AMC Transcript Wednesday 5/9/01

All My Children Transcript Wednesday 5/9/01

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Phil: Hi, J.R.

J.R.: Phil. How's it going?

Phil: I finished my assignment.

J.R.: You mean my research report?

Phil: "The First Wave of the Industrial Revolution." Title page, double-spaced, footnotes, and bibliography.

J.R.: You're beyond amazing.

Phil: I think I captured your true voice.

J.R.: My voice?

Phil: I tried to see history through your perspective and put it into your own words. You're so busy with your group, writing songs and rehearsals.

J.R.: Doesn't leave much time for school, does it?

Phil: Oh, anybody can do the daily grind. But you're an artist. 3AF9FF59.JPG

JR: Right.

Phil: It's true. Your music comes from your soul.

J.R.: Look, Phil, how much do I owe you?

Phil: Oh, I couldn't accept any monetary remuneration.

J.R.: That's just wrong.

Phil: But it's my pleasure and privilege to support the arts.

J.R.: I insist. Here's a Benny

Mr. St. Clair: All right, you two, what's going on?

Laura: Leo. How long you been here?

Leo: A few minutes. I was watching you sleep.

Laura: Was I snoring?

Leo: No, no. You're beautiful. Laura, listen, I hope that it's not too late.

Laura: What do you mean?

Leo: I've been a dork. I thought that I was in love with Greenlee. 3AF9FFA5.JPG

Laura: You are in love with Greenlee. You're engaged to be married.

Leo: No, I broke it off. We're not together anymore.

Laura: What happened?

Leo: You did. Listen, Laura, seeing you like this drove home how much I care about you. I've been -- I've been walking around with blinders on, Laura. You're the only woman. The only woman I love is you. Do you have room in your life? Do you have room in your heart for me?

Laura: It's all yours. I love you, too, Leo. It's always been you.

Leo: I -- I don't have much to offer you right now, but maybe we can figure something out together.

Laura: Together? 3AF9FFD8.JPG

Laura: I'm happier than I ever have been in my whole life.

Leo: So, this is us starting over.

Laura: Starting now.

Bianca: Laura?

[Knock on door]

Bianca: Laura? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you.

Laura: Bianca.

Bianca: You were dreaming.

Laura: Oh. The ultimate. I dreamt that Leo told me he broke up with Greenlee and that he was in love with me.

Bianca: Laura, I wish you wouldn't do this to yourself.

Laura: I can't help it. I mean, what if deep down in his subconscious Leo痴 really in love with me? Until he and Greenlee tie the knot, I still have a fighting chance. Come on, dreams come true, right? Even for ex-street rats like me? 3AFA002D.JPG

Leo: Mr. O'Neal, I appreciate you coming all the way out here.

Mr. O誰eal: Well, I'm sorry I missed you at my office yesterday. I was visiting your brother.

Leo: Oh. How's that going? You're going to be able to get him off, right?

Mr. O誰eal: Oh, well, it's a little too early to predict anything.

Leo: Yeah, well, he's banking his whole future on your defense. Must mean you're the best, right?

Mr. O誰eal: I don't like to lose.

Leo: Yeah, well, neither do I. That's why this is so important.

Mr. O誰eal: Yeah, I brought a draft of the document you requested. 3AFA004E.JPG

Leo: "Agreement shall take effect only upon the solemnization of the marriage between the parties. Thereafter, the parties shall separately retain the rights of the property he or she now owns."

Mr. O誰eal: Standard pre-nup.

Leo: Yeah, but it's airtight, right? No loose loopholes to slip through, no wiggle room, nothing?

Mr. O誰eal: Once that's formalized and you sign it, you waive any claim to your wife's assets and her property should your marriage dissolve for any reason. You sure you know what you're doing?

3AFA0094.JPGBianca: It's not like I really think Leo and Greenlee are going to self-destruct. But in your heart of hearts --

Laura: No. You gave me the cure, right, the anti-Leo-biotic.

Blanca: It just hasn't kicked in yet, right? Look, I know. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

Laura: Yeah, but I will survive Leo du Pres.

Bianca: Sure you will.

Laura: Just don't hold your breath. But, you know, Leo and I, we have a lot in common.

