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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 8/15/01

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Liza: You're in early.

Ryan: Yeah, I had stuff to do. I didn't expect to see you here, either.

Liza: I couldn't sleep. Want to tell me why you're packing up your desk?

Ryan: Oh, I'm leaving, Liza. This -- this was a mistake.

Liza: Well, that's constructive.

Ryan: Well, there's no reason for me to be here. I mean, I can get a job anywhere. And since that's the case, I mean, there's no reason for me to be in this town, too, so I'm just --

Liza: So now you're leaving your job and you're leaving town?

Ryan: Yes.

Liza: Not one reason to stay, nothing?

Ryan: That's right.

Liza: One question.

Ryan: What's that?

Liza: What about me?

Ryan: Liza, you can get a dozen guys to sell ad time like I do.

Liza: I don't really give a damn about the job. What I said was what about staying for me?

Gillian: What?

Jesse: Well, a lot of things.

Gillian: Well, I don't want to hear about it. Just leave me alone.

Jesse: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just settle down there, little Miss Drama Queen. I'm just trying to tell you that you did the right thing last night at the Turret. What, you don't think I can see this stuff? Well, I can if I want to. And I know it wasn't easy. You could have had Ryan. I mean, even though it's not his time, you could have played around and had him come to you last night. I mean, he would have died in that fire just to be with you if you had let him. And you don't have to tell me how hard that is because I know how bad you want to be with him.

Gillian: Yeah, well, I didn't want to watch my husband burn to death. I want to go to him, Jesse. Don't you understand that?

Jesse: Yeah, I do.

Gillian: I mean, it wasn't my time, either. And I don't care what anybody says, but this was a huge mistake. And -- and I -- this task. I mean, it's just one big joke.

Jesse: Well, what made you give up on that now?

Gillian: You know. They took my heart. They gave it to somebody else. So even if I did want to go back and even if I could, I would have to go and get somebody else's body and it's just -- it's ridiculous. Just tell me, Jesse, are you happy now? All you little angels with your big grins and your false hopes? Are you happy now? Are you all laughing at my stupidity?

Greenlee: Oh. Hi.

Jake: Hi.

Greenlee: Sleep well?

Jake: Yeah, yeah, awesome. How about you?

Greenlee: Fab. Listen, Jake, about last night --

Jake: Was pretty incredible, huh?

Greenlee: Yeah, yeah, well, we have good -- we're good.

Jake: I think we are.

Greenlee: But now it's morning.

Jake: Well, don't tell me that you have a moratorium on morning lovemaking.

Greenlee: Oh, no way. I -- but we need to get clear about it, though.

Jake: Oh. Clear about what, exactly?

Greenlee: My being here, what it means.

Jake: Well, why do we even have to talk about what it means?

Greenlee: Well, after what you said the other day.

Jake: I said a lot of things the other day.

Greenlee: Yeah, but about us and what could happen if we keep doing this?

Jake: This could happen.

Warren: What else do you need? This animal tried to kill my son.

Anna: No, he didn't. My brother isn't violent. He wouldn't hurt somebody that way.

Warren: Isn't violent? He's been making threats against my son for weeks over her and he just admitted it. What more do you want to hear?

Anna: Well, I'd like the truth, quite frankly. Listen to me -- I know you're frightened, but I'm going to take care of you. You tell these people you had nothing to do with this. Don't sacrifice yourself for anyone. You look after yourself first of all, you understand? Please, don't say you did something you couldn't have in order to protect another person. You tell the truth.

Warren: Ms. Devane, your brother gave a confession in front of witnesses.

Anna: He did no such thing.

Warren: The hell he didn't! You're the damn police commissioner. Do something!

George: Let's not prolong this. Put the kid in lockup.

Anna: No, don't do that, please.

Derek: Commissioner, Commissioner, we really have to make sure we know what happened down at the boathouse before we proceed because -- you know what? You are involved now, so we have to make sure. Please, let's just talk.

Anna: Edmund.

Edmund: What's happening?

Anna: He has said -- Gabriel has said that he did hit Marcus, but it's not true. He's covering for someone. And now the commissioner wants to lock him up.

Edmund: Lieutenant? Can I have a word with you in private?

George: You again. What do you think you're doing, Mr. Grey?

Edmund: Derek?

Derek: Look, Commissioner, please, five minutes. That's all I ask.

