, I don't want to invade your privacy.

Leo: Well, this is that, Brooke.

Brooke: It's not just Laura that I'm concerned about. It's you.

Leo: I'm fine.

Brooke: And is Laura really fine, too?

Leo: No, not really.

Brooke: Why? What -- what's -- what's the matter?

Leo: We -- we used to laugh. You know, goof on each other. She used to be up for whatever kind of craziness, but -- she's not like that anymore.

Brooke: Do you think she's depressed?

Leo: Well, maybe. It's -- it's like she's down in the dumps and she wants me to be down there with her. You know what I mean?

Brooke: Oh, Leo. I know how hard you work to keep Laura's spirits up. I do.

Leo: Yeah, but nothing works. The harder I work at it, the -- the worse it gets. I mean, I've gone through the whole bag. I tell her how much I love her and how much I want to be there for her, but -- it's like she doesn't believe me. I don't know.

Brooke: You mean she doesn't trust you?

Leo: Yeah. Like yesterday. She calls me home from work in the middle of the day. So I drive like a maniac coming back, thinking she's having a heart attack, and it turns out that she's just -- she had a little fight with Bianca.

Brooke: Leo, I -- I think maybe she's testing you. You know, I could -- I could talk to her --

Leo: No, no, no, no, no, no. No way. She'd go postal on me if she even knew we were having this conversation.

Brooke: Look, if Laura has a problem, then --

Leo: No, I'm the problem, Brooke. That's what I'm trying to tell you. I'm the problem.

Jake: So, your lungs sound clear. Your heart rate's good.

Laura: Ha. Told you. So you can just write up the meds and I'm out of here.

Jake: Now, tell me again how you lost that prescription.

Laura: Oh, I -- I had a fight with the childproof bottle, the top flew off, and the pills went down the drain.

Jake: Because last night on the phone, you told me that you lost your meds. Which way was it, Laura?

Officer: Ok, guys. Chill here or in a cell.

Gillian: I just don't get it, Jesse. I was so certain that Ryan and this Chris guy were connected, but now they act like strangers.

Jesse: Yeah. Strangers with a whole lot of hating going on.

Ryan: Hey -- arrest this guy. He stole my bike.

Chris: I didn't steal his bike. If I did, you think I'd bring it to a police station? Use your head.

Ryan: So, what, it just followed you home?

Chris: Look, I found your bike parked in my parking slot at Enchantment instead of my limo. You know anything about my wheels?

Ryan: Taking a joy ride in a stretch really ain't my thing.

Chris: Yeah, well, somebody took it.

Officer: Give me a description of the car.

Chris: It's a black stretch. P.A. plates weasel, echo, zebra, 1, 1, 5. It's registered to Erica Kane. She's going to blow her top when she finds out somebody ripped her ride off.

Ryan: Yeah, well, this really isn't my problem, so I'm going to go grab my bike.

Chris: Hey, hey, I just had a funny thought.

Ryan: What?

Chris: If your bike was in my slot at Enchantment, maybe my wheels are at your place.

Ryan: I live at the Pine Cone Motel. Not too many high-profile rides there.

Chris: Well, when was the last time you were there?

Ryan: Not for a while. But why would anybody dump a limo there?

Chris: Why would anybody ditch your bike at Enchantment?

Gillian: Well, go find the answers!

Ryan: Look, bud-- pal -- whatever -- I don't have time for that. I'm going to go get my bike, and it better be pristine. You know what I'm saying?

Gillian: No, Ryan, don't go.

[Phone rings]

Jesse: You do that?

Gillian: No. Not me.

Ryan: Lavery. Yeah. Ok, thanks for -- thanks for letting me know.

Chris: You get bad news?

Ryan: My mother died. 

Jesse: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You know the rules.

Gillian: Ryan's hurting, Jesse.

Jesse: There's nothing you can do about that. God --

Chris: Look, I'm sorry about your mom. Was it sudden?

Ryan: What?

Chris: Was she sick?

Ryan: Yeah. Lung Cancer.

Chris: It's a tough way to go. It's never easy losing someone you love.

Ryan: Look, save your sympathy, all right? She was -- it doesn't really matter now, though, does it? She's dead.

Chris: Whoa. Hold on, hold on.

Ryan: Listen, get your hands off of me.

Brooke: Leo, it's not you.

Leo: Well, I'm not so sure.

