The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/19/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam holds the ultrasound photo and proudly says it is a little girl. Both he and Steffy are so glad. She reminds him again that it is not the way they feel right now, it is the baby that matters. He needs to come back home and be a family. Ridge tells Hope that he is proud of her for supporting Steffy. He knows she still has feelings for Liam so this could not have been easy. She says the baby is the only thing that matters now. He tells her that she is wise beyond her years. And that brings the second thing to his mind. He’d like her to bring Hope For the Future back. She says yes. Thorne has Katie pinned on the couch showering her with kisses. She needs a break but he says she is just getting on with her life. And they continue. Eventually Katie says they have to stop and he leaves but not before he says he is willing to help her forget Wyatt. Steffy opines to Liam that she hates this and wishes things were different. Liam says they will find a way and she agrees if he can just find a way to forgive her and move forward. The doctor comes in and chimes in that Steffy needs her husband and partner. The baby is healthy and is developing just fine. Their next few months should be great. Liam says things became so real today and he will do all he can to make this time easier for Steffy. He knows there is extra pressure on her without more stress. She says she is determined to give their baby a calm, quiet environment. But she needs to know before it is born that they can be a family again.

Ridge calls Thorne in and says he knows he came back to L.A. to design and Hope came back for the wedding and now wants to start up her line again. Ridge has looked over Thorne’s designs and thinks they are pretty good. Hell, they are beyond pretty good, they are great and he’d like him to team up with Hope on a younger line for Forrester. Hope and Thorne shake hands and he calls her boss. She says she has things to do to get started so she will give him a call. Thorne tells Ridge that the timing could not be better. He admits he had a chip on his shoulder so he had a strange way of showing his family ties. But Ridge asked him to be best man and he thinks they are both trying harder on this family thing. They are brothers and fighting is what they do. He appreciates Ridge’s offer. Ridge gives Thorne Eric’s martini shaker and tells him not to take life so seriously. He’s glad he is home and Thorne says the same. Steffy thanks Liam for being here today; it means everything to her. She gives Liam the picture and says she has another and he can keep this with him at all times. She believes in the future for them and he can take his time. Just remember what she said about giving the baby the life she deserves. He says he wishes he could do that but…..well he wishes it had never happened. He believes in forgiveness and second chances. He feels he is doing his best but it is in his head and he can’t get past it. She says he said yet….so there is a chance. She will always love him and believe that he will come home and be a family with her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby walked around the DiMera mansion. When Stefan saw her, he thought she was Gabi. When he realized she was Abby, he wanted to know what she was doing. Will and Paul were tied up in the mausoleum. Paul wanted to know what happened. Will said Paulís crazy dad was what happened. Steve caught John in his room. Steve wanted to know what he was going to do to him. Kayla and Marlena walked in and wanted to know what was going on. Steve said that John was trying to inject something in his IV. John told them that he has been poisoning them. Abby told Stefan that her name wasnít Abby. Will and Paul talked about what John did to them. John told everyone why he was trying to kill Steve. Kayla was upset that John would go along with trying to kill Steve. Abby told Stefan that she was Gabi. Stefan asked if she was the one on the security camera. He wanted to know why she would set up Gabi. Abby was talking to him as if she was Gabi. He wanted to know if she killed Andre. Abby told Stefan that she wasnít crazy. She said that everyone wanted to accuse her of murder. He showed her part of the murder weapon. She said that he was the one holding it. He said that it had Andreís blood on it. He realized that she was trying to frame him for murder. John told everyone that Pamela wanted him to take care of Steve once Joeyís confession ruined her plan when Ava died. John flashed back to when Pamela wanted Steve dead. Kayla tried to stop John from killing Steve. Pamela ran into Billie and wanted to know why she was at the mausoleum. Pamela wanted to know who was in the black bag. Billie said it was John. Paul told Will that he was his friend and meant a lot to him. Paul told Will that he confronted John after he saw what he did to Will. Will wondered why John would fire a gun if he didnít want to shoot them. Paul thought that John wanted the person who made him try to kill Steve wanted them dead. They heard someone outside and screamed for help.

