AMC Transcript Thursday 6/4/98

All My Children Transcript Thursday 6/4/98

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Hayley: You keep telling me over and over again about how you don't want to be here, and I just never seem to listen.

Mateo: Ok, but we need to go. You are going to come with me now, right?

Hayley: I'll do anything you ask.

Erica: I just wish that there was some way to keep our demons at bay.

Janet: I didn't know that trying to keep a vow would lead me here today. It was a long road to get here. I feel so lucky to be with my family.

Hayley: Careful, mister. I'm a married lady.

Mateo: You're my married lady.

Hayley: Oh, well, then that makes it all right, then.

Mateo: It makes it more than all right. So, cool idea, right?

Hayley: This is beyond cool. This is like -- this is like r-rated Martha Stewart.

Mateo: Well, I can't take credit for the decor.

Hayley: [Gasps] Really? Chocolate truffles from sin-sations? Mmm. Oh, and my favorite flowers and -- music to soothe the savage -- dot, dot, dot. Boy, this place really knows how to tickle my funny bones.

Mateo: Well, I told the management what you liked. They did the rest.

Hayley: Mmm. Wow. Talk about room service. I expected at max a mint on my pillow.

Mateo: Karats are nice, too.

Hayley: Karats -- as in 14 or the kind you feed a bunny?

Mateo: See for yourself.

Hayley: Wait, can we just freeze this moment right now so I can just say thank you?

Mateo: Thank you? You don't even know what's in the box yet.

Hayley: But I know it was your idea. Just like us being together was your idea. J you know, I had doubts about us being a couple, but we're making it work, baby. You know, this happiness just didn't come to us. We earned it. We own it. It's ours. You know, and I just -- I can't thank you enough for loving me and for letting me feel like I deserve all of this.

Mateo: No one deserves it more than you. Now open the box.

Hayley: [Gasps] Oh. Mateo.

Mateo: You like --

Hayley: It's beautiful.

Mateo: You like it?

Hayley: Oh, it's gorgeous. Will you put it on me?

Mateo: Sure.

Mateo: Happy anniversary.

Trevor: Mmm. Scrumptious and delicious.

Janet: Really is.

Trevor: Isn't it? Little more of the old bubbly there?

Janet: No, no, I've had enough. I'm giddy as it is.

Trevor: Oh, giddy is good. Giddyup, giddyup, giddyup.

Janet: Trevor?

Trevor: What?

Janet: When you asked me to marry you in the church, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Trevor: Well, believe it. I was pledging my troth.

Janet: Whatever that is. What's a troth?

Trevor: I don't have a clue, but it's working. We're having a great honeymoon.

Janet: Mrs. Axel green was going to come back to her hotel room and get into her jammies and eat a quart of ice cream.

Trevor: Good choice.

Janet: But Mrs. Trevor Dillon, she is much more creative.

Trevor: Oh. Yeah?

Janet: Wait till you see what I have here. what do you think? Do you like it?

Trevor: Hubba, hubba. What? What are you laughing at, huh?

Janet: Us. I just -- I have a little bit - of the wedding night jitters. I mean, you and I never -- you know -- except that once. %se

Trevor: Gadzooks. This could be dangerous, huh?

Janet: Yeah.

Trevor: Wedding night jitters. We never went in for that prenup trial hanky-panky. I wonder where that was. I mean, what if you don't like it when I do that? Hmm?

Janet: It's not a problem.

Trevor: Or this?

Janet: I think we're definitely simpatico.

Trevor: Yeah?

Janet: In fact, why don't I slip into something a little more comfortable. I've always wanted to say that.

Trevor: I've always wanted you to say that.

Janet: I'll be right back.

Trevor: Can't wait. Zab-ooh-day, baby. Yes.

Tad: Trolling for loose change?

Brooke: You got any?

Tad: Maybe you should turn the other cheek.

Brooke: Listen, don't be a wiseacre. Will you help me look for my aunt phoebe's compact? Yes! That's it. Thank you.

