The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/31/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Katie have a little girl talk about Brooke going through with another wedding….it just feels right. Rick and Maya are late to the meeting and he wants to know what’s up. They point him in the direction of the room with Brooke and Katie. Brooke tells them they decided not to wait and are going to get married. Rick quips he does not think she is pregnant so why the rush now. But seriously the only thing he wanted was for her to be happy. He says he will always be there for her and she appreciates his support. Ridge and Thorne also continue their conversation and Thorne says he never wanted to fight with Ridge so he will be his best man and the two hug. Eric walks in and cannot believe this mutual admiration society. He’s pleased when he hears that Thorne is going to be the best man. Ridge says all he had to do was promise him he would not call him little brother any more but Thorne can call him big brother. Eric takes both of them by the hands and says he loves them and he has never been more proud of them in his entire life. They all join in a big hug.

Thorne walks in and says he hates to interrupt but he’d like a word with the bride-to-be so all the others clear out. Brooke says she is not sure just what more Thorne has to say but she’d like this day to be as joyful and positive as it can be. He tells her he only wants the best for her and has to hope Ridge will give his full commitment to her which is why he just agreed to be his best man. She’s happy and gives him a big hug. The others are all giving cheers with champagne as Brooke and Ridge come back into the room. Eric says he wants them to raise their glasses to Ridge and Brooke’s own chapter of their book of destiny. Katie pulls Thorne aside and says they need to get planning if they are standing up for Brooke and Ridge. He says he is all in so she will not be doing all the work. He is very protective of Brooke. She is not an easy one to get over. Katie smiles and says yes she has heard that. She tells Thorne that he is a good guy and some day there will be a girl for him and she doesn’t know it yet but she is really really lucky. Brooke tells Ridge that she cannot wait to say her vows to him… last time.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paul didnít want Will to call Marlena.  Paul wanted time to figure out what was going on.  Steve told Kayla that Dr. Shaw ran tests on him and said he had an autoimmune disease.  The disease he has doesnít have a cure.  Kayla said there was no cure for autoimmune diseases, but there were ways to cope with it.  Steve told her that the doctor said it was strange that his symptoms have gotten worse.  He said he took a blood test and they would have the results.  Sonny talked to Eve about trying to get Will to remember him.  She told him to let go.  He didnít want her advice because she had a lot of marriages.  He told her that she was incapable of love.  Will and Paul argued over Will wanting to warn Marlena about John.  Paul wanted the facts before he confronted John.  Paul thought there was a reasonable explanation for what was going on.  Will thought there was no reason for John to kill Steve.  Marlena noticed that something was going on with John.  He told her that he had a problem.  She wanted him to tell her what the problem was.  He said it had to stay between the two of them.  Victor wanted to know what was going on between Brady and Eve.  Brady told him that Sonny told Eve that he was using her.  Victor told him to come up with another plan.  Eve told Sonny that she did have love in her life.  When John was about to tell Marlena what was going on, Carrie called her.  Marlena told John that Roman and Anna were arrested.  John told her that Roman wanted him and Steve to look in to a letter Anna had.  He said that it was possible that Anna was set up.  Marlena thought this was the case that had him stressed out.  She wanted him to tell her about the case, but he wanted to keep it between him and Steve. 