George: Go on.

Derek: Thank you.

Edmund: I was at the hospital and I saw one of Marcus' old girlfriends. This guy -- the victim has the anger management problem, you know what I'm saying? What? This kid Marcus have a record?

Derek: Look, Edmund --

Edmund: He have priors?

Derek: Don't do this here. It's not going to help. Just let me do it the way I know how.

Edmund: He does, doesn't he?

Derek: Edmund, you know as well as I do that juvenile records are sealed.

Edmund: So he's got a record.

Warren: Christine. Yeah. Get Marcus' things together. Yeah. All the things that the nurse put aside when they brought him in. Yep. Just get them together. Never mind. Just do it. And you bring them to me at the police station right now. And if anybody asks, you say that you noticed our son's watch is missing. Do it.

Erica: You drive like a maniac.

Chris: I am in complete and utter control behind that wheel.

Erica: You are a complete and utter madman.

Chris: You have air bags.

Erica: Do you hear yourself?

Chris: Wait -- I got you here in time for your Paris conference call, didn't I? Isn't that what you told me to do when I picked you up this morning? You said, "Chris, I can't be late. I have to speak to the Paris office. Step on it!" That was you who told me that, right, not some look-alike?

Erica: Call me crazy, but getting here in good shape is a priority for me.

Chris: Oh, you're in great shape -- so to speak.

Erica: I work at it, Mr. Stamp.

Chris: Well, you're very good at your work, then. And flattery is the great equalizer with you, isn't it?

Erica: Actually, and much more importantly, timeliness is the great equalizer for me, and at the moment I have got to go down and check some numbers with accounting.

Chris: Ok.

Erica: Oh, will you please be sure that you put this in Val's in-box before he arrives?

Chris: Oh, yes, the great and almighty Val.

Erica: Val is a wonderful assistant. Val can anticipate.

Chris: Oh, what am I, chopped liver?

Erica: No, you're a maniac, as I said.

Chris: Well, that doesn't make me a bad person.

Erica: You're amusing.

Chris: It's me. Yes, Tad Martin is back. Protective custody is flawed, I guess, and maybe he's going to stay put this time, but I'm not worried about Tad right now. It's this place. Look, I've had Erica's phones, business and home phone, tapped for over a month now and there's not one thing that indicates any kind of drug trafficking. No. No, no, her office is clean. I think we're barking up the wrong tree. Well, that would be the bigger question, wouldn't it? If it isn't her, then who is it?

Jesse: Nobody's laughing at you, Gillian. This is not funny.

Gillian: Yeah, well, tell me about it.

Jesse: But if you still wanted to, you could make a difference, more of a difference.

Gillian: Jesse, Ryan's practically given up on everything. How am I supposed to help him if I can't show myself to him, if he can't see me, if I can't give him hope?

Jesse: Well, you already know that you can't be with Ryan, but what if I told you that you could still help him? Would you still want to give that a try?

Ryan: Liza, I don't really know what you're saying or -- or what you're asking. I mean, I know something happened between us, but I --

Liza: I will give you a 25% pay raise, a company car, an expense account just like mine.

Ryan: All this to make me stay here for you?

Liza: Yes.

Ryan: I'm not sure I like where this is headed.

Liza: I want to make my husband pay.

Ryan: What? All of a sudden this has to do with Adam?

Liza: Completely. And I'm tired of pretense.

Ryan: So you want me to stay here and work for you so you can get back at Adam?

Liza: Yes.

Ryan: Well, what do you want me to do?

Liza: Ruin him.

Ryan: Liza, I can see that you're in pain that Adam --

Liza: If you could take revenge on that someone who took Gillian's life, would you?

Ryan: I don't know. I mean, it wouldn't bring her back.

Liza: No. But if you were betrayed or if someone just made you feel like a fool, would you? Because I think I can find some degree of comfort in doing this to Adam and I think I can give that to you, too.

Ryan: Liza, I won't stop feeling pain from losing Gillian.

Liza: And I'm not going to stop feeling pain from Adam breaking his trust. But I'm not going to mourn forever, and neither, Ryan, are you.

Ryan: You really don't know how I'm going to be feeling about anything, Liza.

Liza: Adam took your business away from you. Don't you think it would make you feel a little bit better?

