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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Katie that he should have said it much sooner. He cannot keep his feelings about her to himself anymore. Bill rants to Justin that Liam doesn’t work here anymore so he is not obligated to honor his commitments. He owes Sally nothing. Meanwhile Sally is at the gun range all riled up. She tells Grams and Saul that she hates that man – Bill. She aims the gun at the bulls eye, probably right at Bill’s head. She tells them Bill does not scare her at all. He will get his. Grams said she will not miss Spencer at all. Grams and Saul want to help but they do not want to see Sally behind bars. Bill continues to rant to Justin that he has a right to see his grandchild so Wyatt is his one hope. He will do this for him. Wyatt tells Katie that he was the one who first said no commitment but Thorne was a wakeup call and he will never lose her again. Bill says enough time has gone by and it is time that Liam showed his forgiveness. Meanwhile he can count on Wyatt. Wyatt tells Katie that they need to focus on their happiness and their future. He needs to slip off to do something. Bill goes to his safe and brings out a golden gun, a work of art and tells Justin that he intends to take it home. Justin does not think that is such a good idea with a gun lying around. Sally walks in and calls him a liar. He calls her a carnival artist and says that Liam does not work here anymore and she will get NOTHING from him, so get out. She gets past Justin and says Bill cannot make promises and then not keep them.

Wyatt interrupts Katie’s kiss and says this is something that cannot wait. They both have had miserable pasts but that changed when they met each other recently and it feels right. He lost her once and tried to play it cool. But he had to leave now to go get something to prove what he is saying. He needed to find something special and he did that before and put it away. He pulls out a huge ring and says it does not matter what anyone else thinks. He loves her. She cries if this is really happening. She loves him too and he wonders if that means a yes that she will marry him. They kiss. Justin asks Bill if he wants him to call security but Bill says no, all is fine. Sally yells at Bill that she came to L. A. to re-boot Spectra and live out her dream. He tells her she does not have what it takes so wake up and smell the coffee. She says she does have what it takes and she will not let him and his skyscraper take everything from her. Bill screams at her to get out and turns his back. She picks up the golden gun, loads it quickly and shoots Bill when he turns around.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope and Rafe went to Ciara’s apartment. Ciara thought that they were breaking up. They told her and Tripp that they were calling off the engagement dinner. They wanted to go to Smith Island. Ciara was relieved. She told them that she and Claire were planning something special for them. When they left, Ciara told Tripp that she was glad that Rafe and Hope were getting married. She said she was glad she didn’t tell Hope that Rafe cheated on her with Sami because Rafe really loved her. When they left, Claire came out and listened to her phone. Gabi went to the DiMera mansion to talk to Chad. She thought that Stefan setting her up made her feel better about her case. Chad told her that Abby told Stefan that they were on to him. Gabi was furious about it. She thought that Abby made things worse because now he was on to them. Hope and Rafe went to Smith Island, but it ended up raining. 

Abby went to see Stefan as Gabi.  Abby kept trying to convince him that she was Gabi.  Stefan believed that something was wrong with her.  She said it wasn’t.  She told him that she wasn’t Abby and that Abby wasn’t interested in him.  He thought that Abby was interested in him.  Brady told Eve that Maggie wanted to be honest with Eve.  Eve thought Maggie wanted to insult her.  He told her that he wanted to tell the truth.  He talked to her about his relationship with Nicole.  He told Eve that he blackmailed Nicole into breaking up with Eric.  Eve understood what Brady did.  Rafe planned a romantic evening for Hope.  Rafe thought someone was trying to break in the cabin.  Rafe went outside to see who it was.  Claire listened to her phone and heard that Ciara talked about her.  While she was listening to the conversation, she heard Ciara say that Rafe cheated on Hope with Sami.  Gabi continued to tell Chad that Abby ruined things for her by saying something.  She thought that Abby made it easy for Stefan to set her up.  Chad reassured her that they would figure out a way to clear her name.  Abby continued to taunt Stefan about Abby.  Rafe brought the person in the cabin.  Hope told him that he was the justice of the peace that she got to marry them.  When Ciara came back to the apartment, Claire told her that she knew her secret.  When Gabi left the mansion, Chad was looking for Abby.  Stefan and Abby got in an argument.  When he was tired of hearing her talking, he kissed her.  They heard Chad calling out Abby’s name. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava has Chase file a police report on Mike who had ran off after breaking a vase in her gallery. Griffin shows up asking if she is ok. Ava says that she is and Ava shows Chase the security tapes. Griffin recognizes Mike and calls Sonny. Sonny comes down and is worried about what has happened to Mike because he hasn’t heard from him. Sonny gets a call from Mike and he has been arrested Sonny goes to the PCPD where tries to get Mike off. Chase will not allow him to post bale even though he has Alzheimer’s. Kiki is trying to study at the floating rib when David comes over. He offers to help her and buys them some dinner to eat. Kiki thanks him for helping her and for the dinner when they are done. David tells her he can help anytime.