Bianca: How so?

Laura: We both -- he's got a lot of street in him. You know, he survived it, but it didn't harden him. I know sometimes I act tough and edgy -- 3AFA00C1.JPG

Bianca: But you've got a soft center.

Laura: And Leo, he cut through that right from the start. It was like he dared me to be myself.

Bianca: Ooh, scary stuff.

Laura: But the weirdest part is that, from the start, Leo was just somebody to hang out with. I wasn't really interested in getting involved with somebody. I just wanted to finish school and do my photography. I mean, hooking up with a guy was, like, the last thing on my mind.

Bianca: Then all of a sudden you wake up and you're falling in love with your best friend.

Laura: Exactly.

Bianca: You know, my grandma Mona used to say that love was friendship set aflame. 3AFA00E9.JPG

Laura: "Friendship set aflame." That's a perfect description.

Bianca: Yeah, I know.

Leo: The pre-nup's a wedding present to Greenlee.

Mr. O誰eal: Oh, Ms. Smythe requested you sign one?

Leo: No, actually, it was my idea. She tried to talk me out of it.

Mr. O誰eal: But you insisted? Why?

Leo: Because I want her to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm marrying her for love, not her trust fund.

Greenlee: Which is sweet, but totally unnecessary. Leo, we can live on love and my plutonium card.

Leo: Mr. O誰eal, this is my fianc馥, Greenlee Smythe.

Mr. O誰eal: It's a pleasure. I wish you every happiness. 3AFA011A.JPG

Greenlee: Thank you. Mr. O誰eal, please tell my fianc that we don't need a prenuptual agreement.

Mr. O誰eal: Well, Mr. du Pres feels otherwise.

Greenlee: Well, the future Mrs. du Pres disagrees. I don't need a piece of paper as long as I have you.

Mr. O誰eal: Well, why don't I leave you two to discuss this by yourselves.

Leo: No, no, there's nothing more to talk about. Just please finish up the final agreement and have it ready for me to sign ASAP, please.

Mr. O誰eal: Very well.

Leo: All right. Thank you.

Mr. O誰eal: I'll be in touch.

Leo: All right.3AFA013F.JPG

Greenlee: I'm disappointed in you, Leo. You have a galloping case of the pre-wedding jim-jams. Jitters. Heebie-jeebies. It's a typical male response to a major life change. You're surrendering your freedom and this pre-nup is a symbolic act of rejection.

Leo: Greenlee, that's -- that's --

Greenlee: I'm an heiress, Leo. Like it or lump it, that's who I am. Signing off on my money is like signing off on me.

Leo: No, that is so not true.

Greenlee: Then why are you forcing this pre-nup? Who are you really trying to protect me from? Don't you get it, du Pres? I know you love me -- just me, not my millions. Think of the fun we could have squandering my fortune. 3AFA0169.JPG

Leo: Greenlee, I can support us, all right?

Greenlee: Why settle for coach when we can live it up in first class? Come on, Leo, forget about all this pre-nup garbage. What's mine is yours, and that's what marriage is all about, right? We share everything -- the bed, the shower, our checking account, our dreams, and our deepest, darkest secrets.

Roger: What do you say, Leo? Any secrets you care to share?

Mr. St. Clair: I saw money changing hands, Ms. Lacey. What are you selling?

J.R.: Mr. St. Clair, it's not what you think.

3AFA01A7.JPGMr. St. Clair: And what do I think, Mr. Chandler?

J.R.: I -- that -- that we're doing something illegal? I mean, I was just paying back Phil some money I owed her.

Mr. St. Clair: And what is that behind your back? You want to show me what you're hiding? And what is the going rate for a research paper, Ms. Lacey? I assume you wrote this? Ms. Lacey, I want an answer. Did you write this paper for Mr. Chandler? Well, I am extremely disappointed in you both, but especially in you, Mr. Chandler. There is no excuse for this deception. You may think you're getting away with something, but you're not.

Dixie: Excuse me, Mr. St. Clair. Is there a problem?

3AFA01D4.JPGMr. St. Clair: Mrs. Martin, I caught your son cheating.

Dixie: Junior, is that true?

