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Ryan: Gillian, you can come back to me now. We can be together again.

Mateo: No, the jar is overflowing with names. Yeah. Should I peek? Yeah? All right. Let me get a couple. Tatania, Queen of the desert. I like that. It's nice. Simple. Sebastian. How about Sebastian? Do I look like a guy that would have a son named Sebastian? I don't know. All right. How are you doing? All right? Good? Ok. Call me if you need me, all right? I'll be here. All right. I can't wait, either. Bye.

Mateo: Hi.

Rosa: Hey.

Mateo: Well, I don't know what your problem is, but the baby name scheme is working. Did you put your name in? Did you --

Rosa: Yes. I don't feel like talking, ok?

Mateo: Oh. I just adore your moods.

Rosa: I'm not in a mood.

Mateo: Yes, you are.

Rosa: I'm working for you.

Mateo: And so pleasantly, too. Don't break anything, all right?

Rosa: What? What are you looking at?

Gabriel: You.

Rosa: Don't.

Gabriel: Look, you can do yourself a big favor by asking Marcus if that was his shirt on the beach. Ask him if he was the one that was fooling around.

Rosa: Gabriel, please just drop it. Please?

Gabriel: Why? You afraid of getting lied to? Here's your chance.

Mia: Are you sure about this?

David: About what?

Mia: Well, I mean, it's an awfully big club. There's going to be a lot of people in there.

David: Yeah, ok. So, do you have a phobia about crowds, Mia?

Mia: No. Maybe you should, though. Everyone in town thinks you should have been thrown in prison until you have a head full of gray hair, David.

David: What's your story?

Mia: It's a sad tale of woe.

David: You could be a reporter and this is your weird idea of research. Or you could have some other gig going on.

Mia: Well, I'm resourceful, if that's what you mean. But as far as you're concerned, I'm just curious.

David: There's going to be a lot of people staring at me the whole time we're in there. Do you think you can handle that?

Mia: Me? No sweat.

David: Good. Because if you wilt under pressure, I got to tell you something, Honey -- all the prettiness in the world isn't going to keep me interested past the first drink.

Mia: Well, Honey, you are going to be interested long after dessert has been devoured.

David: Try me.

[Liza listens to Adam talk to Kaye]

Kaye: Adam, darling, we had a deal. I threw out David Hayward's case at great risk to my own reputation.

Adam: Kaye, you didn't place yourself at risk. You had every legality planned out.

Kaye: And you're just going to walk away without any recompense?

Adam: I slept with you once. That was our deal.

Kaye: Who knew I'd need more than that? A successful man like you knows that if the product exceeds its expectation, there will be a renegotiation. And believe me, the product exceeded my expectations.

[Liza remembers]

Liza: Adam Chandler, open this door right now and tell me what the hell is going on! Do you mind telling me what you're doing in my husband's room?

Adam: Kaye, I have to go. I can't talk about this right now.

Stuart: Liza?

Adam: Oh, insufferable woman!

Stuart: Adam.

Adam: Stuart. What are you doing here?

Stuart: He told me you were here.

Adam: Who?

Stuart: Your pilot. He's got the plane all ready, and he's filed a flight plan to Idaho. And I packed all of your fishing gear for you myself.

Adam: Oh, thank you.

Stuart: Adam, what have you done now?

Adam: Me? I haven't done anything.

Stuart: Well, you're mad at somebody.

Adam: Oh, no, no. That's -- it's a business deal gone bad. Nothing to do with you. It's over.

Stuart: Ok. Did Liza have anything to do with that business deal?

Adam: Liza? Nothing. Liza's in a spa in Hawaii. I'm going to join her after our fishing trip.

Stuart: I could have sworn I just saw her walk down that hall over there.

Adam: Well, how? That's not possible. She's in Maui. I told you. So, are you ready to go fishing, are you?

Stuart: You don't want to go, do you?

Adam: Yes, of course I want to go.

Stuart: You don't look like you want to go.

Adam: Stuart, I just have to handle a few things, call Barry, get him to put some legalities in motion while we're gone, that's all.

Stuart: Does this have anything to do with David Hayward not going to trial?

Adam: Why do you ask?

Stuart: I heard about it on the radio.

Adam: Stuart, I have to make a phone call, and this phone is completely dead. Yes. Will you wait right here? Be right back.

Stuart: Adam, wait a minute.

Adam: No, no, wait here. I'll be back.

Kaye: You've changed for me. I like that.

