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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam is protective of her favorite niece, Steffy. She gets lost when Liam walks in. Steffy says this is a surprise. He’s there to see Hope for her re-boot. Quinn tells Wyatt that Bill is too judgmental after all he has done. Somebody has to stop him. Justin shows Bill the papers that will cut off both of his sons. Bill says he cannot believe it has come to this. He cannot believe now he will be all alone but maybe that is the way it was meant to be. Justin is the only one he can trust and he is next in line. Hope tells Brooke that she is going to be working closely with Liam and she does not want to be a problem. She wants to support Steffy’s marriage because of the baby. Steffy has promised nothing like this will ever happen again and she wants to believe her but of course not at the expense of Liam’s happiness. She even laments that maybe she should move back to Europe and uncomplicate his life. Liam does admit he is going to have to be working closely with Hope and she does know about the baby. Steffy finds that strange that he would even mention that unless he has feelings for Hope and they accept each other as is. Wyatt tells Quinn that he appreciates her support since he knows Katie is not her favorite person. Quinn tells him do not go to that dark place with his dad. Bill may turn his back on her but cannot on Wyatt. Steffy tells Liam that she does not want to put him on the spot but she would like to know if he has feelings still for Hope. He asks why she needs to know. There is a baby involved and he is going to be there for that.

Justin cannot keep Quinn from charging into Bill’s office and she tells Bill off that Wyatt has one parent he can count on. Katie is not her choice for him but it was not her call and certainly not Bill’s. Steffy swears that the baby girl kicked and asks if Liam wants to feel it. He does…..his little girl. Quinn rants at Bill that he should not do this, the one son who has been loyal and stood by him. She knows his dirty little secret with Steffy. She has never hurt her son and yet he treats his like doormats. He’s alone now and will always be alone but she is not going to let him disrespect or cut out his son. She will stop him and he knows what she is capable of. He laughs and says there is nothing she can do. Wyatt is out of the company and his life and he will seek full custody of Will. Quinn rants again that he cannot do this and Bill chides he does not know why. Quinn tells him that she will not let him ruin his son’s life so do not test her. She challenges him to take a real good long look at himself. He says he is not afraid of her threats so get the hell out. She says there is NOTHING she won’t do in defense of Wyatt. Liam tells Steffy that he should be going. He tells her to take care of that baby. As he is leaving she asks if he would like to have dinner tonight. She has been cooking more now. He hesitates. She says she loves him and hopes he is still in that not yet mode. Hope tells her mom that here she is after all that Steffy has done in the past and with Bill’s help and yet she is right back there again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve went to see Claire about the contest. Claire said she was still interested in it. Claire told her that Hope was marrying Rafe. Eve said she hoped Rafe wasn’t like his father. Brady talked to Victor about Maggie. Brady told him that he almost came clean to Eve about what they were doing because of Maggie. Eve told Claire that every word out of Eduardo’s mouth was a lie. Claire said that Dario was bad too. Claire said that Hope has been through a lot. Eve said that Rafe was good for Hope. Eve wanted to know what was going on with her. Ciara tried to comfort Tripp about Steve. While they were talking, they brought up not wanting to hurt Hope by telling her the truth about Rafe. Claire didn’t want to talk about her problems. She wanted to talk about Eve and Brady. Eve told her how she and Brady got together. Victor wanted to know if Brady told Eve the truth. Brady said he told her something about Nicole. Brady said that Eve thought there was something real between them. Victor wanted Eve to think that way. Brady was starting to feel guilty about what he was doing. Victor told him that he had to be ruthless if he wanted to run Titan. Brady asked if he said that to Maggie. Brady asked if that was why Maggie left him. Maggie talked to Julie about her problems with Victor. Vivian told Stefan that Abby dressed as Gabi to kill Andre. Vivian wanted to call the police, but he stopped her. He told her that Abby saw them standing over Andre’s body when he died. Abby took her wig off before Chad could see her. He noticed that she changed her clothes. She said she wore it to support Gabi.

