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A-HI TV Episodes

These are mostly in EP (aka SLP).  Some are copies.  Most of the information I put on there is from my memory so it may not all be accurate.

When it says "direct from TV" that is usually right, but sometimes I tape a show in SP speed and then copy it over to another tape in SLP/EP speed, so it may be a copy.

Links are to my pages for those shows.

Although I have listed DVD's, I'm not sure if I can copy them or not (haven't tried).
I have not updated my list in about 6 years, so feel free to email me about anything more recent, I might have it....

Action (1999) SLP/EP direct from FX

    Many episodes

Alien Nation (1989-1991)  (all episodes) SLP/EP from SciFi channel mostly

     Three to Tango, The Game, Chains of Love, Partners, Real Men, Crossing the Line, The Red Room, The Spirit of í95, Generation to Generation, Rebirth, Gimme, Gimme, The Torch, Dark Horizons, Millenium, Body and Soul, Pilot Pt. 1,  Fountain of Youth, Little Lost Lamb, Fifteen with Wanda, Takeover, Partners, Real Men, Crossing the Line, The Enemy Within, Pilot Pt. 2, Contact, Eyewitness News

Aliens in America (2007) SLP/EP direct from The CW (original airings)

    many episodes

Aliens in the Family  (1996) Most SP copies from trade

     all episodes

All My Children (1970-present) SLP/EP direct from ABC or Soapnet (original airings)

     4 episodes from 25th anniversary week and Classic Episode  (most recent episodes as well and a backlog of episodes going back to 1999)

All Souls (2001)

    a few episodes

Ally McBeal   (1997-2002) SLP/EP one generation copy

    one episode w/Michael Easton

Almost Live   (1984) SLP/EP from Comedy Central, some may be copies

     six episodes w/: Freshwater Fish or Famous Chef?, Veggie  Kill ad, Dish Rag, Lifestyles of the Almost  Rich Famous, Baby Talk or Food mart?, Five Clerks/ Female Clinic, monologue, African Nation or  New Age Musician, Ineffectual Middle Management Suckups, Amazingly Wonderful Products, Famous Crime Duo or Retail Store, 48 Seconds, Me!/ Things I Miss About College, The Neurotic Olympics, A Woman's Place ad, Oliver Stone's Worldbook Encyclopedia, Today Tonight, A Woman's Place ad, Ineffectual Middle Management Suckup, The John Report, A Woman's Place, KALM Radio monologue, Foreign Language for males, A Woman's Place ad, 1-Miserable S.O.B., Mr. Buzz, A Woman's Place ad, The Lame List/ monologue, Nikeareebadidas, Elderly Shopping Network, The Bead Store, The Jerk-a-derm, patch, The John Report, Renting a Video,  Lame List/  monologue, The Columbia Institute of Carnival Ride Operators, The Kicker ad, TV Listings, Anxiety Man, Wonderful Discoveries, TV Listings, Good Buzz Ad, The Lame List/ Nuisance, monologue

American Dreams (2002-2005)

    a few episodes

American Gothic   (1995-1996) SLP/EP

     last two episodes --fairly good quality, taped from TV

copies--Pilot, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Eye of the Beholder, Damned if You Donít, Dead to the World,   Potato Boy, Rebirth, Ring of Fire, Resurrection, Inhumanitus, Plague Sower, Dr. Death Takes a Holiday, To Hell and Back, Learning to Crawl, Echo of Your Last Goodbye, Strangler, The Buck Stops Here, Requiem (AG3),  Meet the Beetles, Strong Arm of the Law, To Hell and Back, The Beast Within (AG4).         

American Masters SLP/EP direct from PBS

     You're the Top: the Cole Porter Story

American Playhouse SLP/EP

     Into the Woods

American Playhouse/Great Performances  SLP/EP direct from PBS

     The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess

Angel   (1999-2004) SLP/EP so-so copies

     City of, Lonely Heart, Into the Dark, I Fall to Pieces, Rm W/Vu, Sense and Sensibility, The Bachelor Party, I Will Remember You, Hero

Another World most episodes from 1987 to ? taped from Soapnet every day since they started airing them.

