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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke walks down the aisle and she glances straight into the portrait of Stephanie over the fireplace. She and Ridge join hands and Carter begins the ceremony. He remarks they have overcome many obstacles and managed to pull an entire family together. They have stood the test of time. Katie says love endures all and this will be forever. Rick and Maya and then Eric all read profound words for the occasion. Carter says it is his honor to proceed over this ceremony and help his friends in their union. Brooke and Ridge say their special vows and he thanks her for being his destiny. He takes the ring and calls her his Logan and puts it on her finger. She takes his and puts it on his finger as her love and deep faith in him.

Wyatt shows up at Liam’s motel door. He sees Liam decided not to go and Liam knows how much it meant to Steffy and her family. But not everybody gets a happy ending and it was too much to accept. Wyatt says he did not want him to be alone right now. Liam says he still loves Steffy and he doesn’t even know what his life is like without her. He usually does not give up. He says he keeps trying and searching but he cannot pretend. And going would have given Steffy hope and he could not do that. Wyatt says he understands and he has to do what is right for him but just know he does not have to do this alone. Carter said it is his pleasure to welcome once again Mr. and Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli couldnít understand that Lani lied to him.  She explained why she lied to him.  She apologized to him for why she lied.  Kayla had the results of Steveís test results.  Will and Paul watched John and Marlena together.  Will wanted to go to the police, but Paul wanted to wait.  The guy that gave John the vile wanted to talk to him.  Steve ended up getting dizzy.  The guy pretended to ask John for a case.  Will and Paul wanted to follow them, but Marlena stopped them.  She wanted to know why they were at the hospital.  Claire asked Tripp what was going on between him and Ciara.  He didnít want to tell her.  She asked if something was going on between him and Ciara.  JJ told Abe about his plans to be an EMT and how he wanted to marry Lani.  JJ asked if he had Abeís blessing.  JJ thought Abe still had reservations about him because of Theo.  Lani blamed herself for why she and Eli had sex.  He was upset that she was keeping him from his child.  She said she didnít want him to lose Gabi.  He asked if she was protecting herself.  She said she was.  He asked her why she changed her mind.  She said his mother forced her to tell the truth.  Abe said his reservation wasnít about Theo.  Valerie said the reservation was hers.  She said she told Abe that she was concerned about JJ marrying Lani.  JJ wanted to know why she had a problem with him marrying Lani.  Lani told Eli that Valerie gave her 24 hours to tell the truth or she would.  She told him that Valerie looked through her files.  He thought Valerie did that because of what happened to him.  He said he was going to be there for his kid.  She thought it would be best if JJ thought he was the father.  She wanted him to keep the truth to himself.  Steve told Kayla that the pain was more intense.  She wanted to admit him to the hospital.  He didnít want to go.  He wanted to go home.  He agreed to go to the hospital if the pain got worse.  Will and Paul lied about why they were at the hospital.  They told Marlena that they wanted to see a friend.  The mystery guy told John that his family was safe as long as he follows orders.  The guy warned him that he had to complete the mission.  The guy knew that John got rid of the last vile.  John said he did that because his best friend had an incurable disease.  The guy said the ISA wanted Steve gone.

