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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope that he appreciates her and always her point of view. Ridge checks up on Steffy although she says he did not have to. And Liam was still rough on her and they won’t know until tomorrow if he is coming to the wedding or not. Thorne tells Brooke that this time he is going to bow out gracefully. She wonders if this has anything to do with Katie. They make a cute couple. He says they are only working together as best man and maid of honor so do not make more of it than that. He says he better go before she goes into full match making mode. He thought Katie was seeing someone. Brooke says yeah but only on a casual basis and they are not right for each other. Wyatt tells Katie that he ran into Hope and he hopes she is not jealous. They do not have a relationship anymore. He brings up going to the wedding but Katie says it is probably not the best idea as everyone would know then they are a couple. He thinks there might be another reason she does not want to say yes.

Hope tells Liam that she is trying so hard to figure out why a woman who fought so hard for Liam did what she did. He too wishes there was some excuse but there is not one. And the worst part he is never going to get past this entirely. He says he is so happy to be a father and now he will be tied to Steffy for life. She says he will always have a friend in her. He says good because she does not pressure him. She says he just needs to do what is right for him and not what everyone else thinks. It’s his call and decision to make. Steffy tells Ridge again that she does not blame Liam how he feels but giving up is not an option and she won’t. He says good; when two people are made for each other they will find a way. Wyatt tells Katie that he hates to be the bearer of bad news but Liam is not going to that wedding. But there are many other things they could be doing right now rather than talking about Liam. And they get right to it. He says he is okay not going to the wedding; he is not disappointed and as he said from the beginning they should take it easy and see where this leads so he is cool with things. Ridge goes back and tells Brooke that he still does not know if Liam will show at the wedding or not. Brooke says she knows Steffy will not give up. He says tomorrow is their day and he certainly doesn’t want people there that do not want to be there so he will be okay if Liam does not show. Steffy reflects on her Australian wedding to Liam and he too is thinking the same. Brooke tells Ridge that she is so excited and cannot wait until tomorrow so say their vows. He says tomorrow he is going to put another ring on her finger and prove to everyone that she is the only one that understands him. They belong together.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Valerie told Lani that she knew that Eli is the father of her baby.  Lani said she thought Valerie was trying to trick her into saying something when she didnít know anything.  Valerie said she knew that Lani slept with Eli and knew her due date.  Lani lied and said she slept with JJ.  Lani asked how she knew her due date.  Lani asked if she was snooping around to find out.  Vivian and Stefan were happy that they had nothing to worry about.  Gabi walked in on them while they were talking.  Rafe and Eli were shocked to see Gabi back in Andreís office.  She was wearing a red wig.  Gabi wanted to know what Vivian and Stefan were talking about.  Vivian lied about what they were talking about.  Gabi wanted to talk to Stefan about getting her company back.  He agreed to reinstate her.  Vivian said he couldnít do that.  Rafe was upset that Gabi went back to Andreís office while the murder weapon was there.  Eli tried to make an excuse for her, but Rafe wasnít convinced that she was innocent.  Valerie told Lani that she cared about her and the baby.  Lani didnít think she was.  Lani didnít want to tell Eli about the baby because he was with Gabi.  Valerie thought she shouldnít do this to the baby.  Lani didnít want to tell the truth because JJ tried to kill himself the night she slept with Eli.  JJ went to Kayla to talk about Lani.  She told him that everything was good with the pregnancy.  He wanted to ask something else about Lani.  Chad told Abby about what happened at the police station with Hattie and Anna.  Eli thought Gabi would tell them the truth if she killed Andre.  Rafe thought he was right.  Rafe said he had to tell Hope what they found out.  Eli wanted to talk to Gabi first before they interrogated her.  Gabi wanted to know why Stefan couldnít bring her back.  Vivian said that he had to run it by the board.  He said he could recommend that she be reinstated.  Eli called Gabi to tell her to go to the police station.  Gabi left to go to the station.  Chad asked Abby if she thought Gabi killed Andre.  Abby said she didnít think Gabi did it.  Abby told him what happened when she accused Gabi of killing Andre.  Rafe and Eli showed Gabi the security footage of her going to Andreís office.  She said that wasnít her.  Rafe asked her if it was her.  She said it wasnít her. 

