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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Brooke that she felt so badly for Steffy when Liam did not show at the wedding. Ridge drops in on Liam and says he missed him at the wedding. Steffy is hurting because of it and it is time for Liam to step up and be a father to this baby. He should be there for the ultrasound. Yes she screwed up because of the damage Bill did but Liam should not take that out on the baby. There will be many firsts that he will want to experience, so man up now. Liam says surely he knows he wants all of that but he cannot forgive and forget so easily. Ridge says he knows but there can be a special place for all that pain and hurt and just concentrate on the baby and Steffy for now. Steffy calls Hope and wants to see her. Hope says every time she sees Liam or even Steffy it reminds her of the past and they cannot pretend that did not happen. She knows how hard it is to forget someone you once loved. She reminds Steffy that she manipulated Liam until he got what she wanted. But it does not always work out that way. Katie mopes around thinking about her good times with Wyatt. They never actually went on a date but they did have some rocking good times. The doorbell rings and she goes as is in her short nightie. It is Thorne and she invites him in.

Katie is not in the mood for company as she says she and her boyfriend broke up. Ah, the mystery man. Thorne is not unhappy about that. He has been thinking of their kiss and thinks they might try that again soon. She says she always knew that it probably would end some day but she was not ready for it now. She wonders if Thorne is coming on to her now. And if he is then it sure is good for her ego. She wonders what he did with that shy guy that went to Paris. He has her turn around which she does suspiciously and he gives her a neck/shoulder massage. He says he has to go to work but only if she promises to have dinner with him. She gladly agrees. Hope tells Steffy that please help her understand how she ended up in bed with Bill. Steffy said it was innocent at first. She was just trying to put father and son back together. Then Liam and Sally got caught in the rubble that Bill caused and they kissed. Steffy got upset and ran off to the guest house and Bill did show up. Now what happened did happen but she only wants her husband and she needs Hope to help her hold onto her marriage. Liam texts Hope but Steffy picks up the phone to hand it to her and sees it is from Liam. He wants her to drop by. She tells Hope this would be the perfect time for her to make a move on Liam. He does not see deception when he sees her. So it is up to Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Gabi talked about who could have killed Andre.  Kate saw Billie at the mausoleum.  Tripp walked in on John as he stuck Steve with the syringe.  Tripp wanted to know what he was doing.  John was able to hide the syringe from Tripp.  John lied to Tripp about what he was doing.  Tripp didnít see John stick Steve with the syringe.  Claire and Ciara got in another argument over Theo and Tripp.  Claire accused him of being into Tripp.  Ciara said that he wasnít her type.  Ciara told Claire what was going on with Tripp.  Ciara accused Claire of being jealous that she had a thing for Tripp.  Ciara accused Claire of being interested in Tripp.  Claire denied being interested in Tripp.  Gabi asked Chad if he thought Vivian and Stefan double crossed Andre and killed him.  She asked Chad if he thought Stefan killed Andre.  Abby talked to Stefan about hiring Gabi.  Stefan thought that Rafe and Eli were trying to protect Gabi.  Abby thought another person was involved.  She thought that someone had Andreís phone.  Eli confessed to Rafe that he cheated on Gabi.  Eli asked if he was going to tell Gabi.  Rafe told him that he wasnít going to tell her.  Eli was surprised that he wasnít going to tell her.  Rafe said he understood what he was going through.  Rafe said he wasnít going to judge him because he did the same thing. 

Stefan threw up in Abbyís face that Chad was sticking up for Gabi.  Stefan reminded her that Chad was with Gabi.  Abby was upset about it and told him that she loved Chad.  Gabi asked if Chad hated what Stefan did with the company.  Chad told her that he was upset about Stefan trying to take his wife.  Ciara and Claire continued to argue over Tripp.  John tried to make Tripp feel better about what was going on with Steve.  Kate talked to Billie about her feelings for Andre.  Kate found a bullet in the mausoleum.  Billie tried to get her out of the mausoleum.  Abby and Stefan continued to argue over Chadís obsession with Gabi.  Gabi told Chad that Stefan was after Abby to get him upset.  They thought Andre and Stefan were working together to set her up.  Rafe admitted to Eli that he was with Sami after he had an argument with Hope.  Ciara wanted to know why Stefan would fight for her if he was trying to help her get her job back.  Chad said that he is a DiMera.  Gabi said that she was worried.  Abby defended Andre to Stefan.  Chad told Gabi that Abby told the police that she threatened to kill Andre.  Gabi was upset that Abby sold her out.  John showed up at the mausoleum while Billie was there.  She asked him about Steve.  John told her that he was still holding on.  He told her that he was supposed to give him another dose, but Tripp walked in on him.  Tripp told Steve that he couldnít lose him.  Claire told Ciara that she heard her tell Tripp that she had a secret.  Claire wanted to know what the secret was, but Ciara didnít want to tell her.  Eli told Rafe that he didnít want to hurt Gabi again.  Gabi was upset that Abby told the truth because she thought the DA would be out for blood.  Chad told her to blame him since he told Abby to tell the truth.  Stefan told Abby that she could come to him if she ever needed to talk.  Billie told John that Kate found two bullet casings.  He asked if Kate believed it.  Billie thought she did.  John told Billie that Will dropped his wallet.  She wanted to focus on what they were going to do about Steve.  Ciara told Claire that her secret had nothing to do with her or Theo.  Eli told Rafe that they could clear Gabi if they found the phone.  Gabi told Chad that she should have taken the DAís deal after what Abby told the police.  Abby reminded Stefan that they werenít friends.  She said she loved Andre and was going to get justice for him.  When Abby left the office, he pulled out Andreís phone.  

