The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/14/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge teases Brooke and she wants to know what that look is for; he is definitely up to something. He finally brings out a little box from behind his back. She opens it and it is a lovely diamond brooch. She knows it was Stephanie’s. He says it was given to her on her twentieth anniversary. And she had told him she wanted Brooke to have it. Brooks thanks him and says she has a surprise of her own and she literally sashays off and says she will return soon. Rick tells Maya that they are alone at last and Pam has even taken Lizzy so they can have their own special Valentine day. She says great; they should take advantage of that. Brooke comes out of the other room and tells Ridge that he can open his eyes now. Eyes – they almost pop out of his head. She is posed in a very skimpy red Valentine teddy complete with Valentine tiara. In bed he puts on her cute little tiara which looks ridiculous on him and they laugh. Steffy argues with Hope. No, she was not tempted to run off with Bill. She wants her husband back. And she does not want Hope to take advantage of her separation if that is what she is planning. Hope admits she wanted a life with Liam for so long but she could never do that if she thought she was taking advantage of Steffy. She says in a few months Steffy will have a baby and she hopes she has Liam too. And please do not let him down…..and stay away from Bill. Steffy agrees to that. Hope says then she will support her and the baby and the marriage but she has to be honest if it were not for the baby she probably could not. Steffy promises she will not miss this opportunity and mess up.

Hope goes back to Liam’s place. He continues to say he is so confused. Here he has lost his wife and his child and his home and he doesn’t know how he should feel. All of that is gone. She asks has he thought of seeing someone professionally. He says he knows he has to work through this but he’d rather it not be with a stranger but someone he knows and trusts if she gets what he is saying. She says it feels good to know no matter what they have been through they can still call each other friends. She says they ought to write a book. She holds her hand out and says he can always count on her. Rick and Maya go to the steam room and quickly ban their robes and towels. He gives her a lovely silver locket with their pix inside with Lizzy. Hope tells Liam that Steffy even asked her intentions toward Liam; if she were still interested in him. Hope replied that it was impossible now for a million reasons but certainly the baby was the biggest one. And Steffy had told her she made a mistake and it would never happen again. And she really thinks he is being sincere. She thinks it is worth a try for Liam to believe that and give her another chance. She goes to her purse and brings out a little something from Steffy – small hard Valentine candy. He takes them and says just imagine that, her playing matchmaker for Steffy Forrester. He pours some out in his hand and lets Hope pick one and he picks one. His says Be Mine and hers says Love You.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Hope that he was finding something to clear Gabi of Andreís murder.  Hope wanted to go see Steve.  Rafe wanted to go with her to see him and then they could celebrate Valentineís Day.  Hope told him that he didnít have to do it, but he insisted.  Brady talked to Victor on the phone and let him know that he told Eve that he wanted a real relationship.  Brady said he was close to getting his job back.  Eve was in the room and wondered how he was getting his old job back.  Hank went in Steveís room.  Steve thought Hank didnít have good news.  Steve wanted to know what the news was.  Hank told Steve that the lab was backed up.  Steve asked if he had to wait.  Hank told Steve that he couldnít have a candlelight dinner with Kayla.  Hope and Rafe went to see Steve. Eve asked Brady what was going on with the job.  He said that he thought his grandfatherís trust was growing.  He said that he has stopped drinking.  Tate gave him a card for Valentineís Day.  Tate had one for Theresa and said he missed her.  Jennifer talked to Julie about why she was dating Hank.  Jennifer told her that Eric wasnít over Nicole.  Jennifer told her that Anna told her that Eric still loved Nicole.  Julie said Anna wasnít a reliable source.  Eric was at the pub with Roman and Anna.  Anna told Eric that he wasnít over Nicole.  Eric said he was dealing with it.  Anna said she knew what she overheard.  He wanted to know what she overheard. 

