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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 8/7/01

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Frederick: Opal.

Opal: Ah, Frederick. Hi.

Frederick: You ok?

Opal: No, I'm not ok.

Frederick: I almost didn't recognize you just now.

Opal: Oh, I look that bad, huh?

Frederick: No. Just subdued.

Opal: Yeah, well, scared to death is more like it.

Frederick: Is that why you called me?

Opal: Yeah.

Frederick: Oh, ok. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you. I was -- well, I was helping to organize the psychic fair this year.

Opal: It's ok, it's ok. I don't want to keep you from your public.

Frederick: No, no --

Opal: I just -- well --

Frederick: Opal, tell me how I can help you.

Opal: Well, I don't even really know.

Frederick: What, you want to make contact with someone from the other side?

Opal: No. Oh, no. I definitely do not. No, there is a -- there's a spirit that's been making contact with me, and it has got to stop.

Jesse: Wait a minute.

Gillian: Well, you told me to come back here, so here I am.

Jesse: Yeah, well, this is where you belong now.

Gillian: Fine. Let me go in.

Jesse: Not till we get this Opal mess straightened out.

Gillian: I made a mistake.

Jesse: Oh, you didn't make just a mistake. Do you have any idea what you just did?

Gillian: I just wanted to be with my husband.

Jesse: But you don't have your own physical body, so you just jumped the first one you could find?

Gillian: Yeah, well, I didn't hurt her, did I?

Jesse: You turned Opal into a puppet without a will of her own. What do you think that feels like?

Gillian: I know what that feels like because that's how I feel all the time here. I have no control over anything. I am completely helpless.

Jesse: You are not helpless. You can come and go whenever you want.

Gillian: Yeah, except that you always manage to find me.

Jesse: Well, that's my job. I'm supposed to be your guide. But you are doing your best to get me busted back to square one!

Gillian: Because you never tell me enough!

Jesse: Ok, you still have choices that you have to make on your own.

Gillian: How? The rules change constantly. Like this task I have to perform. If I do that, I get to be

with Ryan. Jesse: You will be with Ryan in time.

Gillian: Well, there is no time in this place, Jesse, and he needs me! He needs me now! Can't you see he needs me?

Jesse: So you just destroy anybody, right, long as you get what you want?

Gillian: I'm sorry. Jesse, I'm so sorry, but I need -- I need to be with Ryan. And I would do anything just to hold him and touch him, even if it's just for one minute. I would do anything.

Dixie: Hey, everybody.

Joe: Hi, Dixie.

Ruth: Oh, you come here, you.

Dixie: Thank you. I needed that.

Ruth: Me, too. Listen, we haven't heard anything from Tad. Have you heard?

Dixie: I -- I think he's probably afraid to contact anybody.

Ruth: Well, I hope that's all it is.

Jake: Well, Mom, Tad's going to play this out his own way.

Ruth: Oh, I --

Joe: Tad's own way, your mother's not going to sleep.

Jake: Hayward's here. I sure wish Tad could be here to testify against him.

Dixie: I'm just glad it's almost over.

David: Hello, Adam.

Adam: Go away.

David: Now, that's not very supportive.

Adam: Are you insane? We shouldn't be seen talking together.

David: Why? No one's looking. And even if they were, who cares what they think? Pretend to insult me if you like.

Adam: I wouldn't have to pretend.

David: I just hope you kept your part of the bargain, Adam, fixed things with the judge.

Adam: I've already told you. I had my meeting with the judge.

David: Was she satisfied?

Adam: We'll find out soon, won't we?

David: Well, maybe you ought to see her beforehand, seal the deal with a kiss.

Adam: Shut up.

David: Listen to me, Adam. If I don't walk out of here a free man, I'm going to have a nice, long chat with the police. I'm going to tell them that J.R. is a thief and a drug addict. And I'll have proof.

Adam: Hayward, you're pathetic. David: What are you talking about?

Adam: The way you're ogling Dixie.

David: Just remember, Adam -- if there's a problem, I swear to you your delinquent son is the one who's going to be doing time.

Mia: Oh, what's wrong? Your winning streak over?

Adam: What are you doing here?

Mia: Following orders. Getting tight with David Hayward.

