Thursday 1/16/20 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

On the phone, Ridge tells Shauna that he had to tell Brooke the truth. She tells him that she'll always be there for him. At the Forrester mansion, Brooke asks Eric to kick Shauna and Quinn out of his house. Eric listens to Brooke, clearly uncomfortable. Then he tells her that he's not going to divorce Quinn. He points out that if Ridge is kissing Shauna, sending her away isn't going to solve their problems. He has to leave for work. Brooke says she should go, too, but she can't find her phone. Quinn listens on the staircase and then rushes out to vent to Shauna. Brooke finds her phone and is looking at it when Quinn returns. She tells Brooke off for what she said to Eric. They have a terrible argument, each warning the other that she'd better not make an enemy of the other one. Shauna comes in and gets involved in their arguing. Brooke slaps Shauna when she says, "No wonder he was looking for something better." Quinn gets annoyed. The fight escalates, and Quinn slaps Brooke. She calls her a bitch and warns her again not to start a battle with her. Brooke declares that if she wants a war, she's got on.

Bill, Will, and Justin wonder why Katie has called them there. She says that it's all about being thankful. Flo and Wyatt arrive, too. Katie tells them all that she wants them to forgive Flo like she has. They go through what Flo did and how it made them feel. Katie thinks that Flo regrets what she did and will blame herself for it for the rest of her life. She tells Flo that she was wrong to say that Storm would be ashamed for her. He would be proud of her. Will forgives Flo. Justin points out to Bill that he needs Katie. Bill admits that Katie is the smartest person he knows, so if she believes that Flo has reformed, then he'll try to believe it, too. Donna forgives Flo and then hugs her. Katie tells Wyatt that he should forgive Flo and reunite with her. Everyone leaves, so Wyatt and Flo can have time together. They tell each other how much they missed each other. They kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ walked in as Eli proposed to Gabi. JJ told Eli that he couldn't marry her because of Lani. Eli was confused so JJ told him about Lani's feelings. Gabi got upset and said that it was too late for her. Eli let him know that he helped him realize that he was over Lani. He ended up telling them he was there to see Abby. They let him know that she wasn't there so he decided to wait for her. While he waited, Eli asked him to be his best man at his wedding. Eli had to take a call. JJ asked Gabi if she loved Eli. He mentioned Julie to her and she thought they would all be happy. Kristen went to JJ's place so Lani told her about JJ's plan. She wanted Kristen to distract Gabi so JJ could get to the app. Kristen wasn't sure if JJ would try to shoot her again. Kristen didn't think she would risk her plan by getting JJ's help. Lani thought she didn't have anyone and Kristen got offended by that. Kristen said she would have been there for her. Lani reminded her that she wasn't there. Lani asked her if she would go to the DiMera mansion so she left. Gina and Stefano arrived at the townhouse and saw John with Marlena. They warned them that Stefano could have walked in on them since they didn't lock their door. Gina gave Marlena a registered gun. Steve told them how Kristen saw Stefano before he left Salem. Marlena didn't want the gun because she had John. Steve said they had a lead on Stefano. He wanted John to go with him to get Stefano. John agreed to go so Marlena helped him pack. Gina was annoyed seeing them together. Stefano wanted her to be patient with the plan. He reminded her that John and Marlena will think the other is dead.

Abe ran into Julie at the town square and talked to her about Lani. Julie let him know how Lani hurt people after what she did. Abe understood her anger towards Lani, but he wanted to make sure that Lani was okay. She could relate because she felt that way about Hope. He told her that Rafe mentioned that to him too. They also talked about Julie's health. She told him that there was an issue with it. Rafe saw Kayla at the pub. He told him about Hope trying to fire him. He talked to her about the cigarettes he smelled and found them in her drawer. She was shocked, but she remembered finding cigarettes before and thought they belonged to a patient. Kayla told him that Hope made a pass at John. Rafe didn't recognize the new Hope so he wanted to continue to watch her. Kristen went to the DiMera mansion. She lied about papers that needed to be signed. Kristen suddenly remembered that the papers were at the office. Gabi agreed to go with her. Gabi was upset that she had to stop celebrating her engagement. Kristen congratulated her. She looked over at JJ. She pointed at Gabi's phone. She was able to get Gabi away from the phone. JJ got the phone and tried to get into the pacemaker app. Unfortunately, he couldn't log in the app. He put the phone down when Eli showed up. He asked him again if he would be his best man. He didn't want to do it, but he agreed to it.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nelle shows up to the Quartermaine shareholders meetings with Oscar’s five percent. Michael and the family attempt to buy her out but she refuses the offer. Brook Lynn tells her off. Brad gets a visit from Julian who goes off on him about everything happening lately. Nelle shows up later on to crash with him.

Alexis and Julian have a heart to heart at the hospital after Julian gets scared about Lucas. Nikolas goes to see Lulu and tries to make amends with her. Lulu doesn’t really like what he is saying or what he did. Sonny decides to take Jason with him to Brooklyn to see the old neighborhood and get Mike treated. Gladys weasels her way into staying at the house.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer asks Mariah to talk to Kyle about his problems with Theo before it hurts his marriage. Mariah doesn't think there is a problem but she agrees to talk to Kyle. Mariah does a good job of hiding how much she misses Tessa when Tessa shares how well it is going for her on tour with Tanner. Phyllis decides to shift her focus and asks Chance for a job. Chance asks Abby for a date and she plays hard to get and tells him if he wants to play with Phyllis he should go for it. Billy has a talk with Lily and tells her he admires her for moving forward with her life. The doctor tells Sharon her cancer is stage 2and recommends chemo therapy before surgery. Sharon tells Nick the news and has a good cry as she talks to him about her fears while she tries to remain positive. Billy calls Amanda to their favorite bar for one of their talks again and he tells her that he has a lot to tell her.

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