Ryan: Liza, that was business. I don't really give a damn about business anymore. I need a job to pay my bills, but I don't really have any big plans these days.

Liza: Then why are you talking about leaving Pine Valley?

Ryan: Because it's too close.

Liza: Because she's too close?

Ryan: You know what? I haven't really even processed this. I mean, what happened -- I burned down a building that was on my wife's family estate, I almost died, and then I ran into you and we --

Liza: We helped each other through some pain.

Ryan: That's a nice euphemism.

Liza: We were on a collision course. And since the crash, I think that we owe it to each other to try to make it right.

Ryan: I can't bring Gillian back.

Liza: And I can't make Adam into the man I fantasized in my head.

Ryan: So what's the point?

Liza: I don't know. But I do know that the only sanity I've felt since Adam has lied to me is when I was making love to you.

Ryan: I got lost in it, too, Liza. But I don't know if I'd call it sanity.

Liza: Didn't it make it easier, getting lost, just for a little while?

Ryan: Yes, it did. But what do we do now?

Liza: Well, I think that we know what the other one needs and it's not lies.

Ryan: I need Gillian and you need Adam. It doesn't look like either one of us is going to get what we want. So how do we help each other in all that?

Liza: We find something real. Last night was real.

Ryan: Yeah, last night was real.

Ryan: But, Liza, what are we doing?

Gillian: Are you telling me Ryan's going to be with Liza now?

Jesse: What, are you high?

Gillian: Then what?

Jesse: Look, me and Liza, we go way back and she ain't about to get with Ryan. That much I know.

Gillian: How do you know it?

Jesse: You're just going to have to trust me on this one. I mean, if she even tries to think about making a move on the boy, I will go medieval all over her. And that's my word, all right?

Gillian: Well, then what is this plan she has?

Jesse: I don't know. Looks like she wants some kind of payback.

Gillian: Jesse, look, I don't want her to drag Ryan into this. He's not a vengeful person and this is not a good time to do this. He's -- he's vulnerable.

Jesse: You can stop it.

Gillian: How?

Jesse: You have to open your eyes, Gillian. You got to see Ryan for who he is, where he came from.

Gillian: Oh, Jesse, please, I'm not good at riddles! Please help me so I can help Ryan.

[Jesse chuckles]

Jesse: What do you think I've just been saying to you? I am going to help you.

[Knock on door]

Greenlee: Who is that?

Jake: Well, I'd have to answer the door to answer that question, and I'm sure as hell not answering the door.


Greenlee: I can't stand this.

Jake: Greenlee, don't worry about the door. Whoever it is, it'll stop. You'll see.

Greenlee: Yeah, I'll see -- right now.


Greenlee: Ok! If it isn't Ed McMahon, whoever it is, is going to be sorry. Daddy.

Roger: Good morning, Sweetheart. God, you look radiant. I hope I didn't wake you.

Greenlee: You didn't. What --

Roger: I was up at your penthouse, but you weren't there, so I followed a hunch.

Greenlee: Oh.

Roger: Oh. Am I interrupting?

Jake: Well, as a matter of fact, you are.

V Edmund: Derek, I know your hands are tied if this kid has a juvy record, but there's got to be some way we can use it.

Derek: Look, Edmund, you have to back off.

Edmund: Like they told you to back off? Look, they're going to railroad this kid --

Derek: Look, Edmund, do me a favor -- just do me a favor and keep your mouth shut. Let me handle it.

Warren: How's Marcus? Any change?

Christine: No, he's still unconscious and the doctors won't say anything more. Oh, Warren, he looks so pale hooked up to those machines. Why are we here?

Warren: My son is on a respirator and the kid who put him there doesn't have a scratch on him and hasn't even been arrested.

George: We want to make this stick, Warren.

Derek: Mrs. Dunn, what are you doing here if your son is so ill?

Christine: I had no choice. They said that I had to come down here to file the robbery report.

Warren: What?

Christine: Oh, Warren, Marcus' watch wasn't with his other things.

Warren: Well, he was brought into the hospital without it?

Christine: Yes.

Derek: Is this really a time to be worrying about a watch?

Warren: Lieutenant, that watch is worth a fortune. Obviously, this animal stole it from my son after he smashed his skull in with that oar. It's not so much that you wanted to kill him. You also wanted to take from him everything that you can't have yourself.