Adam: You met Hayward once and you show up at his trial?

Mia: Yeah, well, I'm just offering a little moral support.

Adam: Yeah, well, don't go overboard. Hayward's bound to get suspicious.

Mia: Look, I know how to play this game, all right?

Adam: This is a lot more than a game.

Mia: Ahem.

Jake: You know, I try to tell myself that David Hayward is a human being. I can't even stand to look at that guy.

Joe: Well, I can't wait to look him right in the eye when I testify against him.

Jake: If Tad were here, Dad, I'm sure he'd feel the same way. Dixie, you ok about taking the witness stand?

Dixie: Oh, yeah.

Sure, I guess. I mean, since Tad isn't here to say what he knows, I need to do it, don't I?

Ruth: Are you really ready to go through all of that again?

Dixie: Well, I know David tried to break up my marriage, but, you know, he wasn't the only one. I had vows to Tad and to J.R., And I broke them, and that's when things started to fall apart. And I do want to make that right.

Vanessa: Is that David's new lawyer?

Leo: Must be.

Vanessa: He looks anxious to me.

Palmer: Wouldn't you be if you were defending the town poisoner?

Vanessa: Palmer, please. That is not helping anything.

Palmer: Well, excuse me. I have to speak to my niece.

Vanessa: David, darling, how are you feeling?

David: Actually, I'm very optimistic.

Vanessa: So you like your new lawyer?

David: I don't need to like him as long as he does his job. Vanessa: Fine, but, you know, I could still talk to Palmer. I mean, maybe you want someone else. Maybe --

David: Mother, I appreciate your show of concern.

Vanessa: It's not a show, David. I care about you.

Leo: Look, Laura and I are both pulling for you.

David: Thank you, Bro.

Leo: You know, David, if this goes badly, they're probably going to send you to one of those white-collar places with tens courts and reading groups.

Vanessa: Oh, Leo, would you please just hush, hush, hush. David's not going to prison at all. But, Darling, your lawyers never did call me about testifying on your behalf as a character witness. Of course I'd be happy to. So would Leo.

Leo: If we're your last line of defense, you are in serious trouble. You know that, right?

Vanessa: Will you please stop it? There's nothing funny about this. I'm honestly worried about you.

David: Well, don't be.

Leo: You know, for a guy who's facing serious jail time, he sure is pretty cool, isn't he?

Vanessa: I agree. Makes you sort of wonder if he might not be up to something.

Kaye: Come in. Hello, Adam. I was expecting you.

Adam: Oh, I was hoping to surprise you.

Kaye: Well, you didn't. I'm just glad to know my instincts are right.

Adam: About what?

Kaye: That you enjoyed our little reunion as much as I did.

Adam: Well, it was certainly a night to remember.

Kaye: And many more to come. Oh, don't you worry. I haven't forgot about our little arrangement. Or maybe I have. Tell me again why I should throw this case out.

Adam: Because Dr. Hayward is innocent.

Kaye: But we both know he isn't. Don't you have a little more persuasive argument than that? Hmm?

Frederick: This -- this entity that came to you -- you're certain it was the spirit of Gillian Lavery?

Opal: Yeah, it was Ryan Lavery's wife.

Frederick: When did she die?

Opal: Just recently. She was shot in the head.

Frederick: A violent death.

Opal: Yeah.

Frederick: That -- that may explain why this spirit is lingering.

Opal: Yeah, well, she can linger as long as she wants to just as long as she doesn't take over my body again.

Frederick: You know, I almost envy you the experience.

Opal: Oh, trust me, Frederick, you don't. She completely took over my body. I don't think I've ever been this frightened in my whole life.

Frederick: Why?

Opal: "Why?" Because I wasn't me anymore. I was Gillian. And I don't know where me went to.

Frederick: Did Gillian's spirit try to make you do anything against your will?

Opal: Against my will? I didn't have a will. I wasn't there. I don't have any idea what happened the whole time that I was Gillian. I mean, one minute I was sitting at the Valley Inn, and then the next thing I know, I'm on a yacht in Ryan Lavery's private stateroom, no idea how I got there, just glad I still had my clothes on. I mean, it was clear what Gillian intended to do with the body she borrowed from me.

