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All My Children Transcript Monday 8/27/01

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Hayley: Whoa. Mateo?

Hayley: Mateo?

Hayley: Come on, now. You heard what Dr. Clader said, right, about first babies taking their time? You're not trying to pull a fast one, are you? Just call the doctor and find out.

Hello. Yeah, it's Hayley Santos. Yeah, I -- I'm in labor!

Leo: Laura, we've been looking all over for you. Are you ok? What happened? You all right?

Greenlee: Leo, it's me.

Leo: Greenlee?

Brooke: Greenlee?

Greenlee: Look, I was in the park and I saw a bag that someone left behind, and I --

Leo: Is Laura with you?

Greenlee: No, I'm trying to tell you. I found a bag, and a cell phone was ringing, so I answered it. It was you, so --

Leo: Greenlee, Laura has to take her meds on time.

Greenlee: Ok.

Leo: Well, what have you done to her?

Greenlee: Are you for real?

Leo: Greenlee, this isn't a game. You can't play with people's lives like this.

Greenlee: Hey! I found a purse, and it was ringing. It's not my fault that your wife leaves her stuff hanging around on a park bench and --

Leo: So help me, Greenlee, if anything's happened to her, I'm going to come after you.

Greenlee: Are you blaming me?

Leo: Well, you have her things!

Greenlee: I do not have Laura's things.

Leo: Are you trying to kill her, Greenlee? Is that it? Are you trying to kill Laura?

Greenlee: Drop dead, Leo!

Brooke: Leo, what is going on?

Leo: I don't know. Greenlee found Laura's things on a park bench, and she has her cell phone, and I don't know why.

Brooke: Are you going there?

Leo: Yeah, right now.

Brooke: Well, I'm coming with you.

Adam: Liza? Liza, get -- get away from my wife!

Ryan: Adam, I'm just trying to help.

Adam: Liza? Liza, are you all right? Can you hear me? Liza? Thank God. Are you all right?

Liza: Get off of me!

Adam: Liza -- Liza, you fainted. You should rest.

Liza: Don't tell me what I should do.

Ryan: Liza, are you ok?

Adam: No, she's not ok. Would you mind your own business? Liza, you should lie down.

Liza: I just want you to go away.

Adam: Liza --

Liza: I mean it.

Adam: Sweetheart, people don't just faint. There's got to be a reason.

Liza: It would make me feel a whole lot better if you just went away. Please.

Adam: Have you been lightheaded?

Liza: Look, you came --

Adam: Have you been dizzy?

Liza: You came in here, and you made me crazy. Just give me five minutes. Let me --

Adam: Liza, are you pregnant?

Liza: Am I pregnant?

Adam: Yes.

Liza: No, I'm not pregnant.

Adam: Are you sure?

Liza: Yes, I -- yes, I'm sure. You would love that, wouldn't you? Another Chandler child to run around and create and continue your legacy of lies.

Adam: Liza. Liza.

Liza: Listen, I just -- I just want you to go away. Just give me -- just five minutes so I can catch my breath and think. Please?

Adam: Liza, I know -- I know I've hurt you. You're feeling upset. I don't blame you.

Liza: Upset? Upset? This is a lot more than just being upset. You slept with a judge in order to get a case --

Adam: To save my son.

Liza: Your son? You did this for yourself. Only this time you had to pull out a lot more than just your checkbook, didn't you?

Adam: I did it to protect J.R. I told you that.

Liza: J.R. You didn't do anything for J.R. You know, it is more of an embarrassment to go to therapy than to cheat on your wife.

Adam: Would you please get the hell out of here? I'm trying to have a private conversation with my wife.

Liza: Ryan isn't going anywhere. You are, right now. Please.

Adam: Liza -- Liza, please, don't do this. Don't just throw us away like we didn't matter.

Liza: You are the one who broke our vows, and you have the gall to say that to me?

Adam: I love you. I would do anything for you.

Liza: I don't want to hear that you love me. I don't want to hear that you would do anything for me. I don't want to hear you speak. You were going to keep this a secret until the grave. How can I live with that? How can I live with you?