Anna: Come on, he's not a thief!

Warren: Where is it? Or did you already sell it for drugs?

Gabriel: No, I don't steal things that aren't mine and I don't do drugs!

Derek: Look, Mr. Dunn, we've searched the suspect. There was no watch. And had he taken it, there was no time to have sold it like you're suggesting.

Warren: Or maybe he gave it to her.

Mateo: Oh, please.

Rosa: I don't have anything, Teo, I swear it.

Mateo: I know, I know. Don't worry. Just calm down.

Warren: Nobody's searched her yet?

Mateo: No one's searching her because she's not a suspect.

Warren: Commissioner, don't you think it's worth just one little look, considering what these two have been up to tonight?

Mateo: She hasn't been up to anything.

George: You, pat her down.

Mateo: Oh, this is insane.

Derek: Look, it's all right, it's all right.

Rosa: Fine. Fine, you can search me. I didn't take anything. This is so lame. Ok?

Warren: Why don't you take a look in her purse, too?

Mateo: Derek, you're not going through her things.

Rosa: Do you think I care? Look.

[Police woman finds the watch that Warren planted in Rosa's purse]

Rosa: Oh, God!

Christine: Oh, Warren.

Warren: That is my son's watch. Is everyone starting to get the picture here or what?

Mateo: This is nuts. My sister didn't steal that watch.

Warren: Well, how'd she get it then?

Rosa: I don't know, but I didn't put it in my purse.

Warren: I think she belongs in a cage with Dog Boy.

Edmund: Hey --

Anna: You are so out of line.

Warren: She targeted my son and then she tried to seduce him.

Rosa: No!

Mateo: Listen, listen, watch your mouth.

Gabriel: Look, Rosa didn't steal the watch.

Warren: Oh, perfect. But you did?

Gabriel: Man, no. Look, Marcus was wearing it.

Derek: No, wait a minute, wait a minute. Rosa, let's just take this back a few steps, ok?

Mateo: Derek, she --

Derek: No, no, wait a minute, wait a minute. Now, Rosa, you were at the boathouse last night with Marcus, right?

Rosa: Yes. Do I have to do this?

Mateo: Just -- just tell him what happened and we'll go home, all right?

Gabriel: Rosa, just tell them what happened before Marcus got hurt. Tell them.

Rosa: I hate this.

Mateo: I'm here. Ok?

Gabriel: Just tell the truth.

Rosa: I was so crazy about Marcus and he was so into me. But then I thought that he was cheating on me.

Warren: What the hell is this?

Derek: Rosa, go on, please.

Rosa: And he told me that he loved me.

Christine: Oh, no. He couldn't have.

Rosa: And that he only wanted to be with me. I thought that I was ready. But I wasn't. And he said that he respected me. But he didn't because he didn't listen to me. He wanted more and I said no. I said no over and over again. And I almost couldn't stop him.

Warren: I will not allow this! My son is dying in a hospital bed and this little tramp --

Mateo: Hey! Don't listen to him. Look at me. Look at me. What did he do to you?

Rosa: Teo, he tried to rape me.

Greenlee: Daddy, my shower isn't hooked up yet, so Jake lets me come down here to use his shower.

Roger: Well, isn't that neighborly.

Jake: Well, that's me -- neighborly.

Greenlee: Yeah. Jake, wait.

Jake: Actually, I'm going to get dressed. I suddenly feel the need to have my clothes on.

Greenlee: Why did you come looking for me, Daddy?

Roger: Well, I didn't hear from you after we worked on your spreadsheets and the inventory problems the other day and I'm just curious to know if it all worked out.

Greenlee: Oh, it did and I looked like a genius.

Roger: That's great, Darling.

Greenlee: I'm sorry I didn't give you any credit. I just need all the brownie points I can get at Enchantment.

Roger: No, you're the one that noticed the problem in the first place. I'm just glad I could help you fix it.

Greenlee: Well, you did. Everyone thinks I'm a mathematical genius.

Roger: You know what? I have a way for them to think you're even smarter.

Greenlee: You do?

Roger: It'll be my gift to you.

Chris: All right. I'll keep you posted.

Chris: So how was your call to Paris?

Erica: Postponed. So you see, you risked my life and limb to get me here on time for absolutely nothing. Help me.

Gillian: Jesse, what are we doing here?