Frederick: She probably wanted to be with her husband so much she couldn't stop herself.

Opal: You know, when it started, I was a go-between, and it was kind of romantic. I thought maybe I could help the two of them, you know, make peace with what had happened. But that wasn't enough for Gillian. She wanted a whole new life, and she was about to take over mine.

Ryan: Opal, I've been looking all over the place for you.

Opal: Um -- Ryan, this is Frederick.

Ryan: Hey. Listen, I need to see you in private.

Frederick: Is that ok with you?

Opal: No. No. Definitely no. Frederick is a friend of mine. He is a genuine psychic. I have been telling him everything.

Ryan: Great. That's great. Then both of you can help me bring Gillian back.

Opal: I'm sorry, Ryan, but I won't do that anymore. I can't.

Ryan: You have to.

Opal: No, I don't have to. Now, I -- I wanted to help. I tried to help. But all I did is make matters worse.

Ryan: What are you talking about? You brought Gillian back to me.

Opal: I did not. She did that all on her own.

Ryan: That's because you opened a door or something.

Opal: Yeah, and she came barging right on through. And you know why? It's because her spirit isn't at peace.

Ryan: Opal, neither is mine.

Opal: And it's not going to be, Honey, until you accept the fact that Gillian is gone.

Ryan: No, she was here. She was with me last night. I held her in my arms.

Opal: That was me. It was just like you were dreaming that you were with someone else.

Ryan: That was not a dream.

Opal: Ryan, when my Jenny died, I used to lie awake night after night. I missed her. I missed her so very much. And sometimes I really believed she was in the room with me. A curtain would blow in the moonlight, a floorboard would creak, and I would just be sitting bolt upright in bed, calling out her name. But I was alone. When a person is gone, they're gone.

Ryan: I do not accept that, Opal.

Opal: Well, you had better because you don't have any choice, all right?

Ryan: Opal, just wait a second. Talk to --

Opal: I cannot talk about this anymore. I'm going to go and powder my nose.

Frederick: Mr. Lavery, don't. Let her have some time alone. Something about this experience has frightened her very badly. Look, if Opal would try to make contact now with the other side, all she'd get would be static.

Ryan: So, wait a minute. She said you're a psychic, right? You're here for this fair or something?

Frederick: That's right. I have a booth there. And I'm supposed to start my readings right about now, but I didn't want to leave before Opal got back.

Ryan: Well, wait. Before you do that, you have to help me contact Gillian. You got to --

Frederick: Sorry, Mr. Lavery. It is not like making a phone call. The mood isn't right.

Ryan: Really? Well, is the mood better now? Please. You have to help me.

Joe: Hello, J.R.

Dixie: Hi.

Ruth: Hi, Darling.

J.R.: How you doing?

Dixie: You're not on the witness list, Honey. I didn't know you were coming.

J.R.: I had to, Mom. Please don't get mad.

Dixie: Well, I'm not mad. I mean, I just -- I don't think it's great that you're here. I know how you feel about David.

J.R.: Well, that's why I came, and that's why I'm staying.

Man: Hi, folks. I'm Paul Mancheski, the DA. I'd like to speak with the people I'm going to call to the stand. If you could come with me, please?

Joe: Yes. All right.

Dixie: All right.

Ruth: Take care, Sweetheart.

Jake: See you, J.R.

Dixie: Listen, are you sure you're ok with this?

Jake: I'm fine. Just as long as Hayward's found guilty.

Dixie: I'll be right back.

J.R.: Hayward.

David: Great. Starting to feel like the gladiator down in the pit. Come to root for the lions?

J.R.: Of course I did. I hope they tear you to pieces.

David: Well, I hate to disappoint you, Junior, but that's probably not going to happen. In fact, you better hope it doesn't happen if you know what's good for you.

J.R.: What's that supposed to mean?

David: Never mind. It's way over your head.

Adam's voice: David Hayward set a trap for you, son, and you fell right into it.

J.R.'s voice: What?

Adam: He got you into his hotel room, he forced a confrontation, and you admitted that you'd stolen the drugs and you admitted having used them.

J.R.: How'd you know about that?