Adam: Liza --

Liza: I just need you to go away now, please.

Adam: This isn't -- this isn't over. We -- we aren't over. We never will be.

Gabriel: I'm sorry if I worried you --

Anna: No, I'm just happy that you're all right.

Edmund: We're just glad it's resolved.

Anna: Yeah, exactly. You all right?

Isabella: Edmund said they would drop the charges. He said that that girl Shannon -- she confessed to hitting Marcus.

Rosa: Mama, you know I didn't mean to cause all these problems.

Isabella: I know. I know.

Bianca: Gabriel.

Gabriel: Bianca. Bianca: Hi.

Gabriel: How did you know we were here?

Bianca: I called my Uncle Jack's office to see if he wanted to have dinner with me, and his secretary told me what happened. I just -- I rushed right over. Rosa, are you ok?

Rosa: Yeah, better, I think. Thanks.

Anna: I want to thank you for hiding them. I appreciate it.

Bianca: Right.

Jack: Well, Derek's begun his interrogation of Shannon.

Edmund: It's going ok, Jack?

Jack: Yeah, it shouldn't be long before we have Rosa and Gabriel the heck out of here.

Mateo: Hi.

Rosa: Hey, Mateo. Hi.

Mateo: Are you all right?

Rosa: Yeah. Shannon -- she confessed to hitting Marcus.

Mateo: I'm just glad you're all right.

Isabella: Mateo, shouldn't you be with Hayley?

Mateo: No, I got my cell phone, pager.

Anna: Is she going to go into labor soon?

Mateo: I think so.

Anna: Oh, my goodness.

Mateo: Yeah, and I was making her nervous. I was hovering, so she said I had to get out of the house.

Anna: I don't blame her.

Derek: We have a problem.

Edmund: What, Derek?

Derek: Seems we don't have a confession. Shannon says she didn't hit Marcus after all.

Anna: Come on, Shannon. You told us.

Derek: Anna, you might not want to say anything right now.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Derek, Derek, Derek -- what are we missing here? What?

Derek: Well, now Shannon says that she never touched Marcus.

Edmund: Come on, Derek. I mean, I wouldn't make that up no matter who it was.

Derek: Shannon says you framed her, Edmund. You and Anna both.

Brooke: Let's check by the fountain. Before we came to the office -- what are you doing? That's Laura's bag.

Greenlee: Yeah, and I'm going through it.

Brooke: What are you trying to do, Greenlee?

Greenlee: I'm trying to figure out where the missing heart patient may have gone.

Leo: Ok, Greenlee. Tell me exactly what you saw. Exactly.

Greenlee: I told you, I didn't see anything. I heard the phone ringing, it was in that purse, and I answered it, period.

Leo: But now you're going through my wife's things.

Greenlee: For a clue. Hello?

Leo: Did you do this?

Greenlee: What?

Leo: Did you break this nameplate, Greenlee? Did you break it and chase Laura off?

Greenlee: Have you totally lost it, Leo?

Brooke: Greenlee, look -- Laura's on a strict drug protocol because of the heart surgery. She has to take certain medications at certain specific times, and she doesn't have the medicine with her.

Greenlee: Well, I'm really sorry to hear that,

Brooke, but I don't know what you think I have to do with it.

Leo: Do you really expect us to believe this is some kind of a coincidence, Greenlee?

Greenlee: I don't care what you think.

Leo: You wander into the park, you find a purse and a ringing phone that just happens to belong to my wife?

Greenlee: What, you think I'm stalking her or something?

Leo: You tell me.

Greenlee: You go to hell!

Leo: No, Greenlee, please. Tell me what you saw.

Brooke: Look, that's enough, both of you. I don't care what happened here. I just wt to find Laura.

Leo: What is going on here, Greenlee?

Brooke: Greenlee, just -- just please tell me.

