AMC Transcript Thursday 8/30/01


All My Children Transcript Thursday 8/30/01

By Suzanne

Hayley: Yes. Oh. He's so beautiful. You're so beautiful.

Mateo: He's perfect.

Hayley: He's perfect, yes.

Mateo: Just like his mom.

Hayley: Perfect.

Mateo: Hey, Buddy. Hey.

Hayley: Yes, oh. Look at that face. Oh, that face.

Doctor: Congratulations, you two.

Hayley: Oh, thank you

Mateo: Oh, she did all the work. I was just standing here, you know?

Hayley: Are you kidding? I was about to give up if it wasn't for you.

Dr. Clader: Oh, you all did great. Now we're going to have to borrow this little guy, get him cleaned up.

Hayley: Oh, no, I'll take him just the way he is.

Doctor: We need to run a few tests.

Hayley: Now?

Dr. Clader: Well, you know, the baby gets examined right after birth -- remember? -- And a few minutes later.

Hayley: Oh, can't I hold on to him for just a couple more minutes?

Dr. Clader: Hayley, trust me -- you and Mateo are going to have plenty of time with your baby.

Doctor: We're just making sure he's alert and healthy.

Hayley: Why wouldn't he be?

Dr. Clader: No reason, Hayley. Standard procedure.

Doctor: We won't be long.

Hayley: Go -- go with them. Go find out what they're doing.

Mateo: What do you mean?

Hayley: Please, Mateo? I want to know.

Mateo: Ok. Ok, but -- relax. The baby's fine.

Hayley: Mateo, go.

Mateo: Ok?

Hayley: All right, yeah.

Marian: Still no word?

Stuart: Oh. Oh, I couldn't find a parking place. Did I miss everything?

Marian: Well, we don't know, Darling, but Isabella thought she heard a baby crying.

Isabella: I did.

Rosa: Mom, it's a maternity ward.

Isabella: I know, but it came out of that room. It did.

Joe: Everybody? Congratulations. It's a boy! And mother -- and mother and son are both doing fine.

Marian: Oh, wonderful! Wonderful.

Isabella: I'm so happy.

Adam: Joe?

Adam: Are you being straight with us?

Joe: Of course I am. Why do you ask?

Adam: She was having a very hard time during labor.

Joe: I know, but we took care of that.

Adam: Good. Then I can see her?

Joe: Well, soon, maybe, but not quite yet.

Adam: Joe, I'm her father.

Joe: I know, but she just had a baby. Now, give her a chance to catch her breath and let us tidy her up. I'll go check on her, and then I'll come back and give you a progress report, ok?

Adam: Fine, fine. I do appreciate that.

Stuart: Joe, when can we see the baby?

Joe: Oh, it won't be too long, I'm sure.

Marian: Who does he look like?

Edmund: Let's get some coffee.

Joe: Well, I'd rather not say.

Marian: What? More like Hayley --

Rosa: Oh. How nice --

Maddie: Daddy!

Edmund: Oh, my God! Oh!

Rosa: Hi!

Anna: They were so excited, I had to bring them over.

Sam: Is it a boy or a girl?

Edmund: Well, guess what -- it's a boy. What do you think about that?

Maddie: He's just a baby. I'm one of the big kids.

Edmund: Yeah. That means you're going to have to take care of him, right?

Maddie: Mm-hmm.

Edmund: Yes, you are.

Isabella: Oh, it's a wonderful day for our family.

Edmund: Yes, it is.

Isabella: Excuse me.

Edmund: Yes, it is. And, Isabella, she -- you know Maria would love to be here and she'd be very happy. You know that, right?

Isabella: Yes. Yes, I do.

Rosa: Are you ok?

Isabella: Yeah. Thanks. Hey, let's get some ice cream.

Rosa: Come on, guys.

Isabella: Come on!

Rosa: Little people, follow me!

Isabella: Sam, do you want ice cream?