Brady told Victor that he wasnít in love with Eve.  Victor didnít believe him.  Brady said he wasnít going to fall in love again, but Victor didnít believe that either.  Brady wondered if Victor was going to put him in charge.  Victor wanted him to be sober and get the job done.  Eve told Sonny that her relationship with Brady was just sex and that was all she wanted for now.  When Sonny didnít want her advice, she told him to stay married to Will.  Paul wanted Will to give him a little time to find out what was going on with John.  Marlena showed up to talk to Will.  Steve told Kayla that the doctor said his body was attacking itself.  She thought that there were things that they could do.  He told her that he didnít want to be a burden on her if things got worse.  She said he wouldnít be a burden to her.  Victor told Sonny to give up on his marriage.  Sonny said he wasnít making the mistake of giving up on his marriage again.  Will told Marlena that he gave Sonny divorce papers.  Will said he never wanted to hurt Sonny.  Paul hid in Willís apartment.  Marlena wanted to go inside the apartment, but Will lied about why she couldnít come in the apartment.  Steve and Kayla met John at the pub.  John told them that Roman and Anna were arrested.  Steve told John that he couldnít work right now.  Steve told him that he has an incurable disease.  Eve told Brady that things werenít working out.  He said he felt the same way.  Victor wanted to know why Sonny wanted to fight for Will when he doesnít want him.  Victor waned him to let Will go.  Paul thanked Will for not telling Marlena about his father.  Will told him that he would help him figure out what was going on.  Steve told John that the doctor was running tests and would figure out what was going on.  Steve wanted to go home.  John told Steve that he was sorry about what he was going through.  John said he wished there was something he could do.  Steve told him that he was a good friend.  Sonny signed the divorce papers. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nathan tells Maxie that he loves her before passing away. Griffin and Amy storm in and try to revive him but there is nothing they can do. It is to late. Maxie goes back inside to say goodbye to Nathan. Nina and Obrecht are crying hysterically. Mac and Felicia have shown up and Felicia goes inside to tell Maxie that it is time to leave. They take her out and Maxie continues to ball her eyes out. Amy goes in and starts to prepare to move Nathan’s body but Dante explains he will do it. Amy says that is perfectly fine. He says his own goodbye to him and puts the sheet over his face. Dante calls Lulu and Lulu assumes that Nathan must be better. Dante reluctantly tells her that he has died. Obrecht hopes that Dante informs her that it is her fault. Dante doesn’t think that is a good thing to say. Obrecht points out that he isn’t disagreeing with her. Lulu shows up with Curtis having driven her. Dante suggests that they not speak with Maxie right now and just let her be by herself. Maxie goes home where Amy shows up with Nathan’s things. Maxie wants to go through them now. She puts on his ring and looks at a photo of the two of them. She finds the picture of their baby in his coat pocked covered in his blood. She sobs.

Sam and Drew show up at the hospital to confront Faison. Faison taunts them thinking that Sam should go back to Jason now that she knows the truth. Drew asks if he knows where Henrik is. Faison will only tell them where Henrik is if they help him escape. Sam and Drew have no intention. They leave and tell Peter what Faison just said. Nina storms up to Faison’s door and screams that he killed her brother. She wants to talk with him but the guard will not let her do that. Valentin runs over and pushes her to the ground to stop her from doing anything she will regret. Valentin and Nina talk things over and Nina thinks that Nathan was the most amazing brother. He was the only good thing of her previous life. Peter goes into Faison’s room. He calls him dad and reveals himself to be Henrik. He thinks that he finally proved to him that he is a worthy advocate. Faison is only interested with the flash drive with Drew and Jason’s memories. Peter isn’t going to tell him. Peter watches as Faison’s heart starts to fail and then quickly walks out with a smile on his face.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack is distracted by the fact that Ashley is leaving Jabot to go to Newman that he doesn't pay attention to what Lauren and Phyllis are saying in their meeting. Jack tells Ashley that if she is going to work for Newman she should turn in her security badge and key because she isn't welcome there anymore. Ashley says a heartfelt goodbye to Ravi and asks him to be Jack's moral compass. Jack later asks Victor to treat Ashley with the respect she deserves. Hilary tells Lauren and Phyllis that she ordered a Chelsea 2.0 dress on the website but when she went to Fenmore's to return it they said that she never made the online purchase. Ravi discovers that there is a duplicate Chelsea 2.0 site that fools people and they think they are buying the actual product but in reality they are making copies of the clothing so Lauren thinks they should let Chelsea know about the problem. Chelsea decides to donate some of the money she found to the low income housing development and use some to hire a contractor to remodel the apartment. Mariah is happy that Hilary sold GC Buzz but she isn't happy she will have to see Tessa everyday and later her and Noah go to the movies together to try and get away from Tessa. Cane looks on the nanny camera and notices that Lily isn't bonding with Sam so he comes home after a meeting and he and Lily have an honest talk with each other. Cane and Lily decide that they are moving too quickly so they decide to slow things down and go on a date. Chelsea can't stop thinking about Adam since Nick found the money so she goes to his grave but she doesn't tell Nick.

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