Franco goes to a therapy session and is not sure how to act with the recent memories he uncovered. Kevin wants him to further look into the memories to see what they really are. Franco is not having it and storms out. He will not have his wedding ruined because of his past. He finds Elizabeth at the floating rib as she has a drink with Epiphany. Epiphany warns him to be good to Elizabeth or she is coming for him. Carly and Jason go to the PCPD to report Carly’s phone calls. Dante is able to trace the calls and they track it to a payphone 200 yards from where Morgan was shot. Nelle is hiding in the bushes. Carly looks around for signs of explosion. Alexis and Finn have an AA meeting and Anna spots them afterwards. Finn thinks that things with Anna might not be able to happen because she just won’t listen to reason. Anna and Andre meet at the Metro Court, and Andre is free from prison. Andre wants Anna to be honest with Finn about her feelings.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Sharon and Nick were interrupted before she could tell him about Christian's paternity. Nikki was suspicious when Chelsea suddenly canceled Connor and Christian's sleepover at the ranch, but she let Chelsea take the boys without a fight. Chelsea quietly wept during a final phone call with Nick before she threw her phone away. She lead Nick to believe she was at work and that everything was fine. Phyllis arrived at the hospital, but Mariah wouldn't let her visit Sharon. Phyllis told Nick she thought that Chelsea hit Sharon and took off with the boys. She also revealed that Sharon thought Chelsea was hiding something. Nick thought Phyllis's conspiracy was outrageous and refused to hear it. Phyllis called Victor to see if the boys were there. Nikki told Victor that Chelsea took the kids, but he didn't pass that information on to Phyllis. Chelsea decided to skip town with both boys, rationalizing that Adam would want his sons to stay together. Victor used a GPS tracker he'd attached to Chelsea's car to track it to the side of the road. Jordan was inside, and he told Victor that Chelsea was gone to parts unknown. Chelsea flashed back to moments with Nick and had second thoughts after she remembered how much he loved Christian.

Phyllis asked Sharon to say that Chelsea hit her so that the police would get involved in the search. Sharon didn't think Chelsea was the culprit, and she refused to lie to the police. Mariah and Nick caught Phyllis coming out of Sharon's room. Nick told Mariah about Phyllis's allegations. Nick wanted to go clear things up with Sharon, but Mariah asked him and Phyllis to leave. Mariah told Sharon how Nick concerned Nick had been while she was unconscious. Sharon said she didn't know what she'd do without Nick. Phyllis headed to the ranch, where Nikki told her that Chelsea had the boys. Victor returned to the ranch after his search came up empty. Paul interviewed Sharon, but she couldn't give him any leads on her attacker. She flashed back to moments with Nick and remembered how much he loved Christian. Victoria's doorbell rang, and she found Christian alone on her doorstep. She called Nick and told him that Christian mentioned a secret trip. Nick reeled when he found Chelsea's goodbye letter and engagement ring. She confessed to the theft, explained that she was leaving town with the children because she couldn't go to prison, and told Nick she'd always love him. Chelsea called someone and said that she and Connor were on their way.

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