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Jack: Hi. Come on in.

Gloria: Hi. I heard from Dixie.

Jack: When? What did she say?

Gloria: Well, I didn't talk to her. I was going through my wedding gifts --

Jack: Yeah?

Gloria: And do you realize that some of these stores will not even accept a gift back if it's past a certain date, no matter how good the excuse is? Well, anyway, she wanted me to know that she didn't forget about me, even with everything she had to worry about. She just wanted to make sure that she didn't ruin my wedding,

Jack: She say anything else?

Gloria: Only that I shouldn't walk down the aisle without something from my best friend, you know, something old and blue, and she didn't know what else I would get, and she wanted to make sure that Stuart and I would have a very happy future together.

Jack: I see. She didn't happen to say anything about where they were hiding out, by any chance?

Gloria: No -- no phone number, no address. She only sent me this in because she trusted me. Here. It's postmarked "New York."

Hayley: Thank heaven we made it.

Brian: You can still let us go, pretend like you never saw us, and we're out of here.

Hayley: It's over.

Brian: Hayley, don't do this.

Hayley: No. Everything is solved. Everything is ok. Adam found a white flag in his bag of tricks, and he is waving it big time. The custody war is over, and he's taking no prisoners.

Brian: Really? Finally.

Hayley: Oh, great. Let's get your bags and get out of here, Huh?

Brian: Hey, buddy, buddy, did you hear that? It's good news, isn't it? It's the best news ever.

Hayley: Brian, what --

Charlie: Ok.

Tad: Dixie.

[Dixie shuts the door]

Tad: Dixie, what are you doing?

Dixie: Go away.

Tad: It's me -- open the door.

Dixie: Leave me alone.

Tad: I know this is a shock, but it's me. I swear. I'm alive. Look. I promise, everything is gonna be ok.

Dixie: Look. I know who you are. Know why you're doing this. Adam is paying you off.

Tad: I wouldn't take a dime from Adam Chandler.

Dixie: Yeah, right.

Tad: I hate his guts. You know that. He screwed us up so many times, what would I have to do with him?

Dixie: Stop it, stop it, stop it.

Tad: Look. The only decent thing Adam Chandler has ever done his entire life is to drop this custody suit. It's over, don't you see? It's ok. You can keep Junior. You can come home.

Dixie: If you're really Tad, you'd know how I feel about Adam, ok?

Tad: All right, all right. Then, don't believe Adam. Believe me.

Dixie: Believe you? I know who you are, ok? I have seen you before.

Tad: I know, on the bridge. I saw you, too, but I didn't --

Dixie: Your mother is a very sweet woman. She would be rolling over in her grave if she knew you were doing this.

Tad: Dixie, my mother knew everything. She wanted me to be here. She wanted us to be together.

Dixie: Look. Just forget about it. I am not going back to Pine Valley.

Tad: Dixie, come on! There's no time for this, damn it. By now, Brian and Junior are already at the airport.

Dixie: How do you know that?

Tad: It doesn't matter. Charlie and Hayley have gone there to find them.

Dixie: You don't know what you're talking about.

Tad: I do. If you'll just come back with me, come home with me, everybody in Pine Valley will back me up.

Dixie: Good-bye, Mr. Orsini.

Tad: Dixie, come on! Don't do this! I'm right here on the other side of this door. All you got to do is open it. It's me! I swear it! Dixie, come on. Whatever happened to us? Don't you remember? Together forever.

Brian: Please, we're gonna miss our plane.

Charlie: You haven't told him?

Brian: She told me.

Hayley: Look. Save your money and cash in your ticket.

Brian: You let us go the last time. What happened?

Hayley: The impossible. Adam changed his mind.

Brian: Come on, Hayley. Don't do this, all right?

Charlie: It's true, Brian. Adam had forfeited. It's over.

Hayley: We have searched every borough in New York City for you guys.

Charlie: Yeah, everything short skywriting your name above the Empire State Building.

Hayley: I tried to explain the good news to Dixie, and she just wouldn't listen.

Brian: How did Adam get you to lie?

Hayley: Who is lying?

Charlie: This is not fiction, Brian.

Brian: You know that Junior belongs with his mom. He only wants to be with her. Don't you care if this kid is happy?

