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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Wyatt that he does not want to hear about it; they are not getting married. Katie says he does not get a say. Bill yells that she is sleeping with her son’s half brother. He won’t allow it. Wyatt says he is sorry but Bill gets nothing to say about this. And this situation is not twisted; if anything him with Steffy was twisted. Bill calls them hypocrites and what they are doing is disgusting and they know it. Ridge tries to talk to Steffy but she is distracted. She finally says she thinks maybe he is right; that Hope does have strong feelings for Liam now. Ridge says that is what he was talking about so just keep an eye on her and how much time she spends with Liam. Liam calls Hope and asks if she is not too busy he’d like to see her right now. He promises not to keep her long. Trust him and he will explain later. He meets her at Il Giardino. He brings up her new Hope For The Future and wonders how he can help her with that. He was always so busy with his own charitable contributions so he wasn’t always listening but he is now and he’d like to contribute. Katie tells Bill this is not a casual thing. They love each other. But Bill still forbids it. She says he left her for Brooke so he lost the right to tell her what to do now. They tried to fight their feelings but they can’t. He says he sees it now. This is payback for Brooke. Wyatt says he threw away one son so do not do it again now. They each have their right to lead their own lives. Bill tells him that he has disgraced him and he might as well pack his bags as he is no longer his son. Ridge tells Steffy this whole line of Hope’s will keep her busy so maybe she will not have time for Liam. Hope tells Liam that she can talk about her line all day. She wants to make it affordable and responsible. There are so many messages to be addressed and she wants it to be positive. Liam says the public knows it comes from her heart and they will listen.

Katie tells Bill that Wyatt has always been loyal to him even when he did not deserve it. Wyatt adds that Bill is a liar. He went back on his word to Sally and she shot his beloved Skye. Bill says he realizes this is nothing but payback on Big Bad Dollar Bill. Bill tells him he better think and chose wisely as his entire future depends on it. He will have papers drawn up cutting both him and Liam out of everything – jobs, nothing, houses, nothing, money, nothing. It will all be gone. Liam asks Hope if he should be writing all of this down and she says no, it is all up here pointing to her head. She says she was starting to worry about him but here is all dressed up and out in the sunshine for a change. He says she has been patient and very supportive of him and he wants to thank her. Ridge tells Steffy that he has never hated anyone like he hates Bill and the world would be a better place without him in it. Bill asks Wyatt if his mother knows about this or Katie if Brooke knows. They answer yet. He tells them again he will fight them every step of the way and they will lose…..including custody. He thinks the judge might look at her relationship and think that is not healthy. He will win. He vows that he has done battle with her before and he won then and he will now. He’s taking Will, just watch him. Wyatt says Bill is so bitter and self-absorbed. Fine throw him out, he is done and he will never be proud of Bill. He wishes Sally had actually shot him. Bill says he is a fool and Wyatt will come back on his hands and knees when he is through with THAT. Wyatt stands toe to toe and nose to nose and says taking Will away will be the last thing he will do.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby had a dream about finding Andre. He told her that she knew who killed him. She screamed in her sleep. Chad wanted to know what she dreamt about. Gabi told Eli that she was worried about her preliminary hearing. Eli told her that everything was going to be okay. Abby told Chad that Andre said she knew who murdered him in her dream. Chad said that Stefan killed Andre. She said they just thought Stefan did it. Chad thought that Stefan set up Gabi so they knew he killed Andre. Chad told her that she was just having a dream. Stefan was reading a book Kimberly wrote about split personalities. Vivian wanted to know why he was reading the book. Eli and Gabi talked about the security footage at DiMera. He said that Stefan didnít have a solid alibi. He said that Anna and Hattie werenít ruled out as suspects so Traskís case was weak. Gabi thought that the woman looking like her was enough evidence. He said that you couldnít see her face. She said that she had motive and she threatened to kill Andre. Eli said people say that all of the time. She told him that Chad had a theory about who could have set her up. Chad told Abby that he confronted Stefan about killing Andre. Chad told her that he searched him room and didnít find anything. She wanted to know if she was going to search his room again. He said that Stefan wouldnít have anything hidden in the room now. He told her that they had to figure out who the woman on the camera was. He said he thought he knew who it was. Kate and Vivian argued over Gabiís trial. Vivian accused Kate of killing Andre. Kate denied killing Andre, but Vivian didnít believe her. Kate reminded Vivian and Stefan that Andre died after working with them. 