Jesse: Shh, shh. Just pay attention.

Chris: And this is?

Erica: This is my inventory records and I was hoping that you could help me go through them.

Chris: Whatever you say, Mistress.

Erica: Oh, don't call me that.

Chris: Yes, Master.

Erica: Really, Mr. Stamp, give it a rest.

Chris: All right, all right. So this is an inventory for what?

Erica: I am expecting a huge shipment of bubble bath today from China. And I just spoke with customs and they said it's been released, so I just want to be sure that everything is present and accounted for.

Chris: Ah. And why would this shipment be different from any other one?

Erica: Because I let Greenlee Smythe handle a lot of it and I am not sure that she is always as thorough as she should be.

Chris: Oh, and you think that I will be?

Erica: I think you could be.

Chris: I'm flattered.

Erica: Well, don't be. It's not a glamorous job.

Chris: But it's a job and somebody has to do it, right?

Erica: Right.

Chris: Ok, so, like, I take this down to the loading dock and then I count?

Erica: Mr. Stamp, can you handle this or not?

Chris: I can handle it, I can handle it. What -- what kind of bubble bath comes from China?

Erica: Rare and elegant ones.

Chris: It's me in a nutshell. Have no fear.

Gillian: And?

Chris: Hi. I got the new inventory list.

Clerk: I got one right here.

Chris: But mine's from Ms. Kane, the boss lady herself. I win.

Clerk: Whatever.

Chris: Yeah. I'll look around.

Chris: That wasn't too hard.

Chris: My list says 20 boxes. I see 36. And they're all from China.

[Chris opens one box of bubble bath and finds drugs]

Chris: Well, hush my mouth.

Roger: Well, I must confess that I have been a tad bit obsessed with you looking good at your job. Thank you.

Greenlee: You have?

Roger: I was so pleased that I could help you the other day with your inventory list and fix your accounting problems, and, you know, in my own simple way, it made me feel close to you again.

Greenlee: Me, too.

Roger: And I was giving it some thought and I decided that, you know, the real problem with all that paperwork that Erica was throwing at you was that the glitch wasn't an inventory glitch, per se, but it was more a -- you know, a turnaround and distribution issue.

Greenlee: How do you mean?

Roger: Well, this is complicated. I don't want to bore you.

Greenlee: I'm not bored.

Roger: All right. You're going to learn something about your old man that you don't know here.

Greenlee: What's that?

Roger: Well, I have turned into a computer nerd.

Greenlee: Stop it. Roger: No, I have. I have learned how to write computer code.

Greenlee: You write computer code, like you design programs and stuff?

Roger: Yes, yes. And so I did that for you. I designed a custom-made program designed for your database which should solve all of the inaccuracies of that antiquated program that Erica keeps running at Enchantment.

Greenlee: Huh. Seriously?

Roger: Yeah, run that on drive D, install it in your mainframe, and I think that your distribution problems will go away. And that has virus protection and it's an operating system all in one.

Greenlee: You did this for me?

Roger: Yeah, you inspired me.

Greenlee: Well, you should take credit for it. I mean, you could -- this could be worth something.

Roger: No. No, no, no, I want you to bask in all the glow.

Greenlee: Why are you doing this? Why now?

Roger: Well, see, you know, I knew that you would ask that question. You know that I have another motive in mind.

Greenlee: Which is?

Roger: Which is I felt terrible for you when you and Leo lost each other and this is just my way of letting you know that I feel a common ground with you in some way.

Greenlee: You mean because Mom left you?

Roger: Yeah. Something like that. I wish that somebody had been there for me when mom left, you know. Until you go through that kind of pain, you don't really understand it. But I understand it. And so writing a computer program for you or helping you succeed at your career is my way of helping you move on, in my clumsy way of trying to get close to you. And I sure hope it's not too late.

Greenlee: It's not late. You're not late, Daddy.

Roger: Tell you what -- you get dressed, I'll drive you to work because the sooner you install that, the sooner you're going to be up for a promotion, I guarantee you that.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Chris: That ain't no Chinese talcum powder.


Chris: I got it handled here, Charlie.

Charlie: All the boxes here?

Chris: Every last one. Why don't we start getting this upstairs. I'll give you a hand.

Charlie: Thanks.

Chris: What a way to start my day.

Warren: You liar. You're crying rape! He put you up to this, didn't he?

