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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Liam that he is just asking him to open up his heart for forgiveness. And please try to remember that he is not the only victim. Liam says he does not want his child to suffer so Ridge reminds him again that he and Brooke made it through a lot to get back together and so can he and Steffy. Hope says Steffy must have known how Liam would feel when it was with his own father. So Steffy says if none of this works out then she only has herself to blame; they can agree on that. So nothing Hope feels is anything that Steffy hasn’t piled on herself but she is not giving up. She is going to keep fighting for Liam and the baby. Katie gives her group all the lists of what she needs for the wedding. Thorne tries to duck out early but they won’t let him. Pam and Charlie say they have the food handled and the kitchen is off limits to all else. Thorne asks how Rick got out of doing any of this. Steffy tells Hope that she sees the ways she looks at her and is judging. Hope says no; she wants her marriage to work. Steffy says maybe Liam just needs time. Ridge tells Liam again to please come to his wedding and witness it with his wife. Then he drops in on Steffy and she tells him that Hope came by and was totally honest. Steffy just wants a chance to make things right. She asks if he got through to Liam. He is not sure but thinks there is a chance. He blames Bill for everything. He just wants her and Liam to come to the wedding and see there is a possibility.

Katie gives everyone their marching orders and Charlie says he and Pam will take a final head count on who is coming. They all tease Katie that she has to have a man escort her to the wedding. She dismisses them all except Thorne stays behind. Steffy shows up at Liam’s door and she asks if he has a minute. She says she knows Ridge and Brooke were there. The last thing she wants to do is go to a wedding. But she misses him desperately and perhaps her dad and Brooke are onto something. She has no reason to ask anything of him but just think of everything Brooke and Ridge have overcome and there could be a chance for them too if he would go with her. Katie gloats that they should go into wedding planning; she pulled this together in three hours time. Thorne moves in for a little more closeness but she gets busy with her plans again. Hope tells Brooke that she is okay with Liam coming to the wedding but she thinks he ought to be able to make that decision without outside pressure. Brooke wonders if Hope is still interested in Liam. Liam tells Steffy that what happened to Brooke and Ridge over the years and getting back together has nothing to do with them. She says the baby will be here before he realizes it and she does not want that time to slip away. So if he wants to go to the wedding alone that will be okay too. He needs to hear the vows and what they mean. She asks him please come.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Carrie told Rafe that she knew he slept with Sami.  Will talked to Hope about John.  Paul wanted to confront John.  Hattie showed up at Andreís funeral.  Rafe was shocked that Sami would tell Carrie that they slept together.  Carrie said Sami wasted no time telling her about it.  He told her that he and Hope had broken up when he was with Sami.  He wanted to know if Carrie was going to keep the secret.  Roman told Anna that Hattie wrote the letter to her.  Everyone at Andreís funeral thought that Hattie was Marlena.  When Abby read one of Andreís favorite poems, Hattie interrupted her.  Everyone wanted Hattie to leave the funeral.  Hattie refused to go until Andreís body was buried.  Will told Hope that he spent a lot of time with John and noticed that he was acting suspicious.  Will said that John was taking secret phone calls.  She said that he worked for the ISA and was one of the good guys.  He said that she thought that way because he didnít tell her what he knew.  Before Paul could tell John what he knew, Marlena showed up.  Roman told Anna why Hattie would write the letter to her.  Roman said Anna did it because she wanted Anna out of the way.  Anna didnít see why Hattie would want her to kill Andre.  Roman said that Andre wasnít a good person to Hattie.  Kate wanted Hattie to leave the funeral.  Hattie refused to leave.  Hattie noticed the watch at the funeral.  Hattie told them that Andre seduced her and left her.  Kate realized that Hattie wasnít Marlena.  Hattie said she wanted to dance on Andreís grave.  Carrie agreed to keep Rafeís secret.  He said Sami and Carrie werenít the only ones who knew he slept with Sami.  Carrie wanted to know who else knew.  Hope told Will that he could tell her anything.  He noticed her ring and said he saw it before. 

