The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/21/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill quizzes Wyatt about Liam being at the ultrasound and wonders if he sounded happy and if he and Steffy are getting back together. Wyatt says he is staying out of the middle of all of that. Ridge sits and stares at the ultrasound photo with Steffy beaming right beside him. Liam too is looking at his copy and smiling while saying he is glad he got to meet her. And he is glad Hope convinced him to go. Hope rushes into her office where all are waiting to hear her new plans. Seems Thorne can do more than be a best man; he will be the new designer for Hope For the Future. Bill tells Wyatt that he knows he is the piranha but he has the right to be part of his granddaughter’s life. Wyatt says he would not push that angle at all if he were Bill. He says it is possible that Liam will reconcile with Steffy but reconciling with Bill…….not much of a chance. Bill asks if Wyatt can get him a copy of this ultrasound. Wyatt says no way. She is probably going to be an awesome little girl but right now she is just a tiny gray ghost for the camera. Bill says it will be easy. He can dress up and pretend to be the driver just picking up another copy from the doctor. Wyatt scoffs – what makes Bill think he’d like to play dress up. And he might as well tell him that his mystery date is no longer in the picture and it might have been dumb but it was his choice. Then Bill just about has a coronary when he hears Hope is back from Milan and Liam has been leaning on her a lot lately. She is the one who got him to the ultrasound. And he sets Bill straight that Hope is not circling around Liam. She is just trying to help him keep his little family. Bill says he does not buy that. Nobody is that good.

Ridge is glad Hope is helping Steffy, especially getting Liam to the ultrasound. But he says good people do good things but they are usually for their own good and not the other person’s. Steffy can’t see any reason why Hope would have anything to gain by Steffy remaining in her marriage. Ridge says maybe not but it does allow her more time to spend with Liam so be mindful of that. He says he is impressed and he has to like Hope as he is married to her mother. He reminds Steffy that Liam and Hope once had a very deep connection so just be careful. Liam calls Hope and says he was thinking about that offer she made him and he has a few ideas he would like to run past her if she can see him….not at the office…..he is not ready for Forrester just yet. She says now is a good time and she is on her way. Bill lays it on thicker and says no one wants him except when it comes to jobs, money and beach houses. Wyatt says that sounds sort of like a threat. And if Steffy puts her marriage back together what will that mean for Bill. He replies that he has always wanted Steffy and Liam to have a baby and he will not let Hope waltz in here and undo any damage he may have caused by them having a child. Liam ushers Hope into his room and she likes the new look now that he has spruced up. He starts to show her some ideas he has on the laptop but she notices the ultrasound photo and makes a hasty exit leaving him confused. She almost breaks down in tears right outside his door.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady talked to Victor about Eve. Eve walked in and didnít hear what they were talking about. Eve and Victor got into an argument over him not supporting Brady. Maggie walked in and confronted Victor about getting texts from Brady if they werenít talking. She wanted to know what was going on. Claire came home from her trip early. She told Ciara about why she was home early. Ciara told her about what went on with Tripp. Claire wanted to know what was going on between them. John talked to Marlena about poisoning Steve. John felt guilty about trying to kill Steve. She tried to make him feel better about what he did. He apologized for not telling her, but he didnít want to put her life in danger. Tripp went to see Steve. Tripp told him that he felt bad about what happened with Pamela. Claire kept pestering Ciara about what was going on with Tripp. Tripp was grateful that Steve was still alive. He told Steve that he loved him. Jennifer and Eric ran into Brady and Eve. Eve said trouble appeared when they were together. Maggie wanted Victor to tell her what was going on with Brady. 

