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Laura: Hey, may I join you?

Leo: Yeah, I'd love it. Come on.

Laura: I thought you might get cold.

Leo: Oh, thank you.

Laura: Yeah, what are you doing out here?

Leo: Uh, moon bathing.

Laura: Oh. My shaggy wolf man.

Leo: Ah.

Laura: I was waiting for you. You -- you want to go to bed?

Leo: No, it's -- it's too hot to sleep.

Laura: Well, I didn't really have sleep in mind.

Leo: Oh.

Laura: You know, you didn't sleep much last night, either. I woke up and I saw the TV light flickering from the bedroom.

Leo: Yeah, I was -- I wanted to catch this old movie, "The Shaggy D.A."

Laura: Oh, I didn't hear you laughing.

Leo: Yeah, well, I didn't want to wake you up.

Laura: Bull.

Leo: What?

Laura: Leo, you laugh more than most people breathe but lately, I feel like you're holding your breath around me and I think I know why.

Leo: Laura, this isn't --

Laura: Leo, when we made love and I told you it was my first time, I don't think it was as good for you as it was for me.

Leo: Oh, what -- that's crazy.

Laura: No, I mean, maybe I tried too hard or maybe I -- I didn't do things you like. But I think it can get better. I mean, you can show me.

Leo: Laura, you make love just fine. Everything that you did was perfect.

Laura: Then why won't you come back to our bed? And why do you seem so unhappy?

Greenlee: Jake. You scared me half to death. What are you doing here?

Jake: Well, I live here. What are you doing here? And don't tell me that you're looking for that designer shampoo of yours because I know what you're here for.

Greenlee: I don't know what you mean.

Jake: I think you know exactly what I mean.

Anna: Gabriel, we're going to get everything straightened out. Don't worry -- Lt. Frye?

Derek: Are you back here again? It seems like you can't stay away from this place.

Anna: Please, there's been a mistake. My brother didn't hurt anyone. I want him released.

Derek: Sgt. Stroupe, have you read him his rights?

Officer Stroupe: Oh, yeah.

Derek: Your sister seems to think you're innocent. Is she right?

Derek: What can you tell me about the attack on Marcus Dunn at the boathouse tonight?

Edmund: We shouldn't do this without a lawyer.

Anna: He doesn't need a lawyer. He needs someone to believe in him. I know you, Gabriel. I know you didn't hurt that boy. Tell them. Say something. The truth isn't going to hurt anyone. Why won't you defend yourself?

Man: Is that him? Is that the animal who tried to kill Marcus? You are going to pay for what you did to my son.

Mateo: No, it's ok.

Mateo: Here you go.

Mateo: Look, I know I'm -- I'm pretty tough on you sometimes and you say I'm too much like dad. But I hope you know why I'm like that. Listen, I love you, and Dad's not around anymore to look after you. That's my job now. You understand that, right? So whatever happened tonight, you -- you can tell me. All right, I won't say anything. I'll just list. I won't pass judgment on you, I promise.

Rosa: Teo --

Mateo: What? What's wrong? What -- just tell me. Were you with Marcus tonight?

Rosa: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Mateo: About what?

Rosa: I lied to you. It was all my fault. What happened tonight is all my fault.

Mateo: Hey. What'd you lie about?

Rosa: I told you that I was going straight home.

Mateo: Yeah, I know you didn't go home. Where'd you go? Why didn't you go home?

Rosa: Marcus --

Mateo: What? What -- what about him?

Rosa: He slipped me a note and he said that he wanted me to go to the boathouse with him. And I'm sorry. I know that I should've gone straight home, Teo, but he said that he loved me.

Mateo: Yeah.

Rosa: And he needed me there with him.

Mateo: So you went there with him? You met him there?

Rosa: No. We went there together. I believed him, Teo. He said that he loved me. I believed that he cared about me. But if he had, if he loved me the way that he said that he did, then why would he be like that with me?

Mateo: Like what? What'd he do to you?

Anna: Don't speak to my brother like that.

Mr. Dunn: Oh. This is your brother, huh? Well, we all know about you, don't we? They call you "Dog Boy" because you were raised in a cage like a wild animal.

Anna: They are ignorant, insensitive teenagers.

Gabriel: I'm not an animal.

Gabriel: Ignore him.

Mr. Dunn: That's bad advice. I won't be ignored. You've attacked my son before. And you should've locked him up then. If you'd have done your job, Marcus wouldn't be fighting for his life.