Brooke: It's just that Laura has had a lot of bad breaks in her life and it's hard for her to believe that, you know, sometimes life does work.

Leo: I don't know what else I can do to convince her.

Brooke: I don't think you have to do anything. You just have to give yourselves some time.

Leo: That's part of the problem. She's got too much time on her hands, so she obsesses about me and the marriage and --

[Leo sighs]

Brooke: Well, she needs -- she needs to be busy.

Leo: Yeah, well, she pretty much 86'ed the plans for college.

Brooke: I know.

Leo: Her camera's in the closet gathering dust.

Brooke: Well, I don't know if she's, you know, strong enough yet to have a full-time job.

Leo: I just wish there was something we could do or that she could do where she wouldn't get run down, you know?

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Leo: Well, maybe --

Brooke: What?

Leo: Maybe there is something.

Brooke: What do you mean?

Leo: Well, I talked to her about this last night -- about keeping a journal about her illness.

Brooke: Oh.

Leo: Helping other people who got the same battle.

Brooke: That's a great idea. It just --

Leo: It just what?

Brooke: Except -- no, I just -- I just know from the past that writing was never a great subject for Laura. It was always really hard for her to put her thoughts down in words.

Leo: Not anymore. Look at this. She wrote this last night. Read it.

Laura: I told you, Jake. I lost the pills when they went down the drain. What's the big deal?

Jake: Laura, your anti-rejection medications are crucial to your recovery.

Laura: Like I don't know that?

Jake: All right. Listen. Last night you said you took a dose. How did you take last night's dose if all the meds went down the drain?

Laura: Well, I caught one as it was going down. What's with the third degree?

Jake: Because I'm concerned about your health. Are you having any problems with the medication?

Laura: Like what kind of problems?

Jake: Well, you're obviously on a very heavy drug regimen. I mean, having to take all these pills -- is it reminding you of something that you went through?

Laura: Well, popping pills is better than my body rejecting the new heart.

Jake: Yeah, yeah, that's a good way to look at it.

Laura: So scarfing pills is better than -- is a drag, but, I mean, they're saving my life.

Jake: Yeah. Yeah. Well, I think that that's a good reminder for you in trying to avoid any accidents like what happened last night, right?

Laura: Yeah. It was weird, and -- that's why I was hoping we wouldn't tell Leo about any of this. I mean, he would majorly freak. He's super protective.

Jake: Well, your treatment's confidential.

Laura: Good. So we don't need to tell Leo about me wasting any of the pills?

Jake: Not if you don't want me to. But, you know, this -- these meds are actually not going to be covered on your insurance because you weren't actually due for a refill.

Laura: That's ok. I'll handle it.

Jake: Ok. Well, they are pretty steep, you know. If you want, maybe I could call your carrier and try to explain to them what happened, see if I can get you --

Laura: You know, just -- just let's leave the insurance out of it. I'll -- I'll pay cash.

Jake: Are you sure?

Laura: Oh, yeah. Just write up the meds, and this will all be over.

Greenlee: This is so not over, Laura.

Father Tony: You have asked to have your child baptized. It'll be your duty to bring him up to keep God's commandments as Christ taught us by loving God and our neighbor. Do you clearly understand what you are undertaking?

Hayley: We do.

Mateo: We do.

Father Tony: Godparents, are you ready to help Hayley and Mateo in their duties as Christian parents?

Rosa and Stuart: We are.

Father Tony: My dear child, the Christian community welcomes you with great joy. In its name I claim you for Christ, our savior, by the sign of his cross. I now trace that cross on your forehead and invite your parents and Godparents to do the same.

Hayley: Yes, sweetie. Yes, my love.

[Phone rings]

[Mateo groans]

Mateo: I'm so sorry. Excuse me.

Hayley: Mateo.

Mateo: No, no, it's the club. It's an emergency.

Hayley: Mateo.

Mateo: I'll be right back. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


Mateo: Hello?

Man: [Distorted voice] I trust you got my gift. There's more if you cooperate and market our product through your club.

Mateo: What product?

Mateo: Who is this?

[Caller hangs up]

Mateo: Ahem. False alarm.

Mateo: Ahem. Carry on.

Father Tony: My brothers and sisters, we ask our lord Jesus Christ to look lovingly on this child who is to be baptized, on his parents and his Godparents, and on all the baptized. Lord, hear our prayer.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.

