The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/9/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope stops by Brooke’s and tells Ridge and her that Steffy is going in for ultrasound and she thinks maybe Liam will go too. Thorne figures out that he grabbed Katie’s phone by mistake and when she calls he says he will bring it to her. He needs an excuse to see her. He recalls the text message to Wyatt from Katie. Ridge calls Steffy and says Hope told Liam but they do not know if he is on his way or not. Seconds later her heart melts when he does. Thorne grills Katie and says he knows her mystery man is her ex-stepson, Wyatt. She rails that it is over and he was her stepson a long time ago. Thorne wants to know if Bill knows. She says again that was a long time ago and he should not care. Thorne quips that he can easily help her with that. She laughs when she says then he wants her to just jump right back into another relationship. He says one of the reasons he came back to town was because of her.

Steffy tells Liam that nothing is wrong. There was a cancellation and the doctor thought she could come in sooner than later. She cannot tell him how good it feels for him to be here. The doctor says because of her previous problems they want to monitor this one more closely and make sure she has no stress and plenty of rest. She begins the ultrasound and Liam is stunned when he sees the form of a tiny baby. He says this is incredible. And even more so they both say they would like to know the gender and are excited when told it is a girl. Katie tells Thorne that she is intrigued and attracted to him but she is not sure she is ready. He comes closer and plants a big one on her. At Brooke’s urging Hope tells her that yes it hurt her to help Steffy but she was so sincere and it was the right thing to do. Brooke says she is so proud of her and she is strong so she will get through this no matter what Liam does. Liam holds the picture of the ultrasound and Steffy cries that she is so guilty that she messed up and hurt her baby. But she needs two parents and Steffy needs to know now before the baby is born. They have been given another chance and that should be the most important thing in their lives. And she will tell her daughter that nothing will ever tear her family apart. He needs to do this for his little girl…..please. Please forgive her.

The wedding is official and now Brooke changes and wants to party. Charlie makes notice that Steffy is all alone; wonder if there is trouble in paradise. Ridge tells RJ that he never gave up on them and Ridge never gave up on Brooke so now they are the perfect family. Eric gives a toast and everyone joins in. Ridge tells Steffy he is sorry Liam did not show. He wants her to try and enjoy herself. Wyatt stays and visits with Liam. Liam says he knows Wyatt is MIA every day about two o’clock and he knows he is seeing someone and would like to know who it is. He is shocked when Wyatt tells him it is Katie – Katie as in Katie Logan! Liam wonders why they are keeping it casual. Wyatt says he likes her a lot and he guesses he is stupid as he has not told her. Liam says if he does not tell her then they are not exclusive and she can date others. Wyatt says he is not going to let that happen and he is going over their right now. Donna catches the bouquet. Brooke and Ridge devour the first piece of cake. Thorne makes a speech that he is honored to be best man and he hopes he did Ridge proud. He is sure their mother is smiling from above. Ridge gives him a big hug.

Thorne follows Katie out to the patio and wonders if she is looking for someone else. She says she keeps saying no strings but she thinks she might be more involved than her guy is. Thorne praises her and says then the guy is crazy if he has not made if official. Wyatt happens to be at Katie’s and looking thru the telescope and is visibly upset when he sees Thorne and Katie kissing. Each guest says a few words and Steffy states that forgiveness is always possible and she is glad her dad and Brooke made it back together and will be happy. Brooke and Ridge say a few words below Stephanie’s portrait. He says he has always loved Brooke and he will do all he can to maintain this marriage. From out of nowhere while alone Stephanie speaks to Brooke. She even calls her the slut from the valley to prove to Brooke that it is really her. She is proud of her and glad she has stayed on the true and narrow. So no more tears and do not let Eric take her off the mantel again. Ridge and Brooke hug and smile at the outcome of the day.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The guy who ordered John to kill Steve put a gun to Paul. Will confronted John about poisoning Steve. John denied it, but Will didnít believe him. Will said he heard what he said about trying to kill Steve. Paul lied to the guy about why he was following him. When the guy said he knew who he was, Paul wanted to know who he was. John told Will that he didnít know what he was talking about when Will kept accusing him. John told Will to stay out of it, but Will wanted to call Marlena. Steve passed out in the hospital. Kayla told him that he couldnít leave her. When Steve passed out again, Kayla told Marlena that they had to figure out what was going on with Steve. Chad and Abby talked about Andre. He comforted her about Andre. She told him that she wished she could figure out what was going on. He told her that Gabi was arrested for Andreís murder. Paul asked the guy what he did to John. The guy refused to answer his question. Paul lied to him and fought him over the gun. John told Will that he wasnít going to let him tell Marlena and pulled a gun on him. Paul managed to get the gun from the guy. He walked away from Paul. Will told John that he didnít have to pull a gun on him. John told him that he couldnít let him tell Marlena what was going on. Marlena called John and left a message about Steve. Kayla told Marlena that Steveís vitals were good. Kayla wanted to know what was going on with Steve. She was scared that there was no way to know how to treat what was going on with him. Will told John that he wouldnít call Marlena, but John said it was too late. John took him to go somewhere.