J.R.: Mom, what are you doing here? Are you spying on me now? You said you were going to say out of my way.

Dixie: I was on my way to the faculty lounge.

J.R.: Just great. I want my father here, Adam Chandler. Now!

Laura: Thank you.

Nurse: You're welcome. I'll check in with you later.

Bianca: So how long are they keeping you prisoner?

Laura: Oh, you're asking me?

Bianca: Well, what do the doctors say?

Laura: I don't know. They treat me like I知 2 years old. They're whispering and writing on these charts. I think they're playing tick tack toe.

Bianca: Come on. Dr. Joe's pretty cool.

Laura: Yeah, it's just that I hate hospitals. It's like they're trying to nuke the stupid virus with wonder drugs, but waiting for it to go down, I'm just going to be sitting here eating lime Jell-o and looking at magazines. But did you know that mayonnaise makes a great hair conditioner? 3AFA0221.JPG

Bianca: You look way better today than you did yesterday.

Laura: Yeah, I feel better. And I could be back in school if my mother didn't think I was such an invalid.

Bianca: What do you expect? She's a mom.

Laura: I just know Brooke thinks that as soon as I知 sprung, I知 going to take another triple hit of ecstasy.

Bianca: But she's wrong, right?

Laura: Hey, no more party drugs for this kiddo. No man is worth dying for.

3AFA024A.JPGBianca: Well, I could've told you that one. I'm going to run because I promised Phil that I壇 meet her in study hall, but I知 going to bring your homework later.

Laura: Oh, you're the best.

Bianca: And Laura, I promise you will get over Leo.

Laura: I'll get over him, but I'll never get him out of my heart.

Greenlee: Daddy, what are you doing here?

Roger: Do I need an excuse to see my daughter? All right, come on, give me a kiss and your guest list and I will go quietly.

Greenlee: Guest list?

Roger: Your engagement party. Hey, it took some doing, but I was able to book the Valley Inn dining room for tonight.

Greenlee: Gee, thanks for the notice.

Leo: I think I told you before, Roger, we appreciate the gesture, but we don't want the party.

Roger: Oh, well, nonsense. My daughter is not getting married without her father making some sort of a fuss. 3AFA0280.JPG

Greenlee: I don't want your party favors, Daddy.

Roger: Hey. Wasn't I there to support you when Millicent refused to celebrate your engagement?

Greenlee: Oh, it's true. Daddy can be very gracious when he's got nothing to lose. But Leo and I are throwing ourselves our own party at the loft.

Roger: Well, am I invited?

Leo: Sorry, Roger, you didn't make the cut, buddy.

Roger: Oh, it's my loss.

Leo: And I'm sure you'll get over it.

Roger: Youth can be so unforgiving.

Leo: You know, I have a great idea. Why don't you pack your bags and go back to California?

Roger: Hey, are you giving your future father-in-law the old bum's rush, Leo? 3AFA02A8.JPG

Leo: Don稚 think of it.

Greenlee: Daddy, don't make a scene. It's so d馗lass.

Roger: All right. I'll go. But I'll be back -- with your wedding present.

Leo: Thank you so much for sticking by me.

Greenlee: Thank you for standing up to him for me.

Leo: Yeah, well, you've got Roger and I've got Vanessa.

Greenlee: I guess that's why we're so compatibly dysfunctional.

Leo: So, were you serious about throwing that engagement party for us?

Greenlee: I never joke about having fun.

Leo: Yeah, but what about Dr. Killjoy? He's not going to be too impressed with that, is he? It's at the loft, right? 3AFA02D6.JPG

Greenlee: You just leave Jake to me. Come on.

Dixie: J.R., I would like an explanation.

J.R.: I'll talk to Dad when he gets here.

Dixie: Why don't you want to talk to me?

J.R.: Because I don't want you here.

Dixie: Well, I realize that, but I'm your mother and I'm a teacher at this school, and since you are enrolled in this high school, you're kind of stuck with me.

J.R.: That's just the way it's going to be, huh? Like always?

Dixie: Does my being on this campus really make that much of a difference?

