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Laura: Whoa. I hope you feel better than you look.

Bianca: How do I look?

Laura: Not so good. You feel ok?

Bianca: The police just came to my house.

Laura: Why?

Bianca: My friends Gabriel and Rosa were supposed to be arrested this morning, and they, like, escaped or something, and the cops came looking for them.

Laura: What?

Bianca: Marcus is in the hospital. He's in a coma or -- he was, like, hit in the head.

Laura: Whoa.

Bianca: And the police think that Gabriel did it and Rosa was in on it.

Laura: Is that true?

Bianca: No way, but, I don't know, the whole thing's just kind of got to me and I needed a place to hang. Is it ok that I came when I didn't call first?

Laura: Yeah. I was hoping you'd come over soon. I haven't seen you much since I got back from the hospital.

Bianca: Yeah, well, I didn't want to be a drag.

Laura: What are you talking about?

Bianca: Oh, I don't -- aren't newlyweds supposed to want to be alone together, like, all the time?

Laura: Leo and I love you.

Bianca: What's with all the shopping bags? Did you go crazy?

Laura: My mom and I had a really good run at the mall. She called it a belated trousseau. You want to see?

Bianca: Yeah. Gosh. More nightgowns, huh?

Laura: What do you think? Is there a problem?

Bianca: Yeah, there is.

Laura, I can't do this anymore.

Greenlee: Always on the cutting edge. Aren't you?

Leo: What do you mean?

Greenlee: You, Leo. Looks like you're riding that hairy edge of hipness, even as a married man.

Ryan: So how are you holding up?

Liza: Me? I'm a rock. Ask anyone.

Ryan: You're a lot stronger than you think you are, Liza.

Liza: Well, thank you for being here, for talking some sense into me and everything.

Ryan: You're the one who helped me. I mean, I was packing my stuff up, ready to leave Pine Valley when I came to work today.

Liza: Well, you were reacting. It was normal.

Ryan: No, I was overreacting. We both were. And we almost let it happen again.

Liza: But now you're not going to move away and you're going to help me with Adam.

Ryan: Well, I just want you to move forward. And if getting back at Adam helps you do that, then I'm your man.

Ryan: I suppose I should get to work. So you just, you know, let me know how you want to handle this when Adam gets back to Pine Valley, ok?

Liza: Ryan? Don't leave.

Mia: Hi, Marian. So are you ready to feel the burn?

Marian: So you really are working here.

Mia: Yep. Just got hired.

Trainer. Proud of me? Got the job all by myself.

Marian: You were supposed to leave town, Mia.

Mia: Oh. That again, huh?

Marian: We had a deal.

Mia: No, you had a deal. I never made you any promises.

Marian: You -- you just tell me what I have to do to make you go away and never come back here again.

Mia: Well, now that's a little harsh, Marian, isn't it? You treat all of your family this badly?

Marian: Would you please keep your voice down?

Mia: This is down, Marian.

Marian: I paid you a lot of money to keep your mouth shut.

Mia: Yeah. And I have.

Marian: And I told you to get out of town. Leave us alone, right?

Mia: Well, I know. But you know what? I kind of like it here. Such a warm feeling of home and family. In fact, I was thinking, since the money you gave me has pretty much run out, I thought maybe I would switch gears, maybe tell some people who I really am and see if maybe I'd get a warmer reception. What do you think, Marian? Well, Marian, now you're causing a scene.

Marian: You haven't seen anything yet.

Mia: You know, what is your problem, anyway? It's not like I'm your dirty little secret. The only one who should be embarrassed around here is my dearly departed daddy. Tell me something, Marian -- since he cheated on you and then knocked up some other woman with me, why are you trying so hard to protect his reputation?

Marian: Mia, I --

Mia: No, really. I mean, he never even really acknowledged me. He just went straight back to you and Liza after my mother told him she was pregnant. Peach of a guy.

Marian: Ok. All right, Mia. This is all the cash I have in my purse. Take it and then I'm going to get you some more. And then I want you to go away, ok?