Hayley: Junior will a lot happier in Pine Valley with Sammy Bear in his own bed. Honey, aren't you sick of running? Don't you want to come home?

Junior: Yay!

Hayley: Yeah.

Brian: Don't lie to him.

Hayley: I don't lie to my little brother.

Charlie: Look. You don't trust. Hayley? How about an innocent bystander? How about me?

Brian: No.

Hayley: Sooner or later, you are going to have to accept the truth.

Charlie: Would you trust Palmer Cortlandt?

Brian: I don't see Palmer anywhere, all right?

Hayley: He and Opal are holding down the fort in Manhattan.

Charlie: Look. You got to admit Palmer would never conspire with Adam in a million years against Dixie.

Palmer: No. I'm going after them.

Opal: Oh, no, no, no. No, you're not. Tad has got this all under control, and he's not gonna leave one skyscraper unturned, Palmer. No. I believe that fate has sent my boy back from this miraculous journey especially for this mission.

Palmer: What miraculous? He was soaking sun in California.

Opal: Oh, do you think it's just coincidence that he showed up in the nick of time just when Dixie needed him the most?

Palmer: Well, why didn't he appear in time to stop her from absconding with my grandnephew?

Opal: Well, it's all part of some tricky master plan. I mean, to everything -- turn, turn, turn -- there is a reason, Palmer, and when Tad brings her home, it's all gonna make perfect sense. I know it.

[Telephone rings]

Palmer: That's -- yes. Hello.

Brian: Is that you, Mr. Cortlandt?

Palmer: Brian, where in heaven's name are you

Opal: Brian? Is he -- they found him?

Palmer: Is Junior all right? Where's Dixie?

Brian: Junior is fine. He's right here.

Palmer: Oh, thank the Lord.

Opal: Oh, did they catch our secret message on TV?

Palmer: Shush, shush.

Brian: Hayley says that Adam is letting the suit go. She says that it's safe to come home.

Palmer: Yeah. It's not a trick. The old goat conceded defeat.

Brian: You swear?

Palmer: Yes, on my life, really. Hayley found them.

Opal: Yippee! We're finally done.

Palmer: Shh. Now listen. We're gonna stay right here at the hotel. You have Charlie and Hayley drive you back here.

Opal: Yeah. Tell him to step on it. We're waiting.

Jack: Gloria, I don't know how to tell you this, but we're actually a few days ahead of you here. I mean, Tad and company are already in Manhattan combing every street.

Gloria: Have they turned up any clues?

Jack: Yes. We think they're getting pretty close. You know, there's one thing I don't understand. Adam knew all this.

Gloria: So?

Jack: So he didn't mention anything to you?

Gloria: I haven't seen Adam.

Jack: I see. Well, look. Thanks for bringing that by, and if you hear anything else, please feel free to call.

Gloria: I understand. No problem. It's not like there's a line of people kicking at my door asking for my help.

Jack: Who, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, wait. Are you doing ok?

Gloria: You don't have to be polite to me.

Jack: Not being polite, Gloria. Are you doing ok?

Gloria: I bounce back quickly. Self-pity only slows me down.

Jack: Well, listen. If you ever want to get a cup of coffee and talk, I mean, you did bid a whole $25 on me at that bachelor auction, so I owe you at least an ear.

Gloria: That's right. You owe me, Jack, but don't worry about me. I'll survive.

[Telephone rings]

Jack: Excuse me just a second. Jack Montgomery.

Palmer: It's Palmer.

Jack: Any news on Dixie?

Palmer: I'm only telling you this so you won't try some inane legal maneuver and make things even worse. Junior and Brian have been found, and Tad is joining Dixie as we speak.

Jack: Oh, boy, that's great. That is fantastic. They found Dixie.  It's great news, huh?

Gloria: Ah. Just ignore me.

Jack: Look, Gloria. You've been under a lot of stress. You've been just as worried sick about Dixie as we l have.

Gloria: Yeah. Well, I don't see you crying.

Jack: Well, when I see her homecoming with Junior, I imagine I may just shed a few tears.

Gloria: I can't wait for her to get back, get reacquainted. "Welcome back, Dixie. While you and Brian were running from Adam, I was sleeping with him. Oh, and Stuart -- you remember Stuart, don't you -- I broke his heart into 1,000 tiny, little pieces. So tell me, how was new York? Did you bring me any souvenirs?