Adam: Hayward got it all on videotape. And now he wants me to do him a favor. And if I don't, he's taking the tape to the police.

J.R.: My God. Is that what Hayward meant? Dad's going to get Hayward out of jail. Great. Uncle Palmer --

Palmer: Junior, are you all right?

J.R.: Yeah. Have you seen my dad?

Palmer: Well, no. No, I haven't. You might try one of the conference rooms.

J.R.: Where are they?

Palmer: Just down the hall.

J.R.: Thanks a lot.

Adam: David Hayward's trial is due to start in -- what? -- Two minutes.

Kaye: Perfect. That's just what we need -- two minutes.

Adam: Kaye, are you serious?

Kaye: Very.

Kaye: Or don't I look serious to you?

Adam: You look like the full extent of the law. Do you often sit on the bench this way?

Kaye: Only when I find a case that's particularly intriguing.

Adam: Well, that's very flattering.

Kaye: Oh, no, I'm not being flattering. I'm being honest.

Adam: Kaye, perhaps I should be honest with you.

Kaye: Oh, please.

Adam: Um -- I hate to rush this kind of thing.

Kaye: I know. That's why I can't get enough of you, Adam.

J.R.: What room is he talking about? The judge will know. Dad?

[[J.R. sees Adam kissing the judge]

Adam: J.R.!

[Door closes]

Adam: J.R.

J.R.: Get your hands off of me!

Adam: J.R., I -- I know -- I know how that looked in there. I swear to you, nothing was going on.

J.R.: How can you stand there and lie to me? Dad, she was naked underneath that robe, and you think I don't get it?

Adam: Son, I had to.

J.R.: What was the problem, huh? She wouldn't take a check?

Adam: No, she wouldn't. I had to stop her somehow.

J.R.: Why?

Adam: You know why.

J.R.: You have a deal with Hayward, don't you?

Adam: I guaranteed his freedom, and he promised not to turn you in.

J.R.: Dad, I don't care about what happens to me. You can't do this. I won't let you.

Mia: David. Hello again.

David: Mia, right?

Mia: Right.

David: Are you following me?

Mia: Oh, I don't know. Are we getting a little paranoid?

David: Oh, so you just happen to be here? Is that it?

Mia: No, I told you, I'm a fan.

David: Yes, you did. And now here you are at my side. I'm touched.

Mia: No. You think I'm a wacko.

David: Well, don't you have anything better to do? I mean, we did just meet, right?

Mia: True, true. But I -- I feel like you've been treated unfairly and you'll be vindicated.

David: So you actually believe that I'm going to be cleared.

Mia: That would be my guess, yes. So I'll just be in the back with my fingers crossed.

David: Thanks.

Leo: Please tell me that's one of your attorneys.

David: Who?

Leo: The little cutie pie.

David: No, actually, she says she's a fan.

Leo: You mean you have cheerleaders?

David: I guess we'll see. Ok.

Paul: Everything's ok?

Dixie: Yeah, yeah. Thank you.

David: Dixie?

Frederick: Mr. Lavery, I know how badly you want to connect with your wife, but you're under a lot of stress.

Ryan: I understand. It's not enough. What do you say we triple whatever it is you're making at this fair.

Frederick: I have a gift, Mr. Lavery. I also have bills to pay, so I do accept money from clients, but only so I can keep working. Apparently you think I can be bought. You're mistaken. If you'll excuse me.

Ryan: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Lien, listen. I'm sorry if I offended you, really. But you say you help people. Please, help me. I need to be with Gillian, and I know it's possible, and I'm not crazy. I held her in my arms last night, and then she just vanished. She disappeared.

Frederick: I'll do what I can. But keep your money. This one's on me, all right?

Ryan: Thank you. Thank you. Just tell me -- whatever it is I have to do, just tell me.

Frederick: Have you got anything of Gillian's that I can hold while I try to make contact?

Ryan: Oh, you know what I have? I have this. This is her hairpin. I found it on the deck of the yacht a few days ago.

Frederick: That should do it. All right, now, I need you to breathe, easily, with me. Now, try to clear your mind. Just sit and think about Gillian as if she were right across the room and you were reaching out to her.

Ryan: Should I close my eyes?

Frederick: It helps.

