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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells the group that he thought they were going to be civil about this and give Thomas time and support him until he gets back on his feet. Brooke counters with and who is going to care for his son while he does this. Thomas says he has been struggling ever since Caroline died but this is his son and he is not ready to give him up. He won’t be signing the papers. Liam jumps in and tells Ridge to put the custody aside for now as this is where Douglas wants to be and feels safe. Ridge understands but says they are taking Douglas now. Brooke gets more forceful and says that Douglas is thriving here with Hope and Liam and NO one is going to take him away from that. They argue more but in the end Ridge points at Brooke and Hope and says they are not the parents, Thomas is and he is trying his best. He is getting help but refuses to say what when Brooke asks. Surely hanging out with Vinny is not helping matters. Ridge tells Hope that if Thomas needs help then he can call on her but he will be taking Douglas home with him. Ridge reminds her that this is much like when she got Beth back. She went into Steffy’s house and took Beth. Ridge did not like that and Steffy did not like that either but she had every right to take her and now like Thomas deserves his son. Donna looks for Ridge but runs into Eric instead who informs her that Ridge will not be back today. He went to get Douglas to stay with Thomas. He hates what this is doing to Hope but after all Douglas is Thomas’s son. Ridge tells Brooke that Thomas won’t be doing this alone. Eric and Quinn have agreed to take in Thomas and Douglas. And Ridge is moving in too. There will be four generations of Forrester men under one roof, all trying to help Thomas heal. Hope gets a call that Douglas will be dropped off by the mother of one of his friends. Brooke rushes toward Thomas and tells him do not go to the cabin to get him. Thomas pulls back and reminds Brooke what happened the last time she pushed him. She and Ridge get into it again about the Forrester’s. She knows he does not think of her as a Forrester despite that she is his wife. He thinks of her as a Logan. She can see it in his eyes and is channeling Stephanie now so he might as well say it and call her the slut from the valley and not worthy of raising a Forrester. Thomas does meet Douglas and both are happy to see each other. Thomas tells him the good news that they will be living together soon. Thomas says Hope and Liam have done a great job taking care of him but now it is time for Douglas to live with him. He is going to prove to him that he can trust him and he is not mad at him. Douglas hugs him and says he has missed him. Thomas says he was wrong to keep Beth’s secret but he is going to be the daddy now that Douglas needs him to be. Douglas hugs his dad again.

Ridge tells Brooke that she is wrong. This is not Logan’s against Forrester’s. Hope adds that Douglas is here right where he wants to be. Ridge argues that Thomas has been raising his son for years and now suddenly Hope has him for a couple of months and she is the expert. Liam jumps in and says he knows they are frustrated and Ridge’s son messed up and he is trying to get him back on the path of redemption but forcing Douglas back with him is not going to do that. Brooke breaks it up by saying if he lets Thomas walk out of here with Douglas……Ridge asks yes, what will she do. She says she has tried over and over to be patient and Ridge says he will get Thomas help but he has not done that. Thomas is sick and needs some serious help. Ridge is jeopardizing Douglas’s safety and she will not allow that. He repeats that – will not allow it? She does not get to decide where the boy lives. She is livid and says she will not allow Thomas to take another child away from her daughter. She gets in his face and takes off her ring and holds it up to him and says he might as well take them too. He is so blinded by his son and he cannot see that she is trying to protect this family. She opens his hands and puts the ring in it and says he promised to love and cherish her above all else but he didn’t. He is not capable. He replies that maybe she is not capable….not capable of forgiveness. But Thomas is not going to lose his son over this. She says he may lose his marriage over this. Thomas and Douglas come in and want to say goodbye. Hope goes to Douglas. He tells her that his dad says he has to go but will she still be his mommy. She says of course. She does not want him to go and wishes he could stay here. He says he misses his dad and he does want him now. Ridge tells him he can visit Hope any time he wants. Douglas gives her one final hug and his favorite stuffed animal. Thomas tells Hope he will be back tomorrow for the rest of Douglas’s things. Once gone, Hope breaks down with Liam holding her. She lashes out at Ridge of what she might do if Thomas puts Douglas in harm’s way. Ridge says he will look out for him. He holds up the ring to Brooke but she shakes her head so he leaves. She goes to Hope and they console each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi put Lani on notice about dumping Eli at the altar. Lani didn't plan on dumping him, but she told her that she had to do it. Arianna told Will and Sonny that Jordan yelled at her for giving David the wrong cupcake. They tried to make her feel better about what Jordan did to her. Jordan wanted Ciara to eat her cupcake. Ciara was ready to eat her cupcake, but Ben stopped her. Julie wanted Eli to tell her all about the wedding. Doug was happy that she was back to her old self. Hope seemed out of it. Gina was emerging in her head. Eli wanted Julie at his wedding, but she wanted him to go to the wedding. Lani was confused by what Gabi wanted. She thought Gabi needed a nap. Gabi didn't think that would help her, but Lani dumping Eli would help. Lani wanted to know why she would break up with Eli. Ben stopped Ciara because they didn't sing to David. Jordan panicked for a second and wanted to sing to him. Jordan watched Ciara while they were singing to David. Will and Sonny talked about how Jordan yelled at Arianna. Will thought they shouldn't have had her near Jordan. Rolf came up to them. Doug didn't understand Hope's attitude towards Julie. Hope explained her behavior. Julie wanted Doug to go home and take care of himself. Lani didn't get how she was supposed to leave Eli at the altar. Gabi told her that she was the reason why she lost her husband. They recapped what happened when she shot Stefan. Lani refused to dump Eli because of what happened. Gabi wanted to make her pay for what she did to Stefan. Lani realized that she didn't mean the apology she gave her and Eli. Gabi admitted that she didn't mean it. She told her that she held all the cards. Rolf didn't like the way Will reacted to him when he saved his life. Will reminded him that he kept him away from his family. He warned Rolf to stay away from his family. Hope showed up while Rolf talked to them about his projects. Jordan wanted Ciara to eat her cupcake. She took a bite out of it. Eli told Julie how she and Doug are role models to him and Lani. Julie wanted him to convince Gabi to see her. She owed her for saving her life. Lani wanted to know what cards Gabi held over her. Gabi reminded her how she gave Stefan's heart to Julie. Lani told her that she made her get down on her knees and beg her to give it. She said that she couldn't take the heart back. Gabi told her that she found a way to keep her promise to Stefan. Gabi wanted her to do what she wanted or Julie would die. 