Chad told Abby why the police suspected Gabi of murder.  Kayla got a page from one of Steveís doctors.  The doctor wanted to see her.  Kayla left to see the doctor.  John took Will to Andreís cemetery.  Will tried to talk John out of leaving him there, but John said it was too late.  John told him that he knew too much.  Paul tried to call Will.  Will answered the phone and said where he was.  Abby told Chad what Gabi told her after she got fired from Gabi Chic.  Chad told Abby that Gabi was innocent, but Abby had trouble believing it.  He said he believed Gabi.  He asked if Abby did too.  She said she did.  John took Will to Andreís mausoleum.  Will wanted to know why he was there.  John said the dead went there.  Will told him that he didnít have to do it, but John said he did.  Abby reminded Chad that she accused Gabi of killing Andre.  Abby said she loved Gabi, but she wanted justice for Andre.  Abby said that Gabi accused her of killing Andre.  Abby said that Gabi accusing her made her realize that Gabi was innocent.  They talked about how Abby was there for him when everyone thought he was guilty.  Will tried to stop John from killing him.  John was willing to take the risk of Marlena knowing that he killed her grandson.  Marlena tried calling John to find out why he didnít call her back.  Paul showed up at the mausoleum.  John told Paul that he shouldnít have come there.  Paul found Will on the floor.  A gunshot could be heard in the mausoleum.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Mike and Sonny go to GH to see a doctor after Mike was working at Kelly’s for no reason the night before. They see David who does some tests on Mike. Mike is not happy about this. Ava takes Kiki to work after she wakes up from her hangover. Ava runs into Griffin and tries to talk with her about how they left things the night before. Ava doesn’t want to talk about it. Griffin has to go and deal with Mike. He runs a series of tests on Mike and Mike is not able to remember something mentioned from earlier in the conversation. David runs into Kiki and congratulates her on her getting into PC med school. He is sorry that she broke up with Dillon. Kiki thanks him. She promises to be around a lot more because of her being devoted to becoming a doctor.

Monica goes to see Nelle and offers to have lunch with her. Nelle has to work though. She mentions to Monica that the stress of Carly is not healthy for the baby. Monica promises to help her out as much as she can on that subject. Ava shows up after Monica leaves and can tell that Nelle is doing well. Nelle wonders how Ava’s night was with Griffin. Ava doesn’t want to talk about it. She wants to move on and thinks she needs Avery for that. Diane finds Jason at Carly’s and forces him to go with her to the will reading where Anna, Drew, and Sam already are. It is revealed in the will that Faison has a way to get Drew’s memories back. He also has Henrik’s latest alias for Jason. He will not give either though unless one is dead. Monica goes to see Carly. She admits she has never been to Sonny’s house. She tells her that she needs to easy up on Nelle.

Nathan’s funeral is underway. Bobbie and Amy set things up for the wake afterwards at the Floating Rib. Meanwhile, Maxie gets ready with Mac, Felicia, and Sam. Spinelli later shows up. Jordan and Dante along with the rest of the officers at the PCPD gather around with their own ceremony. Jordan gives a speech and they put Nathan’s name on a plaque of fallen officers. Robin and Anna meet at the hospital where Griffin soon joins them. Griffin is unsure if he is ready for this. He still thinks he could have done more. Robin doesn’t know what se will tell Maxie. She cannot keep telling a person to be strong when they lose so much. The three of them make their way to the church. Anna has a moment with Nina where she takes her cigarettes from her. Maxie is reluctant to leave her house. Spinelli gives her a hug from their daughter and she wanted Maxie to know that she loves her.