3AFA0313.JPGJ.R.: You just don't get it, do you? Why don't you just pack me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Mom? Put it in my Muppets lunch box. Walk me to the school bus, wait for me after school. --

J.R.: You know, you treat me like some kindergarten baby. And you're standing there just waiting for me to mess up.

Dixie: I don't understand where this is coming from. I've never expected anything but the best from you.

J.R.: And I've always expected the best from you. But you lowered the bar, Mom, not me.

Adam: All right, all right, I知 here. What's this all about?

Dixie: Adam, this is Mr. St. Clair, the principal.

Adam: Why was I summoned? J.R., are you all right?

J.R.: Yes, I知 fine. Thanks for coming.

Adam: Sure. No problem. What seems to be the trouble?

Mr. St. Clair: Mr. Chandler, your son was caught cheating. 3AFA033B.JPG

Adam: Cheating? That's absurd. My son has a solid 4.0.

Mr. St. Clair: J.R.'s grades have been slipping this quarter.

Adam: Nonsense. I saw his latest progress report. All grades in the A range. J.R., what happened? You let one of your pals copy off your paper during a quiz?

Mr. St. Clair: I'm afraid it's more serious than that. Your son paid one of his classmates $100 to write a term paper for him.

J.R.: That's a lie.

Adam: My son says that's a lie, and I believe him. Don't worry, son.

Mr. St. Clair: Ms. Lacey? Ms. Lacey, you are a merit scholar with an unblemished record. I'm going to ask you a question. I expect an honest answer. Did young Mr. Chandler hire you to write his term paper? 3AFA036B.JPG

J.R.: No wonder I hired her to type the paper. 10 bucks a page.

Adam: There you have it. Case closed.

Mr. St. Clair: Did J.R. hire you to type the paper or did you write it yourself?

Adam: Young lady, go on, speak up. He hired you to type his paper. Isn't that right?

Phil: I'm sorry, J.R., I can't lie. I wrote the paper.

Mr. St. Clair: Wait in my office.

Adam: Well, St. Clair, you managed to reduce that young woman to tears. I don't see anything wrong with a couple of students collaborating on a project.

Dixie: Oh, Adam, be quiet. You don't know all the facts.

[Bell rings] 3AFA03A0.JPG 

J.R.: I've got to get to class.

Mr. St. Clair: Not so fast, Mr. Chandler. You're on suspension.

Adam: Oh, now, wait a minute.

Mr. St. Clair: I'm taking your son to see his guidance counselor, Ms. Singer. If you'll wait here for us?

Adam: Pompous windbag! I know his type. If you can't do, teach. If you can't teach, administrate.

Dixie: Adam, do you have to work at being this stupid or does it just come naturally?

Adam: Name-calling. That's a mature approach.

Dixie: You don't even see what's going on in your own home. Your son was caught cheating. Instead of owning up to it, he lied. Now he's going to be suspended. You think that's funny? 3AFA0404.JPG

Adam: It's hardly the end of the world.

Dixie: This is so typical. You're proud of him. You think he's a chip off the old block.

Adam: J.R. has learned that there's more than one way to get ahead.

Dixie: Ah, yes, by lying and cheating.

Adam: Come on, you're overreacting.

Dixie: And you are just writing this off like it's some harmless prank.

Adam: Well, if nothing else, you have to admire his resourcefulness.

Dixie: Adam, this is serious. A few weeks ago, Tad caught him cutting school.

Adam: I handled that situation.

Dixie: Oh, yeah, you handled it, all right. You rewarded his misbehavior by promising his band mates you were going to buy him, buy them all a rehearsal hall. What if he steals a car? You going to buy him the pine valley stadium? 3AFA042E.JPG

Adam: J.R. and I reached an understanding.

Dixie: Oh, yeah, some understanding. He's gone from -- from cutting class to buying his grades with a bankroll provided by you. How much money are you giving him?

Adam: That's none of your business.

Dixie: Like hell it isn't. You actually think you can buy his love? Some example you set your son. You know, that's the reason that he called you -- to bail him out. I'm surprised you didn't try to buy off the principal.

Adam: He called me because I'm his father.

Dixie: Only when it's convenient.

Adam: Or you need a place to stash him so you can rendezvous with your heart doctor. 3AFA0454.JPG

Dixie: David and I are finished.