Edmund: Ok, ice cream!

Stuart: Isn't this wonderful?

Marian: It is -- your very first grandchild.

Stuart: Do you think maybe he'll have silver hair like you and me?

Adam: He's a baby, Stuart. He'll probably be bald as an egg.

Stuart: Should we tell Arlene?

Marian: What?

Adam: Absolutely not.

Marian: No!

Adam: No! Think of what she's done to us, Stuart.

Stuart: But she is Hayley's mother.

Adam: Well, that's why it should be Hayley's decision whether to call her or not.

Stuart: Oh! I almost forgot!

Marian: Forgot what?

Marian: Oh, my gosh. He's like a kid on Christmas Eve. He can't wait to see Hayley and the baby.

Adam: Neither can I.

Hayley: Joe, what is taking so long? What are they doing to the baby?

Joe: Oh, it hasn't been that long, just a couple of minutes. They got to weigh him, measure him, check his reflexes, stuff like that. I mean, it's just strictly routine.

Hayley: Yeah, but when I was having contractions, his heart rate would slow down. That's not routine.

Joe: It's called variable decelerations. Really, it's not a problem anymore.

Hayley: But Dr. Clader said that he -- he might lose oxygen or blood to his brain. That's not normal. That can't be good.

Joe: Listen, there's nothing for you to worry about, I promise.

Hayley: Ok.

Tad: Either that was a hell of a kiss or this plane just went into a dive.

Dixie: We must be almost there.

Tad: Check it out.

Dixie: Oh, yes! We're almost there! Oh!

Tad: "Almost" -- that's nice. Almost where?

Dixie: Someplace where you can't get into any trouble, you bad, bad boy.

Tad: You're kidding? You actually found a place that I can't get into trouble?

Dixie: Yeah, and believe me, it wasn't easy.

Tad: Well, I certainly hope they don't have a dress code. All I got packed is my birthday suit.

Dixie: Baby, that is all you're going to need.

Tad: What are you getting dressed for?

Edmund: Hey, Anna.

Anna: Oh, hi. Why aren't you with your family?

Edmund: Something wrong?

Anna: No, no. I just felt out of place. You know, it's such a big day for Hayley and Mateo and the family, and I just --

Edmund: You just felt out of place, so you wandered off? I don't think so.

Anna: Sorry?

Edmund: I think you heard me talking to Mateo's mom about Maria.

Anna: Oh, you think that bothered me?

Edmund: That's when you left. You tell me.

Anna: No. Oh, God. I know how precious those memories are to you and how hard it is. At least Maria lives on in your memories. Don't ever lose that.

Edmund: All this is making you think about Robert?

Anna: I wish I could.

Edmund: Don't you see his face sometimes?

Anna: Yeah, but just flashes, you know. Nothing more, really. I wonder if he was there when Robin was born. I don't know that.

Edmund: I wish I could help you, Anna.

Anna: It's very crippling, you know, being blank.

Edmund: You still haven't gone to Port Charles yet, you know.

Anna: No.

Edmund: You were going to talk to Robert's brother?

Anna: Yeah. I thought about it. But then, suppose I went and I didn't remember anything, it didn't make any difference -- then what, you know? I'm a bit sick of trying.

Anna: I think that's why I didn't open this yet.

Edmund: What's that?

Anna: It's a letter to Robin from her father. It's the last one he ever wrote to her. She kept it all these years, and she decided in her wisdom that I should have it, so she sent it to me, sealed with a note saying that I should open it when I felt ready.

Edmund: Wouldn't that be about now?

Anna: Yeah, you'd think so. You would think so.

Edmund: Why don't you open it, Anna.

Anna: Oh, dear.

Anna: That's his handwriting. "Dear Robin, let me tell you about the woman I love, your mother, Anna."

Hayley: I -- I never asked Dr. Clader. There was a bruise on the side of his head. What's that from?