Jack: Actually, I think probably Dixie's first word to you is gonna be "Thanks.""

Gloria: Not after she sees how many lives I've ruined.

Jack: Now, somebody is gonna tell her who it was that got Adam to change his mind in the first place. Now, if nobody volunteers for that duty, I will do it myself, all right? Well, I guess Adam should know about this, shouldn't he?

Gloria: Yeah, but Palmer is not gonna tell him.

Jack: No, no. I'm sure he won't. You feel like doing the honors?

Gloria: No. No, thanks.

Jack: You sure?

Gloria: Yeah. Look. I'm really late. I should be getting on back to the hospital. Tell Dixie I'm really glad that everything turned out ok.

Jack: I got a better idea. Why don't you tell Dixie yourself at Opal's welcome-back bash?

Gloria: Go. See, I've asked for a rescheduling at the hospital, and that means I'm gonna be pretty busy for a while.

Jack: Ok. You know where I am, I right? Yeah?

Gloria: Yeah.

Jack: Ok.

Gloria: Thanks.

Jack: Yeah.

Gloria: Oh.

Jack: Well, it's the best thing that's happened all day. I got his machine. Adam, Jack Montgomery. They found Dixie. It's all over. It's all over. Good-bye, Pine Valley. Hello, Rio.

Brian: Hey, buddy, you know who I was just talking to? Your Uncle Palmer. Hayley was right. Your daddy is not gonna fight with your mama anymore, isn't that great?

Junior: Yes!

Brian: So we're headed back home.

Hayley: It's pretty cool, huh? Huh, huh?

Brian: As soon as your mom gets here, we're gonna go to uncle Palmer's and Aunt Opal's. You know, they've been missing you a whole lot.

Hayley: I don't think Dixie will be coming.

Brian: Well, sure she is. We planned it. I just talked to her on the phone. She'll be here.

Hayley: She may have had a change of plans.

Brian: What are you talking about?

Hayley: Well, you see, um, we had to split up to find you guys, and Charlie and I drew JFK, and somebody else took the apartment in Queens.

Brian: Damn.

Hayley: No, not Adam. Ok, Brian. What I have to tell you, you, might want to brace yourself for, ok? Tad Martin is alive. And he's his way to Dixie.

Tad: Dixie, I love you. I know I made you that promise. I'm sorry I couldn't keep my word.

Dixie: Don't say that.

Tad: Why not? It's true. I do love you. It's the only reason I came back.

Dixie: You don't know me. You're Ted Orsini.

Tad: No, I'm not. I am not who you think I am. Hell, I'm not who I thought I was. Dixie, don't you remember the bridge, what happened, the accident? I lost my memory. It's why I was gone so long. I showed up in town by accident. The minute I set foot in Pine Valley, I started to remember things. I started remember you.

Dixie: Well, then why didn't do anything? Why didn't you try and find me?

Tad: Because I could only remember bits and pieces, even now. I remembered your face, your voice, but I couldn't remember who you were, what your name was. I remembered how much I loved you. I can't believe I ever forgot. I remembered the chicken fingers in the park or the lullaby, there way you used to sing "You Are My sunshine" to Junior all the time.

Dixie: Adam told you those things. Anybody knows that.

Tad: What about the bridge? I remember the accident, where I fell, where I saw you.

Dixie: You could've read that in the newspaper.

Tad: All right, then. Dixie, listen to me. Ask me a question.  One question -- something personal, something intimate, something that only Tad Martin could've known. Dixie, please, please ask me question..

Dixie: The day Tad died -- the day before he died, I gave him a present, wedding present. What was it? What did it say? Tell me, tell me.

Tad: Oh -- I don't remember.

Brian: Tad is dead.

Hayley: Not anymore.

Brian: You mean, that really was Tad Martin on the poster?

Charlie: In the flesh.

Hayley: Who did you think it was?

Brian: Ted Orsini. Junior said that he looked just like Tad, right?

Hayley: Junior, honey, you saw Tad before any of us, didn't you? Yeah? You know, somebody should've had Junior's eyes checked before Dixie freaked out.

Brian: No. She thought that Adam had hired Orsini to send her over the edge.