Are You Being Served?   (British 1972-1985) SLP/EP most direct from TV

     pilot, Dear Sexy Knickers, Our Figures Are Slipping, Camping In, Diamonds Are a Manís Best FriendThe Clock, Cold Comfort, The Think Tank, Big Brother Hoorah for the Holidays, The Hand of Fate Coffee Morning, Up Captain Peacock, Cold Store, Wedding Bells , German WeekChristmas Crackers, New Look, No Sale, Forward Mr. Grainger, Fire Practice, Oh What a Tangled Web, Mrs. Slocombe Expects, A Change Is As Good As a Rest, Founderís Day, The Old Order Changes, Take-over, Goodbye, Mr. Grainger, It Pays to Advertise, By Appointment, The Club, Do You Take This Man?, Shedding the Load, A Bliss Girl, Happy Returns, The Junior, Strong Stuff This Insurance, The Apartment, Mrs. Slocombe, Senior Person, The Hero, Anything You Can Do, The Punch and Judy Affair, Is It Catching?, A Personal Problem, The Sit-Out, Heir Apparent, The Sweet Smell of Success, Conduct Unbecoming, Memories Are Made of This, Calling All Customers , Lost and Found,  Monkey Business, Goodbye, Mrs. Slocombe, Grounds for Divorce, The Holdup, Gambling Fever, The Nightclub, Friends and Neighbors, The Pop Star

Shoulder to Shoulder
  His and Hers
      Fifty Years On  
      The Father Christmas Affair  
      The Agent  
      Front Page Story  
       Closed Circuit  
       The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe  

     KPBS Pledge Break w/Jonathan Inman direct from TV

Are You Being Served Again!   (British 1992-1993) SLP/EP direct from TV

                5 episodes (not sure which ones)

Arli$$   (1996-2002) SLP/EP direct from TV

    one episode  SLP/EP

The Avengers   (1966-1969) SLP/EP from TVLAND

                Too Many Christmas Trees (p), Touch of Brimstone, The Gravediggers (p), A Surfeit of H20

The Awful Truth     (1999-2000) SLP/EP (some SP) direct from tv

                episodes 1-6, 8-11 (TV5)

                episode 12-   (TV6)

Babylon 5    (1992-1997) (all episodes--most from original airings but also have TNT repeats) TNT ones mostly SP


     The Gathering, Midnight on the Firing Line, Soul Hunter, Born to the Purple, Infection, Parliament of Dreams, Mindwar, The War Prayer, And the Sky Full of Stars, Deathwalker, Believers , Survivors, By Any Means Necessary, Signs and Portents, TKO , Grail, Eyes, Legacies, A Voice in the Wilderness, A Voice in the Wilderness, Pt. 2, Babylon Squared, The Quality of Mercy, Chrysalis


     Points of Departure, Revelations, Geometry of Shadows, A Distant Star, The Long Dark, Spider in the Web Soul Mates, A Race Through Dark Places, The Coming of Shadows, GROPOS, All Alone in the Night, Acts of Sacrifice, Hunter, Prey, There All the Honor Lies, And Now for a Word,n the Shadow of Z'ha'dum, Knives, Confessions and Lamentations, Divided Loyalties, The Long, Twilight Struggle, Comes the Inquisitor, The Fall of Night


Matters of Honor,Convictions,A Day in the Strife, Voices of Authority, Passing Through Gethsemane, Dust to Dust, Messages from Earth, Exogenesis, Severed Dreams, Point of No Return, Ceremonies of Light and Dark, Sic Transit Vir, A Late Delivery from Avalon, Ship of Tears, Interludes and Examinations, War Without End, Part One, War Without End, Part Two, Walkabout, Grey 17 Is Missing, Shadow Dancing, And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place, Zíhaídum


     The Hour of the Wolf, Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?, The Summoning, Falling Toward Apotheosis, The Long Night, Into the Fire, Epiphanies, The Illusion of Truth, Atonement, Racing Mars, Lines of Communication, Conflicts of Interest, Rumors, Bargains and Lies, Moments of Transition, No Surrender, No Retreat, Exercise of Vital Powers, The Face of the Enemy, Intersections in Real Time, Between the Darkness and the Light, Endgame, Rising Star, The Deconstruction of Falling Stars ,