Greenlee: Brooke, I swear. I was walking past here, I saw Leo's nameplate, had no idea what that was about. Then the phone rang. I answered it, and it was him. That is it. At first I thought Laura got ripped off or mugged. But her wallet's in there and her keys.

Brooke: And no pills. Zora was right. Laura didn't take the medicine with her.

Greenlee: Well, maybe that is the one thing that she took, like to a water fountain?

Leo: That doesn't make any sense.

Greenlee: Well, excuse me.

Leo: Look, I'm going to go search the park.

Brooke: I think that maybe -- I think maybe I should call the police.

Greenlee: Whoa. Is that really necessary?

Leo: Yeah, Greenlee, it is.

Greenlee: Well, if you want, maybe I'll just wait here while you two go off and do what you need to do. And I'll be here if Laura comes back for her stuff.

Brooke: All right. Listen, let me give you my cell phone number, all right? Ok. Here. Thank you.

Hayley: Well, I know that I told your receptionist I was in labor, but I think I am. Well, I don't know because I don't even know what it -- what labor, you know, is or feels like. But it feels like I am, I think. No, I -- no, I think -- I haven't started timing them. I'll do that. You think? Yeah, nice bath? All right, I'll try it. I'll try to relax. Mateo should be home soon, any minute, so -- yeah, I know. Do you think I'm a hysterical mother and that I'm going to be a bad parent? Thank you. Thanks, Dr. Clader. Yeah. No, no, I -- thanks for lying because I know I'm being a hysterical mother. Ok. Thanks. Bye.

[Knock on door]

Hayley: Hi.

Adam: Hi.

Hayley: You look miserable.

Adam: Can I come in?

Hayley: Sure. What the matter? You and Stuart didn't catch any big fish?

Adam: You're huge, by the way.

Hayley: Oh, thank you. That's exactly what I wanted to hear.

Adam: Are you feeling all right?

Hayley: Yeah, I've had a couple of twinges.

Adam: Twinges? What kind of twinges?

Hayley: Well, nothing -- nothing too frightening anymore.

Adam: Hayley.

Hayley: Well, I'm fine, really. I called Dr. Clader. He said they were probably Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Adam: Oh, yeah, the false contractions.

Hayley: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Yeah, Liza had those when we had Colby.

Hayley: What's the matter?

Adam: Oh. I -- I did come over here for a sympathetic shoulder.

Hayley: Sympathy is my middle name.

Adam: No, no.

Hayley: Tell me.

Adam: You're not feeling well.

Hayley: Dad, please.

Adam: Ok. Liza and I had a rather serious fight.

Hayley: How rather serious?

Adam: I'm afraid she may never forgive me.

Hayley: What did you do?

Adam: Tried to protect J.R. I may have lost my wife doing it.

Anna: Well, she's lying. You have to see that.

Edmund: Derek, come on. What, am I going to set up a girl for attempted murder?

Warren: To protect that animal that you allow to live in your home.

Anna: Hey!

Warren: Yes, I think you would.

Gabriel: You don't know me.

Warren: What? What did you say? I don't know you? Yes, I think I do.

Christine: Well, we've known Shannon since she was a small girl. She's a very dear friend of our family, and she would never do anything to hurt my son. Whereas this --

Anna: I might have to kill her.

Edmund: Easy, easy.

Shannon -- Shannon, I know you're scared. You're going to make it worse by lying.

Shannon: They're lying. They set me up.

Warren: Shannon, tell us what they did to you at the hospital.

Shannon: Well, yeah. They told me that Marcus came out of the coma, and he didn't. They told me that Marcus said that I did it, which I didn't. And then, I mean, I thought maybe he could have said that because -- I don't know -- maybe he was confused or because he was so mad at me. But the fact of the matter is that they tricked me. I went along with it because I was scared. But it's not true.

Edmund: She confessed, Derek.

Anna: To both of us. To both of us.

Jack: Derek, I was at the hospital. What Shannon said was she didn't mean to hurt Marcus. And then she said -- and I quote -- "I was just trying to stop Marcus from hurting me again," end quote.

Warren: You are a liar.