Victor told Maggie what was going on.  She didnít like that he was plotting against Eve.  Maggie didnít like what Brady was doing.  She wanted him to put a stop to it.  Eric told Brady and Eve that they were seeing each other.  Jennifer asked if they were dating.  Brady told her they were friends.  He said he was worried about Jennifer because of Eric.  Jennifer defended Eric to Brady.  Brady told her that Eric would dump her if Nicole called him.  Marlena told John that she knew something was going on with him even when he didnít talk to her.  Ciara and Claire got in another argument.  Tripp walked in and yelled at them to stop arguing.  Claire told Tripp that she heard what happened and that she was glad he was okay.  He was thankful that Ciara was there.  Maggie thought what Victor was doing was wrong.  He said Eve asked for it.  Maggie said she didnít like this vindictive side of him.  He said she knew what she got when she married him.  Jennifer begged Brady to start a new life with someone other than Eve.  When Jennifer apologized for Nicole starting a new life without him, he said that wasnít what happened.  Eric wanted to know what he was talking about.  Brady clarified what he meant about Nicole.  He warned Jennifer not to be with Eric.  Eve said that she would have learn on her own.  Maggie told Victor that she married him because she thought his activities were in the past.  She thought what Brady was doing to Eve is cruel.  She reminded him about what Eve was going through.  He wanted to know what she expected him to do.  She wanted him to tell Eve what he was up to.  He was upset that she wanted him to take a backseat to Eve.  Maggie said thatís what she wanted him to do.  He wanted to know what she was going to do if he didnít.  Brady and Eve walked in while they were arguing.  When Kayla was trying to show Steve his file, he wasnít able to see it.  When Claire left the room, she turned her phone on so she could record Ciara and Trippís conversation. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu and Dante walk into the police station. Lulu wonders if Dante is going to be ok. Dante promises he will be. Lulu leaves and Dante goes to sit down when a man unpacks at Nathan’s desk. Dante is not having it. Jordan tells him that the man will be his new partner. Dante asks to speak with her in private. They go into he other room where Jordan explains that they have to move on with the job unfortunately. She suggests he take leave. Dante wonders if she is telling him or if it is his choice. Jordan is not forcing him. She tells him that is his new partner and he has to be nice to him. Dante introduces himself to Chase and Chase notices he has a Yankees mug. Dante asks if he is a Yankees fan as well. Chase takes out a Red Socks mug. Valentin and Nina are having breakfast when Peter walks over. He hopes that she is not going to go back to work right now. Nina thinks that she has to move on because Nathan wouldn’t want her to sulk. She leaves to go to work. He sits down and speaks with Valentin when Lulu walks over. Valentin leaves. Lulu tells Peter that she had to resign. Peter feels that she needs to stay a reporter. Nina walks into work and finds Nathan’s blood on the carpet. She sobs as she tries cleaning it out. Valentin walks in and starts to hold her. He promises he will get her a new carpet. Nina needs it before Maxie comes in to work.

Alexis wakes up in bed and finds herself next to Finn. They both admits that neither of them were under the influence at all. They start to get dressed when Anna shows up. She tells Finn that they need to talk about Cassandra. Alexis leaves. Anna informs him that the WSB wants to talk with them and it could be a bad thing. Finn goes to take a shower ignoring Anna’s warning that the WSB might be mad at them. They show up at the PCPD and they are told that they are being awarded by both the WSB and the DEA. There will be a ceremony next week. The agent leaves. Anna wonders if he is with Alexis. She thinks that is great and leaves. At Charlie’s Joss and Oscar ask Julian along with Kim if they can host their alternative dance there. Julian wonders why they don’t have it at the Metro Court. Joss explains that Carly said they could, but they wanted to know if he would be ok with it. Julian allows them too. Sam shows up at Maxie’s house to have breakfast and wonders why she is packing up. Maxie wants all of Nathan’s things out. She cannot continue to think about Nathan. She wants it all gone. She even packs up pictures of him. Sam tries to convince her that she can keep her memories alive. Maxie doesn’t want to deal with it. She tells Sam she needs to get ready for work. Sam takes a box from Maxie while she is in the other room.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

JT and Victoria celebrate a belated Valentine's Day, but he forgets to make a reservation at Top of the Tower, so they end up eating hot dogs from a cart and returning home to make love and finally say I love You to each other. Phyllis persuades Sharon to not tell Nick the truth about Adam being Christian's father until she can figure out a way to expose Chelsea without hurting Nick. Hilary makes a heartfelt speech about her lies have hurt people on the air without mentioning names. Hilary also apologizes to the people she hurt with her lies hoping to make amends with everyone especially Devon Sharon is deeply impacted by watching Hilary's speech and decides to call Nick and tell him the truth but just as Sharon is about to tell Nick everything someone hits Sharon on the head knocking her to the floor.

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