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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 9/4/01

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Adam: Well, good morning, Liza. Did you have as lousy a night as I did?

Liza: What do you think?

Adam: Hmm. May I join you?

Liza: Oh, please, help yourself.

Adam: I thought about sliding down the hallway there to your room.

Liza: I'm glad you resisted.

Adam: Do you have any similar thoughts? You're absolutely right. The first step to solving any problem is admitting that you have one.

Liza: You always did have a way with words. Acting on them, of course, is different issue.

Adam: Yeah. You expect me to prove myself.

Liza: No, I actually don't have any expectations. That way, when you disappoint me, I won't be let down.

Adam: I won't disappoint you. You'll see.

Liza: Do what you want. You know my terms.

Adam: Yes, I know your terms. I toe the line or I lose you and Colby forever.

Liza: You can live with that?

Adam: I can't live without you. You still haven't told me where Colby is.

Liza: She's somewhere safe. That's all you need to know.

Adam: Liza, please let her come home with us where she belongs. I need my daughter. I need her here with me, close to me. Come on, let -- let my little girl come back home.

Mateo: He doesn't have any eyelashes, though.

Hayley: They'll grow in.

Mateo: How do you know?

Hayley: The nurse told me.

Mateo: Maybe we should stop staring him.

Hayley: Why?

Mateo: Well, I don't want to give the kid a complex.

Hayley: I'll stop if you will.

Mateo: I can't.

Hayley: Me, neither. Oh, what I feel for this baby is so profound, it's scary.

Mateo: I know, I know.

Hayley: How come we love him so much already? I mean, how can that be? When the nurse takes him for a bath, I feel like part of me is missing, and he just got here. How can we be so attached already?

Mateo: Does it kind of make you forget about all the pain you went through to have him?

Hayley: Honey --

Mateo: Hmm? Hayley: I'm sitting on a doughnut cushion. I will never, ever forget all the pain I went through to have him. But was it worth it? I say yes.

[Baby coos]

Mateo: There something wrong? You worried about something?

Hayley: Nothing. Nothing. He's falling asleep.

Mateo: No, no, no, I can see it in your eyes. Are you worried about the baby?

Hayley: I haven't been totally honest with you.

Mateo: What? What's wrong?

Tad: It's mountain grown.

Dixie: Isn't Hayley and Mateo's baby adorable?

Tad: Yeah, he's gorgeous. What are they calling him?

Dixie: I don't know --

Opal: Tad, what are you doing here? I thought the two of you were off on some secret rendezvous.

Tad: Oh, no, no, Mama. It's over. It's ok.

Dixie: Yeah, all the charges against Tad were dropped.

Opal: Oh! Oh, goodness! That is great. Thank the Lord for small favors -- as if you could have really killed that boy in the first place.

Tad: Well, his father thought I killed him, believe me.

Dixie: Yeah. He followed us down to the islands.

Opal: He -- I though the Feds were watching him for you guys.

Dixie: Well, fortunately, they followed us, too.

Tad: Thank God. I was in the middle of our hotel room in a grass skirt, in the middle of my big number, and Sweeney came to the door with a gun.

Opal: A gun?

Dixie: Yeah, he nearly dropped his coconuts.

Opal: Oh, my Lord.

Dixie: You did drop your coconuts.

Tad: I did -- it was actually kind of funny.

Opal: Funny?

Tad: In a surreal kind of way. Funny.

Palmer: Oh, somebody pulled a gun on you and you're laughing about it?

Dixie: Uncle Palmer, we were never really in any danger.

Palmer: A psychopath points a gun at you? You could have been killed.

David: What? Dixie, are you all right?

Dixie: I'm fine.

Tad: Oh, God.

Dixie: Could everyone stop making such a big deal out of this? I'm fine.

I look ok, don't I? Tad: It was all pretty absurd, believe me.

Palmer: My niece has a heart condition. She could have gone into cardiac arrest.

Tad: This is the bravest woman I ever met. She laughs in the face of danger. Isn't that right?

Dixie: Ha-ha-ha.

Palmer: I can't believe this!

Vanessa: Palmer -- Palmer, Darling, calm down! Calm down! Do you need your pills?

Opal: Pills? What, those tiny little time bombs you plant in his pill box?

Vanessa: How dare you imply --

Opal: "Imply"? I'm implying nothing. Everybody knows that this old coot is --

Vanessa: Now, you listen to me, you walking --

Tad: As the sun sinks into the west, we bid civilization a fond farewell.

