The TV MegaSite's Thursday 2/22/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is stunned when Katie tells her that Wyatt called off everything although she thought it was going well. Quinn too quizzes Wyatt for being cranky and wonders if there is trouble in Paradise. She is stunned when she finds out she is right; he and Katie have broken up but it was at Wyatt’s request when he saw her kissing Thorne. Pam tells Steffy that her grandmother would be so proud of her and delighted she is going to have a little girl. Steffy steers clear of letting her know what is wrong between her and Liam. Sally lingers in the hall but hears Bill tell Justin that Steffy and Liam are having a little girl. Bill sees her and asks why she is here. Sally says only because he keeps cancelling all their appointments so she came here as she thought it was past time for her to help get re-booted with Spectra. He’s politely rude to her but nixes her three option choices and says he has option four, none of the above. He tells her it was his building that he blew up and he does not want to see her again.

Wyatt tells his mother that he made a mistake and he does not want to call it quits after all with Katie. He calls her so Brooke leaves to give them privacy. Wyatt comes clean and says it has to do with the wedding. He was looking for her and spied through the telescope and he saw her and Thorne kissing. She apologizes. He says seeing her with Thorne brought out the jealousy in him and he realizes now how much he cares for her. And now the hard part of living without her. Then it gets fuzzy when he mentions texting her and she says she got no such text. Ridge keeps preaching to Steffy that Bill took advantage of her. She will have a little girl soon and even big girls will always be their little girls and he will protect her and never let Bill hurt her again. Bill tells a stunned Sally no more handouts. Liam does not work here anymore and the Charity Train just left the station. She rants to him just the things she knows about that he has done. He may sit there all smug and satisfied but all that money and power does not disguise what he really is – a coward. Someone when he is least expecting it will stop him. She has never hated anyone as much as she hates him. Wyatt and Katie make sense of the missing text if Thorne picked up Katie’s phone by mistake. He does not want to talk about him now. He realizes now that he wants Katie and only her. He admits he is in love with her. She gets misty eyed as they kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate ripped into Billie for getting shot. Billie told Kate that she was trying to save John and Steveís life. Kate thought Billie could have told her the truth. Lucas came in and was upset with the fact that Billie endangered Willís life. John apologized to Paul for causing him pain. Brady and Eve walked in on Victor and Maggie arguing. Stefan thought his conversation with Abby when he looked at the lid to the urn. He thought about Abby telling him that she was Gabi. Maggie told Brady and Eve that Victor doesnít approve of them dating. Eve wanted to know if Maggie did approve. Maggie thought that everyone deserved to be happy. Eve was glad she felt that way. Brady defended Eve to Victor. Maggie wanted Eve to leave her alone with Brady and Victor. Brady told Eve to stay. Stefan saw Chad and asked him about Abby. Chad thought it was none of his business. Stefan thought it was his business after what happened last night. Chad wanted to know what happened last night. Kate wanted to know what Lucas was talking about. Lucas said that Billie was working John and could have killed his son. Will walked in and said that he wasnít killed and wanted them to be a family. Paul told John that there had to be a reason why he was hurting Steve. John apologized for Paul getting involved. Paul was relieved that Will was still alive. John asked if Paul was starting to have feelings for Will. Eve wanted Maggie to say what she was going to say. Eve left the room without. Victor apologized to Brady. Maggie said she was ashamed of Victor. She said she gave him a chance to prove himself, but he didnít. Victor told Brady that Maggie knew what was going on. Maggie said that she thought what Brady was doing was disgusting. Chad and Stefan argued over Abby. Chad told him that Abby wasnít interested in him. Stefan made it seem as if she were. Abby walked in the room and wanted to know what was going on. Chad said that Stefan seemed to think that he had a chance with her. Maggie told Brady that he was working Eve in order to get Basic Black back. She asked if she was that desperate to get back at Sonny. She called Victor out for constantly lying to her. She said she was disappointed in Brady. She thought that Eve didnít deserve what Brady was doing to her. Abby told Stefan that he didnít stand a chance with her. When Chad left, Stefan asked Abby about what happened last night. She didnít remember what happened.