Anna: Gabriel had nothing to do with what happened to your son.

Edmund: Mr. Dunn, we're all very sorry about what happened to Marcus.

Mr. Dunn: Who the hell are you?

Edmund: Edmund Grey. He's my friend.

Mr. Dunn: Oh, you're friends with this hothead?

Edmund: We don't know everything yet.

Mr. Dunn: I do. He doesn't belong in civilized society, and that's been proven at my son's expense.

Anna: All right, that's enough. You don't pay any attention to him. He doesn't know you.

Derek: Mr. Dunn, may I have a word with you please? Now, I understand that you're upset. But this is a police matter. Now, shouldn't you be at the hospital at your son's bedside instead of trying to do my job for me?

Man: That's enough, Lieutenant.

Mr. Dunn: George, I am not at all pleased with the way your people are handling this situation.

Derek: Look, Commissioner, as I was trying to tell Mr. Dunn --

George: Perhaps you better tell me, Lieutenant. From here on out, I'll be overseeing this case personally.

Derek: Sir, this is my investigation.

George: Warren and I are old friends. I owe him the best this department has to offer.

Edmund: You going to be ok here for a while?

Anna: Sure, I guess. Why? What's up?

Edmund: Reporter's instinct.

George: That's a hell of a thing to have happen, Warren, hell of a thing. This kid won't walk. I promise you that.

Warren: Good. Now, where's this girl? I don't see her here.

George: What girl?

Warren: This Texican Marcus took up with. He was seeing her tonight.

George: What's her name?

Warren: Uh -- Sanchez -- Santos. Rosa Santos.

Leo: Hey. Listen, the last thing that I want you to worry about is me.

Laura: Come on, Leo. You're not happy.

Leo: Says who?

Laura: Me. I'm no expert, but from the movies and TV and books, I mean, newlyweds can't get enough of each other.

Leo: Look --

Laura: Me? I can't keep my hands off you, but I don't think that's what you want.

Leo: Laura, I'm just trying to be responsible. You know, follow doctor's orders?

Laura: So then you -- you like kissing me?

Leo: How can you even ask me that?

Laura: I think I like it better than anything else until you do something else and that's my favorite. Why don't you tell me what you like, Leo?

Leo: You mean in bed? Not to talk about it. I mean, sex.

Laura: That's because you know what you're doing and I don't.

Leo: No, no, listen to me. You have fine instincts. All right? You know, sex is a lot like happiness -- you can't force it.

Laura: Is that what I'm doing?

Leo: Laura, we just need to take some time. All right? Just take our time and everything is going to be ok.

Laura: I feel like I've been waiting so long already.

Leo: We just made love for the first time. It was great, right? It's only going to get better.

Laura: Starting tonight?

Leo: Ah, behave yourself. Your mother's still inside.

Laura: I can get rid of her. Come to bed, Leo.

Leo: Look -- my head is cluttered and jammed up right now. I just need to -- to shake it loose. You know what I mean?

Laura: Ok -- husband. I'll wait up for you.

Leo: All right. Don't forget to take your meds.

Laura: I won't.

Leo: Laura? If you fall asleep, I'll be the first thing you see when you open your eyes.

Laura: Don't be too long, Leo.

Greenlee: If you're thinking what I think you're thinking --

Jake: And it's what you're thinking, too.

Greenlee: You're wrong.

Jake: Yeah, right.

Greenlee: I had no idea that you were here. I peeked under the door, I saw the lights were out, and I figured you'd pulled yard duty.

Jake: "Yard duty"? Don't you mean ER duty? Why didn't you try knocking on the door?

Greenlee: Uh -- I had my key.

Jake: Hmm. Do you always roam the building dressed like a toga queen?

Greenlee: I had to use your shower. My water and electricity haven't been turned on yet.

Jake: And you just discovered that in the middle of the night?

Greenlee: Look, Jake, I moved out of he to spare you heartache, remember?

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: Since you made a point of telling me you might fall in love with me and how you didn't want that to happen, I did the noble thing and moved out to keep you from temptation because I know what it's like to love someone and not be loved back, and I wanted to spare you that heartache.

Jake: Hmm. You said that already.

Greenlee: Well, excuse me for trying to do the right thing -- and being hot and sweaty and needing to use your shower and -- what are you doing?

Jake: The only thing that'll shut you up.

Greenlee: Jake, we can't do this.

Jake: Why not?

Greenlee: Because of what you told me when we camped out.

Jake: You're going to have to explain.