Joe: Oh, well, it's nothing. It's -- it's harmless. It'll go away in a week or two. It's from the fetal monitor.

Hayley: Oh.

Mateo: Hey.

Hayley: How's everything? Are they done with the tests yet?

Mateo: Almost. Almost.

Hayley: Is everything ok?

Mateo: You should see his fingers. I mean, they're --

Hayley: What's the matter?

Mateo: Nothing. They're perfect. It's like he had a manicure or something.

Hayley: Oh. And what about the heartbeat? Any problems with the heartbeat?

Mateo: That's ok. It's ok. He practically beat up the nurse when she tried to give him the little footprint, you know? He's so strong.

Hayley: Well, then why are they still giving him tests?

Mateo: I don't know. That's what doctors do, right? I mean, you guys -- right, Joe?

Joe: Right. I mean, we just can't help ourselves.

Mateo: He's perfect. All right? He's fine. How about you? Can I get you anything? A sandwich?

Hayley: I'm -- I'm fine, but I know you haven't eaten. You've got to be hungry.

Mateo: I'm starving. But forget about me. How are you? Are you ok?

Hayley: Yeah, I'm ok.

Mateo: I love you. I am so proud of you. You did such a good job. Come here.

Dr. Clader: A nurse is finishing up. It'll be a few more minutes.

Hayley: And everything's ok with the tests?

Dr. Clader: Heart, lungs, reflexes -- everything's good.

Mateo: All right.

Hayley: Oh, thank God.

Joe: Well, I see his bladder's in good shape, too.

Dr. Clader: Yeah. I think he wants to be a fireman when he grows up. He hosed me down like a pro.

Hayley: So everything's ok, then?

Dr. Clader: For now. We're going to monitor the baby's progress, and you -- you should get some rest while you can.

Hayley: Ok. Thank you. Thanks.

Mateo: All right, I'll go check and see what's going on. Ok?

Hayley: Wait. Mateo, will you send my father in here?

Mateo: Really?

Hayley: If that's ok.

Joe: If you're up to it.

Hayley: Yeah, no, I am.

Mateo: You really want him --

Hayley: Please?

Mateo: Ok. If you want to see him, I'll -- I'll go get him. You stay here. Don't move.

Hayley: Ok, I'll try.

Mateo: Ok.

Adam: Liza, don't -- don't erase this message, please. I'm at the hospital. I'm a grandfather. Hayley's had a baby boy. And I was -- I was hoping that maybe we could postpone our fight just long enough for you to come down here and do this with me, to meet him together. Please.

Mateo: Hey.

Isabella: Mateo! Mateo! I'm so happy!

Rosa: Congratulations!

Mateo: So I guess you guys heard, huh?

Marian: Congratulations. Dr. Martin told us.

Mateo: Yeah.

Sam: It's a boy!

Mateo: He's huge.

Isabella: How's Hayley?

Mateo: Oh, she's good. She's a little tired, though.

Maddie: When can we see him? When can we see him?

Mateo: Soon. Soon, soon. Excuse me.

Mateo: Hey.

Adam: Is everything all right in there?

Mateo: Yeah. Hayley wants to see you.

Adam: Is there a problem?

Mateo: No, no. She's -- she's fine. She's a little shaky, but she's fine.

Adam: How about the baby?

Mateo: He's the best baby ever born.

Adam: Good. What do the doctors say?

Mateo: They agree with me.

Adam: That's wonderful. You know -- congratulations. Nothing will ever be as important to you as that child in there.

Mateo: Yeah, yeah, I get that. She's waiting for you.

Isabella: Come on, let's go. Tell me, tell me! Tell me, what does he look like? What does he look like? Does he have a lot of hair?

Mateo: No, he doesn't, but I think he looks like Papa.

Rosa: Then he must be very, very handsome.

Mateo: That goes without saying. He's one of us. Come on. I'll tell you all about the little boy. Come on. Sit down.

