The TV MegaSite's Thursday 2/1/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is feeling amorous and wants to practice on their honeymoon. Brooke distracts him for a moment by saying they need to concentrate on the wedding first. He thinks Katie and Thorne make a cute couple. She reminds him that Katie is involved with Wyatt at the moment. He thought that was just a casual thing and if she and Thorne hung out together at the wedding well you never know. Steffy walks in saying she got his text. He says they had a positive experience they wanted to share with her. They are getting married right away. And he wants her and Liam to be there together. Steffy reminds Ridge that Liam wants nothing to do with her and he is not going to change his mind. Meanwhile Sally shows up at Liam’s loaded down with food. He said he wasn’t exactly expecting company but he is glad she came. While looking down and texting, Wyatt walks into Brooke’s office only to suddenly look up and see Hope about the time she sees that is is Wyatt. He says he assumed she was back at work but was not expecting to find her in Brooke’s office. He wonders how it is going for her. They both laugh when she asks if this is awkward for him and he replies not really….now he has as many exes in the building as Ridge does. She says Europe was amazing and she did not know what to expect when she got there but she knew she could not stay in L.A. She had a reminder of everything she had lost and could not breathe. She quickly says she did not leave to get away from him. He says it’s okay, he understands now and looks like everything turned out well as she looks great. He sees that she is calling florists and working on the wedding and she says yes the entire family is invited. She is not sure yet about Thomas and Caroline or Steffy and Liam. She mentions that he seems to know a lot about this wedding and he reflects that it came from his mom since the wedding is going to be at her house. He says not everyone is willing to take that leap of faith like they did at their wedding. And it did not work out for them but it was one hell of a ceremony.

Sally tells Liam that she hates seeing him this way. He says he is okay, no complaints as he is the one who dropped the ball and left Spencer and has not helped her get back on her feet. She says he has done enough considering all he has going on and she will make sure Bill holds good to his promise. She asks if anything has changed between him and Steffy should he want to talk about it. She really hopes it works out. Liam is not sure that is in the cards. She says well really good things sometimes come out of the blue in the most unexpected ways. She is not pressing things but she hopes if he does not get back with Steffy that he will find a new life. And the good news is that he is worth waiting for. Steffy tells Brooke and Ridge that she doesn’t think they realize how bad this is. Liam lost faith in her and she probably will not get that back. Brooke says there is always a way. Just let them help her. Steffy says she would call him right now but he would not pick up. What she did was so bad……Ridge interrupts and says what Bill did….She says she is not giving up on her marriage but she isn’t sure Liam will hold on like her. Ridge keeps reminding her she is going to have a baby and wants a committed home and he thinks Liam wants that too. He knows they love each other and can work this out. Steffy barely gets home when Hope stops by and asks if Liam is home yet. Hope says she knows how much Steffy is hurting and she does not want to make it worse. Steffy says then do not ask any questions about Liam. This does not involve Hope at all. Hope says she could not understand why a very generous Liam would leave his pregnant wife so she asked her mother and now knows the reason…..Liam’s father – how could she? Brooke and Ridge go see Liam. He says he does not mean to be rude but he thinks this is something that he and Steffy need to work out on their own. Ridge says he understands but it is not just about him anymore; he has a baby on the way and he’d like to protect that. He is not there to defend Steffy. She asked for his forgiveness but if he cannot do that he needs to try and restore this family. Steffy tells Hope that she is going to do everything in her power to keep this family together but Liam is going to have to cooperate. She says if Hope wants that too then she needs to stay out of this and not interfere. Hope states she hopes this works out but if it doesn’t it has nothing to do with her. It will all be on Steffy. And she may have done the one thing that Liam will not forgive or forget. Brooke tells Liam that people make mistakes but they can get past it. Ridge holds up Brooke’s hand and says she is wearing his ring after their many marriages, so people can work through their problems. So they are the perfect example how things can work out if Liam can look past the pain and toward the future. He wants Liam to come to the wedding with Steffy and see firsthand how it can happen.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Carrie told Hope and Rafe that there wasnít going to be a wedding.  Will was determined to find out what was going on with John.  Paul was afraid to learn the truth.  John showed up at Willís place to talk.  John wanted to know why Paul was there.  Abby had another nightmare about finding Andreís body.  John wanted to know if Paul wanted to help him with a case.  Paul asked why Steve wasnít doing it.  John said that Steve wasnít feeling well.  Stefan and Vivian talked about her wanting him to kill Andre.  She said she was afraid that Andre was going to ruin things for them.  She said they were safe now that Andre was dead.  Stefan said they werenít safe.  Abby told Chad about her nightmare.  Carrie said that Hope and Rafe werenít going to get married because she was going to sue them for false arrest.  Rafe and Hope told her that Roman was obstructing justice.  Carrie reminded them that they did the same thing when Hope killed Stefano.  Carrie also reminded them that Roman did everything he could to help them.  Chad and Abby talked about Andre.  Hope told Carrie that she was right about Roman, but he was wrong to lie for Anna.  Carrie thought that someone was trying to frame her mother.  Hope told her that the urn was the murder weapon and Anna had no excuse for it.  Carrie tried to come up with an excuse for Roman and Anna, but Rafe shot her down.  Carrie said that Roman and Anna were her parents and she couldnít lose them.  Carrie demanded to see her parents.  Vivian wanted to know who knew about them.  Stefan said John knew.  John told Paul that he could use his help to keep the business going.  When John left, Paul told Will that John didnít seem like he was hurting Steve.  Will said they had to figure out what was going on.  Will said they were in this together.  Paul had a plan. 