Greenlee: I thought I just did. You said that you couldn't make love to me because you might fall in love with me.

Jake: I'm going to take my chances.

Laura: Leo, I brought you this sandwich -- Leo?

Brooke: Ok, the dishes are washed and put away and there's a lot of chicken, so you could make chicken salad tomorrow if you wanted. Laura? Honey, is there something wrong?

Laura: Uh, it's me.

Brooke: Are you ok? You want me to call Joe?

Laura: No. It's not my heart. Well, it is my heart and it's not.

Brooke: Meaning what, Honey?

Laura: Mom, I just want to make Leo happy. And I'm trying to give him what he needs, but I don't think he's satisfied.

Brooke: Have you and Leo made love, Laura? Don't you think it's too soon?

Laura: Mom, I don't need a note from my doctor to make love to my husband.

Brooke: Honey, I know that. I'm just -- I just -- I'm concerned about your recovery.

Laura: Well, I feel great. I feel fine. I -- well, not so great. I mean, it was my first time.

Brooke: Laura, you know -- I know that we've talked about making love and sex in the past. I just think sometimes things get built up in people's minds and you think that, you know, when you make love for the first time that your world is going to change and -- and the reality is that that doesn't always happen. I mean, it doesn't matter how much you love somebody, some -- it just takes time.

Laura: But, Mom, it -- it was incredible for me. I just don't think it was so good for Leo.

Brooke: Well, did Leo say something?

Laura: No, I mean, he keeps saying that everything's perfect, that we just need time to get to know each other.

Brooke: Well, I mean, you know, that's -- that sounds sensible.

Laura: But, I don't want "sensible," Mom. I want Leo to want me like I want him.

Brooke: Well, has he done something to make you think he doesn't? Laura: No --

no, I -- I just feel that he's pulling back like he doesn't want to hurt me.

Brooke: Because of your -- your heart?

Laura: Well, that's what he says but I feel like he's miserable, like he made a mistake getting married to me. I mean, I was supposed to die. And I didn't. And now I think he's feeling stuck that he's with a wife he's not sure he wants and I'm so afraid I'm going to lose him.

Brooke: Honey, Leo loves you. Don't you doubt that for one minute.

Laura: Then why doesn't he act like it?

Brooke: I don't know. Maybe he's afraid.

Laura: Of me?

Brooke: Of the -- the future. You know, he's taken on a lot of responsibilities, Laura. He's taken on a wife and a home and, you know, I'm sure he's -- he's concerned about what he's going to do to support you and a family. You know, I -- probably even concerned about what he's going to do for the rest of his life.

Laura: You think that's what it is?

Brooke: I think Leo just needs to find a job and a career that he's passionate about. And then he'll begin to feel better about himself, about everything -- about you, about your future together. I'm sure of it, Honey.

Anna: All right, I found a lawyer. He's on his way here. If you won't talk to me, maybe you'll talk to him. Look, I know you don't want to be here.

Gabriel: It's not that.

Anna: Well, then, what is it? You're going to make me guess? Who are you protecting?

Gabriel: Nobody. It's nothing. Where's Edmund?

Anna: I wish I knew.

Edmund: Mrs. Dunn, it's been a long night. I thought you could use this.

Mrs. Dunn: Oh, thank you. Are you a doctor?

Edmund: No, I'm Edmund Grey. I just -- I heard about your son. I hope he's ok.

Mrs. Dunn: Oh, thank you.

Edmund: Mind if I sit down?

Mrs. Dunn: Please.

Edmund: I noticed your husband isn't here.

Mrs. Dunn: Well, he's a -- he's a very busy man.

Edmund: Yes, he is. Sits on a lot of boards, including the one for this hospital. He's -- he's also very close to the police commissioner, George Danfield.

Mrs. Dunn: What's your point, Mr. --

Edmund: It just pays to be well connected -- Mr. Grey. Edmund.

Mrs. Dunn: Oh, right. I know you. You host the Crystal Ball every year. You're Dimitri Marick's --

Edmund: Brother, yes.

Mrs. Dunn: Brother.

Edmund: Yes. And his wife is a sister to the young man who's accused of assaulting your son.

Mrs. Dunn: Oh -- what do you want, Mr. Grey?

Edmund: I want the truth. Now, anyone who knows Gabriel knows that he couldn't possibly commit that against your son. What I need from you is a list of his possible enemies --

Mrs. Dunn: I'm sorry. I refuse to be interrogated.

