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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sally stands behind the desk and tells Bill that he blew up her building all for that damned skyscraper. He tells her one more time to get out of his office. She picks up the golden gun and shoots. He gets up and screams at her that she shot his baby, Skye. Justin rushes in. Brooke tells Thorne that Hope For The Future is a perfect fit for him. And she is glad he and Ridge are getting along better now. She looks at some designs and realizes Thorne has feelings for Katie and she had no idea. Hope shows Steffy some of the designs and say they are just starting on it. Steffy rubs her tummy for the 100th time and says all is well. Hope encourages her that Liam will probably be home soon. She knows what kind of man he is. Steffy suspects that Hope may still have feelings for Liam. Wyatt tells Katie they will tell everyone their secret just not right this minute. Another guy comes running in but Bill says the gun went off accidentally so no police needed. Sally surmises that Bill is afraid she will tell her side of the story. He tells her to get lost as this will never turn out like she wants it to. Steffy tells Hope that she is avoiding her question and she wonders if she is still in her corner. Hope says yes although she still questions how or why Steffy got mixed up with Bill. Steffy says again it was a big mistake. And when she learned she was pregnant it was like a sign that they could all move forward since the test proved it was Liam’s. That is all she wants and does not want Hope to threaten that. She even shows Hope the ultrasound picture although Hope is hesitant to look at it. She does and says she is not wavering. She still wants Steffy and Liam to get back together.

Thorne calls Katie and she lets him know she is back permanently with Wyatt. She tells Wyatt they need to get dressed now that the secret is out and let others know. Sally tells Bill he better watch his back. He affirms to her that not only did she shoot at him but he could have her arrested, so she is the one who better watch her back and get out of here and never come back. When she leaves Wyatt walks in and is startled that Bill is holding the gun at him. Bill says he was just a little jumpy. All is alright but he explains about Sally being here. And he knows Wyatt is like is daddy and will agree with what happened. Wyatt says there is news he came to tell him. Bill says make it in a hurry. Wyatt opens the door and in walks Katie. Wyatt says there is something they need to tell him. They start slowly that they have been working closely together. He says he has a lot going on not to mention that nutjob Sally was here again, so get on with it. Katie says they wanted him to know first. But this is not a business relationship. He waits……….then realizes this is not a joke. The two of them are disgusting if they are saying they are a couple. He screams this stops right now, finished, done! Wyatt says no, they are getting married and Katie shows him her ring finger. Bill screams again this is not happening, only over his dead body.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John went to see Steve. Kayla told John that the poison might have caused Steve to lose his vision permanently. Vivian went to see Victor. He wanted her out of his house. She said she had business to discuss with him. She thought he might have been interested in working with her and Stefan. Chad called out to Stefan. Stefan wanted Abby to hide, but she was going to let him in. Hope told Rafe that the guy at the cabin was there to marry them. John asked if Steveís blurry vision was temporary. Steve said it was happening all of the time. John thought the antidote would have helped. Steve thought it would take time. Kayla made John feel guilty for poisoning. When Kayla left, John told Steve that he understood her anger. Abby hid in the closet when Stefan let Chad in the room. Chad asked if he was alone because he heard talking. Stefan let him in his room. Stefan said that he was on the phone. Stefan made a crack about Chad not finding the look alike Gabi in his room. Chad confronted him about Abby telling him about his suspicions. They argued over Chad thinking he was the one who killed Andre. Rafe was excited about getting married. Marlena went to see Claire. Claire told Marlena that Rafe cheated on Hope with Sami.  Victor wasnít interested in working with Vivian. Vivian suggested that their companies merge. Victor didnít want to work with her. She suggested that they have a personal relationship. Stefan wanted to know why Chad cared that Andre was murdered. Chad said he loved Andre for what he did for Abby. They argued over Andre. Stefan wanted Chad to search his room if he thought he was guilty. Rafe was afraid Julie was going to be upset if he and Hope got married. Hope thought Julie would understand. He couldnít believe that they were going to get married. Marlena wanted to know when Rafe was with Sami. Claire told her that it must have been when Sami was in town. Marlena wanted to know how she found out. Claire said through Ciara. Marlena wanted the facts. Claire played her the recording on her phone. John apologized to Steve for what he did. Steve said he would have done the same thing. Kayla came back with the results of Steveís tests. She told him that he was losing his sight. 