Mia: Oh, some more?

Marian: Yes, some more money. We're going to go across the street to the ATM to get more money.

Mia: Do you think that ATM is going to let you withdraw five grand, Marian?

Marian: You want another $5,000? This is never going to end, is it? Look, I told you before -- I am not an automatic cash machine.

Mia: Like what you give me is supposed to keep me comfortable. Look at me, Marian. I had to get a day job, for goodness sakes.

Marian: Give me back the money. I'm not giving you a cent. As of right now, you are cut off.

Mia: Ok. Where's Liza?

Marian: What?

Mia: Your daughter. Liza.

Marian: I know who Liza is.

Mia: Yeah, ok. Well, I thought I'd talk to her. You know, tell her about me, about our dad.

Marian: Mia, please. Please, I'm begging you now. Liza worshipped her father. She couldn't handle this if she found out about it.

Mia: Well, if my gravy train, as pathetic as it may be, is derailing, then I don't really have any choice but to tell Liza what a very, very bad boy her daddy was.

Trainer: Hey, Mia, I need you to come give a spot.

Mia: Yeah. Be right there, Jim, sure.

Mia: WRCW is right around the corner, right? Of course it is.

Ryan: Liza, what's wrong?

Liza: I can't believe I'm acting like this.

Ryan: Like what?

Liza: Needy.

Ryan: Well, I know what loss feels like. You should probably take the day off.

Liza: I don't know.

Ryan: I'll take you home. I'll give you a lift.

Liza: No, I -- I don't want to see my daughter. Kids are intuitive, and I think that she'll know that I'm sad even if I'm able to hold it together. You know what? I really wanted her to be proud of her father. I was so proud of my dad, and he didn't have it easy with my mom. Now I just keep asking myself how am I going to protect her until she's old enough to know the truth about her father?

Ryan: I have an idea.

Liza: Does it involve torture?

Ryan: No. It involves getting fed. Greasy spoon or gourmet?

Ryan: What?

Liza: Thank you. Ryan, thank you.

Laura: You can't do what anymore?

Bianca: This girlie-wedding trousseau thing. I feel like a total liar.

Laura: I was just showing you what I bought.

Bianca: You're showing me what you wear when you're intimate with your husband. It makes me uncomfortable.

Laura: I'm sorry.

Bianca: No, I am. I never should have come here. I don't know what I was expecting.

Laura: To see me. We're friends, and I've missed you a lot.

Bianca: Laura, you haven't had time to miss me.

Laura: Why are you doing this?

Bianca: Look, I haven't been totally honest with you, and it's kind of eating me alive.

Laura: You haven't been honest with me about what?

Bianca: I didn't think it was any of my business, so I just -- I kept my distance, but I don't want to lie about this anymore. I can't lie about anything anymore. I lived that w for way too long, and it nearly killed me, literally.

Laura: What is it, Bianca?

Bianca: It's you and Leo, married. I have a really hard time with it.

Laura: What?

Bianca: I have since the beginning.

Laura: I don't understand. You were at the wedding. You were at the party. You were totally involved with the --

Bianca: I lied, Laura. I did it for you, but I am going crazy pretending that everything is ok.

Laura: So pretending you're happy when you're not is doing it -- I don't understand.

Bianca: Laura, you were really sick, and Leo was great, and I saw how happy he made you.

Laura: Leo loves me. He did then and he does now. What? You don't think he does? Is that what you're trying to tell me?

Bianca: What I'm trying to tell you is that -- I never should have come here. I should just go.

Laura: No, no, no. No, Bianca, you tell me what this is. You know Leo loves me, don't you? Do you care about me at all?

Bianca: You know I do.

Laura: Then you have to answer me.

Bianca: I think that Leo cares about you a lot.

Laura: But?

Bianca: But I don't think that he's gotten over Greenlee.

Greenlee: I didn't follow you here, if that's why you look so freaked. Leo: I'm not freaked. And I know you didn't follow me here.