The episode was interrupted.  John told Marlena that Hattie wrote the letter to Anna.  Marlena wanted to know if he thought Hattie killed Andre.  He wanted to fill her in on what was going on, but he wanted to finish his conversation with Paul.  Paul said that he had to go.  When John and Marlena left, Paul ran into Will.  Paul asked if Will told Hope the truth.  Will said he didnít because he noticed that she was wearing his motherís ring.  Carrie suggested that Rafe tell Hope the truth about being with Sami.  Carrie thought Hope would understand.  Rafe hoped that Ciara wouldnít say anything to Hope.  Roman and Anna at the police station.  They wanted to see the letter Anna got.  Roman told Hope that the letter came from Hattie.  Anna wanted to know how Hattie would know about them.  Hope got a text from Rafe that Hattie was brought to the police station.  Will told Paul that Roman showed up before he could tell Hope about John.  Will said that he could only tell her that he was worried about Steve.  Paul said that he tried to talk to John, but he was interrupted.  Paul wanted Will to give it a chance before telling the police.  Kate wanted Vivian to leave Andreís funeral.  Abby was willing to let her stay if she had something nice to say about him.  Hattie accused Anna of killing Andre.  Will told Paul that he trusted him.  Paul didnít want him to go to the police.  Will wasnít sure he could do that.  Will came up with a plan to find out what John was doing.  Anna and Hattie got into an argument over Roman.  Anna said she didnít kill Andre and wasnít going to let Hattie pin it on her.  Hope asked Hattie why she was out of prison.  Hattie lied about why she was out of prison. Carrie and Roman wanted Anna to keep her cool so they could keep her out of prison.  Rafe wanted to talk to Stefan.  Rafe told him that the footage cut off after Anna left Andreís office.  Stefan said he was getting a new security system because of the hacking.  Rafe thought it was convenient that it happened the night of Andreís murder.  Rafe thought there was something that Stefan didnít want to see.  Will wanted to follow John.  Paul was reluctant to do it because John would suspect them.  Will thought they could pull it off.  Marlena talked to John about Steve.  She hoped that Kayla and Steve would figure out what was going on.  When she took a phone call, John said it was his job to make sure no one figured out what was going on.  Vivian left the mausoleum when she couldnít come up with something nice to say.  Abby and Kate talked about Andre and how they were the only ones who saw the good in him.  Stefan said that Andre getting killed was a coincidence.  He said that DiMera was an open book and wanted him to investigate what was going on.  Hattie wanted to sneak back to Statesville.  When Anna came back, Hattie accused Anna of being a murderer.  Anna and Roman accused Hattie of killing Andre.  Hattie and Anna argued with each other over who killed Andre. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie wakes up in bed and imagines that Nathan is still alive. When she comes to the realization that he is gone she is heartbroken. She walks into her living room to find Nina. Nina is there to make sure she is ok. They argue for a moment but then come to the realization that they are both grieving over someone they both loved dearly. They agree to look into the funeral arrangements together. Kiki goes to Kelly’s with Avery only to find Ava. Ava demands to be able to hold her child and Kiki reluctantly agrees but then Michael shows up and Kiki demands she give her back. Ava leaves. Kiki tries to tell Michael that she would never have come here if she knew that Ava would be here. Michael believes her and they talk about Nelle and Dillon. Kiki thinks he will make a great father. Michael feels she will make a great doctor.

Drew confronts Jason about why he didn’t tell them about Henrik. Jason just wanted to get all the facts. Jason leaves them alone. Drew thinks that they need to find Henrik on their own. Sam agrees if that is what he wants to do. Sonny tells Carly that he has to go check on Mike because he is apparently gambling again. Carly wants him to take Jason with him. Sonny thinks he can deal with this on his own. Jason shows up and they reveal that Faison is dead. Carly wishes they would have told her. Carly confronts Jason about how he needs to just be honest with Sam. She is staying with a man for all the wrong reasons and it will end up hurting everyone. Ava and Nelle discuss how manipulative Sonny and Carly are. They both agree to take down Carly to keep their children.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Hilary assumed she'd be getting an office at Hamilton-Winters as part of the sale. She got angry when Devon informed her that she was mistaken. Hilary refused to accept this. Mariah and Tessa had a civil conversation about working together. Mariah noticed the sleeping bag Tessa had hidden at the office, and she later asked where Tessa had been living. Tessa lied and said she'd rented a room. Hilary opened up and told Devon that she'd had her first fertility treatment. She was emotional because this wasn't the way she'd envisioned having a child. Chelsea cried for an undisclosed reason. JT told Phyllis that the mirror site was registered to Alexandra West. Phyllis encouraged JT to bond with Reed while Victoria was away. Phyllis asked Chelsea about the name, and she said she didn't recognize it. Reed told Nikki that JT was being hard on him. Nikki advised Reed to kill JT with kindness. Nikki told Reed that she'd hire Tessa so he could take lessons again. JT and Reed connected over music, and JT told Reed about his youth.

Alexandra West was Chelsea's alias. Donning a disguise, she went to a bank and withdrew the money from an account. JT hacked into the bank records, but Chelsea had the account closed just as JT broke in. JT went to the bank and asked for information on Alexandra, but the teller refused to say anything without a warrant. Chelsea destroyed her fake ID and threw away the disguise. Tempers flared when Arturo, the contractor, told Nick that the apartment renovations would cost 20% more than the quoted price. Nikki took over negotiations and took Arturo out to dinner. They took a liking to each other as they talked about life and business. They settled on a 10% increase instead. Nikki rented a hotel suite and invited Arturo to join her. Phyllis saw Arturo and Nikki holding hands as they headed to the room.

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