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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Alone at last says Ridge. And the world is theirs. He says today she became the family’s matriach. Wyatt is bummed by what he sees through the telescope – Katie and Thorne kissing. She comes home and notices his mood and asks what happened. Maya teases Thorne that romance is in the air and he surely must feel it. It’s contagious. He ducks out and says he has some last minute best man duties to attend to. She still won’t drop it and asks if there is something going on between him and Katie. Wyatt tells Katie that he just came by after speaking with Liam and he needs to talk to her about something – their relationship or whatever it is. He’s been thinking a lot about them lately. Whatever is going to happen between them is sort of complicated and they did not have a commitment as he was not sure they were ready. He is not sure about now either. He does want a future with his dad despite what he did. And he knows Katie will have Will and not want that to be complicated when Bill finds out about him and Katie now, so he thinks perhaps they should call it quits. Maya keeps pursuing it that Thorne looks a little bewildered. She knows it was hard to come home with both a wife and a daughter gone. He mentions Brooke and that he has to move on.

Katie tells Wyatt that she did not see this coming. She knew from the beginning that his future with Bill and the company would be easier if it wasn’t for their present situation. He says he cares about her too much to let it go further. She muses that they never had any strings or commitments so she will not stand in his way. He says the same for him. She is free to explore whatever she wants or see anyone she wants. They both agree no regrets, this is it. He gives her one last kiss goodbye and tells her that he will never forget the impact she had had on him. She covers her eyes and cries. Brooke comes out of the bathroom in a gorgeous white teddy and Ridge says WOW. He promises this will be their happiest day ever. They make love. Suddenly she thinks of Stephanie and says she bets she is here right now. So as a sign she wants Stephanie to knock twice. There is a small tapping twice. Brooke is pleased and then she pushes it further by saying if she approves of this marriage knock twice again. A little longer wait but finally a light two taps and Brooke smiles until she realizes it is Ridge behind her back tapping his ring against the end table. But he adds he knows his mother would approve.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

D.A. Trask and Justin argued over Gabi possibly killing Andre.  Trask thought Gabi was guilty.  Justin tried to plead Gabiís case.  Trask wanted her to plead guilty so she could spend time with Arianna.  Rafe and Eli went to the DiMera mansion to question Stefan about the missing security footage.  Stefan acted as if he didnít know what they were talking about.  When Rafe and Eli asked Stefan about his alibi, Chad and Abby walked in.  When the subject of Gabi came up, Chad said he believed that Gabi was innocent.  John and Marlena were at the hospital.  Marlena told John that Steve could die if they donít figure out what was going on with him. 

Trask wanted Gabi to answer her about the plea bargain she offered her.  Gabi told Trask that she wasnít going to confess to a crime she didnít commit.  Gabi told her she didnít want the deal.  Trask said the deal walked out the door with her.  Chad told Stefan that Gabi said she didnít kill Andre and he believed her.  Stefan asked if it was because she was his former lover.  Rafe and Eli said that Andreís phone was missing.  Abby offered to look around the house for it.  Stefan said he had a conference call.  Rafe and Eli said they were finished.  Abby told Rafe and Eli what happened when she saw Gabi.  Hope invited Carrie to her wedding, but Carrie was hesitant about going.  Hope asked her if it had to do with what happened with Sami.  Lucas told Kate that he was ready to date.  He said that he asked Chloe out.  John told Marlena that he was working on a case for why he didnít answer her call. She wanted to know what was going on with him.  Hope thought Carrie was upset that Rafe used to be married to Sami for why she hesitated going to the wedding.  Carrie said that wasnít it.  She said she was happy for them.  Abby told Rafe and Eli that Gabi threatened to kill Andre.  Rafe thanked Abby for being honest. When Rafe and Eli left, Abby thought she made Gabi look guilty.  Rafe told Hope that Abby overheard Gabi threaten to kill Andre.  Rafe was afraid that he wouldnít be able to help Gabi if Trask brought murder charges against her.  Hope told him that Trask already did.  Abby told Chad that they were going to prove that Gabi was innocent.  Justin told Gabi that her bail was posted.  She told him that she was going to fight to prove her innocence.  She said she was going to make sure to find out who was framing and was going to make them pay.  Rafe apologized to Eli for giving him a hard time.  Rafe said that Eli had Gabiís back and he was happy about that.  Gabi ran into Chad.  He told her that he posted her bail and that he knew she was being framed.  Stefan found Andreís phone.  He figured out Andreís password.  He heard the message that he left on Andreís phone.  When he was about to delete the call, Abby was his office.  John told Marlena that he would stay with Steve so she could get some rest.  John had a syringe with him when he went in Steveís room. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu tries to tell Maxie that she is sorry for Nathan’s death. Maxie thinks that she should be sorry and accuses her of being his murderer. Lulu tries to defend herself, but Maxie is not having it. Nina tells Lulu that she needs to just leave, and Dante takes her home. Maxie goes to the wake where she cannot handle things, so she goes home. Spinelli follows her. He tries to help her feel better, but Maxie doesn’t want to feel better right now. She needs to learn how to cope with things by herself. Nina and Valentin go to the wake and Valentin discusses with Anna the child she had with Faison. He promises her that he wouldn’t tell anyone about it. They end up going back to Nathan’s grave, so Nina can say goodbye one last time.