Paul met John at the pub.  John told Paul about the case.  John showed him the letter Anna got.  Anna apologized to Roman.  Carrie went to see Anna and Roman.  Carrie yelled at Roman for lying for Anna.  Roman said it was a dumb thing to do.  Carrie said she was getting both of them out of there.  Carrie wanted them to be honest.  She asked if Anna killed Andre.  Stefan reminded Vivian that John was investigating the murder.  He thought John would have figured things out.  Stefan said that Chad was trying to take over DiMera.  Chad said that he was going to take over the company.  Chad said that he was groomed for the business.  Stefan said that he would have been groomed too if he was raised by Stefano.  While they were arguing over the company, Abby stopped them.  John told Paul that Roman and Annaís prints were the only ones on the letter.  Will came in the pub and checked through Johnís jacket.  Paul distracted John from seeing Will.  John thought he knew who sent the letter. Will stopped checking the jacket and left.  Paul asked John who wrote the letter.  John had to make a call before he would say anything.  Paul went outside to ask Will what he found.  Will didnít find anything.  Paul thought he was wrong about John, but Will wasnít convinced.  Will wanted to call the police.  Hope and Rafe told Carrie that her time with Roman and Anna was up.  Everyone met at the DiMera mausoleum.  Chad talked about Andre.  Someone showed up to the door of the mausoleum.  Abby spoke about Andre.  Paul wanted to talk to John.  Roman and Anna showed up before Paul could talk to John.  John told Roman that he knew who wrote the letter.  Carrie told Rafe that she knew he cheated on Hope.  Will went to talk to Hope.  He wanted to talk to her about John. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly watches as Nelle has breakfast with Monica and Michael. She decides to call up Sharon and asks her for anymore information she has on Nelle. Sharon tells her that she was in a mental home for a year. Nelle thanks Monica for breakfast and the two will go baby shopping later. Michael walks over to Carly and Carly informs him of the information. He admits he already knew. Joss shows up and explains the wrong dress was sent to her with a note. Carly reads it and sees it was from Brenda. Carly is going to have a little message of her own to send to Brenda. Nelle sees Joss and informs her that she actually has the dress. She shows her and tells her that she can keep it. Joss goes to school and Carly informs Nelle she knows about her time in the institution. Franco asks Scott to give him away at Kelly’s. Scott declines but tells him he can be his best man. Franco tells him about the project Kevin is working on. Scott doesn’t want him involved. Franco tells Elizabeth about this and she explains that Scott has a biased reason for not wanting him around Kevin. Franco goes to speak with Kevin who has Faison’s brain and Kevin wants to hear all about it.

Jason goes to speak with Drew but he is not there. Sam is and Sam is glad Faison is dead. He destroyed any chance the two of them had at happiness. She thinks that Faison has also destroyed Maxie’s life with killing Nathan. She will never get to see him again. Drew shows up and Jason informs them that the reason that Faison did the switch was so that he could have Jason’s memories but someone who he could control. Drew wants to know why he was hiding Henrik’s existence from them. Anna goes to Sonny and informs him he needs to leave Henrik alone. She doesn’t want him getting hurt. He could be innocent. Sonny doesn’t want to take any chances. Anna goes to the morgue where she informs Faison’s body that they had a son together that she kept from him.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Cane surprised Lily by recreating Paris at their home, and she took the day off to spend it with him. They talked about Sam, and Cane was supportive when Lily said she was trying, but she couldn't help thinking of the way he came into their lives. Devon didn't think the tension between Tessa and Mariah was good for the workplace, so he instructed them to work things out. Tessa apologized to Mariah about reading the journal and turning the entries into a song, but she said she had truly been inspired by Mariah, and they wrote a great song together. Tessa wanted to be friends again, but she thought Mariah hated her. Mariah didn't trust Tessa, but she said she could never hate her. Tessa and Mariah went their separate ways, and they both listened to the song. Phyllis told Chelsea that they discovered that the fake site was selling real Chelsea 2.0 clothes, which meant the scam was an inside job. Nick thought that the found money had made Chelsea think about Adam again. He assumed she felt guilty about those thoughts and that was why she'd wanted to spend some of the money on Nick. He assured her that she could always talk to him about Adam.

JT and Reed butted heads while Victoria was out of town. Reed was angry that his parents had moved in together without discussing it with him first. JT was annoyed that Victoria didn't call him after she arrived in Paris. JT called Cane to get a new work assignment, but Cane was too busy with Lily to talk. JT confided in Phyllis about the bad day he was having. Phyllis was confident that everything would work out okay for JT with regards to Victoria and Reed. Phyllis offered JT a side job tracking down the person behind the mirror site, and he accepted, even though he had an exclusivity contract with Chancellor. Victoria called JT, but they weren't able to talk, because she had another meeting. Ashley told Lily that she planned to make sweeping changes at Brash and Sassy. Ashley wanted to show the world what she was capable of and what Jack lost by letting her leave. Ashley thought Lily was being underutilized, and she planned to give her more responsibility. Nikki told Ashley that she and Victor didn't have a traditional marriage and that she wouldn't mind if Ashley and Victor rekindled their romance. Ashley had no interest in becoming romantically involved with Victor again. Cane asked Lily to renew their vows, and she happily agreed.

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