Anna told Eric and Roman what she overheard.  Eric said he didnít want to be with Nicole.  He said he wanted to be with Jennifer.  Hank met Jennifer at Dougís Place.  Hank noticed that Julie didnít want him there with Jennifer.  He thought Julie wanted to see Jennifer with Eric.  He reminded her that he asked her about Eric.  She told him that he wasnít over Nicole so she had to move on.  She thought Eric only wanted to be friends with her.  Eve tried to make Tate feel better about Theresa not being there.  Rafe told Steve that he was going to spend the rest of his life making Hope happy.  Kayla and Steve said they would be there for them.  Rafe and Hope wanted to leave so Steve and Kayla could spend time together.  Brady told Eve that she was amazing with Tate.  She couldnít believe that Theresa would walk away from her child.  He said he used to want Theresa to come back, but now they are better off without her.  Eve had a confession to make.  Eric told Roman and Anna that Jennifer changed after New Years.  He said Jennifer said she wanted to be friends and then started dating Hank.  Anna said she talked to Jennifer.  Eric wanted to know what Anna said.  Anna told him what she told Jennifer.  Eric realized that Jennifer thought he wouldnít get over Nicole.  Eric wanted to find Jennifer.  Eve told Brady that she tried to call Theresa, but she didnít call her back.  He told Eve not to call her again.  He said he has tried to give Tate everything he needs.  She said she was going to be there for Tate.  He was grateful for her help and thought that they could be friends.  Steve told Kayla that his vision was getting blurry again.  She felt helpless because she couldnít do anything.  He reassured her that he wasnít going anywhere.  She said he was right.  Rafe and Hope gave each other Valentineís Day gifts.  Eric showed up at Dougís Place while Jennifer and Hank were there.  He interrupted their dinner. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jordan tries to work as she finds an article on Nathan’s death. Curtis shows up to celebrate Valentine’s day with her. Jordan completely forgot that it was Valentine’s day. He informs her that Nathan wouldn’t want her to be sulking and sad. He brought lake trout for dinner. Stella helped him make it. Jordan is shocked that Stella would help. Curtis feels that when you love someone you do what you have to. Sonny and Carly try to celebrate together but Mike walks down stairs. He insists on going to find flowers for Rita at night time. Sonny allows him to go but eventually gets worried and goes to find him.

Griffin and Ava have made plans for the night, but Griffin is called back to the hospital. Ava asks Nelle what her plans are. Nelle plans to work on her revenge plan against Carly. Ava is happy for her. Nelle goes to a pay phone where she calls Carly and uses a recording of Morgan speaking as the voice. Ava texts Griffin to come over to her house instead of going out to dinner. Kiki goes the Floating Rib with Molly and TJ but ends up getting drunk at the bar while Spinelli is sober next to her. Molly and TJ decide to make use of the empty house at Alexis’s. Kiki tries to get Spinelli to hook up with her. Jason has Danny for the night, but he ends up getting sick and secretly calling Sam to come over. She does, and they read him a bedtime story together. Drew comes over and accuses Jason of taking what isn’t his anymore. Jason is just trying to live his life though.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Billy and Phyllis planned Valentine's Day surprises for each other. Chelsea combined Lily's two wedding dresses to make a new dress for the vow renewal. Lily talked about the ways she'd changed since her first wedding and how happy she was that she was with Cane. Chelsea found their reconciliation inspiring. Lily admitted she still struggled with raising Sam. Chelsea said she wanted to give Christian the best possible life. Cane told Mattie about the importance of the ceremony. Charlie and Mattie were candid about how difficult Cane and Lily's last crisis had been on them. Cane and Lily renewed their vows in a private ceremony that only included Sam and the twins. They vowed to grow together and cherish each other and their family. Phyllis asked JT if the serial numbers on the money proved Chelsea was the thief. Victoria told Billy that she didn't plan to get married any time soon, but she might in the future. Billy said he wouldn't let societal expectations ruin what he and Phyllis had. Victoria didn't think it'd be so bad if Billy and Phyllis got married and had kids.

JT and Victoria's were excited about officially taking their relationship public on Valentine's Day, but the date didn't go well. JT was furious with Victoria because she spent part of evening talking and dancing with Billy and talking business with Victor. Victoria apologized, but JT yelled at her when they got home, then stormed out. Billy and Phyllis worried because they each mistakenly thought the other was planning to propose. They were relieved when they realized this wasn't the case. Phyllis gave Billy a watch, and he gave her a car. Hilary told Phyllis that she and Devon were too volatile to be together. Hilary and Devon danced, but she pulled away and looked disappointed when he told her that he was dating Simone. Victor and Nikki kept up appearances and danced at the restaurant. Chelsea told Nick that Jordan was behind the website scam and that she didn't turn him in because she feared retaliation. Nick bought the story, and he told Chelsea he loved her.

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