Tad: So tell me about the big wedding, huh? Just leave out all the mushy stuff.

Brooke: The mushy stuff?

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Oh, I guess Jamie inherited the nonmush gene from you, huh?

Tad: Probably. The good news is we both love to gossip. So don't tease me. Let me have the dish. 

Brooke: The dish. Well, actually, the wedding was very tame by pine valley standards. Nobody got hauled away in handcuffs, nobody was left at the altar, and -- there was a substitution, though.

Tad: Really?

Brooke: Yeah. Trevor stepped in for axel, and he made Janet his lawful wedded wife. Ma

tad: What a shock, huh?

Brooke: Yeah.

Tad: The old bait and switch.

Brooke: I tell you, they looked like they were two of the happiest people on this planet.

Tad: Are you happy for them?

Brooke: Yes. Ecstatic.

Tad: That's my girl. How do you do it?

Brooke: What?

Tad: Lose yourself. In spite of everything the world throws at you, you step aside long enough to wismah somebody and the amazing thing is you mean it.

Brooke: You know what I figure? I figure Janet and Trevor went through so many roadblocks to get together, and they found their happy ending, so there's hope that there is one out there with my name on it.

Tad: So, seriously, hmm? How are you doing?

Brooke: You know, I don't think anyone has asked me that in, say, the last 10 minutes.

Tad: Sorry, it's a bad habit. I can't help it.

Brooke: I'm sorry. It's me. I really am sorry. I just -- I don't want to think about it, all right? I don't want to think about the trial or the possible outcome. I'd rather think about, you know, wedding showers and weddings and whatever. It's a distraction.

Tad: Well, don't look now, Cinderella, but the party's over and everybody's gone.

Brooke: Hey, listen, don't worry about me. Really, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Tad: I know you are. You're Brooke English. You also happen to be the mother of my child and one of my dearest friends, and I love you very much. So I got a -- I got an offer for you.

Brooke: Oh.

Tad: No, seriously, how's this -- no, you haven't even heard it yet. How about you let me run interference between you and the big, bad wolf for a while, huh? Come on. How about you let me be your distraction?

Erica: This may be our last night on earth together, and you think that we should spend it making love?

Mike: Well, if I'm going out, I want to go out knowing that I was with the first woman I ever loved and the last.

Erica: First you assure me that we're going to get out of here, and now suddenly I'm a condemned man's last request.

Mike: Well, the fates could blow either way.

Erica: Or blow me straight to bed with you, the spy who loved me.

Mike: Who never stopped loving you. Erica, I'm programmed to believe that we'll survive this, but you and I both know that life doesn't come with an extended warranty. If this is the end of the line, I want to feel alive. And the last time I felt truly alive was when I was with you. I want to make love to you until the sun comes up. Tomorrow, who knows? The only thing we have is tonight and each other.

Erica: This isn't the end.

Mike: Don't give up on us, Erica.

Erica: But that's exactly what you're doing, Mike, all this -- this morbid talk of our last moments on earth together. And Jack would certainly never surrender so quickly, so easily. I'm sure that right now he's out there moving heaven and earth.

Mike: I see. We're here, and our executioner could walk through that door any minute, and you think that your St. Jack is going to come on his white charger.

Erica: I'd stake on it.

Mike: Why?

Erica: Because I know Jack.

Mike: I don't get it. I mean, the guy's good-looking, I'll grant you that. He's got a regular job like a zillion other guys. What makes Jack Montgomery number one in your book?

Erica: I love him.

Mike: Why?

Erica: Why does anyone love me!

Mike: Well, I don't know.

Erica: He's the only man I can count on to be there.

Mike: Sounds like a cross between

Erica: Oh, you know, I really don't expect you to understand.

Mike: You and Jack have a very well-manicured life. Conveniently marked in to your appointment book. But you lose something when you lose the rough edges. You lose the sense of what it's like to free-fall through your day, not knowing when you're going to land because the destination doesn't matter. The thrill is in the ride.