Greenlee: I came here to hand deliver some ad copy for the Christmas issue. Enchantment's big push for the holiday, and I --

Leo: Yeah, I got it, Greenlee.

Greenlee: What are you doing here?

Leo: Waiting for Brooke. She wanted to see me.

Greenlee: Oh.

Leo: So, you're working. What, like, every day?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. What a concept, huh? It's different.

Leo: All work and no play?

Greenlee: All I do is get up, go to work, stay until I can't keep my eyes open anymore, and then I go home and go to bed, and then I'm up a couple of hours later doing the same thing all over again.

Leo: Yeah, you're real dedicated, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Excuse me?

Leo: You don't really expect me to buy this career-girl-on-the-go thing, do you?

Greenlee: I have a real job.

Leo: Look, and you're not up all night, so don't even try to tell me that you are.

Greenlee: Listen to you. You run off with the 21st century version of Camille, marrying her in her hospital room with bedpans full of flowers --

Leo: Hey, easy, hey!

Greenlee: And I'm supposed to sit around and get fat and ugly and miserable thinking of the one who got away?

Leo: Look, you don't know anything about my life with Laura, ok?

Greenlee: Not the details, thank God. But I do know this much -- you look like hell and you have ever since you married her. Laura is pulling the life out of you, Leo. And the sick thing is that you know it. And you're too chicken to stand up for yourself and do what you want to do for yourself. You so want out of this marriage you can taste it. But you're not going anywhere, are you?

Bianca: I'm sorry, Laura. That -- this whole thing was a mistake.

Laura: Leo and I are married.

Bianca: I know.

Laura: But you think he's lying to me?

Bianca: No. I think that Leo wants to be everything you need. He's a good guy. He's just not free. His heart isn't free, Laura. And I know I told you that Leo was all yours. I had to, but now I'm afraid if you guys stay together --

Laura: If? I'm not leaving Leo.

Bianca: I know, and he's not leaving you, either. But is that the best thing for either of you?

Laura: Look, I doubted that Leo was with me for the right reasons for a long time, but I -- I had a talk with my mother, and she told me I shouldn't doubt him, and I don't think I should, either. I know he loves me.

Bianca: He does, but, Laura, it's --

Laura: No, no, he loves me. And he won't hurt me. He can't.

Bianca: Laura, I wish that I could believe that, but I just don't.

Laura: I know. And I know why.

Bianca: What do you mean?

Laura: You don't believe Leo loves me because you don't want to believe it.

Bianca: Laura, why wouldn't I want to believe that?

Laura: You don't want Leo and me together. You want him to hurt me.

Bianca: Laura, were you listening to anything I just said?

Laura: You want him to hurt me so I'll leave him and I'll turn to you.

Leo: You're right, Greenlee. I don't want out of my marriage. But it's not because I'm a chicken or because I don't want to be the villain. It's because I love my wife. I love her more than I thought I could ever love any woman. As a matter of fact, it's probably the smartest thing that I've ever, ever done, but you wouldn't understand that because you think that great sex and great love are the same thing. Well, guess what. They're not. And before you jump all over that, let me tell you this -- my sex life with my wife is probably the most intimate, tender, beautiful thing that I've ever experienced with anyone. You know what else? I love getting lost in Laura, getting lost in her purity, in her innocence, in her authenticity.

Greenlee: So all your time with me was wasted time is that it? You think by trying to hurt me, you'll chase me away for good?

Leo: No, I'm sorry that I --

Brooke: Leo. Greenlee.

Greenlee: Erica asked that I hand deliver these to you. Please make sure you tell her that I did.

Brooke: Great. Thank you.

Leo: I'm sorry. How much of that did you hear?

Brooke: Enough.

Leo: Brooke, listen, that --

Brooke: I heard the things you said about Laura. I think it's good to say those things out loud. It makes them more real.

Leo: I meant what I said. I love Laura. And I don't -- I don't -- I don't think about Greenlee.