Chris: Hey, take it easy. Calm down.

Ryan: Get out of my face.

Chris: Listen to me. You just took a big hit. You -- you going to be ok to drive?

Ryan: What? Yeah, I'll be fine.

Chris: You're sure about that? You want me to have the police call someone to come pick you up?

Ryan: Like who?

Chris: "Like who?" Like your family, your dad.

Ryan: My old man? Could be alive, could be dead.

Chris: You don't know?

Ryan: Don't know and don't care.

Chris: Scratch that.

Ryan: He split when I was 12, which is about when my mom crawled into the bottle and pulled the cork in there after her, leaving my brother and I pretty much to raise ourselves.

Chris: Sorry to hear about that.

Ryan: It was what it was. He cut us a break by leaving. We were better off without him.

Chris: Tough way for a kid to grow up.

Ryan: Well, I grew up and I got over it.

Chris: Look, you don't know me from squat, but if you want to go grab a beer and shoot the breeze --

Ryan: Yeah, maybe some other time.

Chris: You sure?

Ryan: Yeah, I'm sure. I don't cry in my beer, and like you said, you don't know me, so let's keep it that way. Good luck finding your ride.

Chris: Take it easy, kid.

Gillian: Come on. Come on, don't just stand there. Do something. No matter what he says, he shouldn't be alone now.

Officer: Sir?

Chris: Yeah?

Officer: Do you want to sign off on this auto theft report?

Chris: Sure.

Gillian: Thank you.

Jesse: You scammin'. You -- what are you up to? You're scammin'.

Gillian: No. Nothing. I am just so excited that Chris and Ryan finally got to meet each other. I just feel as light as a cloud.

Jesse: You're an airhead.

Brooke: "I remember lying in my hospital bed counting my heartbeats on the monitor, listening, wondering would I hear the final beat. I made a game out of it, like the counting games when you're a kid jumping rope. I'd fall asleep counting and wake up and start all over again. How many times does a human heart beat in one lifetime?"

Leo: Yeah.

Brooke: What are you -- what are you thinking? I mean --

Leo: Well, you know that advice column that Phoebe writes for the "Bulletin"?

[Brooke chuckles]

Brooke: Yes -- "Dear Aggie's" column?

Leo: I was thinking that Laura could do the same thing for -- for "Tempo." I mean, she's really good at figuring people out.

Brooke: Oh. Leo. That would be such a great outlet for her.

Leo: I know, and I think this is really something that could pull her out of the hole she's in right now.

Brooke: And she would have you to thank for it.

Leo: Ah.

Brooke: And I would, too.

Leo: Oh --

Brooke: Yes, Leo.

Leo: Yeah.

Brooke: Oh, thank you!

Jake: Here you go.

Laura: Thanks, Jake. Sorry for the trouble.

Jake: No, no, it's -- it's all right. Just, next time, try to be more careful.

Laura: Yeah, I will. I promise.

Jake: Can I give you some advice?

Laura: Uh -- can I stop you?

Jake: Probably not. You know, the more that Leo knows about what's going on with you, the more he'll be able to support you.

Laura: Yeah. I just don't want our whole lives to be about which pill I took.

Jake: I understand that.

Laura: And I understand Leo.

Jake: Give him a chance to understand you. That's all I'm saying.

Laura: Ok. No more secrets. I get it.

Jake: I don't think you do.

Laura: Look, Jake, I can skip the lecture, ok? I mean, you're not even my regular doctor.

Jake: No, you're right. You're right about that. But you came to me for help, and I'm trying to give it to you.

Laura: I know. I appreciate it. I do.

Jake: All right. Well, really, there's no sense in stressing out on something that was essentially an accident, right?

Laura: I guess, yeah.

Jake: Right? Because, I mean, you didn't mean to drop those pills down the drain, did you?

Laura: No.

Jake: Well, then, go easy. Save the angst for the big stuff, right?

Laura: Hmm.

Jake: There's enough of it out there, isn't there?

Laura: Yeah, a little too much lately. I just want to be able to handle things on my own.

Jake: Yeah. Well, you know, sometimes the bravest and the least complicated way to do that is just to be honest.

Laura: So we don't need to tell Leo about any of this, right?

Jake: No. I'm going to leave that up to you.

Laura: Ok. Thanks for trusting me. Bye.