Erica: I am not the woman you knew all those years ago.

Mike: Well, that is a damn shame.

Erica: But you haven't changed. Look at you. You are still reckless. You're still totally irresponsible.

Mike: I'm still the spy who loved you when disco was king. Does the earth shake, rattle, and roll when you're with Jack?

Erica: I'm not going there with you.

[Music plays]

Jake: Hey. Let's go find a jukebox playing some jazz. Come on. Come on, come here.

Allie: I'm up for it, baby.

Allie: I already had my dinner.

Jake: What?

Allie: At the bottom of the food pyramid.

Allie: Well, it's all I had with me.

Jake: Really?

Allie: I've been very busy.

Jake: What is this?

something un op in the closet when I was cleaning it out. 

Jake: Oh, wow, look at this.

Allie: it's a pretty ancient map.

Jake: I'd say.

Allie: In Berkeley, when the kids would go through the malls, I'd go rummaging through the bookstores looking for old texts, like this one. I found it on a rail. It was just laying all by itself on the floor, homeless. So I picked it up, and I opened the front page, and there was this name -- Mary Jayce Alleman --

Jake: A woman

Allie: M.D. Cool, huh?

Jake: Yeah.

Allie: So of course I asked myself, who was this woman, you know?  What did she do in her life, and who did she pass this treasure on to? And then, of course, I wondered, you know, do I have anything in common with her? Will I be privileged enough to have the initials M.D. after my name some day so that I could write books and pass it on to someone some day? I'd like you to have this, Jake. Please take it.

Jake: No, I can't. I can't accept this.

Allie: Come on, do it. Inside. Do it for me.

Jake: What is this? What, Allison Doyle giving up?

Hayley: the pearl anniversary. do you know what year that's for?

Mateo: What?

Hayley: you don't know?

Mateo: No, I don't.

Hayley: Mateo.

Mateo: Hmm?

Hayley: Our 30th wedding anniversary.

Mateo: So we'll catch up, you know, one year at a time, one gift, one blessing at a time.

Hayley: Speaking of blessings, I was thinking  ma little blessing to our family this year. You know, if we got started tonight --

Mateo: Yes, we -- we talked about kids -- I know that -- but that was before all --

Hayley: Yeah, but all the bad stuff is behind us now, Mateo. We've got a lock on our future. Why wait?

Mateo: But it's not the time to bring a child into the world.

Hayley: Mateo, we are ready. Think about our baby. Our son or our daughter is a miracle waiting to happen. Let's make it happen.

Mateo: Sit. You know how they talk about astronauts who've walked on the moon and how it's hard to adjust to the home planet?

Hayley: Yeah. 

Mateo: It took me out there, right, and the re-entry's been kind of rough.

Hayley: Ok.

Mateo: I can't get my bearings straight. Everything looks the same -- it does -- but it doesn't feel like me, you know -- I just -- I'm not my old self, and until I am, until I can make it without feeling like I'm walking through a minefield, until I can trust enough to let you out of my sight for five minutes, not worried if you're going to come back or not -- I mean -- when I hold our child for the first time, I have to be on solid ground, you know, because you're going to need me to be there for the little things when you're nine months pregnant and you need some of your cravings -- you know, some watermelon and mustard, I don't know. You need me, right? And then after we have the baby, you're going to need me for more. It makes sense , right?

Hayley: Absolutely. We're not going to rush our parenthood. Besides, we've got a lock for 30 years.

Mateo: 30? I say we double it.  look at you.

Trevor: Very suave, huh? Boy, have I been a saint.

Janet: How do you figure that?

Trevor: All this time, resisting grabbing you.

Janet: Well, you don't have to resist that anymore. Start loving.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Open up.

Janet: Amanda? Sweetie, what's wrong?

Trevor: Amanda, honey, are you ok? Are you sick? How did you get here?

Tim: Sorry, dad. She made me do it. She wouldn't take no for an answer.

