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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam that nothing about this is easy but now is the time to be in public together. They have no choice; they have to for Brooke and her dad. Liam says it is too soon. He knows it will be a beautiful day and he admires Brooke and Ridge for putting their differences aside but he cannot do that right now. She says his coming to the wedding does not mean all is forgiven and that he is coming home. It will just mean they are family but maybe tomorrow can be the first step. Hope tells Brooke that she should stop asking questions that she already knows the answer to regarding Liam. Katie and Thorne continue to work on the wedding plans. When she lets him know that her mystery man is not coming she agrees to be Thorne’s date with no strings attached. It will be better than going through a dating service.

Hope tells Brooke that she has had years and years of trying to figure Ridge out but not Liam and Steffy. So as long as Ridge does not try to pressure them….not push Liam when he has no desire to go home. Steffy tells Liam that she cannot sign the annulment papers and pretend to her child it never happened. She knows she hurt him but he is her life and she needs him….someone to love and come home to. She will not give up on the one thing she wanted. She says she refuses to ever say this is over. Not long after Steffy leaves, Liam reluctantly opens the door to Hope who bears food. She says she knows it is hard to be a vegetarian always from home. She tells him she is so sorry and now knows exactly what happened to him and wonders what he will do now. He hopes Steffy will sign the annulment papers. He does not want all of this. He still loves her but he cannot do what she wants. He also confides that he dreads opening that door every time except when it is Hope. She just has a way and it is so easy to talk to her. She gives him a big hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman asked Hattie if she wrote the letter to Anna.  Hattie admitted to writing the letter.  Hattie said that Anna did what she expected her to do.  Hattie told everyone why she wrote the letter to Anna.  Hattie and Anna argued over Hattie writing the letter.  Anna said that Andre deserved to die, but she didnít kill him.  Rafe said it gave her a motive.  Carrie wanted Anna to leave.  Roman wanted Anna to tell them the truth about what happened the night Andre was murdered.  Eli talked to Julie about Gabi.  She still didnít approve of him being with Gabi, but she was willing to give her a chance.  Valerie and Lani met to talk.  Valerie wanted to tell Lani something, but Abe interrupted them.  When Abe asked Lani when the baby was due, she said August 17th.  Abe thought the baby was going to be a Virgo.  Valerie corrected him and said it would be a Leo.  Valerie explained to them how the baby would be a Leo or a Virgo.  Eli met Gabi and wanted to talk to about Andre.  Carrie didnít want Anna to say anything that would incriminate her.  Anna told everyone that she went to Andre and accused him of murdering Tony.  Anna told them that she confronted him about killing Tony.  He said he didnít kill Tony.  Hope asked if she killed Andre.

Lani told Abe and Valerie that she and JJ were excited about the baby.  When JJ showed up, Valerie mentioned she made a mistake not telling Eli who his real father was.  Gabi told Eli what happened when she confronted Andre.  She wanted to know if he was accusing her of something.  Carrie didnít want Anna to answer if she killed Andre, but she wanted to tell it.  Andre took the urn from Anna before she could hit him.  He threatened to dump Tonyís ashes.  She apologized and wanted the ashes back.  He said she could get the urn back when she came to her senses.  He threw her out of his office.  Anna said she didnít kill Andre.  Roman said he believed her.  He said someone could have killed him after she left.  Anna asked if Hope and Rafe believed her.  Carrie told Rafe and Hope to drop the charges against Anna.  Rafe told them that there was footage that was missing on the security camera.  He said they were going to check it.  When Hattie was ready to leave, Hope told her that she was going to have her transferred to another prison with better security.  Hattie warned Roman to watch his back when it concerned Anna.  Gabi told Eli that she wanted to hurt Andre, but she didnít kill him.  Eli asked where she went.  She said she left.  He asked if she saw anyone.  She said that she saw Abby and told her what happened.  He wanted to know where she was and what she was doing the night Andre was murdered.  Carrie warned Rafe that Hope was a tough cop.  Carrie said she hoped Hope wouldnít find out.  Hope said she knew who killed Andre.  Eli apologized for accusing Gabi of murder.  Eli told Gabi that he, Hope, and Rafe think that Anna killed Andre.  Abe noticed that something was bothering Valerie.  She said she wanted to talk to him about something.  Abe got a phone call before Valerie could talk to him.  Valerie told Lani that she knew that Eli was the father of her baby.  Hope told Rafe and Eli that Hattie was the one who could have killed Andre.  Eli said they didnít have any proof.  Hope wanted them to check out the new footage.  Carrie told Anna that she wasnít in the clear even though Anna said she told the truth.  Rafe and Eli checked out the new footage. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly complains to Jason that he needs to go after Sam before it is to late. He is going to end up without her because he says nothing. Jason doesn’t want to talk about it. Carly then goes on to throw a fit over Nelle being in Michael’s life and how this baby is going to keep her in it forever. Michael shows up and wants to know what happened with Nelle now. Jason leaves to go and handle something. Nelle and Ava are at the Metro Court bar. Ava wishes that she had Avery back. Nelle wishes that Carly would stay out of her life and she thinks she has the perfect plan to keep Carly away. Nelle shows up at Carly’s and tells her and Michael that she plans to name the baby Morgan regardless of its gender. Sonny goes to Mike’s house to confront him when his girlfriend Rita opens the door. She explains that he isn’t home. Two men were looking for him this morning though and she is worried. He hasn’t been gambling according to her. He says that he has been delivering money to someone. Sonny confronts Mike when he shows up and he claims it isn’t an issue and he doesn’t owe anyone money.

Drew and Sam discuss the concept of finding out who Drew is. Sam is not so sure that Drew should get his old memories back from a flash drive. She is not sure that is safe. Drew thinks that he needs to find out who he used to be though. Sam guesses they can go to Anna and Jason for help. Drew only wants Anna’s help. Jason goes to Peter’s office to confront him on why Faison was at Crimson the night before. Peter explains that he is not sure he must have been looking for Maxie. Jason doesn’t think that makes sense when you consider the fact that she arrived after him. Peter doesn’t know he has no clue what this has to do with him. Peter doesn’t want to answer anymore questions for him though. Sam and Jason run into each other in the hallway. She explains to him that aside from being Danny’s parents they probably will not be seeing much of one another anymore. Jason claims he understands. Peter tells Drew before a meeting that Jason confronted him. Drew doesn’t look pleased. Franco and Kevin try to figure out what is wrong with Franco and his past. Franco doesn’t have any memory of pushing Drew down the stairs but he believes that he did it because Betsy told him he did. Elizabeth tells Griffin that it isn’t his fault that Nathan passed away.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria offers JT a job as head of security since his future is uncertain at Chancellor because Cane is upset with him for helping Lauren with the phony Chelsea 2.0 website investigation. Victoria tells JT that she needs an ally to help her figure out Ashley's hidden agenda. Mariah persuades Nick to let Tessa rent an apartment in the low income housing complex because she really needs a place to stay. Chelsea persuades Lauren and Phyllis not to go public with the phony website because she is afraid that it will damage her brand. Chelsea later lies to Nick and tells him it was Lauren's idea not to pursue the investigation and take the loss. Sharon tells Phyllis that Nick found a half million dollars in Chelsea's bathroom wall and they assumed that Adam hid it there in case he needed to make a quick escape.

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