Jack: Mr. Dunn, I don't know you, and, frankly, I consider that my great good fortune. But seeing as I don't, why the hell would I make up a story like this, huh?

Shannon: Don't believe him. He doesn't even like me because I don't get along with her and she's his niece.

Bianca: Please. Shannon, you know, not everyone plays your junior high games to get what they want.

Warren: Lieutenant, take a long look at these people, would you, please? This one was raised in a cage and acts like the animal that he was bred to be. And these two were trying to protect --

Anna: Do you think you can give it a rest just for one minute?

Warren: To salvage their valuable family name. And this one -- she actually tried to hide these two little teenage brats while your fine department, at great taxpayer expense, was trying to hunt them down. Whereas this fine young lady comes from one of the mo established, respected families in this town. Are you telling me that you are willing to entertain --

Derek: Mr. Dunn, shut up. Shannon, if what you told me in the interrogation room is true, say so now. And if you do, I won't charge you with obstruction along with everything else.

Shannon: I'm not lying. They set me up.

Derek: Fine. Until we get this thing sorted out, I'm sorry, Rosa and Gabriel are still under arrest.

Anna: No, Derek --

Derek: I'm sorry.

Anna: Derek, please.

Brooke: Derek. I'm sorry, I need your help. Laura's missing, and --

Edmund: What? What's happening?

Brooke: I think that she might be having a relapse. I don't know what happened. We found her purse in Memorial Park.

Derek: Ok, let's go someplace where we can discuss it. I'm sorry, folks. We'll be right back.

Mateo: Does Marcus' dad scare you?

Shannon: What?

Mateo: Because if you think he's bad, wait till you deal with me.

Shannon: What's your problem?

Mateo: You're my problem. Your lies. So for the first time in your life, you better tell the truth. Are we clear?

Shannon: You're threatening me?

Mateo: Yeah.

Shannon: I'm not lying.

Mateo: I know you're lying.

Shannon: Look, I know you want to believe that your sister is, like, an angel or something. She's not. She went with Marcus to the boathouse that night, things got heavy, and she freaked out on him.

Mateo: Yeah, ok, ok. Listen, listen. I know you think you're stuck. I know that. I know the position you're in.

Shannon: Oh, you so don't.

Mateo: Listen, I do. I know why you did what you did and why you're doing what you're doing.

Shannon: No. You don't. Look, it's not my fault if your sister gets in trouble and has to go to jail or something.

Mateo: It's totally your fault. It's your fault because you know the truth and you're hiding it. But like I said, I understand what you're doing.

Shannon: Stop saying that.

Mateo: I don't want you to go to jail. I know the guy was hurting you. He's been hurting you for a long time, hasn't he? Marcus is violent. He was violent towards you and my sister, but you're the first one that got to him, right? Right? Now you can either clear this up or you can be part of the problem. What's it going to be?

Derek: Brooke, I'm sorry, I can't list Laura missing for 24 hours. You know that.

Brooke: Derek, there's something wrong. I can feel it. I --

Derek: Ok. I'll -- I'll get a car to circle the park.

Brooke: All right. Thank you so much.

Edmund: Jack, can you cover this for me?

Jack: Absolutely. Don't worry about it.

Edmund: I'm going to go with Brooke.

Brooke: Are you sure?

Edmund: Yes, yes, yes. He'll fill you in, ok?

Brooke: Thank you

Jack: Good luck.

Mateo: I see the way he's looking at you -- Mr. Dunn. Look at him. He's using you, you know that? He doesn't care about you. Don't let him. All right? These people can help you here. You got to tell the truth. Just tell the truth, please.

Shannon: Don't do this. Please?

Mateo: You think he's going to stop? You think he's going to be the last man to take advantage of you? Do you think Marcus is the last guy who is going to hurt you and use you just for sport? It's never going to stop until you stop it. You know that, right? Hey, listen to me. Your life doesn't have to look like that. Change it. Tell the truth, please.

Ryan: Does that help?

Liza: It did, thank you.

Ryan: Good.