Charlie: Hey, Junior, what do you say you and I check out this bookstore and see if we can find a book on airplanes?

Hayley: There you go.

Charlie: What do you say, come on. Brian and Hayley got to talk. Let's do it.

Brian: Ok. Hold it. Tad Martin was Ted Orsini.

Hayley: I know. This is a long story.

Brian: What the hell has he been doing? Why didn't he run to Dixie as soon as he got into town?

Hayley: Because he didn't know who he was. Believe it or not, he didn't know Dixie from Adam.

Brian: Dixie said that she saw him on the bridge and he said her name.

Hayley: I know. I know. He was very fuzzy on everything at first, and she ran away from him before they had a chance to talk.

Brian: Fuzzy, fuzzy, and now he's back to normal, right?

Hayley: Well, mostly. I mean, ever since Tad discovered which way was up, he's done nothing but pound the pavement for Dixie. I mean, Ted Orsini barely knew who Dixie was, but Tad Martin loved her very much.

Brian: No. No. He can't. This is too much.

Hayley: Look. I know this is a lot for you, ok, and it was weird for me, so it's got to be beyond weird for you.

Brian: You know, we almost on that plane. Everything worked out so we could skip the country. We were all psyched up for this.

Hayley: Look at it this way. A lot of people were going to miss you.

Brian: Well, another 30 minutes, and we would've been missed for the rest of our lives. Nobody ever would've found us. Tad knows where the apartment is?

Hayley: He's probably already there.

Brian: Who did he find us? We covered our tracks.

Hayley: Well, basically, a pretty clever toll booth clerk, a child's forgotten toy, and your friendly landlady.

Brian: She promised that she wouldn't tell anybody.

Hayley: Tad can be pretty persuasive and very smart.

Brian: Ok. Well, I got to get over there.

Hayley: No, no, Brian. Wait. Tad and Dixie need to be alone.

Dixie: Adam couldn't tell you what I got you a wedding gift, could he?

Tad: Told you, I don't remember everything.

Dixie: I don't know why you're doing to me, Mr. Orsini, but I hope you rot in hell for it.

Tad: It's true. Dixie, if it weren't, and I'd been a lie, why else would I have stayed away for so long?

Dixie: You really expect me to believe this?

Tad: If you don't believe it, then please, please just open the door. Look at my face. God help me. Ozzie!

Dixie: What?

Tad: "Ozzie and Harriet." Ozzie and Harriet"? What the -- I don't know. It just popped  into my mind. Don't ask me why. I don't know what it means. Does it mean anything, Dixie?

Tad's voice: You watch. You and I are going to be two of the greats in the hall of fame of romantic couples. No, I'm not kidding. Romeo and Juliet. And then you and me.

Dixie: Ooh. Bad ending.

Tad: Antony and Cleopatra.

Dixie: Try again.

Tad: Sean and Madonna?

Dixie and Tad: Uhh!

Tad: Ozzie and Harriet.

Dixie: Ozzie --

Tad: Mickey and Minnie. Kermit and Miss Piggy! Yeah! All right. Forget Ozzie and Harriet. Forget the Nelsons. It doesn't matter. The only thing that's important is you and me. Dixie, please. please, I -- I can't make my -- I can't make the memories come back. I'd do anything for you. I'd lay down my life for you. Or Junior. But I can't make myself remember. I'm sure you gave me the world's most perfect wedding gift when we got married, whatever it was. I just wish I knew what it was but I don't.

Dixie: Stupid idiot. I gave you a new watch!

Dixie's voice: Ooh, tension. For you.

Tad: Gray! Gray!

Dixie: What?

Tad: You were wearing something gray. It was a -- a white and gray knit sweater. A watch! It was a gold watch. You had it inscribed. It said, "Time. Yours to the end of time."

Dixie: Tad! [Crying] [Opens the door]

Tad: I gave you a music box. It said, "Yours forever."

Dixie: Ha ha! [Laughing and hugging]

Tad: Long time no see?

Dixie: It's really you.

Tad: Yeah, right.

Dixie: Can I touch you again? Oh.

Tad: See? It's me. I'm really here.