Dixie: Let's get out of here.

Joe: What is the shouting? Ladies, what is the shouting about?

Palmer: Joe, your son almost got my niece killed.

Opal: Oh, that is a bald-faced lie.

Tad: Oh, Palmer, give it a break.

Joe: Palmer, come off it. You've been striping away at my son for years. I'm tired of it.

Palmer: You Martins -- you always stick together.

Joe: We, if you have nothing better to do, why don't you call Nina, make her miserable. But leave Tad and Dixie out of this.

Palmer: Just watch it, Joe. There's a meeting this afternoon of the board, and you don't want me as an adversary.

David: Oh, there's a board meeting today?

Tad: As if you don't know about it.

Palmer: Yeah, Joe called a special session.

Joe: What are you doing here, Hayward? Your privileges at this hospital have been revoked.

Palmer: He has every right to be here since the board is reviewing his suspension.

David: Why don't you just call it as it is, Joe. This is a lynching led by you and your son. The suspension has nothing to do with my skills in the OR, but everything to do with my skills in the bedroom.

Vanessa: Oh! Goodness!

Joe: Tad -- son, no! Not here, not here.

Liza: Adam, we all know you have a lousy track record with your kids.

Adam: And you also know Colby is my chance to get it right.

Liza: And if you don't?

Adam: If you didn't think I had a chance of changing, you'd be halfway around the world right now.

Liza: It's a risk.

Adam: It's a risk you're taking.

Liza: It's a risk I can take. Colby is an innocent child.

Adam: And you've seen what I've done with Hayley and Skye and J.R. They've paid the price for being Adam Chandler's children.

Liza: They're still paying, Adam.

Adam: I know, and don't you think that costs me dearly? Don't you think I want to be able to raise a child and love a child without hurting her? I've hurt the two of you. I didn't mean to. You give me a chance, Liza, and I'll make it up to you.

Liza: I don't want you to do this for me. I want you to do this for yourself. Whether or not we have a future --

Adam: We have a future. Yes, we do.

Liza: Whether or not we stay together, you need to believe that I want you to be happy.

Adam: You are what makes me happy. My children make me happy. So let Colby come home again. Let's be a family again.

[Phone rings]

Liza: Hello. Yes. Yes, I see. No, I'll make sure to give him the message.

Liza: Well, this is just a perfect example of exactly what I was talking about.

Adam: Who was that?

Liza: This -- that was a pediatrician you flew in from Switzerland. He has arrived in Pine Valley.

Adam: Wonderful.

Liza: No, not wonderful. I bring Colby here, and you take her, whisk her away so she can be examined by your own private physician?

Adam: Oh, no -- oh, no, no. Liza, no, you misunderstand. That's not what's happening at all.

Liza: No, I understand perfectly what's going on. You want to have everything your way.

Adam: No, no! No, I brought that pediatrician in to examine Hayley's baby.

Liza: Oh, God. Adam -- oh, God. Is something wrong with Hayley's baby?

Mateo: He's asleep.

Hayley: Do you remember the scare we had with the baby when I was in labor and every time I had a contraction, his heart rate would slow down?

Mateo: Right. Variable deceleration, yeah. Why? What about it? What about it?

Hayley: There's a chance -- there's a very small outside chance that the baby didn't get enough oxygen.

Mateo: No. They ran a bunch of tests on the baby, Hayley. He was normal.

Hayley: I know that.

Mateo: But you don't believe it?

Hayley: I just -- I just -- I just want to make sure that everything is 100% ok. My -- ahem -- my Uncle Stuart didn't get enough oxygen when he was born, either.

Mateo: Ok. All right, so I'll talk to Dr. Clader, and we'll get a specialist in, ok?

Hayley: My father has flown in a specialist from Switzerland. He's the top in his field -- Mateo, he's the top in his field. And I didn't want to worry you. I just -- I didn't want to worry you this way. I'm sure everything is going to be fine. I'm sure that e baby, our son, is 100% --

Mateo: Our son. Our son. Ok? Not your dad's son. He's our kid.

Hayley: I understand.

Mateo: I do --

Hayley: Mateo, I understand that, but my father knows better than anyone --

Mateo: Right --

Hayley: What my Uncle Stuart's life has been like. The children were cruel to him. They were cruel and vicious because he was different. And I don't know that I would be able to handle that if some--

Mateo: Ok.