Dixie: Tad, look at the moon! It's so beautiful! It's perfect for, like, swimming or whatever.

[Tad plays ukulele]

Dixie: Baby, you got a radio going in there?

[Tad whistles]

Tad: Ta-da! Huh? Huh? So, where you from?

Dixie: Baby, you are a man of many talents. Just don't use any of them in public, ok?

Tad: Yeah, well, maybe you should be a little more careful about who you kidnap.

Dixie: Well, where did you get this stuff?

Tad: Gift shop.

Dixie: There's a reason why women don't let men go shopping alone.

Tad: You're not turned on?

Dixie: No -- well, just remember, beauty is only skin deep, ok?

Tad: Ok.

Dixie: Ow! I think you just got me and my coconuts with your --

Tad: Coconuts.

Dixie: Coconuts.

Tad: Tell you what -- I'll take it off --

Dixie: Yes?

Tad: If you put it on.

Dixie: Oh. That's a mighty fine proposition.

Tad: The mind swims. So, care to undo me?

Dixie: Ooh, well, let me lift up your shirt here.

Tad: Ok.

Dixie: Yes. This is very attractive

Carl: Martin! What the hell?

Hayley: Hey.

Adam: Hey. You know, this is the moment every father dreams about.

Hayley: Come say hello.

Adam: Hey.

Hayley: Look who's here. It's your grandpa. You're going to see a lot of him.

Adam: Oh, you can count on it -- both of you. You being a good boy? Gave your mother a hard time.

Hayley: Oh, shh. Don't listen to him. He was an angel. What do you think he'll call you -- "Gramps"?

Adam: Oh, anything but that. Mateo said you wanted to see me.

Hayley: Yeah.

Adam: Buddy.

Mateo: All right. Ready for your close-up?

Hayley: Are you kidding? I look awful.

Mateo: No, not you, our son. The hospital photographer is in the nursery. He's taking pictures.

Hayley: No.

Mateo: Yeah, what --

Hayley: No, I just got him back.

Mateo: Well, it's for security reasons.

Hayley: Well, but he's fine right here.

Mateo: I know, but he's going to be with me. And you know what's so cool about it? It's digital, so he can have, like, his own web site now.

Adam: He's less than an hour old, and he's already on The Cutting Edge.

Mateo: I promise I'll have him right back, ok? All right. There you go.

Hayley: Oh.

Mateo: Be right back. Be right back.

Hayley: Dad, will you pour me a glass of water, please?

Adam: Sure, sure.

Hayley: I'm so thirsty.

Adam: Is that better? You had me pretty worried there for a while, you know. But I saw my grandson in your arms, and I can't tell you what that meant to me. Thanks for letting me be the first one in the family to see him. Sweetheart, that is why you called me in here, isn't it?

Hayley: Dad, I'm scared.

Edmund: You want to tell me what he said -- Robert?

Anna: He wanted his daughter to know how much he loved me.

Edmund: You knew that, didn't you, Anna?

Anna: No, I -- I could hear his voice just now when I was reading that. That hasn't happened before. It was like he was here, speaking those words in that cocky, irritating voice. Robert. Gosh.

Edmund: What? What?

Anna: I didn't really miss him before because I couldn't remember.

Edmund: But now you do, right?


[Anna gasps]

Anna: Oh, God!

Carl: So, Martin, you're a killer and a pervert. It makes sense.

Tad: Pervert? Oh, wait -- wait a minute. This is not how it looks, all right?

Carl: No? It's all fun and games with your wife while my kid's in the ground rotting.

Tad: Sweeney, I told you I did not kill your kid.

Carl: The hell you didn't! You thought you'd get away with it, but you were wrong!

Tad: Ok. Listen -- just listen to me. Just listen to me for a second, all right? Now, it's perfectly obvious that you mean business. And it's also perfectly obvious that I am not dressed for the morgue. So if you're determined to go through with this thing, do you mind if I just change into something a little less comfortable?