Abby told Stefan what she remembered.  He asked her if she remembered coming into his room, but she said she didnít. She said that there was no chance that she would be interested in him.  She told him that he killed Andre and that he hired someone who looked like Gabi to be on the security footage.  Stefan said that they both knew that she was the one on the security footage.  Billie apologized to Will for what he went through.  Will was okay with it because Paul was with him.  Paul told John that he and Will were getting closer lately, but he wasnít over Sonny.  Maggie told Brady that Eve cared about him.  Maggie thought it was cruel of Brady to use Eve. She thought he was better than that.  Victor told Maggie that keeping silent proved that she loved him.  She said she loved him, but she had it with him.  Lucas apologized to Will for not being there for him while he was with Susan.  Will understood that Lucas wasnít there.  Lucas wanted to take one step at a time.  He told Will that he would be there for him no matter what.  Paul told John that spending time with Will helped him move on.  When Will showed up, John apologized to him.  When John left, Will asked Paul what he and John were talking about.  Paul said him.  Stefan wouldnít tell Abby what he was talking about.  Stefan left.  When Chad came back, Abby admitted that she told Stefan that they thought he killed Andre.  Abby told him that she thought Stefan was about to tell her who the woman was on the security footage.  She wanted to talk to Stefan more, but Chad told her not to.  She thought she could get him to open up, but Chad wanted her to stay away from him.  She thought he was dangerous.  When Chad had to take a conference call, she had a pain in her head.  When John went to see Billie, Kate ripped into him for getting Billie shot.  John said he owed her.  Maggie told Victor that she was moving out.  She told him that she thought he was going to spend time with his family once he retired.  She told him that he wanted control over everyone.  He told her that he loved her.  She said she needed to be heard and respected.  He said he respected her.  She thought it was just words.  She said that she gave him a chance to come clean, but he didnít.  She hoped that Brady would see the light.  Victor asked her not to leave him.  She told him that she has forgiven him for the things he has done in the past, but she couldnít do it anymore.  He said leaving him for Eve wasnít worth it.  Maggie said it wasnít because of Eve.  She said using Eve was the straw that broke the camelís back.  He said he couldnít live without her.  She knew but she couldnít live with him until he changed.  Abby turned into Gabi.  Abby went through a secret passage.  She went to Stefanís room and saw him with his shirt off. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Mike and Sonny go to see Griffin with the test results. Sonny seems nervous and it is making Mike anxious. Griffin walks in and Mike assumes he is going to tell him that nothing is wrong. Griffin reluctantly tells him that he has tested positively for Alzheimer’s. Mike doesn’t think they can prove he has it until he is dead. Griffin guesses that is true, but the signs are there. Mike demands a second opinion. Griffin wants him to get it. Mike storms out because Sonny because Griffin. Nelle comes to work and gives Ava a box of chocolate. Ava doesn’t like eating her misery. She gets a call from Griffin and isn’t having it. She starts to eat the chocolate. Nelle starts to go over her plan against Carly, when Michael shows up to take her to their childbirth class. Ava tells her to have fun and they leave. Mike later shows up and demands to know who she is. Ava says she is the owner. Mike tells her that this is Luke’s place. He assumes she works for Helena. Ava shows him an article that the bar that used to be here burnt down years ago. Mike is flustered and breaks a vase. He runs out and Ava calls the police.

Jason shows up at Sam’s office to discuss running an article on Faison’s will. Peter walks in. Jason thinks that they can lure Henrik out of hiding the prospect of the will. Sam just doesn’t think it is a very good idea. Alexis and Brad meet to discuss adoption options and Carly is there as well. Brad wants Carly to be there since Lucas is in surgery. Alexis explains that there is a woman who is interested but it be a semi-closed adoption. She would know who they were but they wouldn’t know who she was. Carly is against the idea. Brad and Lucas however decide to go through with it. Alexis tells Brad that the only issue is that the woman is requesting more information on them. Brad assumes this means she would find out about Julian. Maxie shows up to work and Nina thinks it is too soon for her to be back. Maxie wants to just get back to work. She gets an alert though about her child birthing class and Nina tells her they are both going right now. She will see her through the pregnancy. They go and Nelle is there with Michael. They end up fighting during the class and Nelle leaves with Michael who tells her that things will be fine. Nelle gets an alert that a project of hers is working. Carly gets a phone call but no one says anything. All she hears is an explosion.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

After hitting Sharon, Chelsea cleaned out the cash register. Nikki talked with Arturo by phone and told him she couldn't do something because she was watching her grandsons tonight. Nikki found Sharon and called 911. Phyllis was impressed with Hilary's apology episode. Billy revealed that he was the inspiration for it. After being questioned by Mariah, Hilary fessed up about knowing Juliet was lying. Mariah figured Hilary had assigned that story to her so that Mariah would take the fall if the truth came out. Hilary swore she wouldn't have let it go that far. Phyllis assured Hilary that Devon would forgive her in time. Nikki and Nick went to the hospital for Sharon. Paul interviewed Nikki about Sharon's attack. Nikki comforted the distraught Mariah. Phyllis learned about Sharon's predicament and called Nick, who told her Chelsea was at work.

Chelsea packed her bags and left Nick a goodbye letter. Phyllis went to the penthouse, but Chelsea pretended she wasn't home. Phyllis conned the super into letting her unlocking the door, but Chelsea slipped out the back, unseen. Sharon woke up while Mariah and Nick were at her bedside. Victor babysat Christian and Connor. Chelsea went to the ranch and told Nikki she was there to pick up the boys. Devon did not accept Hilary's apology. He reprimanded her for using the show as a platform for her personal problems and told her not to do it again. Hilary saw Devon kiss Simone. Billy was doubtful when Phyllis told him she thought Chelsea attacked Sharon.

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