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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge hugs Steffy and says it is the happiest he has ever been. Steffy says it definitely had an impact on Liam but maybe not enough yet. But she is optimistic that in time he will forgive her. Wyatt tells Liam that is great that he is having a girl. This calls for a celebration. Liam says yeah and to think he would have missed all of this if it were not for Hope. This is a life moment he was not prepared for. Wyatt wonders if this changes anything like how he sees his future with Steffy. He is not pressuring Liam as he knows what Bill did was much worse. And Liam should know now although he does side with him against his dad but he is not going to leave the company over this. Liam asks about Katie and Wyatt says they broke off after he saw her kissing Thorne at the wedding. Meanwhile Hope is telling Maya and Rick that it is Hope For The Future – her baby. And what a surprise, Ridge even asked Thorne to head up her design team. Steffy drops in on Hope at work and they discuss the doctor’s visit and that she is going to have a girl. Hope hugs her.

Wyatt tells Liam that he needs to get out of here. He needs some sunshine and fresh air or at least some room freshener. It’s beginning to stink in here. Liam tells him he just might as Hope has asked him to join him in her Hope For the Future. Steffy thanks Hope for getting Liam to show up for the ultrasound. It made all the difference in the world that he was there and maybe now it will convince him to come home. Hope says he is just taking more time to work through all of this but he will. Hope says Steffy does not have to thank her. Liam went because of the baby and that is the reason he will come home. Just be good to him and for him. He will never do to his child what his father did to him. Steffy thanks her again for saving her family; she feels like it will and she will never let Hope down. She congratulates Hope for her new project and says she supports her all the way. Then she is the one who hugs Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla was upset that she injected Steve with something. Marlena said she could trust John. John got a text from Billie. Will and Paul found Billie outside of the mausoleum. Paul said it looked like she was shot. Will said he remembered her from her pictures. He said that she was his aunt and worked for the ISA. Pamela went to see Tripp. She told him that Steve was the reason why she was there. She said she didnít have good news. John wanted to go look for Billie. He apologized for not telling Marlena what was going on. She understood why he couldnít tell her. Will and Paul showed up at the hospital. Will said Billie was brought in the hospital. John said Billie just texted him. Will said Billie was shot and thought John did it. Pamela told Tripp that someone was trying to poison Steve. She couldnít tell him who did it. She said the ISA covered up for Steve when he confessed to killing Ava. She said the ISA was exposed once Joey confessed to killing Ava. Tripp said it was his fault because he was obsessed with finding out who killed his mother. He said he was the one to blame. Steve told Kayla that he was feeling better. When Tripp was about to call Kayla, Pamela pulled a gun on him. John wanted to go find Billie. Will thought he was trying to finish her off. John wanted Marlena to talk to Will. She told him that he would understand once he knew what was going on. John went to see Billie. She told him that Pamela was going after his son. John told Marlena that Pamela was going after Steveís son. Tripp told Pamela that he wasnít leaving with her. She was willing to kill him and Joey if he didnít leave with her. John found out that Joey was fine. Paul realized that Pamela didnít say that she was going after Joey. John realized that she went after Tripp. When Tripp noticed Ciaraís pocketbook, he decided to leave with her. Pamela wondered why he changed his mind. 