Carl: You'll be dead, and it won't matter.

Tad: The hell it won't. I do not want to be remembered as a devoted husband, father, and Carmen Miranda fan.

Dixie: Tad --

Tad: It's all right. It's all right. Mr. Sweeney knows what I'm talking about. Don't you? Don't you? Look at me. Just look at me, all right? Now, it's -- it's the truth. You want to kill a man, that's one thing, but don't -- don't embarrass him because, you know, hey, come on, as if I was really into cross dressing, I mean, I wouldn't be caught dead in this outfit because, you know, my coconuts are killing me and this skirt really makes me look hippy.

Carl: Shut --

Tad: Now, go ahead, tell the truth. I mean, I won't be hurt. I won't be wounded. Now, listen -- does this outfit make me look fat?

Dixie: Tad --

Carl: Shut up!

[Tad hits Carl and they struggle over the gun]

[Dixie screams]

Dixie: Oh, my God! Tad, stop!

Tad: Come on!

Dixie: Stop it! Stop it!


Dixie: No!

Dixie: Tad, have you been hit? Baby?

Tad: I -- I don't know. Baby, are you ok?

Dixie: Are you ok?

Tad: Are you ok?

Dixie: I'm ok.

Tad: Yeah, I guess. Oh. Oh, man. Oh, Dixie, this is -- this is bad. This is really bad. I cannot believe I got you mixed up in this.

Dixie: You didn't get me mixed up in this. This whole trip was my idea. This is exactly what was trying avoid. Is he dead?

Tad: Well, he hasn't got a pulse. He's not breathing. That's -- that's -- that's so fast.

Dixie: We got to call the police.

Tad: No! Dixie, no.

Adam: Sweetheart, you're afraid of what?

Hayley: Maybe I'm just being hormonal. Maybe I'm having a hormone rush or I'm just losing my mind or something.

Adam: You tell me what's going on.

Hayley: Dad, when I was in labor, the baby's heart rate dropped. And not just once. I mean, with every contraction, the heart rate dropped.

Adam: Yeah, all right. Well, they were taking all kinds of tests. The doctors said that your son was fine.

Hayley: I know that they said that. That's what they think.

Adam: But you're afraid they may have missed something.

Hayley: They keep acting like everything is ok. But I keep thinking about Uncle Stuart because he didn't get enough oxygen when he was born.

Adam: Well, Sweetheart, that was such a long time ago. Medicine has come a long way since then. They have monitors for everything.

Hayley: Dad, they have monitors to tell you if there's a problem. What if the problem wasn't corrected?

Adam: Then they would have told you.

Hayley: What if they don't know? What if they can't tell yet?

Adam: So you're afraid your son may be like Stuart?

Hayley: No, I'm not -- no. I love Uncle Stuart.

Adam: I know.

Hayley: I've always loved Uncle Stuart, and not because he's my uncle, because he's the best person I know.

Adam: Yes, it's true.

Hayley: But the kids teased him. They teased him and they made fun of him and -- kids are cruel, and I don't know how I would be able to handle it if the kids teased my boy.

Adam: You told Mateo any of this?

Hayley: No. I don't want him to worry. I don't want to worry him, especially if there's nothing wrong and I'm just crazy.

Adam: You just want to know. And I understand that. I understand. I think I can help you with this. I will always be here for you, Sweetheart. Always.

Stuart: I found them.

Marian: Oh, good.

Stuart: Now I've lost everybody. Where did everybody go?

Marian: Oh, Adam is in with Hayley.

Stuart: Oh, that means she can have visitors now. That's great.

Marian: Yeah, and Mateo's with the baby, and Isabella and Rosa are in the chapel with the kids.

Stuart: Oh, good, good. Giving thanks. That's good. You want to see what I brought?

Marian: Yeah, uh-huh. Oh, Stuart, you are so dear. You really are.