Liza: I just can't believe that Adam would have the nerve to say that the reason I passed out was because I was pregnant. That he would think that I would be pregnant, that I would be having another child of his, I'm sure that made him real happy, as if that would make what he did just go away.

Ryan: I'm sure it was just a passing thought, Liza.

Liza: No. It wasn't a passing thought. He doesn't speak without being manipulative. And me -- I mean, just fainting, passing out. I could kick myself.

Ryan: Well, you've been through a thing or two over the last couple of days, Liza. It's not so surprising.

Liza: But Adam in control of my moods and my health? What's wrong with me?

Ryan: Nothing. Except you don't like being vulnerable.

Liza: I have been lately.

Ryan: That's my point exactly.

Liza: And because of Adam. I mean, it just makes me madder.

Ryan: Liza, why don't you just go with what you feel and then just deal.

Liza: I am dealing with it. I don't want anything to do with Adam, period.

Hayley: You bribed a judge to let David Hayward out of jail?

Adam: So Hayward couldn't send your brother into a lifelong tailspin before he gets out of high school.

Hayley: So J.R. would go to jail?

Adam: Quite possibly, yes.

Hayley: And what happens to him now that you've bought his freedom?

Adam: Hayley, I've given him a second chance. He has a future.

Hayley: Bought by you.

Adam: To protect my son.

Hayley: No. You were making a situation disappear that you didn't want to look at.

Adam: Do you know what's going to happen to him if he's arrested? Do you have any idea? The ivy league schools won't even look at him, not if I promise to buy them 10 libraries. I mean this. It's true. And forget it about collegiate athletics for him. No, out of the question. It's his -- it's his passion.

Hayley: So you risked your marriage so your son could try out for the soccer team?

Adam: Don't trivialize this. Once you have that baby of yours, you'll understand. You will.

Hayley: Don't talk to me about this baby. Once I have this baby, this baby will know that your actions have consequences.

Adam: Yeah, well, how noble and how unrealistic.

Hayley: Oh, you know something? Maybe you just don't get it because you're not an addict. I am. I am an addict. And I understand that life -- you're not going to get anywhere in life if you don't look your mistakes in the face. Bailing Junior out, you're not helping him. You really aren't. Maybe he's not an addictive person. Maybe he's not. Who can say? I don't know. But he has a problem, and you have to realize that.

Adam: You don't understand.

Hayley: Maybe I don't. I suppose Liza wants to kill you.

Adam: Yeah, I'd say that's a rather accurate assessment of her state of mind, yes.

Hayley: Uh-huh. Well, I don't blame her. But you know what? She loves you, and she'll forgive you. God only knows why. But she will forgive you because you tried to bribe a judge and then that's what you do and she knows that and -- what?

Adam: What?

Hayley: What else did you do, dad?

Adam: I don't want to get into the specifics right now. But -- well, the bribe, as you call it, was not entirely a monetary one.

Hayley: You mean like -- you're not into election rigging or racketeering or anything, are you, Dad?

Adam: No, no. It's not even illegal.

Hayley: Well, who's the judge, then? Dad?

Adam: Judge Campobello.

Hayley: You mean like Kaye Campobello?

Adam: You remember her.

Hayley: Yeah, she was that woman that was always flirting with you at the country club. Oh. Oh! How could you do that? How could you do that to Liza?

Greenlee: Like I need to be sucked into this phony, dysfunctional, scary family drama. Why couldn't I just let the stupid phone ring until it exploded?

Leo: Has she showed up?

Greenlee: No sign of the little woman, no.

Leo: Greenlee, would you stop making this into a joke? Laura's heart needs --

Greenlee: Needs pills. I know. Why do you think she would haul off and leave her stuff behind? Did you guys fight?

Leo: No.

Greenlee: Well, did she -- does she know we --

Leo: Does she know we what?

Greenlee: Have had a moment. Had a moment today, actually, at your office.

Leo: Well, hopefully, if she was at "Tempo" and she saw anything at all, hopefully it was when I told you you make me sick.