[Kaye kisses Stuart]

David: Kind of like hanging out with a rock star, isn't it?

Mia: That's a wholly warped perspective of what's going on here, but whatever floats your boat, Doc.

David: My money's still good, Mateo. And so is my record. Haven't you heard? I was set free today.

Mateo: Yeah, I heard. The system fails again.

David: One man's failure is another man's triumph, so they say.

Mateo: They also say one gets what one deserves.

David: And what do you think I deserve, Mateo?

Mateo: I don't know. You drugged my wife with that Libidozone, you compromised her sobriety, you almost ruined her life. What do you think most husbands would do? Hmm? Thanks. Gosh, I hope that water's ok. As a matter of fact, who knows what a guy like me who hates a guy like you is capable of? Anything you eat or drink in this place I could get to because I own the joint, and I have lots of insurance. And we both know how hard it is to prove poisoning, don't we?

David: Now, that's not too smart to threaten somebody in front of a witness --

Mateo: Oh, I'm not threatening you. It's a warning. So anything you do after this point on is your free will. Since you just got your free will back, enjoy. Just remember what it means. You could eat something or you could drink something that could hurt you. Enjoy your meal.

Mia: Go on. Live on the edge.

Mia: Oh, no.

Marcus: I want to kiss you, but I don't want to get you in trouble. Is something wrong, Rosa?

Rosa: Did your mother enjoy her burger last night, Marcus?

Marcus: Yeah. Rosa, what's up with you?

Rosa: I found this. I washed it for you. I mean, after all, it is yours. It was you on the beach last night. You were there with a girl, Marcus. Making out or whatever. You were there with Shannon, weren't you? Just say it.

Ryan: Gillian? Gillian, come back to me. Everybody's telling me that I have to let you go. But I can't do that. And you know that. That's why you tried to get to me through Opal. That's why. Baby -- Baby, we didn't come this far to stop now. We came so close to being together again. We came so close. That's why I came here. I know this is -- this is where you were taken from me, but this is also where we found each other again and we planned our future together. I can still feel you in this bed. Baby, come back to me so I can hold you in my arms again.

Ryan: Gillian. Gillian, don't you stay away from me. Why won't you come back to me?

Ryan: Gillian!

[Music plays]

Rosa: Would you just answer my question?

Gabriel: Yeah, Rosa asked you a question. Don't you think she deserves an answer?

Marcus: Come here. I hate the fact that he's here. Ok? But I don't want you to think that -- yes, Rosa, that was me on the beach last night. And I was with Shannon. But nothing happened. The poor girl is a mess. Her father hit her again.

Rosa: What?

Marcus: She called me, and I went to get her. I brought her to the beach to talk her down. And that is it. That's the end of the story.

Rosa: Then what's the deal with lying and about bringing your mother the burger last night at BJ's? And why did you guys leave when we showed up at the beach?

Marcus: Because she is so embarrassed. She can't stand the fact that everyone knows that her father hits her just because of him. Look, Rosa, Shannon's really upset about this, and I don't blame her. And like I told you before, I've known Shannon all my life and our families are very tight. I'm the only one she can trust. Just come with me. I can't stand having this guy as an audience. I need to talk to you alone.

Gabriel: No, she's not going with you!

Rosa: Gabriel, it's ok.

Gabriel: No, she's working, so why don't you just back off.

Marcus: Ok. Do you want to come outside with me so I can show you -- really show you how sick I am?

Rosa: Marcus, no. Gabriel's right, anyway. I can't go with you right now. I've got to work.

Marcus: What? You know, Rosa, I can't believe that you think I'm lying about this. I --

Gabriel: Come on. Don't tell me you believe that.

Rosa: Gabriel, just leave me alone. Ok?

Mia: All right. I am starving. What about you, hmm? Mmm. Mmm-mmm-mmm. Now, that is the best burger I ever had. You can't even barely taste the arsenic.

David: Very funny. Mia: You know, you live one edgy little life, Dr. Hayward.

David: Tell me something, Mia. What is it that you find so damn fascinating about me?

Mia: Well, you're this hotshot doctor who, if circumstances were different, would be fighting all the women off with a stick. But mostly it's, like, this whole drugging people onboard this boat thing just to impress this woman that you were in love with. I mean, that's not a normal guy's MO, and I'm just sort of interested in it.

David: Which one do you work for?

Mia: What's that?

David: Tabloid. What are they trying to get out of me, and how much are they paying you to get it?