Eve talked to Claire about how lonely she was.  Eve thought that Brady was good for her.  They talked about how Theresa left Brady and Tate.  Victor told Brady to marry Eve.  Vivian was shocked that Abby saw them with Andre’s body.  Vivian wanted to know what Abby saw.  Stefan told her what Abby saw.  Abby said she put the dress on because Gabi gave it to her.  Chad told her that Stefan framed Gabi for murder.  When Chad said they were going to get Vivian, Abby called her a hateful b*tch.  He wanted to know who she was and what she did with his wife.  Abby told him that she and Vivian got into an argument.  He said he would take care of her, but she said she could handle Vivian.  Vivian wanted to tell the police about Abby.  Stefan wanted to protect her.  He thought she would go to the board and they would be gone.  Vivian thought he wanted to protect Abby because he was in love with her.  He said he wasn’t.  She thought it was good because he could be her next victim.  Julie invited Maggie to stay with her, Doug, and Jennifer.  Maggie thought Victor didn’t miss her.  Eve told Brady that he went to see Claire and told her that she wanted Claire to be the face of Bella Magazine.  Brady told her that Maggie left him.  Eve thought it was good.  Brady said he felt bad about Maggie leaving.  He said it was his fault.  She told him that it wasn’t his fault.  She said he was a good guy, but he said it wasn’t true.  Ciara wanted to use Claire’s song for her video.  Stefan told Vivian that Gabi could have killed Andre and Abby didn’t know what happened.  Stefan told her that he would help Abby and Vivian was going to help him.  Chad told Abby that he wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her.  Stefan told Vivian that they could plant the lid to the urn and Gabi’s coat.  She wanted to know who they were going to plant it on.  Ciara started to play Claire’s phone. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Julian goes to Oscar and Kim and admits that he cannot host the dance anymore because Charlies is having plumbing problems. He tries to find another location though. Kim does as well. Oscar tries to figure out what to do when he runs into Anna and Finn. Anna explained to Finn that there was going to be a party after their ceremony for her and Finn but neither really want to go. When Anna finds out about Oscar’s situation, she calls up Mac and arranges for Oscar to have the party at the Floating Rib. Drew bumps into Franco in a stairwell at GH. Franco has a burst of memory and starts to cry. Drew wonders what is wrong. Franco claims everything will be alright in a little bit and storms off. Drew goes to see Kim who tells him about the dance being canceled until Oscar walks over and says that it is back on at the Floating Rib.

Elizabeth prepares for the wedding when Epiphany shows up with Felix and Kiki. They all toast to Elizabeth. Cam shows up and hopes Elizabeth is ok. They want her to know that they are happy for her. Elizabeth cries. She has a minute with Felix and remembers Sabrina. Epiphany ends up telling them that no one can find Franco. Kevin and Scott confront one another about Franco’s mental health. Ava and Kiki go at it over the fact that Ava got to take Avery for the night for selfish reasons but Griffin is clueless to the fact. At the PCPD Jim shows up and demands that Curtis is arrested. Jordan reluctantly does so. He later tells her that whatever Jim is doing on Charles Street it isn’t to help anyone out. Franco shows up at Jim’s office. Franco knows that Jim was there the night he pushed Drew down the stairs and he is not leaving until he admits why.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nikki thanked Phyllis for warning the Newmans about Chelsea. Nikki assumed Victor was frustrated that he didn't see it coming. Phyllis revealed that Victor knew about Chelsea's theft and covered it up. Mac was furious that Victoria called her, and she accused JT of putting Victoria up to it. Paul was dismayed that JT hadn't delivered any evidence against Victor. JT promised to find something. JT looked through Victoria's work files and made up an excuse when she caught him. She believed it. Victoria made changes to Ashley's instructions for Lily. Lily wanted to run the revisions by Ashley. Victoria angrily made it clear that the final decision was Victoria's. JT pointed out that it was difficult for Lily to be in the middle of Victoria and Ashley. Victoria told JT to stay out of it. Nick packed his things to move out of Chelsea's. Victor told Nick that he cared about him. Nick turned down Victor's offer to move back to the ranch. Nick agreed to let Victor spend time with Christian as long as he respected Nick's boundaries. Sharon and Phyllis checked on Nick. Nick was hurt, but he thought it was best that he knew the truth. The news didn't change how he felt about Christian. Nick was worried that Victor would try to take Christian if he found out he was Adam's son. Nick decided that no one in his family could ever know the truth. Sharon and Phyllis promised to keep the secret. Sharon and Phyllis argued about whether Sharon did the right thing. Sharon vowed to be there for Nick, whether Phyllis liked it or not. Phyllis didn't think Sharon's help was good for Nick. Anita told Nick that Chelsea left behind a flash drive with a message for Christian. Anita offered to sell it to him for $25,000.

Nikki confronted Victor, who explained that he covered for Chelsea because he didn't want to disrupt Nick and the boys' lives. Nikki understood Victor's choice, but she felt that he should've confided in her, because she wouldn't have let Chelsea take the kids if she'd known that Chelsea had gone back to her old ways. JT tried to reach Mac, but she ignored his calls. JT left a message assuring Mac that Victoria wouldn't bother her again. JT and Lily discussed Mac and Victoria. Lily thought that Mac was hurting too, and that Victoria had good intentions when she contacted Mac. Lily said Victoria had changed since the merger with Newman. JT said he loved Victoria, but sometimes it was hard work. Victoria was upset when she learned that JT confided in Lily, her employee, about their personal life. JT was unapologetic about talking to his friend. He confronted Victoria about calling Mac. Victoria was sorry about making things worse. JT just wished she'd listened to him and stayed out of it.

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