Amanda: Well, I missed you. Now that we're a real family, we can all go on a honeymoon together.

Mike: I took this off once before, you know.

Erica: I thought you said it had never left your finger.

Mike: When I woke up from the dead, I saw it there, and I knew you put it on me. I figured it was a sign of some kind that I'd made it back to you. Do you remember the inscription?

Erica: well, how would you ever expect me to remember something that happened so very, very long ago?

Mike: "Erica and Mike forever." Guess the shelf life on forever ain't what it used to be. 

Erica: so, are you going to take it off or not?

Mike: You put it on me. You take it off.

Erica: it's stuck.

Mike: it's part of me, like you. anyone with a trace of romance as a sign.

Erica: well when you get out of here, you have a jeweler cut it off.

Mike: I'd sooner cut out my heart.

Erica: I really think that we should concentrate on getting out of here, Mike.

Mike: I'm thinking.

Erica: Well, all I know is that dying is not an option.

Mike: Doesn't fit in your schedule?

Erica: I have too much to live for, Mike.

Mike: Oh, please. Jack be nimble.

Erica: I was actually thinking about my daughter, for your information. I will not abandon her. We've spent way too much time apart from each other as it is. But I'll tell you one thing -- if my daughter could survive something as insidious as anorexia, then I can certainly survive this -- this stupid kidnapping.

Mike: Sounds to me as if Bianca inherited her mother's bully spirit. If she's anything like you, she's also headstrong and stubborn as hell. If she's half as beautiful as you, she'll break hearts along the way. you know, I made a list on " Things I want to do  in my life. You have a list? I mean, if this were the final curtain, what would you regret that the only thing I can think of right now is that banana plantation on Maui. Well, I have always wanted to see the Serengeti and go skydiving.

Mike: Don't do it at the same time. You might land in a pride of hungry lions.

Erica: Thanks forma the warning.

Mike: You're serious about wanting to jump out of an airplane?

Erica: I think it would be thrilling.

Mike: I'll tell you what -- if we get out of here --

Erica: When. We get out of here, I'll take you skydiving. I'll also pull the ripcord in case you freeze midair.

Erica: I won't freeze.

Mike: Hmm.

Erica: And you? What about your list?

Mike: Me, I got a long list.

Erica: Good.

Mike: I'd like to stand on top of mount Kilimanjaro. I'd like to taste a Bellini cocktail made with fresh white peaches at Harry's bar in Venice.

Erica: Mmm.

Mike: I'd like to dance a tango with you. I' d like to take a Felluca up the Nile.

Erica: Do you tango? in Madrid on assignment. There was this contessa. She lived for the tango. Want to try?

Erica: Now?

Mike: One more thing to cross off my list. Come here.

[Tango music plays]

Erica: I don't know if I can do this. 

Mike: Just follow my lead.

Allie: Hey, you know the old expression, "You can't fight City Hall," right? Look what arrived today from the California state licensing board. The official document saying that I'm no longer a doctor.

Jake: This -- you can appeal this, maybe, or get licensed by Pennsylvania. There's options, Allie.

Allie: Jake --

Jake: You just can't give up.

Allie: I don't know how to fight this, ok? I'm the one who needs to figure out how to cure.

Jake: Well, I'm going to help you, so --

Allie: No, it's my career that's been trashed. Medicine was my life, all right, and in the meantime I'm just filling time, just going through the motions.

Jake: Let me talk to my dad.

Allie: Look, your father is kind, but there is nothing that P.V.H. can do for me as long as I have criminal charges. Look, the postman rang the doorbell today, Jake, and I thought that it was the cops coming to arrest me.

Jake: You're not going to jail, Allie.

Allie: Even if by some miracle P.V. through with the charges, I owe a quarter of a million dollars, Jake. deadbeat fathers have gone for less, ok? We have got to move on.

Jake: No, no, listen, it's not finished. You just have to clear your head and we can find --

Allie: I don't want to have this discussion. Ok? I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Jake: Ok. All right. The pine valley arts council is sponsoring a weekend. We can enter and -- it'll be a good time.