Ryan: All right.

Jesse: All right, so, tell me what you're feeling now. I mean, right now.

Gillian: Alone. Empty. Afraid.

Jesse: And I'm sure that's what Opal felt like when you invaded her body.

Gillian: But she didn't fight me.

Jesse: Well, the lady has practically got no defenses. I mean, her life -- her life was such a mess. She was married to that scrub of a husband of hers, Ray Gardner. And her daughter Jenny -- she was killed. Come on, I mean, the lady is no stranger to pain. And I'm sure she could feel yours. That's why she couldn't turn you away.

Gillian: So, then, what I did wasn't wrong --

Jesse: Oh, hell, yeah, it was wrong. You took advantage of her. You jumped her like a thug in the night, and before she knew what hit her, she was alone, in the dark.

Gillian: Jesse, I didn't mean to scare her, but I was out of options and I just had to get back to Ryan. I thought if I could just do my --

Jesse: What?

Gillian: You hear that?

Frederick's voice: Can you hear me? Gillian? Can you hear me? Gillian?

Gillian: Somebody's calling my name.

Jesse: Mm-hmm.

Frederick's voice: I'm a friend, and I need to speak to you. Gillian, are you there?

Jesse: Another one of them damn psychics. We get those clowns up in through here all the time. They're like cockroaches. You can never get rid of them.

Frederick's voice: Gillian? Are you still there?

Gillian: Yes, I'm coming!

Jesse: No, you ain't. You ain't going nowhere. I am not letting you out of my sight.

Frederick: Gillian Lavery?

Ryan: Are you getting through?

Frederick: For a moment I heard someone. I thought it was Gillian, but then I -- I lost the contact. All of a sudden. Almost like someone was interfering deliberately.

Ryan: Gillian, if you're there, please, Baby, please come to me. I need you.

Frederick: Is someone there with Gillian? Can you tell me who you are?

Jesse: I can tell you this. If you don't back the hell off right now, I will personally reinvent the meaning of "your worst nightmare." You feeling me?

Ryan: Is it Gillian? What is going on?

Frederick: I -- I don't know. If a spirit is with us, tell me who you are. Are you Gillian?

Jesse: I sound like some Gillian to you? Check it out, Sparky. Gillian ain't here. Gillian ain't going to be here. So you need to step off my cloud with a quickness, ok, Baby?

Ryan: Are you talking to my wife?

Frederick: No.

Ryan: Well, then, who is it?

Frederick: I don't know.

Ryan: Gillian --

Frederick: Quiet, please, so I can hear. Spirit, I've helped other people to speak to their loved one.

Jesse: And?

Frederick: So why can't Mr. Lavery speak to his wife?

Ryan: What? Is that what she said?

Jesse: She has overstepped her bounds.

Frederick: When she took control of Opal.

Jesse: You got it. That should've never happened, and it ain't going to happen again. Gillian has been grounded.

Frederick: Permanently?

Jesse: Afraid so. So you tell fly boy here no more visits, ok?

Frederick: Isn't that harsh?

Ryan: What? What is?

Frederick: The man is grieving.

Jesse: Then you need to let him know he has got to let go because his wife is dead like doorknob, all right?

Ryan: What is happening? Is Gillian here?

Frederick: Uh -- I wish I had better news, but she's not. Look, whomever I was talking to, he said no more contact.

Ryan: What? What does that mean? Does it mean I can't talk to her, I can't see her? What?

Frederick: That's what the spirit said.

Ryan: For how long?

Frederick: He said Gillian's gone. I think he meant forever.

Ryan: No, no, you don't understand. I have to see her --

Opal: Ryan, get your hands off of Frederick. I mean it. Now, stop it! Are you all right? Ryan? What on earth were you doing?

Ryan: I don't know. I -- I'm sorry.

Opal: I'm going to call you a cab, Honey. You got to get home and get some rest.

Ryan: No. No, no, I really need to talk to you. Please, Opal, come with me.

Opal: No, I --

Ryan: Please.

Adam: Before you judge me, son, hear me out.

J.R.: Dad, what you're doing is crazy and just wrong. The fact that you're doing it for me makes everything worse.

Adam: J.R., I had to do it. Or else you would go to jail for one stupid mistake you made as a kid.

