The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/28/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie is frazzled and cries to Wyatt that she hates Bill with a passion and she knows he will try to take Will from her. Wyatt calms her down and says Bill will not take Will from her, of that he is certain as they have more leverage. A sudden knock on the door so Katie straightens herself and answers the call from Quinn and Eric. They notice some tension and want to know what's the matter. Wyatt tells them not to panic like Bill did. They are shocked when Wyatt says he asked Katie to marry him and she holds up her finger to show them she said yes. Quinn is the more outspoken of the two and does not want to accept it but gently Eric reminds her how everyone was against them marrying, even shunned their wedding and he wants to give them their blessings. Liam works with Hope and says he knows this cannot be easy on her but he’s glad to have her back in town. And if it means seeing some difficulty every now and then he will take it. Justin and Bill dine at Il Giardino and Sheila watches as Bill tells Justin that he wants Wyatt and Katie to suffer so make it happen. Steffy and Ridge also are dining there and he smugly tells Steffy that the more times they come here and spit in their food then Sheila will have to be let go. Bill is the first one to spot Steffy and then she looks up and sees him and Justin too. Ridge says it is taking him all he can do not to go over and hit him in the face. He hates that man and so should Steffy after what he did. The way Liam is talking Hope tells him his marriage does not have to end as Steffy has not signed the annulment papers yet. He replies that is just a formality. Hope wonders if he can ever forgive Steffy. He’s not sure as the ultrasound was a pretty big moment for him. It hurts and is painful but he cannot say yet whether it will change anything. He says when he is with her he feels at peace and he does not want that to end. They hug and both admit they will always love each other. Bill is distracted by Steffy while talking to Justin to draw up some papers. He does not want Wyatt to have any legal custody of the company; he will be disowned as his son. Justin is not so sure about all of this, disinheriting both of his sons, the heir to the company. Bill says he plans to be around for a long time yet so he has time to groom Will for the position and if he meets his maker before that then Justin can take charge. That’s as it should be since he is the most loyal.

Wyatt will not hear of Quinn badmouthing Katie so Quinn finally says she will accept Katie and give her their blessings. Somewhere in all the mayhem Wyatt lets slip something about Bill and Steffy and this is the first that Eric and Quinn know about it and why Bill is now on the warpath and so many against him. Eric is beside himself when he finds out that Bill and Steffy slept together and it was right under his roof in his guest house. He gets so upset that he has to sit down, all the while saying he hates that man now. Bill tells Justin that if Wyatt and Katie continue their relationship they will be punished, end of story! Ridge jumps up and says he is tired of Bill staring at her. He walks over to Bill and gruffly asks if he is done.....stop staring at his daughter, pay the bill and go home. Do not have any contact with her, do not even talk to her. What he did to her was disgusting and she wants nothing to do with him. No one wants anything to do with him now. So just take what is left of his dignity and leave. Bill stands up and faces off with him and says “or what?” Eric tries to calm down but keeps repeating he hates that man and wants him out of their lives and if he were younger he would do it himself. Both Wyatt and Quinn are worried about him and Quinn even has an evil, determined look in her eyes. Ridge puts his hands on Bill and Justin jumps up and Sheila comes between them and tells them it is time to go now. Bill tells Justin to get the car, he will pay the check, all is good now. Ridge turns to Steffy and says he will see her at the office. Back to Bill, he tells him to stay away from Steffy. Bill replies that is not his call. Ridge says it will be as he will hurt Bill like he has never been hurt before. Bill walks away but he can’t get around Ridge. Sheila walks up behind Ridge and shocks him when she touches him. He puts both hands on her shoulders and says she can do something for the Forrester’s – she can kill Bill Spencer before he does.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ asked Lani to marry him today. Valerie went to see Eli to check on Gabi. He said he hated the fact that the woman he loved could go to prison. Sonny tried to make Gabi feel better about the trial. He told her that she didnít kill Andre. She said the evidence said she did. He said Justin was doing everything he could to help her. She thought that she could go to prison because someone tried to dress like her. Kate and Chad talked about Andreís killer. She thought that the killer was living with them. Chad wondered what else Stefan would do if he could kill his own brother. She said that she was afraid of what he would do next. Stefan continued to read Kimberlyís book so he would know how to handle Abby. Vivian saw Abby dressed as Gabi. Abby said she didnít know what Vivian was talking about. Vivian wanted to know what she was doing in her outfit. Abby said she was always like that. Vivian said Abby wasnít herself and she thought she knew why. Lani thought that she and JJ shouldnít get married with Hope and Rafe. JJ thought it would have been a great idea as long as Hope and Rafe understood. She reminded him about how Abbyís double wedding turned out. Sonny told Gabi that Arianna would always have a home with him if she went to prison. He said that they werenít going to have to deal with that. Kate thought it wasnít going to be easy proving that Stefan framed Gabi. Kate said that Stefan thought like Stefano so they had to be careful. Chad told Kate to talk to Vivian to see what she could get out of her. He said she had to keep nagging Vivian. Abby told Vivian that she was Gabi. Vivian said she wasnít. Vivian was going to call Chad, but Abby stopped her. She pointed a fire poker at her. While Stefan was reading, he heard a scream. 