Leo: Brooke? Brooke? What are you thinking about?

Brooke: I was thinking how lucky Laura is to have you, Leo. Really.

Ryan: I love having Chinese food for breakfast.

Liza: You know, Chinese would not have been my first choice, but it's perfect.

Ryan: The only thing wrong with this meal is that it's hot. I'm used to standing in front of the fridge half naked, eating this out of a carton with my fingers.

Liza: That's really gross.

Ryan: Me standing half naked? What?

Liza: You know, you're very sweet.

[Ryan and Liza kiss]

Marian: Oh, my God! What is going on here?

Liza: Maybe you should let me handle this.

Marian: Handle this? Liza, I'm your mother.

Liza: Oh, I know that. You're a little hard to miss. It's ok. I thank you for you help, and I will call you later.

Liza: Need a paper bag? A sedative?

Marian: Are you out of your mind? I know Ryan is extremely attractive, but he just lost his wife. And you're a married woman. And I thought you were in love with Adam. Are you willing to risk all you have to go on some fantasy rescue mission with Ryan?

Liza: Mother, that's enough. Did it ever occur to you that there might be a little bit more here than what you think you see?

Marian: Well, what more could there be? Your husband is off on a fishing trip with my husband.

Liza: He's cheated on me.

Marian: What?

Liza: Adam cheated on me. He has no idea that I found out about it.

Marian: Oh, my God. With who?

Liza: The judge that sat on David Hayward's case. It's one of the reasons why the charges were miraculously dropped.

Marian: Wait a minute. I'm confused. I thought Adam was hell-bent on putting David behind bars forever. Now he -- why would he want to get him off?

Liza: David's blackmailing him.

Marian: With what?

Liza: He has some things on J.R. Listen, it is a really long story. I don't feel like rehashing it. This was a cause-and-effect event. And the effect is that my marriage is over.

Marian: When did this happen, Liza?

Liza: The day I found out that David was set free.

Marian: Well, you certainly didn't waste much time, did you?

Liza: And your point?

Marian: My point -- when did this thing start with Ryan?

Liza: Mother -- it was completely random. I ran into him right after I found out what Adam had done to me, and I was hurting, and he is always hurting over what happened with Gillian. And we -- we got together. We helped each other. We were a comfort to one another.

Marian: Are you telling me you already slept with him? Oh, Liza!

Liza: Mother, don't -- no, don't do that because I don't regret it. If I hadn't run into Ryan, I would be lost. I would be completely lost, and now I'm not. That's the only thing that I know for sure.

Bianca: Laura, I can't even tell you how wrong you are about me. I would never want to see you get hurt, and I'm not waiting around ready to pick up the pieces.

Laura: Are you saying you don't have feelings for me anymore? Are saying that that just died? Huh? I will never want you, Bianca. You have to accept that.

Bianca: I have. I do.

Laura: You say you can't lie anymore. Don't you see when you're lying to yourself?

Bianca: I'm not lying to myself, Laura. I did fall for you, and even while I was falling, I knew it could never be. I can't shut my feelings on and off, but I know what's possible and what isn't. Do you think I don't know that you could never love me? Trust me, I know that better than I know a lot of things. And it hurts and I think it always will. But it is not about me, Laura. It's about you. I was honest with you because I care about you as a friend, as somebody that I would always be there to help if she needed me. I just can't stand to see you walking through this marriage thinking it's going to get better when I know it's just not.

Laura: Because you think Leo is still in love with Greenlee.

Bianca: Laura, I know he is.

Laura: You know what? Go.

Bianca: Laura!

Laura: No, I mean that. Get out of here.

Bianca: Laura, don't do this. Don't shut down like this.

Laura: I said go.

Bianca: But, Laura, I know you probably can't hear me right now, but I really do want you to be happy. I want you to take care of yourself, ok?

Laura: Leo doesn't love Greenlee anymore. He can't.

Jake: Hey there. Well, why don't you have a seat, put your feet up. Want to talk about it?

Greenlee: You don't even want to know.