J.R.: Dad, I broke into David Hayward's room, I stole drugs, and I'm guilty.

Adam: All right. No one has to know that. No one. Not if we keep Hayward's mouth shut.

J.R.: It isn't worth it. Not if he's free. He hurt my mom. He hurt Tad. He drugged a whole boat full of people.

Adam: Yes, and if you let him, he'll hurt you, too. He'll steal your future. That's what's going to happen to you. You know that?

J.R.: No, I don't think so, Dad. I'll do my time and I'll get on with my life.

Adam: You won't have a life. With a prison record, no decent college will take you. You can forget about having a future. That's what's going to happen to you. And I'd do anything to protect you from that.

J.R.: Anything?

Adam: Yes.

J.R.: Then how are you any better than David Hayward?

Adam: Well, maybe I'm not. But there is one thing -- I love you.

J.R.: What about Liza? What does she have to say about this whole plan to bribe the judge?

Adam: Liza won't know.

J.R.: You don't love me, Dad. You don't love anybody.

Adam: J.R., I do --

J.R.: I can't deal with this.

Adam: No, please, J.R. --

J.R.: Forget it!

Kaye: See you in court, Mr. Chandler.

David: Are you pinch-hitting for Tad?

Dixie: If you're asking me if I'm going to testify against you, yes, I am.

David: And you're looking forward to that?

Dixie: Actually, I'd rather be almost anywhere than here. No matter what I think about what you've done as a person, I've always thought that you were a great doctor. I had a lot of hope for you.

David: Well, I'm not a murderer, Dixie. They're not putting me away for life. And who knows -- maybe I can use the time to figure out how I lost my way.

Dixie: Well, you know, if you could do that --

David: You think I have a chance?

Dixie: Yes.

David: That means a lot to me. Then I swear I'll do the best I can. Would you visit me? I'm sorry. I have no right to ask you that. But I want you to know, Dixie, that when I'm finally able to put all this mess behind me, I hope I can be even half the man that you believe that I could be.

Bailiff: All rise. The honorable Judge Kaye Campobello presiding.

Bailiff: Be seated.

Opal: Ryan, this wasn't part of the deal. I said I would come to the yacht, but not -- no, not into your stateroom. If you want to talk to me, we can do it up on the deck.

Ryan: No, I'm sorry, Opal. I can't let you go. Not until you bring Gillian back.

Gillian: Why wouldn't you let me go with you? Ryan was calling my name. I could hear him.

Jesse: Gillian, you love this boy, right?

Gillian: I do.

Jesse: Then why are you driving him insane? When you took over Opal's body, he thought -- he thought he had you back again, but he didn't. And it tore him apart when you left.

Gillian: Because you made me leave.

Jesse: That's because you were taking advantage. You were using Opal, and now Ryan is using Opal, too.

Gillian: What?

Jesse: Yeah. Brother man has just careened over the edge trying to contact you again.

Gillian: What do you mean?

Jesse: He's kidnapped her. He brought Opal back to the boat, and he's not going to let her go until she brings you back again. Period, end of story. Hello?

Man: Destination, sir?

J.R.: Yeah. How far can I get on this?

Man: Probably almost anywhere. Just pick a destination.

J.R.: It doesn't matter -- Hawaii, London, whatever's farthest away from here.

Man: Do you have a passport?

Liza: What are you doing here?

Judge: Before we hear the opening arguments -- Mr. Alvarez, I understand you have a motion to make to the court.

Mr. Alvarez: I do, your honor. The defense moves that all charges against dr. David Hayward be dismissed on the grounds of insufficient evidence to convict.

[Gallery buzzes]

Palmer: Well, that is the most ridiculous thing --

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order. Order! I don't really see why people find this a laughing matter. I happen to agree with defense counsel's argument. I have examined all the evidence to be presented at trial, and it is, under constitutional standards, insufficient. Therefore I have no choice but to vacate the charges against Dr. David Hayward. The defendant is free to go.

[Gallery buzzes]

Palmer: What?

Vanessa: Oh, Darling --

Palmer: Would you stop it! Your son is a criminal, for heaven's sake!

Adam: I can't understand it.

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