Stuart: Hi. Can I come in and see the baby?

Stuart: Have you given this guy a name yet?

Hayley: No. No, we're still working on it.

Stuart: Oh.

Hayley: What do you think?

Stuart: He's going to be a big grown-up man before you know it.

Hayley: I know, I know. Come here.

Stuart: He's so cute.

Hayley: Oh, thank you. Would you like to hold him?

Stuart: Can I?

Hayley: Yeah, just support his head, ok?

Stuart: Oh, I know, I know. I know. I -- I get to handle lots of babies in the AIDS ward.

Hayley: Yeah.

Stuart: I'm a champion baby cuddler. Oh. You're so beautiful. I met you already. Met you on your birthday. I'm your Great-Uncle Stuart. Stuart Chandler. Hi. Oh. You know, someday -- oh, hello. Hello. Someday when you're a little bit older, I'm going to teach you some stuff, stuff like how to finger-paint and how to make things out of clay.

Hayley: Oh, I bet we have another artist in the family.

Stuart: Is that so? I want you to meet somebody.

Hayley: Yeah.

Stuart: This -- this is George. George is a lion. He's the king of the jungle. Yeah. I had one just like him when I was little. I took him with me everywhere I went because I just loved him so much, and then I lost him one day. I don't know how I did that. I just didn't remember stuff so well in those days. But my brother, Adam, your grandfather, he told me that he could protect me better than any lion could because he was meaner and sneakier. You know what? He was right. But you're not going to have to worry about a thing, my friend, because your mother and father love you more than anything else in the world. Hayley, why are you crying?

Hayley: I'm not. I just -- I love you so much. And I hope that this baby grows up to be exactly like you.

Adam: So I brought this doctor in as a precaution, to put Hayley's mind at rest.

Liza: Hayley must be so worried. Is she up for a visit?

Adam: From you? Oh, she'd love it.

Liza: I'll go right now.

Adam: Liza -- please, please, let me see Colby.

[Liza dials phone]

Liza: Mother, would you bring Colby up to the house to see her father? Please, just do as I ask.

Adam: Thank you.

Joe: Break it up! Watch out!

Dixie: Tad!

Joe: Tad! Tad!

Dixie: Come on --

Joe: Hayward, I want you off these premises. If you don't go, I'll have security escort you off.

David: My dismissal is not a done deal, Joe. It has to be put to a vote.

Palmer: That is correct!

David: And I have every right to attend that meeting.

Joe: As chief of staff --

David: You may be chief of staff, but you're not the final word. Believe it or not, I do have my supporters.

Joe: Really? I doubt it. Begins in five minutes.

David: Can't wait.

Tad: Sounds like that boardroom's the place to be. I'm glad we could make it.

Dixie: Maybe they should sell tickets.

Vanessa: Honestly, honestly, Dixie Martin, how ungrateful can you be? My son saved your life. You know, Palmer, you have to use your influence. No, you have to save David from this. This is absurd --

Tad: Why? Your son's ruined a lot more lives than he's saved.

Vanessa: Oh, really.

Palmer: Well, I'll take that under advisement. Vanessa, you coming?

Vanessa: Yes, of course I am. He's my son. He needs me.

Dixie: Let's go. Let's go.

Palmer: Ahem.

Vanessa: Honestly, Palmer, if you ask me, David's far too good for this hospital in the first place. He should have his own clinic where he doesn't have to answer to anyone.

Opal: Palmer, could I have a word with you, alone?

Vanessa: Opal, if you have anything at all to say to my husband, you --

Palmer: Vanessa, just wait inside. It's not going to take very long. Well, what is it?

Opal: You got a bur under your saddle where my son is concerned.

Palmer: Translation, please. I don't speak cowpoke.

Opal: Translation -- what have you got against Tad all of a sudden?

Palmer: "All of a sudden"? He's been a bur under my saddle, as you put it, for years.

Opal: But why? What did he ever do to you?

Palmer: Married my niece, for starters. And he cheated on her. He lied to her. Every bit of misery that Dixie has experienced is directly related to Tad Martin.

Opal: Oh, please, you demented old coot. All right, all right, so you got a bone to pick with Tad? Fine. But don't do it by siding with Hayward. That guy is too slimy even for the likes of you.

Palmer: He is my son-in-law. Has the concept of family loyalty completely escaped you?