Jake: Is Erica making you crazy at the office today?

Greenlee: I should be so lucky.

Jake: Well, I am. What? What is it? Don't try to think of an answer. Just be truthful with me. What's going on?

Greenlee: I ran into Leo. And if I could have, I would have killed him.

Jake: I bet.

Greenlee: You bet what?

Jake: I know why you wanted to kill him.

Greenlee: How could you know that?

Jake: Because of the way he looks at you. And he's married to Laura, and he's still crazy about you, right?

Brooke: Look, let's -- let's not beat around the bush, ok? You and Laura -- you know, you were married under extenuating circumstances, and the fact that it's working is -- it's a relief to me. I mean, it's more than a relief.

Leo: Ok.

Brooke: I mean, I knew that you were past your old feelings for Greenlee, but when I heard you tell her how much you cared for Laura, it just -- it gave me more confidence in your future together with her.

Leo: Oh, Brooke, I'm not going anywhere.

Brooke: Oh, I know you're not, Leo, and you know you're not. It's just that -- I'm not sure that Laura feels that.

Leo: Does Laura think that I'm going to leave her?

Brooke: I just think that she's very anxious about her health. I think she wants to be the partner that she knows you want her to be. She's also aware that you had a relationship with a fairly aggressive woman before she was even in the picture.

Leo: So what do I do?

Brooke: Just don't feed into her fears and make her doubt you.

Leo: Well, I don't think that I do, Brooke. I mean, seeing Greenlee here happened to be a total fluke.

Brooke: I'm not even talking about Greenlee today. I just -- if you don't feed into Laura's fears, then her fears will die, and if that happens, you can have a relationship that will go into the future, that will be built on trust.

Leo: So Laura's happiness depends on me? What if I can't do that, Brooke? What if everybody's right? What if I can't make Laura happy?

Brooke: Leo, the only way that you couldn't do it is if you were being untruthful about Greenlee being out of your heart.

Greenlee: You should have heard Leo.

Jake: So, what did he say about you?

Greenlee: How do you know he said something about me?

Jake: Well, I don't think you'd be this screaming mad if he hadn't.

Greenlee: He didn't really say anything about me exactly. But what he was saying about the little woman, he was saying I was exactly the opposite. Do you hate this?

Jake: Which part? Greenlee: Me ranting to you about Leo again.

Jake: You're processing. It's ok.

Greenlee: How about I process you? I love being with you. I just get so excited knowing how much you want me.

Jake: Yeah, well --

Greenlee: What? You started kissing me first. Jake: Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, but we actually spent so much time talking about Leo, now I have to get back to work.

Greenlee: No way.

Jake: Way.

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Jake: Listen, don't be sorry. It's ok.

Greenlee: No, I mean, we just keep getting interrupted. First my father shows up at the crack of dawn and then I have a Leo run-in.

Jake: I know.

Greenlee: You feeling neglected?

Jake: Nope, I'm not. I'll see you later, ok?

Greenlee: What? Jake never forgets anything. Unless he's not really going to work.

Brooke: Leo, you're one of the main reasons that Laura is thriving since her surgery. You know that.

Leo: I don't know anything. If she's -- if she needs so much -- I'm not saying that she's needy, but -- listen, I'm not exactly the best caregiver in the universe, you know what I mean? And it's not my best event.

Brooke: Well, what a surprise because you've brought in the gold ever since Laura got sick.

Leo: Thank you, Brooke.

Brooke: You know what I think you need? I think you need to take care of yourself for a while. I think you need to find something that interests you.

Leo: Like what, a hobby?

Brooke: I think you're very funny. No, I'm talking about a job.

Leo: Oh.

Brooke: Actually, you need a career. You're bright. You're full of ideas. I could use somebody like that here at the magazine.

Leo: Hmm. You -- you --

Brooke: Yeah. Would you work for me?

Leo: As -- what?

Brooke: As my assistant. Leo, I have faith in you. I think I have more faith in you than you have in yourself, and if you have a reason to get up in the morning, I think you'll find that confidence for yourself. What do you say?