Mia: Is it so hard to believe that you're the most interesting thing going on in this burg? Are you going to eat that? You're still breathing.

David: Yeah, for now.

Stuart: She's gone.

Adam: Oh. Was she --

Stuart: Adam, what in God's name are you doing?

Adam: Stuart, what's the matter with you?

Stuart: That lady, the judge -- she's the one that let Hayward go free today. And you got her to set him free, didn't you? You did that. You. You -- she kissed me.

Adam: She what?

Stuart: Yeah. She came out of here, she saw me out there, she thought I was you, and she kissed me. And I figured it out. When you came to me for advice --

Adam: Stuart --

Stuart: And you said you had to do something really bad. And you did, didn't you? Adam, you slept with her. You slept with the judge to get David Hayward to go free. Adam!

Adam: Shh, shh! All right, I did it. Just keep your voice down. Somebody could hear you.

Stuart: Adam, how could you do that?

Adam: I had to do it. I had to protect J.R. David Hayward has incriminating evidence against J.R., And he used it to blackmail me. I had to do what he wanted. Or else I'd have to stand by and watch my son get arrested and watch them take his future away from him before he ever started. I did this horrible thing to protect my son.

Stuart: Why would David Hayward want you to sleep with that judge? Well, that's really very strange.

Adam: He didn't. Well, yeah, in a way he did.

Stuart: No, I don't want to know about that. But what about Liza?

Adam: Liza will never hear about this. That's why I sent her away. I'm going to take this to my grave, Stuart. And so will you.

[Liza remembers]

Adam's voice: I slept with you once, but it will never, ever happen again.

Ryan: Gillian, I know you're still here with me. Why won't you come back to me? I know that you're not -- I know you're not dead. I know you're not.

Mateo: Problem?

Rosa: Nope.

Mateo: Listen, Rosa, I don't want to bug you, but here's the deal, all right? Whatever your problem is, don't take it out on the glassware. And the customers -- they're not part of your bad mood, either. Ok?

Rosa: Teo, what do you want from me?

Mateo: Go take a break. Take a long walk, cool off. When you come back, I want good Rosa.

Rosa: Fine. Thanks.

Mateo: No, she's -- she's on a break. You have to cover.

Shannon: Is Marcus here?

Gabriel: You look ok.

Shannon: Just tell me where Marcus is, dog man. I know he came here to find her.

Gabriel: Maybe he's at the beach. I mean, isn't that where you and him go to make out?

David: Well, looks like I survived.

Mia: Oh, my goodness. Call the tabloids.

David: Isn't that your job?

Mia: No, even though you don't believe me.

David: Oh, come on, Mia. Why don't you just tell me.

Mia: Tell you what? David: Your gig, your angle.

Mia: Why?

David: Come on, be straight with me.

Mia: I don't know what you're talking about, really.

David: You know something? I've been called a lot of things by a lot of people, but I've never been called dumb, Honey. So, come on -- who's paying you to get something on me?

[Phone rings]

David: Oh. Maybe it's your boss.

Mia: Excuse me for a minute.

Adam: It's me.

Mia: Hey, you. I'm at dinner.

Adam: I'm leaving town. I need to see you.

Mia: Uh -- bad idea.

Adam: Where are you having dinner?

Mia: S.O.S. But I don't think that --

Adam: Wait for me there.

Adam: Did you reach the pilot?

Stuart: I told him we probably wouldn't be going.

Adam: Stuart, I told you -- I just have a couple of things to clear up here. I want to go fishing with you.

Stuart: Not now, Adam.

Adam: It's an annual event. And it matters to me, and particularly after last year. I thought I'd lost you.

Stuart: Just can it. Just -- just can it! What about your wife?

Adam: I love Liza with everything I am, Stuart.

Stuart: Well, you got a funny way of showing it -- sleeping with a judge?

Adam: I told you why I did that. Ultimately, it was to protect my family. Don't you see?

Stuart: No, I can't see that. I can't see it. What about David Hayward? He did all those awful things, and he isn't going to have to answer for any of it. It's just -- it's just wrong. It's wrong, Adam.

Adam: I have my own plans for Hayward. I promise you.

Stuart: I don't want to hear about that.

Adam: Good. Forget I said it. Just know that I'm not trying to hurt Liza, I'm trying to protect her.

Stuart: How can you say that?

Adam: Because it's true. It really is. Now, I want you to go and I want you to meet the pilot, keep him company. After I finish up a few things here, I'll come, I'll join you. We'll go fishing. We'll catch more fish than we ever have in the past. I promise. Stuart, believe I am trying in my own clumsy way to make this right for all of us. Thank you. I won't keep you waiting long. I'll be right back.

