The TV MegaSite's Friday 3/2/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn looks Bill squarely in the eyes and is adamant; there is nothing she will not do to protect her son. That is not a threat, that is a promise. She will come after him in ways he cannot even imagine. She reminds him he is already alienated by all of his family and when Will finds out he tried to take him from his mother he will despise him. The rich, powerful Dollar Bill Spencer now has nothing! Ridge drops in on Steffy bringing her a bottle of wine for the supper. She says Liam did not say absolutely that he would come but she is staying positive. She thinks Liam might have forgiven her by now if he was not working with Hope so closely. Brooke tells Hope that she is being a good, selfless person only putting Liam and Steffy’s marriage first. She realizes Hope still has feelings for Liam and if it were not for the baby she might not support the marriage. Hope says yes he was the love of her life like Ridge is for Brooke but things happened and Steffy won out. She respected the marriage because she wanted Liam happy but knowing now what she knows she is not sure Steffy deserves him or if she and Liam should ever trust her.

Bill quips that Quinn needs to go check on her valet parking and find her broomstick and fly back to Eric so she can be his problem not Bill’s. She tells him he will regret this. He should not cut Wyatt out as Spencer Publication is his birthright. Bill says no, that is a privilege and one he will not enjoy if he continues this nonsense. She laments that the world would be such a better place if he were not even here. Justin comes in and offers to show her out. She turns and tells him do not lay a hand on her. Then she tells Bill that he will not get away with this. She will see that he is stopped. Jarrett is next to feel the shock. Bill says he was not loyal enough so he can take his sweater vest and get out now. Jarrett says he feels like a fool for sticking around so many years writing good reviews and doing Bill’s dirty work. He will rue the day he made this decision. The secretary tells Bill that Thomas Forrester is in town and wants to see him. Bill bellows get rid of him. Justin questions that decision but Bill says Steffy’s brother is the least of his concerns. Justin states that he has the two documents almost finished and ready for his signature – the one asking for full custody of Will and the other cutting out both Wyatt and Liam from Spencer Publications. Bill says good, looks like one somebody is looking out for himself to be running the company someday. Justin says who better than his long, trusted, loyal friend. Bill suddenly shows up at Steffy’s. She thinks it is Liam coming for supper. As soon as she sees Bill she says he cannot be here. She repeats it twice that she is expecting Liam so he simply cannot be here. Bill doesn’t care. He says no one will have anything to do with him, the latest is now Wyatt and Katie who have been slipping around behind his back and now want to get married. She is stunned but says she does not care; again Bill has to leave. He will not. He says this is what he wants. He wants her. Brooke and Ridge discuss the dinner. Ridge says a lot is at stake here for his little girl. He warned Bill already he would not stand for it. Bill always takes what he wants. He also warns Brooke that Hope may be spending too much time with Liam. It is too tempting. Bill rants on that Liam will end up running back to Hope like he always does. No matter how many times Steffy apologizes for that night and all the time he has had to forgive her he hasn’t. Bill tells her that he loves her and they belong together. He will always be there for her and her child. He asks her to love him too. He can give her the life she deserves. He gets down on his knees and asks her to sign the annulment papers and marry him; be his wife.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara and Tripp listened to Claire’s phone.  They heard that Claire recorded their conversation.  Claire came in and wondered how they got her phone. Ciara told her why she had her phone. Ciara and Tripp asked if she was listening to their conversation. Claire denied listening to it.  Ciara realized that Claire knew the secret.  JJ tried to convince Lani to marry him, but she wanted to wait. Rafe talked to Eli about not wanting his secret to come out. Hope and Gabi walked in and wanted to know what secret Rafe was keeping. Rafe admitted that he was keeping a secret. He said that he told Eli that he and Hope were married. Hope told him not to tell anyone else. Ciara told Tripp that she thought that Claire knew the truth and wanted to find out if she did know the truth.  When Ciara saw Claire, Claire admitted that she knew the truth. Claire called Ciara out for the things she said about her.