Allie: I'm really not up for it.

Jake: Well -- let's go hit the track at P.V.U. have you had

Allie: Yeah, I got all the exercise I need. I cleaned out the closet.

Jake: Have you left the house at all today? Yesterday? Allie, when was the last time you left this place?

Allie: Jake, don't you get it? This is it for me, ok? I have no place to go. There is no new day dawning, ok? There are no second chances, and no reprieve. This is it, ok? This is it.

Mateo: You know what? together. I see our kids playing in the back yard. We have a future together. I know that, right? It's there.

Hayley: Will you let me know when you're ready to make a baby?

Mateo: Yeah. soon, I promise.

Hayley: Do you see any reason why we shouldn't be practicing?

Mateo: Practicing, huh? You want to practice? Let's practice.

Amanda: Mmm. This is the best chocolate pudding I've ever had.

Janet: It's chocolate mousse, sweetie.

Amanda: I hope we don't swallow an antler. Can I have some of this ginger ale?

Janet and Trevor: No!

Amanda: Wow. You guys talk at the same time, just like Carrie's mom and dad. Isn't that cool, Tim?

Tim: Listen, guys, I'm really sorry for barging in like this. I know -- our timing is really bad, but amandible, Tim kind of felt out of the loop.

Amanda: It's called separation anxiety.

Trevor: Oh, great. Our daughter has a complex.

Janet: Sweetie, it's all right. No harm done.

Trevor: I think it's bedtime, isn't it, sweetie?

[Scratching at door]

Amanda: I'll get it! No! Don't -- wait. Wait. Ask who it is first.

Amanda: who is it?

[Harold barks]

Amanda: Harold! He was feeling left out, dad.

Trevor: Oh, great. Now we have a Madonna complex, tootsie.

[Tim whistles]

Tim: Come here. Tim, not on the bed. I have something stashed under there for Janet.

Janet: Trevor, how sweet.

Trevor: Tim, get the dog off the bed!

Amanda: What's that in his mouth?

Tim: I don't know. Something, my aunt fanny. Don't let him swallow it.

Janet: no.

Trevor: Come on.

Tim: Here it is.

Trevor: Oh, yeah. It was close.

Janet: Is that the same ring you proposed to me at the mall?

Trevor: Same sparkler.

Janet: And you kept it all this time?

Trevor: Hope springs eternal.

Amanda: Oh. Can I watch you put it on mommy's finger?

Trevor: I'll make you a deal. You can watch me slide this digit, Amanda, then you got to scram home to the homestead, ok? Deal?

Amanda: Pardon me while I confer with my associate. I accept your terms.

Trevor: Yeah? Shake.

Amanda: You don't trust me?

Trevor: Shake. All right, take a good gander at that. Right there it goes. Look out, hot soup. Come. grow old with me, the best is yet to be.

Amanda: Yay!

Trevor: You like that, huh? Tim?

Tim: Yep.

Trevor: I can't get it on your finger.

Janet: Like this.

Trevor: There it is.

Amanda: good night, mandible.

Trevor: very good.

Janet: Good night , sweetheart.

Amanda: Don't stay up too late.

Janet: We won't.

Tim: come on.

Trevor: Safe drive.

Tim: I know.

Trevor: Where were we before?

Janet: Seeing Amanda and Tim like a big family three-ring circus. I loved every minute of it. This is my life.

Trevor: Ok baby you're the greatest.

tad: How am I doing?

Brooke: Well, that did nothing for your score, but wall spackling repair comes to about 29.95 plus tax.

Tad: Yeah, you know, let me do you one thing? The compact. Here we go, watch this. I'll show you some real dart throwing.

Brooke: Oh, wait, wait.

Tad: Over-the-shoulder mirror --

Brooke: Wait! 

tad: What are you doing?

Brooke: Ok, shoot.