Alexis and Finn decide to go for coffee after an AA meeting. They end up at Charlies and Julian is there flirting with Kim. Julian decides to walk Kim home. Alexis claims she is not hungry. Finn tells her about his trouble with Anna. Alexis can see what the trouble is herself. Joss takes Oscar to his house and he tries to get her to cover up his face with makeup after a fight. Kim and Julian end up showing up at home though and Kim sees his face. He admits he got hit defending their transgender friend. Drew tries to confront Franco over their shared past but Franco tries to play stupid to knowing anything. Drew looks at Franco’s lucky rabbits foot and says he doesn’t remember anything but swore it triggered some sort of memory.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nick opened Adam's funerary niche, as Phyllis looked on, and found it empty. Phyllis urged Nick to keep leaning on Chelsea. Victor confronted Chelsea about the scam she ran as Alexandra West. He threatened to see to it that she was sent to prison if she backslid into her con artist ways. Victoria interrupted JT's work to vent about an article that elevated Ashley's role at Newman and minimized Victoria's. JT told Victoria that he was too busy with his own issues. Victoria went to Victor about the article. He praised her competitive spirit and told her to take the spotlight away from Ashley. Jack hired a high profile chemist to replace Ashley. Lauren and Phyllis were taken aback by the new employee's high salary and asked about building the WiFi lounge. Jack agreed to consider putting WiFi lounges in Fenmore's, but he said he was making Jabot his priority. Gloria applauded Jack's decision to hire Ashley's replacement, and she contended that Jack was putting Jabot first, unlike Ashley. Jack was sure the move would be a success. JT visited Traci because it was Colleen's birthday. Victoria called JT and suggested he talk to Traci about Ashley. JT refused to do so on Colleen's birthday. Victoria started to apologize, but JT didn't hear it because he hung up on her. JT and Traci caught up, reminisced about the past and imagined what Colleen's life would be like if she'd survived. JT admitted he sometimes felt guilty because Colleen's life was cut short. Jack felt bad about forgetting Colleen's birthday, and he and Traci shared memories of her. Traci was bothered that they hadn't been able to create a supportive environment for Dina. Jack told Traci that he'd tried to make amends with Ashley, but she'd rejected his olive branch. Traci was optimistic that Ashley would forgive Jack in time. Jack revealed that he'd hired Ashley's replacement.

Nick asked Chelsea about the threatening texts she'd been receiving and about her secret trip to the cemetery. Chelsea lied and said the texts were a misunderstanding and that she didn't tell him about Adam because she didn't want to hurt his feelings. Nick and Victoria talked about their relationship woes. Victoria had an inkling that JT was keeping something from her. Chelsea, determined to win Nick's trust, told him that he could ask her anything. Nick said he knew everything he needed to, and they agreed to go on a date. JT apologized for snapping at Victoria. Victoria was afraid history was repeating itself and tried to talk to JT about some old issues. He accused her of trying to pick a fight and wondered if she was only with him because Billy moved on. Victoria assured JT that he was the only man she wanted. Victor returned the stolen $250,000 to Lauren, and he made it a condition that she could not ask him who the thief was. Lauren reluctantly accepted his terms. Phyllis found out and Victor's involvement strengthened her belief that Chelsea was behind the theft. She told Lauren about her suspicions. Phyllis was determined to expose Chelsea, because she thought Nick deserved better.

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