Stuart: Mateo's going to be so glad that I remembered.

Mateo: Adam. Well, how's Hayley? How's the baby? How big is he? What color are his eyes?

Adam: The baby's fine, Stuart. I'm going to have to get back to you later. Ok?

Edmund: Some -- homemade from the hospital, but I think it's decaf, anyway.

Anna: It's supposed to calm my nerves?

Edmund: You don't have to drink it.

Anna: I'm sorry. You're just being kind. But then you're always kind.

Edmund: Want to tell me what just happened?

Anna: My husband died. Robert. I saw him just before everything blew up. I couldn't remember that. And now it came back. Everything. From the moment we first met till that one last second.

Edmund: Anna, you survived. Maybe your husband did, too.

Anna: No. No. I was further away from the blast. There was nothing left. Nothing. I couldn't do anything except watch. I forgot. He died, and I forgot. For all these years. But, then, who would want to remember something like that, really?

Edmund: Anna, remember this -- none of that was under your control.

Anna: Well, it still isn't, is it?

Edmund: I don't know about that. You know what happened now.

Anna: Yeah. I know my husband loved me and he died. I'll never see him again. I think I need to be alone now.

Edmund: It's not a very good idea.

Anna: Why? You think I'm going to fall apart without you to lean on?

Edmund: I know how strong you are, Anna.

Anna: Good. Good. Then you treat me that way.

Edmund: He even tough guys need somebody to lean on once in a while, ok? Just come back with me to the waiting room, ok? There's -- we don't have to talk about this. There's a newborn baby. Nobody's going to bother you, ok? Listen, you're family now, ok? You should be with us.

Anna: Oh, God, Edmund, don't you get it? They're your family. They're not mine.

Edmund: Anna, what you said about not being family -- that's just not true. Hayley, Mateo, my kids, my brother -- they all love you.

Anna: They barely know me.

Edmund: Well, that's the thing. It doesn't matter. They're on your side.

Anna: You mean they feel sorry for me? I don't need that.

Edmund: I don't feel sorry for you, Anna.

Anna: Then why did you come looking for me?

Edmund: Because --

Anna: Because you're a kind, decent man and you thought that I would be upset by all that domestic bliss in the waiting room.

Edmund: Seems like another country.

Anna: I lived there, too, once, with a beautiful husband and a beautiful daughter. Oh, well. I'm someplace so far from that now. I can never go back.

Edmund: But you want to.

Anna: I don't know what I want.

Edmund: Let me help you.

Anna: Why? No. I have to figure this out myself.

Edmund: But, Anna, that leaves you so alone.

Anna: I am alone. I am alone. If you have trouble with that, that's your problem.

Marian: Oh, hi.

Stuart: Oh, Isabella! Hi. Congratulations -- to all of us!

Isabella: Thank you. Thank you, Stuart. I'm so glad you're here.

Stuart: Oh, me, too. Me, too. Just think -- just a few minutes ago, there were only -- one, two, three, four, six -- well, you know, however many there were. But now there's one more of us. There's a whole new life that we can be a part of. And I've got a new job. I'm a great-uncle Stuart.

Sam: What about Grandma? What is she?

Stuart: Grandma? Well, Grandma is the baby's grandmother, too. And you know what you two are? You two -- you are the baby's cousins.

Maddie and Rosa: Yay!

Stuart: Isn't that great? You can't have too many cousins. They're just as good as grandparents and uncles, except they're shorter. You can push them around easier.

Hayley: Hi.

Mateo: Guess who likes to have his picture taken.

Hayley: Was he good?

Mateo: Are you kidding me? He's a champ. He's a natural.

Hayley: The champ.

Mateo: Hold him.

Hayley: Yeah. Hi. So, no more tests?

Mateo: Nope.

Hayley: No more poking and prodding?

Mateo: No, they didn't say anything about any tests.