Adam: Oh, I don't believe that for a minute.

Dixie: I don't care what you believe. David is gone, ok, and I want Junior to move back in with me.

Adam: I don't think so.

Dixie: Here's what you're going to do -- you're going to call Winifred and you're going to tell her to pack up his stuff, ok, because I'm going to come by tonight and I知 going to pick him up.

Adam: All right, to be fair, to be fair, why don't we let Junior decided who he wants to live with.

Dixie: Junior is a child. He doesn't get to make those decisions.

Adam: No, no, he's a young man with a mind of his own. 3AFA0476.JPG

Dixie: He's old enough to know when he is wanted.

Adam: What the hell does that mean?

Dixie: I'm talking about all the mixed signals you keep sending him. Like trying to force him to go to boarding school? Or the time last year when you told him to stay out of your life?

Adam: I was trying to protect him from me, damn it.

Dixie: Ok, good, then we agree on one thing -- living with you is not an option.

J.R.: It's official. I'm on suspension.

Dixie: Great. That's going to look great on your transcripts.

J.R.: Ooh, the permanent record that's going to follow me through life. Let's go, Dad. 3AFA049B.JPG

Adam: J.R, hold on. Your mother has something she wants to ask you.

Dixie: I'd really like it if you came back home and lived with me.

J.R.: No freaking way.

Dixie: If you're concerned about David Hayward --

J.R.: I don't give a damn about David Hayward.

Dixie: Well, he's -- he and I aren't friends anymore, ok? He's in jail and he's not going to be coming around, ok? So it'll be nice. It'll just be you and me.

J.R.: I'm cool with where I am right now -- with Dad.

Dixie: This is your home we're talking about here.3AFA04D1.JPG

J.R.: Maybe to you, Mom, but it hasn't been much of a home to me -- not for a long time. You ready, Dad? Let's go. I got my bike.

Adam: You go ahead. But go right straight home, no detours. I tried to warn you, Dixie. I'm sorry.

Dixie: You're not sorry. You got what you wanted. But I'll be damned if I'll let you ruin my son.

Leo: Greenlee, a broken nail doesn't constitute parking in a handicapped space.

Greenlee: No one was using it.

Leo: You're inviting bad karma.

Greenlee: I don't need karma or luck or whatever. You bring me all the luck I need.

Leo: We might need a lucky rabbit's foot to schmooze Jake, you know.

Greenlee: Jake's not a problem.

Leo: Well, he is when you want to use his loft to host our engagement party. You know, we're not exactly his favorite couple. 3AFA050A.JPG

Greenlee: Oh, relax, Leo. Jake is a man. There's never been a man I couldn't charm.

Leo: And how much charming do you plan to do?

Greenlee: Jealous?

Leo: Suspicious.

Greenlee: You have nothing to worry about, Leo. Wait here while I work my mojo.

Laura: Leo.

Leo: Laura, I didn't mean to wake you.

Laura: No, I wasn't asleep. Unless -- nope, no dreaming.

Leo: So how you doing?

Laura: Better now.

Greenlee: Excuse me. I'm looking for Dr. Martin, Jake Martin.

Nurse: Did you try the E.R.?

Greenlee: He wasn't there.

Nurse: Oh, he could be on break. Oh, Dr. Martin is on a 24-hour rotation. 3AFA055E.JPG

Greenlee: Hmm. Does that mean that he has to be here on duty at the hospital for the next 24 hours?

Nurse: Right. Would you like me to page him for you?

Greenlee: No thanks, no thanks. I'd hate to bother him while he's working.

Vanessa: Hmm. Thank you. Who cares.

Roger: Lunching alone, Vanessa?

Vanessa: Roger, what the devil are you doing here?

Roger: Trying to decide between the salmon or the roast duck.

Vanessa: Well, the hotel Maurice serves an excellent Dejeuner.

Roger: The Maurice is in Paris, dear. 3AFA059E.JPG

Vanessa: And why aren't you? Roger, I gave you half a million dollars to get out of town.

Roger: Half a million would hardly keep me in coffee and croissants.

Vanessa: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, well, you're not getting another penny from me.