Opal: "Family loyalty" my Aunt Fannie. You are looking for any way you can to stick it to Tad.

Palmer: You finished?

Opal: Look -- just for once in your life, do the right thing, Palmer. Don't side with Hayward in there. Please. Oh, you stubborn, old mule.

David: Dixie, wait.

Dixie: I have nothing to say to you.

David: Please. This is important.

Dixie: What?

David: I want you to know that I realize how important J.R. is to you.

Dixie: Oh, I'm not discussing my son with you.

David: I just -- I just want to apologize for -- well, for involving him in --

Dixie: Involving him in your blackmail scheme?

David: I had no intention of letting J.R. get hurt. I was facing who knows how many years in prison.

Dixie: So in order to save yourself, you decided to threaten my son's future?

David: Dixie, please try to understand this. I was fighting for my life. I mean, if I was convicted, I would lose my license to practice medicine.

Dixie: So you just had to do whatever it took?

David: You once told me that I have a gift for saving lives. Well, in the scheme of things, that is a gift that's of great value, wouldn't you say?

Dixie: Which is more important than my son's life?

Tad: Why don't we put it to a vote?

Dixie: Honey, no. Just stay over here, ok?

Tad: Why not?

Dixie: Because it's my turn.

[Dixie slaps David]

Stuart: He likes me.

Hayley: He loves you, Uncle Stuart, as much as I do.

Doctor: Excuse me.

Stuart: Hi.

Doctor: Mr. And Mrs. Santos?

Mateo: Yeah.

Hayley: Yes?

Doctor: I'm Dr. Hani. Mr. Chandler called me to consult about your baby.

Hayley: Yes -- Dr. Hani, would you excuse us, please?

Stuart: Wait, wait, don't -- don't go. Why did -- why did Adam call you? Is there something wrong?

Mateo: No, Stuart. The baby's fine.

Stuart: But Adam wouldn't have called him if- one of his specialists if there wasn't something --

Dr. Hani: This is merely a follow-up to the excellent care the baby's already receiving.

Stuart: There's got to be something important or he wouldn't have called you.

Dr. Hani: Grandpa wants to make sure his grandson's in the pink.

Stuart: He looks plenty pink to me.

Liza: Excuse me. Hi!

Mateo: Hi.

Liza: I'm Liza Chandler.

Mateo: Dr. Hani.

Hayley: Dad called him.

Liza: Yes, I heard. Oh -- hi.

Hayley: Hi.

Liza: If I don't get an armful of this baby, I'm going to pop. Oh, my goodness. Oh, he is handsome.

Hayley: Thanks.

Liza: Oh, my goodness, Hayley and Mateo, he is -- he's gorgeous. I'm so happy for both of you.

Mateo: Thank you.

Dr. Hani: I have an examining room down the hall.

Mateo: Would you like to come with me while the doc checks out the baby?

Stuart: Oh, would that be all right?

Mateo: Yeah.

Hayley: Go and give me a full report.

Stuart: Ok. May I?

Liza: Oh.

Mateo: It's going to be ok. I promise.

Liza: How are you feeling?

Hayley: Fine. Good. Great. Good.

Liza: Adam told me that you had a few concerns about the baby.

Hayley: No. No, it's silly.

Liza: No, it's not. With Colby, I counted her fingers and her toes and I watched her breathe, and she was fine, and your baby's going to be fine.

Hayley: That's what Dr. Clader said.

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Hayley: And Dr. Joe.

Liza: Yeah, and you want another opinion. There's nothing wrong with that. And you'll get the opinion, and everything will be fine, and you'll go home, and you'll never even know at you were concerned about.

Hayley: You don't have to put on a brave face for me, Liza.

Liza: So you know?

Hayley: I know about the judge and the whole ugly story. I know how badly Adam hurt you.

Liza: I'll survive.

Hayley: With Adam or without him?

Liza: What if you have encouraged a lifetime of addiction, Adam -- he becomes like you, Hayley -- because of you, Adam, the biggest enabler of them all?

Adam: No. That won't happen.

Liza: No? And I have your guarantee on that? Because I don't want that anywhere near my daughter.

[Adam imagines seeing a grown up Colby]

Girl: Daddy? Why couldn't you change?

Adam: Do I know you?

Girl: I'm your daughter.

Adam: Colby? Hey. You're all grown up.

