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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope reminds Liam that he needs to put his child first. Steffy said she would never do this again and she thinks she means that. Ridge drops in on Steffy and says he could not get on with his life and honeymoon with her heart being devastated. Steffy says she is happy that he and Brooke married and he needs to get on with his own life and not worry about her. Maya drops some papers by to Katie. She thinks Katie has the flu or something. Katie says no, it is more personal than that. Maya says she has heard a little gossip that there was a mystery man. If that is not going well then there is always Thorne. She saw them kissing at the wedding so go for it. Rick and Thorne meet up on the rooftop workout training spot. Rick senses there is a new lady in Thorne’s life. He starts asking questions and wonders why he is so secretive. Thorne says he has known her for many years but he is seeing her differently now. Maya tells Katie she is on a roll if she has a mystery man on the side and it has cooled off some and now she has Thorne who is interested so don’t knock that.

Steffy tells Ridge that Hope is not trying to take advantage of the situation with Liam so Ridge has nothing to feel guilty over for bringing Hope home. She will support the marriage. She know she loves Liam and always will but she will do the right thing. She says she told Hope no more secrets and no more lies so there is reason to hope that Hope can get Liam to come back and be a family again. Hope tells Liam that if it were not for the baby she might feel differently. But that baby needs a chance that it deserves with both mother and father so she is not going to come between that. She asks what is holding him back. He opines that it was the worst betrayal ever and that probably will never change; any time he looks at his wife he will see his father. Hope says okay but whatever he decides she will be there for him. Maya says Katie deserves to be appreciated so just keep enjoying it. She says it will be a long time before she meets someone as great as Thorne. Thorne gets a text from Katie although it is to Wyatt and she says maybe they have been wrong about this breakup. Steffy gets a call from the doctor who says she has a cancellation and can take her today for an ultrasound. Nothing wrong, just being cautious because of her previous fertility issues. Liam is surprised when Hope says she would like him to get out of here. She could use him for her Hope For The Future line. Before an answer Steffy calls and lets him know that she will be having an ultrasound and would like him to meet her there. Hope talks him into it. She says again she will always be there when he needs her. He says he has a feeling there will be a lot more times.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric confronted Jennifer about his feelings for her.  Jennifer understood, but she didnít want to talk to him while she was on a date.  Julie saw Eli and Gabi together and accused her of murdering Andre.  Eli tried to defend Gabi, but Julie didnít care.  Trask approached them and taunted Gabi about making her pay for killing Andre.  Gabi denied doing it.  Trask said that Abbyís statement to the police was enough to get her.  Gabi was furious and left.  When she walked into Abby and Chad, she yelled at Abby for setting her up.  JJ talked to Doug about marrying Lani.  Doug tried to talk JJ out of marrying Lani, but JJ thought he was doing the right thing by marrying her.  Henry wanted to talk to Jennifer about Eric interrupting their date, but Chad and Abby showed up. 

Julie told Chad and Abby what Trask needed in order to put Gabi away.  Chad said he believed Gabi.  Stefan showed up at Dougís Place and talked to Chad and Abby.  Stefan hoped that Andreís death would bring them closer and left.  Lani wanted to know what Doug had to say.  JJ told her what he said.  He said he loved her and was the luckiest man to be with her.  Eli told Gabi that he was going to find out who killed Andre.  She said Stefan did it.  She told him the theory that she and Chad came up with for why Stefan framed her.  Eli said he would prove that Stefan did it.  Henry confronted Jennifer about Eric.  He thought she was interested in Eric.  He wanted to leave before he got hurt.  Jennifer told Julie what happened between her and Eric.  Julie wanted to know why Jennifer turned Eric down.  Jennifer said that Henry told her that she was afraid of being hurt again.  Julie thought Henry might have been right.  Jennifer went to the pub to see Eric.  They kissed each other.  Chad told Abby that he thought Stefan killed Andre.  Trask told Stefan that she noticed him checking out Abby.  JJ proposed to Lani.  Gabi and Eli showed up when JJ proposed. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kiki goes home with Spinelli who tries to call anyone to come and help her. Kiki doesn’t want him to leave. He ends up calling Amy who informs Griffin who is on his way to Ava’s house. Griffin shows up and finds that Kiki has had too much to drink. Ava ends up showing up and is angry that Griffin didn’t tell her what is going on. She decides to stay and take care of Kiki. Anna goes to visit Andre in jail and ask for advice on how to bring Finn into her life. She doesn’t know what to do.

Finn and Alexis run into each other at the hospital. Finn offers to go to her election night watch and they then go to Kelly’s. Anna walks in and wants to talk with Finn about them, but Diane walks in and needs to speak with Anna. She informs Anna that she is a beneficiary in Faison’s will. Carly and Diane speak about how to keep Nelle away from the baby. Diane says that Michael will do the right thing when it comes to his child. He can be passionate. Sonny goes searching for Mike who has not returned home. He runs into Michael at the hospital who gets a call from Nelle informing him that Mike is at Kelly’s making a fuss. Sonny goes to get him and finds out he thought he was still working there.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Phyllis questioned Victor about the money he gave Lauren, but he wouldn't tell her anything. Ashley apologized to Jack for being a bit shady when she ran into him and the chemist the other day. Nick and Chelsea spent time with the boys. Victor warned Chelsea about Phyllis's visit. Chelsea was confident that Phyllis couldn't prove anything. Victor told Chelsea that if she pulled another scam, he'd choose his son and grandson over her. Chelsea told Victor that she'd been around a long time, even though he thought of her as disposable. Ashley asked JT to help her broker a truce with Victoria. JT refused to get involved. JT and Victoria cleared the air and made up. Ashley gave Victoria her copies of some confidential Newman files. Victoria and Jack teamed up to get Ashley fired by framing her for spying. Victoria gave Ashley's files to Jack. Chelsea proposed to Nick. JT gave Phyllis proof that the money Victor gave Lauren was the same money Nick found in the penthouse wall. Noah realized it was time for him to be more like Victor and Victoria and less like Nick. Victor was pleased and he gave Noah a mysterious envelope. Noah invited Nick and Chelsea to the Top of the Tower, where he planned to make a big announcement.

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