Roger: Anything in the paper about Leo and Greenlee's engagement?3AFA05CC.JPG

Vanessa: Oh, give up on cashing in on their joint venture.

Roger: It would seem that cashing in is not in the stars for either one of us.

Vanessa: Really? And what does that mean?

Roger: Well, your son has naively insisted on a prenuptial agreement, making Greenlee's fortune out of reach for all of us.

Roger: Scoop your jaw off the floor, Vanessa. Your son's determined to prove he's not marrying Greenlee for her money.

3AFA0611.JPGVanessa: Oh, really, Roger.

Roger: I believe he's already met with a lawyer. As we speak, he's taking steps to make it legally impossible to benefit financially from her. You know, it's really a shame, isn't it? You try to instill certain values in your children as parents. Then the first opportunity they get, they reject every dirty, rotten thing you ever stood for.

Vanessa: Ok, Roger. Ok, you're trying to get back at me, aren't you, for not coming up with the whole million dollars.

Roger: Don't take my word for it. Call Leo yourself.

Leo: So when are they going to spring you out of this place, Laura?

Laura: That's the million-dollar question.

[Telephone rings]

Leo: Oh, it's not kosher to use cell phones in here, is it?

Laura: Oh, I won't tell.

Leo: Hello? Vanessa. Hold on. Will you excuse me a minute?

Laura: Sure.

Leo: What is it now, Mother?

Greenlee: You like to party?

Nurse: I'm into all kinds of recreation.

Greenlee: Hmm. Then be at this address tonight at 8:00.

Nurse: Is this going to be a private party? 3AFA0656.JPG

Greenlee: It's an engagement party for me and my fianc馥. Excuse me. Laura, I so did not want you to hear that. You've got to believe me.

Laura: I do?

Greenlee: You don't need me rubbing your face in my happiness.

Laura: I couldn't agree with you more.

Greenlee: Look, this is probably the last thing on your to-do list, but if there's a chance you'll be out of here, I'd love for you to be my guest tonight.

Laura: Yeah, right.

Marcus: My man.

Ken: You made the third-period cut.

Sweeney: Yeah, so park your butt and partake.

J.R.: I didn't cut. I got suspended for cheating. 3AFA068D.JPG

Marcus: St. Righteous.

Sweeney: Whoa, give us the lowdown. What happened?

J.R.: Mr. St. Clair caught me scoring off a ghosted paper.

Marcus: Oh, St. Square's a tool, anyway.

Ken: He's got a great big bug up his nose.

Sweeney: I don't think he's getting any off of Mrs. St. Square, huh? Oh, cool it. Nark attack.

Marcus: Oh, that's all right. She only busts chicks.

J.R.: Chill out, dude. Bianca. Why are you out of class?

Bianca: Oh, well, I have study hall with Phil, but she called me and told me what happened. She said that you guys got busted for cheating. 3AFA06AF.JPG.

Bianca: I'm sorry, J.R.

J.R.: It's no big deal. How'd you know I was here?

Bianca: I just saw your bike in the path. I thought I'd just drop in and see if you were ok. Well, I'll -- I'll leave you alone.

J.R.: Bianca, wait. Can I ask you something?

Bianca: Sure.

J.R.: When you were living with your dad, did you ever -- I don't know -- did you ever feel guilty?

Adam: I would never do anything to hurt J.R. I'd cut off my arm before --

Dixie: You have hurt J.R. more times than I can count.

Adam: Well, you're hardly the top choice for mother of the year. 3AFA06E0.JPG

Dixie: Right, ok, I've made some mistakes, but so have you. Both of us just have to get over ourselves and make sure that J.R. knows that he comes first with us.

Adam: You know, you're confusing the hell out of my son. What he needs is the security of a stable home life.

Dixie: And he's going to get that from you? Don't make me laugh.

Adam: Liza and I and Colby are a unit, and J.R. is a part of that unit. He is happy with us and he feels loved.

Dixie: Well, he knows I love him.

Adam: Maybe he did, before you hit the sheets with Dr. Hayward.

Dixie: I believe that my son and I can get past that. 3AFA0708.JPG

Adam: Why don't you just leave him where he is, where he's happy, with me?