Ciara told Claire that she didn’t want Hope finding out the truth.  Claire thought Hope had a right to know the truth.  Claire called Ciara a liar like Rafe for keeping the secret.  At the wedding, Valerie noticed JJ and Lani there.  Valerie wanted to talk to Lani about the baby.  Lani thought she was doing the right thing, but Valerie thought she was making a mistake.  Ciara continued to convince Claire not to say anything.  They ended up arguing with each other.  Claire told Ciara that she had to stop the wedding.  Claire walked away from Ciara.  Ciara went after her.  Claire went to Hope and Rafe and said she had to tell her something.  Claire caught up to Claire and told Rafe that she knew the truth.  Hope wanted to know what they were talking about.  Claire blurted out that Rafe cheated on her.  Hope was shocked when Claire told her the news.  The people at the wedding were shocked by the bombshell too.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly takes a thousand photos of Joss and Oscar with Jason. She then goes and has a talk with Oscar about being safe. Jason and Carly go and talk afterwards but Jason has to get somewhere. Carly then runs into Nina who thinks the pictures of Joss are cute on her IG account. She then mentions that the dress she is wearing looks like one they have in storage. Carly points out that Nelle got it from her from a runway show. Nina informs her that Nelle was never sent on runway shows. Carly and her realize that Nelle stole it. Valentin and Peter are talking about Faison’s disease and how Peter might have it. He then admits that Faison left money to his son. Nina hears this. She assumes it has to be Henrik. Nina thinks it should all go to Maxie. Franco goes to confront Jim about what happened the night he pushed Drew down the staircase. Jim claims that he saw Franco do it. Franco doesn’t believe that he is telling the truth as to why he did it.

Elizabeth is in shock that Franco is not at the wedding. She continues to wait but eventually she decides that she has no choice but to call the entire wedding off. At the dance, Sam and Drew are chaperoning when Joss and Oscar show up. A boy follows them in and looks angry. Eventually, the boy screams they are all freaks and throws a balloon filled with paint that lands on Joss. Kim and Sam are unable to get the paint off the dress. Oscar beats the boy up. Joss and Oscar then decide to go into the freezer to be alone. Sam goes to pick up the boys at Monica’s house. Michael goes to see Nelle and wants Jason to be the child’s guardian if anything happened to them. He then goes to see Jason and Jason accepts. Carly goes to see Nelle and knows she lied about the dress. Nelle tells Carly that her and Michael will be together. Sam and Jason run into each other and talk about Danny. All of a sudden the entire town starts to shake and the power goes out leaving everyone disgruntled.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Devon told Hilary that he was accepting her prior resignation because she didn't show up yesterday. Tessa was excited for Mariah's promotion to host of the show. Hilary told Devon that she never actually wanted to resign. Shauna, a teen Hilary had been mentoring ran into Devon and revealed that Hilary missed work because she'd been helping Shauna through a family crisis. Hilary was paying Shauna's brother's medical bills as well. Devon admitted he misjudged Hilary and he welcomed her back to the company. Hilary raised the subject of their personal relationship. Devon thought it would be a step back to get romantically involved again. Nick traded Chelsea's engagement ring to Anita in exchange for the video Chelsea left for Christian on his eighteenth birthday. Nick watched the video. Chelsea revealed that Adam changed Christian's DNA results with Sage's blessing. Chelsea told Christian that she loved him and hoped that he could reconnect with his brother, Connor. Sharon invited Nick and Christian to move in with her, but he turned her down. Mariah was relieved Nick didn't accept, because she didn't think it was a good idea for Sharon to live with Christian. Sharon was confident that she was over the pain of losing Christian. Jack assured Nick that things would get better for him. Nick changed his mind and asked Sharon if he could move in. She said yes.

JT verbally tore into Victoria for calling Mac. Victoria explained that she'd been trying to help, but JT accused her of being controlling and of thinking he was incapable of solving his own problems. Victoria pretended to be happy when Ashley officially closed a deal. Ashley asked for Victoria's input, and she agreed to give it. Victor was pleased to see them becoming a dream team. Victoria and Jack moved ahead with their plan to get Ashley fired. JT came to smooth things over with Victoria and told her that she misinterpreted what he said. Victoria didn't believe she misunderstood. JT said he was under a lot of stress and that Victoria was overreacting. When Victoria vented to JT about Ashley, he accused her of being paranoid and told her that other employees noticed it too. Victoria was stunned people thought that about her, and wondered who was gossiping about her. JT told Victoria that while he loved her and was on her side, not many other men would put up with her. Ashley told Jack she'd had success at work, but she couldn't go into detail, due to the non-disclosure agreement. A distraught Dina contacted Jack and Ashley to say that she was lost. Ashley phoned Abby and learned that Dina had gotten separated from her nurse at the train station and was now alone in the city.

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