Edmund: Somebody who might hate him enough to want to kill him.

Mrs. Dunn: Leave me alone.

Edmund: Mrs. Dunn, please.

Mrs. Dunn: I have nothing more to say to you.

Rosa: Thanks, Teo.

Mateo: For what?

Rosa: For being here with me, not yelling. I wish --

Mateo: What?

Rosa: I wish that -- I wish I was a little girl again and that we were in our pretend house. I always felt so safe there. And I wish that I would have listened to you. I just ignored you, and you were right. You were right to be afraid for me.

Mateo: You know what? Maybe I -- you know, I know this is hard for you to talk about. Maybe you could confide in somebody else, you know? Maybe -- maybe you should talk to Mom.

Rosa: Oh, Teo, please. I can't face Mom. I'm too embarrassed.

Mateo: All right. Hmm. Do you need a doctor?

Rosa: No.

Mateo: Are you sure? All right. Listen to me, and just listen and think about what I say, all right? If this kid hurts you in any way, you need to bring it out in the open. Ok, I know you're scared and I think talking about it will make it better. So I suggest that you come with me and you can talk to Hayley, you know, girl to girl. Will you do that? Will you come home with me?

Mateo: Hey.

Derek: Mateo?

Mateo: Hey -- no, no. No, no, listen, we're closed. You guys have been here long enough. If this is about Gabriel, we'll talk tomorrow, all right?

Derek: Yeah, it does concern Gabriel and Marcus Dunn. And no, it can't wait until tomorrow. Rosa, we need for you to come down to the station and answer some questions.

Mateo: No, no, no. No, she's not feeling well. She's not answering any questions.

Derek: Look, I'm sorry, Mateo, but, Rosa, we'd like you to come along with us.

Rosa: It's ok, Teo. I'll go with Mr. Frye -- Lt. Frye and I'll --

Mateo: Are you sure?

Rosa: I'll answered his questions, yeah. I'm sure.

Mateo: Well, I'm coming with her.

Edmund: How's he doing?

Shannon: He's totally out of it.

Edmund: What do the doctors say?

Shannon: They won't tell me anything. I'm not family.

Edmund: Well, he's a tough guy. He'll -- he'll pull out of this.

Shannon: Do I know you?

Edmund: I know you. You're Shannon, right? You told the police that Gabriel Devane attacked Marcus.

Shannon: Yeah. It was horrible.

Edmund: You actually saw Gabriel attack Marcus?

Shannon: He had this oar, like from a rowboat. And he just kept whacking him with it like a maniac.

Edmund: This is really hard for you.

Shannon: Marcus is like everything to me.

Edmund: He's your boyfriend?

Shannon: Why do you care?

Edmund: Look at you. Here. You could use this. Shannon? Who gave you that bruise? Did somebody hit you?

Anna: What's wrong?

Gabriel: Rosa -- she shouldn't be here.

George: Rosa Santos? I have some questions for you regarding the attack on Marcus Dunn.

Mateo: Who is this guy?

Derek: Police Comm. Danfield. He's taken over the investigation.

George: Who are you?

Mateo: I'm her brother. You see, my sister's had a really rough night and I'm going to take her home. She needs to be with her family. So if you have any questions, we'll answer them tomorrow.

Warren: You will not! My son is fighting for his life. I want answers now, not tomorrow.

George: I can assure you, Warren, we'll get to the bottom of this.

Warren: And I warned Marcus about you. Girls like you are nothing but trouble, and I was right. Look at how you're dressed. You look like a tramp.

Mateo: Who the hell do you think you're talking to, huh?

Warren: Why are you so protective? Is your sister hiding something? What are you so afraid of, little lady?

[Soft jazz plays]

Greenlee: What?

Jake: It was what you intended.

Greenlee: I intended to take a shower. This just happened.

Jake: Why don't you fess up and be straight with me? It was exactly what you wanted.

Greenlee: What I wanted?

Jake: Yeah.

Greenlee: Jake, if you think I came down here to seduce you, you don't know me at all.

Brooke: Well, they say it's going to rain tomorrow, but there is not a cloud in the sky.

Laura: Did you see Leo?

Brooke: Uh, not yet.

Laura: Wonder where he went.

Brooke: I bet you he ran down to the Quickie Mart to get you some ice cream because he knows how much you love ice cream and that you always sleep better after you have some.

Laura: Huh. Maybe. Or maybe he went someplace else.

Brooke: Laura, what are you thinking?