Dixie: He's my son!

Adam: He's my son, too!

Dixie: You have no right to do this.

Adam: Well, we'll just have to see about that, won't we?

Dixie: And what are you saying?

Adam: I'm saying that you're not taking my son away from me without a fight.

Blanca: Guilt? Hmm. Yeah, I mean, I'd say that was probably the emotion of choice while I was living with my dad.

J.R.: Really?

Bianca: Yeah. I mean, even though my dad had full legal custody and I saw my mom on holidays and vacations and stuff, I still felt like I kind of abandoned her, you know? I mean, I know how hard it was for her to let me go. Why do you ask? 3AFA076C.JPG

J.R.: No Reason.

Bianca: You still living with your dad?

J.R.: Yep.

Bianca: Does he want you to make it a permanent thing, like, live with him full-time?

J.R.: Well, I mean, that's up to me. Whatever I decide.

Bianca: But you're worried about hurting your mom's feelings.

J.R.: I know she can take care of herself.

Bianca: Yeah, probably. Probably she just wants you to be happy.

J.R.: What I want means nothing. See you later.

Dixie: What are you hinting at, Adam?

Adam: I've given this subject a great deal of thought. 3AFA07AD.JPG

Dixie: What are you saying?

Adam: Our situations, our circumstances have changed a great deal since you were awarded custody of J.R.

Dixie: Don't -- you're not going to put this in the form of a custody case.

Adam: No, you don't give me any choice. My son obviously would prefer to live with me. And I see no reason for not making that arrangement permanent.

[Door opens]

Adam: Ah.

Tad: I just got a call from the principal's office. J.R.'s in some kind of trouble?

3AFA07DE.JPGAdam: The intrepid Tad Martin arrives, clueless and late, as usual.

Tad: What happened?

Adam: Well, I'll leave you to bring Tad up to speed. That should probably take the rest of the morning. You'll hear from my lawyer.

Tad: What the hell was that about? What's he threatening you with now?

Greenlee: You doubt my sincerity, Laura?

Laura: I don't know. I tend to be skeptical about people who try to kill me.

Greenlee: You really should get over that. Don't you want to celebrate my perfect happiness with Leo? What you have isn't contagious, is it?

Laura: Don't think so. But if it'll ease your mind, I'll wear latex gloves and a mask.

Greenlee: You mean you'll be there?

Laura: I wouldn't miss it.

Greenlee: Are you sure you'll be up to it?

Laura: Sure. What time you say you want me there? 3AFA080B.JPG

Greenlee: Oh, any old time after 8:00.

Leo: What was so urgent that you had to track me down?

Vanessa: Well, Leo, I just heard the most ridiculous rumor.

Leo: Yeah, yeah, yeah, hemlines are going up. That's yesterday's news.

Vanessa: This is about you and Greenlee. A prenuptial agreement?

Leo: Where did you hear that?

Vanessa: Well, it's really not important, is it, darling?

Leo: Well, it couldn't have been my attorney. That's attorney-client privilege.

Vanessa: Doesn't matter.

Leo: So it had to be Greenlee's father.

Vanessa: Is the rumor true?

Leo: He told me you two go way back.

Vanessa: We were nodding acquaintances, yes. 3AFA0831.JPG

Leo: Not to hear Roger tell it. Oh, Mom, please don't tell me that you didn't give them that archive clipping of our misadventures in Verona?

Vanessa: I most certainly did not.

Leo: I don't believe you.

Vanessa: Leo, why would I give that snake in the grass Roger Smythe ammunition to bring us down?

Leo: Well, oh, I don't know -- maybe because you would sell your soul for a buck with a penthouse view?

Vanessa: Oh, really? Except for the fact that I just gave the man a half a million dollars to leave town.

Leo: Yeah, well, he's not going. He's circling like a shark moving in for the kill.

Vanessa: Oh, dear God, Leo. Leo, if he spills what he knows about Verona -- 3AFA0851.JPG

Leo: I know.

Greenlee: Verona?

Vanessa: Oh.

Greenlee: Don't you two look guilty.

Leo: Guilty?

Greenlee: As sin. And I know why.

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