Kayla told John that she wasnít going to let him poison Steve.  John said he had the antidote.  Kayla didnít believe that.  John thought about talking to Pamela about killing Steve.  She said Steve, Kayla, and Joey were a liability.  She said she would find someone to do the job if John didnít.  John agreed to kill just Steve, but Pamela wasnít interested in that.  He convinced her to let him just kill Steve.  She threatened to ruin his family if he didnít do the job.  John told everyone that him making the death look like natural causes bought him some time.  John told them that Billie was helping him.  Billie lied to Pamela about shooting John.  Pamela said that no one told her that John was missing.  She said that Johnís contact was missing and wanted to know who was in the bag.  Abby told Stefan that she would tell Chad that he tried to take the company from him.  She told him that she overheard him talking to Vivian about it.  She also told him that she saw him standing over Andreís dead body.  Abby told him that she saw him take Andreís phone.  He said she couldnít prove it.  She said he couldnít prove that she had the lid.  He said he wasnít giving her back the lid.  She told him that he better find a better place to hid it.  When she tried to leave, he said he couldnít let her leave.  Billie told Pamela that John was giving Steve an antidote.  Billie told her that she and John had evidence against her.  Billie said that Pamela was getting charged.  Steve asked John if Joey was all right.  John said he was.  John told them that Billie was confronting Pamela.  Paul was able to get out of the ropes.  John told Kayla and Marlena what happened when Paul and Will saw him. He told them that he had to pretend to kill them. Steve started to have convulsions so John told Kayla to give him the antidote. Abby told Stefan to give up on the real Abby and focus on her. Abby kissed Stefan before she left.  Kayla gave Steve the antidote, but she didnít know what it was.  Marlena said they could trust John.  Pamela went to see Tripp.  Abby woke up and didnít realize what was going on with her. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

It’s election night in PC and Alexis is working on both her acceptance and defeat speeches. Julian thinks she will win. Molly is going over polling and thinks that Alexis really has a chance. While this is going on, Julian and Curtis along with Jordan discuss Stella’s mugger. It turns out the guy was paid off the day before and after. Julian thinks it was a set up. Ned sits at home with Olivia when Jim shows up. Jim congratulates him. Ned points out that there is still a chance he might not win. Jim thinks that he will though. Jim leaves and makes a call to run a story. Olivia tells Ned that things will go in their favor. He wants to make the city better which is what everyone wants in the long run. At Charlie's, Alexis is practicing her speeches again when Molly reads a story that reveals Alexis is responsible for Julian being released from prison.

Diane goes over the will with Drew, Jason, Sam, and Anna again. She reads over the part that states that Jason will only get what he wants if Drew is dead and vice versa for Drew. Sam thinks it is a mind game. Diane then gives Anna a statue that Faison left her. Anna wants it sold and the proceeds donated to charity. Diane then explains that Faison’s estate has been left to his son. It doesn’t state which one so it would technically go to Henrik since he is alive, but Maxie could fight for it. Anna decides to be the one to inform her. Maxie goes to the cemetery where she finds Peter giving his respects to Nathan. The two end up talking at Maxie’s apartment and Maxie thanks him so much for being the hero that day. Anna shows up and Peter leaves. Anna explains what has happened and Maxie wants nothing to do with the money. Sonny and Mike continue to go through with the testing and it is clear something is wrong. Mike goes to get a CT scan and asks Sonny to hold his watch. His mother gave it to him and it is the one thing he could never give up. Jason shows up and explains the situation with Henrik.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Hilary's doctor tells her that she isn't pregnant and with Jack's help she discovers that she wants Devon to be her donor. Hilary asks Devon for another chance at their relationship because she never stopped loving him. Lily and Cane look at the video that proves that Juliet was never harassed and then they have a heated argument with Hilary. Cane and Lily decide that Hilary never changed and she can't have any contact with Sam. Devon makes it clear to Hilary that he has no interest in getting back together with her and before she becomes a mother she must change . Devon doesn't think she would be a good mother because she still gets too much pleasure from other people's pain. Nick persuades Chelsea to have their wedding in the summer time and not elope but she wants to start the paperwork for each of them to adopt Connor and Christian. Phyllis persuades Sharon to help her get a paternity test for Christian despite the fact that Phyllis's plan could go very wrong.

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