Tad: Oh, ye of little faith. Such a weasel.

tad: Oh! Boy, that really stunk.

Brooke: You know, you are I am -- worse, actually.

tad: Yeah. So? I'll have you know something, you're looking at the pin the tail on the donkey tri-state champion three years in a row, and it's the truth, so you better believe it.

Brooke: Well, who am I to challenge your amateur standing?

Tad: Actually, it's such a dubious honor, it probably heralds years of sexual compulsion.

Brooke: Oh?

Tad: But it's the fact. I was really, really good. Well as a matter of fact, I was so good in the neighborhood that kids wouldn't invite me to their birthday parties.

Brooke: Oh, you poor baby.

Tad: Yeah, children can be so cruel.

Brooke: What did you do?

Tad: Hmm. This is where the story gets really ugly. There was this little kid, this girl, lived across the street. She told me would invite me to her birthday party if when it came time to play pin the tail on the donkey, I agreed to take a dive.

Brooke: Ah! You didn't!

Tad: I sold my soul for a goodie bag of Mary Jo Jablonsky's birthday cake.

Brooke: This will be our secret.

Tad: Hmm. You know something? Did I tell you that Jamie plays horseshoes?

Brooke: Is this another martin man tall tale?

tad: No, no, no. all kidding aside, it's no joke.  He's excellent. The kid's got an arm like me.

Brooke: When he went to Dixie, I was afraid that he would be homesick, and then I was afraid that he wouldn't be.

tad: Never happen. Haven't you heard? A boy's best friend is his mother.

tad: When and if it happens, we'll deal with it. 

[Tango plays]

Erica: So what else do you regret not doing, mike Roy?

Mike: Erica, I have lived on your memory for 13 years. The thought of being back together with you again has kept me going. But now here we are face to face, and I realize that there's no making up for lost time. You're right. You're not the same woman I fell in love with. Maybe you've grown up without me. Come this remarkable woman, and I've  missed being away I've missed seeing it happen -- all the battles you've fought and won without me.

Erica: Every battle.

Mike: You haven't lost any. Always swinging. I've never known any you. You're stronger than I thought you --outnapped a madman, and you attack him with your stilettos, woman, you are fearless. I'm going to make you a solemn promise. No matter what it takes, if I have to lay down my life for you, lady, you will live to fight another day. You'll see your daughter again. You have my word on this.

Erica: Thank you.

Mike: Now morning comes early. Let's get some shuteye. Close your eyes, baby. Dream sweet dreams.

Brooke: I guess I should return the compact to aunt phoebe.

tad: Why? She got to powder her nose at midnight?

Brooke: Maybe. No, I mean -- no, I'm sure she's asleep.

Tad: No, I'm sure she's asleep. However, are you?

Brooke: I am so revved by that rousing game of darts.

tad: I'm not kidding.

Brooke: So what did you have next?

tad: Well, it just so happens, the marathon over at the criterion, huh? What do you think? Animal crackers" to "duck soup."

Brooke: I'll spring for the popcorn.

Tad: Now lady, say the magic word, the duck comes down, and gives you walk this way.

Brooke: it's not going to be dialogue repeated by you? Are people moving away from busy in the movies?

tad: [Normal voice] People talk throughout the entire movie. Let's say every line before it happens.

[Brooke laughs]

Singer: Close the door. Close your eyes. you're mine from the world outside

singers: Let me into you. I'll take you where you need me to go

singer: Touch places left unsung and baby, when we're done

singers: Sing you to sleep secrets I'll keep you, and while the night gently creeps

singer: With you lying next to me. I'll sing you to sleep. I'll sing you to sleep with a simple melody

singers: A simple melody

singer: Caressing you so tenderly. I want to have you forever for eternity, yeah. Let me into you I'll take you where you need me to and when the rest is done, I'll sing you to sleep to sleep your soul

Marian: Because absolutely nobody can come in here until business is settled.

Brooke: I know what you're doing, and I want you to stop.

Ryan: Your apartment building was torched last night.

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