[Greenlee gasps]

Jake: What the hell are you doing?

Greenlee: Jake --

Jake: What are you doing with Laura's file?

Greenlee: You know, your handwriting is awful.

Jake: Greenlee --

Greenlee: I was worried about Laura, ok?

Jake: No, it's not ok. Laura's treatment is confidential.

Greenlee: Ok, ok. I won't leak it to the press.

Jake: You know, I should call security and have you thrown out on your tail.

Greenlee: You love my tail.

Jake: That's it, Greenlee. You got just --

Greenlee: Hey, hey. You are not going to sic those goons on me.

Jake: Give me one good reason I shouldn't.

Greenlee: Because it's your fault that I'm here.

Jake: My fault?

Greenlee: I heard you on the phone last night talking to Laura about her meds.

Jake: You were eavesdropping.

Greenlee: Oh, come on, Jake. We were at S.O.S. The music was so loud, you were shouting into the phone.

Jake: No, no. I purposely moved away from you so I could have some privacy, and you followed me.

Greenlee: It's no big deal.

Jake: It's a very big deal. You ever hear of doctor/patient privilege?

Greenlee: I'll take your secrets to the grave. Now, what's the deal with Laura losing those pills?

Jake: It's none of your business, Greenlee.

Greenlee: But don't you think it's strange that Laura wants to keep it a secret from Leo? I mean, she accidentally dropped her meds down the sink. Why all the hush-hush?

Jake: We're not going to have this conversation.

Greenlee: Something weird is going on. Someone should clue Leo in.

Jake: You're not talking to Leo.

Greenlee: I'm not?

Jake: No, you're not. You're going to respect Laura's right to privacy, and you're going to stay away from the treatment of my patients. Comprende?

Greenlee: Si

Jake: Good. Now get the hell out of here. I got patients to see.

Father Tony: Parents and Godparents, is it your will that this child should be baptized in the faith of the church?

Mateo, Hayley, and Rosa: It is.

Stuart: Yes, it is.

Hayley: Ok. Here we go. Here we go. That's a good boy. Who's a good boy? There's a good boy.

Father Tony: I baptize you in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit.

Mateo: Oh, good boy. Amen.

Father Tony: God, the father of our lord Jesus Christ, has freed you from sin and given you a new birth by water in the Holy Spirit and welcomed you into his holy family. I now anoint you with the chrism of salvation.

Father Tony: Receive the light of Christ. Parents and Godparents, this light is entrusted to you to be kept burning brightly. May he keep the flame of faith alive in his heart.

Isabella: Amen.

All: Amen.

Father Tony: Hayley, Mateo, congratulations.

Mateo: Thanks.

Marian: Congratulations.

Isabella: Thank you. Such a good baby.

Marian: He was an angel.

Rosa: Well, I think mom cried enough for all of us.

Edmund: Ok, folks. Parents, Godparents, smile for the camera and --

Adam: Hey. I want one of those.

Rosa: Me, too.

[Mateo chuckles]

Mateo: All right, guys. Join us for a little celebration at S.O.S.?

Marian: We'll be there.

Brooke: Hi! Oh, I'm so -- I am so sorry I missed the ceremony.

Hayley: Oh, that's ok. The highlight was Mateo's cell phone ringing in the middle of everything.

Mateo: I'm really sorry about that.

Brooke: This is for the baby.

Hayley: Oh!

Brooke: I'll give it to you.

Hayley: Thank you.

Brooke: So, what did you end up finally naming him?

Edmund: Late comers get no names.

Brooke: Oh, all right. Why don't you torture me.

Edmund: That's what I live for.

Brooke: No kidding.

Edmund: Really.

Brooke: Excuse us. Going to miss me while I'm gone?

Edmund: I'm going to cry in my pillow every night.

Brooke: What, you think you can run "Tempo" all by your lonesome?

Edmund: Sure. Seriously, I'm going to get together what I can about Proteus and this drug cartel.

Brooke: Listen, don't get yourself into trouble.

Edmund: Look who's talking. You -- keep a low profile. I want you back in one piece --

Brooke: I'll be back.

Edmund: To make my life a living hell.

Brooke: Well, somebody's got to do it.

Hayley: I have a bone to pick with you.

Mateo: We can't fight in church.

Hayley: God can cover his ears. What is with the cell phone?