Maxie is left alone in her apartment for a while. She sits down on the floor and her sister Georgie comes to sit next to her. She promises Maxie that she can get through this. She reminds Maxie that Nathan’s child will always be a reminder of him for her. Maxie finally gets the courage to go to the funeral. The officers of the PCPD all carry Nathan in. Nina tells a story about Nathan as a little boy and how generous he was. At the cemetery drums and bagpipes are played as everyone says their final goodbyes. A lot of people go the wake as Maxie, Nina, Valentin, Dante, and Lulu stay behind at the cemetery. Peter is hiding in the bushes. At the wake, Spinelli sings o, Danny Boy and Amy joins in to help him out. Lulu finally says she is sorry to Maxie for her loss. Maxie thinks that she should be sorry because it is her fault.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nick accepted Chelsea's proposal and gave her an engagement ring. Billy convinced Phyllis to listen to Chelsea's side of the story before exposing her. Lily told Nikki that she and Cane had renewed their vows after being inspired by Nikki and Victor. Hilary asked Devon to grab a bite, but he had to go to the studio with Simone. Charlie wanted to blow off hockey practice and stay at the studio with Devon. Lily and Devon insisted that he keep his word and go to practice. Hilary happened to run into the sperm donor she'd chosen, and while he was perfect on paper, he was boorish in person. Hilary feared that her potential baby would be a jerk like its father. Devon called himself living proof that behavior was taught, not inherited. Hilary thanked him. Noah told his parents and grandmother that after a talk with Victor, he'd decided to move to Mumbai tomorrow. Sharon and Nick thought Noah's decision was rash, but Noah was confident that this was the right choice for him. Sharon spotted Chelsea's ring, so Chelsea and Nick announced their engagement and plans to adopt each others young sons. Sharon thought it was odd that Chelsea got engaged to Nick just after wishing he was more like Adam. Chelsea snapped that she loved Nick and that Sharon's skepticism wasn't welcome.  Victor didn't think Chelsea was sincere about the proposal. Chelsea said that she and Nick would live happily ever after and there was nothing Victor could do about it. Chelsea told Nick she wanted to get married immediately. Billy and Phyllis crashed the party. Billy distracted Victor while Phyllis privately confronted Chelsea. Phyllis said she wouldn't expose Chelsea if Chelsea broke up with Nick. Chelsea told Phyllis that Nick wasn't Adam's father. Chelsea threatened that she'd make sure Nick found out the truth unless Phyllis dropped the crusade. Lily asked Hilary how Charlie was doing as an intern, and Hilary gave him high praise. Lily complimented Hilary's show. Devon watched a video of Juliet telling Hilary that Cane didn't sexually harass her.

Sharon went to the mausoleum to visit Adam's memorial and ran into Chelsea. They talked about Adam and his mother. Chelsea opened Adam's funerary niche and realized the money was gone. A concerned Devon told Victor that Noah took a swing at him. Nick disregarded Phyllis and Hilary's suspicions about Chelsea. Noah confronted Nick about renting an apartment to Tessa. Chelsea lied to Nick about why she was late for dinner. Chelsea received another text referencing Christian's true paternity. She made up an excuse to cancel dinner and left. Hilary was rattled because Jordan told her that the sperm bank lied about their donors. Phyllis assured her that Jordan made that up to scare her. Hilary was concerned because she wouldn't be able to tell her child everything about his father. Phyllis gave her a pep talk. Hilary did research to bolster her ideas for Hamilton-Winters, and she took the results to Devon. He was impressed and promised to consider using suggestions. Devon thought it was inspiring that Hilary was pursuing her dream of motherhood. It made him want to follow his dreams and become a game changer in the music industry. Devon met with a woman who was indecisive about signing with his company. Hilary urged the woman to choose Devon.

JT gave Victoria a dress. Victoria asked JT to use his position as head of security to keep tabs on Ashley. JT refused because he thought it would be unethical. Victoria realized she should stop bringing her work problems home with her. JT raised the possibility of marriage, but Victoria thought it was too soon, and JT agreed. Victor talked with Noah about the incident and was unimpressed by Noah's self pity. Victor advised Noah to be strong like Victoria instead of weak like Nick. Nick and Sharon discussed Noah and were concerned that he was becoming bitter. Sharon inadvertently blew Chelsea's cover when she told Nick that Chelsea had been at the cemetery. Nick told Phyllis that Chelsea lied to him. Phyllis suspected Chelsea went to the cemetery to meet a secret partner, and she and Nick went to check it out. Phyllis noticed that Adam's name plate was crooked. Chelsea showed Victor the texts. He told her that they'd make sure Adam's final wishes were followed and that the truth about Christian stayed hidden. Victor produced a bag containing the money Chelsea stashed in the mausoleum and dumped it onto the desk in front of her.

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