Claire asked if Tripp and Ciara were more than friends.  He said they were friends.  He wanted to know why she assumed they were more than friends.  She said that they were going to the wedding together.  He told her what was going on with Ciara.  She reminded him that he was in to her and asked if they were still friends.  She asked him not to pull away from her and he agreed not to.  Valerie told JJ to take his time and get married for the right reason.  He said that he and Lani loved each other.  Valerie said love wasnít enough.  JJ said he loved Lani and they created a life together.  He wanted to be a family.  He wanted to propose to Lani and hoped Abe would approve.  Eli was upset that Lani wanted another man to raise his child.  She said JJ would be upset.  He said he would be upset when the truth came out.  She told him how JJ found out about the baby.  Eli thought Lani was going to lie to JJ in order to keep him happy.  She said it was going to be hard on her too, but she and JJ were going to make it work.  She said he and Gabi would make it work.  She asked him how he thought Gabi would react once she finds out that he cheated on her and got another woman pregnant.  He told her that Gabi was the prime suspect in Andreís murder.  The guy told John that John was the one who wanted to use the poison.  John said the poison was untraceable.  The guy told him a few more doses of the poison would kill him.  Will and Paul were near them while they were talking.  Abe gave JJ his blessing to marry Lani.  JJ was happy to have his blessing.  Eli told Lani that she was keeping him from his child.  She said the baby would be loved by two people.  She asked him to keep the secret for everyoneís sake.  He wanted to get some air.  She asked if he could think about it.  The guy told John they didnít have much time to get rid of Steve.  Paul wanted to follow the guy and told Will to watch John.  Paul told Will not to do anything until he called.  John called Steve and wanted to meet him.  Steve agreed to meet him.  Eli saw Abe and Valerie together.  Valerie wanted to make sure he was okay.  Abe had to take a call.  Eli told Valerie that Lani told him about the baby.  Valerie asked him what he was going to do about it.  He said that was a good question.  JJ went to the police station to see Lani.  She told him that she wanted to tell him something that she didnít want him to hear from anyone else.  She told him that Gabi was being held as a suspect in Andreís murder.  He thought it was a mistake and wanted to see her.  Eli told Valerie that Lani wanted him to keep quiet and let JJ raise the baby.  Valerie asked what he wanted.  He thought a lot of people would be hurt if the truth came out.  He didnít know what he was going to do.  The guy Paul was following pulled a gun on him and said he didnít like being followed.  Will saw John pour the poison in a drink.  When Will was sending Paul a text, John came out.  When John was about to leave, Will stopped him.  Will said he wasnít going to let him poison Steve. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nelle and Michael get out of a doctor’s appointment and Nelle wants him to call the baby by his name. Michael doesn’t think it is a good idea to call the baby Morgan. Nelle doesn’t understand why. Michael reminds her that Morgan died around the time she decided to pull all those stunts on everyone. The two go to sign up for baby classes and Kiki wonders if everything is alright. Nelle says that sometimes they have baby classes on this floor due to space she guesses. Nelle has to get home. She goes and talks with Ava and tells her she knows exactly how she is going to get back at Carly. Ava tells her she can take as much time as she needs off work. Carly and Jason look at his new apartment. Carly designed it all by herself. Jason thinks it is nice. Danny comes over wit Alexis. Sam and Drew were busy with work. Carly confronts Alexis saying that it is clear that Sam just was worried about keeping her feelings from Jason held. Danny calls Jason dad. Carly wants him to get used to it. She leaves. In the hall she gets a call from an unknown number. No one says anything, and she hangs up. Nelle was on the other line using a payphone.

Franco is working on a new painting that Elizabeth seems to like. They decided to go get lunch together. At lunch they run into Jim Harvey who is working on a deal with Drew and Sam at the next table. Jim goes to their table and informs Drew that he actually knew him as a little boy. Not much but that he used to be called Andy. Franco is frightened his mind that Jim will tell Drew that he pushed him down the stairs. Sam and Drew think that Jim was with holding information. Anna asks Valentin what he knows about Faison. Valentin realizes she is asking about her child with Faison. Anna doesn’t know what he means. Valentin thinks she is a better liar than that. Valentin had followed her the night she gave birth to the child. He informs her that the child they had was a girl and that Faison never had contact with her. Anna leaves happy to know she had a girl. Peter gets a call from someone and informs them he is leaving PC. Valentin is on the other line. He doesn’t think he should leave just yet.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Things got tense when JT told Cane that he quit. Cane agreed to let JT out of his contract but warned him not to ask for any more favors. Lily talked to Devon about the tension between Victoria and Ashley. Victoria and Ashley clashed at work and made Lily uncomfortable. Victoria told Lily about a website she could use to give anonymous feedback on her bosses, and she encouraged Lily to use it. Cane surprised Lily with a candlelit dinner. Nick confided to Sharon that he was having doubts about Chelsea's innocence. Sharon encouraged him to trust his instincts. Chelsea accused Phyllis of sending the threatening texts. Phyllis denied it and they argued. Chelsea suggested that Phyllis wanted Nick back. Phyllis said Nick was a friend. Chelsea vented to Sharon about Phyllis. Chelsea told Christian that she was stockpiling money just in case the truth about his real father came out.

Phyllis told Billy about the texts Chelsea received. Billy speculated that Chelsea was mixed up in something dangerous, and he was concerned that Phyllis would get hurt if she kept investigating. Victor had Devon take some PR shots of Ashley. Victoria hijacked the photo shoot and had the cameraman take pictures of her and JT. Ashley asked Devon not to publish the pictures of Victoria, and he agreed. JT surprised Victoria with a necklace for their former anniversary. Chelsea visited Adam's final resting place and found a fresh flower by his marker. Someone entered the mausoleum and startled her.

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