     In the Beginning pt. 1, In the Beginning pt. 2, No Compromises, The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari , The Paragon of Animals, A View from the Gallery, Learning Curve, Strange Relations, Secrets of the Soul, Day of the Dead, In the Kingdom of the Blind, A Tragedy of Telepaths, Phoenix Rising, The Ragged Edge, The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father, Meditations on the Abyss, Darkness Ascending, And All My Dreams Torn Asunder, Movements of Fire and Shadow, The Fall of Centauri Prime, Objects in Motion, Objects at Rest, Wheel of Fire, Sleeping in Light, River of Souls, A Call to Arms

Bakersfield, PD    (1993-1994) (all episodes)  SLP/EP but mostly bad copies from trade

     The Pilot, The Impostor, Unsolved Mysteries of Love, The Snake Charmer, The Poker Game, The Bust, The Ex-Partner, Bakersfield Madam, Cable Does Not Pay, The Gift,  The President's Coming,  A Bullet for Stiles, There Goes the Neighborhood, Arms and the Men, The Psychic and the C-Cup, Last One Into the Water, Lucky 13

Batman    (1966-1968) SLP/EP copy from trade

      1st episode

Batman and Robin --serial direct from AMC (1949)

Battlestar: Galactica    (1978-1980) (all episodes) SLP/EP mostly so-so copies from trade

     first episode , Lost Planet of the Gods, Fire in Space, War of the Gods, War of the Gods Part II, The Long Patrol, The Gun on Ice Planet Zero (my copies from Scifi Channel)

Lost Planet of the Gods, The Lost Warrior, The Long Patrol, The Gun on Ice Planet Zero  The Young Lords, The Living Legend, The Magnificent Warriors, Fire in Space, The Man with Nine Lives, War of the Gods, Murder on the Rising Star, Greetings from Earth, Baltarís Escape, Experiment in Terra, Take the Celestra, The Hand of God (copies from trade)

The Best of the Worst    (1991-1992) SLP/EP direct from TV


Beverly Hills 90210    (1990-2000) SLP/EP direct from TV


Bewitched    (1964-1972) SLP/EP direct from TV

     first two episodes, one episode in Japanese

Big Shots (2007)  SLP/EP direct from TV (original airings)

    a few episodes

Biography (1987-present) SLP/EP direct from TV

    Gene Roddenberry 
    Cary Grant 
    Special:  Jerry Lewis 
    Leonard Nimoy 
    William Shatner 
    The Carpenters 
    Rat Pack 
    Brian Epstein 
    Shirley Jones

Bionic Woman (2007) SLP/EP direct from ABC (original airings)

    have most episodes

Black Adder I   (1983-1989) (all episodes except the movie "Blackadder Back and Forth") SP original prerecorded tapes

     Part 1: The Foretelling, Part 2: The Queen of Spain's Beard, Part 3: The Archbishop

     Part 4: Born  to Be King, Part 5: Witchsmeller Pursuivant,  Part 6: The Black Seal

Black Adder II

     Part 1: Bells, Part 2: Head, Part 3: Potato 

     Part  4: Money, Part 5: Beer, Part  6: Chains

Black Adder III

     Part 1: Dish and Dishonesty, Part 2: Ink and Incapability, Part 3: Nob and Nobility

     Part 4: Sense and Senility, Part 5: Amy and Amiability, Part 6: Dual and Duality

Black Adder IV (Black Adder Goes Forth)

     Part 1: Captain Cook, Part 2: Corporal Punishment, Part 3: Major Star

     Part 4: Private Plane, Part 5: General Hospita, Part 6: Goodbyeee

Black Adder Christmas Carol

Black Scorpion (2001) SLP/EP direct from TV (original airings)

    many episodes

Bob Costas SLP/EP direct from TV

     w/Paul McCartney

The Bold and The Beautiful  (1987-present) most SLP/EP direct from CBS (original airings)

       one episode in French SLP/EP 

      one episode  SP

     many more from CBS

Boston Public (2000-2004) SLP/EP direct from TV (original airings)

    a few episodes

Breakfast with the Arts SLP/EP direct from TV

     Beethoven's Mass in C, Brahms' 4th Symphony (p)

