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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is amazed when Brooke goes and gets and surprises him by suggesting they put Stephanie’s portrait over the fireplace where she belongs. She was the greatest gift of love of all and deserves that place now. Pam approves and says Stephanie would be so touched. Both Eric and Quinn think it is a neat idea. Brooke tells the girls that she is in exceptional good hands with Katie so each has their lists to perform. Donna shows up with the garter that woman still wear for that wedding. Viv says that she wishes she would have been a around when Stephanie was alive. Julius says Nicole sent her regrets that she had to work and Zende is at a design conference. All are waiting for Steffy but she calls Liam and says couples can overcome anything and she just needs him to show today. Eric gives Ridge a wedding gift, gorgeous initialed cufflinks that Quinn designed. Ridge hugs and tells RJ that nothing is going to stop him from marrying his mom today.

Katie and Thorne make a good looking couple and flirt with each other. He says he and Ridge are at a better place at least for now and he just wants Brooke to be happy. Hope tells Brooke that she is an amazing mother and she loves her dearly. Eric wishes to speak to Brooke alone just before the wedding and thanks her for her idea of putting out Stephanie’s portrait. Steffy finally shows and they all greet her. Hope tells her that she has not seen Liam yet. Steffy says she still hopes he will come but if he doesn’t she hopes she can sit with Hope instead of being by herself. Hope says of course. Katie helps Brooke get dressed and Brooke thanks her for all her help. She wonders if things are working out now between Ridge and Thorne and Katie says yes it looks like it. At the last minute Liam calls and says he is sorry but he can’t make it. Steffy says she is at least glad that he called. Everyone takes their places as Brooke descends the stairs in a simply gorgeous gown. Ridge’s heart swells with pride.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ wanted to know what was going on with Lani.  Gabi wondered if Rafe and Eli were going to arrest her.  Hope walked in and wondered what was going on with them.  Eli said he and Rafe brought Gabi in for questioning.  Rafe wanted to talk to Hope.  JJ wanted to know why Lani was upset.  She told him that she and Valerie were talking about the baby.  Ciara and Claire got their invitations to Hopeís wedding.  Ciara asked Tripp to the wedding.  Ciara started a fight with Claire when she said that Theo wouldnít be able to go with her.  Lani told JJ that Valerie told Eli that she was pregnant.  JJ wondered why that made her upset.  Eli said that someone at DiMera could look like Gabi and had her coat.  She said someone had her card.  When he questioned her about not wearing her coat, she thought he didnít believe her.  Rafe told Hope that he and Eli saw Gabi on the security footage.  Hope told Rafe that they saw Anna go in Andreís office after Gabi.  Rafe told her that Gabiís key card was used in the elevator after she went to the office.  He said they didnít know if anyone else went back in Andreís office and interacted with him at the time.  He said he saw the murder weapon in the personís hand who went back to the office.  Hope wanted to know what they should do.  Lani told JJ that she was upset with people treating her pregnancy like public property.  He apologized for hovering over her.  She said she didnít mind it coming from him.  He said he understood the pressure she is under because she working.  He told her that he was going to be an EMT.  He wanted to ask Valerie for help, but she told him not to.  Eli said he believed Gabi, but he had to ask her.  Rafe told Hope that it wasnít Gabi on the tape.  Hope told him that they had to book Gabi with suspicion of murder. 

Tripp wanted to know what was going on with Ciara.  She told him that she didnít like Hope and Rafe getting married now there was a date.  He asked if she was having second thoughts about keeping Rafeís secret.  Gabi told Eli that she didnít go back to the office.  She said she never saw the urn.  Lani told JJ that he didnít have to rush into a job because of her and the baby.  He wanted to know why she got so tense when he mentioned Valerie.  She said she offers too much unsolicited advice.  He said she needed to get used to it because Valerie would do it all of the time if she married Abe.  Eli told Gabi that he was going to make sure to help her.  He told her to get a lawyer.  She said she couldnít go back to prison.  Rafe and Hope came in the room.  Gabi wanted to know what was going on.  Ciara told Tripp that Aidan tore her family apart.  She said that Rafe better not cheat on her mother again.  Gabi asked if she was getting charged.  Hope told her that she was going to get charged for suspicion of murder.  Hope said she had to spend the night in jail.  Rafe assured Gabi that they were going to get her out.  Eli took Gabi out of the room.  Rafe thanked Hope for giving Gabi extra time.  JJ ran into Abe and Valerie.  JJ asked for his blessing to ask Lani to marry him.  Lani went to the police station to talk to Eli.  She told him that the baby was his. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nina attempts to go over funeral arrangements with Valentin when Anna shows up. Nina cannot believe that she would be here today. Anna just needs to speak with Obrecht. Nina informs her that she is resting. Obrecht walks out and asks what she wants. Anna offers Obrecht, Faison’s belongings. Obrecht doesn’t want them. Anna wants more information on Henrik. Obrecht doesn’t know anything other than what she told Anna. Nina and Obrecht go to see Maxie. Valentin assumes she wants to know if he knows anything about her child with Faison. Sonny tries to help Mike get through things but he doesn’t want to listen. Sonny and Rita discuss in private how Mike needs his help and Sonny offers Mike the chance to come to PC and visit his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Mike tells him he cannot go anywhere.

Alexis shows up at Aurora trying to get an endorsement from them. Drew and Sam don’t think it is a good idea, because Sam is her child with Julian. Alexis and Sam go to lunch where Jim Harvey tries to get them on his side but they try to ignore him. Ned goes to see Drew, who also is looking for an endorsement. Ned tries to claim that Drew is finally welcome into the Quartermaine family, but Drew doesn’t seem to be buying what he is saying. Peter and Lulu talk at Kelly’s about how Lulu doesn’t know what to do about Dante and Maxie and their loss over Nathan. Lulu asks about Peter’s life. Peter admits that he was abandoned by his mother and his father hated him. Lulu is shocked about this but thinks he should let her write about it. Peter declines. He later goes to Drew and thinks it is time he leaves the company.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis talks to Jordan who tells her that Chelsea does have the skills to set up a fake website but he doesn't think she would do it now since she has everything she ever wanted in life. Jordan texts Chelsea and they agree to meet and just when she is about to answer Jordan's question whether she uses the fake ID Alexandra West that he got her years ago Nick arrives and they don't get a chance to finish their talk. JT wants to celebrate he and Victoria's wedding anniversary even though they are divorced so he invites Phyllis and Billy and Nick and Chelsea to have dinner unaware that Phyllis and Chelsea are arguing over the fake Chelsea 2.0 website. Phyllis and Chelsea are unable to leave their argument at work so the party ends early. Hilary tells Jordan she is using a sperm donor to get pregnant so he tells her that some sperm banks use fake photos and fake profiles because he used a fake profile when he was a donor he tells her to be careful because you don't know the donor just because you see a picture and a profile. Lily tells Nikki about the power struggle between Ashley and Victoria and she asks Nikki to talk to Victor. Nikki asks Victor to stop pitting Ashley and Victoria against each other. JT accepts Victoria's job offer to be head of security at Newman Enterprises. Jack gives Ashley a heartfelt apology and tells her he will take the blood relation amendment out of the Jabot by laws and give her anything she wants to return to Jabot. Ashley forgives Jack and is happy that Abby will be able to be CEO someday but she won't return to Jabot because she doesn't trust Jack anymore.

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