Dixie: [Crying] You know -- when they told me that you died, I wouldn't believe it. I didn't know -- and I waited, and I looked, and I looked. I couldn't stand thinking that I wasn't gonna see you or feel you again or hear your voice. Day after day, I prayed, and I waited, but I just couldn't do it anymore. It was too painful. So I had to stop. The waiting. Sitting and waiting for a miracle. But this -- this is --

Tad: Miracle? Why not? Nola always taught me to pray for miracles.

Dixie: Well, I just think she must be doing enough praying for both of us.

[Dixie and Tad laugh]

Brian: You gotta be kidding me. Dixie needs me.

Hayley: Not now. Now she needs Tad. Come back to the city with us, Brian. They'll catch up with us later.

Brian: No, you take Junior to Opal and Palmer's. I gotta get to Dixie. Last time she saw Orsini, she totally freaked out.

Hayley: But he is not Ted Orsini. He's Tad, and he can explain everything to her.

Brian: She's gonna run. Like I told you, she thinks that Adam hired him.

Hayley: He hasn't seen Dixie in two years. He will not let her run away from him.

Brian: How is he gonna stop her?

Hayley: He was married to her, Brian. He can get through to her.

Brian: Then I gotta be there.

Hayley: What for?

Brian: Dixie and I -- we started over.. Totally new lives. And now everything's off, and it's safe to go home, and I'm supposed to let Tad break the news to her?

Hayley: I know this is tough for you, but think of Dixie.

Brian: I am.

Hayley: Look, Brian, Dixie nearly lost it when Tad died, ok? And now whether you like it or not, he is back and alive. Dixie does not need an audience.

Brian: I'm a lot more than just an audience, Hayley.

Hayley: I know that. I know that. But Tad loves her, too. And he would never do anything to hurt her. So please, let Dixie decide how much time she needs alone with him.

Brian: So I'm just supposed to hang around some hotel suite with my hands in my pockets?

Hayley: All right. Fine. Drive off to that apartment in Queens and you barge in on the most important moment of Dixie's life. While you're on your way over there, you think about this. Are you going there because it's what's best for Dixie or because you don't want to leave her alone with Tad?

Nurse Ashford: The entire hospital is abuzz. Stuart invited some of his friends on the staff to the wedding. Well, of course, you know that. Never felt so sorry for a man. You've got nerve coming back to work. Well, I suppose after a while, you can't afford to care what people think of you. But Stuart. I can only imagine what that poor, simple man feels. He hasn't come back to work. I suppose you've noticed that, haven't you?

Gloria: Yes, I have.

Nurse Ashford: Here you are as if nothing has happened. I thought you'd be long gone by now. Adam Chandler's little friend hardly --

Stephen: Nurse Ashford, is running your mouth off part of the new schedule?

Nurse Ashford: I was just attempting to have a conversation with Gloria.

Stephen: I bet you were. Mr. Milford's got a problem with his IV. Would you go take care of it?

Nurse Ashford: Yes, Doctor.

Stephen: Oh, what the hell?

Gloria: Don't worry about her. She and my mother are from the same mold.

Stephen: I don't give a damn about that old thing. I'm mad at you.

Stephen: You just sat there and took it.

Gloria: Well, why not? She's got a point.

Stephen: You know, if Nurse Ratched had done that to anybody else, you would've just slapped her one. Would you let her do that to Dixie?

Gloria: Dixie didn't deserve it. I do.

Stephen: You really don't give Stuart any credit, do you?

Gloria: This isn't about Stuart. This about me.

Stephen: All that time that two spent together doesn't count anymore? What, you just writing him off as some kind of naive fool?

Gloria: Nothing I do should surprise you by now.

Stephen: All that time, who was Stuart falling madly in love with? You. The real you.

Gloria: The real me slept with his brother. I shattered Stuart's heart into a thousand tiny pieces. There Adam and I were, agonizing over music, wedding gowns, flowers, invitations, but what did we forget? We forgot about honesty, responsibility, goodness.

Stephen: Stuart's right about you, you know. You're a good person. So why are you fighting it?

Gloria: And you're as bad as he is.

Stephen: Good people make mistakes. It happens all the time. Just don't let narrow-minded people treat you like dirt. That's like letting your mother win.

Gloria: My mother had more on the ball than I gave her credit for. Come on, Stephen, what am I supposed to do, just pretend that nothing happened?