Greenlee: You know, you are just the nastiest ex-fiancÚ in the universe. You know that? But fortunately, you're all talk, so --

Brooke: Leo?

Leo: Brooke. I asked everybody if they'd seen Laura, and nobody has.

Brooke: All right. So, Derek is going to send a squad car to scan the perimeter of the park.

Greenlee: Man, you work fast.

Edmund: All right, listen, Leo --

Laura: Hey. What's going on?

Brooke: Laura.

Brooke: Oh, Honey.

Leo: Baby. You ok?

Brooke: Greenlee found some of your things here. We were so worried about you.

[Laura remembers]

Leo: Laura, what happened? You come on like gangbusters, Greenlee. Half the time I don't even think you know what you're saying. It seems like the only way to shut you up --

Greenlee: Is to tell me what you really think about me.

Leo: I don't hate you.

Leo: Laura? Did something happen to you?

Laura: No. No. I'm sorry you guys got so worked up. Mom, how many people did you send looking for me?

Greenlee: Ask her about the patrol car. Sorry.

Laura: I came here after I broke a plaque I bought for Leo, and I decided to pick some wildflowers for him instead.

Leo: But you left your bag and everything else here.

Brooke: Yeah, and you didn't take your pills from home, Honey. You know how important it is to your recovery.

Laura: Well, I -- I just felt really awful about the plaque, like really weird or superstitious or something. I don't know. Forget it.

Leo: Come here.

Laura: I don't know what's wrong with me.

Leo: Ok. It's all right.

Adam: All right. I know you're disappointed in me. You don't have to look at your watch as a hint that you want me to leave.

Hayley: I'm looking at my watch because I'm having my second contraction in a couple of minutes and I'm timing them.

Adam: How many minutes?

Hayley: Oh. It's a real one. It's not a fake one.

Adam: Honey, you're in labor.

Hayley: No.

Adam: Yes, oh, yes. Yes.

Hayley: The first two were seven minutes apart, and this one's a little sooner, I think.

Adam: Come on, come on. We're going to the hospital.

Hayley: No, I don't want to go to the hospital.

Adam: Yes, we are going to the hospital now.

Hayley: Wait, I have my Lamaze bag with things in it that I need.

Adam: All right, fine, fine. Where is it? Where is it?

Hayley: Over there?

Adam: Where?

Hayley: Ow!

Adam: This? This it?

Hayley: Yeah.

Adam: Come on. Come on.

Hayley: Wait, I have to call the doctor.

Adam: We'll call them from the car.

Hayley: I have to call Mateo.

Adam: We'll find them from the car.

Hayley: Dad, I want my husband to be here.

Adam: Yes, yes, we'll find him. Come on. I've got you. I've got you. Easy.

Derek: Hey, look for her around the park. Right.

Warren: I'll take care of this. Don't worry.

Christine: Ok, thank you.

Warren: Shannon? You don't have to be here. I'm going to take you home.

Shannon: Stop that. You're hurting me.

Warren: Shannon, I'm warning you.

Mateo: Get your hands off her.

Warren: I don't like this, and you know why. Let's go.

Shannon: I'm not going anywhere with you! You're worse than your son!

Warren: Would you be quiet, for God's sake?

Shannon: No! I'm not going to be quiet anymore. I can't do this anymore. I kept quiet this entire time, and all this bad stuff kept happening. I can't do this anymore!

Jack: Do you have something you'd like to say to us, Shannon?

Shannon: Marcus wanted things from me, things I wouldn't give him. And when I didn't do what he wanted, he hit me.

Christine: My son would -- did not do any such thing to you!

Shannon: Yes, he did, Mrs. Dunn! He hit me the way that he probably hits you. He did it again and again, and I kept coming back and -- I won't do this anymore. I can't. My life doesn't have to look that way. Right?

Mateo: Right.

Shannon: I hit Marcus. I'm the one who put him in the hospital. But he was hurting me so bad, and I just wanted him to stop. That's the truth.