Valerie wanted to know what Eli was going to do about the baby.  He said that he was going to keep quiet about the baby.  She asked if thatís what he wanted.  JJ said he really wanted to marry Lani.  She said she wanted a small quiet wedding without any punches.  She said they didnít have a license. She decided that she didnít want to get married right now.  Gabi told Sonny about the theory that Stefan and Vivian set her up.  Sonny said that Gabi didnít kill Andre.  Gabi told Sonny that Abby told the police that she threatened Andre.  She also told him that Melinda was on a mission to bury her for murdering Andre once Eli accused her of trying to set her up.  Chad told Kate that they would have to deal with the situation themselves.  He said that he was going to get his company back.  She thought that wasnít going to happen with Stefan in charge.  Chad said that they had to prove that Stefan killed Andre.  Stefan stopped Abby from attacking Vivian.  He told Vivian not to tell anyone especially Chad what happened.  Gabi told Sonny that she didnít want to go to Rafeís wedding, but Sonny convinced her to go.  He told her that she had a lot of people fighting for her.  Stefan took Abby back to his room.  He asked her how it would look if Gabi attacked an innocent old woman.  Vivian wondered what Abby was doing in the passageway.  Chad wondered what she was doing.  JJ told Lani that he didnít understand why Valerie wasnít on board with them being together.  Eli told Valerie that Laniís child would grow up with parents who loved him or her.  Valerie told him that it was his child and that he would watch the child grow up without him.  He said he didnít think about all of that. She said that he should.  Chad told Vivian that the passageway was to Stefanoís wine cellar.  He asked her if she saw Abby.  Vivian said she didnít.  Abby told Stefan that Melinda hated her and wanted her to pay for something she didnít do.  He said a lot of people loved her and wanted to help her.  She thought that might not have been enough.  He agreed to help her.  Vivian asked Chad about Abby.  He told her that she didnít have to worry about his wife and neither did her son.  He went to look for her.  Abby wondered why Stefan was going to help her when she tried to frame him.  He said he would frame someone else.  She wanted to know who he was going to frame.  He said it wasnít important.  He said they had to throw suspicion elsewhere.  He said he needed the lid to the urn and her coat.  He told her to stop threatening people with pokers.  She agreed to do it.  She thanked him for his help.  Lani wanted to know what Valerie told JJ.  He said that Valerie thought they werenít getting married for the right reasons.  He said that he told her that they were getting married.  Valerie asked Eli if he would make the same decision about the baby if he werenít with Gabi and JJ and Lani werenít getting married.  He said he would.  She didnít want him to make the same mistake she did with him.  He said his only focus was proving that Gabi was innocent.  Vivian went to Stefan and wanted to know what was going on with Abby.  When Chad was about to go in the passageway, Abby called out to him.  He saw her while she was dressed as Gabi. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam walks down with Scout and Drew and Danny wish her a happy birthday. One by one Alexis, Molly, Monica, and Oscar all show up to help celebrate her birthday. Monica gives Drew something of Lila’s for Scout. Oscar tells Drew about the dance tonight and admits that he really doesn’t want Carly and Michael to chaperone. Drew volunteers Sam. Later, Sam, Alexis, and Molly all are looking through presents and Julian has sent them a present. Sam cannot believe that Julian doesn’t listen when she says she wants him having nothing to do with his grandchild. Julian is sitting alone at Charlie’s when Kim walks in. She wonders where the customers are. He explains that he closed for the day, so the kids could prepare for the party. Kim is shocked he did that for them. Jim shows up and demands to order coffee. Julian doesn’t want him there. Kim gets him the coffee and they eventually leave. Julian then ends up having the pluming explode on him. He has to tell Kim and Oscar he cannot host the dance.

Sonny goes to Ava and begs her to drop the charges. He will even pay off the cost of the vase that Mike broke. Ava agrees. She ten bargains and asks for a night with Avery. Sonny reluctantly agrees just so he can get Mike home. Kiki ends up showing up as Sonny is leaving and wonders what she did. Ava admits that Avery is sleeping over. Kiki thinks that she is exploiting the family’s weaknesses again by going after illness. Ava wants to spend time with her daughter and doesn’t care. Rita shows up at Carly’s and Carly has no choice but to admit that Mike has Alzheimer’s. Rita cries and admits that she cannot be the one to take care of him. She leaves and it is sorry. Sonny ends up getting Mike out of jail and bringing him home with Michael. Carly tells Sonny about Rita. Jim goes to press charges against someone who broke into his office. He spots Curtis and tells them to arrest him. Franco meets with Kevin and admits he now has memory of pushing Drew down the staircase. Kevin thinks that it could all be a false memory. He then suggests working with Drew to help each other remember. Franco bumps into Drew in a stairwell.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria and Jack meet at Top of the Tower to touch base to see how there plan to get Ashley out of Jabot by accusing her of being a cooperate spy is going they are happy it is working like a charm. Ashley sees them talking and thinks they are up top something so she goes to talk to Billy about it. Billy tells Ashley it could be possible that Jack and Victoria could be working together but he doesn't know what the project could be. Devon is upset that Hilary doesn't show up to tape a live show so he has Mariah do the show on her own and she does a great job. Devon decides to accept Hilary's resignation and wonders how Mariah likes the Mariah hour for the new title of the show. Nick is devastated to learn the truth about Christian's paternity from Sharon and he decides to have a second DNA test done. Sharon is at the hospital while Nick waits for the test results and while they wait Nick and Sharon apologize to each other past hurts regarding Christian. Nick cries as he reads the results of the tests that say that he isn’t Christian’s biological father.

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