Brisco County, Jr. (The Adventures of)   (1993-1994) SLP/EP from TNT

     Premiere, The Orb Scholar, No Man's Land, Brisco in Jalisco, Socrates' Sister, Riverboat, Pirates, Senior Spirit, Deep in The Heart of Dixie, Crystal Hawks,Mail Order Brides, Bounty Hunter's Convention, Fountain of Youth, Hard Rock, The Brooklyn Dodgers, Bye Bly,  Stagecoach, Wild Card,And Baby Makes 3, Bad Luck Betty,  High Treason Part 1,  High Treason Part 2

Brisco For the Defense, Showdown, Steel Horses, AKA Kansas, Ned Zed

Buddy Faro  (1998) SP copies from trade

    episodes 1-7

Buffy the Vampire Slayer  (1997-2003) SLP/EP (most not great copies from trade)  

                First episode, Welcome to the Hellmouth, Harvest, The Freshman, Living Conditions, The Harsh Light of Day, Fear Itself, Beer Bad, Wild at Heart, The Initiative, Pangs, Something Blue

Cagney and Lacey  (1982-1987) (SP) one generation copy from SP

     five episodes in German

Cane (2007) SLP/EP direct from TV (original airings)

    some episodes

Charmed  (1998-present) SLP/EP direct from TV

     two episodes with Finola Hughes

Cheers  (1982-1993) SLP/EP direct from TV (most original airings)

     first episode, last episode, grand reopening episode

Chicago Hope  (1994-2000) SLP/EP direct from TV

     all-musical episode, episode w/Shemar Moore, Hitchcock episode 

China Beach  (1988-1991) SLP/EP direct from TV

     first episode

Chronicle:  SLP/EP direct from TV

     The Rosenbergs

Cold Case 2003-2010 SLP/EP direct from CBS (original airings)

    a few episodes

Cracker  (1993-1999) (British) SLP/EP direct from TV

     True Romance

Crossing Jordan (2001-2007) SLP/EP direct from NBC (original airings)

    a few episodes

Crusade  (1999) (SP) direct from TNT

      War Zone, The Path of Sorrows, The Well of ForeverThe Rules of the Game, Appearances and Other Deceit, Racing The Night,The Memory of War, The Needs of Earth, Each Night I Dream of Home

Missing: Patterns of the Soul, Ruling From the Tomb, Visitors From Down the Street

Cybill  (1995-1998) SLP/EP direct from CBS (original airings)

     1.5 Starting on The Wrong Foot w/Jonathan Frakes

4.24 Kaboom! (last episode)

Dallas  (1978-1991) SLP/EP most from trade, may be original airings, not sure...

     all episodes

     JR Returns  direct from TV

     War of the Ewings direct from TV

Dark Shadows  (1966-1971) SLP/EP direct from SCIFI Channel

     Many episodes

Dark Skies  (1996-1997) SLP/EP direct from SciFi Channel

     Dark Days Night, The Awakening (p), Mercury Rising, Ancient Future, We Shall Overcome, The Warren Omission, White Rabbit

Dawson's Creek almost all episodes, from TNT

The Dating Game  (1965-1973) (SP) copy from trade

       one episode w/The Carpenters (MSP57)

David Frost SLP/EP direct from TV

     w/Robin Williams

Days of Our Lives  (1965-present) SLP/EP direct from TV

     special nighttime episode,  episode w/ Susan and Johnís wedding, 12/31/99 episode, and assorted 1999-present episodes

A Daytime to Remember  (1997) SLP/EP direct from ABC (original airings)


Dead at 21  (1994) (all episodes)  SLP/EP direct from TV

     Pilot, Brain Salad, Love Minus Zero, Shock the Monkey, Daddy Gone, Use Your Illusion, Live for Today, Tie Mother Down, Cry, Baby, Cry, Life During Wartime, Hotel California, In Through the Out Door, In Through the Out Door Pt. 2