Laura: I don't want to think about it, but I keep getting these pictures in my head of Leo with Greenlee.

Brooke: You have to stop doing this to yourself.

[Laura sighs]

Laura: I can't help it, Mom. Any time I try to get close to Leo, I feel like Greenlee is between us.

Brooke: Leo married you, not Greenlee. He loves you. And he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

Laura: I want to believe that.

Brooke: Well, then believe it, all right? Leo is as committed to this marriage as you are. And you just keep your eye on that door because Leo is going to come walking in with a pint of cherry vanilla ice cream and all the love that your wonderful heart can hold.

Greenlee: I came here to use your shower and for no other reason. Your ego is bigger than my trust fund!

Jake: Greenlee?

Greenlee: Ah!

Jake: Wait -- where are you going?

Greenlee: Back to my place.

Jake: Greenlee, wait, wait, wait. Hang on a second. Man.

Greenlee: Keys.

Jake: So what now? Back to no hot water, no electricity? I mean, at least here, we can generate our own.

Greenlee: You know what I'm going to do, Jake? I'm going to draw up a nice, cold bath and soak in it and forget tonight ever happened.

Jake: No, you won't. There's no way you're going to forget what happened. You're going to be thinking about it all the time. And you're going to sit in that cold water and you're going to be thinking about it until it becomes a raging boil.

Greenlee: If you think I came down here so you'd jump my bones, you're totally deluded.

Jake: Totally. And I'm maybe even more than a little in love with you.

Greenlee: What? What did you just say?

Jake: Yeah. I warned you -- if we ever made love again, I'd probably fall in love with you. And I was right.

Greenlee: What if you fall and I'm not there to catch you? What if you get hurt?

Jake: I'll take my chances.

Edmund: That's a pretty nasty bruise.

Shannon: I don't know how I got it.

Edmund: Shannon, somebody backhand you?

Shannon: What? No, I must've bumped into something. Oh.

Edmund: You know, maybe you should get somebody on the staff to take a look at that.

Shannon: Oh, that won't be necessary.

Edmund: Are you sure? Shannon: --

Edmund: Because --

Shannon: Thank you for the tissue.

Edmund: You may be hurt a lot --

Shannon: I have to go. I'm sorry.

Derek: Mr. Dunn, Rosa Santos came down here of her own free will to answer some questions. I will not stand for you harassing her.

Warren: I don't take orders from people like you.

Derek: "People like" -- listen up here. You may be tight with my boss, but if you push me, I'll push back.

Warren: Am I supposed to be afraid?

Derek: You might think twice before pointing fingers. See, I know your son's reputation with the young ladies -- he likes to beat them, and if he hurt Rosa Santos --

Warren: You watch your mouth. My son's records are sealed by a court order.

Derek: Doesn't mean the facts can't be leaked.

Warren: Are you threatening me, Lieutenant?

Derek: You take it any way you like.

George: Ms. Santos, were you at the boathouse tonight?

Mateo: Commissioner, I told you we're not answering any questions.

Warren: Well, if she's so innocent, what's she afraid of?

Mateo: Is my sister accused of committing a crime?

George: This questioning is strictly informal.

Mateo: Have you filed any charges?

George: No.

Mateo: Well, then, I'm taking my sister home and we're not answering any more questions until we have a lawyer present.

Warren: Wait a minute, young man. You don't call the shots around here. You're not really going to let her go?

George: Warren, we have the boy who attacked your son in custody.

Warren: You really think he's smart enough to act by himself? He had to have had help.

Mateo: What are you accusing her of?

Warren: Two of a kind. Co-conspirators. She lured my son to the boathouse and Dog Boy attacked.

Gabriel: I was set up! Rosa didn't do anything!

Anna: Take it easy. He's provoking you.

Gabriel: Man, he's a liar, just like his son!

Rosa: Gabriel, it's ok. It's ok. You don't have to protect me.

Rosa: I will tell you what happened at the boathouse. And I'll answer any questions that you ask.

Mateo: Rosa, you don't have to do that.

Rosa: Yeah, I do. I want you to know what your son did to me.

Gabriel: No, I'll tell them, Rosa. I'll tell them what happened.

Gabriel: It was me at the boathouse. I attacked Marcus.

Laura: I won't lose you, Leo.

Laura: I can't.

Singer: I've made more mistakes than I could count upon my fingertips I have been ashamed and I have felt as guilty as all sin counting every tear that drops and not account for any loss

Jake: I'm ready. And if I fall, it's really got to be all the way.

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