[Phone rings]

Mateo: Hey. Uh -- ok, ok. Um -- I'm -- I'm going. I'll be right there. Are you ok? Ok. All right, bye.

Isabella: She's having the baby?

Mateo: Where do I go? Where do I go? The hospital.

Isabella: You have to get to the hospital, Honey.

Mateo: The hospital. Hey. Hey, listen, you be brave. All right? Don't let them -- don't let them scare you. You tell them what they need to hear. All right? I'm having a baby. I'm having a baby. I'm having a baby!

Shannon: What happens now?

Derek: I take your statement, for the record.

Shannon: And then what?

Derek: I arrest you.

Jack: You can handle this, kid. You're doing the right thing. Remember that.

Shannon: I know. I can handle anything.

Warren: Shannon? I'd be very careful about what you put in that statement -- very careful. Remember -- your father's economic future depends on it.

Shannon: Yeah, well, my future depends on it, too, Mr. Dunn. And I have to worry about me.

Jack: You know, your son is in a coma. I would think you'd want to be by his bedside praying for his speedy recovery. Or don't you care?

Derek: Well, finally, no thanks to you two, you're free to go.

Rosa: Really?

Derek: Yeah, really.

[Liza remembers]

Liza: Control? Control is your drug of choice. No matter what. You will sacrifice anything to get it. This time, you sacrificed us.

Ryan: Liza? Liza? Come on, talk to me.

Liza: I'm thinking.

Ryan: Yeah, I can see that. What are you thinking about?

Liza: Everything.

Ryan: So, what are you going to do about -- about everything?

Ryan: Liza? Liza? Liza, where are you --

Leo: Laura, everything's going to be ok.

Laura: It's always ok when you hold me.

Greenlee: What?

Edmund: Did something else go on here, Greenlee?

Greenlee: Why don't you ask Laura.

Edmund: I'm asking you.

Greenlee: I am such an innocent bystander in this, it isn't even funny.

Edmund: "Innocent" is not a word that springs to mind when one thinks of you.

Greenlee: Nice.

Edmund: Let me fill you in on a secret. I've known Laura since Brooke adopted her. I kind of know what kind of a girl she is.

Greenlee: Hmm. That's boring for you.

Edmund: Are you ever not sarcastic?

Greenlee: When I'm not being blamed for every crime since the Lindbergh kidnapping, I'm a laugh a minute.

Edmund: I've seen the way you look at Leo.

Greenlee: Oh, yeah? I've seen the way you look at Brooke.

Edmund: Whatever that means.

Greenlee: You know what it means.

Edmund: I know what you mean.

Greenlee: Look --

Edmund: I'm not married, ok?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Edmund: Neither is Brooke.

Greenlee: Look, I'm not the problem here. The walking miracle over there ditched her stuff in the park, I found it, and that's the end of the story, ok?

Edmund: Greenlee, can you let Leo and Laura try to figure out if their marriage can work?

Greenlee: What, you mean without her playing victim?

Edmund: She had a heart transplant, not a tonsillectomy.

Greenlee: Whatever. It is just so not my problem.

Edmund: It is if you stick your nose in it.

Greenlee: Look, Edmund, why don't you go over there and be with the happy little family. I'm going to take my toys and find another sandbox where the kids are nicer and --

Brooke: Laura?

Leo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Brooke: Wait, sit down, sit down.

Laura: I -- I can't -- I can't breathe!

Mateo: Get the door! Come on, nice and easy.

Adam: Here we go.

Mateo: And breathe. And breathe.

Adam: Easy, easy, easy.

Mateo: And breathe. Hello! Hi. We're pregnant. We're having a baby right now. Thank you. Help us! Ok, and breathe. And breathe.

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Erica: I think it's time for us to have a friendly chat.

Dr. Clader: The baby is tired of hanging around. It's time to greet the world.

Leo: My wife is sick, and David can save her! Get him here! I'm going to kill anybody who gets in his way!

Ryan: I got no reason to stick around here anymore, I'm leaving.

Gillian: No, you can't!

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