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Robin and Jason take some time to catch up at Kelly’s. Robin thinks that Jason needs to go after Sam. She believes that Sam loves Drew but doesn’t believe that Sam loves him as much as she loves him. Jason doesn’t want to talk about it. Robin leaves to speak with Sonny before she leaves. Michael shows up and asks for advice with Nelle. Jason promises him that regardless of what happens, he will be a good father and the baby will be alright. When Jason is about to leave Jake shows up with Elizabeth and Franco. Franco tries to inform him that he needs to treat him better for Jake’s sake. Jason isn’t going to do that. Jake tries to invite him to the wedding but Jason cannot go. Elizabeth confronts Jason and thinks he needs to move on with Franco because supposedly Sam and Michael have.

Michael goes to confront Nelle about her apartment. He tells her that he is selling it and they need to distance each other from one another. Nelle claims she agrees. She later tells Ava that she is going to destroy Carly so much that Michael will be turning to her. Sonny comes home with Mike and he is having trouble remembering things. Robin ends up showing up and Mike only becomes more upset when corrected over things. Michael and Avery then show up and Mike assumes she is Michaels. Drew shows up at Kim’s house where she tells him off for teaching Oscar to fight. Oscar tells them to calm down and he explains what happened to Drew. Drew is proud of him for sticking up for his friend. Kim says she is sorry and tells Drew a story about how he once stood up for her at a bar.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Victoria and Victor learned about Helen, the world-class chemist Jack hired to replace Ashley. Victor said the woman was impressive, but she was no Ashley. Victor was pleased because he knew Jack regretted losing Ashley. Victoria suggested that Ashley was a Jabot spy and that the feud was fabricated, but Victor was certain that Jack and Ashley's rift was real. Jack told Ashley about Helen's accomplishments. Ashley said he must be glad Helen wasn't a blood Abbott who could threaten his job. Helen assumed Jack wanted her to erase all traces of Ashley at Jabot, but Jack clarified that he wanted her to build on what Ashley achieved. Victoria felt undermined because Ashley was able to close a huge deal that Victoria had been working on without success. Victor told Victoria that she didn't have to prove herself to him. Nick wasn't sure what to write in Chelsea's Valentine's day card. Chelsea kissed Nick, and he held back at first, but eventually gave in and they had sex. Nick lied to Chelsea about his plans for the day. Billy was worried because Phyllis was pursuing an investigation that Victor asked Lauren to drop. Phyllis wasn't scared off by Victor. She was set on proving Chelsea's guilt and preventing Nick from being hurt by her scams. Nick insisted that Phyllis stop investigating Chelsea because he loved Chelsea and didn't want to feel conflicted about her anymore. Phyllis convinced Nick to give her 48 hours to find solid proof of Chelsea's crimes. Phyllis and Sharon brainstormed ways to prove Chelsea's guilt. Sharon mentioned that Nick had the police check the serial numbers of the money he found in the wall. Phyllis wondered if the police kept a record of the numbers. Phyllis asked Lauren to let her take some of the money Victor gave her to the police station. Lauren was wary about not keeping her promise to Victor. Phyllis called JT and asked if he still had contacts at the police station.

Sharon learned that Chelsea thought Nick had come to Crimson Lights to buy food for the construction crew. She revealed that Nick actually met with Phyllis. Chelsea confronted Nick about his lie. Nick asked Chelsea to look him in the eye and tell him Phyllis was wrong. Chelsea said that if Nick didn't believe her, they probably shouldn't be together. Hilary was furious when Devon said he wanted Mariah to do the musical interviews on the Hilary Hour from now on. She felt that he'd been reducing her responsibilities ever since he bought her show. Devon contended that Hilary was overreacting, and he thought maybe it was due to pregnancy hormones. Hilary didn't think she was overreacting, and she resented him blaming her complaints on hormones. Devon apologized. Devon showed Hilary his proposals for the show, along with research that suggested it would increase the show's profits. Hilary admitted he had some good ideas. Hilary confessed that she was afraid she'd lose everything she built. Devon assured her that he'd protect what she'd created and make it more successful. Victoria asked Billy why Ashley left Jabot. Billy refused to divulge the details, but he admitted that the family was being torn apart and that Jack wanted Ashley back. Gloria moped because Helen, Ashley's replacement, was so beautiful. Lauren thought Gloria was jealous. Gloria was put out when Jack took Helen for drinks to celebrate. Billy and Ashley spent time together, and ran into Jack and Helen. Ashley introduced herself and wished Helen luck with Jack. Helen thought Ashley seemed like a lovely person. Ashley told Billy that she had no hard feelings about Jack replacing her. Ashley also said that soon Jack would be sorry he screwed with her. Victoria approached Jack and proposed that they team up to achieve their common goal of getting Ashley to go back to Jabot.

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