Colby: I grew up without you. Why, Daddy? Why couldn't you change?

Adam: Colby, I don't understand.

Colby: Wasn't I worth it? Couldn't you have tried? You stayed the same, and mother left you. She took me with her. She never let me see you. She was afraid of you.

Adam: Colby, your mother was wrong. I love you. I've loved you since the day were born.

Colby: I missed you so much, Daddy. I wanted you there to love me. I wanted you there to be proud of me.

Adam: I do. I am.

Colby: How can you say that? You missed it all.

Adam: Colby, I'm your father.

Colby: It's too late.

Adam: No. I'll always be your father, no matter what.

Colby: Words. Bye, Daddy. Bye.

Adam: Colby. No, don't -- don't go. Colby -- wait! Colby!

Marian: Adam, what are you shouting about? Colby's right here.

Colby: Daddy!

Adam: Oh, Sweetheart. Oh! It's not too late! It's not too late

Adam: Oh, I'm not too late. I --

Marian: Adam, you are scaring your daughter.

Adam: Oh, no. I am scaring you?

Colby: No.

Adam: No.

Marian: What has gotten into you?

Adam: I missed my daughter. Is that so strange?

Mari: Well, it's your own fault. And heaven knows why Liza is allowing this visit anyway.

Adam: Well, because I'm Colby's father. That's why she's allowing this visit. Mm-hmm. And I -- her heart belongs to me.

Marian: And you almost lost it.

Adam: You don't know what you're talking about.

Marian: Look, I know what you think of me, Adam -- an ex-lush, a party girl. My husband deserved a better wife, and Lord knows Liza deserved a better mother, but I have changed. I have turned my life around completely.

Adam: Hallelujah.

Marian: And all because of Stuart, because Stuart saw something in me worth loving, just like Liza sees something in you.

Adam: Yeah. I don't mean to be rude, but is there some point to this story?

Marian: Yes, there is. Liza calls me last night and told me she's made her decision.

Adam: Our marriage is none of your business.

Marian: She's going to give you one more chance, Adam. And if you truly love your wife and your daughter, don't mess it up this time.

[Colby giggles]

Adam: She's silly, isn't she? Look at you. You got prettier today.

Liza: I always wanted to believe him, so I would take him back. And then I would let my guard down and, wham, the truth would hit me. He's -- he's a power junkie. I'm not Adam's wife. I am a puppet.

Hayley: Well, it's Dad's world. We're just allowed to live in it.

Liza: Yeah, well, not anymore. Adam knows that I will only stay married to him on one condition.

Hayley: He doesn't do conditions.

Liza: Brace yourself. If he usurps my right or power to parent, I'm gone and Colby is gone with me.

Hayley: And Dad agreed to this?

Liza: He loves Colby too much not to.

Hayley: He loves you, too.

Liza: You know, Adam once said to me, "I'm you and you're me."

Hayley: Do you think that's true?

Liza: It was then.

Hayley: Let me ask you a question. If Colby's future were threatened, would you cheat on Adam to protect her?

Liza: I honestly don't know.

Hayley: Well, as far as Dad's concerned, more power to you.

Liza: Hayley, you know that you -- you can't force anyone to change. You just can't. All I can do is warn him and show him what's going to happen when he slips up. The rest is up to him.

Hayley: You still love him?

Liza: I love my family and I want us to be together. I want Colby to grow up knowing and loving her father.

Hayley: But you're scared.

Liza: Yeah. I'm scared. You more than anyone know the battle that I'm facing.

Hayley: Yeah, I do. And for what it's worth, you're not alone.

Chris: Hey, Mateo.

Mateo: Chris.

Chris: Congratulations.

Mateo: Thanks a lot, man. And thanks for looking after the club for me. I appreciate that.

Chris: No problem. Look, everybody at SOS is really excited for you and Hayley, man. So, got yourself another son, huh?

Mateo: Yeah. Oh, you heard?

Chris: Rosa.

Mateo: Oh, that's right.

Chris: What, are you kidding me?

Mateo: That's right, that's right.

Chris: She said that your family took over the whole waiting room.

Mateo: My mom would have practically lit candles if they -- she would have had candles if they would have let her.

Chris: Oh, excited, huh?

Mateo: Yeah, man, more than excited. When I brought that kid out to show him to the family, it's -- nothing will compare to that.

Chris: Oh.

Mateo: Nothing -- oh, check it out.