Julie talked to Claire about Hope marrying Rafe and wanting Hope to be happy.  While they were talking, Julie told Claire that she hoped Gabi went to prison for killing Andre.  Julie hoped that Eli came to her senses about Gabi.  Julie didnít want a person to be with someone who would hurt them.  Vivian wanted Kate to move out.  Kate said she would if it werenít for Chad.  Kate threatened to go after Vivian if she did anything to Chad.  Chad thought something was suspicious about Stefan talking to Trask.  Abby asked if he thought Trask was the one dressed up as Gabi.  Chad realized that Melinda had a similar build to Gabi.  Abby didnít see why Melinda would risk her career doing something like that. Chad thought she would have done it for money.  Abby thought that would clear Gabi.  Chad thought if they took that to the judge, it would give them time to prove that Stefan was behind it.  Eli and Gabi ran into Melinda.  Melinda thought it was inappropriate for Eli to be with Gabi.  He wanted to know what she was going to do about Hope marrying Rafe.  He asked her where she was the night Andre was murdered.  Melinda wanted to know how that was relevant.  Eli said he had a right to ask questions.  She didnít like how he was trying to help Gabi.  She warned him that he was risking his job by accusing her of murder.  He said he worked for Hope.  Melinda said she was having dinner at Chez Rouge with Justin.  Melinda told them to give that theory to the judge.  Chad and Abby ran into Stefan and Vivian.  Chad and Abby told them that they were going to support Gabi.  Abby said she wanted the real killer to be caught.  Stefan said he was sure she did want the real killer caught.  Julie wanted to know what was going on with Claire.  Claire told her that she found out something and wasnít sure what to do about it.  Julie said she might be able to help if she knew what it was.  Rafe and Hope were at the police station with Gabi and Eli.  Rafe told Gabi that everything was going to work out for her.  She wanted Rafe and Hope to focus on their wedding.  Chad and Abby showed up at the police station.  Gabi told Chad that Melinda had an alibi.  She said that Melinda was determined to get her now that she accused her of killing Andre.  She didnít want to go to prison again.  She said she wanted to find the woman who framed her, but it was as if she disappeared.  Claire didnít tell Julie what the problem was.  Hope and Rafe showed up.  Julie asked them about Smith Island.  Julie asked about Gabiís trial.  Rafe said the judge wanted to go through with the trial.  Julie thought Gabi wouldnít be able to come to the wedding, but he said that Gabi would be there.  Gabi thanked Chad and Abby for being there for her.  When Eli, Gabi, and Chad left, Abby had a headache.  Eli told Gabi that the truth always comes out.  Vivian saw Abby coming out of the secret passage dressed as Gabi.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu brings Dante dinner for himself and Mike. She admits to him that she didn’t quit her job. Dante is not sure why she would keep it since Maxie blames her career choice for why Nathan is dead. Lulu thinks that if it wasn’t for her career that Faison would still be out there. Dante cannot argue with that, but Nathan is still dead from it. They end things by reminding each other that they still love each other. Drew and Curtis meet at Charlie's when Jim walks in. Drew distracts him with questions about Betsy and Franco. Curtis goes to Jim’s office posing as a construction worker. Curtis looks through everything. Jim eventually is able to leave but Curtis had already left by then.

Franco celebrates the night before his wedding with Elizabeth when Scott shows up. He hands Franco a card that came for him. It is from Betsy. Franco has no idea how she even knew he was getting married. Elizabeth leaves to go to bed. Scott tells Franco that he cannot tell Elizabeth about his worries from the past. Franco has no intention of telling her. Scott is glad. Elizabeth ends up at Jim’s office and thinks that Jim knows where Betsy is and asks him to help track her down. Anna meets with Felicia informing her about the disease that Faison had that Nathan and his other children could be carrying. Felicia goes to Maxie and informs her and she is in shock over the whole situation. Peter finds out and seems nervous. Anna tells Andre that she has to make a goal in finding her lost daughter.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Sharon went back to work after getting out of the hospital. Mariah wanted to feature Chelsea's story on the Hilary Hour. Sharon asked her not to, because she was grateful that Chelsea gave her a job when the rest of the town ostracized her. Victor told Nikki he was concerned that Nick would limit his access to Christian. Nick was upset about all the upheaval in Christian's short life. Nikki assured Nick that Christian would always have him. Nikki asked Nick to move back to the tack house, but he turned her down. JT was stunned when he found out Mac wanted full custody of the kids. JT told Victoria that Mac was doing this because he moved in with Victoria. JT went to consult with his lawyer. Victoria told Reed what Mac was doing and asked him what life was like in JT and Mac's household. Reed admitted he'd felt like he didn't belong. Nikki asked Victoria to bring the grandchildren for a visit, and she agreed. Victoria called Mac and left her a voice message asking if they could talk. JT was angry when Victoria revealed that she told Reed what was going on. Victoria admitted that it was JT's place to decide what to tell Reed about Mac. Phyllis asked Billy to help her blackmail Sharon into keeping the secret about Christian. Billy thought the truth was bound to come out eventually and that Nick would feel betrayed by those who kept him in the dark. Victor thanked Phyllis for warning his family about Chelsea and asked her to convince Nick to let him spend time with Christian. Phyllis thought about using Victor's tactics on Sharon. Billy reminded Phyllis of the pain Victor caused her and urged her not to be like him. Billy was unsympathetic when JT told him about his custody battle. Phyllis attempted to pressure Sharon into staying quiet. Nick came by, and Phyllis and Sharon's argument got physical. Sharon told Nick that Christian was Adam's son.

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