Deadly Games  (1995-1996) direct from TV


Dennis Miller Live!  (1994-present) direct from TV

     w/Robin Williams, one episode

Diagnosis:  Murder  (1993-present) direct from TV

     pilot movie, two assorted episodes, M*A*S*H actors episode, one episode w/Randolph Mantooth, Gary Sandy, Billy J. Warlock, Stephen J. Cannell, and Tony Dow

The District (2000-2004) SLP/EP speed direct from TV (original airings)

    a few episodes

Donahue!  (1970-1995) direct from TV

     w/Howard Stern

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman  (1993-1998) SP speed direct from TV

     one episode in Japanese

Dream On  (1990-1996) direct from TV (HBO unless otherwise indicated)


     The First Episode (DO1) Comedy, Death Takes a Coffee Break, Sex and the Single Father Comedy, Sole Sister (DO5), Angst for the Memories...And Sheep Are Nervous, Over Your Dead Body, Martin Gets Lucky, Three Coins in the DryerThe Trojan War, Up the River, 555-Hell, Doing the Bossa Nova, Premarital Ex


     The Second Greatest Story Every Told, And Your Little Dog, Too, The 37 Year Itch, Calling the Kettle Black,   Futile Attraction, No, I'm Just Happy to See You, What I Did for Lust, Play Melville For Me, To Have and Have and Have and Have Not, Pants on Fire,So Funny I Forgot to Laugh, Toby or Not Toby, The Name of the Game is Five-Card Stud  


     And Bimbo Was His Name-o, Nightmare on Bleecker St., Bad Girls, Here Comes the Bribe, May Divorce Be With You, Come and Knock on Our Door..., B.S. Elliot, What Woman Want, Red All Over, The Rocky Marriage Picture Show, Martin Over Medium, The Theory of Relativity, Up All Night, The Guilty Party, The Son Also Rises, Domestic Bliss, It Came From Beneath the Sink, No Deposit, No Return, To the Moon, Alex, Dance Ten, Sex Three, Key for Two


     Oral Sex, Lies, and Videotapes, The French Conception, Depth Be Not Proud, Pop Secret, Home Sweet Homeboy, One Ball Two Strikes, Portrait by an Artist on the Young Man, Silent Night, Holy Cow, Brother of the Bride, Blinded by the Cheese, Hey Nanny Nanny, The Second Coming, Martin Tupper in Magnum Farce, Where There's Smoke, You're Fired, Blame it on Reo, From Here to Paternity, A Face Worse Than Death, Felines...Nothing More than Felines, Stone Cold


     The Taking of Pablum 1-2-3 Pt. 1, The Taking of Pablum 1-2-3 Pt. 2, 'Tis Pity She's a Neighbor, Steinway to Heaven, Judy and the Beast, The Homecoming Queen, I'm With Stupid, Attack of the 59 Inch Woman, Those Who Can't, Edit, Off-Off Broadway Bound, Hack Like Me, I Never Promised You Charoses, Martin, The Courtship of Martin's Father


     Try Not to Remember, Bess, You Is Not My Woman Now, The Long Distance Runaround, Flight of the Pedalbee, Am I Blue, Home Is Where the Cart Is, Little Orphan Eddie, Tobyís Choice, Significant Author, Beam Me Up, Dr. Spock, Take Two Tablets, And Get Me to Mt. Sinai, Music in My Veins, Music in My Veins Pt. 2, Tie Me Sister Lu Down, Sport, She Won't Do it, But Her Sister Will, The Weekend at the College Didnít Turn out Like They Planned,  Second Time Aground, Spirit of 76th and Park, All About Louie, The Way We War, Springtime for  Tupper, Hey Diddle Diddle, Cupid Is As Cupid Does, Tenants, Anyone?, Finale - Part One, Finale with a Vengeance


     The Charlotte Letter, Terms of Employment, For Richard or for Poorer,The Undergraduate, Reach Out and Touch Yourself, A Midsummer Night's Dream On, The Book, The Thief, Her Boss and His Lover, Super Freak, And Bobby Makes Three, 9 Ĺ Days   