[Liza remembers]

Liza: As long as we have each other, as long as we are honest with each other, I don't need another thing.

Adam: I would do anything in the world to make you happy.

Liza: I already am. I wish you would let me in, share with me your heart and your secrets. What is it?

Adam: I love you.

Ryan: Ah!

Rosa: Oh, my God. You scared me.

Marcus: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I followed you here.

Rosa: Why?

Marcus: Because I had to see you, Rosa. You know, I care about you very much, and I would never lie to you. In fact, I care about you more than ever.

Rosa: I don't believe you.

Marcus: Why?

Rosa: Why? Because I know what I saw here last night.

Marcus: How much did you see?

Rosa: Enough to know that you weren't just talking Shannon down. Did -- did her father hit her again?

Marcus: No. But she told me he had. Look, she called me and begged me to meet her down here at the beach. I figured her father was smacking her around again, so I told her I would come see her to help her. Look, this is -- this is very embarrassing to tell you.

Rosa: Why? Because you got caught lying?

Marcus: Rosa, when I got here, Shannon threw herself at me. She acted like she was hurt, but she wasn't. She just wanted to -- she wanted me to sleep with her. Things got rough, and she practically tore my shirt right off me.

Rosa: Oh, come on, Marcus.

Marcus: I mean it. She was all over me, Rosa. I told her that I couldn't and I wouldn't because of you. I told Shannon that I love you, Rosa.

Rosa: You told her what?

Marcus: It's true. I love you. I've never loved anyone before. I mean, can't you -- can't you tell? Can't you see it?

Mia: So you won't weep if I go to freshen up for five minutes, will you?

David: Sure you're not going to go call your boss?

Mia: That wasn't my boss.

David: Boyfriend?

Mia: I don't have one at the moment. Don't miss me. I won't be gone too long.

Mateo: How you feeling?

David: Fine.

Mateo: No dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, nothing like that?

David: You know something, Mateo? That was a one-trick prank, and it's over. You didn't drug my food.

Mateo: You sure you don't feel nauseous, queasy, nothing? I'm surprised. I'm surprised. Listen, if you do get sick, I doubt anybody will call 911. Much like your date, no one's interested.

Mia: Ay-yi-yi. Chandler, your timing really sucks.

Adam: Nice mouth.

Mia: Well, I mean it. What do you want, a progress report or something?

Adam: I'm leaving town. I want to tell you exactly what I want you to do to David Hayward.

Mia: Do to him? What is that supposed to mean?

Adam: Listen carefully. I'm only going to say this once.

(Adam whispers in Mia's ear]

Marcus: Rosa, I've never felt this way about anyone before.

Rosa: Marcus, did you mean it when you --

Marcus: Yes. It's true. I love you. And I want you very, very much.

Mia: You've got to be kidding me, right?

Adam: Hardly.

Mia: Wait. What makes you think I can make that happen?

Adam: I think you don't have any choice, Mia.

Mia: Well, Adam, say I can't pull that off.

Adam: You lost 100 grand that you didn't have in a card game. I think you could pull this off.

Mia: Why?

Adam: Why? Anyone that has the nerve to play high-stakes poker with me and they don't have anything to back it up, I think that person can make anything palpable.

Mia: Man. You know, you are really unbelievable.

Adam: Mia, I want you to help me make David Hayward fall to his knees and ask the Gods above why they even let him be born. All right?

Mia: All right. All right. You don't have to be so dramatic. Where are you going?

Adam: Fishing.

Mia: No, really.

Adam: Just do what you're told, Mia. I'll be in touch.

Mia: Oh, fine.

Adam: Yeah, Barry. I want you to help me with something tonight.

Mia: Hey, have you seen my friend?

Waiter: Your friend left you the check.

Mia: Wait a second. I was just outside. He -- he left?

Waiter: He's not here. Be nice to me. I deserve it for waiting on that creep.

Adam: Liza, my darling, I hope your phone is off because your beautiful body is being salt rubbed and seaweed wrapped. I hope you're relaxed and comfortable and happy. I'm going to spend a little time with Stuart, and then I'm going to join you, and we are going to make love all night long and dance under the stars. I love you. I always have. So, sleep well, my darling. I miss you.

Ryan: Gillian? Gillian?

Gillian: Ryan. I'm here. Come with me. Come with me.

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