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All My Children Transcript Monday 9/17/01

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Liza: All done?

Adam: She went to sleep with a big smile on her face.

Liza: Well, she really likes your stories.

Adam: Well, she wasn't the only one. I saw you in the mirror, listening. 3BA6C526.JPG

Liza: So, what did Snow White do when she won her lawsuit against her wicked stepmother?

Adam: Ah, well, she used her settlement to start her own company.

Liza: Well, then she didn't need to marry the prince.

Adam: Well, she didn't need to. She wanted to. They worked together side by side. 3BA6C543.JPG

Liza: Partners.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Very successful. They made elevator shoes for dwarfs. They, of course, lived happily ever after.

Liza: You know, my father used to tell me stories. I used to look forward to every word. I believed them. 3BA6C55C.JPG

Adam: Because they're true.

Liza: They're fairy tales.

Adam: They're true for us.

Liza: Well, we'll see.

Adam: Liza, I know we're working very hard to try to mend things between us, but -- well, there's one thing we've always gotten right, right from the start. 3BA6C57A.JPG

Liza: No, Adam.

Adam: It's a way back. Our bed is one place we've always been able to trust each other.

Liza: I'm not ready.

Adam: Then how come I see something in your face that says you are? I think you want me as much as I want you. 3BA6C594.JPG

Liza: Ahem. Yes.

Mia: I need to see you.

Liza: That'll have to wait.

Mia: Look, if you want me to take this DNA test, you're going to have to come up with the money you promised.

Liza: Tomorrow.

Mia: No. Right now. 3BA6C5AC.JPG

Liza: That's impossible.

Mia: It'll take you two minutes. I'm right outside the door.

Liza: Here?

Mia: Come out or I'm coming in.

[Erica screams]

Greenlee: Your poor dad. He's so sweet. Are you sure everything's going to be all right? 3BA6C601.JPG

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, it looks that way. It's scary, though.

Greenlee: I bet. Well, what did you mean when you said "heart episode" -- you mean like a heart attack?

Jake: No, it's not a heart attack. It's Arrhythmia.

Greenlee: Oh. That's no big deal. 3BA6C614.JPG

Jake: Well, since when did you become the Arrhythmia expert?

Greenlee: Isn't that what the Vice President has? And he practically runs the country.

Jake: Well, yeah, but, you see, his is --

Greenlee: Hey! My grandfather knows him -- the Vice President. Do you want me to find out about that doohickey in his chest? 3BA6C620.JPG

Jake: No -- thanks, thanks. Actually, we're on top of it.

Greenlee: Well, good. Then let's stop talking diseases and have some fun.

Jake: Ok. Ahem. Me first. I was offered a job and grant money today. Kind of a prestigious thing at the hospital, both by the Winifred Chair and by -- 3BA6C637.JPG

Greenlee: Ooh! If they call it a Chair, it's a big deal. Hmm?

Jake: What -- Bianca. Hey.

Bianca: Hey.

Jake: How are you?

Bianca: I'm all right. Oh, I was here with my mom, and I'm leaving now.

Jake: Ok, ok. Are you sure you don't need a lift? 3BA6C644.JPG

Bianca: Oh, no --

Greenlee: She's sure.

Bianca: Yes, I知 sure.

Jake: Ok.

Bianca: See you later.

Jake: Well, have a good night.

Bianca: Thanks.

Greenlee: So, back to this Chair thing. It's pretty nifty, huh? 3BA6C64E.JPG

Jake: Yeah, actually it's an unbelievable position as far as research and recognition.

Greenlee: So why aren't you buying champagne?

Jake: Because the guy who offered it to me is David Hayward.

Greenlee: So?

Jake: So? Greenlee, David Hayward痴 responsible for almost every terrible thing that's happened to my family in the last year. 3BA6C664.JPG

Greenlee: Hmm. So you're going to punish him by denying this great opportunity. Good plan.

Man: Hi, beautiful. I'm Julian. You leaving already?

Bianca: Yes. Yes, I am.

Julian: Really? Can't I change your mind -- buy you a drink? 3BA6C67B.JPG

Bianca: No, thanks anyway. I'm ready to go.

Julian: Wait. You don't know what I have in mind.

Bianca: Thank you anyway.

Julian: I saw you inside with Erica Kane. You're her daughter. I've read all about you.

Bianca: You know, have a nice life. 3BA6C68A.JPG

Julian: Do you get off on being a tease?

Bianca: What? No.

Julian: What are you doing here if you're not looking for action -- if you know what I mean.

Bianca: Yes, I do know what you mean even though you're being so incredibly subtle. 3BA6C696.JPG

Julian: Hey, what is wrong with you?