Leo: What do I -- well, don't you think that this whole place will scream nepotism?

Brooke: Could be. But you will show them that they're wrong, won't you? What do you think?

Leo: Ok. Ok.

Brooke: That's great.

[Phone rings]

Brooke: Excuse me.

Yes, Annette. Would you tell him to hold on for a second?

Leo, I need to take this.

Leo: Ok. So when -- when --

Brooke: Oh, when do you start?

Leo: Yeah.

Brooke: Well, right away, soon.

Leo: Ok. This be ok to wear?

Brooke: Oh, it's fine.

Leo: Ok.

Brooke: You keep saying that. It's all going to work out, Leo. I promise you.

Leo: Ok, well, I guess we'll see.

Marian: What are you going to do, Liza?

Liza: Don't get involved.

Marian: Look, Darling, you can't take Adam on. I mean, even if you're right and he's wrong --

Liza: Mother, he broke every promise he's ever made to me, every vow, every fantasy we had of who we could be together. He promised to remain faithful to me, and he broke his promise! I believed him. I still can't even process how much it hurts that he couldn't even do that.

Marian: Well, I know how much that can hurt a person, Liza. I really do.

Liza: Mother, is everything ok with you and Stuart?

Marian: Oh. Yes, of course. Everything is fine with Stuart.

Liza: Did somebody hurt you that way?

Woman: Mia. That's great.

Mia: I wish my daddy could play catch with me. All the other kids' daddies play catch with them after work, Mommy.

Mia's Mom: I know. But your daddy is in heaven, and he's watching you, and he's sending you all of his love.

Mia: Yeah, heaven, my eye. He just went back to pine valley to his real wife and the only daughter he ever loved. Lousy, two-timing deadbeat. Ooh!

Ryan: Trying to kill the heavy bag again, Mia?

Liza: Ma? Was someone unfaithful to you?

Marian: Oh -- I'm just being silly, Darling, you know -- my first boyfriend, you know, told me that he loved me and then he just dumped me rather unceremoniously, I may add. And, you know, one says one never gets over one's first love, right?

Liza: I'm not buying it.

Marian: What?

Liza: I'm not buying this story. I think I know you pretty well, and I don't think you'd be this hurt over some old boyfriend from a 100 years ago. Ok, 20 years ago.

Marian: Liza, I'm just upset for you. Honestly, I mean, I just hate what Adam did to you.

Liza: He's not going to get away with it.

Marian: Are you going to throw this affair with Ryan in his face?

Liza: Listen, Mom, I -- I -- I love you. And they need me on the floor.

Marian: Liza, please stay away from Ryan. Please. I mean, you're both very wounded. Don't jump into anything right now. Liza? Liza?

Mia: I just got something in my eye, I guess. I don't know what's wrong.

Ryan: No, I don't think you do. Look at me. What happened?

Mia: It's really just a sick, twisted story. It's just not fair.

Ryan: You all right?

Mia: Yeah.

Brooke: Erica, it's Brooke. Yes. No, I got the ad copy from Greenlee, but that's not why I'm calling. I need some help with something. Greenlee Smythe, actually.

Greenlee: Jake, it's me. Why do you have your cell phone off? You can't be at the hospital yet. Call me now.

[Knock on door]

Greenlee: Jake's not here. You know Jake?

Bianca: I came to see you.

Greenlee: Why?

Bianca: It's about what you're doing to Leo and Laura.

Leo: What are hell are you doing here?

Jake: I'm looking for you.

Leo: Why?

Jake: Because we're going to talk about Greenlee. You're sending her mixed signals. And if Greenlee is getting them, then I'm sure that Laura is, too.

Leo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Where the hell do you get off telling me how --

Jake: No, you need to get your act together, Leo, because you're screwing up both of their lives, and I don't know whether you know that or not, but you need to make up your mind and stick to it.

Laura: Hey. Who were you talking to just now?

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