Hayley: Good.

Mateo: Where's your dad?

Hayley: He had some calls to make or something. He said he'd be back.

Mateo: Ok.

Hayley: So, did you get lots of good pictures?

Mateo: Oh, are you kidding me? Yeah, the only thing is he kept on saying, "Where's my mom? Where's my mom?"

Hayley: I'm right here. Mommy's right here, where I am always going to be.

Mateo: And so is Dad.

Hayley: And Daddy's here.

Mateo: Yeah, right here, where I'm always going to be.

Hayley: Remember he said that when it's 4:00 A.M. And it's his turn to feed you.

Mateo: Hey. Bring it on. I'll feed you at 4:00 A.M. I wish we could go home right now.

Hayley: Me, too.

Mateo: Yeah.

Hayley: We will soon. Ok?

Mateo: Hey, Buddy.

Hayley: Hi.

Mateo: So, what do you think? Huh? Do you think he's ready to meet his family? Oh, be afraid.

Mateo and Hayley: Be very afraid.

Mateo: I love you.

Isabella: Maddie smells like a new baby. Look who's here -- Daddy. Go ahead.

Maddie: Daddy!

Edmund: What? Oh, how pretty.

Sam: Hi, Dad.

Edmund: Hi.

Maddie: Guess what.

Edmund: What?

Maddie: Cousins.

Edmund: Cousins. That's pretty cool, huh?

Isabella: Were you able to find Anna?

Edmund: Yeah. But she's -- she'll be back. She had to go home for a while.

Sam: If we're the baby's cousins, then what are you?

Edmund: What am I? I'm his uncle.

Maddie: Uncle Edmund?

Edmund: Yep.

Maddie: And what is Anna?

Edmund: Anna? Anna is just Anna, I guess.

Maddie: Ok.

Edmund: Ok.

Dixie: What do you mean, we're not going to call the police?

Tad: We can't.

Dixie: Well, what if somebody comes in here? We've got a dead body in the room.

Tad: They won't find the body. Ok? We're -- we'll hide the body.

Dixie: We'll hide the body? What are we going to do with the body? We're going to drag it through the lobby? We're going to call room service?

Tad: No. We'll switch to plan B.

Dixie: Which is what?

Tad: I'm working on it.

Dixie: Oh, Tad.

Tad: What do you want me to say? Look, if the cops come in here, the first thing they're going to do is put my name in a computer, and it's going to pop next to "wanted for murder." Not to mention the fact that I escaped from jail. And there's the nifty little trick of explaining the dead body in the room.

Dixie: Tell me about it.

Tad: And you're along for the ride. That makes you an accessory.

Dixie: I know I'm an accessory. The whole bloody trip was my idea. It's just such a mess. That's it.

Tad: What?

Dixie: Mess. Somebody got us into this mess. Somebody's going to get us out.

Dixie: He gave us this number. He said call in case of an emergency, and it's an emergency, ok? It's a life or death situation here.

Tad: Baby, there's something else.

Dixie: Can you hang on a second? Sorry. What?

Tad: He really is dead.

Dixie: I know. I --

Tad: But -- that's -- I -- there's no blood. Nothing. I can't find a bullet wound.

Dixie: Well --

[Dixie screams]

Officer: Hands in the air!

Second officer: Nobody move!

Isabella: You did really good.

Hayley: I can tell by the look on your face you did something good.

Adam: Well, I hope so. There's a neonatal pediatrician in Switzerland that my sources say is the best in the world. He's packing his bags right now.

Hayley: Really? He's going to come here?

Adam: He's going to come here. He's going to check your boy out from head to toe. And if there's anything wrong, he'll fix it. But I think he'll confirm what the other doctors have said -- that your son is fine.

Hayley: Oh, thank you, Dad. Thank you for doing this.

Adam: Thank you letting me.

Hayley: Just do me a favor. Don't tell Mateo. I don't want to worry him.

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