Bianca: Nothing. I'm just -- I'm not interested, ok -- if you know what I mean.

Julian: You're sick. I think you're one of those man-hating lesbos. Hey, I知 not done with you yet.

Bianca: Hey, hey --

Ryan: She said no! Do you understand what that means? 3BA6C729.JPG

Bianca: Ryan!

Ryan: What, are you ugly and stupid?

Julian: Look, I was just talking to the lady.

Ryan: Yeah, well, not anymore you're not. I hate guys like you -- guys that think they're God's gift to women.

Bianca: Ryan, stop it! Please! 3BA6C734.JPG

Gillian: Ryan! What is he doing?

Julian: Ok! I'm sorry! Call him off!

Bianca: Ryan, stop it!

Julian: She's saying stop it! Come on, buddy.

Ryan: My name's not buddy!

Bianca: Ryan! Ryan!

Gillian: He's going to kill that man, Jesse. We have to do something. 3BA6C748.JPG

Jesse: No, we ain't in it, darling. We're just watching.

Bianca: Please! You're hurting him! Ryan!

[Erica screams]

Chris: You calm down! Just calm down! Calm down. I'm going to take my hand off your mouth. Look, promise to make not a -- make a sound? 3BA6C761.JPG

Erica: What are you doing?

Chris: Behave yourself! I'm just trying to help you.

Erica: Oh, some help!

Chris: Are you going to shut up? Shut up. Ok?

Erica: You are dead meat, Mr. Stamp. Years from now when you find yourself a ruined, pathetic, friendless husk, you will wonder why you ever had a thought in your head that you could get close to me. 3BA6C77B.JPG

Chris: Huh?

Erica: I was having a perfectly delightful evening with friends when I got a call from Enchantment security that there was an intruder in my new office.

Chris: Well, why the hell did you come all the way back over here then?

Erica: What? 3BA6C788.JPG

Chris: Oh, oh, oh, I know. You want to throw your weight around and get in harm's way.

Erica: You don't know me at all if you think that I知 going to let you just rob me blind!

Chris: Me rob you?

Erica: I know who you are now, Mr. Stamp -- or whatever your real name is. 3BA6C797.JPG

Chris: Ok, then who am I?

Erica: You're an industrial spy. You're hear to steal my --

Chris: To steal? To steal the formula for your kissable lipstick?

Liza: Ahem.

Adam: Trouble?

Liza: Not really.

Adam: Work? 3BA6C7B5.JPG

Liza: Don't worry about it.

Adam: You never learned to delegate.

Liza: I'm just going to step outside for a moment.

Adam: Step outside?

Liza: Yeah, I'll be right back.

Adam: You're going to step outside?

Liza: Yeah. Can I trust you to stay here and not follow me? 3BA6C7CB.JPG

Adam: I don't understand. Are you going to -- why are you going to step outside?

Liza: You know, normal people -- when someone says, "I知 going to step outside," the other person goes "oh, fine."

Adam: All right, all right, all right, go. Go on. Don't tell me why you're going to step outside. It's -- don't tell me what you're up to. It's fine with me. 3BA6C7E4.JPG

Liza: Good.

Liza: Let's get this over with.

Mia: Are you sure you don't want me to come in? I think your husband might kind of like me.

Liza: No, that'd serve you right if I sicked Adam on you.

Mia: Oh. So do it. 3BA6C7FF.JPG

Liza: You know what Adam would do if he knew just even a little bit about this little scam of yours? Turn you into a pile of dust.

Mia: I'm not scamming anybody.

Liza: I assume you want this made out to "cash"?

Mia: You know what's going to be even better than spending your money? Seeing your face when the blood test proves that I知 your sister. 3BA6C816.JPG

Liza: Right. Blood test. Why don't you just take this and go.

Mia: I'll be back with the test results.

Liza: You know what? You're going to take that money, and I'm never going to see you again. Never mind. Money well spent. Why don't you check out what I wrote under the memo? 3BA6C82E.JPG

Mia: You want proof I知 you're sister? I want cash.

Liza: You know, the only reason that I'm paying you is to get you out of my life, to get you out of my mother's life. So why don't you get smart? Or you're going to get nothing. 3BA6C86E.JPG

Mia: Oh, you'll pay up. It's the least I deserve from what I didn't get from our father.

Liza: You know, I'm going back in. Do you want a check or not?

Mia: I'll come back tomorrow for cash.

Liza: The office will be where your money is. Don't ever, ever come back here. 3BA6C88C.JPG

Adam: Oh. You're back. Oh, Winifred asked if there was anything you wanted before the staff went to bed.

Liza: No, I don't want anything.

Adam: Yeah, that's what I told her.

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