Rosa: No, he didn't know anything!

Warren: Here she is in a police station, my son's in a coma, you've got your support group here, and then you pull out this story about a rape attempt. Perfect timing.

Rosa: No, I was ashamed!

Warren: You should be! Look at her. She is just a little tart who found a rich kid who has a crush on her, and then you took advantage of him. You threw yourself on him, and then you got sicko here to jump him!

Rosa: No!

Warren: And then you stole my son's watch while this idiot practically killed him, and my son's not here to defend himself and you accuse of him of rape? You little --

Mateo: Don't say it, man.

George: All right, enough. Arrest them, aggravated assault, felony theft, and robbery!

Mateo: Don't you touch my sister!

Warren: She is a whore!

[Mateo hits Warren]

Anna: Mateo!

Chris: Hi

Erica: That's it? That's my shipment? It's arrived?

Chris: All of it -- and then some.

Erica: What was that?

Chris: Oh, nothing. So where you off to?

Erica: Oh, crisis in marketing. Wait here for me.

Chris: Nowhere else to go.

Chris: Me again. Pay dirt. Oh, yeah, boxes of it. Beaucoup kilos, my friend. No, no, no, no, wait a minute. We were right about the drugs coming through her office, but I don't think she knows anything about it. Because she sent me down to the loading dock to do the inventory. She never would have done that had she known what was coming in on that flight from China. Well, yeah. Yeah, I think somebody else is behind the whole thing. They just got access to Enchantment.

Greenlee: Oh. It's you -- caveman.

Chris: Oh, it's you, she who should never be in this office, ever.

[Greenlee chuckles]

Greenlee: Erica is going to be thrilled I'm here. Once I download this new software on the mainline computer, totally created for Enchantment, totally solves all of our inventory and distribution discrepancies.

Chris: Hmm. I never knew we had those problems.

Greenlee: Why would you? I'm just sharing my joy with you because you're here.

Chris: Huh.

Greenlee: Wait until La Kane gets a load of this.

Gillian: Ok, I'm lost.

Jesse: No.

Gillian: I mean, you know, what is all this talk about drug trafficking and Greenlee? Please don't tell me she's -- she's one of the keys to helping Ryan because I'm not sure I can handle that.

Jesse: You're still looking in the wrong place.

Gillian: Well, then will you show me, Jesse? Please? Show me what to do, help me so I can help Ryan for good.

Ryan: Let me get this straight -- this -- this revenge that you want against Adam is for him to know that you and I are lovers.

Liza: You know, forget this.

Ryan: Is that what you're saying, Liza? Because if it is, I don't -- I don't want to be with you to make him angry.

Liza: Do you -- do you want to be with me for any other reason? I -- oh, I feel ridiculous. This -- this is ridiculous.

Ryan: Don't, don't, don't, don't because what you're thinking, what you're feeling, it's pretty normal.

Liza: "Pretty"? "Pretty"?

Ryan: If Adam cheated on you and you found out, I think --

Liza: You know what? It's just really much worse.

Ryan: Worse than cheating?

Liza: I don't want to talk about it.

Ryan: Ok.

Liza: Look, I ran into you and you were hurting and -- and I was in pain and we were able to comfort one another, and now I have to find a way to get on with my life without Adam.

Ryan: And I have to find a way to get on with my life without Gillian.

Liza: Not what either one of us planned, is it?

Ryan: No. You know, last night before you left Wildwind, you told me that you didn't have any regrets about what happened.

Liza: Yes.

Ryan: Well, I don't regret anything, either. And until I know what I want and till you know what you need to get through this crisis with Adam, I'll be your friend. And I'll be more than that, too, if that's what you want. Is that what you want?

Liza: You know what?

Ryan: What?

Liza: It is.

Mateo: You have no right to talk to my sister that way.

Warren: And you don't have the right to call my son a rapist.

Mateo: She wouldn't lie about something like that!

Warren: He is not a rapist and I want this man arrested!

Officer Stroupe: Lieutenant, they're gone!

George: They ran out, both of them?

Derek: All right, all right, they couldn't have gone far! Everybody out! Find them now!

George: I want an APB out on them.

Derek: Look, Commissioner, with all due respect --

George: I mean it! They're both going to get the book thrown at them, you hear me, Lieutenant?

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