Chris: Oh. Look at him.

Mateo: That's my son.

Chris: Cute kid.

Mateo: Yeah.

Chris: Takes after your wife.

Mateo: Thanks.

[Chris laughs]

Mateo: No, no, no, keep it, keep it. I want you to -- I want you to give that to somebody for me.

Chris: Sure. Why can't you do it yourself? Ah, you're too busy with the baby and --

Mateo: No -- I would do it myself, but my -- my sister's in the WPP.

Chris: Witness Protection Program?

Mateo: Yeah. Her name's Julia, and she'd really appreciate seeing a picture of her new nephew, you know?

Chris: Looks like you'd appreciate it, too, huh?

Mateo: Yeah. Oh, yeah. We all would. Nothing's more important than my family. Can you handle it?

Chris: Consider it done.

Mateo: All right, man.

Chris: All right.

Mateo: Take care. Thank you.

Chris: See you later.

Dixie: You threatened my son's future to keep yours safe? There's no going back.

David: Obviously you don't understand --

Dixie: No, you don't understand. You don't understand at all. You used my son.

David: Oh, come on, Dixie. J.R. wasn't exactly innocent.

Dixie: Maybe he wasn't innocent, but at least he isn't like you. At least he isn't evil.

Tad: Come on, Dixie.

Adam: You'll get on there and you're going to ride round and round and round. And there's going to be a golden ring, and -- yeah, that's right, you'll grab that ring, and then you're going to live happily ever after.

Liza: Hey, you two.

Colby: Hi, Mommy.

Liza: Hi, Honey.

Adam: Liza -- come on and take a ride with us.

Liza: Where'd you find the carousel?

Adam: In the attic. It belonged to Stuart.

Liza: Really? Because I recall Stuart saying it belonged to you.

Adam: Oh, well -- yeah, Stuart saved it for me. I saw this in the window of Kramer's drug store back in Pigeon Hollow. We couldn't afford it. I was about Colby's age. But mom arranged it somehow. She said she loved the look on my face when I played with it.

Liza: You know what? I want this to work, Adam, for you and for me and for Colby.

Adam: Why?

Liza: Well, you know why -- because I love you and Colby loves you with all our hearts.

Mateo: Nothing's more important than my family.

Chris: Yeah, it's me. Listen, I think I've got something we can use.

Mateo: Hey.

Hayley: Hi. How is he? What did the doctors say? The tests are ok?

Mateo: The doctor pronounced our son 100% perfect.

Hayley: He did?

Mateo: Yes!

Hayley: He is?

Mateo: Yes, there's nothing to worry about, the oxygen levels were fine, and he's completely healthy in every way.

Hayley: Oh, thank you, God.

Mateo: Ok?

Hayley: Thank you. Thank you, God. Thank you. Oh. Where's the baby now?

Mateo: He's in the nursery about to have his bath.

Hayley: Is Uncle Stuart giving the baby a bath?

Mateo: No. He took off for the gallery.

Hayley: Oh. Well, let's get to the nursery.

Mateo: Hey, you know what? You're going to have to let your son out of your sight sometimes.

Hayley: Uh-huh, maybe -- when he goes to college. And that's a big maybe.

Mateo: Hmm.

Nurse: What are you doing in here? Who are you?

Joe: To sum up, Dr. Hayward's behavior has brought disgrace to our hospital. And his criminal behavior --

Palmer: Joe, the charges against David have been thrown out.

Joe: On a technicality. And the bad press that's resulted from that has ended up in all kinds of unfortunate repercussions.

Palmer: All right what about the heart transplant that David performed on Laura English du Pres? I mean, that's generated nothing but positive response.

Joe: I don't believe there's any room at our hospital for a man of his morals. He's even proven himself to be a menace to the community at large. So I urge you all to join me in voting for his permanent dismissal.

Vanessa: Dr. Martin, my son happens to be a gift to all medicine. And you should get down on your knees and beg him to remain at this hospital.

Joe: I understand your feelings, Vanessa, but you're an observer here, you're not a voting member of the board, and I ask you to keep your opinions to yourself.

Vanessa: Uh --

Joe: I'm now going to call for a show of hands. Sir? Excuse me, sir. We have a meeting in progress.

David: I invited him, Joe. This is my lawyer.

Joe: Your lawyer?

David: That's right. You see, we're suing Pine Valley Hospital to the tune of $30 million.

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