Mateo: I forgot to turn it off --

Hayley: The cell phone ringing in the middle of your son's Christening? In the middle of your son's Christening? Who was it?

Mateo: It wasn't important. I thought it was an emergency.

Hayley: If it's not important, then don't answer it, Mateo. You're going to answer it and take a call in the middle of your boy's Christening?

Mateo: Hey, hey, hey -- listen, listen. Don't be mad. Please? All right? I love you and our son so much.

Hayley: Nice save.

Mateo: And I'll do anything for you.

Hayley: Anything?

Mateo: Mm-hmm.

Hayley: All right. How about turning your cell phone off?

[Engine revs]

[knock on door]

Ryan: Whatever you're selling, I don't want any!

Ryan: What the hell do you want?

Chris: I came to return your keys and your bike. You left them both at the police station.

Ryan: Yeah, well, I guess I -- I guess wasn't thinking straight.

Chris: You're entitled. I mean, you just -- you just lost your mom. How'd you get home?

Ryan: I took a cab.

Chris: Now you're thinking half straight.

Ryan: Yeah. Well, thank you. And you were right about the limo -- it's parked outside. Key's in the ignition.

Chris: I saw it. It's a little strange, isn't it?

Ryan: Yeah.

Chris: Look, you don't -- you don't want any company, so I'm going to get out of your hair. Who are they?

Ryan: My mom and dad.

Greenlee: I don't care what Jake says. This is the second time Laura's messed up with her meds. She wants Leo clueless. What's that whiny, little wench up to?

Leo: Hey. You're just in time for a picnic supper.

Laura: Leo, what are you doing here?

Leo: Well, I just had a quick bite with your mom.

Laura: Oh, business?

Leo: No, actually, we were talking about you.

Laura: Oh.

Leo: Don't be mad, but I just showed her the stuff that you wrote last night.

Laura: Great. She's going to have me committed to the home for the hopelessly --

Leo: No, no, no, no. She loved it. You wowed her. As a matter of fact, she wants you to start working for "Tempo."

Laura: No way.

Leo: Yeah, it's true.

[Leo chuckles]

Laura: Are you serious?

Leo: Absolutely serious.

Laura: This is -- was this your idea?

Leo: No, it's -- it's something your mom and I both wanted for you.

Laura: Thank you. Wow. We're going to be, like, walking to work together.

Leo: We'll carry matching lunch boxes.

Laura: We're going to be together, like, 24/7.

Leo: Yeah, I know.

Laura: I'm so happy.

[Baby cries]

Stuart: Oh --

Edmund: Here you go, buddy -- picture of your family, your son and heir.

Mateo: Ah. Thanks, man. Looks great.

Edmund: You're welcome.

Mateo: Thank you very much.

Edmund: You're welcome, buddy. Enjoy.

Hayley: You know, we better head over to S.O.S.

Mateo: Ok. All right.

Hayley: Ok.

Stuart: You want me to carry this for you?

Mateo: No, no, I got it. I got it. Thanks, Stuart.

Stuart: Ok.

Adam: Sweetheart, you are radiant.

Hayley: Yeah, well, I've got that happy glow thing happening.

Adam: I'm so happy for you. You know, I'm -- I'm not a religious man.

Hayley: Yeah, I know. God didn't hit you with the lightning bolt. Mm-hmm.

Adam: Yeah, no. But sitting here watching you hold my grandson, listening to that sacrament, made me feel I was part of something a lot bigger than myself.

Hayley: I felt the same way. It could be that you were feeling that way because you miss Liza.

Adam: You know me too well.

Hayley: And I still love you. Now, how's that for a miracle?

[Baby cries]

[phone rings]

Mateo: Uh --

Hayley: Mateo.

Mateo: Listen -- listen, I -- I'm sorry. I got to get it. It's important.

Hayley: Now?

Mateo: Go! Go! I'll catch up. Don't be mad. Go!


Man: [Distorted voice] have you had a chance to reconsider my distribution offer?

Mateo: I'm not distributing anything for you. You can take your money back.

Man: As you wish. It's a shame, though. This could have been the beginning of a most lucrative partnership.

Mateo: Go to hell.

Man: Such blasphemy, Mr. Santos. Oh, before you hang up, might I compliment your sister Rosa? She looked stunning in that blue dress.

Mateo: Rosa? Ro-- Rosa?