Lani told Valerie how JJ was trying to kill himself.  Valerie said she knew about it.  Lani said Gabi talked him down.  Lani told her how she thought JJ and Gabi slept together and how she slept with Eli.  Lani said that her being pregnant was the only thing that brought JJ back to life.  She didnít know what he would do if he found out the truth.  She said Valerie couldnít tell the truth either.  JJ asked Kayla about being an EMT.  She thought it was a good idea.  Gabi said that she wasnít the one on the footage.  She said that the person looked like her, but she didnít do it.  She wanted to see the person coming out of the office.  When they fast-forwarded the footage, the person was hiding her face.  Rafe and Eli said they were going to get footage of the person leaving the office.  She told them that she didnít do it.  Stefan and Vivian argued over him wanting to hire Gabi back.  Stefan admitted to having a crush on Abby.  Vivian said that he only wanted what he couldnít have.  She slapped him and told him to get over it.  Chad and Abby walked in after she slapped him.  Chad and Abby were suspicious about why Vivian slapped Stefan.  Stefan said they argued over Abby.  Gabi told Eli that she didnít kill Andre.  She wanted him to believe her.  He said he did.  Lani told Valerie that she had to put JJ first.  Valerie said that it wasnít good for the baby not to tell the truth.  Valerie said she wasnít going to lie to Eli.  Lani didnít want her to say anything because it would hurt everyone.  Lani asked Valerie if she was going to tell.  Valerie said she wasnít going to run out and tell Eli.  Lani wanted to know what she was going to do.  Valerie said she wasnít going to lie to Eli.  Valerie wanted Lani to tell Eli or she would.  Valerie gave her 24 hours to tell the truth.  Rafe said the head of security at DiMera said that Gabiís card was used leaving Andreís office.  Vivian and Stefan lied to Chad and Abby about what they were talking about.  JJ wanted to know what was going on between Valerie and Lani.  Gabi told Rafe and Eli that someone took her key card.  Rafe wanted to know what she did with it when she left.  She said she didnít know.  Rafe wanted to know if there was a key card.  They noticed that the person was holding the urn. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny tries to get Mike to open up to what happened to the ten grand that has been misplaced. Mike is insistent upon the fact that he didn’t lose the money. Sonny wonders why he would get involved in being a bag man to begin with. Mike claims he didn’t want to be a burden to Sonny and Courtney. Sonny has to assume he means Carly. Sonny decides he will pay off his debts and get him a real job. Mike goes to fix up the guest room. While he is gone Sonny looks inside a box where he finds the cash. Anna is sitting alone in her living room trying to look up Henrik online. Nothing comes up. Robin shows up and Anna completely forgot that she was going to be coming. Robin is shocked to learn that Anna and Finn are not actually a couple. Especially, since they clearly seemed to act like one. Anna doesn’t know what she is talking about. Robin tells her they are going to get something to eat out of the house. Anna reluctantly agrees.

Curtis has dinner with Stella where she informs him that she is going to get people to register to vote. Curtis offers to come with her, but Stella insists that she will be just fine by herself. Kim shows up at Julian’s bar and he gets her a plate of avocado toast. A sea of reporters come in to discuss Julian and Alexis. Curtis tells them to all leave. He explains that there is campaign video slandering Alexis that involves him. Alexis and Finn get out of a meeting together when Deanna tells them that there is a new video slandering Alexis. They watch in disbelief. Alexis points out that Ned might not have had anything to do with it. Alexis and Finn go to get Finn registered to vote. They end up at the Floating Rib. Julian and Kim show up. Julian tells Alexis he is sorry but Alexis doesn’t think it is his fault. Kim tells Julian that while she isn’t fond of his past she is interested in Julian regardless. Anna and Robin show up. Robin doesn’t think they were pretending. Dante shows up at the PCPD to check up on a case. Jordan thinks he should go home. Dante doesn’t want to go home. He is only concerned about Nathan’s family right now. He takes it upon himself to clear Nathan’s desk himself and decides to keep Nathan’s mug for himself. Stella shows up under arrest for assault. The man she assaulted was trying to steal her purse though. Curtis shows up to help out and Jordan finds it sketchy that the lights and cameras all went out as this was happening. She wants Curtis to investigate it.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Phyllis told Billy that she suspected Chelsea was behind the site scamming Fenmore's and Chelsea 2.0. Billy thought Chelsea had reformed. Chelsea went online and shut down some bank accounts. Nick tried to use her computer, but she made up an excuse to stop him. Hilary was annoyed that she didn't have an office at Hamilton-Winters. Devon agreed to let her borrow a desk there for now. Devon, Hilary, Tessa and Mariah went to the Top of the Tower to discuss business. Hilary suggested doing a spin-off show about her pregnancy and baby. She was sure she'd be pregnant soon if she wasn't already. Hilary insulted Mariah, and Noah overheard Tessa defending her. Mariah tried to smooth things over with Noah. Tessa told Noah she wanted him back. Noah turned Tessa down and accused her of being a user. Noah got drunk and ignored Tessa when she urged him to go home. Noah shoved Devon after Devon tried to call him a cab. Ashley and Jack sniped at each other, upsetting Traci.

Dina did a video chat with Jack and Ashley, but she insisted that she didn't have a daughter named Traci. Billy comforted the hurt Traci. Jack and Ashley reached out to Traci, but she lashed out at them for tearing the family apart. Traci asked Ashley to reconcile with Jack. Ashley said the wound was too fresh. Ashley asked Traci to be there for Jack so that he wouldn't feel isolated. Jack assumed Ashley was poisoning Traci against him. Billy told Jack to stop playing the victim. Jack admitted Billy was right. Jack thought it was too late to heal the pain he'd caused to his family. Billy told Jack to remove the blood Abbott clause. Phyllis told Chelsea that the thief worked at Chelsea 2.0 and suggested that Chelsea have her staff submit to lie detector tests and take one herself in a show of solidarity. Chelsea refused, claiming her employees were innocent and that this would be insulting to them. Phyllis theorized that the money Nick found in the wall were the proceeds from the fake website, and she accused Chelsea of being the culprit. Chelsea denied it. Nick asked Phyllis to leave, and she did.

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