The Drew Carey Show  (1995-2004) SLP/EP direct from TV

                Brotherhood of Man, one episode w/ Shirley Jones and Danny Bonaduce

Due South  (1994-1996) SLP/EP direct from TV

     Manhunt w/Leslie Nielsen

Earth 2  (1994-1995) all episodes SLP/EP direct from TV (mostly original airings)

     First Contact, The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two), Life Lessons, Promises, Promises, A Memory Play, Water, The Church of Morgan, The Enemy Within, Redemption, Moon Cross, Better Living Through Morganite Part 1, Better Living Through Morganite Part 2, Grendlers in the Mist, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, Brave New Pacifica, Survival of the Fittest, After the Thaw, The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King, All About Eve, Natural Born Grendlers, Flower Child

Earth: Final Conflict (1997-2002) SP copies from trade (more coming soon)


      Decision, Truth, Miracle, Avatar, Old Flame

The Edge SLP/EP direct from TV

     w/George Wendt

Eerie, Indiana (1991-1992) all episodes but one  SLP/EP direct from TV

     Foreverware, The Losers, The Retainer, The ATM With the Heart of Gold, America's Scariest Home Video, Just Say No Fun, Heart on a Chain, The Broken Record, The Dead Letter, The Lost Hour,  Who's Who, Marshall's Theory of Believability, Tornado Days, The Hole in the Head  Gang, No Brain No Pain, The Loyal Order of Corn, Zombies in P.J.'s , Reality Takes a Holiday, Mr. Chaney  

missing: The Jolly Rogers

Eisenhower & Lutz   (1988) SLP/EP

     one episode direct from TV

      13 episodes (really bad quality from copy)  

Elektra Woman and Dyna Girl   (1976) SLP/EP direct from TVLAND

     one episode

Eli Stone (2008-2009) SLP/EP direct from TV (original airings)

    many episodes

Elvis: the Early Years (1990) SLP/EP direct from TV (cable not original airing)

     all episodes

Entertainment Tonight (1981-present) SLP/EP direct from TV

     w/Paul McCartney, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, MacDonald Carey, etc. (MO24)

ER (1994-2009)

     first episode (p) SLP/EP direct from TNT

      one episode in French  SP direct from TV

    have many other episodes direct from NBC (original airings)

Everwood (2002-2006) SLP/EP direct from The WB (original airings)

    a few episodes

The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (1976-1978) SLP/EP copy from trade

     14 episodesóReggie passes himself off as Martin

Family Guy   (1999-present) SLP/EP direct from FOX (original airings)

     many episodes

Fawlty Towers    (1975-1979) all episodes  SLP/EP direct from PBS

     A Touch of Class, The Germans, The Builders, The Psychiatrist, The Wedding Party, Waldorf Salad, The Hotel Inspectors, The Kipper and the Corps, Communication Problems, The Anniversary Party,  Gourmet Night, Basil the Rat,        Communication Problems w/Finnish subtitles (from copy)

The Flash (1990) all episodes  SLP/EP direct from SciFi Channel

     Pilot Episode The Flash, Out of Control,   Watching the Detectives, Honor Among Thieves, Double Vision, Sins of the Father, Child's Play, Shroud of Death, Ghost in the Machine, Sight Unseen, Beat the Clock, The Trickster, Tina, Is That You?, Be My Baby, Fast Forward, The Deadly Nightshade, Captain Cold, Twin Streaks , Done With Mirrors, Goodnight, Central City, Alpha, Trial of the Trickster 

48 Hours    (1988-present) SLP/EP direct from TV

     Paul McCartney         soap operas

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air  (1990-1996) SLP/EP direct from TV original airing