Will thanked Paul for saving him.  Paul thanked him too.  Will said he would never forget that he tried to save his life.  John wanted Paul to go with him to check on Tripp.  Will thought it might have been a trap, but Paul thought it was a chance he had to take.  Ciara called Hope and told her that there was a crazy lady in the loft.  Ciara asked her to come over.  Tripp told Pamela that he had to do whatever she wanted him to do in order to stay alive.  Tripp told Pamela that Joey killed his mother.  Pamela said that Joey did him a favor by killing her.  Tripp said he wasnít going to stop him from going after Steve.  Ciara came out of the room with a bat.  Pamela told her to get by Tripp.  Pamela said the night got complicated.  Kayla told Marlena that she couldnít tell Steve that Pamela was after Tripp.  Marlena thought she shouldnít tell him.  Marlena said John would handle it.  They agreed that Steve should stay in bed and get well.  Kayla thanked Marlena for helping her.  John and Paul were at the loft.  Rafe and Hope were there too.  John told them that Pamela was there and that she was armed and dangerous.  Ciara told Pamela to drop the gun to see how tough she was.  Pamela threatened to kill her.  Hope asked if Pamela had Ciara.  Pamela called John.  He asked if she got Ciara and Tripp.  She wouldnít answer him.  He said she would get caught.  She said their blood would be on his hands unless he did what she said.  John met Pamela.  He told her to let the kids go and they could deal with each other one-on-one.  She wanted him to bring out who he came with.  He lied about being alone.  Paul, Rafe, and Hope came out of hiding.  Pamela threatened to kill Ciara if she didnít get what she wanted.  John wanted to know what Pamela wanted.  Pamela wanted them all to put their guns down.  Hope didnít put her gun down at first.  Pamela threw the poison at John.  She said Ciara and Tripp would only be free once he killed John.  John agreed to do it.  He wanted her to hold up her end of the deal.  She told him to do the job.  He said he would signal her when the job is done.  Tripp told him not to do it.  He said it was his fault that all of this was happening.  He wanted to be the one who died.  Pamela liked the idea of Tripp dying for Steve.  Hope tried to reach for Pamelaís gun, but it didnít work.  Tripp got the syringe.  He asked if Pamela would let Ciara go if he poisoned himself.  He stuck the syringe in Pamela.  Hope called for a coroner. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis is made aware by Molly that she is being accused of getting Julian released from jail for mob related crimes. Alexis admits that she did go to Nora Buchannan to do so, but she has nothing to do with the mob. Stella is going to go explain the situation at the polls. Molly agrees to go and help. Julian thinks that this is all his fault again. Finn tries to help Alexis feel better about things. Ned finds out about this article and thinks that things are going to go into his favor. Nelle shows up being invited by Monica. Michael later informs Monica that he doesn’t need Nelle thinking that they are going to be getting back together based on Monica’s including her in everything. Kim and Oscar show up after being invited. Kim learns that Julian is Leo’s father. Julian shows up and tries to strangle Ned thinking that it was him who put the article out there. Kim gets him to settle down and they leave together.

Franco has a session with Kevin. He has a glimpse at his past where he remembers playing hide and seek with Drew. He once locked Drew in a trunk. He doesn’t tell Kevin about this though but thinks it further tells him about his past. Kevin wishes he wouldn’t jump to conclusions. Franco leaves and goes to Charlie’s where Elizabeth is. Ned wins the election. Alexis is devastated and Finn leaves with her to help cheer her up. Franco runs into Jim and he is there gloating over Alexis losing. Drew and Curtis discuss Jim and he wants Curtis to do some digging on Jim. Curtis later confronts Jim in the alley, informing him that it is a little too much of a coincidence that this information played in his favor. He wants Jim to watch his back.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Kevin returned. JT told Kevin he investigated Victor for embezzlement. Mariah was suspicious of Sharon and Phyllis's excuse for being together. Mariah told Kevin that she was attracted to both men and women, but her love life was non-existent. He encouraged her to stay positive. JT made a lunch date with Victoria. JT was secretly working for Paul and Chris to bring down Victor for a price fixing scam. Paul and Chris knew JT covered up Nikki's embezzlement. JT made it clear that he wanted Victoria to have immunity and that he expected a job at the police station or FBI in exchange for his undercover work. Paul agreed to the conditions. Lily told Victoria that Hilary had video proof that Juliet was lying about the sexual harassment suit. Victoria blamed Hilary for the downfall of Brash and Sassy. Phyllis and Sharon quizzed Paul and got him to confirm that Adam's DNA was on file at the police station.

Cane surprised Lily by picking her up at work and taking her on a date. Victoria and Cane apologized to each other for what happened during the lawsuit. Victoria confronted Hilary. Hilary apologized and swore she changed, but Victoria didn't believe her transformation was sincere. JT was busy with Paul and he stood Victoria up. Victoria confronted JT and they argued. JT said he'd been working on an issue for Newman and wasn't able to get away. Victoria apologized to JT for not trusting him. Phyllis asked Kevin to hack into the police department's files and steal Adam's DNA records. Kevin refused, out of fear of losing Bella, but he wanted to see Chelsea go down, so he gave Phyllis the passwords to the police computers. Hilary called Phyllis, looking for a friend, but Phyllis was too busy to talk. Sharon went to the PCPD and logged into the computer to access Adam's file. Paul caught Sharon on the computer, but he bought her cover story and allowed her to use it. Sharon gave Phyllis the DNA results. They realized Chelsea was telling the truth and that Christian was Adam's son.

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