Stephen: What happened between you and Adam doesn't mean that Stuart isn't right about you. You've got so much going for you. Just promise me that you won't give up, ok? Promise me that.

Gloria: If it'll make you happy.

Stephen: Thank you

Gloria: You're welcome.

Hayley: Know this is hard for you. It's definitely none of my business. Don't you think you ought to come back to the city with us? Tad probably already caught up to Dixie or she'd here by now. They'll meet us at the hotel when they're ready.

Charlie: We kids can only handle so much  --

Junior: I want to see Mommy.

Hayley: Well, our plans are still pretty much up in the air.

Brian: Hey, buddy, we're -- we're gonna leave now, all right? And we're gonna see your mommy really soon. Ok?

Charlie: Where to?

Brian: Uncle Palmer and Aunt Opal's in Manhattan. Your mommy's probably there. If she's not, we'll catch up with her later. You ready?

Dixie: Nola was one of those people who just didn't like the word "No," did she? She told me your whole story, how she found you. She's a great lady. I really cared about her. She's one of those people that you really like even though you've only known them for short time. I'm sorry she died. I'm so sorry.

Tad: So am I. She was a real believer in fate. Miracles. She believed in you and me.

Dixie: I thought it was a little much when she offered your help before we ever met.

Tad: Little did you think, right? You thought -- oh, just -- Two years. For two years, she was my mother, you know? All her memories of her son became my past and my present. She was -- a miracle. She loved you, you know. She adored you. She could never stop talking about her patient advocate. She -- she died talking about you. Her last words were about you.

Dixie: Really?

Tad: Yeah. Oh, yeah. I thought she was delirious, that she'd confused you with someone else. You know? Her heart was giving out, and the last thing she thought about was whether or not I was gonna be left alone. So I lied to her. I told her that we'd seen each other, that we'd worked everything out.

Dixie: Oh, Tad.

Tad: What's the harm? She deserved it. She died happy. And you know what? I don't think it matters. I'll bet you anything in the world, right now she's up there somewhere, toasting us. Miracles. Fate. You and me.

Tad: You ok?

Dixie: I'm in total shock.

Tad: You're in total shock? Imagine how I felt, showing up in Pine Valley on some kind of fluke, walking around having these weird thoughts. Headaches, flashbacks.

Dixie: You ok now?

Tad: I haven't felt this good since Christmas eve.

Dixie: Where were you Christmas eve?

Tad: In Pine Valley, in a park.

Dixie: Which one?

Tad: The one by the hospital.

Dixie: I was there that night.

Tad: You were?

Opal: What time is it? Where the heck are they?

Palmer: I don't know where they are.

Opal: Oh! Oh! Here they are! They're back! Oh, hello!

Palmer: Come on, give your uncle a hug.

Opal: Oh, my dumpling. How are you doing? Look at these glasses. You want a little something to eat?

Hayley: We got him something at the airport.

Opal: Oh, you did? Well, we're just tickled pink that you're home, honey bunch.

Junior: Where's Mommy?

Opal: Oh, she'll be here any minute. Don't you worry.

Palmer: Hey, Brian, Brian, are you all right? You need anything, I can send downstairs for something.

Brian: No, no. No, thanks.

Palmer: Running away wasn't probably the best idea in the world, but I have thank you for standing by my niece.

Opal: Oh, thank you, Lord. Thank you. Our Junior's home. And my boy's safe and sound, and little Peter's in the next room just sleeping peacefully in his crib. And Tad and Dixie are back together again, and all is finally right with the world.

[Dixie giggles]

Tad: You were in the park?

Dixie: Yeah.

Tad: The one by the hospital?

Dixie: Mm-hmm.

Tad: When? I mean, I would've seen you. Was it -- was it still snowing?

Dixie: No. No, it was clear. It was -- it was just after Junior's Christmas pageant, which was really depressing. The idea of spending Christmas Eve without him was --

Tad: Wouldn't be like Christmas.

Dixie: I don't think I've ever felt so scared and alone my life. So I --

Dixie and Tad: Wished on a star.

Tad: I did, too.

Dixie: Yeah? Ha!

Tad: Took long enough, but -- I think I just got my wish.

Dixie: Me, too.

[Tad touches Dixie's face then kisses her]

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