     One episode w/William Shatner, last episode

Front Line  (1983-present) SLP/EP direct from PBS

     Death of a Porn Queen

Fry and Laurie    (1991-1995) SLP/EP direct from PBS

     two episodes  

Futurama   (1999-present) SLP/EP direct from TV


    101 Space Pilot 3000
    102 The Series Has Landed  
    103 I, Roommate
    104 Loveís Labour Lost in Space (missing)
    105 Fear of a Bot Planet  
    106 A Fishful of Dollars
    107 My Three Suns
    108 A Big Piece of Garbage
    109 Hell Is Other Robots (missing)  
    110 A Flight to Remember  
    111 Mars University  
    112 When Aliens Attack
    113 Fry and The Slurm Factory  

SECOND SEASON (haven't watched some of these yet so not sure which ones I have)

    201 I Second That Emotion
    202 Branigan Begin Again  (missing?)
    203 A Head in The Polls
    204 Xmas Story
    205 Why Must I Be Crustacean in Love
    206 Lesser of Two Evils  (missing?)
    207 Raging Bender (missing)
    208 A Bicyclops Built for Two (missing)  
    209 A Clone of My Own  (missing)
    210 How Hermes Requistioned His Groove Back (missing)
    211 The Deep South
    212 Bender Gets Made  (missing)
    213 Motherís Day (missing)  
214 The Problem With Popplers  (missing)
215 Anthology of Interest I  (missing)

General Hospital  (1963-present) SLP/EP direct from TV

     many episodes 98-present, Twist of Fate, anniversary episodes, 1998 Nighttime episode, Nurseís ball episodes (SE77,SE80,SE82) (most recent episodes as well and a backlog of episodes going back to 1999)

Generations    (1989-1991) SLP/EP direct from TV

     first episode (from BET)

    next to last episode (NBC original airing)

Get a Life     (1990-1992) SLP/EP direct from FOX original airing

     #10 Zoo Animals on Wheels  12/16/90

The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.  (1966-1967)  SLP/EP direct from TVLAND

      The Fountain of Youth Affair, The Dog Gone Affair, The Mother Muffin Affair, The Little John Doe Affair

Golden Years  (1991) (copies from trade Scifi Channel?)

     all episodes

Gossip Girl (2007-present)

    many episodes

Gotta Sing!   SLP/EP direct from TV

     several episodes 

Great Performances    (1972-present)  SLP/EP direct from PBS

    Guys and Dolls: Off the Record      
    Cole Porter      
    Encore: The Three Tenors      
    Evening at Pops        
    Leonard Bernstein: A Gift of Music        
    A Tribute to Paul McCartney      
    Irving Berlin's America      
    Julie Andrews       
    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat        
    Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman Sing Spirituals (p)      
    Leonard Bernstein's 30th Anniversary      
    A Little Night Music      
    Luciano Pavarotti Sings Verdi's Requiem      
    La Pastorela      
    Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio      
    Pavarotti and the Italian Tenor       
    Peter Sellar's Cosi Fan Tutte      
    Peter Townsend's Psychoderelict      
    Richard Rodgers      
    Some Enchanted Evening      
    Sondheim: a Concert at Carnegie Hall (p)      
    The Sorceress

Green Acres   (1965-1971) SLP/EP from TVLAND

     first episode

Grey's Anatomy (2005-present) SLP/EP direct from ABC (original airings)

    quite a few episodes

Gunsmoke    (1955-1975) SLP/EP from TVLAND

     first episode

Hack (2002-2004) SLP/EP speed direct from TV (original airings)

    a few episodes

Hardball   (1989-1990) SLP/EP direct from TV

     The Butt Winnick Story

Hard Copy   (1989)  SLP/EP direct from TV

     Legends of Rock and Roll

Hardcore TV (1994) SLP/EP direct from HBO

     six episodes

Hart to Hart (1979-1984) SLP/EP direct from TV

     one untitled episode, Old Friends Never Die

Hawaii 5-0   (1968-1980) SLP/EP direct from WGN 

       one episode w/Paul Williams

Hercules, The Legendary Journeys  (1994-1999)  SLP/EP direct from WGN

    Yes, Virginia, There Is a Hercules

Herman's Head  (1991-1994)   SLP/EP direct from FOX

flashbacks from one episode

Hi, Honey, I'm Home   (1991)  (all episodes)    SLP/EP direct from Nick-at-Nite and ABC

     1-12, 14

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