Victor refused to be with Vivian.  He said he was a married man.  She said that it wouldnít be for long.  She tried to throw herself at him, but he wasnít interested.  When she showed him her body, he was repulsed.  Kayla told Steve that the poison John gave him damaged his cornea.  Steve thought his vision was going to be blurry.  She said that it was only a matter of time before he lost his vision.  Chad refused to check Stefanís room because he thought Stefan would hide it.  Stefan told Chad to move out if he thought he was so terrible.  Chad said that he and Abby would be out in an hour.  Stefan said that Abby and Thomas could stay.  Chad left the room.  Marlena wanted to know why Claire recorded the conversation.  Claire thought that Ciara was keeping a secret about her or Theo. Claire asked if Hope had the right to know that Rafe cheated on her.  Hope said her vows to Rafe.  When it was time for Rafe to say his vows, he said he had a confession to make. Abby was upset that Stefan wanted Chad to search the room.  She wanted to know where the lid to Tonyís urn was.  When he didnít tell her, she wanted to leave.  He stopped her and asked when he would see her again.  She said he would.  Marlena thought it was good that Claire wanted to protect Hope, but thought she needed to think about her motivation for telling it.  Rafe didnít tell Hope what he did.  He declared his love for her.  Rafe and Hope got married.  Claire told Marlena that she wanted to protect Hope from Rafe.  She wanted Hope to be happy.  Marlena wanted Claire to think hard before ruining Hopeís life.  Kayla wanted John to leave Steveís room.  John apologized to Steve before he left.  Steve wanted to know if there was anything to do to reverse it.  She said the specialists were looking at options.  He was hopeful about the options.  Victor told Vivian to cover up because he wasnít interested in her.  He wanted her to leave before he dragged her out.  She told him that she and Stefan were coming after him and his company.  Chad found Abby sleep in their room.  Kayla blamed John for what happened to Steve.  Steve tried to defend John.  She thought he would lose his vision because of John.  Steve said they were going to get through this together.  Claire thought she had to tell Hope the truth before she and Rafe got married. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason and Carly go with Dante to investigate the phone booth that Carly has been receiving calls from. It is in an abandoned part of town only 200 yards from where Morgan was killed. There is no sign of an explosion though. Jason finds a man named Cal who claims to have seen the man who has been using the phone. He is looking to get in touch with her drug dealer because he needs pills. Sonny pleads with Chase to allow him to bring Mike home. He will pay the fees or Ava or anything. Chase has no desire to let Mike go. Especially, after finding out he is a crime lord. Chase then accuses Sonny of using Dante as a way to get away with whatever he wants in town. Dante shows up only to discover Mike is in a really bad place. He promises to watch Mike the entire night because there is nothing at this point they can do. Chase cannot believe that Dante is not going to follow protocol. Dante informs him that this man is clearly not mentally there.

Ava admits to Griffin that she loves him. Griffin thanks her but he isn’t sure that he loves her. He has never loved anyone before. The two of them take turns on making it sound like they are breaking up with the other. They end up making up and deciding to go to Ava’s place to make love to one another. Joss and Oscar go to Charlie's to start prepping for the dance. Brad shows up and has to inform Julian that if anyone asks him anything, he is estranged from Lucas. They are trying to adopt a baby and they cannot have him hurting their chances. Julian reluctantly accepts this. Nelle shows up and wants to give Joss a paid of shoes to go with her dress. Nelle admits that she is trying to make things work with Carly but she won’t listen. Joss tells Nelle that they are still friends. Nelle has to leave. She shows up at the pay phone with a box of vodka for Cal. She is glad that Cal was able to convince them that someone else was using the pay phone.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Hilary has a few daydreams about potential sperm donors that don't end well. One of the donors in he daydream takes the baby away from her. The donor in her second daydream gets arrested for murder so after these two daydreams Hilary decides that she wants to have a husband and a baby . Hilary decides to focus on work while she waits for the right man but she and Devon have an argument because he wants approval over all show content and Hilary thinks that this won't let her be herself with her viewers so she tells Devon she quits since he can't stand to be around her but Devon holds her to her contract and says he would sue her for breach of contract if she doesn't come to work tomorrow. Nick tries to deal with Chelsea leaving him and struggles to understand the reason she left. Nick also wonders why Chelsea changed her mind and didn't take Christian with her even though she mentioned that she was taking both boys in the good-bye letter she wrote him. Phyllis pleads with Sharon not to tell Nick that Christian is Adam's son because Nick has suffered enough. Sharon wonders if she can keep lying to Nick forever or if she should go ahead and tell him the truth.

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