Rolf told Hope that he was a law abiding citizen since he was back. She told him how she heard about him working at the lab. He explained what happened. Rolf told her that she had a lovely shade of lipstick on her lips. Eli and Julie continued to talk about Gabi. She realized she was unfair to Gabi. Gabi told Lani about what she did to Julie's pacemaker. She was able to control the pacemaker on her phone. Ciara suddenly didn't feel so well anymore. She said she felt dizzy and nauseated. Jordan watched her while no one was looking. Hope told Will and Sonny that Julie's procedure was a success. Will thought Stefan's heart was an answer to a prayer. Hope thought about the prayer she made for Julie. She also thought about Rolf coming to her and saying he was the answer to her prayers. Hope zoned out so Will and Sonny called out to her. She said she had to be somewhere. Eli told Julie that Gabi apologized for blaming Lani for Stefan's death. They talked about what happened when Stefan got shot. Lani didn't believe Gabi could control Julie's heart. Gabi continued to tell her how she was able to use the app to control Julie's heart. She warned Lani that she could give Julie a cardiac arrest or she could do nothing to her. She said it was up to her. Ben wanted to take Ciara home. Jordan took the vial out of her dress and slipped it in Ben's jacket while no one was looking. Eli talked to Julie about how much Lani meant to him. Lani didn't think Gabi would ever kill Julie. Gabi said she hated Julie. She told Lani about her past with Nick. Lani didn't think that gave her the right to kill Julie. She said that she was the one who would hurt her. Lani reminded her how she was with Eli once. Gabi reminded her that she stole him from her. Hope went to the loft and didn't know where everything came from in there. Rolf was excited that the transformation was beginning. Hope didn't realize why she was at the loft. Hope wanted to talk to Marlena about what was wrong with her. She grabbed her head and passed out. Gabi pressed the app and it made Julie's heart race. She asked Lani if she believed her now. Arianna told Will that she switched the cupcakes. Rafe got sick and fell to the floor. Hope woke up and became Gina. He gave her a tiara. He welcomed her back from exile. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

As the trial continues on, Kim is exposed as having almost raping the physical body of Drew. Franco as Drew looks a little taken back by this. Kevin suggests that Laura come to court because Elizabeth will need someone to lean on. Kevin speaks in court and reveals that there is nothing technically wrong with Franco/ Drew.
Nina gets a visit from Ava who is angry that she would take Valentin back. Nina explains she is no ones fool. Maxie wants to know why Peter is backtracking on them getting a house together. Lulu and Dustin make plans for Halloween. Sam and Jason agree to a judge only trial for Sam.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chelsea is hurt that when she and Adam talk to Connor he asks her not to take him back to live with her and since she is so worried about him she tells him that he doesn't have to live with her . Nick comforts her when she cries and tells him that she doesn't know how she will live without Connor. Adam asks Sharon to continue counseling Connor. At first she tells him no but Rey changes her mind saying that now she knows who Adam really is and he is confident that she can handle Adam. Devon tells Amanda, Cane Lily, and Jill that he is keeping Hamilton Winters and the charities to which he has donated will keep their donations but the bulk of Katherine's estate will go to Cane because he wants to honor Katherine's wishes. Devon later apologizes to Amanda for all the things he said to her and she tells him that he is an honorable man who is making his father proud. Cane tells Devon and Lily that he will be a good steward of the money Katherine gave to him. Cane also asks Lily to stay in town a little while but she tells him no because she has to return to work. Jill later calls Cane and tells him that the envelope that contained the will pages was in an envelope from a place that she and Collin had planned to go to on their trip before they broke up. Jill tells Cane that she thinks Collin is behind the will challenge and he is running a con. Jill tells Cane she is going to track down Collin and find out the truth about the will.

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